#ValentineSpecial: 8 Stunning Red Outfits for Millennial Brides-to-be!

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day. And as is expected,
there is a lot of love in the air what with red roses being sold off the racks,
teddy bears, chocolates, and engagement rings even! Clearly, it is a day to
cherish (even if we want to be cynical about it)!

And yeah, you are expected to wear red or the
many shades of the colour. You may choose not but… let’s not discount this
stunning colour. Red has always been a traditional colour; a strong colour indicative
of love, passion, lust, aggression, anger and even danger. It is also the go-to
colour for most brides. While as the quintessential millennial bride you may beg
to differ, red still is a very attractive colour and a must-have in a bride’s
trousseau if not chosen for her bridal ensemble. So, while I am at it, i.e.,
reiterating my point on the importance of colour red, this 14th
February, I would like you to take a look at these 8 stunning RED outfits by
ace designers Gaurav Gupta and Amit Aggarwal.

(Men don’t understand women, they say. Well,
for once, I’d say think again! These amazing outfits will make any woman weak
in her knees and hit the ‘purchase’ button. Let’s just say GG & AA know how
to bring out the sensual side in the ladies…)

Let’s start with Gaurav Gupta. Literally,
the man of the hour, he was recently awarded the designed of the decade award
by Vogue and we say, its well-deserved! Here are his stunning red ensembles:

1. Time to Spread your Wings, Ladies!

This stunning blooming draped red saree is MUST-have
for any millennial bride-to-be! Just image walking into your reception or
cocktail wearing this number? Not to miss the 3D floral applique work on the outfit!

2. The Scarlet Lady

Love showing off your collar bone? If yes, then
this red lehenga is a great option for you! Termed as the twinning blouse
paired with a panelled skirt and a classic GG ruffled dupatta, you’d be ready
to slay one and all!

3. The Red Sea Siren

If you are someone who prefers things to be
out-of-the-box, this deep red ruffled lehenga paired with a serpentine blouse
and a classic GG ruffled dupatta, definitely makes the cut!

P.S. If a Slytherin bride had to pick red, this
would be it!

4. When Karma is Red

Bride: Dr Rutuja Shah

The beauty of a saree is in its versatility and
this carmine red embroidered saree-lehenga with wave sculpture design like none

5. Ruby-coloured Future

Bride: Chandana Reddy

Red is here to stay and a very important colour
of the future. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this futuristic
constructed carmine red gown. The exaggerated volume and the extempore shoulder
drape add to the oomph and drama of the ensemble!

Googly-eyed, are you? Get ready to check out designer Amit Aggarwal’s red magic…

1. Red’oing’ Sensuality

Take a stunning red saree and drape it on the ever-gorgeous Malaika Arora and what do you get? ‘OH, MY EYES!’ I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel 😉

Ms. Munni Badnam is seen here wearing a new age
saree from AA’s couture collection ‘LUMEN’.

2. Luminescent in Red

There is a shade of red for every woman out there and this one’s for the lovely Kiara Advani! She looks absolutely wedding-ready in this hand-embroidered Lumen lehenga!

3. Red in 3D

The colour red is not limited to any one dimension and this stunning lehenga-blouse outfit worn by Pooja Hegde takes things a notch higher with its 3D detailing.

4. ‘Un’ruffled in Red

Bride: Payal Shah

red can win you many battles and this brilliant ruffled couture dress with
intricate hand embellishments is enough to win the world!

Red can’t ever be boring as it always ready to
offer something new in terms of perspective! And Happy Valentine’s Day 😀

Single Dupatta v/s Double Dupatta v/s Veil for Your Wedding Look – Real Brides help you decide!

Bridal Look Dupatta Draping

Your bridal look heavily depends on how you drape your dupatta over your lehenga. A slight twist in the draping style can completely change the whole look! Whether you want to pick a contrasting color palette for your double dupatta bridal look or want to take the traditional route with a single dupatta or opt for a regal wedding look by adding a bridal veil, you will find plenty of inspiration in our blog.

Most brides-to-be stay confused about whether to opt for a single dupatta look or a double dupatta look. To make it easier for you to decide we have scoured the internet for the latest dupatta draping trends. Scroll down to check out a few real brides who got the dupatta style right for their lehengas –

Double dupatta drapes:

1. With the heavier dupatta resting on one shoulder, while the lighter one is rested on the other and draped on the head from just one side :

Lehenga: Anamika Khanna

2. With one dupatta over the head and another one draped in very small pleats and bought diagonally from shoulder to waist:

Lehenga: Tarun Tahiliani

Image Source: Rolling Canvas 

…. Or with the dupatta draped over the bun:

Image Source  – Dipak Studios

3. With one dupatta draped over the head and the contrasting one side pinned over the left shoulder straight:

MUA _ @lekha_thecutcollective| Bride _ @palaks_platter | Hair _ @ritikahairstylist | Outfit _ @falgunishanepeacockindia| Photography _ @theministryofmemories

4. With one dupatta draped over the head and the contrasting one pleated like a saree:  

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

 5. With the contrasting one draped over the head and the other one with very small pleats is belted to the waist:

Lehenga: Tarun Tahiliani

 6. With one dupatta draped over the head while the other one is pleated to bring in the front pallu: 

Image Source: Dipak Studios | Lehenga: Tarun Tahiliani 

Image Source: Rolling Canvas

7. With one dupatta draped over the head and one across the chest:

Lehenga: Rimple And Harpreet | Image Source: Dipak Studios

How gorgeous were those double dupatta drapes? Well, if your heart is almost set on the single dupatta look, here are the real brides who carried the drape with utmost grace and we can’t stop drooling over how stunning it looked. Have a look below at some of our favorite double single drapes which’ll leave you spellbound:

Single Dupatta Drapes:

1. With the dupatta kept on the head, and rested on the shoulder:

Image Source: The Video Wala

2. With the dupatta brought from back to front diagonally over the left shoulder:

Lehenga: Sabyasachi Official | Photography: Studio Reflection

3. With the dupatta draped overhead and brought in diagonally from the left shoulder like a saree:

Lehenga: Sabyasachi | Photography: Shutterdown Photography

4. With the dupatta draped over both the shoulders like a cowl gather:

Lehenga: Tarun Tahiliani 

5. With the dupatta draped over the head and brought front on one side, while the other end is tucked behind the waist:

Image Source: Naman Verma Photography

6. With the dupatta just resting on one shoulder: 

Lehenga: Rimple & Harpreet | Photography: Dipak Studios

7. With the dupatta draped on the head and resting on both shoulders:

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

8. With the dupatta covering the head all the way:

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Bridal Veils

Image Source: Amrit Photography

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Though a popular element in Christian Weddings, some Indian brides too have surprised us with Bridal veils for the wedding look! To be honest, we are loving this addition to the moon.

So, we hope this list might have helped you to decide whether you’ll opt for a double dupatta, a single dupatta drape, or a single dupatta and bridal veil with your wedding lehenga. Whichever one you decide, just make sure to wear something that’s comfortable for you to carry!

(Image Source – Pinterest wherever not specified!)

10+ Pastel Wedding Decor Ideas for a Breathtaking Summer Wedding

Pastel Wedding Ideas

The very mention of summer weddings brings to mind chilled mocktails, comfy baggy outfits, canopies, teepees, floral arrangements, and a host of eye-soothing colors!

And believe me, like weddings all year, summer weddings must get the decor right too. This is because decor, a crucial facet, can make or break your soiree. Treat your guests to delightful pastels, tropical drapes, brighter elements, and floral arrangements.

Here’s me listing some fun and eye-catching Pastel wedding decor ideas I came across this season:

1.  Pastel Stage Decoration

Image Source: Design House Decor

2. Pastel drapes

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

Image source: Wedding Estates

If you are planning to have an outdoor lunch at a summer afternoon party, I suggest you pick large drapes to act as a shamiana as the highlight of the decor. The cherry on the cake will be if these drapes are in eye-soothing pastel hues, like this peach shade! Moreover, the elegant white chairs and flower arrangements add a warm vibe to the overall affair.

3. A ‘flowery’ mandap

Image source: Design House Decor

Flowers have always been sacrosanct to Indian weddings. How about having your summer wedding mandap wrapped with oodles of pastel flowers? You definitely cannot miss out on the comfortable seating arrangement as well!

4. Elegant table decor

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

I am majorly crushing over this chic and understated table decor idea! Tables clad in gorgeous baby pink Banarasi fabric with gold Maheshwari border; set with dainty tea candles, rose petals, and a Mughal-inspired element sitting atop. Isn’t it inviting?

5. Chic cabanas

Image Source: Aash Studios

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

You can’t possibly gauge the extent of my happiness as I stumbled upon this image while scrolling through decor inspiration ideas! An ivory cabana, fairy lights, and tassel buntings is an irresistible seating option at a new-age summer shaadi! Not to miss the details like the rustic flower tokris for a phoolon ki holi!

6. Floral props

Image source: Devika Sakhuja

I am drooling over this magnanimous floral peacock sitting in the middle of the courtyard, under pastel drapes! A unique idea to impress your guest list.

7. Unique table centerpieces

Image source: Altair Decor

Image Source: Design House Decor

Sitting under intertwined drapes, the tables below are decorated with unique elements, serving as table centerpieces! Roses and peonies in shakoras and minimalistic vases contemporary twist to the wedding decor.

8. Pastel plants’ wall

Image source: Atisuto Events

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

This idea of having a wall of potted plants as a backdrop for one of the smaller ceremonies has become quite a trend these days. It is a great alternative to the otherwise monotonous mehendi/haldi backdrops. A casual wooden bench for the couple with understated upholstery, and a wall filled with pop-up colored terracotta pots is an idea worth bookmarking!

9. Pastel-chic seating arrangement

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

Image Source: Design House Decor

These days, couples are going in for more relaxed settings when it comes to wedding ceremonies like mehendi and haldi, in particular. This chic arrangement with diwan-like seatings, carved tables, and gorgeous dream catchers, is a pure delight!!

10. Pastel Dining Table Installations

Image Source: Design House Decor

I am totally floored by these pastel dining table installations exuding warm vibes and oozing an invigorating feel! Crystal lighting, candles, and floral pops add to the overall beauty of the look.

Are y’all geared up to impress your guests with these pastel wedding decor ideas? If you are looking for more trending wedding decoration ideas or need help with new tent ideas for your mehendi or haldi ceremony, browse away this blog.

With this luxurious pastel addition, our rundown on pastel wedding decor ideas comes to end. If you are looking for a hassle-free event experience, call Weddingz.in right away!

50 Latest Wedding Day Manicures To Nail That Dreamy Bridal Look

Wedding day manicures

“Nails are not about being noticed, they are about being remembered.” – Tammy Taylor

And why not! Between showing off that gorgeous engagement ring, painting your hands pretty in mehendi ceremony, or even kanyadaan snaps, your hands are going to steal a lot of spotlights during the whole wedding shebang! And to make sure your nails look the part, we have compiled the latest wedding day manicure ideas for a jaw-dropper bridal look for your big day!

If you thought picking the perfect bridal lehenga and matching jewellery was daunting, you will be surprised to see just how many nail colors and nail art designs exist in the wedding manicure world. But as always, we are here to make things simpler for you!

Clean and well-manicured hands are a must-have for any bride-to-be. We’ve narrowed down some stunning wedding day manicures that you could get done at your local salon. But if you find a nail artist who can personalize your nails to your taste, you can take your nails to the next level in wedding fashion. Browse away, Girls!

1. Rhinestones and Glitter Mash-up Wedding Day Manicure

Image Source: Alina Hoyo Nail Artist

 2. A Refreshing take on Floral Nail Art 

Image Source: Alina Hoyo Nail Artist

3. Floral French Tips Nail Art for Some Drama

Image Source: Alina Hoyo Nail Artist

4. Golden Glam Wedding Day Manicure to Make You Sparkle

Image Source: Alina Hoyo Nail Artist

5. Showstopper Silver Nail Art for a Scintillating Bridal look

Image Source: Alina Hoyo Nail Artist

6. A Dash of Sparkle for A Rich and Expensive-Looking Bridal Manicure

Image Source: Iulia Manikure

7. Ascending Nail Art for Brides Who Don’t Shy Away From Experimenting

Image Source: Iulia Manikure

8. French Tips Revolutionized for A Celebratory Vibe

Image Source: Studio M Nails

Image Source: Alina Hoyo Nail Artist

9. A Luxuriant Rhinestone Bridal Nail Art that Slays it All

Image Source: Iulia Manikure

10. Ombre nail art gets a glittering makeover

Image Source: Merlin Nails

Image Source: Nail Gossip

Image Source: Nail’O’graphy

Image Source: Iulia Manikure

10. Let’s shake things up a bit Wedding Day Manicure for trendsetter brides

Image Source: Iulia Manikure

11. Negative Space Manicure with A Dash of Glitter for Wedding Guest Look

Image Source: Jet Set Beauty

12. When in Doubt, Choose Nude Nails – Perfect to Wear on Any Occasion

13. When two of your Favorite Elements meet – Floral-cum-Nude Wedding Day Nail Art is born

Image Source: Jet Set Beauty

14. Not Your Typical Run-of-the-mill Nude Nail Arts, Are these?

Image Source: Mana Nails

15. A Glam Edition of Nude Nails has us Head-Over-Heels in Love with these Chic Nail Designs

Image Source: Mana Nails

16. Ombre, Glitter, And Whatnot Fully-loaded Wedding Day Manicure One Can’t take their eyes Off

Image Source: Merlin Nails

17. Got Your Neons On Bridal Manicure for an Electrifying Sangeet or Mehndi Ceremony

Image Source: Merlin Nails

18. Pretty Pastel Nail Arts for Perfect Pairing with Your Wedding Ensemble

Image Source: Merlin Nails

19. To Glitter or Not To Glitter – Let’s Mash-up Both For a Showstopping Bridal Manicure

Image Source: Merlin Nails

20. Keeping things Simple – A Perfect Wedding Day Manicure for a Minimalist Bride

21. Can’t Get Enough of this Matte Manicure – Looks so ravishing, right?

Image Source: Merlin Nails

22. Rhinestone Bridal Nail Art for a Twinkling Reception

Image Source: Merlin Nails

23. Make Waves at Your Cocktail Party With these Luxe Nail Art Makeovers

Image Source: Merlin Nails

24. 3-D Nail Art Designs for Big Day That Will Wow Everyone

25. Nothing Says Party Like Some Metallic Sheen on Your Bridal Nail Art

With this stunning metallic nail art, our rundown on the latest wedding day manicures comes to an end! So, all you lovelies, start taking care of your nails from now as your nail design will definitely bring about that mehendi better. If you are looking for more nail art inspiration, browse away 10+ Easy and Gorgeous Wedding Nail Art Design Ideas for the Indian Bride. Need any help with catering, decor, or the wedding venue, you know where to find Wedding.in!

20+ Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles to Ace the Wedding Guest Look

bridesmaids hairstyles

Image Source: Dipak Studios

 “They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City the Movie

So here we are today with our latest collection of whimsical bridesmaid hairstyles curated just for those “friendships that never go out of style”! We understand how difficult it may be to focus on your hairdo when you are deep into your neck with your bridesmaid’s duties! And if you are the sister of the bride, need we say you will be sharing a lot of spotlight with the bride. While it is tempting to just stick to banal buns and neatly plaited long braids for your BFFs wedding ceremonies, we have a lot of fabulous bridesmaid hairstyle ideas waiting for you!

Bridesmaids are now choosing DIY, effortless, half-tied, and voguish hairstyles that they can easily pull off at their bestie’s functions. Soft curls with a section of the hair in braids or lightly twisted have become quite a fad. To top this, they are even amping up their bridesmaid hairstyles with baby breaths or floral accessories to add color and extra oomph to their hairstyles!

Here’s a collection of bridesmaids’ hairstyles that gave me major inspo when it comes to effortless hairstyling:

1. Open hairstyles are here to stay – whether you love soft curls or textured tresses, the choice is yours!

Image Source: Shahid Naar

2. Side-swept open hairdos with loose curls adding all the drama to your bridesmaid’s hairstyle

Image Source: Pakkhi Pahuja

Image Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry

3. Half-up, half-down bridesmaids hairstyle if you are not that into buns!

Image Source: Pakkhi Pahuja

4. Glittering ponies are having a big moment in the well-tressed wedding guest lookbook!

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

5. Tied-up textured ponytails lend you the effortless and carefree look you want while tending to bridesmaid’s duties

6. Textured ponytails with a few handpicked hair accessories take the bling up a notch

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

7. High-up Ballet buns look so vogue when you have got a ravishing blouse back design to show off!

Image Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry

8. Hair lightly twisted at the top, soft curls, and bright floral accessories- a young, fresh, and chic hairstyle!

Image source: Aayushimakeup

9. Why go mainstream when you can add charm to your hairstyle with oodles of baby breaths!

Image source: Aayushimakeup

10. A twisted bun in the center, soft curls, and pretty white and purple floral accessories add oomph to the entire look!

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

11. A thick braid in the center, amped up by small floral accessories in the center!

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

12. Classy and elegant hairstyle with twisted braid, soft curls, and baby breaths matching the color of the bride’s outfit!

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

13. Braid, twisted buns, and the rest of the hair kept open- love this combination!

Image source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

14. How about adding cute little baby breaths to enhance your hairstyle?

Image source: Pinterest

15. Elegant and stylish voluminous curls with a minimalistic accessory at the center.

Image source: Simmy Makwana

16. Messy braids leading into one oversized fluffy braid and the rest of the hair in soft curls; made more exciting with blue petals and baby breaths!

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

17. Voluminous curls, a crown braid, and very minimalistic use of baby breaths- an elegant and understated hairstyle!

Image source: Aanal Savaliya

18. High-up Straight and neatly tied-up ponytail will lend a sophisticated charm to your entire wedding guest look!

Image Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry

19. Loose braids and with a splash of loose curls will look perfect on those voluminous manes

Image Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry

20. Waterfall curls with a braided headband are a perfect pick for the sister-of-the-bride hairstyle!

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

21. A loose bun with a few bangs curled on the sides with a few twigs of fresh blooms matching the outfit – an absolute favorite bridesmaid hairstyle!

Image Source: Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Having a hard time selecting your favorite one? I went through a similar thing and hence saving you from the grind. Bookmark these best bridesmaid’s hairstyles and slay on your bestie’s special day. Can’t decide what to wear at your best friend’s wedding, check out these 50+ Wedding Guest Dresses for Women to Make Every Head Turn. Need any help with catering, decor, or the wedding venue, you know where to find Wedding.in!

Wedding car decoration ideas that you can use for your marriage car decoration!

Wedding car decoration in which the bride goes to her new home is an indispensable part of every bidai ceremony. Grooms these days either rent out a luxury car or use their own car to take the bride to his home. Depending on what your style is, you can choose a marriage car decoration that complements the colour as well as the type of car.

To give you some wedding car decoration ideas for your big day, here’s a list of different styles of wedding car decoration that you can show the florist or a decorator as an inspiration!

1. Pink theme wedding car decoration with pink lilies and ribbon

If your bride-to-be is a pink lover, then this wedding car design with pink lilies, big pink ribbons and marriage rings figure on the top is just too perfect for your big day!

2. Simple wedding car decoration with a net bow on the trunk

If you are not too big on wedding car decoration and want something simple and tasteful, then an oversized net bow with a flower bouquet on the trunk is an elegant option to consider for your marriage car decoration.

3. Wedding car decoration figurines to place on the car top or bonnet

Are you too fancy to stick to basic car flower decoration? Well, you can take your wedding car decoration to another level by adding these cute figurines on the car top or bonnet along with other car flower decoration.

4. Wedding car decoration with single bouquet & ribbon on bonnet

It’s true when they say that nothing beats simplicity! If you are looking for some elegant wedding car decoration inspiration, then this single bouquet and ribbon on the bonnet is something you can surely consider!

5. Marriage car decoration with balloons

Make your Just Married car decoration look dreamy and right out of a vintage Hollywood movie by decorating it with balloons! Skip the flowers, use ribbons if you wish and have lots and lots of balloons hanging out of the car. Tip: Use a mix of both your favourite colours for the balloons.

6. Elegant wedding car decoration with net & pink and white flowers

If you wish to keep your wedding car decoration simple and graceful, then a minimal floral bouquet with net and ribbons is all you need to make it look stunning!

7. A vintage car with a wedding car decoration that’s perfect for the princess bride

Rent a vintage car, add a pair of lips on the bonnet, some eyelashes on the headlights and even a crown if you want on the car top to make your marriage car decoration look like a beautiful princess! Apt to take your new bride to her new home, right?

8. Extravagant floral wedding car decoration

If you love being extra and can’t get enough of anything, then a car flower decoration like this is perfect for you. Just tell your florist that you want your wedding car to be filled with all kinds of flowers that he can get hold of! Just remind him to keep the windshield open! 😀

9. Beaded Indian theme wedding car decoration

This Indian wedding car decoration with red beaded malas surely does give major ethnic feels! This just married car decoration is perfect for couples who want to ditch the cliched floral wedding car decoration.

10. Wedding car decoration with everything cute: teddies, flowers & ribbons

If your bride loves all things cute, then this wedding car decoration is something that will definitely catch her fancy. It has teddies, flowers, ribbons, bows and everything adorable!

11. Wedding car decoration with lots of LOVE

Spelling out the word ‘LOVE’ with the wedding car decoration on the bonnet is a great idea! You can even add initials of the both of you with flowers for your own personal twist to this marriage car decoration.

12. Wedding car decoration for the trunk

This simple wedding car decoration of floral arrangement at the bottom of the car trunk is elegant and minimalistic at one! Such decorations are perfect for vintage cars or those with rounded trunks!

13. Just married car decorations for your wedding day

The ‘Just Married’ tag at the back of the wedding car decoration with empty tin cans is a very western concept. However, it seems to be picking up at Indian weddings too. If you are planning to have your wedding car decoration similarly, then these Just married car decorations are definitely something you can take inspiration from!

Did any of these wedding car decoration ideas made you want to hop in a car and get married ASAP? 😀

15+ Trending Wedding Flower Ideas for a Whimsical Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Flower IDeas

Planning your wedding decor is the most exciting process of all. Whether you plan to host a destination wedding in India or have a more intimate celebration on your mind, finding the perfect wedding decor that suits your style and budget need not be daunting. And if you happen to be in love with the idea of floral everything, you have come to the right place! 

First of all, let us be clear. If you want to go the floral way, please don’t listen to all the, “You can’t use this color, or you can’t do that” babble. With more and more couples deciding to break away from the formalities and limitations of floral setups, we love how we can now express our creativity. What better way to capture the sacred yet free-spirited essence of marriage than fresh flowers? They are a gorgeous addition to any space, and there’s no reason to stick to your bouquet when thinking about wedding flowers. 

Lucky for you, we’ve got some fabulous wedding flower ideas, from floral mandaps to hanging floral installations. Here are a few of our absolute favorites! 

1. Floral Wall of Pastel Hues

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: Knotting Bells

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

How about a floor-to-ceiling arrangement of greenery and colorful blooms setting the backdrop for some memorable ceremony photos? Pick a strategically-placed wall that can be the center of attention for special moments of the night, like cake cutting or pheras. Or, create a stylish lounge outside the main reception room for guests to enjoy. We love those contrasting visuals of industrial-looking undone walls and garden-fresh blooms. Want to create a more ethereal look that won’t break the bank? Cover the majority of the wall with less expensive flowers and use statement flowers at the center.

2. Hanging Floral Installations for a Dreamy Celebration

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

Image Source: Anais Events

If your vision of a romantic wedding is a fairytale-like setup, then hanging flowers is probably a great option. It’s not surprising that hanging flowers are a huge trend this season. Isn’t there something spectacular about a falling bloom or a string of orchids? For a lush look, consider greenery like ivy or maidenhair fern. Want to add more intrigue to the decorations? Experiment with Victorian rose or use the exotic Indian genda or bundles of bare branches.

3. Going over the top with Floral Figurines

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Make your guests go wow as you walk towards the stage or mandap. Invest in a floral structure placed either at the center of the stage or somewhere else visible to guests as they make their way in. A fully covered arch will create a dramatic statement and become the focal point, directing attention to the decor. A combination of fresh garlands and greenery can create a whimsical and striking feel. If you don’t want to add a tall structure, then look out for existing structures you can work around!

4. Lampshade Centerpieces to up the Wow-factor

Image Source: Anais Events

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: Anais Events

Wondering what this is about? Introduce a twist and play around with your statement centerpieces. Ask your florist to cover a tall lampshade with moss! If you don’t want to sacrifice flowers, fill the vase with fresh blooms or strew small bud vases with single stems (tulips, dahlias, or roses). Lampshades give you all the reasons to go unconventional and opt for a floral touch that won’t look too eclectic. You could line up the food counters with floral lampshades or use them to decorate the mandap.

5. Floating Flowers Sure look Out-Of-the-World

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

Does your venue have a pool or pond? Nothing could beat the idea of a floating bed of moss in a luxurious water landscape. If you choose to add candles and extensive flower arrangements, it’s just going to make the guests go ‘awe-ing’ over the entire decorations. Umm, if you want to get romantic, why not profess your love for each other by writing your name with flowers at the center of the pool.

6. Flower Bouquets for a pleasant surprise

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Forget the structured and safe bouquets of the minimalist couple. Floral décor gives you the perfect opportunity to craft jaw-dropping aesthetics. From orange marigolds, red pygmy water lilies to delicate ranunculus, go wild with a riot of colors in a lavish mix of shapes and textures.

7. Not your usual Flower baskets, are they?

Image Source: Atisuto Events

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Let your creative juices flow and surprise your guests with something as unexpected as hanging flower baskets. As pretty as they look, these rattan baskets and seasonal blooms won’t weigh down on your pocket too!

8. Floral Tassels for a holy matrimony

Image Source: Aash Studio

These mogra and rose tassels are strewn together to create a traditional yet aesthetically pleasing ambiance for a fun haldi ceremony or day wedding!

9. Floral Curtains are something everyone should try

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Whether you choose mogra or marigold for floral fringes or curtains for your day, you will be surprised by the creative boost your wedding decor might just get!

10. Floral Entrances to lead the way! 

Image Source: Anais Events

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: Aash Studio

Nothing spells more whimsical than a floral aisle leading up to your happily-ever-after! Not only that, floral entrances put your guests in a celebratory mood right away!

11. Dare we say no to Floral Chandeliers?  

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

12. Oversized Florals are here to stay!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

Throw in a bunch of oversized flowers in your wedding decor and there!  You have all the drama you need on your wedding day. 

13. Rainbow Flower garden for a refreshing backdrop

Image Source: Atisuto Events

Vibrant and vivid hues have always dominated the wedding scene in India. Your big day should be all rainbows and unicorns, so why not give a rainbow twist to your floral wedding backdrop as well. What a refreshing take on wedding decor, isn’t it?

14. Hanging Floral installations for your table

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

This is not your average run-of-the-mill floral wedding decor idea that everybody can pull off on their wedding! Whether you choose floral or foliage hanging centerpieces for your guest tables, this one sure is going to be a breathtaking addition for its sheer aesthetics! Go ahead and transport away your guests to Blooming Flower fields as you engage all their senses in a pleasant dining experience.

15. Rose Petal Trays for a fragrant ambiance

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

Roses are everybody’s favorites! And when you throw around some candles and rose petals together, it’s every hopeless romantic’s dream come true. Who would dare refuse this Mughal-era-inspired luxe wedding decor for their big day?

16. Floral Mandaps are a no-brainer!

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

Floral Mandaps are always going to reign the wedding universe, no matter the style and theme of the celebration. You can always add your little touches to suit your taste or lend it your own signature style! If you are looking for more trending wedding decoration ideas or need help with new tent ideas for your mehendi or haldi ceremony, browse away this blog.
With this luxurious floral addition, our rundown on wedding flower ideas comes to end. If you are looking for a hassle-free event experience, call Weddingz.in right away!

14 Skincare Tips That Will Help You Maintain that Bridal Glow!

Skincare tips for bridal glow

Image Source: Sara Idrees Portraits

From what I have heard and seen on YouTube, skincare can be quite daunting. “Yeh karo toh chamak jaoge, yeh lagao toh gore ho jaoge, lighten your dark parts, etc etc.” Honestly, I think all you need is clear and clean skin. I read about this bride Avantika Singh who wore just eyeliner and lipstick at her wedding! She was fully confident about her skin which needed no makeup! She followed a strict skincare routine and maintained a healthy diet for the same. In hopes of inspiring other brides to be confident about their skin, I decided to write a blog about skincare tips. You don’t have to skip makeup entirely, but good skin can help you with heavy makeup too

1. Keep Stress at Bay

For real. If you are constantly stressed about the smallest of things, it will appear on your face. A good idea is to not leave everything for the last moment. Start early and pan it out accordingly!

2. Dermatologists

Don’t hesitate to approach a dermatologist for your skin treatments or ailments. You don’t have to worry about the long bill this time. Just focus on your betterment!

3. Hydrate

It might get a little annoying to pee every 45 minutes but that is no excuse to skip water! Drink at least 3-4 liters of water everyday. No, there is no other escape! Water also helps in healthy bowel movements which are also important to have a good day!

4. The Korean Way

You can always go the Korean way! Koreans believe that it is important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout. You get to use all the fancy products in the Korean skincare routine. Don’t opt for this one just a few months before the wedding. Give your skin some time to adjust to the routine that you adopt.

5. Alcohol

Okay. There is no easy way to say this, but you might have to cut down on your alcohol consumption! Alcohol is known to dehydrate the body. It also has a certain amount of empty calories and sugar. Big culprit, this alcohol!

6. Meditation

All the wedding stress can easily get to you. One of the easiest ways to negate stress is to meditate. Trust me it is the best thing in the world. First thing when you wake up and the last thing before you sleep. Make it a habit and you’ll see the wonders!

7. CTM

Clean, tone and moisturize. We often think it is not necessary to moisturize or tone your skin. But it is! Toners help to minimise pores and add an extra layer of protection to your skin. The best toner is rose water. Throw away those fancy pants ones that you own! Kids, moisturize unless you want dry skin!

8. Sleep

Get adequate sleep, my child. I can’t stress this enough- it is not cool to brag about sleeping for 4 hours and maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle. Sleep for minimum 7-8 hours. Don’t give me excuses like “I don’t have time to sleep for 8 hours! I have to ten different things to do blah blah blah.” Unless you’re the Prime Minister of India, you can definitely sleep for 8 hours.

9. Sugar

Refined sugar is one of the biggest culprits in deteriorating your health. It also leads to acne. This means no soda drinks, no packaged juices, biscuits, etc. Replace your sugar with natural alternatives like dates, fresh fruits and jaggery. You can use refined sugar to make homemade scrubs!

10. Daily Essentials

Just follow two steps religiously and 50% of your care is already done! Apply SPF every morning even if you plan to stay indoors. SPF should be included in your morning routine like brushing your teeth is! At night apply aloevera gel every night before you hit the bed. Bride or not, you HAVE TO follow these two extremely important and easy steps for a healthy skin!


Some Important Pointers


  • Facials– Monthly facials will help you to maintain a healthy glow on your face. It is also very effective to remove excess dirt and grime from your face.


  • Eye care– The skin around the eyes ages quickly and it is also quite delicate. A good way to save yourself from dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles is to dab some eye cream every night. Remember, consistency is the key!


  • Routine- Like I said in the previous point, consistency is the key. Experiment and find a skincare routine that suits you. More importantly, stick to it. Changing routines might cause a lot of damage.


  • Acne-  Things can get sticky if you have acne prone skin. You have to be extra careful when it comes to makeup and other skin care products. Make sure to use products that are labelled ‘non-comedogenic’.


Skincare is not that daunting. Just focus a little on your skin and things will be sorted! If you want to seek some professional help for skincare issues, here is our expert-approved timeline for pre-wedding skin treatments and beauty care to make the most out of it.

To keep the jitters away before your big day, get in touch with Weddingz experts to help you find the wedding venue of your dreams, seasoned caterers, and decorators.

50+ Wedding Dulhan Mehndi Designs to Flaunt on Your Big Day

Wedding Dulhan Mehndi Designs

Every bride looks forward to having the most beautiful and interesting henna work on her hands. Finalizing the perfect mehndi design for your big day is a big task. Right from choosing the type of bridal mehndi design you want, to zeroing upon a bridal mehndi artist, everything seems like a puzzle when you aren’t sure of what you want. To make your search for the perfect wedding Dulhan mehndi design a tad easier, we have curated a list of 50+ new mehndi design images, which are trending big this wedding season.  

A few days into the new year 2023, we’ve already come across some amazing wedding dulhan mehendi designs that are stealing our hearts. With time, people are coming up with new patterns and designs for their wedding mehendi. Some paint their love story while others opt for artistic designs to flaunt on their big day. So, scroll on and check out these Indian mehndi design images that have been stealing my heart with their beauty, freshness, and intricacy. Also, let us know in the comments below, which of these new mehndi designs is your favorite and if you would like to finalize any of them for your wedding day. ay.  

So, without any further delay, scroll down and check out these beautiful wedding dulhan mehendi designs we spotted on the internet recently: 

1. Full hands bridal mehndi design with personalized motifs

Got a story to tell? Use your mehndi design to tell one! This classic bridal mehndi design is taken to the next level just by adding a couple of shaded mountains at the top. The bride and groom met in the hills, perhaps? Share love for space and the solar system? Dog lovers? Cricket runs in your blood?

a. Flaunt your love story via your henna design

Image Source: Bharathi Sanghani Mehndi

Image Source: Henna for All

b. Found your own Disney-style Happily-ever-after?

Image Source: Bharathi Sanghani Mehndi

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

c. Sports brought you two together bridal henna design

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

Image Source: Henna for All

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Image Source: Henna for All

d. When your love for space and the stars transcends beyond this world henna design

Image Source: Sasha Designs by Tejal

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

e. Want to commemorate your proposal henna design

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Image Source: Henna for All

f. Pet lovers all the way bridal mehendi design

Image Source: Henna by Divya

g. The tale of love and magic

Image Source: Henna for All

2. Simple and spacious holy idols bridal mehndi design other than Radha Krishna portraits

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Image Source: Henna for All

Bridal mehndi designs are somewhat incomplete without holy figures. If you are someone who likes to have beautiful figures on your henna design, don’t just restrict yourself to Radha Krishna portrait mehndi designs, finding something more meaningful to you as a couple is a fantastic option to wear on your big day! 

3. Half-n-half wedding dulhan mehendi designs are the latest addition

Image Source: Sasha Designs by Tejal

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

4. Beautiful seamless wraparound design for the bride

Image Source: Mehndi by Hayat

A perfect choice for the minimalist bride, this Indian yet traditional mehendi design for the back of the hands is winning our hearts!

5. Symmetrical design with elephants to steal your heart

Image Source: Henna by Divya

6. Intricate new mehndi design with classic mandala motif

Image Source: Leeds Mehndi

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

This mehndi design image is an example of how you can turn the classic mandala motif into a gorgeous work of art. Perfect to wear for all your bridesmaids out there. 

7. Latest mehndi design with lace, beads, and scale motifs

Image Source: Ritual by Design

Want a modern mehndi design to wear on your big day? This one with lace and bead motifs is something you’ll surely adore! 

8. New Indian mehndi design for engagement or Roka

Image Source: Henna by Hayat

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

Image Source: Krunal Tailor Henna Artist

Looking for something simple yet attractive to wear on your Roka or engagement? This new mehndi design right here can be a great inspiration to show your mehndi artist. 

9. Beautiful mehndi design with traditional Indian motifs

Image Source: Henna by Hayat

Paisleys and lotuses make for a great mehndi combo! This mehndi design image is a testament to that! Save it if you love Indian mehndi designs too. 

10. Intricate bridal mehndi design for the 2023 bride

Image Source: Bharathi Sanghani Mehndi

Lotuses, nets, spiral leaves, anything Indian, you name it and this bridal mehndi has it. Hands-down the best mehndi design with classic motifs!

11. Elegant Indian mehndi design with classic Indian patterns

Image Source: Henna for All

Paisleys and spirals aren’t going out of trend anytime soon! And if you are a lover of these classic motifs, then this mehndi design is something you’ll definitely fancy!

12. New mehndi design with bold motifs and statement patterns

Image Source: Ritual by Design

Why should butterflies be only limited to permanent tattoos, am I right? Take cues from this latest mehndi design with bold patterns and a statement butterfly motif! 

13. Beautiful dulhan mehndi design with traditional Indian motifs

Image Source: Henna for All

No faffing around, but this is literally the most classic yet attractive new mehndi design for brides who love sticking to traditional designs!  

14. New mehndi design with Moroccan-inspired motifs

Image Source: Ritual by Design

Picking off-beat mehndi designs for your big day is a great idea! If you are tired of the florals, beads, and peacocks, then this Moroccan-inspired bridal mehndi design is worth giving a shot! 

15. Stunning Arabic mehndi design for bridesmaids

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

Here’s a classic Indo-Arabic mehndi design for a bride who wants to keep it simple with just a touch of bold!

16. New simple mehndi design for the fuss-free bride

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

Are you the most chill bride ever? Not the one to fuss over your bridal mehndi design? This simple mehndi design is just for you! 

17. Graceful new mehndi design with floral patterns

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Floral patterns on mehndi designs are inseparable. If you too have a soft corner for florals, then this charming new mehndi design needs to be on your Pinterest board right away.

16. Latest mehndi design with Aztec-inspired intricate patterns

Image Source: Ritual by Design

Aztec patterns are full of intricate geometric motifs. If you’re in the mood to try something totally out-of-the-box, then this mehndi design is something to be inspired by! 

16. Indian mehndi design with jhumka motif and traditional patterns

Image Source: Sasha Designs by Tejal

The jhumka motif is a huge range in new mehndi designs these days! If you fancy jhumkas, nets and simple Indian motifs, then this mehndi design image is a must-have!

17. Classic mehndi with simple Indian motifs

Image Source: Henna by Divya

The basic mehndi design has been a favorite among women of all ages. This new mehndi design, however, gives the classic a spin by using intricate motifs and making it even more gorgeous!

18. Full hands intricate bridal mehndi for the traditional bride

Image Source: Bharathi Sanghani Mehndi

A classic bridal mehndi design is applied on full hands and has intricate patterns and a beauty that cannot be missed. Save this mehndi design image to your inspiration board if you are looking to turn some heads with your bridal henna! 

19. Simple mehndi design for backhand

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Simple mehndi designs always win! It’s the elegance and beauty of easy and simple patterns that make them look effortlessly gorgeous and a favorite among most women!

20. Finger mehndi design for those who love the elegance

Image Source: Henna by Hayat

Not big on having your full hands painted in henna? This simple finger mehndi design is something you can definitely give a shot at. 

21. Beautiful new mehndi design with Arabic patterns for backhand

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

If you are a fan of Arabic mehndi designs, and want something bold and beautiful on your big day, then this mehndi design image is surely something to draw inspiration from!

22. Super-intricate backhand bridal mehndi design for engagement

Image Source: Ritual by Design

Can’t get enough of intricate bridal mehndi designs? This new mehndi image needs to be saved in your gallery right now!

23. Latest dulhan mehndi design with a bold peacock motif

Image Source: Sasha Designs by Tejal

Image Source: Henna for All

Peacocks have been an integral motif in all Indian mehndi designs. But this bold peacock design across the forearm surely takes the cake. Pin this mehndi design image if you’re looking for something unconventional with a bit of tradition. 

24. New mehndi design with bold shaded rose and classic Indian motifs

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

Image Source: Henna by Divya

If roses could look this bold and beautiful on a mehndi design, I’d be getting them every chance I got. This new mehndi design image is a must-have for every bride, who wants a fine mix of traditional and modern motifs on her bridal mehndi design! 

25. Delicate floral and beaded motif bridal mehndi design

Image Source: Henna for All

Image Source: Bharathi Sanghani Mehndi

This dulhan mehndi design with bold Arabic design and delicate beads is a great example of Indo-Arabic henna. This one is perfect for all those brides who want a full-hand mehndi that’s not too detailed and leaves some skin to show.

Hope you loved all these trending wedding dulhan mehndi designs images of 2023 and were able to pick at least a couple of them to finalize for your big day. If you want to see more latest mehndi design images on our blogs, then do let me know in the comments box below! Need help finding the wedding venue of your dreams or want catering and décor for your event done professionally, Weddingz.in is the right place to be! 

40+ New Blouse Design Pictures to Check Out Before Heading to Your Wedding Tailor!

New Blouse designs 2023

Sarees and lehengas are a staple at Indian weddings. However, finding the perfect new blouse design to go with your choice of outfit is a task we all dread. Scrolling through hundreds of boards on Pinterest to find that one new blouse design can be pretty time-consuming. And that’s why to help you choose the best new blouse design for 2023, I have put together 40+ new blouse design images that you can save as inspiration!

1. New Blouse Design with pearl drops and tasseled details

Blouse embroidery designs

Image Source: Pictroizzah

We have seen an increasing number of brides choosing these pearl drop details on sleeves and hemlines. We, for one, are absolutely loving it!

2. New blouse design with silver embellishment and feathers

Image Source: Dipak Studios

This stunning new blouse design with silver embellishment and feather details is what dream bridal blouses are made of! Tip: A gorgeous blouse like this can be worn with a saree post-wedding too!

3. Full sleeves sheer new blouse design with one-sided stiff drape

Image Source: Dipak Studios

For brides who want to ditch traditional motifs and embroidery, this new fashion blouse design with one-sided stiff drape and full sleeves is a total catch.

4. Simple gold floral embroidery blouse design

Image Source: Dipak Studios

This new pattern blouse design with simple gold floral embroidery is something that will be a classic. This one can also be paired with a saree; preferably a golden silk one! 😉 Such a win-win, right?

5. New style blouse design with multi-colour tribal embroidery

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Tribal embroidery blouses with multi-colour motifs are the new latest blouse designs that are making an appearance at pre-wedding functions. Tip: Pair them with dhoti style pants, lehengas, sarees or voluminous pallazo pants for your daytime mehndi function for a fun and vibrant look!

6. Off-shoulder new silk blouse with minimal embellishment

Image Source: Dipak Studios

This off-shoulder blouse paired with lehenga has a simple pattern with minimal embroidery, which makes it the perfect choice to wear for you mehndi or haldi function.

7. New blouse design that’s a thigh-length jacket

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Wish to try a new blouse design that hasn’t been done to death? Give this thigh-high jacket style embroidered blouse a try. It’s perfect to pair with a solid lehenga!

8. New fashion blouse design with Taj Mahal embroidery on sleeves

Image Source: Morvi Images

Do you know what’s the most attractive? Simplicity. Doesn’t this new style blouse design with zardozi embroidered Taj Mahal motif sleeves look stunning with the heavy lehenga?

9. New full-sleeve lace blouse design 2023

Image Source: Morvi Images

Here’s another new blouse design finished fully in luscious lace that’s as simple as it gets! A simple blouse design like this allows you to experiment with layered and heavy necklaces! (Works amazingly is you are jewellery person)

10. New style blouse design with dainty gold embroidery

Image Source: Morvi Images

This new pattern blouse design is basic but totally attractive. The low cut neckline with half sleeves and dainty golden embroidery sure make it look like something you will treasure and wear even after your wedding.

11. Chic off-shoulder blouse with sheer flowy sleeves

If you are looking for a new blouse design that’s modern and chic then this off-shoulder beauty with sheer flowy sleeves is something you can definitely consider.

12. New blouse back design with vibrant tassels

This new blouse back design with vibrant tassels single low dori is a stunning pattern to wear with your mehndi or haldi lehenga.

13. New pattern blouse design with gota patti work

Gota patti on lehengas is timeless. But using this lovely embroidery on new blouse designs like these is a stunning way to incorporate it with sarees too!

14. New blouse design with beaded embroidery

Beaded embroidery with pearls, gemstones and artificial beads is a huge trend right now. If you too are a fan of this, then hop on the wagon and get yourself a new blouse like this one to wear with net or chiffon sarees with absolute grace.

15. Zardosi embroidered new blouse design for pattu saree

Zardosi is that one style of embroidery that will never go out of style. And that’s why this new latest blouse design with heavy zardosi work worn with a pattu saree is a stunner in true sense!

16. Sheer cape new pattern blouse design

This detachable sheer cape new blouse design is perfect for brides or bridesmaids who really want to wear a cape-style blouse but also want it to be flexible enough to turn it into a normal one.

Pro tip:  You can stitch a net cape with embellishment in a neutral colour like gold, silver or ivory and wear it over any saree with the same undertones! (You can thank me later)

17. Heavy maggam and cutwork new blouse design

Magaam work blouse designs are a mad fashion rage in weddings these days. This new blouse back design with Radha Krishna portrait and heavy maggam work is perfect to pair with a pattu saree!

18. Closed neck embroidered yoke blouse design

If you prefer wearing sleeveless blouses and are wondering what kind of new pattern blouse design you can try with your saree, then this blouse with embroidery at the yoke that looks like a heavy necklace is a great pick for you!

19. Cold-shoulder new blouse back design with double dori

If you are seriously contemplating to ‘bring sexy back’, then this new blouse design with cold shoulder and open lower back with dori and tassels is something you should definitely consider opting for!

20. New blouse design with multicolour floral embroidery and cold-shoulder

Image Source: Stylus

This simple cold-shoulder new pattern blouse design is perfect for the bride who loves all things pretty and bright! Pair it with a lehenga or pair it with a saree. It’s versatile like that!

21. Sleeveless yellow embellished blouse for lehenga

This new blouse design with beautiful shimmery embellishment and basic round neck is a simple yet stunning option to wear for your pre-wedding functions or even with a saree for your post-wedding functions at sasural.

22. New latest blouse design with ruffle sleeves and neck

Image Source: Arushi MUA

If feminine patterns and flowy silhouettes is your thing, then this new blouse design with ruffles sleeves and neck is something you should definitely give a shot.

23. Shimmery new blouse design for lehenga

Image Source: Recall Pictures

Shimmer is in this wedding season. Brides are choosing this new style blouse design as it looks festive, sparkly and has just the right amount of bridal jazz to it.

24. Bandeau style new blouse design with slim off-shoulder sleeves

Image Source: Mohit Jaura

This open neck bandeau style new fashion blouse design with slim off-shoulder sleeves is such a stunner to wear on your big day. This sensual number is versatile enough for you to pair it with a lehenga as well as a saree.

25. Simple cold shoulder blouse with thread-work embroidery

Sometimes simplicity is the key to looking drop dead gorgeous in an outfit. This new blouse design with basic cold shoulder and gold thread embroidery is a great choice to wear with a Banarasi lehenga or silk saree.

26. Bright floral print new blouse design for lehenga

Image Source: Guatam Kullar Photography

Doesn’t this bride look absolutely radiant in her mehndi outfit that has a new blouse design with multicolor floral prints?

27. Sheer ruffle new pattern blouse design

Ruffles are in and how! This new pattern blouse design with overall organza ruffles is just too precious to pass! Do you girls agree?

28. Multicolour zardosi embroidered sheer new blouse design

Image Source: Artfoto Studios

This new latest blouse design with sheer fabric and heavy zardosi embroidery is hands down #bridalwear goals!

29. Sheer backless new blouse design with silver embroidery

Yes, there’s sheer again! Can’t really complain when the new blouse design is this sexy with silver embroidery and a backless style!

30. New style blouse design with boat neck and multicolor floral embroidery

A simple boat neck new blouse design with cap sleeves and multicolour floral embroidery is a true-blue stunner to wear with georgette or chiffon sarees!

31. Halter neck mirror work new latest blouse design

Let’s admit that nothing looks bright and jhatak like good old mirror work! This new style blouse design in halter neck style is totally drool-worthy of pairing with a lehenga or even a net saree.

32. 3D floral new blouse design worn by Sara Ali Khan

Image Source: Sara Ali Khan on Instagram

Doesn’t Sara Ali Khan look like a dream in this 3D floral new blouse design paired with a snow-white skirt? Tip: Choose an outfit like this for your daytime mehndi ceremony!

33. Strapless bandeau style floral new pattern blouse design

If you are all up to show your toned arms, midriff and clavicle, then this strapless bandeau-style floral blouse design is something that should top your list!

34. New jacket style blouse design with multicolour floral embroidery

Doesn’t this bride look like a chirpy little bird on her mehndi day? If you too want to try out a new blouse design to wear on your pre-wedding functions, then try stitching a jacket-style blouse like this to pair with anything from skirts to dhoti pants.

35. Pearl and gemstone embellished new blouse design worn by Sonam Kapoor

You can always rely on Sonam Kapoor to give you the best fashion inspiration. The way this diva has rocked this pearl and gemstone embellished new blouse design in Veere Di Wedding is totally awe-inspiring. And that attached choker means no need to wear a necklace!

36. New fashion blouse design with dramatic sheer bell sleeves

New blouse designs with voluminous bell sleeves is a trend that was seen a lot in pre-wedding functions lately.

Tip: If you are petite and want to add some volume to your frame while wearing a saree, then choose this new style blouse design to add some drama to your look.

37. Denim shirt style new blouse design for the quirky bride

There’s no one quite like a quirky bride who loves to experiment with her style even on her wedding day. Totally loving how this stylish bride has worn a denim style new blouse design with a digital print skirt for her mehndi ceremony!

38. Seafoam new style blouse design with sheer balloon sleeves

Seafoam could very well be the colour of this year as a lot of brides are seen opting for lehenga in this colour. But a new blouse in seafoam green? Why not! The sheer balloon sleeves are just the cherry on the cake!

39. 3D mirror work new latest blouse design

Doesn’t this new blouse design with 3D mirror-work remind you of dragon scales? Well, if you are willing to try out a new pattern blouse design to pair with your lehenga, then why not give this one a shot!

40. Heavily embroidered new blouse design with sheer bell sleeves

Pastel colours on an ivory fabric always look elegant! This new blouse design with heavy embroidery and sheer bell sleeves is a total stunner to pair with a solid lehenga in pink or ivory!

41. Brocade new blouse design with Taj Mahal motif on the sleeves

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Whoever said brocade blouses only look good on sarees needs to look at this bride rocking a new blouse design made with brocade fabric and Taj Mahal motifs on the sleeves.

Hope I was able to give you some inspiration with these new blouse designs for 2023. Find some more blouse-back designs that go well with your lehenga or saree for this Indian wedding season here.

If you need a hand finding the best wedding venue in your city or catering and decor professionals that fit your budget, give Weddingz.in a call right away!