Destination Wedding in Goa Cost: 10 Myths Busted For A Fun Beach Wedding

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Hold onto your sunglasses and get ready to be swept away, couples! Today, we’re embarking on a thrilling journey into the radiant realm of Goa destination weddings. As we peel back the layers of sun, sea, and celebration, we’re also diving deep into the question that echoes through the coconut palms – what’s the real cost of tying the knot in this beachy haven?

Spoiler Alert: The Beach Vibes Are Budget-Friendly – Destination Wedding in Goa starts @ 10 Lacs!

For those who’ve landed here expecting tales of budgetary shipwrecks and financial tides threatening your wedding dreams, take a moment to relax. We are your budget-savvy navigators, here to ensure your destination wedding in Goa is everything you’ve imagined without creating a storm in your bank account.

And here’s a little insider secret: at, the destination wedding magic begins at a jaw-dropping entry point of just 10 lacs! Yes, you read that right – 10 lacs! We’re not just promising a wedding, but an affordable dream come true against the backdrop of Goa’s enchanting landscapes.

So, whether you’re envisioning a sunset ceremony on the shores or a vibrant beach party under the stars, we’ve got the roadmap to make it happen without a financial heatwave. Get ready as we debunk top 10 myths about destination wedding in Goa cost!

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Myth 1: Goa is Only for the Rich and Famous:
Hold up! Just because Bollywood stars are glamming it up in Goa doesn’t mean you can’t. With some savvy planning (and maybe skipping the diamond-studded shoes), your Goa wedding can be as dreamy as it gets without maxing out your credit cards. Forget the red carpet drama; let’s make an entrance on the sandy runway!

Myth 2: Beach Weddings Break the Bank:
Who says beachfront vows mean empty pockets? Not in Goa! The beaches here are serving budget-friendly wedding packages like it’s a buffet of love. Imagine saying “I do” with the waves as your background music – and your wallet doing a happy dance. Embrace the beach breeze, and let simplicity steal the show.

Myth 3: Luxury Resorts Only:
Swanky resorts are cool, but have you heard about charming guesthouses, beach shacks, and cozy villas? Break free from the idea that you need to mortgage your future for a bed. Real luxury is waking up next to your love in paradise, not paying extra for a gold-plated pillow. Budget-friendly snuggles, anyone?

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Myth 4: Destination Wedding Planners are Extravagant:
Who needs James Bond when you can have a local wedding planner? They’re like your budget-friendly fairy godparent, waving their magic wand around Goa, snagging sweet deals, and saving you from the evil clutches of unnecessary splurges. Sip on coconut water and let them handle the wedding wizardry!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Myth 5: Exotic Cuisine Comes at a High Price:
Sure, Goa is a foodie’s paradise, but you don’t need a gold-plated menu to impress. Embrace the local flavors, hit up the street food scene, and let your guests feast at a budget-friendly buffet. Who needs a Michelin star when you’ve got the real taste of Goa without burning a hole in your wallet?

Myth 6: Entertainment Equals Extravagance:
Worried about breaking the bank for that rockstar wedding playlist? Fear not! Goa’s got local musicians and DJs ready to turn your celebration into a dance floor extravaganza without the VIP price tag. Picture yourselves grooving under the stars to the beats of local tunes – it’s budget-friendly boogie time!

Myth 7: Decorations Mean Dollars:
Who needs a jungle of decorations when Goa’s nature is already throwing a party? Embrace the palm trees, golden sands, and sparkling waters as your décor VIPs. Less is more, my friends! Minimalistic magic is the name of the game, and your wallet will be high-fiving you for the savvy seaside simplicity.

Myth 8: Airfares will Soar:
Think booking flights will drain your honeymoon fund? Nonsense! Snag those tickets early, keep an eagle eye on airline deals, and turn your journey into an adventure in itself. With Goa waiting at the end of the runway, the travel excitement becomes part of your wedding tale – budget intact!

Myth 9: Guests Can’t Afford to Attend:
No need to play detective on your guests’ bank accounts! Give them a heads-up, lend a helping hand with accommodation tips, and even score some group discounts. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance for a mini-vacay at your Goa wedding? It’s a win-win – more loved ones, less budget stress.

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Myth 10: DIY is a Budget Buzzkill:
DIY disaster? Not on our watch! Dive into Goa’s markets, get creative with invites, décor, and favors. Your guests will adore the personal touch, and your wallet will throw a party of its own. Who knew budget-friendly and Pinterest-worthy could be best buds?

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And there you have it, dear readers – the untold secrets, the myth-busting revelations, and the budget-friendly wonders of planning your dream Destination Wedding in Goa. Toss those misconceptions out the window, and let the wedding bells chime in the land of sun, sand, and sheer celebration! As the curtain falls on this blog, we invite you to say goodbye to those destination woes and hello to a wedding journey that’s both magical and wallet-friendly with

At Weddingz, we help you plan your destination wedding in Goa starting from 10 lacs – a price that lets you dream big without the financial drama. So, why wait? Call us today to kickstart your wedding planning adventure. Let’s turn those dreams into reality and make your Goa destination wedding a celebration to remember!

I Do or I Don’t: Destination Wedding in Udaipur Costs Decoded

Destination Wedding in Udaipur Costs

Buckle up, couples, because we’re about to embark on a rollercoaster ride through the majestic world of Udaipur destination weddings. Today’s agenda: uncovering the real deal behind the cost of tying the knot in this city of lakes and palaces. Spoiler alert – it’s not as bank-breaking as you might think!

If you’ve sprinted to this blog on destination wedding in Udaipur cost, expecting financial nightmares haunting your dreams, take a breath. We are here to put your hearts, mind, and wallet, all three at ease. We’re here to be the soothing balm to your budgeting woes. Brace yourselves because, at Weddingz, the gateway to your dream Destination Wedding in Udaipur starts at a wallet-friendly 10 lacs! Yes, you read that right – 10 lacs!

Now let’s get those Destination wedding in Udaipur cost debunked and give you a lowdown on the destination wedding Udaipur expenses that you can be mindful of while planning your big day!

Myths Debunked – Destination Wedding in Udaipur Cost

Myth 1. A Destination Wedding in Udaipur is Only for the Elites

Busted: First things first, let’s debunk the notion that destination weddings are reserved for trust fund babies. In our #DestinationWeddingRealityCheck, we found that Udaipur, with all its regal charm, won’t leave you counting pennies. While Udaipur has hosted its fair share of celebrity weddings, don’t let the glitz fool you. The city welcomes couples from all walks of life. You can absolutely have a dreamy Udaipur wedding without burning a hole in your pocket. The key? Smart budgeting and a dash of creativity.

Myth 2. Udaipur Destination Wedding: The Pricey Destination Wedding Paradox

Busted: The universe loves a good paradox, and the idea that destination weddings cost an arm, a leg, and maybe a kidney is a classic one. But guess what? We did some Sherlock-level investigating and found that your dream Udaipur wedding can be kinder to your wallet than your distant relatives “Shaadi Kab Kroge, beta” comments.

Myth 3: Destination Wedding Venues in Udaipur cost a fortune

Busted: Pump the brakes on that royal fortune fear! Sure, Udaipur’s got wedding venues that scream fairy tale, but guess what? You don’t need to sell your kidney to afford them. Dive into the hidden gems and budget-friendly banquets that still scream charm and elegance. You just have to type in your google search bar, select Udaipur, and voilà! Your own slice of regal paradise minus the credit card meltdown. If you want to make it even more simple, go ahead and give us a call and we will do all the heavy-lifting for you.

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4. Udaipur Can be Anything You Want: Extravagant or Affordable

Picture this: a city that oozes romance from every cobblestone, where palaces look like they’re straight out of fairytales, and the cost of a lavish wedding won’t leave you needing a financial rescue squad. That’s Udaipur for you – where love meets practicality, and your wedding budget gets a standing ovation. And the best part – offers destination Wedding in Udaipur starting from Rs 10 Lacs only.

4. The Big Reveal: Costs Unveiled!

No more suspense, drumrolls, or dramatic pauses. We’ve sifted through the Udaipur wedding scene to bring you a curated list of venues that won’t make you break a sweat – or the bank. Get ready for a royal celebration with a price tag ranging from 10 to 30 lakhs and onwards, hosting 150 of your nearest and dearest.

Breaking Down the Destination Wedding in Udaipur Cost: How Much Does It Really Cost?

Buckle up for a wild ride as we break down the dough you’ll be shelling out for that dreamy Udaipur destination wedding. Picture this like a thrilling rollercoaster of expenses, with each twist and turn being a checkpoint on your quest for the ultimate Destination Wedding in Udaipur!

1. Destination Wedding Venues in Udaipur:
Udaipur is like a treasure trove of wedding venues, from grand palaces to cozy nooks. The price tag? Well, that’s as basic or as extra as your heart desires. On average, you’re looking at anywhere between ₹5 to ₹20 lakhs for a spot that’s not just a venue but the epic canvas for your wedding ceremony. But if you are booking a wedding venue in Udaipur through Weddingz, you can save up to 30%.

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2. Decor – Where Dreams Take Flight (Literally): ✨
Now, onto the second checkpoint where your venue transforms into a Pinterest-worthy wonderland. Spartan vibes might cost you around ₹2 lakhs, but if you’re ready to go full-blown fabulous, your wallet might shed tears of joy – we’re talking ₹10 lakhs, my friend.

3. Catering – A Feast Fit for Kings and Queens: 🍽️
Time for the royal banquet, where Udaipur’s culinary magic steals the show. A spartan feast starts at ₹1,500 per plate, but if you’re thinking ‘treat yo’ guests,’ brace yourself for a royal bill of ₹5,000 per plate. Get ready for a food coma fit for royalty!

4. Photography and Videography – Capturing the OMG Moments: 📸
Immortalizing your special day is a non-negotiable checkpoint. A spartan photography package kicks off at ₹1.5 lakhs, but if you’re going for the whole shebang – drones, cinematic masterpieces, and a squad capturing every tear and smile – you might be waving goodbye to ₹5 lakhs or more. Say cheese!

5. Miscellaneous Expenses – The Sneaky Ones that We Always Forget: 🕵️‍♂️
Last but not least, those sneaky extras – transportation, crash pads, and other hidden costs. Budget-wise, we’re talking ₹2 to ₹5 lakhs, depending on your choices. Don’t underestimate these spartan details; they add up faster than you can say “I do.” Plan wisely, budget warriors!

And there you have it, dear readers – the untold secrets, the myth-busting revelations, and the budget-friendly wonders of planning your dream Destination Wedding in Udaipur. As the curtain falls on this blog, we invite you to say goodbye to those destination woes and hello to a wedding journey that’s both magical and wallet-friendly with

At Weddingz, we help you plan your destination wedding in Udaipur starting from 10 lacs – a price that lets you dream big without the financial drama. So, why wait? Call us today to kickstart your wedding planning adventure. Let’s turn those dreams into reality and make your Udaipur destination wedding a celebration to remember!

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

10 Kishore Kumar Tracks to Add to Your Wedding Playlist 2024

wedding playlist

Image Source: Dipak Studios

While there is little doubt that wedding playlists in 2024 are brimming with peppy party numbers and catchy tunes, they certainly cannot do without some soulful songs too. And if they are classics, even better! And while we are talking about classic hits, there’s no one better than the legend himself. The beauty of Kishore Kumar is that in spite of being an untrained singer, this maestro is considered an institution in himself! Multi-talented and multi-faceted, he has graced every genre, emotion, and style of singing with his versatile voice and feisty persona. This wedding season if you’re looking for old Hindi numbers for your sangeet or first couple dance, this list comprising a mix of Kishor Da’s hits will be your perfect guide.

Without further ado, drop all and get scrolling below to find out our chosen tracks:

1. Tu Tu Hai Wahi, Dil ne Jise Apna Kaha

If you both are huge fans of Kishore Kumar, then we can’t suggest a better way to begin your marital journey than this magical number. An ode to love, this Kishore Kumar superhit song is all you need in your wedding playlist 2024 for your first dance with the love of your life!

2. O Mere Dil Ke Chain

How about a soulful surprise performance for your soulmate? Nothing can beat this superhit Bollywood Hindi song when it comes to expressing your love in the most melodiously romantic way. If it’s a yes, don’t forget to pair it up with a choreography that will mesmerize everyone!

3. Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna

No matter how many times you have professed your love to your one and only, if you haven’t done it on this Kishore Kumar Hit, are you even a true Kishore Kumar Fan? If you are a gifted singer yourself, then you may want to surprise your Future Mrs with this charming hit.

4. Aa Dekhe Zara Kismein Kitna Hain Dum

The ultimate face-off song for the sangeet squad, this Kishore Kumar number is sure to let the mercury soaring on both sides. Both the ladkewale and ladkiwale can bring on their best moves out on this track and thoroughly enjoy themselves. 

5. Jaanu Meri Jaan, Main Tere Kurbaan

What better song of love proclamation than this?! This shaadi season add nostalgia to your wedding playlist with this peppy track. And of course, wear your heart out on your sleeve for your wife-to-be with this track.

6. Neele Neele Ambar Par Chand Jab Aye

A perfect mood-setter, nothing beats the magic and timelessness of this track! The romanticism of love comes alive in this song which is beautifully helped by R.D Burman’s music and Kishore Da’s deep voice. This one is a song for every season 🙂

7. Wada Karo Nahi Chodoge Tum Mera Saath

If you wish to groove with your new spouse to a pleasant, classic, romantic number, then this is the one for you. A perfect first dance track, surround yourself with its soulful lyrics in Kishore Kumar’s heartwarming voice here. 

8. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

How can any list of Kishore Da’s songs be complete without this iconic track?! Brimming with yesteryear nostalgia, who can forget the iconic picturization of Madhubala (his future wife) and the pleasantly surprising music variations?

9. Chookar Mere Mann Ko

Celebrate the innocence of love with this soothing Kishore Kumar song. Be it a wonderful track to get your folks to perform to or humm over a karaoke session at your pre-wedding party, this one must certainly be on your list. 

10. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

And finally, a song that lovers across eras and age groups can relate to, this one is an artistic gem! Be it the lyrics, music, picturization, or skillful singing, this track when played out at one of your functions can send elderly couples on a nostalgic trip while filling the younger ones with aspirations of making memories and weaving dreams.

So folks, while you add in all the trending/latest tracks to your wedding list, remember it always feels nice and connected to have a touch of pure classic. And nothing better than the maestro’s songs themselves 🙂

Mehndi Designs 2024: The Latest Trends You Need to See Right Now!

Be it a TeejTyohar, Karwa Chauth, Raksha Bandhan, or Wedding, Mehndi has a very sacred place in all our festive rituals. Not only Mehndi designs 2024 complete your festive look for the day, but there is something magical about gathering around and decorating each other’s hands with henna or hiring a mehndi artist to take care of that while your gang of girls enjoys the celebration. It brings all of us together, and isn’t a festival all about family time? All the mehndi designs 2024 latest images you have been looking for are right here!

Scroll down to see the latest mehndi designs for hands and legs that are ruling the wedding scene right now! Both the bride and the gang of ladkiwale can save these mehndi designs 2024 latest images and share them in their shadiwale groups on WhatsApp for major inspiration!

1. Mehndi designs latest: Egyptian Henna

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

If you are done with painting your palms with Indian and Arabic mehndi designs, then these Egyptian henna designs are the perfect choice for you. These mehndi designs commonly include motifs like the Wadjet Eye (known as the symbol of protection) and the Blue Nile Lotus (symbolizes purity and resurrection), which have been around ancient times! Get yourself a cool and quirky mehndi like this to stand out from the crowd!

2. Mehndi designs latest: Lace Glove Pattern Henna

Image Source: Sara’s Henna

Image Source: Girly Henna

Image Source: Jesma Mithun

If you are looking for the latest mehndi designs for hands that have a contemporary style, then these lace glove motif designs make for a fine choice. They have floral patterns along with intricate mesh motifs that make them resemble a lace glove!

3. Mehndi designs latest: Dreamcatcher pattern

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

Image Source: Tatyana Kilinskaya

Originally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, dreamcatchers have become home decor items in pop culture. Due to their beautiful shape, they have also become a popular motif among the latest mehndi designs. If you too love the dreamcatcher, get one as a mehndi for your bestie’s wedding! It will surely be a great conversation starter! 😉

4. Mehndi designs latest: Aztec patterns

Image Source: Toko Mehndi

Image Source: Henna Lounge

While Aztec patterns are a popular motif for permanent tattoos, it has recently started being used in henna designs. If you fancy geometric shapes, fine lines, and symmetric patterns, then Aztec mehndi is something you should definitely give a shot!

5. Mehndi designs latest: Bohemian Patterns

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

Channel your inner bohemian chic with these latest mehndi design images and use them as a reference for your next festive occasion! If you are a quirky bride who wants to try something different, then these boho henna designs are all that you need to show your mehndi artist for inspiration!

6. Mehndi designs latest: Moroccan Patterns

Image Source: Tatyana Kilinskaya

Apart from the Indian sub-continent and Egypt if there is any other place that has been using henna since ancient times, it is Morocco. Just like Aztec mehndi, this latest mehndi design uses a lot of geometric shapes, especially diamond shapes.

7. Mehndi designs latest: Khelijee Henna

Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira

Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira

Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira

Khaleeji, also known as the Persian Gulf is an unusual style of mehndi design, which makes use of free-flowing patterns, unique layouts, whimsical floral,  negative space, and abstract motifs. If you love bold and eye-catching henna designs, then Khaleeji is the latest mehndi design you should definitely give a try!

8. Mehndi designs latest: Bird motifs

While peacocks have been a prevalent motif in traditional Indian mehndi designs, birds like sparrows and parrots have come into the picture recently. If you like cutesy mehndi patterns, then these latest mehndi designs with bird images are a must-save to your phone!

9. Mehndi designs latest: Half moon patterns

Image Source: Rifas Henna Alain

If you are looking for dainty and latest mehndi designs to wear for Eid, Karwa Chauth or smaller festive occasions, then these mehndi designs with crescent moon motifs are something you should certainly try!

10. Mehndi designs latest: Bracelet and hand jewelry patterns

Image Source: Henna Girl UK

Who wants to wear bracelets when you can design them on your wrist, right? These latest mehndi designs for hands have floral motifs along with bead strings and are drawn to resemble hand chains, bracelets, or bangles!

Let us know if you liked any of these latest mehndi designs images, and if you want to see more such mehndi designs, comment below!

Top 7 AC Banquet Halls in Kolkata for A Breezy Summer Wedding 2024

AC Banquet Halls in Kolkata

Get ready to turn up the cool quotient for your summer wedding in the City of Joy! Kolkata’s charm isn’t just confined to its rich history and delectable sweets; it extends to the perfect venues that set the stage for your dreamy celebration. As the mercury rises, we’ve scouted the top 7 AC Banquet Halls in Kolkata that promise to make your wedding a breezy affair in 2024. No need to sweat the small stuff—literally! From elegant decor to state-of-the-art air conditioning, these AC banquet halls in Kolkata have it all. Join us as we unveil the spaces that blend spartan efficiency with a touch of glam, ensuring your wedding is not only memorable but also comfortably cool. Let’s dive into the list of popular AC banquet halls in Kolkata, where celebrations meet the sweet symphony of air-conditioned bliss. Your summer wedding just found its perfect beat!

1. Raajkutir IHCL Seleqtions, Salt Lake City, Kolkata:

AC wedding Venues in Kolkata

Salt Lake City’s crown jewel, Raajkutir IHCL SeleQtions Kolkata, stands tall as the epitome of regal celebrations. Opting for this venue means immersing yourself in luxury where every detail is curated to perfection. The air-conditioned ambiance adds a layer of comfort to the grandeur, making it an ideal choice for those who seek opulence without compromising on modern amenities.

Swabhumi The Heritage, 89C, Narkeldanga Main Road, Kadapara, Phool Bagan, Kankurgachi, Kolkata, West Bengal 700054

Party Areas & Capacity
Raasmanch – Seating:1000, Max Capacity:1500
Rangmanch – Seating:400, Max Capacity:550
Rangdurbar – Seating:1000, Max Capacity:1500
Santusthi – Seating:325, Max Capacity:500

Key Features
Regal and vintage architecture
Luxurious and spacious event spaces
Lush gardens and outdoor venues
Ideal for weddings and grand celebrations
High-class amenities and attentive service
Elegantly designed rooms and suites
Multi-cuisine dining options

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2. The Park Hotel, Parkstreet, Kolkata:

The Park Hotel Kolkata on Parkstreet isn’t just a venue; it’s a legend in the making. Opting for this iconic space ensures a celebration that transcends ordinary boundaries. With air-conditioned opulence, this venue is the go-to choice for those who desire a wedding where every moment feels like a page from a fairy tale. It’s where timeless elegance meets the modern cool, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and charm.

The Park Hotel, 17, Park Street, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

Party Areas & Capacity
Pine – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Banyan – Seating:80, Max Capacity:150
Ebony – Seating:100, Max Capacity:150
Rosewood – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Galaxy Hall – Seating:325, Max Capacity:500

Key Features
Iconic and centrally located on Park Street
Urban chic ambiance with artistic flair
Contemporary design and trendy decor
Ideal for high-energy parties and chic events
Multiple event spaces for various occasions
In-house dining offering diverse cuisines
Trendy lounge and bar for post-event relaxation

3. Altair Boutique Hotel, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Price: Starting from ₹1,550 per plate – Call us today to get the best deal on your booking!

Altair Boutique Hotel Kolkata, located in the serene environs of Salt Lake City, epitomizes luxury and intimacy. With its spartan yet sophisticated backdrop, it offers a unique setting for your 200-guest celebration, ensuring a memorable affair filled with boutique charm and personalized service. The venue’s attention to detail and warm ambiance make it the perfect choice for couples seeking a wedding that resonates with elegance and grace.

AltAir Boutique Hotel, 19 EcoCentre Ambuja Neotia, 4, EM Block, Sector V, EM Block, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Party Areas & Capacity:
Nova 3 – Seating:50, Max Capacity:100
Phoenix l – Seating:120, Max Capacity:200
Phoenix ll – Seating:80, Max Capacity:150
Phoenix l + ll – Seating:240, Max Capacity:400
Celeste – Seating:100, Max Capacity:150

Key Features:
Located 7 minutes away from Karunamoyee Metro Station
Offers commendable food and decor services
Ample parking space available
5-star rated hotel

4. Rajwada Banquet, Newtown, Kolkata

Newtown’s Rajwada Banquet Kolkata is a haven that seamlessly marries tradition with modern elegance. Choosing this venue means stepping into a world where every corner tells a story. The air-conditioned comfort makes it an ideal choice for those who value cultural richness in a contemporary setting, ensuring a wedding that is as comfortable as it is captivating.

Synthesis Business Park, NH12, International Finalcial Hub(CBD), Newtown, Kolkata, New Town, West Bengal 700156

Party Areas & capacity:
Hall – Seating:400, Max Capacity:600

Key Features:
Situated just 1 minute away from New Town Metro station
Banquet hall in Kolkata designed for social weddings and events
In-house catering and decor available for events
Serves only pure vegetarian food

5. Elgin Hotel And Banquets, Bhowanipore, Kolkata

Nestled in the heart of Bhowanipore, Elgin Hotel And Banquets Kolkata beckons with an irresistible blend of timeless charm and modern sophistication. Choosing this venue is like stepping into a Kolkata fairy tale where your wedding becomes a seamless blend of elegant decor, impeccable service, and a breath of fresh air. The air-conditioned comfort elevates the celebration, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the fusion of traditional grace and contemporary coolness.

Fashion Factory, Fort Lee-II, 24, Lee Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

Party Areas & Capacity
Rooftop – Seating:50, Max Capacity:100
Hall – Seating:50, Max Capacity:100

Key Features:
Located about a minute drive away from Rabindra Sadan Metro Station
Banquets designed for small to medium-sized weddings and events
Inhouse caterers and decorators fulfill event requirements
Lodging facilities and ample parking space

6. Royal Banquet, Rajarhat, Kolkata

In the heart of Rajarhat, Royal Banquet Kolkata invites you to a celebration where cultural richness meets contemporary comforts. Opting for this venue ensures a royal treatment for your guests with air-conditioned opulence. The choice is clear for those who wish to weave tradition into their wedding narrative while keeping things refreshingly cool.

Royal Banquet Shivtala, Rajarhat Main Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 700135

Party Areas & Capacity:
Hall – Seating:100, Max Capacity:150
Lawn – Seating:300, Max Capacity:450

Key Features:
Located within close proximity of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
Perfect venue for small to mid-sized weddings and events
In-house caterers and decorators handle event requirements
Serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

7. Space Circle, Rajarhat, Kolkata:

For those who appreciate modern aesthetics, Space Circle, Rajarhat, Kolkata is your go-to destination. With its sleek design and versatile spaces, you can transform this venue into the vision you have in mind. From corporate events to birthday bashes, Space Circle provides the canvas for your creative celebrations.

Space Circle, VIP Road, Raghunathpur, Arjunpur, Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700052

Party Areas & Capacity
Celestial (Discotheque) – Seating:25, Max Capacity:50
Cosmos – Seating:50, Max Capacity:80
Court – Seating:500, Max Capacity:700
Galaxy – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Lawn – Seating:50, Max Capacity:250
Skydrome – Seating:400, Max Capacity:600
Cosmos & Verandah – Seating:100, Max Capacity:150
Restaurant – Seating:300, Max Capacity:450

Key Features
Modern and stylish event venue
Versatile spaces for diverse occasions
In-house catering services for hassle-free dining
In-house decor facilities to suit your themes
Contemporary design and amenities
Ideal for corporate events and private functions
Convenient location for guests’ accessibility

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If you find yourself at the crossroads of choices, let be your compass to the dreamiest finale for your wedding venue. Navigating the labyrinth of wedding venues in Kolkata, emerges as the ultimate curator, ensuring your celebration is not just memorable but also comfortably cool. From regal elegance to chic modernity, unveils a plethora of choices, turning your wedding into an air-conditioned saga. And the best part – doesn’t just guide; it gives you the best deals on your banquet booking, making your dream celebration an affordable reality.

Top 5 AC Banquet Halls in Lucknow for Picture-Perfect Weddings

AC Banquet Halls in Lucknow

Ready to turn your wedding into the coolest celebration in town? We’ve got your back as we dive into the world of AC Banquet Halls in Lucknow – because who needs wedding stress when you can have a chill, right? Imagine this as your ultimate guide to finding the perfect spot where the AC is as on-point as your wedding attire.

Get comfy because we’re about to spill the beans on the Top AC Banquet Halls in Lucknow that will make your heart skip a beat (and not from the heat!). From grand bashes to cozy gatherings, we’ve hunted down the places that’ll match your vibe.

So, if you’re all about avoiding the wedding planning meltdown and keeping things breezy, join us on this adventure. We have got AC Banquet Halls in Lucknow waiting for you, and we’re here to make sure your ‘I do’ moment is not just memorable but refreshingly cool. Let’s turn up the AC and turn down the stress – because your dream celebration awaits!

1. Fortune Park Bbd, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Get ready for a Fortune-filled fiesta right in the heart of Hazratganj! Fortune Park Bbd Lucknow is not your average venue; it’s the VIP pass to a summer wedding extravaganza. Step into AC banquet halls that laugh in the face of heatwaves, ensuring your celebration stays as cool as you are. Modern charm, warm welcomes, and a sprinkle of magic – that’s the Fortune Park BBD Hazratganj Lucknow promise!

Fortune Park BBD, 29/7, Rana Pratap Marg, Picup Colony, Butler Colony, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001

Party Areas & Capacity
Hall – Seating:300, Max Capacity:450
Rooftop + Pool – Seating:100, Max Capacity:120
Oudh 1 – Seating:30, Max Capacity:50
Orchid – Seating:30, Max Capacity:50
Oudh 2 – Seating:60, Max Capacity:100

Key Features
About 35 mins from Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport
Ideal for small to medium-sized functions
Both veg and non-veg food allowed
Ample parking space

2. Dreamz Mansion, Vrindavan Colony, Lucknow

Summer vibes meet wedding dreams at Dreamz Mansion Lucknow! Tucked in Vrindavan Colony, it’s not just a venue; it’s a cool haven for your hot celebration. Picture this: AC banquet halls that are as breezy as your love story. Lush greens, elegant vibes, and a touch of class – that’s Dreamz Mansion Vrindavan Colony Lucknow turning up the coolness factor for your big day!

Dreamz Mansion, near JR Fitness, Sector 3, Vrindavan Colony, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226025

Party Areas & Capacity:
Banquet Hall 1 – Seating:250, Max Capacity:400
Banquet Hall 2 – Seating:225, Max Capacity:350

Key Features:
Located a short drive away from Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport
Banquet halls designed for medium-sized events and weddings
in-house caterers and decorators handle event requirements
Lodging, ample parking space, and valet services

3. Prithvi Townhouse And Resort, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Let’s talk summer wedding goals at Prithvi Townhouse and Resort in Gomti Nagar. Imagine AC banquet hall in Lucknow wrapped in the embrace of nature’s cool breeze – that’s Prithvi Townhouse and Resort Lucknow for you! This venue is not just about vows; it’s about creating a cool, calm, and collected vibe for your celebration. Greenery, serenity, and the perfect blend of chill and thrill!

Prithvi Guest House, Prithvipuram, Ahimamau, Sultanpur Road, Gomtinagar Extension, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226002

Party Areas & Capacity
Lawn – Seating:450, Max Capacity:700
Hall – Seating:250, Max Capacity:400

Key Features
Located 20 minutes away from Gomti Nagar Railway Station
In-house decor and catering services provided
Serves both veg and non-veg food
Ample parking space provided

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4. Amaraa Farm And Resort, Golf City, Lucknow

Escape the ordinary and land in the lap of luxury at Amaraa Farm and Resort in Golf City. It’s not just a venue; it’s an oasis of coolness for your summer wedding saga. AC banquet hall In Lucknow that redefine swank, surrounded by greenery that makes Instagram jealous – that’s the Amaraa Farms & rRsort Lucknow experience. Get ready for a celebration where chic meets chill!

Amaraá Farm, Arjunganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226002

Party Areas & Capacity
Lawn A – Seating:1000, Max Capacity:1500
Lawn B – Seating:500, Max Capacity:750
Banquet Hall – Seating:250, Max Capacity:400

Key Features
15.6 km far from the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport
In-house decor and catering services provided
Parking space plus valet service offered
Accommodation facility provided

5. Hotel Citrus, Ashiyana, Lucknow

Hotel Citrus in Ashiyana isn’t just a place; it’s a vibe – a chic and cool vibe for your summer wedding. AC banquet halls here are the superheroes fighting off the summer heat, so you can focus on saying ‘I do’ without breaking a sweat. Style, comfort, and a dash of spunk – Hotel Citrus Lucknow is your ticket to a celebration that’s effortlessly cool!

Hotel Citrus, Pakri Ka Pul, Ashiyana, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226012

Party Areas & Capacity
Hall 2 – Seating:350, Max Capacity:550
Hall 1 – Seating:300, Max Capacity:450

Key Features:
Located around 6.7km away from Lucknow Junction Railway station
Banquet halls designed for medium-sized weddings and social events
Inhouse caterers and decorators fulfill event requirements
Serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

As you start navigating through top AC Banquet Halls in Lucknow, envisioning your dream wedding, let be your guide. offers a plethora of Weddingz Managed Wedding Venues that align perfectly with your vision. But the magic doesn’t end there – is your ticket to not just discovering, but also securing the best discounts on your venue booking, ensuring that your dream celebration in Lucknow becomes a reality without breaking the bank.

5 Popular AC Banquet Halls in Jaipur for A Stunning Summer Wedding 2024

AC Banquet Halls in Jaipur

Starting off the summer season with a bang – and what better way than planning the coolest summer wedding in Jaipur! We get it, the sun’s shining, but your wedding doesn’t have to turn into a meltdown. Cue the AC banquet halls in Jaipur – the unsung heroes of a breezy celebration.

Jaipur’s regal charm, a touch of history, and your wedding vibe set to comfortably cool. We’ve sorted through the AC banquet halls in Jaipur where the desert heat takes a backseat to the coolness of your love story. In this blog, we’re spilling the beans on AC banquet halls in Jaipur – from the ones steeped in tradition to the modern havens. Think of it as your guide to turning up the cool factor without losing the city’s warmth. So, buckle up for a ride through the elegant universe of AC Banquet Halls in Jaipur. It’s where summer weddings in Jaipur become a chilled-out affair, and your celebration kicks off the season in style.

1. Sunday Hotel, C Scheme, Jaipur:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5-by-oyo-metropolitan-c-scheme-jaipur-1.jpg

Picture this: Sunday Hotel C Scheme, Jaipur, is not just a place; it’s like your cool friend who knows how to throw the ultimate summer bash. The secret? State-of-the-art AC banquet halls that turn your summer wedding into a chill fest. It’s not about just beating the heat; it’s about doing it in style. From comfy stays to a party vibe that’s as cool as a dip in the pool, Sunday Hotel Jaipur ensures your special day is more refreshing than a Sunday morning.

Sunday Hotel 22 Godam Cir, Durgadas Colony, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Party Areas & Capacity
The Sunday Ballroom – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Rooftop – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250

Key Features:
Located 20 minutes away from Jaipur International Airport
Banquets designed for close-knit weddings and events
Inhouse caterers and decorators fulfill event requirements
Ample parking space with valet

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2. Shree Rajlaxmi Heavens, Jhotwara, Jaipur

Step into the regal world of Shree Rajlaxmi Heavens, Jhotwara, Jaipur, where summer weddings are transformed into royal affairs. With opulent AC banquet halls, this venue promises not just an event but an experience fit for royalty. Your special day becomes a grand celebration amidst majestic decor and modern amenities that ensure everyone stays cool and comfortable. Shree Rajlaxmi Heavens Jaipur isn’t just about luxury; it’s about crafting a regal ambiance where your love story takes center stage. From the first dance to the last toast, let your summer wedding be a majestic journey filled with elegance and sophistication. 👑

Shree Rajlaxmi Heavens, Niwaru Road, Lalchandpura, Jaipur, Jhotwara, Rajasthan 302012

Party Areas & Capacity:
Hall 1 – Seating:500, Max Capacity:750
Lawn – Seating:1000, Max Capacity:1500

Key Features:
Positioned about 30 minutes away from Jaipur Junction railway station
Party Plot and banquet hall in Jaipur perfect for grand weddings and events
Freedom to hire external caterers and decorators for events
Serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

3. Jewels Banquets And Resorts, Gandhi Path, Jaipur

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jewels-banquets-and-resorts-jewels-banquets-and-resorts-3.jpg

If your idea of a summer wedding involves a touch of glam and a whole lot of cool, Jewels Banquets And Resorts on Gandhi Path Jaipur is where you need to be. An AC banquet hall that sparkle brighter than your favorite gem, this venue is all about turning up the elegance without breaking a sweat. It’s not just a place; it’s your chance to shine in an atmosphere where every detail glitters. Get ready to have a celebration that’s as cool as it is sophisticated.

Jewels Banquets & Resorts,Plot no.6 Hanuman Vatika, Gandhipath west, Lalarpura Rd, in front of petrol pump, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021, India

Party Areas & Capacity
Lawn – Seating:2000, Max Capacity:3000
Hall 1 – Seating:600, Max Capacity:900

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4. Varmala Resort And Banquet, Jagatpura, Jaipur

Jaipur wedding venues with prices

Escape to the rustic charm of Varmala Resort And Banquet in Jagatpura – the friendliest spot for a summer wedding. AC banquet halls, picturesque landscapes, and an ambiance that’s as cool as a breeze through the trees. It’s not just a venue; it’s your retreat into nature where your celebration becomes an enchanting affair. Get ready to say ‘I do’ surrounded by the soothing coolness of both love and air-conditioned elegance.

Varmala Resort and Banquet 200 feet airport Road, Tilawala, Chitrakoot Nagar, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

Party Areas & Capacity
Lawn – Seating:1000, Max Capacity:1500
Hall – Seating:500, Max Capacity:750

Key Features
Located around 5 kilometers away from Jagatpura railway station
Banquet hall and lawn perfect for large weddings and social events
In-house catering and decor services available for events
Lodging facilities, ample parking space, and valet services

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5. Royal Crystal Resort, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Step into the royal vibes of Royal Crystal Resort in Mansarovar, where your summer wedding becomes a majestic celebration. With opulent AC banquet halls, this venue is like your regal friend who knows how to make every moment grand. It’s not just about luxury; it’s about crafting an atmosphere fit for royalty. From the first dance to the last toast, let your special day be a conversation-starter filled with elegance, sophistication, and a coolness that rivals your favorite royal ice cream. 👑🎉

Royal Crystal Resort, RPWW+F27, 100 Feet Rd, Dholai, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020

Party Areas & Capacity
Hall – Seating:500, Max Capacity:750
Lawn – Seating:1000, Max Capacity:1500

Key Features
Located just a 15-minute drive from Durgapura railway station
Banquet hall and lawn perfect for large gatherings and weddings
In-house catering and decor services ease up the event planning
Lodging facilities, ample parking space, and valet services

In the grand finale of your wedding venue quest, Weddingz comes to your rescue. We don’t just help couples find their dream wedding venues; we curate all the best choices, ensuring your big day hits all the right notes. As the curtains draw to a close, there’s a sweet encore – booking through Weddingz unfolds a treasure trove of savings, a dazzling 30% off on your banquet booking. So, bid adieu to venue-hunting stress and embrace the harmony of hassle-free celebrations.

Top 7 AC Wedding Venues in Gurgaon for A Summer Wedding Ceremony 2024

AC wedding venues in Gurgaon

In this blog, we’re turning up the cool quotient on your big day! If the mere thought of tying the knot in a sweltering heat wave gives you the chills (the bad kind), fear not! We’ve scoured the vibrant streets of Gurgaon to unveil the coolest sanctuaries for your “I do’s” – the Top 7 AC Wedding Venues in Gurgaon.

Say goodbye to the woes of a makeup meltdown and hello to a celebration that’s as breezy as your love story. In this no-nonsense guide, we’re serving up the hottest AC wedding venues in Gurgaon where you can exchange vows without breaking a sweat – unless, of course, it’s the happy kind!

From chic ballrooms with Arctic-like atmospheres to elegant spaces where the AC game is strong, we’ve got your back (and your guests’ cool composure) covered. So, kick back, relax, and join us as we spill the beans on where to keep it cool while saying ‘I do’ with these AC wedding venues in Gurgaon. It’s time to make your wedding dreams a reality, minus the heat-induced nightmares! 🌬️💍 #GurgaonWeddingGoals #GurgaonWeddings #ACWeddingVenues

1. Emaar Club Beryl, Sector 65, Gurugram

A wedding venue that offers both elegance and convenience, Emaar Club Beryl, Sector 65, Gurugram, is the answer to your dreams. Embrace the splendor of this magnificent venue, bask in the luxurious accommodations, and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Whether you desire an intimate gathering or a grand extravaganza at its opulent banquets and wedding lawns, the dedicated staff at Emaar Club Beryl will go the extra mile to make your celebration a truly unforgettable experience.

From the delicious culinary offerings to the personalized decor, their team of professionals works tirelessly to bring your vision to life. The seamless integration of the venue and accommodation eliminates the stress of transportation and logistics, allowing you to focus solely on making your wedding day a cherished experience.

Emaar Club Beryl, Emerald Hills, Golf Course Ext Road, Sector 65, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

Party Areas & Capacity
Hall 2 – Seating:100, Max Capacity:150
Hall 1 – Seating:500, Max Capacity:750
Poolside – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Lawn – Seating:300, Max Capacity:450

Key Features:
Located 10 minutes away from Sector 55-56 Metro Station
In-house decor and catering services provided
Lodging rooms and changing rooms offered
Ample parking space provided

2. Clay Inn Hotel, Sector 49, Gurugram

Clay Inn Hotel, Gurugram S-20 & 21, Sai Dham Rd, near Sai Dham, Block S, Uppal Southend, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

Party Areas & Capacity:
Hall 1 – Seating:200, Max Capacity:300
Hall 2 – Seating:100, Max Capacity:150
Rooftop – Seating:50, Max Capacity:100

Key features:
Located 20 minutes away from Sector 54 Chowk Metro Station
Banquet halls in Gurugram perfect for weddings and events
In-house catering and decor services available for events
Lodging facilities, ample parking and valet services

3. Hotel Haut Monde, Patel Nagar, Gurugram

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hotel-haut-monde-haut-monde-by-pi-hotels-imperial-1-imperial-2-27.jpg

Hotel Haut Monde, Patel Nagar, Gurgaon, is a chic and stylish hotel that serves as a perfect venue for celebrations of any kind. With its contemporary design, elegant ambiance, and top-notch amenities, this hotel offers a sophisticated setting for weddings, parties, and other special events. The well-appointed banquet halls provide a versatile space that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, whether you desire an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. The experienced event management team at Hotel Haut Monde Gurgaon ensures meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for you and your guests. With its impeccable service, delectable cuisine, and stylish surroundings, Hotel Haut Monde is an ideal choice for those seeking a truly memorable celebration in Gurugram.

Hotel Haut Monde, 316, Jharsa Road, Sector 15 Part 2, Patel Nagar, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Party Areas & Capacity
Imperial 2 – Seating:80, Max Capacity:100
Poolside – Seating:50, Max Capacity:100
Imperial 1 – Seating:100, Max Capacity:150
Imperial 1 + Imperial 2 – Seating:200, Max Capacity:250

Key Features
In-house decorators and caterers for enhanced services
Choose from multiple event spaces
Spacious valet parking
Classy guest rooms

4. Golden Tulip Suites, Gwal Pahari, Gurugram

Nestled amidst the serene surroundings of Gwal Pahari in Gurugram, lies the exquisite Golden Tulip Suites, a gem among wedding venues with accommodation. As you step into this haven of elegance, you’ll be greeted by the grandeur of the banquets adorned with shimmering chandeliers and well-manicured wedding lawns with stylish decor, setting the stage for a truly magical celebration.

Golden Tulip Suites goes above and beyond by providing luxurious accommodations for you and your guests. The thoughtfully designed suites offer a comfortable and opulent retreat, ensuring that everyone can unwind and indulge in the joyous festivities without a worry in the world.

Golden Tulip Suites, Faridabad – Gurgaon Road, Sector 2, Gwal Pahari, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

Party Areas & Capacity
Tulip Lawn – Seating:200, Max Capacity:250
Springs – The Poolside – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Banquet Hall – Seating:300, Max Capacity:500
Senate 1 – Seating:50, Max Capacity:80
Senate 2 – Seating:20, Max Capacity:40

Key Features:
Located 35 minutes away from Indira Gandhi International Airport
In-house decor and catering services provided for events
Luxurious stay and ample parking space with valet
4-star rated luxury hotel

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5. Hotel Wed Lock, Sector 47, Gurugram

Welcome to Hotel Wed Lock, a hidden oasis in the heart of Gurugram’s Sector 47, where wedding dreams come true and enchanting moments unfold. From dainty banquet hall to meticulously planned wedding arrangements to exquisite culinary experiences, their expert staff takes care of every detail, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the joy and beauty of your celebration.

What sets Hotel Wed Lock Gurugram apart is its commitment to offering comfortable and convenient accommodations for you and your guests. The well-appointed rooms and suites are designed to provide a peaceful retreat, ensuring that you and your loved ones can relax and rejuvenate before and after the celebrations. With attention to detail and a focus on comfort, every aspect of the accommodation is thoughtfully curated to make your stay truly memorable.

Hotel Wed Lock, 201, Sector 47, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Party Areas & Capacity
Hall – Seating:200, Max Capacity:300

Key Features:
Located about 15 minutes away from MG Road Metro Station
Inhouse caterers and decorators fulfill event requirements
Serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
Lodging and parking facilities available

6. Hotel 91, Sector 45, Gurugram

Located in the bustling Sector 45 of Gurugram, Hotel 91 offers an exceptional combination of exquisite banquet facilities and comfortable lodging for unforgettable weddings. The hotel boasts an elegant banquet hall that serve as the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

Apart from seasoned culinary experts and decor professionals, the well-appointed rooms and suites are designed with contemporary aesthetics and modern amenities to ensure a pleasant and rejuvenating experience. The thoughtfully crafted spaces offer a retreat where you can unwind and prepare for your wedding festivities.

Hotel 91, Plot No, 1792P, Block A, Greenwood City, Sector 45, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Party Areas & Capacity
Banquet Hall – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250

Key Features:
Located 4.7 km away from Sector 42-43 Metro Station
In-house caterers and decorators for enhanced services
Serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
Parking area for your convenience

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7. Lemon Tree Hotel, Sector 60, Gurugram

When considering your next AC banquet hall in Gurugram, Lemon Tree Hotel Sector 60 Gurgaon is an excellent choice for several reasons. Firstly, the hotel offers contemporary and well-designed banquet halls that can be tailored to your event’s specific needs. The modern amenities and state-of-the-art technology ensure a seamless and successful event. Secondly, Lemon Tree Hotel’s attentive and professional staff provide exceptional service, taking care of every detail and ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests. Lastly, the hotel’s central location in Sector 60 makes it easily accessible and convenient for attendees.

Lemon Tree Hotel, Urban Complex, Ch.Nandaram Marg, Ullahwas Village, Sector 60, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

Party Areas & Capacity
Tangerine 1 – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Tangerine 2 – Seating:150, Max Capacity:250
Tangerine 3 – Seating:130, Max Capacity:200
Tangerine Grand – Seating:600, Max Capacity:900
Tangerine Grand 1 – Seating:210, Max Capacity:350
Tangerine Grand 2 – Seating:390, Max Capacity:600
Conference Room – Seating:160, Max Capacity:250
Meeting Room – Seating:12, Max Capacity:20

Key Features:
35 minutes away from Indira Gandhi International Airport
In-house decor and catering services provided
Massive parking space provided
4-star luxury hotel

Weddingz emerges as the fairy godparent for couples seeking the perfect AC wedding venue in Gurgaon for your big day. Our platform not only simplifies the wedding venue search but transforms it into a delightful journey. We understand the significance of your special day, and that’s why Weddingz goes the extra mile to match your dreams with reality. Plus, the magic doesn’t stop there – when you book through us, you unlock savings of up to 30% on your banquet booking. So, why settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a click away? Call Weddingz today!

7 Incredible Candle Decor Ideas for Your 2024 Wedding!

While some people incorporate candle lighting for brightening the decor, I believe they can create a decor that would make your guests go gaga over it! Yes, these light bubbles don’t just add an exuberant glow to your beauty but are the best possible way to shine those diamonds out loud. Giving the decor an ethereal beauty, these babies are capable of an out-of-the-world gorgeous decor. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling to get amazed-

1. Candle walls, for one are just not enough

Image Source: Divishth Kakkar Photography

Image Source: Gurleen M Puri

Image Source: Lightyear Studio

2. A royal affair with chandelier decor

Image Source: Lotus Designs

Image Source: Lin and Jirsa Photography

Image Source: Ranipink Love

3. Candle Light dinners for everyone!

Moroccan setting for a perfect wedding

Image Source: Ranipink Love

4. Alluring Floating candles for a lakeside wedding!

Image Source: Knots in Focus Photography

5. Stars on the ground with these hanging lights

Image Source: Knots and nets design

6. Lights will guide you home!

Image Source: Sam and Ekta

7. Other wedding decor brightened up by these bubbles of glow

Image Source: Rupesh Ratna Umaria

I hope I was able to light up your idea bulbs for your wedding decor!

Image Source Pinterest unless specified!

Udaipur Unveiled: A Guide to Planning Your Udaipur Destination Wedding 2024

Udaipur Destination Wedding

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

Buckle up for a tale that’s straight out of a fairy tale playbook – a story of Daddy’s Little Princess meeting her Prince Charming on a white horse, and the magical destination where this enchanting love story unfolds: Udaipur. Well, this Udaipur Destination Wedding story can be yours too!

Welcome to Udaipur, where palaces stand tall, lakes whisper romance, and every cobblestone street is like a page from your very own love story. In this conversation about planning the ultimate Udaipur destination wedding, we’re tossing out the rulebook and diving into a world where budgets are the dragons we slay, and destination wedding venues in Udaipur are the castles where you exchange your vows.

Picture a modern-day princess, who used to play dress-up in her mom’s shoes, is now ready to swap them for some killer wedding heels. And her Prince Charming? Well, he’s not riding in on just any horse; it’s a white one, because, let’s face it, fairy tales have a dress code. So, grab a virtual front-row seat, because we’re about to spill the beans on how to turn your Udaipur destination wedding into a royal affair that even Cinderella would be jealous of! Ready for the magic? Let’s ride into this adventure together! Forget glass slippers; we’re talking about finding the perfect jootis, and instead of tiaras, maybe a quirky crown or two.

Why Udaipur Destination Wedding?

The Oberoi Udaivilas Palace, Mallatalai, Udaipur

1. Majestic Vibes, No Magic Wand Required:
Udaipur Destination Wedding has got the whole fairy-tale aesthetic down pat. Think grand palaces, shimmering lakes, and views that make you question if you accidentally stumbled into a movie set. And the best part No magic wand is needed as Udaipur has the whole destination wedding facade ready for you!

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2. Royal Instagram Goals:
If your destination wedding isn’t on Instagram, did it even happen? Udaipur destination wedding is a visual feast waiting to be showcased. So don’t shy away and let your wedding pictures do the talking because #UdaipurWedding is your ticket to an envy-inducing social media feed – palaces, lakes, and love galore!

3. Culture is the Real Star:
Udaipur isn’t just a pretty face; it’s got character too. From traditional Rajasthani vibes to local folk music that makes you want to groove, your Udaipur destination wedding will be nothing short of a cultural festival people are waiting for. It’s like a party where everyone’s invited to join in the fun.

4. Destination Wedding Nirvana:
Udaipur is like a one-stop shop for all your destination wedding needs. Awesome wedding venues at best prices on Check. Local experts who know the drill? Check. Our Venue Experts can introduce you to some most in-demand vendors. It’s like wedding nirvana for anyone looking to tie the knot without tying themselves up in knots.

The Leela Palace, Chandpole, Udaipur

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5. Local Cuisine, AKA Foodie Paradise:
Alright, let’s get down to the good stuff – food! Udaipur is basically a foodie’s paradise, and your taste buds are about to do a happy dance. We’re not just talking about the usual wedding buffet; we’re talking about a flavor explosion that’ll make your guests question if they accidentally stumbled into a food festival.

6. Memorable Guest Experience:
Think about it – your guests strolling through historic sites like they’re on a royal tour. Exploring the nooks and crannies of this city like they’re on a treasure hunt. And oh, the local culture! It’s not just a wedding; it’s a crash course in all things Udaipur. Imagine your aunt trying out the local dance moves or your best man attempting to haggle at the markets – it’s the stuff vacation legends are made of!

Ready to turn your Udaipur dream wedding into a reality? Let’s break it down like we’re planning the ultimate bash of the century. Grab a chai or your beverage of choice, and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty with a side of sass!

1. Budget Bliss:
Alright, lovebirds, let’s talk money. Set that budget straight – it’s like the game plan for your wedding adventure. Know where the rupees are going, so you can splurge where it counts (like on the dessert table – priorities, people!).

2. Udaipur’s Wingman – A Local Planner:
Trust me on this one – Let Weddingz Venue Experts help you get yourself a seasoned wedding planner. They’re like your backstage pass to the Udaipur wedding extravaganza. They know the cool spots, the best vendors, and how to navigate the quirks of this magical city.

3. Venue Vibes – Finding Your Castle:
Udaipur is the land of epic venues – palaces, resorts, you name it. Pick a spot that vibes with your style. Are you a palace person or more of a lakeside lover? Your venue sets the stage for your love story, so choose wisely.

4. Timeline Tango:
Time to whip out the calendar. Destination weddings need a bit more TLC in the planning department. Secure those dates, book rooms for your squad, and plan activities like you’re orchestrating a wedding-themed music festival. The earlier, the better!

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Now, let’s sprinkle some personal flair on this shindig!

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

1. Cultural Fiesta:
Udaipur is bursting with cultural richness. Infuse local flavors into your wedding – think traditional attire, vibrant colors, and maybe a dash of local music. Your wedding should scream ‘you’ with a touch of Udaipur magic.

2. Decor Drama:
Work your magic with the decorator. It’s not just about pretty flowers (although they help). Personalize your venue – colors that make you swoon, quirky centerpieces, and maybe a hint of glitter because, why not?

3. Guest Experience Extravaganza:
Let’s not forget the VIPs – your guests! Udaipur isn’t just your wedding destination; it’s a vacation for your crew. Plan activities, recommend local hotspots, and turn your wedding into a memorable adventure for everyone.

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If you are not sure where to begin with your Udaipur Destination Wedding Planning, let lend you a helping hand. We can help you find the best destination wedding venues in Udaipur at “Guaranteed Best Prices”. Our Venue Experts can even introduce to the most reliable and seasoned vendors to take care of all your Udaipur destination wedding requirements. So, what do you say? Pick up your phone and give us a call today!