Top 10 Destination Wedding Venues for Your Dreamy Winter Wedding in India

Destination Wedding Venues for Winter Wedding

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Love is in the crisp winter air, and what better way to celebrate than with a dreamy destination wedding in India? Imagine exchanging vows amidst breathtaking landscapes, ancient palaces, and enchanting backdrops that will make your heart skip a beat. 

Whether you dream of a royal affair in palatial settings or an intimate ceremony in nature’s embrace, these top 10 destination wedding venues for a dreamy winter wedding have it all. While Jaipur will mesmerize you with its grandeur and regal charm, Shimla, with its colonial architecture and snowflakes, will set the stage for a picture-perfect winter wedding that’s every bit Instagram-worthy. Sure Goa, with its sun, sand, and wedding bands, offers a unique twist to your celebration, but a destination wedding in Tamil Nadu’s Mahabalipuram will set you apart from the crowd. There is no denying the charm of Jaisalmer’s golden sands, don’t forget to let Agra’s Taj Mahal witness your eternal love while romancing with the idea of a winter destination wedding that imbues the essence of Kerala’s tropical allure. 

So, get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime as we explore these top 10 destination wedding venues in India for a fairytale winter wedding. Get inspired, let your imagination run wild, and let your winter wedding be the stuff of legends in the land of diversity, culture, and love. 

1. Jodhpur: Royal Love in Winter’s Embrace

Get ready to immerse yourself in the royal grandeur of Jodhpur for your winter destination wedding! This vibrant city in Rajasthan, also known as the Blue City, offers a magical setting for your special day. Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of majestic forts like Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace, with their intricate architecture and breathtaking views. Indulge in sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine, dance to the beats of traditional music, and get lost in the vibrant markets filled with colorful textiles and handicrafts. Jodhpur blends regal charm, cultural richness, and a touch of whimsy, making your winter wedding an unforgettable royal affair. 

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2. Rishikesh: Winter bliss by the sacred Ganges

Get ready to tie the knot in the ultimate adventure playground of Rishikesh! Known as the Yoga Capital of the World, this vibrant city in the foothills of the Himalayas offers a unique twist to your winter destination wedding. Picture saying “I do” amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Ganges River, with the majestic mountains as your witnesses. Experience the thrill of white-water rafting, go on nature treks, and indulge in serene yoga sessions with your loved ones. Rishikesh blends spirituality, adventure, and romance into one unforgettable celebration. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey as you begin your happily ever after in the heart of nature’s playground. 

Check out Destination Wedding Venues in Rishikesh here

3. Jaipur – The Pink City’s Royal Charm

Step into a world of opulence and grandeur in the Pink City of Jaipur. With its magnificent forts and palaces like the City Palace, Samode Palace, and the luxurious Rambagh Palace, Jaipur sets the stage for a regal winter wedding. The rich Rajasthani culture, vibrant markets, and delectable cuisine add to the charm of this city. 

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4. Shimla – Where Romance Meets Snowflakes

A winter wedding in Shimla promises to be a magical affair. This hill station, known for its colonial architecture and snow-covered landscapes, offers a fairytale-like setting. The atmospheric churches, such as Christ Church and St. Mary’s Church, provide a romantic backdrop for your wedding ceremony. 

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5. Goa – Sun, Sand, and Wedding Bands

For those seeking a unique twist to their winter wedding, Goa is the perfect blend of sun, sand, and celebration. With its pristine beaches, picturesque resorts, and laid-back vibe, Goa offers a delightful setting for a destination wedding. Exchange vows against a mesmerizing sunset and dance the night away under the starry skies. 

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6. Jaisalmer – A Royal Desert Affair

Prepare to be transported to a bygone era as you tie the knot amidst the golden sands of Jaisalmer. This golden city in Rajasthan, known for its mesmerizing sand dunes and ethereal charm, sets the stage for a truly magical celebration. Picture tying the knot in a grand haveli, surrounded by the golden sands and intricate Rajasthani architecture. Embrace the thrill of camel safaris, witness mesmerizing folk performances, and indulge in delicious Rajasthani cuisine. Jaisalmer offers a whimsical blend of romance, heritage, and desert mystique, making your winter wedding a dream come true. Get ready to create memories that shimmer like gold in the heart of this enchanting desert paradise. 

Check out Destination Wedding Venues in Jaisalmer here

7. Agra – Love in the Shadow of the Taj

Agra, home to the iconic Taj Mahal, is a timeless destination for a winter wedding. The breathtaking beauty of the Taj Mahal creates a romantic setting that will leave you and your guests mesmerized. Along with this architectural wonder, Agra offers other magnificent venues like the Oberoi Amarvilas and ITC Mughal for an unforgettable celebration. 

Check out Destination Wedding Venues in Agra here

8. Kerala – A Tropical Affair

Escape to the exotic backwaters and lush greenery of Kerala for a unique winter wedding experience. With its serene beaches, luxurious houseboats, and Ayurvedic spas, Kerala provides a tranquil backdrop for your special day. Imagine exchanging vows amidst coconut groves, tea plantations, or on the sandy shores of Kovalam Beach. 

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9. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Tropical paradise, winter vows

Embrace the serenity of a winter wedding in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Picture-perfect beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and lush green landscapes create a paradise for your special day. Say “I do” with your toes in the warm sand and a gentle sea breeze kissing your cheeks. The islands offer a range of luxurious resorts and beachfront venues, such as Havelock Island and Neil Island, where you can exchange vows amidst nature’s beauty. Dive into a world of romance, tranquility, and breathtaking sunsets, making your winter wedding in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands an unforgettable tropical celebration. 

Check out Destination Wedding Venues in Kochi here

10. Tamil Nadu: Vibrant traditions, winter love

Experience the allure of a winter destination wedding in Tamil Nadu. This vibrant state in South India offers a blend of rich culture, architectural marvels, and stunning landscapes. From the magnificent temples of Madurai and Thanjavur to the pristine beaches of Mahabalipuram and Kovalam to the tranquil backwaters of Kanyakumari and the hill stations like Ooty and Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu provides a diverse range of wedding venues. Exchange your vows in the presence of ancient Dravidian architecture, amidst mist-covered mountains, or by the serene shores of Marina Beach. Celebrate your love in a land where tradition meets natural beauty, making your winter wedding in Tamil Nadu a truly magical affair. 

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Whether you’re dreaming of a royal palace wedding in Jaipur, a snowy fairytale in Shimla, or a desert adventure in Jaisalmer, or pristine beaches in Goa and Tamil Nadu, India has it all when it comes to winter destination weddings. From the majestic forts and palaces to the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, our list of top 10 destination wedding venues for a mesmerizing winter wedding offers an enchanting backdrop for your special day. So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and get ready for a wedding celebration that will be talked about for years to come.

Best Maang Tikka and Matha Patti Looks Of 2023 – Gorg Designs We’ve Seen on Brides!

From completely traditional, gold embellishments, to tassels and artsy florals – maang tikkas and matha pattis were a crucial part of the whole bridal shringar in 2023.

Maang tikka, matha patti, passa or head chain, it goes by many names, types and shapes and is a significant part of your bridal look as it gives definition to your face. Maangtikka’s – the crowning glory of any bridal jewellery set. No matter what the style, whether dainty or big, round and bold, bridal maangtikka designs never fail to leave us a wide-eye-wonder!

We at are all about inspiration, and we have said time and again that 2023 saw some really great weddings with brides opting for some really stunning looks. After our best  Wedding lehengas, bridal makeup, cocktail outfits, best mehendi outfits, and best bridal hairstyles articles of 2023, we are now doing a roundup of best maang tikkas we spotted on real brides in 2023.

Here’s the curated list of our top 20 trendy matha-patti designs for fashion-forward brides of 2023:

1. Sheeshphool Tikka or Maang Tikka with Sheeshphool

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Wedding season 2023 is seeing brides leaning towards sheeshphool with maangtikka and HOW, we are definitely rooting for this trend! Bringing a twist to otherwise traditional mang tikka designs, this is something modern brides would love to include in their bridal jewellery set.

2. The Chand tikka:

Most elaborate Chand Tikka with Sheeshphool Ever!

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Image Source – Shades Photography

This one’s a classic and has been a favorite over the years. This design was worn by a lot of brides in 2023 making it one of the most popular choices. The design mostly consists of pretty pearl and polki accents adding a lot of elegance to your bridal look.

3. Borla:

Image Source – Wedding Nama

A traditional adornment from the Marwari community, this stunning spherical maang tikka is usually crafted in meenakari with stones and diamonds. We believe a borla brings a touch of royalty to the Rajput bride.

4. Elaborate matha patti:  

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Both of these Sabyasachi Brides wore an elaborate uncut diamond matha patti and looked their most stunning selves. Their matha patti with intricate work was a sight for the sore eyes making it a favorite of 2023!

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

This one is a slight variation from the ones above, and we are totally digging this strand design!

5.  Passa:

The traditional ornament of the Muslim/Sikh bride, a jhoomar or passa is worn along with the maang tikka on the left side of the head, elevating their look to royalty.

Passa with maang tikka:

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Passa without maang tikka:

Image Source – The Wedding Story

6. Minimal Meenakari Maang Tikka:

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

This sure is the quirkiest maang tikka we spotted on a real bride in 2023. Just look at those tassels. *so stunning*

7. Kundan maang tika:

Image Source:

Kundan is an age-old tradition for bridal sringar. These gorgeous maang tikkas, crusted with uncut diamonds add the perfect touch of elegance to your wedding look!

8. Floral maang tikka:

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Floral maang tikkas have been trending for a long time now, with brides wearing real or artificial flowers in them. They are a perfect choice for your pre-wedding ceremonies like haldi & mehndi. We love this bride’s single floral tikka for her pre-wedding functions.

9. Minimalist maang tikka:

Image Source: Dipak Studios

If you are a minimalist bride, then you’re surely going to love this bride’s minimal maang tikka. With just a little touch of tradition, these petite maang tikkas work wonders for the bride who wants to keep it simple.

10.  Single strand maang tikka :

Image Source – The Wedding Story

This very trendy matha pattis with a single strand and a ajna chakra make for really pretty stunning maang tikkas!

11. Double Stranded maang tikka:

Image Source – Shutter Down

Slightly more luxe than the single-string one, this double-stranded maang tikka sits across the bride’s forehead making her look regal!

12. Multiple Strands:

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Image Source: Dipak Studios

We love how this multiple stranded maang tikka gracefully encircles the crown of the bride’s head making her look phenomenal. 

13. Stones & Diamond maang tikka :

If diamonds are this bride’s best friend, this uber-chic maang tikka brings diamonds and rubies or emeralds or sapphires together making the bride look gorgeous!

14. Mughal maang tikka:

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

This bride’s majestic Mughal-inspired maang tikka from the skilled hands of a gifted kaarigar featuring an intricate design studded with polki and beads is a stunner in itself.

15. Most elaborate maang tikka:

Image Source: Dipak Studios

This one sure marks its way to our honorable designs section, making it the most elaborate matha patti seen on a real bride in 2023.

16. Gold maang tikka:

Image Source: Kalyan Jewellers

Nothing but pure gold; this absolutely straight-up, pendant maang tikka is elegant and timeless!

We hope this curated list of the best maang tikkas spotted on real brides in 2023 helps you decide which one you wanna opt for your 2023 wedding. An elaborate maang tikka to an understated mathapatti, whichever you decide to pick, just makes sure it brings elegance to your look.

Dulhan Mehndi Design New 2023: Over 25 Fresh and Fabulous Trends for the Modern Bride

Mehndi Design New 2023

Mehndi Design New 2023 is out and about on the internet and I couldn’t help but curate the 25 best henna designs for you. Be it a simple mehndi design or an Arabic mehndi design, you will find all styles of the latest mehndi design images right here! Henna is adorned by women across ages, religions, and castes in India for special occasions and if you are one of those who loves getting your hands and feet stained with henna at every opportunity, then you are totally going to love these new mehndi designs of 2023.

Scroll on and check out Mehndi Design New 2023 latest images and pick something that’s in sync with your taste for any occasion from weddings, engagements, anniversary parties, baby showers, and so on! Pro tip: Make a mehndi inspiration board on Pinterest and save every mehndi design image you like to refer to whenever you feel like getting a mehndi done. 

1. New Mehndi Design 2023 front hand that’s more like a testament of your true love

Image Source: Aastha Mehndi

If you are on the lookout for a new Mehndi design 2023 that has all your favorite romantic elements to it – love quotes, flowers, butterflies, portraits, and your vows too, then this Mehndi design image is the one you should definitely save to your phone!

2. New Mehndi Design 2023 front hand with peacock motifs

Image Source: anil_bridalmehendiartist

A big fan of peacock motif mehndi design on your big day? Take cues from this simple front-hand mehndi design with basic jhumkas and peacock motifs that look stunning too!

3. New Mehndi Design 2023 Backhand with intricate jaal designs

Image Source: Henna for all

Want a stand-out motif on your mehndi design? Save this backhand mehndi design image and use this intricate design as an inspiration for your henna.

4. New mehndi design with beautiful bride and groom portrait

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Getting run-of-the-mill bridal portraits is passe! Get a bride and groom portrait on your 2023 Mehndi design that looks close enough to the two of you with baraat elements included in the end. 

5. Simple mehndi design with Warli-inspired art

Image Source: Aastha Mehandi Artist

If you have a bit of an artist in you and don’t mind experimenting with new mehndi designs, then this beautiful bridal portrait henna with Warli-inspired art form is a stunning choice.

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6. Mehndi design image with a dainty floral trail on the backhand

Image Source: Henna for all

Want a minimal and simple mehndi design to rock at your 2023 wedding? Save this Mehndi design image ASAP!

7. Easy and simple mehndi design for 2023 bridesmaids

Hola, bridesmaids! This Mehndi design image right here is something your entire squad can get to look like a match made in heaven! This simple henna design is perfect especially if you are planning to wear modern bridesmaids dresses!

8. Latest mehndi design with floral pattern and shading

Image Source: Henna by Divya

If you thought shading was only limited to painting, then you gotta have a look at this Mehndi design image! The beautiful curves, flowers, and motifs along with subtle shading take this mehndi design a notch higher. 

9. Simple new mehndi design perfect for the engagement

Image Source: Catch Motion Photo Cinema

This simple Arabic style mehndi design is a great choice to wear for your engagement; especially if you don’t want to overdo it with a hand full of henna for an intimate function! 

10. Dulhan Mehndi design 2023: Lotus and paisley galore!

Image Source: Henna by Divya

This beautiful personalized dulhan mehndi design with lotus motifs, paisleys, and personal quirks is straight out of a book of nature paintings. If you want an artistic Mehndi design on your big day, go ahead and get something like this!

11. Intricate Bridal New Mehndi Design 2023 Full hand

Image Source: Henna by Niyaf

Intricate Bridal Mehndi designs never really go out of style! If you are a bride who likes to keep it traditional, then this Mehndi design image is a great reference to show your Mehndi artist.

12. Mehndi design image with floral motifs

Image Source: Henna Inspira

Looking for some latest Mehndi designs for an upcoming engagement? This beautiful Indian mehndi design with floral motifs at the center of the palm is a fantastic option.

13. Latest Arabic mehndi design for 2023 brides

Image Source: Henna by Amelia

Arabic mehndi designs have been popular because of their simple motifs and eye-catching bold patterns. Get a simple mehndi design like this for your big day, if you’re not too keen on having hands painted red with henna.

14. New mehndi design that’s the perfect example of traditional patterns

Image Source: Henna By Pallavi

Traditional Indian mehndi designs comprise mainly flowers, paisleys, and net patterns. This latest mehndi design uses all these motifs to create a traditional pattern that’s perfect to wear as a bridal mehndi.

15. Gorgeous new mehndi design for the lotus and elephant pattern lover

Image Source: Henna Inspira

Image Source: Henna for All

Do you love lotus motifs in Mehndi designs too? Well, this mehndi is for the floral lover who just can’t get enough of lotus and elephant motifs all over their hands.

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16. Arabic mehndi design with cascading floral trail

Here’s another latest Arabic Mehndi design that’s every bit modern. It’s a great cascading trail of flowers to get on your backhand for Eid or Karwa Chauth.

17. Latest feet mehndi design for 2023 bride

Your search for the perfect bridal feet mehndi design ends right here! This beautiful mehndi is everything that Indian bridal henna stands for intricate, gorgeous, and well-drawn!

18. Easy mehndi design to wear for small occasions

Image Source: Henna by Niyaf

Want some latest mehndi designs on your hand for a small pooja at home? This Mehndi design image can be your go-to! Save it NOW!

19. Latest mehndi design with classic mandala motifs

Image Source: henna by Maziah

The mandala mehndi motif is here to stay; and for all the right reasons! It is a classic Indian motif, but can also be modernized as per your liking. This mehndi design right here can be a perfect engagement mehndi!

20. Haanthphool style new mehndi design for backhand

Image Source: Henna by Ameena

Got something modern on your mind for the big day? This latest Mehndi design of 2023 that looks like a lace glove is just a smashing choice!

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21. Simple henna design for front and backhand

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

This latest mehndi design image is a perfect pick to wear save and use for any small and special occasion at home. Take your pick and wear it for anything from Karwa Chauth to Eid.

22.  New Arabic mehndi design for hands

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

Arabic mehndi designs have changed over time. Traditionally showcasing floral motifs, they have now started to incorporate beads, leaves, and a lot of other designs too!

23. Feet mehndi design image with traditional henna motifs

Image Source: Heena by Pallavi

Mehndi applied to the feet is a sign of a newlywed bride. If you are looking for a simple yet striking Mehndi design image to wear for your big day, then this one right here is a great option to have in your mehndi image bank.

24. Super simple mehndi design for those who love minimalistic designs

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

If you have a soft corner for simple mehndi designs, then this beautiful floral trail with leaves is minimalistic enough to wear for your bestie’s wedding or engagement. 

25. Arabic mehndi design vines

Image Source: Henna by Pallavi

Got a penchant for intricate Arabic-style mehndi. This latest Mehndi design of 2023 is here to save the day! Pin it to your henna board on Pinterest for future reference.

Now that you have seen the Mehndi Designs New 2023, I hope you have liked some and saved them to share with your girls and wear on some special occasion. In conclusion, dear 2023 brides, it’s time to let your Mehndi do the talking and set the stage for a wedding extravaganza like no other! Embrace the cool, quirky, and captivating Mehndi designs we’ve shared, and let your personality shine through every swirl and curve. Whether you’re a trendsetter, a pop culture enthusiast, or a lover of all things whimsical, these Mehndi designs will ensure your big day is nothing short of magical. So go forth, have fun, and rock those henna-adorned hands and feet with pride!

Wedding Kurta for Men: 25+ Trending Styles for the Perfect Wedding Look

wedding kurta for men

When wedding season is at its peak in India, the chances are either it’s your wedding or you are invited to one. Whichever is the case, Wedding Kurta for men is a non-negotiable staple for every ethnic wear wardrobe. Not only do these versatile wedding kurtas for men make for a perfect wedding outfit for day ceremonies and summer weddings, but they also double up as men’s ethnic wear for festive celebrations at home or at the office.

We know that when it comes to weddings, women often steal the spotlight with their stunning bridal lehengas and intricate designs. So, here we are with some fresh-of-the-mill wedding kurta designs 2023 that we spotted in real weddings and Instagram pages of renowned Indian Groomswear Designers that will surely help you up your wedding wear game.

Whether you are looking to color-coordinate your wedding kurta for the haldi or sangeet ceremony to your bride’s dress to the T or want to add some drama to your otherwise plain and simple wedding attire for the day, we have got a selection of wedding kurta designs to get your creative juices flowing. And that’s not all, we even have a few secret tips on how to style your wedding kurta right with perfect accessories. Get ready to turn heads and steal the show with the ultimate fashion statement: wedding kurtas for men!

1. Cricketer KL Rahul looked dapper in an Ivory Chikankari Kurta for his haldi ceremony, and we are loving his minimalistic and sophisticated choice for the ceremony. What else do you need to rock the day in style?

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

2. Talking about couple goals, Alanna Panday’s beau Ivor color-coordinated his wedding outfit for the mehendi ceremony. Looking dashing in a mint green kurta, paired with an embroidered Nehru jacket and cigarette pants, grooms, take a leaf out of this handsome hunk’s wedding lookbook!

Image Source: @alannapanday

3. Grooms, don’t shy away from experimenting because it’s your big day too! If you want something more comfortable and stylish that won’t stop you from shaking a leg on your favorite Bollywood songs, Sidharth Malhotra has a ton of inspiration for you. His mustard pathani kurta set paired with a colorful stole is all we can talk about right now!

Image Source: @kiaraadvani

4. Well, gold and Indian weddings are synonymous, so why not choose a light gold chikankari georgette kurta embellished with fine pearls and gold silk threads, and paired with pajama and stole.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

5. If you have planned out a more simple but equally stunning wedding kurta for men on your wedding day, choosing luxe fabrics will do the trick. And when you style it with a stole and leather mojaris, you look ready to say your vows to your beau!

Image Source: Israni Photography

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6. We are swooning over this olive green silk kurta paired with a white churidar and an embroidered Nehru jacket in shades of orange and red. We didn’t even know this color existed in the menswear universe.

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

7. How about this shade of green for your hot and happening mehendi ceremony?

Image Source: Vintage Films Photography

8. For a more sophisticated and luxe groom’s look for your ceremony of the day, you can opt this stunner bundi set from the house of Designer Tarun Tahiliani.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

9. Indo-western fusion sets, anyone? Then you will love how this groom styled his short kurta with an exquisitely embroidered Bandhgala

Image Source: The Blemished Tales

10. If you are not one to shy away from sparkle and shine, go ahead and slay your day in this gold shimmery wedding kurta for men with oversized floral motifs scattered all over.

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

11. Fancy some mirrorwork in a wedding kurta for men? You will get plenty of styles to explore in designer Abhinav Mishra’s wedding wear collection.

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

12. Whether you are the groom or brother of the bride, this pastel purple wedding kurta for men with mirrorwork will keep compliments coming your way!

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

13. Choose your color and style from mirrorwork wedding kurtas for men because they lend you all the superpower to shine on your wedding day!

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

14. We love this draped wedding kurta for the brother of the bride and wedding guests who want to keep it simple yet stylish.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

15. A quirky and vibrant Nehru jacket is a sure-shot way to uplift the whole mood of your wedding kurta. Feeling inspired, already?

Image Source: Dipak Studios

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16. Bringing you another inspiration if you still need convincing as to why Nehru jackets are the best thing to have in your wedding closet

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

17. When in doubt, go for a white wedding kurta for men, pair it with a luxe Nehru jacket, and put on a pair of premium leather mojaris and you will surely look like her man of dreams.

Image Source: Diwan Saheb

18. Take your style quotient up a notch by draping your stole over the shoulders and tucking in it front with a leather belt of your choice. Thank us later when your friends ask you for more styling tips on how to look cool.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

19. Is your groom squad also planning to wear kurta pajama and Nehru jacket? Style your wedding kurta for men with an open-front bandhgala for a change and steal all the spotlight once again.

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

20. Wedding kurta for men and dhoti pants? What else can be the most traditional yet coolest and most comfortable wedding outfit combination at the same time?

Image Source: Dipak Studios

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21. This dual-tone metallic shimmer wedding kurta is styled with a stole and white cigarette pants, looks like a million bucks!

Image Source: Badal Raja Company

22. An organza-detailed long coat with a Kali kurta and stylized pants – An absolutely sublime wedding look that will put you in the leagues with the most stylish grooms of the year!

Image Source: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

23. When Nehru jackets look too done-to-death for your wedding day, how about giving a contemporary twist to your wedding kurta like this groom did here?

Image Source: Diwan Saheb

24. Still, there is no match for this timeless wedding look styled with a luxe pret from Diwan Saheb’s wedding wear collection.

Image Source: Diwan Saheb

25. People say “Old is gold”, and this classic wedding kurta for men in gold tones is evergreen as ever.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

26. Choose this colorful wedding kurta for men paired with a Patiala salwar for your sangeet ceremony and dance your way to the aisle looking your coolest ever!

Image Source: The Video Wala

With this colorful addition to a sangeet ceremony, our list of trending wedding kurta designs for men comes to an end. While compiling this list, we realized that the world of wedding kurtas for modern men is a treasure trove of style, tradition, and personal expression that goes beyond the definitions of classic and modern. From timeless chikankari designs to contemporary twists with Nehru jackets, we have explored over 25 stunning options that cater to every taste and occasion. Whether you’re the groom, a groomsman, or a wedding guest, the wedding kurta offers endless possibilities to elevate your style game and make a lasting impression.

10+ Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride That Bridesmaids and Guests Will Thank Us Later For!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride

Running helter-skelter doing your bridesmaid duties due to which you and your squad forgot to get a gift for the lovely bride-to-be? And now you’re all confused cause everything is coming crashing down? Relax! Stress is the number one cause of breakouts. My team and I came up with 12 wedding gift ideas for the bride that you and your squad can give your bestie bride-to-be, even wedding guests can take notes from our blog! Apply a soothing face pack and I promise the list of wedding gift ideas will be over by the time your face pack dries up! 

From personalized memory treasures that tug at the heartstrings to travel experiences that whisk her away on an adventure, our wedding gift ideas are designed to make her feel like the most special person in the world. Our handpicked wedding gift ideas for brides will ensure that the bride feels loved, cherished, and utterly spoiled on her big day. So, grab your glitter pens and put on your thinking caps because we’re about to unveil a collection of gift ideas that will make the bride’s happiness meter go off the charts! 

1. Wine 

The age-old anecdote of good times and a bottle of fine wine will reflect on your friendship and inseparable bond! 

2. Silver Jewellery 

The bride will be receiving lots of gold and diamond jewellery so why not gift her some chic statement silver jewellery? The best thing is she can wear these to her office, festive occasions, and even casual outings too. 

3. Wedding China 

One for daily use, one for special occasions, one for festivals, one for relatives, one for guests, one for VIP guests, and so on. If you go by our Mom’s mantra, it’s safe to say you can never have too many dinner sets, can you? China or crockery might seem like a common wedding gift idea for a bride, but we suggest you select something colorful and quirky instead of plain white and gold. And you already stand out from the crowd. 

4. Perfume 

Well, this one is a no-brainer! You guys know about your bride’s preferences better than her groom does. If she is a perfume hoarder like I am, I guarantee you she will appreciate this gesture. 

5. Couple Watches 

You can’t possibly ignore jiju now, can you? Get them couples watches so that they can flaunt their exclusiveness happily! 

6. Once in a Lifetime Experience 

This may be a tad heavy on your pockets but have you ever thought of gifting the couple an experience? Something like a helicopter ride or an evening on a yacht. 

You can’t gift them the experience they need on their resume, but you can definitely gift them this! 

Image source: Ami Video 

7.  Bath and Body Hampers 

Image Source: The Body Shop

A basket full of bath and body goodies. Enough said! 

8. High-End Luxury Handbags 

She may have millions of handbags safely stowed away in her closet but she’ll still squeal when she sees the high-end South Bombay fashionista handbag that you’ve got for her! 

9. Trip Down The Memory Lane 

Your gang has been around forever, creating hundreds of memories on the way. Recreating a few memories or simply reminding her of a few will bring tears of joy to her eyes! 

10. Spa or Wellness Packages 

Treat the bride to a relaxing spa experience or a wellness package to help her unwind and destress after the wedding festivities. A rejuvenating massage, facial, or a day at a luxury spa can be a thoughtful and indulgent gift. 

11. Gift Cards 

Never underestimate the power of a gift card! If you’re sure about the bride’s preferences or want to give her the flexibility to choose, gift cards for popular stores, online shopping platforms, or even experiences like dining or movie vouchers can be a safe yet appreciated option. 

We hope with our list of wedding gift ideas for the bride, your gifting blues are all gone! From sentimental keepsakes to whimsical surprises, your wedding gift sure has the power to turn an already magical wedding into an unforgettable experience for the bride. Now go and wash that face pack and order her something that she will absolutely fall in love with. If your purse strings are a bit tight, do not forget to read our blog on wedding gifts under 5000 to shoo away all your budget jitters too. 

Party Mode On: Expert Tips & Tricks on How to Plan a Jaw-Dropping Surprise Birthday Party

How to plan a surprise birthday party

Surrrpppriiise! Don’t you love that look of sheer astonishment on your loved one’s face as they walk into a room filled with their nearest and dearest wishing you a “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs and a birthday cake with candles lit up, making you jump with joy? So whether you are planning a surprise birthday bash for your spouse or your bestie, or your parents, let us tell you this adventurous feat requires equal parts secrecy, a bit of tiptoeing around the birthday person, and step-by-step planning if you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

So here we are with our latest blog on how to plan a surprise birthday party in a foolproof manner, so let’s put on our party planner hats as we guide you through every step of the way to help you pull off a surprise birthday party without any hiccups. From brainstorming ingenious themes to crafting the perfect guest list, and from designing sneaky invitations to arranging awe-inspiring decorations – we’ve got you covered.

But that’s not all! We’ll also spill the beans on how to keep your surprise birthday party hush-hush with a tight lid on, share birthday party game ideas that guarantee 100 percent entertainment, and last but not least, a lip-smacking menu that agrees with everyone’s palate. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and let the planning begin!

1. Selecting the Perfect Venue

Choosing the right venue sets the stage for a memorable surprise. From their favorite restaurant to a rented party space or even a friend’s house, consider the guest of honor’s preferences and find a location that fits the party theme and ambiance. You can find a myriad collection of birthday party halls and birthday party venues near you that include banquets, outdoor venues, popular party halls in the locality and more on, so explore away!

2. Sneaky Guest List Management

Now comes the challenging part: keeping the surprise under wraps while organizing the guest list. Reach out to close friends, family members, and loved ones discreetly to ensure that everyone can attend and keep the secret safe. Remember to emphasize the importance of secrecy!

3. Theme it Up

Adding a theme to the party will make it more exciting and engaging. Whether it’s a retro ’80s bash, a tropical luau, or a masquerade extravaganza, select a theme that aligns with the birthday person’s interests and personality. Encourage guests to dress up and participate in the fun!

4. Crafty Invitations

Get your creative juices flowing and design unique and personalized invitations. Consider using clues or riddles to keep the surprise element intact while providing hints about the event. Opt for digital invitations or handwritten cards, depending on the guest of honor’s preference.

5. Décor and Ambiance

Image source: Enso Creative Team

Transform the party venue into a captivating wonderland that reflects the chosen theme. Decorate with balloons, streamers, banners, and themed props. Set the mood with carefully selected lighting, music, and even a special playlist featuring the birthday person’s favorite tunes.

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6. Coordinating the Surprise Entrance

Timing is everything! Plan the surprise entrance meticulously, making sure the birthday person arrives at the party when all the guests are ready to jump out and yell, “Surprise!” Practice and assign roles to ensure a flawless surprise moment that will leave them stunned.

7. Capturing the Memories

Don’t forget to assign someone to capture the precious moments! Hire a photographer or assign a trusted friend to be in charge of taking pictures and videos throughout the party. These memories will be cherished for years to come, and the birthday person will love reliving the surprise over and over again.

8. Food, Drinks, and Cake Galore

No party is complete without scrumptious food and drinks. Coordinate a menu that suits the birthday person’s taste buds, ensuring there are options for all dietary preferences. Don’t forget to order a show-stopping birthday cake that aligns with the party theme.

9. Fun-filled Activities and Surprises

Keep the party vibe alive with exciting activities and surprises. Plan games, trivia, karaoke, or even hire a professional entertainer to keep guests entertained and the laughter flowing. Make the birthday person feel extra special with heartfelt speeches and surprises throughout the event.

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10. The Big Reveal

As the party winds down, it’s time to reveal the behind-the-scenes efforts that went into planning the surprise. Share stories, show the planning process, and express your love and appreciation for the birthday person. Let them know how much they mean to you and how their happiness was the driving force behind this incredible celebration.

To be honest, planning a surprise birthday party is no small feat when you are neck-deep juggling between work and home, but that’s even more reason to celebrate. With a step-by-step birthday party planning approach and a whole lot of enthusiasm, you can pull off an unforgettable event. Just follow our guide to the T, mold it to fit your event requirements, and watch as the big birthday surprise unfolds, leaving your loved one with memories to cherish forever! If you need help finding the perfect birthday party hall or other birthday party venues for your surprise party, connect with today!

Summer Wedding Dress for Men: 30+ Cool & Classy Wedding Outfit Ideas for Dapper Grooms

summer wedding dress for men

Get ready to turn up the heat this summer with the hottest trends in wedding fashion for Indian men! As the mercury soars high, it’s time to ditch those heavy layers and embrace the breezy, vibrant vibes of the season. And what better way to do it than with the perfect summer wedding dress for men that screams style and swag?

Gone are the days when summer wedding outfits for men were confined to boring suits and traditional sherwanis. This summer, it’s all about breaking the mold and making a statement. Think lightweight fabrics that let your skin breathe, vivid hues that match the vibrancy of the season, and designs that showcase your unique personality. Whether you’re going for a beachside ceremony, a garden affair, or a lavish indoor celebration, we’ve got you covered with the dapper and refreshing summer wedding attire options.

From breezy kurta-pajama sets to suave bandhgalas to effortlessly stylish Nehru jackets, from pastel hues that exude sophistication to bold prints that reflect your playful side – we’ve scoured the fashion cosmos to bring you the crème de la crème of summer wedding attire. So gentlemen, get ready to make waves this wedding season with fashion-forward choices that redefine the summer wedding game. Let the sun-kissed celebrations begin with these summer wedding dresses for men’s inspiration!

1. A mesmerizing jade chikankari sherwani adorned with intricate gold zardozi embroidery in an enchanting ogee pattern.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

This regal sherwani is expertly paired with a pleated silk jacquard kurta and churidar, creating a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

2. Designer Tarun Tahiliani captivated our hearts with this resplendent salmon chikankari sherwani with gold silk threads, beautifully paired with a pleated silk jacquard kurta, churidar, draped Kamar bandh, and stole.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

3. Chikankari and refined detailing on comfortable and breathable fabrics like the one below make for a perfect wedding dress for men in summer!

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

4. A classic ivory bandhgala set with balloon pyjama coming from Rohit Bal is a dream summer wedding dress for Men. Fabric is so comfortable that it feels like your second skin!

Image Source: Rohit Bal

5. Summer Weddings are all about ivory-white outfits that look ethereal when the sun shines brighter and the temperature soars, and this Designer Menswear Wedding Collection by Manish Malhotra just affirms that!

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

6. Take a leaf out of Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani’s Wedding Lookbook if you are looking to don something unique on your summer wedding!

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

7. Beat the heat with color-coordinated peach Ethnic Dhoti-Kurta Set for Men for your mehendi ceremony!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

8. If you are the groom who likes to keep things simple and elegant even for the mehendi ceremony, pair your Kurta Pyjama Set for the Wedding with a vibrant-hued Nehru Jacket and you are all set!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

9. Pink Sherwani Set for Men, anyone?

Image Source: Manyavar

10. Sheer Summer Occasion-wear from the house of Tarun Tahiliani will take your summer wedding fashion up a notch! When in doubt, pick a beige sherwani set as your wedding dress for men in summer!

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

11. if you are choosing to wear a wedding kurta for men on your big day, throw in a pastel hue with mirror work like in this creation by Abhinav Mishra and you won’t even need any accessories. Don’t forget your sunglasses though!

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

12. “Lucknow da Kurta, Pathani Salwar, tab lage mard, varna lage bekar.” Now we know what Anjali was talking about in the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum movie. Grooms, take notes From Sidharth Malhotra if pathani salwar suit set as the summer wedding dress for men is on your mind!

Image Source: @kiaraadvani

13. A mint green shervani set is the perfect summer wedding dress for men that will make you look cool as a cucumber on a hot summer day!

Image Source: Manyavar

14. If your interpretation of a Designer Summer Wedding Dress for men is luxe pret that is easy, comfortable, and cool, this Sherwani-Dhoti pant set by Tarun Tahiliani will surely catch your eyeballs.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

15. If you fancy yourself a more traditional beige sherwani set as your wedding dress for men in summer that features chikankari and floral motifs and a stole to uplift its charm, this Manish Malhotra creation is tailored to suit your style and preferences.

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

16. Style your traditional Dhoti-Kurta set with a nehru jacket and enhance the entire groom style hundred folds. Who wouldn’t love this makeover of your easy-breezy summer wedding dress for men?

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

17. This Bundi Set is one of the top choices when it comes to summer wedding outfits for men in India. And why not – sauve, sophisticated, and every bit dapper, this one is every grooms dream!

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

18. Ivory color has taken the Wedding universe by storm, so why should you stay behind when choosing timeless designs for your summer wedding outfit?

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

19. If Hot, Happening, and Handsome is the wedding look you are going for, this fashion-forward Bandhgala-dhoti set for modern grooms will lend you all the Swag!

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

20. Want something unexpected and offbeat to raise the bar of your summer wedding fashion? How about this floral print white suit set that’s perfect for a day wedding or mehendi ceremony.

Image Source: Dipak Studios

21. Sidharth Malhotra looking dapper in Indo-Western fusion set featuring ivory-gold in a sublime summer wedding fashion. Why suddenly it’s feeling so hot, eh?

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

22. Fancy something down-to-earth and simple just like yourself? This wedding sherwani set for men by Manyavar is the perfect choice for you.

Image Source: Manyavar

23. Ice blue chikankari bundi in georgette showcasing delicate hand embroidery when paired right with a kurta and stole will have everyone asking you for your designer’s details.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

24. Which one is your favorite summer wedding dress for men – gold short kurta with pintuck details and embroidered collar and placket, mashru silk sherwani with embroidered sleeves and cigarette pants, or mashru silk sherwani stylesd with stole and belt?

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

25. This exquisite Sherwani Set for Grooms features intricate embroidery all over, giving it a sophisticated and regal charm. No reason to not add this gem to your summer wedding wardrobe.

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

26. Heat Up the Aisle with this Hottest Summer Wedding Looks for Indian Grooms. An all-white bundi set with embroidered jacket and asymmetrical kurta will lend you the showstopper look you are eyeing!

Image Source: KORA by Nilesh Mitesh

27. Achkans are Sherwanis with trendy asymmetrical hems, diagonal draping style and one-of-a-kind profile. Who doesn’t know the old style, Dhoti Kurta? One of the perfect and trendiest outfit ideas for the groomsmen.

Image Source: Manyavar

28. Embrace the extraordinary by opting for vibrant hues and captivating patterns that will undoubtedly make you the center of attention.

Image Source: Grooms of Sabyasachi

29. This open-front bandhgala is a must-have for every summer wedding trunk for men. Breathable and trendy, these men’s ethnic wear are sure to sell like hotcakes.

Image Source: Kshitij Choudhary

30. Lending a contemporary twist to otherwise traditional bandhgalas, the open-front ones are sure to get you a lot more compliments for your unique dressing style!

Image Source: Gargee Designers

31. This evergreen ethnic piece makes for a perfect addition to your wedding guest dress closet. If you are the brother of the bride or groom, you will find it very comfortable to wear while running all the errands!

Image Source: Gargee Designers

32. A floral print bundi set is sure to make you bandi happy if you color coordinate with her outfit just right!

So to all the handsome gentlemen out there, we hope you have selected your styles for summer wedding outfits for men. What’s your favorite pick? Also, while on this topic, why not surprise everyone with these latest wedding guest outfits for men ideas! If you need help finding your dream wedding venue, catering, or decoration, or need inspiration for wedding planning, browse away where we guarantee you a great event minus the hassles!   

Wedding Gifts Under 5000: Check Out 10+ Amazing Finds That Won’t Break the Bank

wedding gifts under 5000

Hours of fake smiling at guests, saying ‘Namaste auntyji’ and ‘Namaste uncleji’ in loop, touching almost everyone’s feet (some who even end up being only a few years older), enduring back pain while sitting for hours at the mandap, taste buds numb thanks to the overdose of mithais…phew! After all this hard work a couple deserves something nice- by which I mean a wedding gift, and a USEFUL one!

Bed sheets. Photo frames. Mixers and grinders. Fancy crockery sets. Nah! Don’t even think about it. Stop right there, right now! The newlyweds definitely deserve a bit more than the cliche household items their houses are stuffed with on their D-day. You wouldn’t want these wedding gifts under 5000 to be passed on by the newlyweds at someone else’s wedding, during Diwali, or as an anniversary present to friends and family, do you?

So, if you want your wedding gift to stand out and the couple to truly enjoy and make use of what you have given them, here are some of the amazing finds for wedding gifts under 5000:

1. Date night vouchers

Who doesn’t love date nights? Get the newlyweds a cute wallet or pouch and fill it with gift cards or gift vouchers from local restaurants and stores for the couple to explore. Believe me, nothing will make them more excited than free gift vouchers!

2. Post-honeymoon Welcome Home hamper

Make a cute ‘Welcome Home’ gift hamper with all of the couple’s favorites. The best way to present this would be to surprise them with this once they return from their honeymoon.

3. A ‘breakfast-in-bed tray

We often underestimate the use of a ‘breakfast in bed’ tray! Whether you want to use it to pamper someone or as a random expression of love, nothing says it better than getting your loved ones food on a breakfast-in-bed tray.

4. Gemstone coasters

A set of splendid sliced gemstone coasters are pretty and useful for all kinds of couples. 

5. A subscription box full of their favorite goodies

Don’t you wish to give a gift that keeps on giving? Yes? A subscription box of the couple’s favorite items will surely make for a wonderful yet premium wedding gift.

6. Marbleized vases

Marbleized vases make for an inexpensive yet beautiful gift for a newly married couple. Buy one or more of these stunning urns that have proven to be the perfect centerpieces one needs.

7. Chic glassware

A mismatched set of chic and cocktail glassware can be the perfect gift for the newlywed couple to flaunt their bar counter.

8. A custom piece of art

A customized piece of art that the couple can use to decorate their house is a priceless gift to consider. An illustration of the couple is sure to win you brownie points!

9. De De Cash De

Yes, yes! Badhaais and aashirwaads are very important, but cash is too 🙂 After all, badhaais cannot help pay your EMIs or for your honeymoon, right? Gift the newlyweds cash so that they can decide what they want to use with it.

10. ‘Happy’moon

Going on a honeymoon sure is very exciting! However, paying for travel, accommodation, sightseeing, and shopping can cost the couple a fortune. Now, we don’t mean you should gift them an entire honeymoon…(unless you are very generous). But, you could spend for their accommodation/travel/book a dinner date/adventure for the couple, making their honeymoon slightly more reasonable for them.

11. It’s Spa Time!

Planning a wedding and attending your wedding thereafter is quite a strenuous task. A couple deserves a break from all the hullabaloo- a day to unwind, prop up their feet, relax, and destress. A couples spa voucher is a good idea!

So that’s a wrap on our wedding gifts under 5000, and we hope we gave you enough inspiration to find the perfect, non-cliched wedding gift for the newlyweds!

30+ Ethereal Jaimalas or Wedding Garland Designs We Spotted in Real Weddings

wedding garland designs

Coordinating a Jaimala or wedding garland with your wedding outfits/decor is almost as important as coordinating your jewellery with your lehenga. Snaps are gonna get taken and you just can’t be forever stuck in a frame wearing a huge garland made of simply anything!

The only fun ceremony before the hours-long vidhis start is the jaimala. The usual nok-jhok, lifting up the couple are just parts of the game. We love ourselves some wedding garland designs, and we love it when the jaimalas truly stand apart! We spotted some cool and trending Jaimalas for this wedding season, obviously by peeking around. Check out some of our favorite wedding garland designs to take some inspiration for your upcoming wedding!

1. Roses Jaimala that complements not only your wedding outfits but your wedding decor too

Image Source: Amrit Photography

2. Pastel Rose Wedding Garland design that completes your pastel wedding dreams

Image Source: Delhi Velvet

3. A Pastel Roses Jaimala that seals the deal by being in perfect harmony with your mood of the day!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

4. A Pink Varmala to match the theme of your big day. Put in a few baby breaths in between and it looks even more surreal.

Image Source: Black Carbon Studio

5. White Roses strewn with Baby breaths Jaimala is just what you need to complete your royal couple look!

Image Source: Color Blind Production

6. Pink Rose Petals Wedding Garland Design that will have you blushing on your wedding day

Image Source:@cupcakeproductions13

7. White Rose bundles alternating with Baby Breaths Jaimala will have feeling like a King and Queen on your wedding day, especially when it goes so well with your outfit.

Image Source:

8. Pastel Rose and baby breath wedding garland to go matchy-matchy with your wedding outfits

Image Source:

9. Say yes to Alternating Roses and baby breaths Jaimala

Image Source: I Alam Photography

10. Tying the knot with an Alternating Red Rose and Baby breath Wedding Garland design that brings out the color palette and intricate embroidery of your wedding outfit.

Image Source: Dipak Studios

11. Alternating white rose and baby breath strings that complement the wedding decor to the T

Image Source: Dipak Studios

12. No matter the color of your wedding lehenga and sherwani, Alternating white rose and baby breath strings Jaimala looks regal as always

Image Source: Dipak Studios

13. Add a pop of pastel hues to your wedding look with these delicate Pastel Roses strewn with Baby Breaths Jaimala

Image Source: Dipak Studios

14. Choosing a Pastel Rose and baby breath Jaimala to add more drama to your entire wedding look

Image Source: Dipak Studios

15. A varied assortment of Pastel roses and baby breath Jaimala that adds a touch of elegance without overpowering your bridal look

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

16. This selection of Rose and Baby’s Breaths strewn with pearls is the very definition of elegance

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

17. Roses, Mogras, and Pearls – do we need to say more about how stunning this Jaimala looks?

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

18. Sidharth Malhotra & Kiara Advani chose Mogras strung together with pearls to complete their royal look for their Jaisalmer Wedding

Image Source: House on the Clouds

19. Mogras Jaimala gained popularity because of its beautiful fragrance and wearing a garland made of it definitely gives you a soothing effect throughout the day.

Image Source: The Wedding Files

20. KL Rahul & Athiya Shetty added a pop of color to their mogra Jaimala

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

22. While Alanna Panday chose to add a touch of greenery to her Mogra Jaimala with a few straws of foliage. Rustic look, anybody?

Image Source: @alannapanday

23. A modern twist to your traditional Mogra Wedding Garland with Baby breaths

Image Source: Believe Collective

24. Matching your wedding garland with your wedding outfit to the T – throw in a few colorful flowers in the shade of your Lehenga and your Mogra Jaimala is all ready!

Image Source: @dotdusk

25. Baby Breats and chrysanthemums make for a perfect partner for an offbeat and unique wedding garland design

Image Source: @ramitbatraphotography

26. When you are going for a more trendy and rustic look that gels well with your all-white wedding look, choose baby breaths only

Image Source: House on the Clouds

27. The advantage of artificial flower made jaimala is that it’s quite easy to make a beautiful multi-colored one. So, when one or two colors seem boring, go for the entire palette!

Image Source: Abovo.Hospitality

28. An easy-to-carry with varied designs Artificial Flower Wedding Garland will have everyone wondering – Where can I get one for my wedding?

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

A lot of couples want their wedding to be entirely different and something new from the always-followed fashion trends. So, everything about it needs to be totally different, even the Jaimala.

29. How about a Lotus Wedding Garland Design that looks divine in its true essence

Image Source: Dipak Studios

30. Let’s throw in all the traditional elements of an Indian wedding – Mogras, Lotuses, Pan Patta, and roses – and this masterpiece of a wedding garland design is what you get.

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

31. The newest of the in-trend Jaimalas is Chrysanthemum and baby breath wedding garland design. Don’t forget to check out the one that Hardik and Natasa rocked on their wedding day.

Image Source: The Wedding Story

32. Looking for a wedding garland design that’s unique and never-done-before? Say test to this Mogra and Peonies Jaimala design that left us in awe too

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

With this, we put a full stop to our list of different wedding garland designs trending this wedding season. Hope you were able to shortlist a few options from it. Need a helping hand with finding the venue and vendors of your dream, head to today!

How to Plan an Engagement Ceremony Like a Pro – A Step-by-Step Approach

Image Source: @parineetichopra

The engagement ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function across cultures because that is the first time you announce to the world your decision to commit to a lifetime with your partner. No matter how grand or small-scale you want to make your engagement ceremony in 2023, it takes a significant amount of planning and research because there are traditions and customs involved that are to be followed and also because the engagement ceremony is like a teaser of what your life would be like as a couple and so you want to do it just right. 

A majority of the couples choose to have a separate engagement ceremony as a pre-wedding function on one of the four to five days that their wedding lasts. But some couples also have their ring ceremony on the day of the Shaadi, right before the ritual while some choose to have a few days of a gap before the ring ceremony and the wedding festivities. But no matter when it takes place, this sweet pre-wedding function deserves to be celebrated in the most memorable way as it marks the beginning of a wonderful journey for two people in love. 

So, if you’re on the verge of putting a ring on it and are scavenging for ideas for your own ring ceremony, read on as we have a delightful set of ideas for you that will help you dazzle your engagement ceremony in 2023 right up!

1. The Perfect Location for Your Enchanting Engagement Ceremony

The location of the ring ceremony is crucial as it sets the base for the festivities. Regardless of whether you want an intimate celebration or a grand ring ceremony, where you have it matters a lot. 

A. Cozy indoor engagement pre-wedding function:

Image Source: @parineetichopra

The classic. Book a banquet hall with a stage where the ceremony takes place so that all the spotlight is on you and seating arrangements facing the stage where all of your guests can get cozy and witness one of the most important moments of your life.

B. A breezy romantic outdoor engagement ceremony:

Image Source: @theblemishedtales

Since the engagement ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function involving traditions that cannot be omitted, there is a possibility that it might go on a little longer. Choosing an outdoor setting that is open and breezy will not only ensure that your guests are comfortable in case of a longer ring ceremony but the ring ceremony will also be very romantic and charming, especially if you have it in the evening, under the stars. If you and your partner are nature lovers, having your ring ceremony on a lawn, in a garden, by a lakeside, or on a tiny hillside will satisfy the naturalist within you. 

C. A poolside setting for a super-fun engagement ceremony:

Image Source: @lovers_films

A hatke setting for a ring ceremony but one that is catching on fast, a poolside pre-wedding function is bound to be etched in people’s memories forever. You can incorporate fresh and vibrant decor to compliment the pool setting and even get creative with it to make it super quirky and fun. You can get your engagement ceremony to double as a cocktail party if you’re short on time.

D. An intimate at-home engagement ceremony:

Image Source: @cassmariephotos

If you’re not the one to make a big show out of everything and want to keep this important moment, which quite honestly is rather personal, intimate and within just your inner circle of friends and family, you can conjure up a stunning engagement ceremony at home. 

E. A beach-side engagement ceremony for those in love with the waters:

Image Source: Deepak Vijay Photography

A beachside wedding is very common, but a beachy ring ceremony can be whimsical and elegant and will give you stunning pre-wedding function pictures. 

2. Pick a Decor Theme or Setting:

Themes can be super-fun when it comes to the engagement ceremony. Fill up your venue with posters and cutouts of your favorite actors and movies if you’re a film buff, or spruce it up with the merch of your sports and sports team! A garden or an orchard set in greenery with the altar decked up with flowers, leaves, and vines can be the perfect setting for a forest-themed engagement party, and you’ll require white flowy drapes, delicate glass decor, and some DIY’ed snow for a winter-wonderland ring ceremony. But if you’re running short on time or have budget restraints but still want to go for a theme, simply pick a color that you can incorporate in your outfits, the decor, and the invitations, and even ask your guests to dress up in that color, and you will have a sophisticated and cohesive themed ring ceremony. Hire the wedding services of one of the best decorators if there is no restraint on your budget and you’ll be stellar to go.

a. A traditional setting for a beautiful engagement ceremony:

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

You can use the traditional garlands of marigold flowers, colorful drapes, and rangolis to create a typical yet vibrant decor for the pre-wedding function of your ring ceremony to take place. 

B. A royal affair:

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Bring a piece of those grand Rajasthani weddings you see on Instagram to your engagement ceremony with replicas of jharokhas, chandeliers, grand flower arrangements, and other pieces of decor with jaalidaar design. All you need is the right wedding services and a decorator that is as dedicated to this cause as you.

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C. A modern fairytale engagement ceremony:

Use white-colored furniture and drapes, fairy lights, candles, and pastel-colored flowers to create a modern, subtle, and elegant setting for your engagement ceremony. 

D. Tell your love story through the decor:

Take inspiration from these happy couples and let your love story deck the halls and set a romantic mood for your beautiful ring ceremony. Employing the wedding services of a good decorator here will take a massive burden off you. So keep looking for one. 

3. Dressed to Say ‘Yes’

We’re sure that you’ve made a whole Pinterest board of wedding fashion for each and every one of the pre-wedding functions. A little tip from us – go with the theme and vibe of the function you’ve planned. Intimate and indoor functions call for flowy sarees which you can also be comfortable in. A bejeweled gown according to your body type will go perfectly for a themed affair. A more traditional ring ceremony will be the perfect day to flaunt a lehenga. For the grooms – Sherwanis, Nawabis, a Bandhgala kurta with Pyjama, or a chic Pathani suit all work. The classic suit is always the right choice!

Just in case you need some more inspiration, here are some ideas and pictures that you can save:

Image Source: @parineetichopra

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

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4. Rings and ring presentation:

It is advised to go ring shopping together so there is no confusion. The presentation of the rings is a big deal of a moment at an engagement ceremony. Hence, you want to do something special about it. You can use traditional silver trays or florally decorated ones. If you want to add a touch of intimacy to the moment, you can even get the trays personalized with images of the bride and groom. Getting your kids, siblings, nieces, nephews, or even pets to be the ring bearer is a really cute idea that you should consider. 

5. A Taste of Forever: Culinary Delights at Your Engagement Ceremony

Food is one of the most important elements of your engagement ceremony, and not just because it is customary to feed your guests. Food at your ring ceremony can be an expression of the kind of life you expect to lead as a couple. As we all know, food can be a lot of fun. So why not have fun with it? 

You can talk to your wedding services caterer and have the menu customized according to your theme, preference, and personality. You can even request them to create a signature dish or a cocktail to signify you and your other half. Oh, and don’t forget the cake!

6. Music and choreographies:

No party is complete without music and dance. So, get yourself a rocking wedding services DJ and a choreographer, and get the dance floor moving to your favorite beat!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

One couple dance, one with the parents, one with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and one with the siblings are mandatory. So, make sure to load up on carbs as you’re going to require all the energy in the world!

If you are planning your wedding, we are sure that you are buried under a mound of planning and research. Hence, we thought we’ll help you out by putting together a bunch of ideas that you can use for your ring ceremony as planning this pre-wedding function can be as daunting as planning any other pre-wedding function. So we hope you liked at least some of these ideas and are able to incorporate them in your own engagement ceremony, which no doubt is going to be a stunning affair. Check out for more ideas, wedding services, and wedding vendors as we are your one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related.

Happy wedding!