Wedding trends in 2020 set by the pandemic – a new age of weddings!

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Hello, wedding enthusiasts and future brides/grooms-to-be! Interesting wedding season this year, wasn’t it? It was off to a great start and we got to see some really grandiose, stunning weddings from January to March. But as the havoc that the pandemic wreaked on the world intensified more and more, the wedding industry, just like all of the others, took a sharp dip. Due to the lockdown, we saw a lot of weddings getting canceled and a lot of hearts breaking because of that. 

But we Indians have immense faith in the concept of marriage and we strongly believe that celebrating it in as pompous a manner as one can afford is crucial as it not only honors the institution of marriage but also extends a beautiful start to a new journey with the love of your life. And hence as soon as the lockdown eased in India, a lot of couples decided to have intimate weddings, even if it meant ditching the traditional grandiose ceremonies with a long guest list. Another reason (a more important one) is the 50-people restriction on invitees put in place by the government.

The wedding trends 2020 India set by the pandemic are quickly catching on. We’ve already seen some successful weddings that gorgeously incorporated these trends. And to say the least, these trends are interesting, sustainable, and look like they are here to stay. Keep reading to know more about these awesome trends and how you can incorporate these in your pandemic wedding if you are planning to have one.

Micro-weddings are the new “Big Fat Indian Weddings”

Micro-weddings are the new “Big Fat Indian Weddings”

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The pandemic brought in a necessity to socially distance and that naturally puts a restriction on gatherings of all natures. Since weddings are celebrated in India as if a festival and the concept of marriage is pretty much revered, it started to become more and more obvious that most of the couples that had already planned their wedding did not want to cancel or postpone it until next year. And hence, in order to give the eager lovebirds a chance to tie the knot as well as to ensure everyone’s safety, a 50-guest restriction is put in place so that the risks could be regulated. 

Surprisingly, everyone embraced this graciously and let go of the idealistic “Big Fat Indian Weddings”. That goes to show just how important getting married is for Indian couples because boy do we love our big fat weddings! And for those who were already planning to have an intimate wedding, to begin with, well, now you can officially exclude your judgemental relatives from your guest list and no one can get angry with you about it! So this is one of the many pros of a small wedding.

There are a ton of amazing micro wedding ideas that you can use for your 50 person wedding coronavirus, so get cracking!

Safety is the most important accessory.

Safety is the most important accessory.

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No one says small weddings have to be boring or even a simple affair! Since April we have continued to see many breathtakingly gorgeous small wedding ceremonies that incorporated all that bling and grandeur and still was on board with all the safety regulations. 

Wearing masks, gloves, and face shields is mandatory for every single person present at the wedding venue, right from the bride and groom to all of the guests to every event manager, hospitality staff, makeup and hair artist, caterer, and more. A maximum of 50 guests can attend the ceremony at a time and social distancing is not optional to follow. The wedding venue should be thoroughly sanitized before and after the wedding and sanitation stations have to be set up. 

Exhaustive list, isn’t it? Well, it is only important for the safety of you and your loved ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! Lots of couples got their masks and gloves made out of the same fabric as their outfit and rocked it during the wedding. Those couples who weren’t ready to let go of their long guest list invited their guests in shifts so that a dual purpose was achieved. The idea of sanitation fans instead of mist fans is just brilliant and must be adopted by everyone. 

Digital weddings are one of the Indian marriage new trends

Digital weddings are one of the Indian marriage new trends

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Got your best friend, sister, or a favorite cousin stuck in a different place? We know that not having your closest people physically around you on your wedding day can be dismal, but technology is at your rescue. You can set up a zoom call with those who couldn’t attend your wedding in person while you get married so that they do not miss this special moment. You can make it interesting by playing games, asking your attendees to dress up for a zoom wedding, and asking them to deliver an individual toast. You can get creative and personalize your zoom wedding as much as you want. 

Now, digital weddings not only include zoom weddings but also the concept of E-invitations. You can customize your E-invitation to perfectly fit your whim and guess what? It will cost you zilch and is an extremely eco-friendly and sustainable option! 

The trend of photo shoots through video calls was also floating around on Instagram a while ago and that is something you can certainly use for your pre-wedding photoshoot if you are extremely cautious and don’t mind using your beautiful home as the backdrop for your pre-wedding photos. And practically speaking, you can certainly snag major discounts on these shoots if you insist on using a professional photographer and if you happen to have a buddy who is a photographer, you can just ask them to do this for you in lieu of a wedding gift!

Surprise surprise, it’s a destination wedding!

Surprise surprise, it's a destination wedding!

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We are all well-aware of how the wedding industry suffered due to the initial lockdown and we are also aware of its after-effects, the restrictions that are now in place, the protocols to be followed, and more. But guess what fad has not only survived the brunt of it but also managed to grow? The destination wedding! 

After the easing of the lockdown, we saw a lot of couples have an intimate 50 guest wedding that was absolutely stunning. But as the travel restrictions eased in the country, the perfect opportunity for destination weddings opened up. A destination wedding among the pandemic sounds like a dangerous idea, we know. But it is safer than that, given every single protocol is followed. 

The popular destination wedding locations in India have reported far fewer cases of covid and are much safer than the cities. And the prices of literally everything, including even the most extravagant destination wedding hotels and resorts have been slashed so you need not worry about spending all of your savings on the wedding. So we saw and are certain that will continue to see couples ditching their original weddings and have a destination wedding in the same budget. So hop on the bandwagon, won’t you!

        Themed menus, sustainability, bold-eye makeup, and all that jazz!

Themed menus, sustainability, bold-eye makeup, and all that jazz!

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Other subtle but just as amazing trends including some Indian bridal makeup trends 2020, wedding flower trends 2020, 2020 wedding colors, and 2020 wedding themes have also surfaced. The safety-conscious brides who were responsible enough to not ditch their masks throughout the ceremony went heavy on the eye-makeup and minimal on the lips because, well, that was the only visible part of the face. Quirky hairstyles received a lot of attention as well. 

Since standing in queues for buffets beats the entire point of social distancing, couples prefer seated plating arrangements for the wedding feast. While at it, a lot of couples went all out and got the food items customized in quirky themes. Socially distanced seating arrangements received a lot of importance.

Since most covid weddings included the tech element in them, one way to look at that is through the eyes of sustainability and eco-friendliness as there was far less wastage. 

We’re sure that if you are on the internet researching how to plan your covid wedding, you are buried under a mound of articles giving you ideas that no one could ever imagine. From planning a small intimate wedding, intimate wedding reception ideas, small wedding ideas on a budget, small Indian wedding ideas, fun ideas for a small wedding, to small wedding ideas on a budget, small wedding ideas during covid-19, and a small wedding checklist, the internet can get creative. 

So we thought we would also hop on that train and make your life easier. We sincerely hope that we succeeded. Well, this was just a small glimpse of what the covid wedding saga looks like and if you want to check out more, visit, one of India’s largest wedding co. From giving you unique ideas to making your dream day come to life, we have got you covered!

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