Wedding Hangover Tips You Wish You Knew Before Drinking

Forgot to keep a tab on the number of drinks you had while dancing? Woke up to a horrendous headache and nausea? Well, you are hungover. Hangover makes one swear never to touch alcohol but all of us know how  `short lived those promises are. We have 10 tips that will cure your hangover!

1. Water

How many times has your mother run behind you with a stick for not drinking enough water? Well, listen to her, because mothers are always right! Keep yourself hydrated even between those drinks. If at all you forget doing that, drink plenty of water in the morning to flush out those toxins.


2. Bananas

A great man once said ‘bananas are a bachelor’s best friend.’ This great man was none other than Biswa Kalyan Rath. Bananas have a high potassium content which can bring back your energy and also help to activate your muscles. Learn from our ascendants and nibble on those bananas!

3. Ginger Tea

 Ah! Who doesn’t like adrak wali chai? We Indians drink ginger tea at least 3 times a day. Sip some hot adrak wali chai to ease that nausea and stomach ache. It tastes heavenly too!

4. Tomato Juice

 Tomato juice doesn’t sound pretty, but trust us, it is very effective. The juice can break down and metabolize the alcohol in  your blood three times faster than water can. Add some lemon drops and honey in the juice if you don’t like the taste of tomato juice.

        Some warm tomato soup sounds just as good!


5. Honey

Pooh the bear’s favourite snack, honey is actually good for you. A spoonful of honey twice or thrice a day will break down the alcohol due to its high fructose content.


6. Toast

A favourite on-the-go breakfast of many millennials, toast can be helpful when you are suffering from a hangover. The carbohydrates will increase your sugar level, thus pumping some energy in your body. It is recommended for people with low blood sugar.

7. Exercise 

Get out of that bed and get going! Exercise will activate your muscles and rejuvenate you. It may not cure your hangover completely but coupled with other tips, it will counteract any side effects of alcohol and even act as a catalyst in the process of getting over a hangover.


8. No coffee

Contrary to the popular belief, coffee is not the answer to your headaches. Alcohol dehydrates your body and consuming coffee will just dehydrate you more. Avoid coffee if you want a faster recovery.

9. Greasy Food 

Keep on eating those pizzas, cheeseballs, burgers, basically whatever greasy comes your way while you are drinking those cocktails! Food will slow down the consumption of alcohol. The longer it will take for the alcohol to reach your bloodstream, the longer it will take for you to get intoxicated. Don’t feel guilty, just indulge!


10. Warm Bath

A warm shower will refresh you and also help to drain out the toxins. Warm water will calm your nerves and it will help you to function smoothly.



Are you tempted to get drunk and hungover again to try one of these tips?

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