The Wedding Checklist for the Groom

It’s a given that the to-be-wed couple wants to look at their absolute best on her wedding day. There are enough blogs to help a bride out but not much is available for the grooms. So here are some pointers for grooms to keep in mind while preparing for the wedding:


1. Make an effort to groom yourself for the D-day. Manicure, pedicure, a haircut and a shave definitely score you some brownie points. 


Image Source: Ashley Gerrity Photography


2. Have your vows written down. This way, you will know exactly what to say when the moment comes around!


Image Source: Lindsey Baker Photography


3. Have a special gift arranged for your bride. She will really appreciate the gesture.


Image Source: Pinterest


4. One week before, get the final fitting done for all your outfits. Cannot risk having a tear in any piece of clothing, right?


Image Source: Ashley Gerrity Photography


5. Make sure all your outfits have been steam ironed, your shoes have been polished and all the accessories are in place.


Image Source: Shutter Down Photography


6. Sleep! Cannot suggest enough about getting enough sleep. Makeup is an option but do you really want to succumb to that to hide your dark circles?


Image Source: Kate Wardwell


7. Avoid getting distracted with work. The wedding week and day is going to be stressful so try not to add on more to the pile.


Image Source: Ben Lau Photography


8. Finalise all your bookings. This includes tickets and hotel for the honeymoon.


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9. Avoid being late. Being fashionably late is okay but being 1-2 hours late for your own wedding is ridiculous.


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10. Last but not least, have fun at your wedding!


Image Source: Shot With Meraki

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