The Nut Crackers: A Gourmelicious Add-on to your Wedding Invite

Customisation and personalisation of wedding invites have become quite a rage over the past decade. Couples are forever on the lookout for something bespoke and unique to gift to their guests and gain some extra brownie points for not giving the mainstream dried fruits and mithais.


If you too are scouting for something similar- The Nut Crackers is a perfect fit! It personalises gifts in terms of packaging, gift tags, personal messages, etc. Its products can also be good giveaway if you are searching for an edible wedding favour idea.


Apart from enjoying traditions and rituals and donning new outfits, the wedding season is somewhere synonymous with sweet treats. 

But I have often seen some people cribbing about how bored they already are with all the mithais and dry fruits piling up in their households. Are you too a victim of the mithai boredom? If yes, The Nut Crackers is a solution to your problems!


This wedding season, the brand brings to you a curation of your favourite gourmet treats packed in some of the most eco-friendly and reusable ways. The Nut Crackers has upgraded from traditional Indian sweets to Belgian chocolate, however, the core ingredient is the rich and luxurious- ‘NUT’.


Here are some sumptuous and fancy options you could choose from:


Vintage Wooden Basket



The all-time trusted wooden basket with a praline slider box and two hexa  jars filled with goodies.


Gold Wired Basket



A luxurious take on a regular cane basket consisting of a mix nut praline hammer box and a set of two hexa and two mini jars.


Festive Barks



A luxurious grainy log of wood with two hexa jars packed with loads of love!


Pine Box



For all those who love the simplicity of a classic pinewood box with two hexa and three mini jars, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones.


Other Gifting Ideas






Here’s a sneak peek into more pictures which will ring in some cravings for sure:





All set to get munching and crunching?


For further information and updates about new products, visit their Instagram page


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