The Bow: 8 Ways To Use It At Your Wedding

Bows have been almost every girl’s go-to accessory. For some reason wearing a bow just makes life more cheerful and the day may even begin to make sense. So why not include such a precious and sacred object as a part of your big day. So let’s look at ways you can get your bow on. These are just a few examples but a bow can be used in numerous other ways. So let’s get to it.

1) Bow Latkans

Image Source: Ameblo

These cute bow latkans will add a touch of your childhood (Or adulthood… No one judges here) to your wedding or Haldi outfit. These personalized complete with pearls and tassels are a great way to incorporate this accessory into your ensemble. 

2) Bow Wedding Favours

Image Source: Handsomeandlace

Wedding favors are keepsakes that will remain with your guests forever. A cute bow ornament along with an inspiring quote is something that your guests will keep for a long time. This wedding favor thanking guests for being part of the couple’s big day is the right way to go if you’re looking on incorporating bows in any way into your wedding. 

3) The Bow Dupatta / Sash

Image Source: Buildabride_official

A technique that can be used both for an Indian wedding outfit or a western white gown. Tying a bow on either your sash or your dupatta or your pallu, will modernize the ensemble and also help you add the loveable bow in all its glory. Go grand like the gown in the picture or small by adding them as a pattern. Whichever way you choose, the bow will never let you down.

4) The Bow Pumps

Image Source: Lunajunepaperco

Shoes are one way to make bows a part of your ensemble. You have the option of personalizing your pumps to your gown. Pick different colors, use leather or satin, and your shoes will be an object of praise on your wedding day. Ps: You need not stick with the pumps even sneakers, sandals, and flats with cute bows on them will make your wedding day so much more cheerful.

5) Bow Place Settings

Image Source: Lunajunepaperco

Indian weddings mostly do not adhere to the practice of place settings. But with these bow napkin holders which couple will deny the practice? These sober-toned ribbons will add that much-needed touch of finesse to your wedding meal. So what are you waiting for? Start tying those bows. These will also help cut costs on decoration.

6) The Bow On Your Cake

Image Source: Katering

We came across this gorgeous cake while scrolling through our Instagram feed and there was no way we could exclude it. To be honest this cake is perfect. The peach fondant bow is the highlight of this masterpiece. We would definitely say yes to this cake. We think you should too.

7) Bow Decorations

While we’ve already spoken about bow place settings, chairs will definitely make an appearance at any wedding. These gorgeous full-size bows are a great way of bringing your wedding theme together. The navy blue color adds class and sophistication to the decor.

8) The Father Of The Bride Bow Tie

Image Source: Janadamskieu

The picture and the title say it all. Let your father be the talk of the ball with a cute bow tie making him look chic and oh so handsome!

The picture and the title say it all. Let your father be the talk of the ball with a cute bow tie making him look chic and oh so handsome!

So go out, get your ribbons ready and start tying those bows. Because you can never have too many bows.

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