Marriage Dates in 2022: You Must Check Out These Hindu Wedding Dates

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Ask a million people what they think a perfect wedding looks like, and you will surely stumble upon a million different answers. But all that matters is you have decided to tie the knot with the love of your life and are ready to start the new chapter of your life. Before you put your wedding planner hat on, let us help you find the best marriage date that gets a nod from both the bride and groom squad. Whether you are into close-knit celebrations or extravagant ones, these marriage dates in 2022 are perfect for all sorts of weddings, because well, it’s no secret that we Indians are fond of big elegant weddings. If you want all the stars in your favor to have that happily-ever-after, locking in the perfect wedding date plays a crucial role in the whole wedding planning process. We want you to choose from the luckiest wedding dates in 2022, and hence, we have selected a few marriage dates in 2022 from all seasons and months a year has to offer. From mesmerizing winter weddings to enchanting summer weddings, you can host your wedding however you like, whenever you like, and wherever you like. 

In most Hindu households the wedding date is set by a pandit, and we are using the marriage dates in the 2022 Hindu calendar where you will find all the best dates to get married in 2022. We are not saying that you don’t have to ask your pandit, but while your pandit is doing all his calculations, you can take a break and find out all the marriage dates in 2022 available for a Hindu wedding. All the glamour and glitz when attending a wedding is something we all look forward to and we at Weddingz make sure your wedding is the talk of the town. Just sit back and relax, we will take care of planning the wedding, but before that, we have to fix a wedding date right? So let’s find out which date is the perfect one for your wedding from all the options of marriage dates in 2022.

We know the reason you are looking for marriage dates in 2022 – you have finally decided to begin the next chapter of your life with your one and only. Congratulations are in order, and what better way to celebrate your d-day than a celebration that is etched in your mind for a lifetime. Finding it difficult to select from all the marriage dates in 2022, the Hindu panchang calendar is the best way to lock the date, and we are here to help you find auspicious marriage dates in 2022 as per Drik Panchang. Even if this whole pandemic situation is putting a damper on your wedding plans, you do not have anything to worry about as long as all the safety precautions are taken. Other than that, your wedding plans must not stop. Whether you are looking for Auspicious Marriage Dates 2022, Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2022, Saya Dates 2022, or even Shubh Lagan Dates 2022 (all are the same), you will find this piece very useful in zeroing down that perfect date for your wedding ceremony!

Following are the best and the luckiest Hindu marriage dates in 2022:

1. Hindu Marriage Dates in January 2022

The beginning of the year has to be the beginning of your new life. These marriage dates in Jan 2022 will be the perfect dates for hosting your wedding in such a way that people won’t stop talking about it for years to come. January is usually best for winter weddings, so if you are planning a marvelous winter wedding in January, make sure these marriage dates in 2022 are the ones you consider. Or you can consult with your pandit and decide a date that you think will be perfect for you. These are some of the best marriage dates in 2022 as per the Hindu calendar, so you can rely on this blog too. January is perhaps the best month to host a stunning wedding.

Below are 5 auspicious marriage dates in Jan 2022 as per Hindu Calendar:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in Jan 2022Day
115th January 2022Saturday
220th January 2022Thursday
323rd January 2022Sunday
427th January 2022Thursday
529th January 2022Saturday
Hindu Marriage Dates in January 2022

2. Hindu Marriage Dates in February 2022

What better month to get hitched in than in February? As the month of love, finding some auspicious marriage dates in 2022 will hardly be a difficult task. If you have met your partner and are looking forward to moving to the next chapter of your love story, you can lock in a date from the plethora of options you get from the marriage dates in 2022. February is one of the most delightful months, especially in India because spring officially begins this month. Just imagine, you, your partner, and all your close ones are having fun in one of the best atmospheres you can ask for to host an elegant wedding. This month consists of some of the best wedding dates in 2022. So make sure you check out the following marriage dates in 2022 before finalizing a date.

Following are the 5 auspicious marriage dates in Feb 2022 as per Hindu Calendar:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in Feb 2022Day
15th February 2022Saturday
211th February 2022Friday
318th February 2022Friday
421st February 2022Monday
522nd February 2022Tuesday
Hindu Marriage Dates in February 2022

3. Hindu Marriage Dates in April 2022

Pleasant weather matters the most if you are planning a fun wedding that has lots of great memories. And that is when April comes into the picture. To add lots of charm to your summer wedding, you have to be prepared as you will make it the best wedding anybody has ever witnessed. Summer is a time when people prefer going to exotic destinations and having fun. Go for a destination wedding If you can and choose from these marriage dates in 2022. And if you are going for a magnificent open-air event, you can pick a date from all the options of marriage dates in 2022 April. These are some hot marriage dates 2022 for April according to drik panchang.

6 auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in Apr 2022 as per Hindu Calendar are as follows:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in Apr 2022Day
117th April 2022Sunday
219th April 2022Tuesday
321st April 2022Thursday
422nd April 2022Friday
523rd April 2022Saturday
628th April 2022Thursday
Hindu Marriage Dates in April 2022

4. Hindu Marriage Dates in May 2022

May weddings are quite a thing in India as it has a lot of marriage dates in 2022. All the venues and their owners in the summer months are very busy which makes it very tough for people to host a wedding on one of the marriage dates in 2022 May. We get a lot of questions when it comes to weddings and one question we have recently gotten a lot is, is 2022 a good year to get married? And we say, yes! It is. Every year is a good year if you have locked in the perfect partner. We have done our research and come up with some best marriage dates in 2022, the Hindu calendar being the source so that you don’t have to. The following dates are some of the best marriage dates in 2022 according to drik panchang

Following are the 13 auspicious Marriage Dates in May 2022 as per Hindu Calendar:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in May 2022Day
12nd May 2022Monday
23rd May 2022Tuesday
39th May 2022Monday
410th May 2022Tuesday
511th May 2022Wednesday
612th May 2022Thursday
713th May 2022Friday
817th May 2022Tuesday
918th May 2022Wednesday
1020th May 2022Friday
1125th May 2022Wednesday
1226th May 2022Thursday
1331st May 2022Tuesday
Hindu Marriage Dates in May 2022

5. Hindu Marriage Dates in June 2022

Dreaming of becoming a June bride? If you are a romantic by heart and love monsoons, you have to have your wedding on one of the marriage dates in 2022 in June. At the beginning of the monsoon season, you won’t have to worry about your guests getting drenched in the rain. It is a possibility though. But don’t let that stop you because the auspicious dates for marriage in 2022 that we are about to share with you are pandit recommended, but still, you can go ahead and talk to your pandit about it. Make sure your makeup is waterproof, and also indoor weddings are recommended. And if you want to still go for an outdoor event, make sure it’s not totally open air, because there’s a little chance that the Gods aren’t in the mood to hold off the rain till you get married. The source of the following marriage dates in 2022- Hindu Calendar (Drik Panchang).

Below are the 10 auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in June 2022 as per Hindu Calendar:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in June 2022Day
16th June 2022Monday
28th June 2022Wednesday
311th June 2022Saturday
412th June 2022Sunday
513th June 2022Monday
614th June 2022Tuesday
715th June 2022Wednesday
816th June 2022Thursday
921st June 2022Tuesday
1022nd June 2022Wednesday
Hindu Marriage Dates in June 2022

6. Hindu Marriage Dates in July 2022

July weddings are very very rare occasions but, if you are into weddings that include lots of rain and nature, you can make it happen in July. Some people consider this month unlucky for some reason, but it’s a myth. When it comes to marriage dates in 2022, the drik panchang calendar is the source that we preferred here. There are a few marriage dates in 2022 for July where you can ensure your perfect monsoon wedding takes place without any worries. These are some good dates for marriage in 2022, so if you are looking forward to your monsoon wedding, these are the marriage dates in 2022 that you need to pick from.

Below are the 5 auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in July 2022 as per Hindu Calendar:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in July 2022Day
13rd July 2022Sunday
25th July 2022Tuesday
36th July 2022Wednesday
48th July 2022Friday
Hindu Marriage Dates in July 2022

7. Hindu Marriage Dates in November 2022

Don’t know which date would be the Shubh Mahurat? Well, you do not have to worry, we are here for you! We have picked some great marriage dates in 2022 just for you. And well, we all know how much a winter wedding excites most of the Indians. We love Indian weddings, no wait scratch that, we love weddings. So why not host a winter wedding and make your wedding even more memorable and extravagant. We have picked these marriage dates in 2022 for November after doing proper research and a lot of hard work so that you don’t have to. Also, nobody has to worry about wearing heavy gowns and sherwanis as the winter will make it all easier for you as well as your guests. 

Following are the 4 best Hindu Marriage Dates in November 2022 as per Hindu Calendar:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in Nov 2022Day
121st November 2022Monday
224th November 2022Thursday
325th November 2022Friday
427th November 2022Sunday
Hindu Marriage Dates in November 2022

8. Hindu Marriage Dates in December 2022

The last month of the year is when you can enjoy the astonishing winter wedding that you have been probably planning for a long time. One of the most popular months in India for weddings is n December and you have to pick out the date that you think would be perfect for you. With tonnes of people with different stylish outfits, you can only imagine the glamour your wedding will have. These marriage dates in December 2022 are specially picked out for you, so all you need to do is select a date and voila, you are good to go! To host an iconic winter wedding, check out the following marriage dates in 2022 for December.

Below are the 5 auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in December 2022 as per Hindu Calendar:

SNHindu Marriage Dates in Dec 2022Day
12nd December 2022Friday
27th December 2022Wednesday
38th December 2022Thursday
49th December 2022Friday
514th December 2022Wednesday
Hindu Marriage Dates in December 2022

We were counting down the best marriage dates in 2022 that will be perfect for you. Be it summer, spring, winter, or monsoon, you can effortlessly host all kinds of events if you pick a date from all marriage dates in 2022 that we found just for you. Let us know when have you decided to tie the knot with the love of your life. Here are some FAQs that will help you decide upon a date.

Which are the best months to get married in 2022?

Well, that depends on you and your partner’s preference. However, December has been seeing the highest number of marriages for the past decade. After that, November, January, February, and the first half of April – are the busiest when it comes to Hindu Marriages in India. Mostly because summers tend to be hot and monsoon can be unpredictable in our country, plus there are only 8 months that offer auspicious wedding dates.

Keeping in view the Covid-19 situation, how safe would it be to get married in 2022?

Now that vaccines are available for 18+, hosting a wedding with your near and dear ones should not be such a dreaded affair. Plus, all kinds of safety and sanitation precautions are being taken by the venues. So you can be assured that you will be able to get married in 2022 without any hassle. 

Which is better – a summer wedding or a winter wedding?

Whether you want to be a summer bride or a winter one, the preference is quintessentially yours. Summer weddings and winter weddings both have their own set of perks. While a summer wedding allows you to have fun with colors, floral decor, pastel outfits, and jewelry, you can even beat the heat by picking an air-conditioned banquet hall – that should take care of all make-up woes. Winter weddings, on the other hand, have become more popular in India these days. Pleasant weather, availability of a wide range of flowers and vegetables, and the freedom to wear heavy outfits without sweating much or ruining your makeup are some of the best things about winter weddings.

What are the best marriage dates in 2022 according to Hindu astrology?

As per marriage yog 2022 and Hindu Astrology, all the hindu marriage dates mentioned in the blog above are considered to be auspicious marriage dates to get married.

Is it better to get married on a weekend or a weekday?

Again, it all depends on how everybody’s schedule works out. But having a weekend wedding does ensure that you can expect a lot of your friends and guests to make it on your wedding day.

Can I have an off-season wedding?

Why not? And the best thing about having an off-season wedding is that you can save big on those otherwise exorbitant rates offered during the peak wedding season on everything – whether it’s wedding venue, photographer, or bridal makeup artists. You can expect some discounts and even personalized services as vendors don’t have much occupying their calendars.

What should I keep in mind while setting a date?

Setting the wedding date is the most important part of wedding planning, and honestly, everything becomes real only after you pick a date. Give yourself, your family, friends, and relatives plenty of time for planning, preparation, and also vaccination before setting a wedding date to make sure you get enough time to cover the bases and everything you have in mind for your big day. In the Hindu culture, astrology holds a pretty important place so you may also want to consult an astronomer to find the best wedding dates in the 2022 Hindu calendar.  

If you want to check out Hindu marriage dates in 2021, do not forget to grab a look at our blog for more insights on the auspicious wedding dates in November and December 2021.

5 Essential Things Brides Should do During Wedding Functions

Contrary to popular belief that a to-be-bride has only to look good, pose for pictures and have fun, the entire process and prep encompassing an Indian marriage is sure to leave any bride feeling anything between anxious, overwhelmed and tired! Hence we decided to take matters into our own hands and weave this piece as a sweet reminder of why you’d chosen to walk this path in the first place and what are the essential things you can do to simplify this entire process.

We’ve listed five important things for you to do or actively remember in your entire journey. So sit back and get started below:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Amidst all the frenzy and chaos surrounding you in the run-up to your big day it may appear silly to stop and sip water but that is precisely the key to keep you on your feet without feeling drained or too irritated. A glowing skin is an added advantage 🙂 Make mental notes, set reminders or simply make drinking plenty of water as part of your lifestyle and feel the difference!  

Image Source Food and Healthy Facts

2. Get a Foot Massage 

There’s nothing like getting a good foot massage at the end of your super hectic pre-wedding day. Not only does it soothe your feet but also helps in relieving overall stress and provides a sense of much-needed comfort and calm. If you’ve not considered hiring a masseuse, you might want to consider now.

Image Source Massageflowyou

3. Some Fun and Some Rest too

Let your special days be a lovely balance of fun and rest. You don’t want to be feeling utterly exhausted and worn out by the end of this process, afterall you’ll be making some lasting memories in this course. So sail through it all seamlessly feeling fresh and pleasant. All you got to do is to simply remember to sit back and relax between all the grooving and greeting!

Image Source Weddingsbyjugaad

4. Be People-oriented, not Technology

While the urge and need to document moments is understandable, remember the best part about your wedding memories can not only be about recording memories! So be open to pictures, videos, posts in between while you’re really there spending time with your loved and longed ones. Smile, laugh, cheer and be comfortable otherwise and not only for the shutterbugs.

Image  Source Life of Mohina

5. The Key is to ‘Be in the Moment’

While feeling overwhelmed, running through last-minute details and final checks, thinking and catering to a number of thoughts and people is bound to happen, it is important to remember that everything will take its course, process and fall in place and no amount of panic is going to prepare you more or better. So why not simply sit back and live the moment fully with your tribe?! All the efforts are centered around giving ‘you’ a good time, so it makes perfect sense for you to make the most of it.  

Image Source Apeksha Shah

Baju Bands Make the Perfect Wedding Jewellery for Lehengas. Here are 15 Gems to Bookmark Today!

One of the best parts about being an Indian bride is that you are thoroughly spoilt for choices in more ways than you can imagine! Every minute element and aspect of an Indian bride celebrates the idea of ‘shringaar’ Needless to say, an Indian bride will have not one but ten choices for her to pick and choose from. When it comes to adorning the hand, beauteous baju bands can embellish your look by notches! It is known by different names in different cultures like vanki, ananta and angada. No matter the name, all serve to add a bright dimension to a look.

We’ve listed 15 baju band designs for every kind of bride. From aesthetically crafted traditional ones that are perfect to pair with a saree or lehenga to contemporary armlet designs that are sure to oomph up your casual look, there is something in store for all! Take a look at these gems below and be sure to find your favourite pick below: 

1. A perfect baju band for a thoroughly traditional look. This piece is wonderfully crafted with a golden finish metal along with semi-precious stones. The lovely golden strings droplets with pearls beads are a pleasant addition too! 

Image Source Anuradha Art Jewellery

2. Kickstart your wedding festivity look by donning a lovely silk saree and adding this intricate temple design vanki to go with it!

Image Source Navrathan Jewellers

3. This wedding season don this stunning precious stone vanki and step out looking like a traditional beauty! Be it a stellar lehenga-choli or a vibrant saree, you can pair this with it all  

Image Source Kalasha Fine Jewels

4. Step out in these esthetically crafted, Rajputana-style baju bands to ace your look. Not only are these light and easy to carry, but visually appealing to flaunt!

Image Source Sunita Shekhawat

5. Shine on your d-day in this gorgeous pearls and diamond baju band. You can pair this with almost any ethnic attire and totally own your look!

Image Source Silverarch Jewellery

6. This uncut diamond studded ara vanki is pure bridal jewellery goals! Pair this with a beautiful silk saree and add to the drama and glory of your much sought-after look.  

Image Source Boutique Designer Jewellery

7. Nothing matches the beauty of this intricately studded diamond bridal armlet. We love the embellished pearl bead touches on this piece!

Image Source Tarasri Tibarumals

8. Crafted to perfection, this piece is for brides who are keen on nailing a classic chic and elegant look on their big-day. Besides, you can pair this with any splendid saree and totally turn up like a diva! 

Image Source  Silverarch Jewellery

9. Talk about a chic bridal look and this exquisite precious-stone armlet must definitely be on your cards. Go traditional or opt for a semi-traditional look and this one beautifully accompanies you!

Image Source Magicpin

10. Complete your bridal look with a beautiful statement baju band like this. Subtle, splendid and stunning, this one is perfect if you’re a fan of minimalist looks and light jewellery! 

Image Source Etsy

11. This embellished green stone armlet is perfect to amplify your entire look. Wear it as a contrast, match or the only piece of jewellery. A sure-shot show stealer, you have every reason to opt for this crafted jewel!   

Image Source Soma Sengupta Indian Jewellery 

12.  This multicoloured baju band is your best pick this festive season. Adorned with pleasant pastel stones, you can wear this with your favourite Indian attire and rock your look!

Image Source Amehndiclub

13. And you thought armlets mean all things traditional? This beautiful arm cuff is made from silver plated wire and wrapped with multi tones of faceted crystal beads. Making it a perfect accompaniment to complete your chic contemporary look! 

Image Source Etsy

14. Team up with this rustic armlet to nail your breathtaking boho look! You can go subtle with your other jewels and step out for a fun bridal shower or an after-party looking like a boss bride!

Image Source Ebay

15. This armlet made of lace, chain, flowers, sequins and beads is perfect for your white wedding. Besides you can totally step out in this for a laidback pool party or bash.

Image Source Nevelynka Nasha

Dear ladies, leaving you on this delightful note, we really hope you bookmark this list and tell us your favourite picks?

Looking for the Best of Wedding Songs in Hindi? Here are 20 Sonu Nigam Hits for Every Wedding Function

A man of many moods and many talents, Sonu Nigam is an institution by himself! His is a voice that never ages, a craft that has no expiry date and a talent so boundless and yet all encompassing.  It wouldn’t be too much to say that this Faridabad born lad is the most ‘complete’ voice Bollywood has ever witnessed. There is nothing he cannot sing. From soulful bhajans and qawwalis to heart-melting romantic numbers or euphoric party songs, he has aced it all and how!

This multi Filmfare Award winning artist has lent his voice to actors across age and regions. Be it his Tamil, Telugu or Marathi renditions, he moulds himself completely into the character and embraces an alien language as his own, so much so that even regional playback singers have gone on to shower praises on him.

And for us his audience, there is a Sonu Nigam song to savour for every mood and phase of life. Whether you’re in love, sulking, happy, nostalgic or are ready to take the plunge, there is him and his voice for every occasion. Today we’re revisiting 20 such gems that will make you feel anything between grooving and reminiscing on your life’s most momentous days. On this musical note, let’s get started!

1.Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya (Sanju)

This peppy rendition is perfect to lighten up your mood and lift your spirits. Sonu brings to the fore his classic comic style and ‘natkhat andaaz accompanied by some sassful writing by Puneet Sharma. A modern-day ode to quintessential yesteryear voices like K.L Saigal, this powerhouse of talent delivers a number that is as reminiscent and yet as original as can be.  

2.  Nagada Nagada (Jab We Met)

No mehendi or a fun wedding festivity playlist can be complete without this track. Eclectic and groovy, this song is what happens when Sonu Nigam roars in tune and style! The terrific energy in his voice remains consistent from the beginning to the end and that certainly speaks much about his craft.

3. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (Mujhse Shhadi Karogi/Title Track)

Beautifully holding onto his own place in this ensemble singer’s cast, the measured times he does get behind the mike in this one, he shines! And such is the result that no matter how many kickass party numbers come out each year, this one holds a special place as the nostalgia just doesn’t fade.

4. Mahi Ve (Kal Ho Naa Ho)

This timeless song is no less than a full-fledged Bollywood drama film by itself. Yet not a moment of boredom one can feel. Sonu nails his bit of adding fun and energy with his diverse voice. The contemporary go-to mother-daughter wedding track, this rendition is thoroughly heart-warming! 

5. Tenu Leke (Salaam-e-Ishq)

Exuding massive confidence and sass in this one, this gem of a talent cleverly moulded his voice to match Bollywood’s bhai’s persona. You hear this track in all it’s ultra remixed versions and yet nothing beats the jazz of the original one!

6. Dil Dooba (Khakee)

This desi salsa version is truly epic! Thanks to the phenomenal voices of Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam and not to forget Ram Sampat’s fun score. Our man does not disappoint in this one and gives us yet another timeless number to groove to.

7. Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hain Jo Haal (Main Hoon Na)

This one track displays the versatility and range of Sonu Nigam’s voice. There are the needed dramatic undertones as well as those popular, soothing melodious couplets. This one makes you get up and take notice while making you sit back and appreciate his talent.

8. Bole Chudiyan (K3G)

The quintessential shaadi-sangeet song, bole chudiyan is high on drama. Helmed together by a range of talented singers, Sonu leaves his individual mark in this one too. Remember the sensuous-solid way in which he sings that particular ‘hai’ before everyone joins in to humm leja leja?! 

9. Zoobi Doobi (3 Idiots)

You hear this artist sing in the early 90’s or late 2000’s, his voice doesn’t age! This song is a cheerful reminder of just that. Such is the quality of his voice that even the most serious Khan looks jovial and fun while grooving to his vocal alter ego.

10. Aaj Ki Raat (Don 2)

Carving his spot in this precise female jugalbandi, Sonu’s spots here are limited and he rocks even in that! A fun, peppy number, go back to this if you miss the time before this remix-rage and to enjoy a thoroughly original and kickass number. 

11. Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin (Agneepath)

If love had voices, one would certainly be his! Nothing supports this thought better than this melodious-magical rendition. Every word sung here is sure to melt your heart. Nuanced, poised and pristine, this one is soulful personified.

12. Kal Ho Naa Ho (Kal Ho Naa Ho/ Title Track)

Self-admittedly his career defining song, this one holds a special place in everyone’s heart. You need not even be a romantic at heart to surrender to the sublimity of his voice. This one also landed him his first and only National Award and it is not surprising to know why! 

13. Deewana Tera (Deewana Album)

From Nigam’s breakthrough album, this gem is loaded with 90’s nostalgia and old-school vibes. Whether you’re taking a road trip, are immersed in endless musings or simply contemplating the chaos within, this number is your perfect companion. Establishing himself as a king of indie pop in this one, this track is for all times and all types. 

14. Yeh Dil Deewana (Pardes)

Brimming with passion, this one celebrates the pure expressiveness in his voice! He does complete justice to the situation of the protagonist in the plot and delivers an unforgettable and unique track.

15.  Main Agar Kahoon (Om Shanti Om)  

Romantic voices like his play an important part in helping the hero appear to be that adorable chocolate boy. He spells magic and charm with his craft here and that has left us with this ultimate go-to love song.

16.  Mere Haath Mein (Fanaa)

Sonu adds more meaning in this deeply penned song by Prasoon Joshi. Soulful and heartfelt this track reiterates that when he gets behind the mike to make you ‘feel’, time stands still!

17. Saathiya (Saathiya/ Title Track)

Celebrating the love and lover, this track fills with you with joy and lightness each time you hear it. Matching Rehman’s iconic music, Sonu Nigam delivers a number that is as ageless and boundless as him!

18. Ajnabi Shehar Hai (Jaan-e-Mann)

This one is a pure gem! Slow, sensuous and subtle, this track slows down the world for you. Heartfelt music and some amazing display of talent by Nigam renders this track simply surreal. 

19. Satrangi Re (Dil Se)

This track is a work of art by itself. Sonu does complete justice to this thoroughly complex composition and delivers a career-defining performance! Candid, nuanced and expressive, the man goes all out in this one. 

20. Tumhi Dekho Na (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna)

Loaded with all the beauty and delicacy that there is in love, this heartwarming song comes alive in Sonu Nigam’s truthful notes. 

So folks, we hope you’ve had and absolute blast revisiting some of Sonu Nigam’s timeless gems. We shall be utterly happy to know your favourite ones 🙂

5 Reasons That Make a Wedding Hashtag Worth It!

A modern marriage trend, wedding hashtags are here to stay! Not just because it adds to the fun element of your big day, or because an increasing number of couples are opting for one but also because of its utilitarian aspects. Wedding hashtags are like ‘all work and all play’ And if you don’t get the hullabaloo around it, well, we hope you do by the end of this little list! And if you’re the kind who’s always been rooting for it, pat yourself and chill 🙂 

Read on to find out the 5 reasons why a wedding hashtag is totally worth the hype:  

Adds a Unique Quotient to your Wedding!

  Image Source anaffairbythelake

 Every event begins with a story. A simple hashtag captures the entire story in a line or a few words! It adds a unique personality to your affair as it acts as a personal slogan. Imagine how cool it is to have your own wedding slogan! It is also not surprising for modern marriages to be identified or remembered by their hashtags. Beyond the obviously tangible things that are needed to host a wedding, your wedding hashtag is one among the only things that will stay as ‘yours’

Gets your Images Organized 

Image Source Kulgra

Hashtags are not just about fun, but also some serious organization business! One hashtag is all you need to get your images on social media parked in one place. No more searching, nagging your friends, cousins and other relatives to send it to you. A hashtag practically bridges this gap and makes life easier for all!

Nails the Decor Game 

Image Source Rose Walls Decor

Your unique hashtag can also make for some quirky and fun decor elements. It could be in the form of centrepieces, crisp welcome banners, photo booth props or even a spectacular installation! Hashtags decors can certainly give the tried and tested elements a run for their money. And besides, there’s no harm in embracing stuff that can be quite refreshing 🙂

Makes a Memorable Virtual Wedding Album

Image Source Flying Paratha

One of the best boons a wedding hashtag provides is, getting your virtual wedding album on the internet for eternity! You can revisit it whenever you want and share a good laugh. Your digital album will be easily accessible whenever you wish. It serves as a meaningful spot of memories that can be viewed at your command!  

A Fun Way to get your Guests Involved in your Wedding

Image Source

Wedding hashtag is a fun way to get your folks involved in your big day as they will also want to share a part of themselves with you. It could be by getting clicked with the couple, capturing fun moments of the journey or simply posting their favourite things at your marriage using the hashtag. You will also be able to see your wedding through the eyes of your loved ones and that makes it all the more fun and interesting!

So, friends, we hope you now know the pleasure and practical sides of a hashtag and what it can add to your most momentous memories! It’s time for you to get cracking and come up with a killer one 😉   

5 Things You Can Spend on When You Opt for Micro Weddings

An immediate effect of the covid pandemic is the rise in micro weddings. This time it is around not just in for the trend or fad of it but as the need of the hour considering the emphasis on social distancing. Hence, even though Indian marriages have the exact opposite spirit, it’s time to embrace this new and starkly different manner of getting married in a country like ours!

And while you’re playing around the idea of a micro wedding we decided to make life a lot more easier for you by putting this list together that can help you spend, allocate and plan well keeping the interest of your guests in mind. Since intimate affairs are all about the experience, we’ve pieced this keeping the experiential aspect in mind. Reading this will have you convinced that ‘indeed less is more’ Take a look:  

1. Dream Venue!

Image Source Wonderland Bali

Image Source Atisuto Events

One of the first questions that pop in the minds of couples who are all set to tie the knot is the place, the ‘where’ If you’ve always envisioned a quintessential fort wedding or a nuptial by the beach, it’s time to give wings to those cherished desires. Pick the most visually appealing venue-indoor or outdoors according to your preference, and nail the setting spot-on! You’re very well now, picking the perfect venue is half the job done. So be it the most premier banquet, heritage haveli, luxury resort or vibrant lawn, now’s a great time to make meaningful memories with your select few in a splendid milieu.

2. Inclusive Menus

Image Source Isalie Tring

Image Source Isalie Tring

Micro weddings provide a large scope for customization. Hence you must make the most of having a limited number of guests and make them feel special with some thoughtful value additions. A great way of doing that is incorporating inclusive menus. This not only takes care of their preferences, distinct tastes and culinary choice but also looks after their food allergies, health requirements and personal beliefs. Your guests will certainly be touched by this caring gesture and you’ll be proud as hell for giving them a deliciously pleasant memory!

3. Personalized Wedding Favours

 Image Source Little Cookie and Cake Co

Image Source Sol Y Luna

Gifting your guests customized, handcrafted or luxury return favours can be a challenge with a massive pax count as you may end up severely off-shooting your budget. However, that’s not the case with micro weddings where you can now make this possible. Be it personalized memorabilia or handmade chocolates, vintage candles or wellness and beauty kits, you can source these from the finest places or vendors and give your guests reasons enough to remember and remiscine even long after your wedding. After all, who does not love gifts? That too bespoke ones!

4. High End Wedding Photography & Videography

Image Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

Every penny spent on this aspect is worth it. After all, your wedding photos will last a lifetime, or even after that! Hence, get the best team, hire the finest talent to nail this important bit for you. From drone photography to multi-crew set-ups that can capture the perfect frames from a number of angles, we suggest, get it all! As these pictures and videos will be tangible memories of the most momentous day of your life, treat it the same way and give it every importance it deserves!

5. Safety Strategy!

Image Source Handheld Catering

Image Source Golden Coin

We’re certain if anyone was to mention that they have a separate allocated budget for the safety department of their wedding a few years from now, it would send chuckles and giggles down. But not anymore, certainly not in the covid-19 world. Hence we urge you to take this aspect seriously. With micro weddings in, you certainly do much more to ensure top-notch safety measures for your wedding. You can even have a department set-up that can look after waste disposal, venue sanitization, staff hygiene standards, display of venue maps with fire exits, emergency safety and health kit, installation of sanitizer booths and so much more! If you’ve got everything well so far, you don’t want to ruin it all for not incorporating something this essential.

On that note, we hope you get cracking your dream micro wedding with plenty of ideas and inspiration that were up for grabs in here!

6 Essentials For Hosting a Home Wedding

We live in the era of the covid 19 pandemic which has pushed the world to return back to its basics. Perhaps, ever since the outbreak of the technological revolution, this must be one of those rare times in history where a majority of the human species has been compelled to mildly live like the times before technology and modernization hijacked our lives! Eating together, passing down oral traditions, sharing family time and bonding over folklores are a common thing today. Even the way we ring in our celebrations have become more simpler and intimate. And reminiscent of the times when the big fat Indian wedding was not a fad.

Having said that, it all boils down to ‘choice’. If you’ve been getting inspired by the increasing number of couples opting for home weddings this lockdown, then you’ll be happy to know, this list may just have made your life a little simpler! While there is no doubt that you may get the larger elements right, like food, decor, outfits, vendors but the little one you miss out can really dampen the overall experience of your cherished home wedding

So here we are! To your rescue again. This list contains six pointers for you to host a glitch-free affair . Read on to find out more: 

1. Rent/Hire Wisely

Image Source Iwd Australia

Image Source Alanavalentim

Once you’ve got your realistic guest-size in place, it’s time to place orders and hire stuff accordingly. Depending on the area size, hire tables, chairs and other logistics in a way that does not compromise the ‘spacious’ factor. Likewise, unlike grand gatherings, you can fairly ensure that you order food in the right quantity to ensure minimum wastage. While opting for a home-style wedding, it is important you find vendors who understand your sense of aesthetics, need for elevating guest experience rather than reinforcing their commercial agendas. 

2. Ensure Personalized Touches

Image Source Darlene Medeiros

Image Source Shutterfly

Your home wedding is literally your canvas! Treat it like that on your most momentous day. No matter the exquisite paraphernalia, there’s no better set-up than your home to add in those personal touches. It could be a memory photo booth, customized thank you notes, a picture wall or a decor element with monograms. Remember to nail the setting with such thoughtful details.

3. Get or Hire Help

Image Source Julianamenth

Image Source Seattle Farm Tables

If you’ve decided your folks will also shoot your wedding video, serve snacks or get the table setting cracking, apart from cheering for and dancing with you, you have more reasons to smile. To hire professional stewards, planners or cleaners can make everyone’s life a lot more easier. Whichever path you want to tread, ensure you have enough support in every department for planning before, during and after the wedding.

4. Parking Provision

Image Source Twenty7

Image Source Pinterest

This is paramount! You must figure out a place, allocated plot or take necessary permissions from your neighbours to ensure that there is ample parking space for your guest’s vehicles. Also make sure, you have someone dedicatedly guiding guests on where they can park. This also amounts to giving your guests a fuss-free experience!

5. Make Sure Permissions are in Place

Image Source Mixcloud

Image Source HSA Consulting India

These could range from alcohol licenses to speaker volumes and society’s approval. Remember your special day cannot be a cause of chaos and distress for others. Make it as smooth an experience you can imagine for everyone involved and uninvolved too. Hence, start planning in advance so that you can apply for permits and get approvals well in advance.

6. Plan a Little Something for your Guests

Image Source Whatsonhighlands

Image Source Heyletsmakestuff

And finally, as home weddings are big on moments, create new memories with your loved ones who have come to support you on your marriage day. You can plan something special for them and it does not necessarily have to be something fancy or out of the league! Fun games, karaoke sessions, unplugged singing sessions or planned performance. Nothing like roping in some good talents for this. However, if you sit to find, you’ll find all the gems and geniuses in the family itself!

We hope, by getting these vital things right, you have a hassle-free home wedding and make meaningful memories with family and friends!

6 Decor Themes to Bookmark for your Fall 2020 Nuptials!

One of the most challenging aspects of planning your dream wedding is cracking the right theme. That is because it sets the mood and tone of your big day. Your pictures will also by and large depend on the setting you’ve chosen.  Hence, once you’ve zeroed in on the venue, the next step is to decide the theme and plan with your vendors to ensure everybody is on the same page and delivers on the exact same front.

With time on your side, it’s best to start early and ensure to create a magical milieu to celebrate with all your loved ones. We’ve listed 6 famous themes and the important elements in each to get you started. So drop all and get thinking. Read on to find out your possibilities and how you can play around them.

1. Vintage

Image Source Essence Event Decor

Image Source Pavone Design Studios

Opt for a dreamy setting on your most cherished day with a classic vintage theme. Ornate details, intricate chandeliers, birdcages, antique furniture, exotic flowers and exquisite candles among others, are sure to transport you to a timeless era that is full of magic and unmatched beauty!

2. Romantic

Image Source Pinterest

Image Source Buzz 16

A romantic theme decor is all about playing with fine lights, soft hues and stunning floral showers, literally! Give the perfect ode to your love story with this heartwarming theme that sets the mood just right for you to take the plunge.

3. Bohemian

Image Source Prashe Decor

Image Source Ceremony

Spunk things up with a vivacious boho theme wedding as you progress from being lovers to spouses. The eclectic hues of this theme perfectly compliment the zesty spirit of Indian marriage festivities. Throw in those bright colours, metallic mirrors, artistic adornments and quirky finds and let your frames pop!

4. Autumn Leaves

Image Source My Wedding

Image Source Pinterest

Make the most of your fall wedding by hosting an autumn leaves theme wedding. You create wonders with them by opting for leave wreaths, table decor bouquets or simply make use of artificial ones if sourcing the natural ones is a challenge. Pumpkins are also an essential element of this theme. Another subtle way to incorporate this theme is to opt for drapes and candles in this bright orange shade. 

5. Contemporary

Image Source Wedding Invites

Image Source Erinjsaldana

To nail the contemporary theme trend you must embrace metallic hues, textured elements, fuss-free light trails, thoughtfully chosen table linens and clever detailing. Set up a lively photo booth, memory wall or monogram logos to add in those chic touches. If you envision your big day’s setting to be a sophisticated and elegant affair, this theme is all yours!

6. Sustainable

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Image Source Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Let your love for the environment spill into your wedding decor. To opt for a sustainable theme wedding your checklist must have ‘florals and farm to table’ elements like soft colour palettes contrasted with deep greens, lush leaves/foliage adornments, eco-friendly centrepieces, menus printed on recycled/biodegradable materials and certainly a vibe that’s full of minimalism and serenity.  

We hope you can take a leaf out of this list and get geared to zero down on your fall wedding theme. Which one are you opting for then?

Why a Wedding Gift Registry is a Way Forward for New-Age Couples

With the advent of wedding planners and aggregators, hosting a glitch-free marriage is no longer a distant dream. From the venue to the decor, catering and stylists, each and every aspect can be planned to the T. However, one of the essentials and most underappreciated departments is of wedding gifts! So much so that it is not even looked upon as a category. However, having a wedding gift registry is a crucial element of hosting an ‘it’ wedding.

Considering the size of the vast Indian marriage market, the amount of money spent on wedding gifts is huge! Such magnanimous figures for gifts received only for the couple to keep it aside for re-gifting as they’ve received repetitive and not particularly useful items for them. Here’s when a gift registry steps in to bridge this gap and streamline the entire process.

For a generation that does not believe in hoarding, introducing the wedding gift registry element for your big day can be a big boon for all. We’ve listed 5 important reasons why you should totally embrace this and set the trend amongst your peers.

1. Gestures are One Thing. ‘Need’ the Other!

No matter the postscripts on wedding invites, requests or reminders that you only want the ‘blessings’ guests very often do not turn up without a wrapped box, bag or a fancy envelope. And considering the average size of an Indian wedding, chances are you’ll end up receiving the same or similar gift in different variants! As much as you wish to receive things (even behind the polite requests) that are of utilitarian value to you, the reality is ambiguous and reads otherwise. Here is when a wedding registry comes to rescue and makes it a win-win situation for all. You can curate a list of things that you actually need which can drastically reduce the chances of you being gifted things that are redundant to you.

Image Source Positively Personaluk

2. A Step Towards Sustainability

We often associate green weddings with reduction in immediate waste consumption. Though this is not entirely wrong, a deeper introspection into the larger waste cycle will make you realise that even the stuff you receive as gifts and do not need, will eventually qualify as ‘waste’ At the most you will re-gift it to someone who will  pass it on further. As the foundation of sustainability rests on the idea of ‘consumption’ it is better to be vocal and transparent about your needs than to end up hoarding stuff that is not even relevant to you. 

Image Source Red Mandala

3. Goodbye to Guessing Game!

When it comes to wedding gifts, it can turn out to be a real nightmare for most guests. Not only do they have to find a perfect gift, they need to fit it in the budget and know if it is really perfect for you! Rather than being judged as demanding, wedding gift registry is more of a consideration towards the guests invited. This saves them from those endless guessing games or last-minute random buys. Besides, you may need real assistance in setting up your new home or funding your honeymoon more than anything else. It is time you spare them and yourself the hassle of gifting and receiving your tenth crockery set and twelfth flower vase!

Image Source Tenor

4. A Hassle-free Experience!

Imagine trudging around huge boxes and countless bags that cramp your style and space on your big day. Besides you’ll need additional manpower to move the gifts from the venue to home. And since it’s gifts, no one other than close family members can be trusted which means that the time they should be spending with you making memories is now lost to logistical labour! On the other hand, until the guests do not place the gift in your hand, they have to be constantly tied to it. Setting up a wedding gift registry ensures all such chaos is directly cut out! Broken tags, stolen or misplaced gifts, damaged items will all be passe when the registry comes into the picture. The gift that the guest chooses will be packed and safely delivered to the couple.

Image Source Janemeans

5. Scope for Social Responsibility!

Meaningful marriages for most millennial couples today is not just limited to their joys but rather sharing and spreading it to others. Especially those, who are most vulnerable. By opting for a gift registry on your big-day you can get your guests to contribute to a cause that is close to your heart or support a charity’s work. This will also make your guests feel like they are adding value to something noble and larger. It also helps bringing attention and awareness towards relevant issues. The gift registry will streamline this process and ensure a fuss-free experience for all. They can also assist you in choosing appropriate and authentic ones.

Image Source Supportthegirls

Well folks, we hope this leaves you with a good number of reasons to begin with to consider a gift registry for your wedding. The step towards a thoughtful, progressive and peaceful marriage experience begins here! 

Planning a Virtual Wedding? Remember these 5 Points

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced all to see and experience the world a little differently now. Thus, it has compelled the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ to make for WFH- ‘Weddings from Home’ Needless to say, it is less surprising now to see an increasing number of couples opting for ‘virtual weddings’ these days. Even though most prefer taking the plunge the quintessential way, others are happy to rid themselves of the mammoth of uncertainty and anxiety. Hence, making use of technology to beat the odds of time. It works perfectly well for a lot of millennial couples now more than ever before.

If you’re also considering the prospects of walking down the virtual aisle, here are some key pointers you should consider before giving the green signal. Read on:

Honour the Consensus Code

If you’re keen on a virtual wedding, the first thing to do is talk it out with your partner and ensure you both are on the same page. Weigh all the pros and cons, consider each other’s ideas and suggestions and then take things forward. Once you both are on the same page about what to expect and aware of what you’ll are getting into, it will leave no room for conflict in the future. Remember you both must want this equally!

Get your Family On Board

Since Indian marriages are not just about the couple but the families too, having your parent’s approval becomes quite essential. After all, they too must be having a lot of dreams and aspirations with regards to your marriage. However, you can get them to understand the concept of virtual weddings and embrace it. Aid them with successful examples and urge them to look at the brighter side of this kind of a set-up.

Walk the Professional Path

Once you have your better-half and both the families and elders on board, you must look up portals and websites that facilitate such kinds of virtual weddings. The idea is for you to have a fuss-free experience and a memorable one too! Set a budget, look up packages and decide accordingly. And guess what? Professional wedding portals have now made ‘virtual weddings’ a huge hit with the bride and groom getting married with the blessings of a priest (read a full-fledged marriage ritual) by being in three different locations! Hence having professionals onboard will provide you with a single point of contact and make life easier for all!

Ace the E-Invites

With all the primary essentials ticked off, you can now reach out to your friends, relatives and colleagues with your e-invites. Since the concept of virtual weddings is relatively new, it will naturally take time for some of them to come to terms with it. For all you know, your friends had worked out a great joota-chupai plan amongst themselves! As e-invites will be the first official form of communication, it will set the tone for what is to follow. Hence, give emphasis on what all should go in there, how you wish to keep the tone, what elements to use. We suggest you keep it light and vibrant 🙂

Follow  Social Distancing Norms

Agreed, this is a virtual set-up, however, you cannot afford to have too many people gather at your place, friends living by, neighbours or friends of friends. Because that is going to defeat the entire point of a ‘virtual’ wedding and most importantly risk the health and safety of all. So keep your collective enthusiasm in check, be responsible and ensure all social distancing rules are practiced diligently.

Well, folks, we hope you keep all of the above pointers in mind before planning your virtual wedding. And remember ‘safe’ is the new swag 😉