Abhishek and Deepika’s Big Fat Indian Wedding – When Love Comes Knocking!

3rd February 2021 marked the date of the union of two souls to walk on the path of love forever. Abhishek and Deepika made a decision to share their lives after contemplating a lot of things, however in the end what matters is that when love comes knocking, you always open the door.

They tied the knot in a big fat Indian wedding setting. We want to tell you everything about it, but hold on a little, let’s start with their story first.

The Love Story

Their love story is a little different, it wasn’t love at first sight or they didn’t go gaga over each other on their first meeting. They met in a formal arrangement set up through an agent. Yes, it is an arranged marriage. They didn’t click at the first meeting, they took their time to think it through and eventually they said yes. They said yes to spend their eternity together.

The Proposal

On asking about the proposal, Deepika chuckled and said that Abhishek said yes first and she took her time to say yes. She also gave us a little insight into her brewing love and romance. On talking about the most lovable or romantic moments of their love story or what made them love each other, she talked about care, respect, and efforts that Abhishek took to woo her were just adorable. He handles all her mood swings with ease, he helped her in choosing outfits, he also took extra efforts to get a box of chocolates customized with #ABHIKA on it (PS:- Time to fall head over heels with these guys) for the first Karwa Chauth before the wedding. Not only the chocolates, but he also gifted her an iPhone. Who wouldn’t fall in love when you find such a romantic partner.

The Wedding

Their wedding was nothing short of a grand ceremony. It was a big fat Indian wedding where the decor was a mix of an Indian traditional look and a hint of a western theme. The entire wedding ceremony went on for a couple of days – cocktail party, engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, then finally the grand wedding and the reception. Every function was regal, the decor, the wedding couture, and their adorable pictures melted our hearts for sure. Don’t believe us? Have a look at their pictures and you will fall in love with them. They are planning to go to the Maldives for their honeymoon. They also made a joke on this one that it is the only place where they can go after Covid. 

The Photographs

Here are the amazing pictures that we were talking about. They also had an amazing pre-wedding shoot done. On talking about the best part about their wedding, she said she loved photography as well as videography. They are super happy with Safarnama Films as their photographer.

Scroll down to see their amazing pictures. 

Dream Team

Photographer- safarnamafilms

Bridal wear- sudhirbhaisareevala

Groomswear – andglory_official

Makeup Artist – Engagement- makeoverbymanleen

Makeup Artist- Reception and Wedding – atulchauhanmakeovers

So, this was all about Abhishek and Deepika and their big fat Indian wedding. So, we can rightly say when love comes knocking at the door, no one can stop themselves from falling into it.

Hannah and Shahrukh tied the knot in a Muslim Wedding Ceremony – #HansUpForSRK

One of the most dreamy wedding ceremonies that we have ever seen is of this blogger bride – Hanna Khan (@hannaskhan ) that we are featuring today. This isn’t just a wedding story, it indeed is a beautiful tale. It is so magical that we are completely mesmerized by it. Also, their Muslim wedding ceremony was so gorgeous that it is nothing but perfect. To sum it up, this wedding comes with 6 glamorous outfits, pin-worthy decor, notable guests like Tamannaah Bhatia, Sohail Khan and Salman Khan, and all this made it surreal. Without further ado, let’s get onto their perfect love story.

The Story

It was a cold winter evening when a mutual friend wanted to play the role of cupid. While having a random conversation with that friend he told her to go on a date with Shahrukh, Hanna recalled a Facebook conversation that she had with Shahrukh Merchant three years back. She also remembered that he had asked her to go on a date with him but then she completely stopped talking or replying to him. On the mention of his name by her friend, she thought of giving him a fair chance this time. They again started talking. Maybe this time the love was in the air and they sniffed it in. She also said that meanwhile, he has talked to the same mutual friend about their future, their hypothetical wedding, and their magical love story, and with this, she got the assurance that he isn’t afraid of commitment. It seems like the universe wanted them to meet and fall in love

After a month of chasing and chatting, she finally agreed to meet Shahrukh. They met in their favorite seafood restaurant. He discussed everything they could have talked about in this world. Their date went on for hours until the whole staff gathered around them to clear the premises so they could go home, somehow they still didn’t want to leave. She loved how he always addressed them as us and this made her feel the togetherness and love that she wanted.  And this is how the love story started. They dated for 6 months and then he finally popped the question. If you are in awe of the story, then hold on this is just the beginning. It gets even more exciting.

The Proposal

Their proposal was the most beautiful and grand proposals of all time. This time they took it international. Their proposal happened on a private beach in Bahrain. The story of this magical proposal was revealed by her longtime beau Sharukh himself. He said, “This is the beginning of everything, so I knew it had to be special, I wanted it to be nothing short of a fairy tale. I got a lot of suggestions from close friends, both mine and hers. After hearing them all out, there was nothing that clicked, I felt that for the first time when I saw the beach that it had to be done there. This herculean task was one that I knew couldn’t be all managed by myself so I have to give credit where it’s due, to Vikram from Mpirevents without whom none of this would be possible. From discussing live artists to decor setup to the food menu, there was endless effort and contribution from his end. Hanna being the proactive person that she is had regularly shared dream proposal ideas to drop hints during our dating phase which helped me create a base to work upon and so I did. Everything else was just a culmination of those thoughts.”

OMG! It is soooo romantic, isn’t it? 

On asking about this to Hannah, she had her side of the story ready too. She said all this while when they were in Bahrain, she had no clue about the intentions of Shahrukh. He had told her that they are going for a date and thus, she was all ready and dolled up for him. He took her to the beach and on seeing the setup she was so overwhelmed because it was exactly what she has envisioned for all her life. Every detail that she has ever talked about was there and she knew that this is it. She said yes. We can only imagine the beauty of this and the intensity of love of Shahrukh for Hanna.

The Wedding

Of course, by reading about their love tale and their proposal story, you would have a fair idea that their wedding was not a simple affair. It was a grand Muslim wedding with the main ceremony of Nikah held in the Ram Bagh Palace. It had to be just like the Kings and Queens. Don’t worry we are going to tell you all about their festivities, be it Haldi, Sangeet or their Nikah and reception. We have the details for all and we will be sharing it with you all.

Starting with her Bridal Shower, she had a theme for it. It was a Chanel themed Bridal Shower. It was black and white with hints of colours like pink blooms. It also had a Chanel customized menu. She celebrated her Chanel themed bridal shower with her fiance and her close friends. It indeed was as exquisite as it seems. 

Moving to her intimate Mehndi Ceremony, it was a small affair planned at her home on 28th February 2021. This fashion and luxury blogger kept it simple yet elegant in this function. Hanna Khan wore a bright green lehenga with a floral cape by Neha Chopra Tandon, which was nothing but classy and elegant. She had paired it with Amaris’ signature palette of rubies, emeralds with uncut diamonds and also braided her hair and tucked in a bunch of baby’s breath flowers. That is the perfect touch of sophistication. The Decor Company made it look surreal with fresh flowers and cute floral hanging cane baskets that added as a perfect backdrop for the at-home intimate mehndi ceremony. 

They also had a common Mehndi Ceremony or as they call it a combined Mehndi Ceremony. She adorned a completely different outfit this time. She wore an offbeat red and white colour cape lehenga for the mehndi ceremony that was designed by a renowned designer and sister of the bride, Ohaila Khan. On talking about her dresses, her sister said that all the dresses that she has worn in her wedding ceremonies and functions are custom made and fits her style, personality, taste, and themes. While Hanna looked beautiful in her sister’s ensemble, Shahrukh Merchant made sure to look dapper in crisp white sherwani by Avinash Punjabi. 

Let’s have a look at their Haldi Ceremony. This is supposedly the most fun pre-wedding festivity. Hanna Khan wore a Marori embroidered ombré Badhani sharara by Ohaila Khan. She paired it with a dainty white and yellow floral haathphool and earrings by Floral Art by Srishti. Ohaila Khan, her sister said that “Her wedding wardrobe has been gaining immense appreciation due to the exclusive craft and talent seen in every look however the secret ingredient is the threads of love that have been used in the process.” We totally agree with her. Hanna just looked surreal in every outfit she picked for her celebrations.

Another fun festivity is a Sangeet Ceremony. This celebration took place in Rambaugh Palace, and all we can say is that it was full of energy. Hanna Khan wore a dazzling pink embellished cape sangeet lehenga by Ohaila Khan which she paired with a two-layered diamond and emerald necklace. With glowing makeup by Meera Sakhrani and a voguish ponytail hairstyle by Ritika hairstylist, Hanna looked straight out of a fairy tale. It looked the best on the dancing bride. While Shahrukh Merchant picked a navy blue sherwani set of Falguni Shane Peacock, which matched perfectly with his bride-to-be. Their Sangeet was also a successful event full of joy and vigour. 

Now, coming to the most awaited celebration of a Muslim Wedding Ceremony, the Nikah ceremony, everything was just perfect and beautiful. The decor was pastel themed where fresh blooms in the entry arch, aisle, and mandap screamed heaven that was beautifully done by Atisuto Events. The entire set up was drop-dead gorgeous. The decor surely has left a lot of people to wonder how beautiful a wedding can be. For her big day, she adorned an ivory ensemble by Ohaila Khan that was heavily embroidered with a veil to follow a traditional essence. She also wore cute mini kaleeras by Raabta By Rahul, minimal diamond jewellery and fresh lavender flowers as hair accessories to complete her look. This complemented her outfit to the T. She looked breathtaking mesmerizing. You can not take your eyes off her, we bet on this. Even her bridal entry was grand and dramatic with phoolon ki chaadar, and a gorgeous glass aisle. Coordinating with his bride, longtime beau Shahrukh Merchant on the other hand wore an embroidered beige sherwani by Shantanu and Nikhil. The couple looked heavenly and we were glad that they had a cupid to make this love story happen and we got to witness something so extravagant and beautiful. 

Lastly, coming to the Reception ceremony, you all are going to go gaga over her looks. She is the first Indian Bride to wear an Elie Saab curated outfit, and that outfit is just dreamy and surreal. We haven’t seen something so ahhh-mazing ever. The process of making her reception outfit even a thing was extremely personalized and took thousands of hours of embroidery work which led to a stunning outfit weighing approximately 30kgs making Hanna the first Indian bride outfitted by the famed designer. Hanna met Mr Saab back in 2019 when she attended the wedding of Elie Saab Jr.  She was given private access to the floor at Elie Saab headquarters in Beirut where she was shown private bridal samples and collections that haven’t been shown or revealed to anybody else until date. The sketch was created after a lot of back n forth and zoom meetings due to the pandemic but at last, the one-of-a-kind Elie Saab Haute Couture gown was created and it’s simply magnificent and gratifying. The larger-than-life gown bedecked with Swarovski crystals was topped with a veil that was 8 meters long. 

On the other hand, Shahrukh wore a classic tuxedo by Gaurav Gupta which went perfectly with the reception party. 

Dream Team

Wedding Hashtag: #HansUpForSRK 

Blogger bride: @hannaskhan 

Venue: Mehndi and Haldi at @jaimahalpalace      

Sangeet, Nikaah and Reception  @rambaghpalace 

Outfit: @theohailakhanofficial – ( all functions ) 

             @eliesaabworld-  ( reception ) 

Hair: @ritikahairstylist 

Makeup: @meerasakhrani 

Brides Mom and Sister’s makeup: @gurumakeupart

Decor: @atisuto_events 

Photography: @recall_pictures 

Events:  @mpirevents

What else we could say about this Muslim Wedding Ceremony of Hanna Khan and Sharukh Merchant. It has left us spellbound. It was full of magic and we are mesmerized to the core. 

Imperfectly Perfect Wedding Story of the Two Lifestyle Bloggers

“If everything is imperfect in this imperfect world, LOVE is the most perfect in its perfect imperfection.”

This isn’t just a quote, this is the reality of the two lifestyle bloggers, who tied the knot recently to love each other perfectly in this imperfect world. Do you know who we are talking about? If you are a follower of lifestyle and travel gram, then you might know about the two famous bloggers, Payal and Harsh. They are the Instagram blogger couple and their page goes by the name, “theimperfectblend.” They call themselves by this name as they are poles apart, and they say that their bond is just imperfectly blended and that is what makes their love story such an amazing tale.

The Wedding

Just like every other wedding, they had a number of festivities, but they kept their guest list short. Harsh and Payal kept their wedding a tiny yet grand affair. From the coolest pool party to the hottest mehndi ceremony, from color coordination to wearing a pop of color, they pulled it off like a pro. And, of course, their wedding ceremony was the talk of the town too.

Roka Ceremony

Harsh and Payal wore a similar shade of yellow for their engagement ceremony. They looked just perfect together. 

Sangeet Ceremony

Payal wore a gold shade gown and Harsh wore a black suit to contrast her look. They gave a heartwarming performance on the song Baari. Once you’ll see the cutest reaction from Payal’s parents, you’ll know why we call it heartwarming. 

Coolest Pool Party

In the midst of the wedding nuances, a fun day seems like a much-needed affair. It was a colorful day, not just their outfits but even the decor and ambiance of the day screamed joy. 

The Grand Day

This day was just surreal. Payal’s bridal look made her look nothing short of a queen. Her jewelry, her makeup, and her gorgeous smile took away all the limelight for sure. Harsh also wore a Sherwani that was of the same color as Payal and that made their look even more mesmerizing. The decor was full of flowers and Payal entered the venue in the grandest way. And, with this, their wedding celebrations ended, but their love story didn’t. 

PS:- They took off to the Maldives for their honeymoon. Head on to their Instagram and have a look at their stunning posts. 

Dream Team


Outfit: @Jmamakeupstudio

Makeup & Hair: SELF

Location: @riverwindsresort  

Jewelry:  _krafterina

Mehndi: @reshma_mehandi_artist

Pool Party:

Outfit: @Jmamakeupstudio

Makeup & Hair: SELF

Location: @riverwindsresort

Jewelry: @flair_by_tanvi

Photography: vchitra_studio

Decor/Event: @d_mits_events

Cocktail/ Engagement

Outfit: @a_h_designs_official

Makeup & Hair: @makeupbybhumikasaj

Location: @riverwindsresort 

Jewelry: @kayodesigns

Photography: vchitra_studio

Decor/Event: @d_mits_events 


Outfit:  @Jmamakeupstudio – House of Grace Boutique

Makeup & Hair: @makeupbybhumikasaj

Location: @riverwindsresort 

Jewelry: @kayodesigns

Photography: vchitra_studio

Decor/Event: @d_mits_events

Dreamy Indian Wedding Celebration of Abhishek and Ritu – 8 Years to Forever!

“We don’t choose love, love chooses us.”

This is perfectly fit for the couple, whose story we are about to share today. Abhishek and Ritu tied the knot after being with each other for roundabout 8 years. Isn’t this just amazing? You meet someone, you fall in love and it stays forever. That is pretty much the summed up version of their love story. Don’t worry, this is not all,  we are going to take you along with us on the ride of their love adventure. Hang on tightly, here we go!

The Story

Like many other love stories, even this one involves friends. Sound cliche, right? One of their common friends introduced them to each other, then the rest became the love story for all of us to cherish. Ever since they met, they have been together. Their eight-year-old friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship and ultimately led to a spectacular 4-day long Indian wedding festivity. 

The Proposal

The best part of their wedding tale is the proposal. Unlike the cliche start of their love story, their proposal story is hands down unique. Abhishek played a secret trick, he changed his name on Ritu’s cellphone to “Will You Marry Me”. Yes, this indeed is so romantic and we are sure you are excited to know what happened next. He called Ritu and she got confused looking at the name that popped on the screen. She turned to Abhishek and told him that see somebody named “will you marry me” is calling on my phone. That was the cue to Abhishek, he pulled out the ring and proposed to her like a true gentleman.  Of course, she said Yes, and then we got to witness their beautiful Indian wedding celebration. Don’t you also agree that this was one of the best proposals we have ever known about?

The Wedding

Their wedding took place amidst the pandemic. They planned an intimate Indian wedding ceremony at a remote place in Maharashtra. Along with their beautiful wedding ceremony, they also had 4 pre-wedding festivities namely Haldi, Mehendi, Mandap Mahurat and an intimate cocktail party with their close family and friends. Ritu planned the wedding with the assistance of the Wedding Wale’s team. They had all the colours to make their Indian wedding full of glory while it showcased a transition into an elegant affair of muted and chic tones.

The Photography

Their entire wedding was captured by WhatKnotIn. They managed to capture every little detail and every little emotion. Their seamless photography was well appreciated by the couple itself. Infact, the groom went ahead to say, “every photograph captured makes me relive my wedding even today.” Have a look at the pictures and you will fall in love with this adorable couple.

Dream Team

Wedding Planner- Wedding Wale


So, what do you think about their beautiful love story? Ain’t you in love with it? We truly are.

Disha and Jigar Tied The Knot in A Dreamy Wedding Celebration; Indeed A Celebration of Love!


They met, they fell in love, and they lived happily ever after. Yes, this is the love story of the couple that we are going to give you full insights about in today’s blog. You will absolutely adore the couple as much as we do. So, hang with us for a little while more and you will also fall in love with their magical story. 

The Love Story

Their love story started back in 2009 when Jigar and Disha were in Junior College. They fell madly in love with each other, and they have been inseparable since then. Their love story is nothing less than a movie plot. High School sweethearts spending a decade together only to tie the knot at the end. We are all just mesmerized by the magic of their tale.

The Proposal

So, right on the day of their 10th anniversary, Jigar surprised Disha by proposing to her. It was back in 2019. And, like their extraordinary tale, their proposal wasn’t just simple too. Jigar might have planned this for months before executing it. He booked a yacht for making this moment a milestone in their journey. Oh! Their proposal might have been so surreal. Jigar popped out the ring and said, ‘This is what I did 10 years ago for a relationship and now I am asking you for marriage, will you marry me?’ And she had the biggest smile on her face as she exclaimed a ‘yes!’. That’s just perfect!

The Wedding

Which story is complete without any twist. Their story had its downs too. When they were all set to get married to each other, the COVID pandemic hit the world and everything came to a stop, including their wedding day. Since the day they got engaged, they were planning and it was heartbreaking to see their plan getting wasted. That’s when they decided to take the remote control back. They downsized their wedding guest list and got married in a cozy ceremony held at the beautiful destination The Gateway by Taj, Nashik. They did everything they could to make their wedding day a dreamy one. And, with a keen eye for detail, their decor was on-point and they tied the knot without any hassle just to be together forever. 

The Photographer

Yes, we had to extend a special mention to the photographers of this particular wedding day. They are none other than, WhatKnot Photographer. They weren’t just there to capture their wedding nuances. They were there to capture their proposal too. Right from that day to the last day of festivity, they were there to give us picture-perfect memories. Every shot captured by the Whatknot team expressed a plethora of emotions and also gave a treasure trove of memories to cherish.

The Dream Team

Photography and Videography: WhatKnot Wedding Photography

Wedding Planner and Decor: Vivaahsutra by Vinod Daryani

Groom’s Outfits: Kora by Nilesh Mitesh (Engagement, Wedding),Ajay Arvindbhai Khatri (Haldi), Prima Czar (Sangeet)

Bride’s Outfits: Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas (Engagement), Aari (Sangeet)

Bride Makeup and Hair: Mamta Parsana

Invites: Desai Arts

Choreography: Priyanka Modi

Entertainment: DJ Monty (Sangeet) & Rohan Mehta

The Photographs

Here are the amazing pictures that we were talking about. Scroll down to see the magic with your own eyes.


So, this was all about Jigar and Disha. It indeed was a fairytale love story, and the only thing that we can say about them is that they “were a true work of art.”

Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi Tied The Knot in a Surreal Wedding Ceremony!

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” ~ Franklin P. Jones

While Dia tried her best to keep the wedding a hush-hush affair, it eventually made up to the gossip mongers and it did become the talk of the town well before they got engaged or married. However, Dia and Vaibhav managed to keep the wedding a simple yet surreal ceremony. Franklin rightly said that love doesn’t have to be so grand to turn the world around but so pure that you find happiness in the simple things that you do together. They indeed made it truer to believe. 

Dia’s Take On Her Wedding Day

She had a lot to say about her wedding day festivities, and what her actual vision was for the day. Though she wanted a magical setting and a dreamy decor, she did not choose any avant-garde location or a destination wedding, in fact she chose the most intimate and perfect space for her simple and soulful ceremony. She tied the knot in her apartment garden where she has spent the past 19 years.

Not only this but she was also very proud to have been able to organize a completely sustainable ceremony without plastics or any waste. All the materials that were used were completely biodegradable and natural.

According to Dia Mirza, the best part about her wedding was the Vedic ceremony and the woman priest, who conducted the ceremony. Indeed that was something that we don’t see usually.  

She said, “I had never seen a woman performing a wedding ceremony until I attended my childhood friend Ananya’s wedding a few years ago. Ananya’s wedding gift to Vaibhav and me was to bring Sheela Atta who is her aunt and also a priestess, to perform the ceremony for us. She also painstakingly went through several hours of training to imbibe the essence of the scriptures so that she could assist Sheela Atta and translate the shlokas! It was such a privilege and a joy to be married this way! We do hope with all our heart that many more couples make this choice. For it is a woman’s heart that contains love, wonder, benediction, magical energy, tenderness and deep empathy for all that lives. It is time for women to own their agency, their divinity, their power and to redefine what is old and birth what is new. As Charles Bukowski said, “there is no lie in their fire.” So what can be more uplifting and empowering than to see the sacred fire within a woman’s heart and soul taking centre stage at a wedding? I am still overwhelmed by the magic of this one moment.” Not only this but they also said NO to ‘Kanyadaan’ and ‘Bidaai’. Because, as Dia rightly said that change surely begins with a choice, doesn’t it?

So, now you know it too, how soulful and simple was Dia Mirza’s wedding day, and no doubt it will hold these cherishable memories for the years to come. 

Decorator’s Take On Dia’s Wedding Day

Though the decorators were the same as her first wedding team, however, the task here was completely different. This time the envisioned wedding was a simple yet beautiful ceremony with eco-friendly decoration ideas. 

Dia Mirza tied the knot with Vaibhav Rekhi in a private ceremony on 15 February 2021. The simple and soulful ceremony was held in her garden where Dia spent most of her mornings for the last 19 years. It was a close-knit ceremony with a limited guest list of 60 people The micro wedding was highly personalized and curated, adhering to the privacy of the couple.

Being a connoisseur of eco-friendly living, Dia wanted the decor to be sustainable without any usage of plastic. Therefore Aashna incorporated in the decor were cut glass candle holders used on the dining table and even on the trees, brass plates, jute fabric, different types of candles, Diya jaalis to add glitter, and lastly loads of flowers. With an extension of Dia’s personality, Aashna handpicked brands and vendors that were homegrown and supported the ‘Made in India’ initiative. The flowers selected for the decor were all Indian hyperlocal flowers like mogra, rajnigandha, and shevanti ladis. The wedding ceremony witnessed decor highlights with a few heart-touching elements like the bells that were attached to the chairs for the guest to ring during Dia and Vaibhav’s pheras. There were personalized notes placed on the chairs for the guest to remind them of the important role they played in Dia and Vaibhav’s life.

The Wedding Couture

Dia is an epitome of simplicity and elegance, the wedding was designed to reflect her taste. The wedding attire she selected depicted her love for nature, she wore a beautiful Banarasi saree by Raw Mango, and to compliment it she wore some beautiful mogra on her hair. Her bridal entry was planned just in line with her persona. Dia made her sophisticated entry with her nephew and niece holding the fun signage – “Here comes your Bride” and a little girl holding a basket full of flower petals.

The Wedding Photography

We all know that you have reached the end of the blog waiting to see some beautiful shots of the couple tying the knot. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of their dreamy wedding celebration.

Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi’s Dream Team

Making any wedding a successful event is not an easy task. It does need a handful of people always on their toes to make it all work out. Here is the dream team of Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi’s wedding day.

Dia’s Bridal Outfit: Raw Mango

Decorators: Aash Studio

Wedding Planner: Divinity Weddings

Catering: Moveable Feast

Makeup Artist: Shraddha Mishra

Mehendi Artist: Falguni Damania

Vaibhav’s Outfit: Raghavendra Rathore

DJ: DJ Krish Mulchandani (TBOM)

Photography: Tejinder Singh Photography

Videography: The Wedding Filmer

Overall this close-knit ceremony lit by the ashen skies with the surreal decor was nothing short of a symphony for the soul.

Haryana Destination Wedding: Richa Weds Rachit at Best Western Manesar

“Love isn’t something that you find, it’s something that finds you.” – Anonymous

The above line rings true in the case of our lovely couple – Rachit and Richa. Unlike a mushy romantic love story, this couple met through an arranged marriage setup. But soon fell in love with each other.

It was as if the universe wanted Richa and Rachit to fall in love and spend an eternity together. So, when Rachit’s father got a WhatsApp message with Richa’s biodata, Rachit happened to go through it. In an instant, Rachit felt he wanted to meet her and explore what their future prospects would be like. In fact, even his friends thought that Richa was a good match for him.

“On our first meeting, we met with the entire family. Within five minutes of our meeting, Rachit decided that because we (Rachit & I) had to make a decision about our future, we needed some space to talk.” Says Richa, the bride.

Their discussion went on for about two hours. They then decided they had to meet again. This second meeting too, had them talking and discussing their future plans for many hours. “Before my second meeting, it got me thinking… I had never felt this way about a girl. I was thinking a lot about her. So, I felt we had something special and could make this work.” – Rachit, the groom.

The brief courtship period was a complete rollercoaster ride as Richa says Rachit has a very crazy side to him and no one can put anything past him. Remembering one such event, Richa says, “He surprised me and everyone, when he came with a small baraat, made up of his friends, family and the dholwalahs to my residence at 1 AM just before the wedding festivities began. He did so to surprise me as I had mentioned ki Ghar par baraat aane ki feel hee alag hoti hogi na…”

Planning the wedding was another task. The couple maintained many excel sheets to ensure no detail was missed out. It was tough but they managed it together.

The Wedding

They decided to tie the knot at Best Western Manesar, Haryana on 9th December 2019. For her wedding, Richa wanted everything unusual, i.e., different and unique from everything she had seen so far at weddings.

Therefore, they created a stop motion video as their invitation instead of regular wedding cards.

The wedding ceremonies kicked off with the Mehendi ceremony where the theme was orange and green. For her mehendi ceremony, Richa wore a sage green lehenga and matching floral jewellery. She paired her lehenga with a pink dupatta. Her groom, Rachit wore an indo-western outfit in red and green to match his bride.

To make the event even more, they pair had a flashmob to get every dancing!

Their sagan ceremony had a Moroccan theme party. For this function, Richa wore a deep purple lehenga choli with mirror work by Payal Sethi. Rachit looked dapper in his royal midnight blue outfit with embroidered golden birds.

The Sagan ceremony saw Richa perform a bridal solo dance as a tribute to her parents. At the sangeet ceremony, they had a Big Boss-like event.

About the Photographer – Think Tonk

He is simply amazing!

For her Haldi and Bhaat rasam, Richa wore a simple suit to ring in the intimate ceremony. For her grand evening wedding, she wore a stunning blood red lehenga by Anish Rawra with heavy embroidery. She completed her look with stunning gold jewellery.

About the Photographer – Think Tonk

He is simply amazing!

Dream Team

Mehendi- Apsara collection

Sagan- Payal Sethi, Shahpur Jat

Bhaat- Odhni, pitampura

Wedding- Anish Rawra, Shahpur jat

Reception- Odhni, Pitampura

Makeup- Neelam Harish

Mehendi- Oawan Mehendi wala

Decorator and wedding planner- Celebration Concepts

An Intimate Small Wedding Amidst Lockdown: Ex-Miss India Koyal Rana Weds Businessman Ayush Dabas

There’s a certain charm about lockdown weddings, don’t you think? It reinstates the whole idea of ‘chat mangni, pat biyah’ and how! Under normal circumstances, couples meeting through an arranged match would want to spend more time together to get to know each other before they decide to take the plunge in holy matrimony. However, since the lockdown in India, and across the world, we have seen that couples who had just met or were in a relationship and planning their big fat wedding celebrations, suddenly decided to tie the knot either over a zoom call, google hangouts or have small intimate weddings amidst the pandemic.

And one such story is that of former Miss India, the lovely Koyal Rana. Koyal met Ayush, a Delhi-based businessman only a few months back. In fact, they met during the lockdown itself. Having met through their families, things moved really fast for this couple. And for the inquisitive ones, Koyal says, “it was a destined wedding!”

But how did Koyal and Ayush decide to be life partners so quickly? Well, their families met over tea and the couple was introduced to each other. Soon they got talking and spoke about education, spirituality and even history. Koyal was so enamoured that she never wanted the conversation to end!

They both realised they had many things in common and grew up believing the same value systems and similar aspirations. In short, this match was heaven sent! However, the couple did not exchange numbers. They did not speak for a week post their first meeting. Then Ayush called on Koyal’s mother’s number and they continued their conversation. They both decided to get married and go with the flow as everything felt right.

To further strengthen their match, when Koyal sent a piece of her written work to Ayush, he made some poignant observations about the project and Koyal was touched. Soon, they wrote lengthy emails and these emails turned into virtual love letters in no time. They decided to meet again and this time around, they figured out that they were meant to be together. Koyal says, “The most important decision of our lives, was the easiest one!”

But here’s the catch – the country was in quarantine and therefore, the typical big fat Indian weddings were a Big NO. But for Koyal this was the perfect setting. This is because she had always wanted an intimate wedding with a simple ceremony with her closest friends and family only. And a lockdown wedding presented her with this perfect opportunity. So, this lockdown, intimate wedding was a dream come true for her. Also, a small marriage ceremony does have its perks! In a small marriage ceremony, you can spend more quality time with your loved ones and it is easier to mingle and to have a conversation too. In short, great memories with people who matter the most!

The Quarantine Wedding

Like all Indian weddings, the wedding festivities kicked off with a Haldi function, followed by Sangeet and Mehendi. For her Mehendi and wedding, Koyal reached out to VowtoWow.co to help style her stunning outfits. Meenal Narula and Venika Khanna of VTW helped Koyal with the best outfits and styled her looks for the functions.

The Mehendi

For her mehendi, which was a fun yet laidback affair, Koyal wore orange linen pants with an embroidered blouse in peach and a ruffle-trimmed organza cape jacket in blush pink. She completed her look with a simple yet elegant layered diamond jewellery from Kotwala jewellers. Staying true to a simple wedding, Koyal opted for minimal bridal mehendi as well. And not to miss the matching mask to go with her outfit!

All mehendi pictures courtesy of Rohit Kumar Photos

For her wedding, Koyal wore a stunning baby pink heavily embroidered lehenga. Her look was simple, with flawless makeup that enhanced her already beautiful features. She completed her look with an emerald layered haar and a diamond emerald necklace – all from Kotwala jewellers, a perfect contrast to her pink lehenga.

All wedding pictures courtesy of Gautam Khullar Photography

While weddings in India are huge affairs, given the current quarantine situation, the government norms allow only 50 pax events. Therefore, for their wedding, this couple was on the lookout for places to have a small wedding. And they narrowed down on a farmhouse in Delhi.

The wedding was hosted at a farmhouse in Delhi with only immediate family members in attendance. While Koyal had always wanted a small wedding, she did miss her friends and extended family members who couldn’t make it.

The Dream Team

Styling – VowtoWow.co

Jewellery – Kotawala Jewels

Makeup – ArtistrybyAnurisha

Wedding Photography – Gautam Khullar Photography

Mehendi Photography – Rohit Kumar Photos

Rohan Murthy ties the Knot with Aparna Krishnan

Infosys founders’ Sudha Murthy and Narayan Murthy’s son Rohan Murthy tied the knot with Aparna Krishnan on 2nd December 2019. It was a private event attended by close friends and family of the couple. According to sources, Aparna and Rohan met three years ago through a mutual friend and have been together ever since. The bride looked radiant in a fine silk kanjivaram while the groom was spotted in the traditional white mundu. 

Image source: Claude Laure Photography 

The reception was hosted on the same evening and was attended by the cream of the IT industry. Co-founders Nandan Nilekani, Krish Gopalakrishnan, S.D. Shibulal, K. Dinesh were also spotted at the reception. The groom wore a simple kurta and black pants and his bride wore a white lehenga with floral embroidery. 

Rohan has a doctorate from Harvard University in computer science and is a Junior Fellow at the Society of Fellows of the University. His PhD thesis on the use of white spaces (spectrum) is considered path-breaking. Aparna has a degree in economics from Dartmouth College and has worked at McKinsey and Sequoia Capital in India. She works at Soroco, a computer science firm founded by Rohan in 2014. 

Wishing Rohan & Aparna a happy married life!