Destination Wedding in Nashik – Aaditi Weds Dhruv at Soma Vine Village

Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’? For our cute couple, Aaditi and Dhruv, it was love at first date! The world of dating today involves many apps. You post your profile; you browse pictures and swipe right if you happen to like someone. And if things go well, you can plan an actual date.

This is exactly how Aaditi and Dhruv’s love story began. They met each other on 17th September in New York City, having met on a dating app. They planned to meet at the City Vineyards, Battery Park for their first date. And the couple hit it off immediately. They spent their date laughing, telling stories from their life and spoke for hours. Before the night was over, Dhruv realised he had found his lady love!

The couple, both having carved a niche for themselves in their respective careers in the world of finance, Aaditi and Dhruv connected on a deeper level as individuals. They both were immigrants, career-oriented, had similar stories and values they shared. And together, as a couple, they felt at home with each other. This is what strengthened their love all the more!

Over time, Aaditi and Dhruv explored the hidden gems of NYC together and chatted their evenings away into late hours of the night.

But how did they decide to seal the deal and tie the knot? Dhruv had to move to San Francisco for a new career opportunity, and on her first trip to the city to meet him, Dhruv had planned an elaborate evening on the coast. Being a typical Virgo, he had made dinner reservations at Greens for a specific time when the sun would set so that they could enjoy the beautiful sunset on the coast together. During this dinner, seeing the planning, the lovely ambience and the delicious food that Dhruv had planned all for her, Aaditi was hit by this simplicity and thoughtfulness. Dhruv was pure joy to her. Despite moving away from NYC, the couple continued their never-ending dates. They kept up by Facetiming each other and taking trips together to spend quality time.

And even though Aaditi was totally charmed by Dhruv’s wits and thoughtfulness and peppy personality, it was our commitment to each other over long-distance made it real for Aaditi.

The Proposal

Now, no love story of our times is complete without an amazing proposal, right? In October 2018, when Dhruv and Aaditi were visiting Greece and island hopping, he had planned an elaborate romantic proposal for her in Calderas, Santorini. But the rain gods had other plans and his plans fell flat! But the man did not lose hope and just before their dinner reservations, under the moonlit sky on the roof of one of the Calderas, by the blue-domed historic Church (yes, just like in the films!), Dhruv got down on his knees to propose Aaditi. And what’s more – he even had a ring in her size and that too with the family heirloom diamond!

This took Aaditi by total surprise! Before this, they had never discussed rings! How did he even know her ring size? When did he even ask for permission to propose from Aaditi’s family? Turns out the whole thing was planned weeks in advance by him.

Meet the Parents

Now here’s the plot twist! So far, Dhruv and Aaditi’s love story was smooth and without any bumps but as soon as the families were involved… things changed. No, not for the worse but as this was going to be a cross-cultural wedding, i.e., Aaditi being a Maharashtrian and Dhruv being a Gujarati, both families were concerned about cultures clashing.  

But it was Dhruv’s sister who spearheaded the meet with his parents. They had their concerns since Aaditi wasn’t “Gujju”. But Namrata (Dhruv’s elder sister) and Dhruv worked hard on convincing them to focus on things that really mattered. And after spending some time with Aaditi without reservations, they gave a thumbs up.  On the other hand, Aaditi’s mom had met Dhruv and she liked him. But, the rest of the family had their reservations as well. Since he wasn’t “Marathi”. Aaditi and family friends had to work on getting them to focus on values and similarities instead of cultural differences.

Both sides understandably had inhibitions. But with nudges to approach this with an open mind and spending quality time with Dhruv and Aaditi, family on both sides couldn’t help but really like their jodi!

Planning the Wedding

Finally, as the families warmed up to each other and accepted the couple wholeheartedly, their wedding date and venue was decided. As both belonged to India, it was only natural, they celebrate their wedding among their friends and family back home. So, for the couple, it became a destination wedding and a very unique one at that! Plus, Dhruv’s family who were settled in the US for a while, saw this as a great opportunity to explore their home country!

For the venue of their celebrations, Dhruv and Aaditi booked the Soma Vine Village in Nashik. They chose a vineyard as a tribute to their very first date at the City Vineyards, Battery Park, NYC. Another important reason why the couple chose a vineyard for their destination wedding venue was that they both were very keen on having a rustic themed destination wedding. “With amazing vineyard properties in Aaditi’s hometown itself, we did end up having the destination wedding we always wanted in a place that meant so much for Aaditi.” – Dhruv.

“The initial wedding planning phase was quite stressful, as managing communication with potential vendors in India while working on the west and east coast time zones in the US was quite challenging. But once we were able to lock down wedding planners from F5 Weddings, the process became much simpler. The F5 team helped us find a method to manage the chaos that comes with minutiae of wedding planning.”

With Aaditi in New York, Dhruv in San Francisco, F5 in Mumbai and vendors in Nashik, the F5 team worked odd hours to help make decisions together and then get them done during India business hours. Another important aspect of planning this wedding was to ensure all three cultures were equally presented – Maharashtrian, Gujarati and American.

“A third of our wedding guests were Gujjus, another third Marathis and the last third Americans. We wanted our wedding to encompass all the special and sweet traditions from each of these 3 cultures that have been near and dear to us. At the same time, we wanted all of our guests to experience each of these cultures new to them.” says Dhruv.  

The Wedding

The main wedding took place on 20th of December 2019 and the wedding functions were spread out over two days. They kicked off the wedding festivities with a Garba-themed sangeet to showcase the colourful Indian culture. There was a lot of Bollywood and Bhangra mixed in this ceremony to add more fun. The best part was when the families on both sides had a friendly musical faceoff – the Gujjus vs. the Marathis!

Aaditi kept her look very simple for this fun ceremony. She wore a stunning silver-champagne colour lehenga and left her hair open. She completed her look with almost natural makeup and long earrings. Dhruv wore a rust-coloured kurta with an olive green bandi jacket.

Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Sangeet Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Sangeet Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Sangeet Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Sangeet Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Sangeet Ceremony |

For the Haldi ceremony by the poolside, everything had to be yellow…not! The ceremony was a mix of a spa and brunch event by the pool for the guests. The haldi was a riot… almost like playing Holi! The one thing that stood out in this ceremony was the décor! Unlike a typical Haldi ceremony, the canopy-like set up over the pool was turquoise blue and the to-be-bride and groom were made to sit on two turquoise blue diwans in the pool aka the perfect pool Haldi party! Strings of marigold flowers added the yellow colour.

Both Dhruv and Aaditi wore yellow for the ceremony. While Dhruv wore a yellow kurta, Aaditi wore a simple white lehenga with a yellow dupatta and white-yellow floral jewellery.

Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Haldi Ceremony |

For the wedding, Aaditi looked stunning in her red designer lehenga by Chamee and Palak. In fact, it was Dhruv’s sister Namrata, who is very passionate about Indian wedding outfits who introduced Aaditi to the designers.

Aaditi wanted a traditional wedding lehenga with an elegant twist, and that is exactly what Chamee and Palak made happen. They made one of their traditional designs in an elegant shade of red. “These decisions, although very hard to makeover Facetime when I first saw the lehenga in person, I totally fell in love and thank god I trusted Chamee and Palak. They totally delivered and how!” – Aaditi, the bride.

Aaditi kept her makeup simple and wore a stunning choker with emeralds and polki to perfectly contrast her red wedding lehenga.

Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |
Nashik Destination Wedding at Soma Vineyards | Aadit-Dhruv-Memoire Photography | Wedding Ceremony |

About the Photographer

“Namrata’s wedding was actually one of the very first weddings covered by Memoire lead. And years later now, having seen their amazing portfolio and his easy-going yet confident personality is what drew us to finalizing Memoire. The Memoire team really got to know both Dhruv and I, our styles and visions for the wedding while we were still planning the wedding from the US. When we actually met the team, their calm, well organized and creative energy really vibed well with us. Their reassuring smiles and friendly banter as they followed us throughout the wedding added to the great experience.” – Aaditi

The Team behind the Wedding

Wedding Planners: F5 Weddings, Aashna Kapur, 24x7eventandentertainment

Photographer – Memoire

Aaditi’s outfits – Chamee and Palak

Dhruv’s outfits – Telon Men

Hair and Makeup – Kajol Doda

Kiranpreet and Karanjit Mumbai Gurudwara Wedding

Meet Kiranpreet and Karanjit, a couple whose love story is unconventional yet conventional at the same time! Theirs is a story that took a decade in the making and finally, they took the #LeapofLove on 29th February 2020… literally on a leap day!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi!

Kiran and Karan met while at Sikh Camp in Lonavala back in 2008. They noticed each other, but during the ten-day-long camp, they did not interact with each other. But the Universe wanted them to be a couple and so, post the camp, Karan added her on Orkut and then Facebook. They chatted for the first few months and then decided to meet each other. This meeting led to them becoming friends. But they met only once in a few months.

“We then became very good friends and started meeting often. I was the first one to confess my feelings while Karan was still waiting for the ‘right time’ to ask me out. Finally, on 1st April 2011, he proposed to me – to become his girlfriend. We had been unofficially dating for almost a year and a half. Still, he was waiting for this special, memorable day to come to make it official,” adds Kiranpreet.

The couple went on to date for a decade… yes, 10 years! So, what made them realize that they wanted to spend their entire lives with each other?

There is no specific moment that either of them can point out to, says Kiran. “We both always knew that we are ‘the one’ for each other and that we’re going to get married one day. We have never had a discussion about ‘what’s the future of this relationship’ or ‘let’s get married’. We ALWAYS knew! We knew it even before we started dating, to be honest.”

The ‘Not a Proposal’ Proposal

This couple, especially our groom Karanjit, prefers to do things differently. He is someone who always wanted to make everything unique about them and memorable. Therefore, when it came to proposing his lady love Kiran, he planned a ‘Not a Proposal’.

“My proposal was soooo beautiful and unique! It was on our 100th Month Anniversary on 1st August 2019. Karan called me to a hotel, and as I entered the room, he took my hand, and there was our beautiful song, ‘One Life by Ed Sheeran’. There were fairy lights, there were heart-shaped balloons, cake, gifts, a photographer, a cinema sign saying ‘It’s Not a Proposal’. Because proposing is sooo cliche! But what was the biggest surprise? I hugged him, and in the mirror behind him, I saw it – A tattoo of my name, in my handwriting, above his elbow. It was beautiful! I broke into tears, hugged and kissed him, tried to express all the unexplainable emotions I was going through.” – Kiranpreet, the bride.

Meet the Parents Moment

It can be a tedious and formal affair when meeting the parents. But Kiran’s parents knew about Karanjit for quite some time, i.e., at least for five years before they decided to take the plunge. Karanjit’s parents found out only in May 2017, but it was a very smooth ride for the couple as the families gelled really well. “They were delighted, there was literally no friction, and we were both accepted and welcomed in each other’s families with arms wide open!” – Kiranpreet, the bride.

The parents were actually very eager to have a proper Roka Ceremony to seal the deal and start planning the wedding. “The funniest part was, our parents trusted us so much that they never met each other before our Roka!”

Their Roka was literally decided and hosted in a week’s time. It was a family dinner where both families met each other for the first time. It was supposed to be a simple ceremony but ended being formal with a proper Ardaas (Sikh prayer). The Roka took place on 20th April 2019 – is an exceptional month for the couple as their birthdays, their dating anniversary falling in the same month, and so, naturally, their Roka taking place in April was all the Universe’s doing!

Planning the Wedding

Karan and Kiran were out celebrating their monthivarsaries. They were on a date at Social, Goregaon, and that’s when they got started talking about the next steps – the grand wedding! Predictably, Karan already had a date in mind and a special one at that! Fortunately for them, 2020 was a leap year, and they decided to tie the knot on 29th February.

“I took a moment and said how we will celebrate it every year? He said, two days – 28th and 1st! And before he could say anything, I knew this was our date! Also, I knew his second unique date for proposing was 29th February, luckily, he did not wait for a leap year back then, haha!” says Kiran.

And so, began their wedding planning. They both had demanding jobs, but they tried to balance out the preparations by planning their shopping trips over weekends as most stores close down by 9 PM. Kiran always had her mom, dad and sister with her as she did not want to take any decision without them by her side. Karan was accompanied by his family on his main shopping expeditions.

“Honestly, we enjoyed the whole process of spending time and making memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. But yes, it was difficult, there were a lot of trips to the Bridal markets with the car stuffed with diet food dabbas!” adds Kiran. 

An interesting way to divide the wedding responsibilities was to ensure the division and allocation of decision making between the couple. “He’s a Graphic Designer, and I blindly trusted his choice for the decor for the venues. I was a part of the final meeting in this sector,” says Kiran.

Kiran, on the other hand, loves fashion and Karan is a fashionable conscious guy too. However, when it came to picking out clothes, the bride turned out to be picky, but the groom knew which designer suited him best.

The Wedding

They had four functions. They started with a Path, an auspicious kickstart to all the functions with prayers and kirtan with the respective families.

Mehendi and Haldi

Both fun events, Kiran’s Mehendi ceremony was hosted at Bindra’s in Andheri while Karan’s Haldi was at home. The dress code for the day was yellow, but the bride chose to wear a designer navy blue lehenga with multi-coloured thread work paired with a hot pink ruffled dupatta. She wore floral jewellery bought from a local market in Malad as well as from Amazon.

“The preparation for my wedding clothes began years back when we started visiting bridal exhibitions every year, regularly. Only this year, finally it was fruitful. We scouted through multiple exhibitions at JW Marriot, The Westin, etc. One of them was Vivaah, the other was Bridal Asia (I guess). We didn’t just find some leads to visit the brands in their stores but also found a beautiful lehenga that I wore at my Mehendi function. It was from a stall called Mansha Jaipur.” – Kiranpreet. 

Karan wore a yellow Lucknowi kurta for his side’s function that was bought from Shubh Mangal in Vile Parle.

One of the main highlights of this function was Karan’s surprise visit! Kiran’s mehendi was almost done on one side, and suddenly, she heard a dhol and there he was… the groom with his big clan of friends and family to surprise the bride! “They entered, danced towards me, we hugged and kissed, and they sang ‘Le jayenge, le jayenge, dil wale dulhaniya le jayengey!’ I melted there! It was magical,” says Kiran.

At Karan’s home, they had a dhol and a Haldi session where everyone danced their heart out and applied haldi to the groom. And they tore his clothes off too!

An important point to note is that bride had butterflies designed in her mehendi.

“I used to always say that Karan gives me butterflies in my tummy. So, when it was our 6-month anniversary, Karan gifted me butterfly jewellery and accessories. It had a neckpiece with butterflies and a ring in butterfly shape (which I still wear sometimes). Since then, we have had a lot of butterfly moments, gifts and things in our love story. In recent times, when his family came to my place ‘officially’, they gifted me a butterfly pendant set! And to cherish this, I got a butterfly mehendi design for my wedding! A lot of brides get peacock and tulips, etc. but I was very sure that I want to get something different that is very significant to our love story. I also had our dating anniversary and our wedding date on the back of my hands.” Says Kiran.

The Pre-wedding Party

A joint function between the families, this was hosted at Sai Palace in Andheri one day before the wedding. This party saw every dancing to the beats of the DJ and live dhol. Plus, there was a lot of delicious food involved.

Karan and Kiran’s friends and families put up a show with unique dances choreographed professionally. They had a beautiful couple dance, at the end of which he picked me up! “It was planned, but he kinda bailed on that idea on that very day, and then something came into him, and he just picked me up! The expression on my face says it all!” adds Kiran. 

Karan’s outfit for the Pre-wedding party was decided first, and Kiran’s was bought last; almost 20 days before the functions. He had decided he wants to wear a unique statement Mango Bite print shirt designed by Param Sahib Clothing. He wore a bottle-green suit designed by Shubh Mangal at Vile Parle. This was a very unique touch to the outfit, and the couple wanted to work around it.

Kiran wore a stunning bottle green gown in chiffon and lace.

“My wedding lehenga was picked first, and his clothes for the wedding were matched accordingly. I wanted to give him an equal opportunity to choose his clothes first for the pre-wedding party, which meant frantically searching the markets for a bottle green gown in my size, because no one was ready to customize in that small a time frame, in a style that I like, within a month. It was a joyride because I knew somewhere, a bottle green gown is made for me! And it was! We found it when we casually entered a big, newly-opened showroom in Malad called Craze. The sales guy asked me what I wanted, and he said I have something for you, it’s very unique, I hope you choose it. And there it was this beautiful gown that I wore. It complements my personality in the most perfect way it’s trendy, has a lot of intricate layers and patterns and studs – in the exact green colour we were looking for. The jewellery for this day was bought on the very same day of the function just a few hours before, from Silver Plaza in Santacruz.” – Kiranpreet. 

The Wedding

Their wedding date, 29th February fell on a Saturday. So, it became one weekend-long celebration for all. They had a traditional Sikh ceremony aka Anand Karaj at the J.B. Nagar Gurudwara in Andheri East.  As per the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhs have four Pheras around the sacred book.

“I did not sleep the entire night, obviously. After an awesome party, my friends and I chilled, and before I knew it, it was time for me to take a shower before my Chooda Ceremony. I’m one of those girls who has always dreamt of wearing choodas, one of the things that excited me about weddings were choodas. So, that was early morning 5 AM ceremony before my hairstylist, and makeup artist walked in. The had madness begun!” says Kiran.

The wedding lehenga had to be unique. “It had to be a Lehenga, unique in colour and intricately-designed with a heavy dupatta because we have to take it on the head in the gurudwara. And after several visits to stores, and lehenga trials, I found ‘The One’ at Roopkala. It was purple in colour with the traditional zardosi work, paired with a peach dupatta! Initially, we were thinking of pastel colours, but I realized that very day that I am someone who likes bright and flashy colours and I should just try some other shades. Happened to try a purple one where my perception changed, and I knew I want to look for a purple lehenga. There were some water works too! We called up our parents immediately and bought the second purple lehenga that we laid our eyes on.”

Karan wore a peach turban, and a shawl with cream layered embroidered sherwani designed by Rajee’s in Juhu. He wore a pearl mala and shades that matched his outfit to a T.

Kiran wanted her jewellery to be dramatic too. She wore a stunning Padmavati-inspired Kundan set from Swara Jewellery in Santacruz.

The couple had unique Pheras too. It was a ceremony that was carried on by their friends. It was not conducted by the Granthis at the Gurudwara but their friends who were well-read in all the Shabads of the Lavaan (Pheras). It was extraordinary.

“Yes, I was nervous, worried and overwhelmed all at the same time, which resulted in having almost a blank state of mind at that time. I was getting ready when Karan walked in our room, thanks to the photoshoot. He gave an amazing reaction to me and my look. He looked like a Prince in that royal designer sherwani with the shawl and pagdi, and holding the kirpan (sword, that is traditionally held by grooms on the wedding day). My Prince Charming was here to take me home!” adds Kiran.

About the Photographer

Our photographer was Kodoclicker. Karan and Varun, the founder of Kodoclicker, knew each other from a photoshoot they assisted on together. Karan does photography too. So, Kodoclicker was hired for Karan’s elder brother whose wedding was in June 2018. Karan was quite happy with his quality and creativity and had him in mind since the beginning. I had anyway left the decision on Karan, so he was hired.

I had a good experience with his team. Very friendly and hands-on with their work. The team allocated to me took care of me and made me very comfortable. Harjinder was one of the photographers who clicked for my side, he was patient, always there before time and got along with my family really well too. They were very creative, you can see that in the output, it’s not a regular wedding shoot. We received our announcement picture the very same day of our wedding, and the first set followed soon.

About Mehendi, Hair and Makeup Artists

At the mehendi -I did the makeup myself. I always wanted to do makeup for one of my own functions, it was awesome!

Hair – Savita aunty, who has done hair for me on a lot of other occasions never disappointed me.

Mehendi Artist – Harsha. She worked a lot with me on my designs and gave me exactly what I wanted with butterflies. Her Mehendi is harmless and of good quality.

The Dream Team


Venue – Bindra’s, Andheri

Mehendi Artist – Harsha

Pre-wedding & Wedding

Makeup & Hair by Chandani Varandani

Venue – Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak Nagar, J.B. Nagar, Andheri East

Venues: Sai Palace, Andheri (Pre-wedding)

Outfits – Kiran

Mehendi – Manshaa Jaipur

Pre-wedding Gown – Craze

Wedding Lehenga – Roopkala

Outfits- Karan

Pre-wedding – Param Sahib Clothing & Shubh Mangal (Vile Parle)

Wedding – Rajee

Photography – Kodoclicker

A Grand Celebrity Intimate Wedding Amidst Lockdown: Actor Nithiin Weds Shalini Kandukuri

Since the news of Telegu actor Nithiin’s wedding hit the headlines, fans and eager beavers alike have been looking forward to getting a glimpse of the celeb’s wedding festivities. And finally, the big day arrived!

Recently, we shared intimate details of the actor and his long-time girlfriend, now fiancé’s engagement story. Both looked stunning in their traditional avatars as they put a ring on it to seal the deal for life on 24th July 2020. With fun sangeet celebrations taking Instagram by storm on 25th July, it was only natural that the wedding would be another extravaganza. And let’s say… the couple did not disappoint!

Sticking to their traditional roots, the couple embarked on their marital journey by tying the knot at the Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad on 26th July 2020. The current lockdown has paved the way for a new normal, i.e. making celebrations and events more intimate, more personal. And this holds true even for celeb weddings. Nithiin and Shalini had a grand but intimate wedding with only 50 people in attendance as per government protocols. The priest conducting the wedding wore a mask.

The celebrity couple had initially planned to get married in Dubai in a grand destination wedding but like many other couples, COVID-19 put paid to their plans.

The couple had initially planned a destination wedding in Dubai.

The excited groom first broke the news of his nuptials on Twitter and shared pictures from his wedding ceremony.

Captioned as “Mothaniki oka INTIVAADINI ayyanuu! Need all your blessings and love, – meaning finally I am a household man” he shared the post.

So, without further ado, here are some stunning pictures from their ceremony:

Looking dapper in a red coloured Lalchi kurta-pyjama with floral bootas, Nithiin made a regal groom. But his lady love stole the show! Shalini was stunning in a cream and gold Kanjeevarm saree with brilliant diamond and emerald jewellery. Her completed her look with a bridal bun and a simple yet elegant diamond mathapatti. Her beige gold dupatta added to her ethereal charm.

📸 : @badalrajacompany & @rohan.foto
MUA : @makeupartisttamanna
Location : @tajfalaknuma
Decor : @minttusarna

Aishwarya and Nikhil Orana Aurum New Delhi Wedding

“Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, to puri kainaa usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jata hai.” – Om Shanti Om

A very filmy dialogue, right? But for our couple Aishwarya and Nikhil this line rings true! Especially for the lovely lady Aishwarya 😉 Her and Nikhil’s love story began when she spotted him at a religious event and that too while watching on her laptop! “So, six years back, I was watching a live religious event on my laptop with my cousin where I saw a very handsome guy, I did not know who he was, I did not know his name, I did not know anything about him neither I saw him anywhere before but after looking at him, my cousin and I were like wow he’s so good looking! I think I was just 17 at the time and being a teenager, we all have crushes.” – Aishwarya.

While she started to crush on Nikhil from the very moment after spotting him at the event, the universe conspired to bring them together. The very next day, he appeared as ‘people you may know’ list on her Facebook profile.

She messaged him. And fortunately for her, at the time of her Facebook message to Nikhil, he was boarding the train to Shirdi for Sai Baba darshan. “And I believe in Sai Baba like anything. He is above all for me,” says Aishwarya.

Soon, both of them started interacting via WhatsApp and Facebook, and phone calls. Their bond grew stronger each day and soon blossomed into love. They first met on friendship day, two months after their first message. For Aishwarya, Nikhil was the one for her from the very beginning but she never really told him that. When Nikhil asked her out, she was ecstatic! They dated for six long years and it was only in 2019 that Nikhil popped the question of marriage.

However, like in any Indian love story, when it comes to marriage, the couple needs to have their parents’ consent. For Nikhil, his parents readily agreed but the same wasn’t the case with Aishwarya.

Aishwarya’s parents were upset not because Nikhil wasn’t an ideal match but because she chose to make her own decision. But soon they were on board too.

The Wedding Planning

The couple started their wedding shopping, their hunt for the perfect venue and other functions’ requirements six months prior to their date of the wedding. They both juggled work and their wedding arrangements. “For the entire period of six months, I went shopping or searching for venues or ideas after coming from work.” – Aishwarya.

They decided to tied the knot at The Orana Aurnum in New Delhi on the 9th of February 2020.

The wedding festivities kicked off with the Mata ki Chowki function on 1st February 2020.

For the engagement ceremony on 5th Feb, Aishwarya wore a full-flair floral gown in net with zarkan work and with a touch of sea green colour.  

For her mehendi on 8th Feb, she wore a dark green velvet embroidered lehenga and an embroidered dupatta in gold in perfect contrast to her lehenga. She completed her look with magenta floral jewellery with pearls.  

For her Haldi and choora, she wore a yellow crop-top and skirt ensemble in honour of the ceremonies. Her outfit consisted of a plain yellow one-shoulder crop top with a flared yellow skirt and a yellow georgette dupatta. She wore real flower jewellery with jasmine flowers and completed her look with fabulous Pataka bride earrings by ‘Kraftedwithhappiness’.

For her big day aka her wedding, she wore a mauve pink organza silk flared lehenga with carrot red floral embroidered and stone work. She had two dupattas – one in the same shade of pink and the other one in carrot red colour that she draped over her head.

Interestingly, while it was love at first sight for Aishwarya, she had never really confessed the same to her husband. He was completely unaware. She confessed her feelings to him only once their nuptials were completed.  

The Dream Team

Engagement and Wedding MUA – KritiDS

Bride Engagement Outfit – CTC Mall

Bride Wedding Outfit – Pakeeza Plaza

Groom Wedding Outfit – CreativeStopOfficial

Bride Chooda and Jewellery – Kins Glitter

Bride Kaleeras – Frontier Bazarr

Photography by – Jaideep Gandhi Photography

Engagement Venue – The Falcon

Wedding Venue – The Orana Aurnum

Mehak and Sajal Goa Zuri White Sands Resort Wedding

A couple who fell in love at Facebook and not on Facebook!

It is quite common for two people to meet via social media, date, fall in love and get married! In fact, many today have the Internet to thank for introducing them to their soulmates or better halves! But here’s a couple who met at Facebook and not on Facebook! Meet Mehak Bhatia and Sajal Jain who met while working at Facebook in Vancouver seven years ago.

Both, Mehak and Sajal are software engineers who happened to move to Vancouver to work at the same time. They were both new to the city and as there were very few Indians in their office, they bonded and hung out together. That is how their love story began…

While it wasn’t love at first sight for either of them, they both felt a great sense of comfort by being around with each other. Being friends, they were aware of each other’s quirks, likes and dislikes. They also discovered that they enjoyed doing things together. As they both felt the same, a uniqueness shared only between them, they realised they were meant to be!

The Proposal

The proposal had to be a surprise, right? Else, where was the fun in it? Planned as one, Sajal asked Mehak to pack a bag for their 4-day impromptu trip to Alaska. It was their anniversary so she did not have any doubts and went along with the plan.

“On our anniversary night, he had booked a surprise Northern Lights tour. Unfortunately, the lights didn’t show up that night. This ruined his plans as he wanted to pop the question with the Northern Lights in the backdrop. I could see that he was upset so I hugged him and that’s then when I felt a box in his pocket. I looked at him and asked, “what is it?” and his smile gave it away. He took me outside the tent, went down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said YES!” says Mehak.

Planning the Wedding and the Wedding Venue

The couple wanted an intimate wedding and this would be possible only if they planned a destination wedding. Therefore, they started researching various locations – beaches, hill stations, palaces, forts and even forests! They finally came to the same conclusion – GOA.

“We were completely smitten by the dreamy beach wedding pictures,” says Mehak.

However, planning the wedding from one end of the world was no easy task. “It was hard, especially because we were sitting halfway across the world. I think if you are remote, it’s really important to do extensive research and also be very clear on your requirements as you don’t have the flexibility to go and see things prima facia,” says Mehak.

However, they both took the difficulties in their stride and treated the wedding planning as their pet project. They outlined a very intricate, high-level plan and created milestones and deliverables for themselves.

“We spent almost 7-10 hrs every week for 4 months to plan our wedding,” says Mehak.

The idea to have a destination wedding in Goa was to let their friends, family and even themselves have the time of their lives.

“We had observed that in most Indian weddings – the bride and groom get so overwhelmed with all the rituals and logistics that they often forget to have a good time. Everything we planned was optimised to achieve this goal 😊” – Mehak.

Planning their Wedding Decor

The couple was very clear since day one that they wanted to get married in a dreamy mandap set on the beach. While everything had to be intimate, no part of the décor would be ostentatious. These important points while selected their venue as well.

We picked the venue which had a private beach with pristine white sand – Zuri White Sands Resort.

“For the décor, “we checked out a lot of beach wedding photos online and found the ones that we loved. We shared what we like with the wedding decorators for inspiration, and they did exactly what we had imagined.”  

The Wedding and other Functions

They had four functions in Goa – the mehendi, sangeet, haldi and the wedding. These functions were planned over a span of two days. They followed this up with a grand reception in Mumbai.

For the mehendi, as it was a day function, the vibe was super fun. Mehak wore a beautiful lavender and pink Papa Don’t Preach Lehenga. It was fun and flirty!

For the sangeet, they had a black and white Victorian theme. They loved dancing and so did their friends and family. They had 40 performances on their sangeet and that’s why they opted for an open floor setup instead of a stage. The sangeet was coupled with the couple’s engagement. Mehak looked stunning in a Payal Keyal ivory ensemble. Matching the Victorian theme, Sajal wore a tuxedo.

The wedding was the couple had envisioned. It was a beautiful sundowner wedding. Like all their functions in Goa, for the wedding too, the couple chose to wear contemporary and modern outfits. Mehak stunned in a pink-peach lehenga by Payal Keyal.

The Wedding Reception in Mumbai

For the reception, the couple hosted their party in Mumbai at the Taj Mahal Palace. Unlike their wedding functions, the couple chose traditional outfits.

“I wore a traditional red Benarasi saree with heavy jewellery and Sajal wore a traditional bandhgala suit.” – Mehak.

The Dream Team

Wedding: Zuri White Sands Resort, Goa

Photographer: Razz Films and Photography

Reception: Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Photographer: Ronit Singh Photography

Jewellery: Raabta by Rahul

Makeup: Kajol R Paswan

Praneet & Sonakshi Indore : ‘When childhood lovers turned life partners in a beautiful home wedding set-up’


“The future for me is already a thing of the past . You were my first love and you will be my last” ― Bob Dylan

Sonakshi and Praneet literally grew up together. They’ve known each other since they were nine years old! So you won’t be surprised to know where they met, at school. From being school mates, best friends to childhood lovers, teenage sweethearts and partners to this day, this couple saw it all, conquered everything and stuck together over all the years! Theirs is indeed a tale of timeless eternal love and certainly couple goals for new-age lovers.

The Proposal

When you’ve been with someone for that long, everything else just becomes about doing the needful when the time is right. Hence, even in their case, there was no planned proposal as such as they both knew they could handle the other for another lifetime. The decision to tie the knot was mutual. And they set out on the journey to become man and wife with the blessings of their families and loved ones.

The Wedding

Since both Sonakshi and Praneet work in the US, the families decided to get together and plan a dream wedding for their kids. For this they traveled to Mumbai and Delhi to source and personally pick the best vendors. As for the couple, technology was the real boon. They picked their outfits, sent measurements and looked into the details over numerous video calls.

Sonakshi and Praneet wanted a very intimate wedding with their closest ones in attendance. And what better place than home to meet this dream?! Hence their private and meaningful marriage began with a haldi ceremony. The bride kept it simple in a yellow salwar suit with minimal makeup.

Come d- day, which was one beautiful pastel affair. Sonakshi looked like a dream in an elegant Dolly J intricate pink lehenga Praneet on the other hand, looked royal in a Shantanu and Nikhil brocade sherwani. The marriage rituals were carried out beautifully and the atmosphere was filled with joy and lightness. For this lovely couple, their home wedding turned out to be exactly how they envisioned and they couldn’t be more grateful to their parents.

The Photographer

The team at Happyframes was responsible for lighting up their portraits. And true to their name, they did a fabulous job at creating happy frames of this nuptial. The couple also recounts having a pleasant time collaborating with the team and have only positive things to say about them.


The Dream Team

Photography: Happyframes 

Makeup artist: Mehak Dawar 

Wedding decor: Poojan Decor 

Bridal outfit: Dolly J Bridal Collection 

Groomswear: Shantanu & Nikhil

Wedding invites: Diksha Mehta Invites 

Akshaykumar & Shreya Mumbai : The Lockdown DIY Home Wedding

When two people in love decide to get married, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a 5-star hotel, at a beach or home. All that matters is they have the people they love and seek blessings from!

From wanting to have a big fat wedding to doing a humble ‘at home’ wedding, here is the story of two love birds who have known each other since high school!

How They Met 

Shreya and Akshay both studied in NM college. They first saw each other ten years back.  Since both aspired to become Chartered Accountants, their paths kept crossing. From being in the same class in college to going to the same tutorials, they always kept bumping into each other. They even had the same set of friends! Finally, they decided to tie the nuptial knot after dating for 8.5 years. Ideally, they wanted to have a quintessential ‘band baaja baaraat’ type wedding, but God had different plans for them. 

In the wake of the lockdown due to Covid-19, they decided to have an ‘at home’ wedding. From inviting 800 guests for a wedding at The Lalit to marrying in front of 20 close family members at Shreya’s house, their wedding was one roller-coaster ride!

The Wedding Story

Once they decided to get married, they had seven days to plan a home-wedding, with no outfit, no decorator, no garland, etc. Reminiscing her planning days, Shreya said “We truly understood the meaning of “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Since they couldn’t buy anything from outside, they made everything on their own. Yes! DIY decoration, garland etc.  For her outfit, she mixed and matched her blouse with her mother in laws outfit and teamed that up with her sisters wedding jewellery because where there is a will, there is a way!

 The next seven days were spent in –

1. Making a DIY garland with artificial flowers and pearls which Akshay’s grandmother already had. 

2. DIY decoration – including making a Mandap with 2 dupattas and a photo booth (best out of waste)

3. Making a DIY cardboard Black Jaguar for the groom’s entry because that was the only way he could have entered in one!

4. Making a DIY cardboard Doli for Shreya to enter in.

5. An 11-minute Virtual “Sangeet” which was a surprise for Shreya featuring dances from 25+ family members; ft. Modiji and SRK

The couple tied the knot amidst the blessing of near and dear ones along with few guests attending virtually. Thinking about how the marriage went, Shreya mentioned: “I learnt a valuable lesson that day – Sometimes we can find happiness even in the darkest of days!”

Now isn’t this a lovely story with a lesson for all of us. 🙂  

The Dream Team

Bride’s MUA: Meraki – MakeUp&Hair By Ritika

Hair Stylist: shabana_shaikh_1

Event Planned by Mauke pe Taufa 

Photographer: Snapped Studios

Rohan & Prarthana Delhi : ‘ When two hearts met in college they graduated to marriage a decade later!’


“True love is rare, and it’s the only thing that gives life real meaning.”  ― Nicholas Spark

Prarthana and Rohan’s love story blossomed in a rather interesting college setup. She once walked into the college auditorium to watch a live debate and there she saw Rohan on stage debating, articulating and firmly expressing his views. They soon became friends and continued to hang out together. Needless to say over the years they graduated from being the best of friends to the best of lovers, growing up with each other for nearly a decade now!

Prarthana gives voice to her feelings for Rohan and says, “ Being around each other is the most natural feeling in the world for us. We’ve grown up together, through college and adulting, travelling the world and moving across continents. We make the best memories when we’re travelling and experiencing new places and food together (Japan, Greece, Austria and Hungary were a few of our favorites). Also, he makes the most bomb gingerbread pancakes – the day he first made them for me, I thought “he’s a keeper” ;)”


The Proposal 

Rohan’s proposal for Prarthana is another heart-warming extension of their sweet story. Little did Prarthana know that her special one was not just inviting her home for a casual dinner one evening but had the most thoughtful and touching proposal planned for her! Prarthana recalls, 

“ I went to his place for dinner one day after work and when I entered, all the furniture was pushed to the walls, it was dark, there were candles everywhere and in the middle, a scrapbook of some of our best memories over the years at the end of which he popped the question. It was the intimate proposal I always wanted.’’

Isn’t this adorable!

The Wedding

This couple surely knows the importance of time. After being together for nearly ten years, they wanted their marriage to be a beautiful ode to all those lovely treasures of moments and at the same time make it an unforgettable experience for their near and dear ones. Hence these two love birds took a whole year to plan every detail of their wedding! 


Rajan & Shifali Mumbai : ‘When an arranged match turns into a meaningful lockdown marriage’


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”- When Harry Met Sally


Shifali and Rajan were introduced to each other by their respective families and seemed to develop a strong liking towards each other instantly. They didn’t waste much time and gave the go-ahead to their families to take things to the next stage. Hence, a grand roka followed by multiple dates soon after and this lovely couple found themselves to be madly in love with each other! In short, theirs is a sweet, old-school and a happy love story.


The Proposal

There was no elaborate proposal as such in Shifali and Rajan’s case. They both knew they enjoyed being around the other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other. All they did was convey their desire to get hitched to their loving families.


The Wedding

Shifali and Rajan were all set to tie the knot in a lavish Big Fat Indian wedding manner, but all their plans came to a standstill ever since the lockdown was imposed. Thankfully for them they had their pre-wedding shoot weeks before the lockdown was imposed on account of the severity of the situation! However, to rid themselves and all of the uncertainty of the future, they decided to take the leap and instead get married at home in the presence of their closest ones! And that was the beginning of their intimate and beautiful wedding.

Friends and family joined hands in helping them make the necessary arrangements for their big day. References came as a boon in such times and the couple managed to source all the things needed in the nick of time. They had a close-knit haldi and mehendi at home. Shifali kept it simple in a yellow kurta for her haldi and opted for a gorgeous red salwar suit for her mehendi. Even though these events were nothing like what they had planned, they were overwhelmed with all the love, support and sheer fun they had with their folks at these pre-wedding functions.

Shifali and Rajan found outfits on Instagram! And then what, they were ready to rock in their designer nuptial ensembles for the big day. Shifali donned a stunning pink lehenga from Royalista. Local artists were roped in to do the hair and makeup for her. Rajan looked no less in a colour coordinated pink sherwani and complimented his soon-to-be-wife perfectly! 

It was indeed a memorable though unexpected experience for all. And the couple couldn’t be happier receiving all the blessings and support showered to them by their loved ones over zoom! 

The couple only hopes that they can throw a reception bash once things are back to normal and rock in their custom-made outfits, pose for perfect pictures with their extended squad and celebrate the end of the lockdown all in one!


The Dream Team 

Bride Outfit- Royalista

Pre-wedding Photographer- Amit Sood Photography

Mehendi Artist-Kalighata Mehandi

MUA- Shania Rajpaul

Rahat & Gloria Pathankot : ‘When two art-enthusiasts fell in love, they sketched their path to marriage’


“Become aware that love is an art, just as living is an art” – Eric Fromm

Gloria and Raahat’s love story is as filmy as you can imagine! These young art enthusiasts met each other at a painting workshop organized by the world-famous visionary artist Amanda Sage in LA and felt an instant connection on seeing each other! After the workshop, they exchanged numbers and stayed in touch. A few weeks later, they caught up for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Some more meetings and exchanges followed and they intuitively knew what they have is something very special.

Things had just begun on a great note and these two lovebirds had started painting the town with their love that Rahat had to return to India for a work commitment. Hence their love story now witnessed six months of a long-distance commitment and yet the distance was only physical as they kept going stronger with each passing day. Six months later, Gloria moved continents and landed in India to be with the man of her dreams! And the rest is history.

Didn’t we say this was straight out of a film?


The Proposal  

An atypical proposal was waiting for Gloria. Initially, Rahat proposed marriage to her soon after they started seeing each other! This came as a surprise to Gloria and she thought he was joking around, but he kept asking. And finally there came a time when she took him seriously and gave the nod! Gloria recounts this fond memory and says, “  I left India in April 2019 to organize an international Art Exhibit in Spain. As I was preparing for my return he asked me again, I said yes and we had our engagement ceremony just a few days after I landed back in India in June.”


The Wedding 

Gloria and Rahat had planned an elaborate cross-cultural wedding in India which was to be attended by all their close family and friends. However, on account of the global situation courtesy the pandemic, they decided to not postpone their nuptials further and with the blessings of their near and dear ones to get married at home! 

Hence began the preparation for their super intimate, memorable and meaningful home wedding. They had a small haldi and mehendi function with only Rahat’s family. Relatives managed to get a panditji on board and the bride and groom chose sourced their outfits from local designers and zeroed it down via facetime! Gloria’s stunning red attire was from Jaamawar Minx. She says, “They saved my life! We face-timed to go over their options and I fell in love with the red dress as soon as I saw it, and didn't even think twice about it. I sent my measurements and they delivered my dress just 3 days before our ceremony.”

Rahat opted for a decent kurta pyjama from Studio Urbanity. He sent images of what he wanted and they managed to put something together in just 3 days and delivered his outfit a day before the ceremony. 

 Though this was nothing like the kind of marriage they had envisioned, it was perfect nonetheless! The best part was seeing all of their loved ones from across India, US, Costa Rica, Canada, London and Australia join them in via zoom. Gloria expresses her emotions and mentions, “ It was all very emotional and uniquely special. The way everything perfectly fell into place and the energy we felt that day was absolutely beautiful. We are very grateful.” 



Bride Outfit- Jaamawar Minx

Groom Outfit- Studio Urbanity