20 silk saree blouse designs to wear with your favorite Kanjivaram or Banarasi saree!

Silk sarees are a must-have in every desi woman’s wardrobe. It is a go-to fashion choice when it comes to weddings or parties or any other festivity. While the variety of silk sarees is endless, finding the perfect silk saree blouse design seems like a hassle sometimes! But worry not! We are here to give you a token of surprise. We have done the work of finding the best silk saree blouse designs. We have literally scanned the internet fashion radar to get the best 20 silk saree blouse designs to inspire you to stitch that perfect blouse to go with your precious Kanjivaram or Banarasi saree!

Have a look at these silk saree blouse designs catalog and don’t forget to save the latest silk saree blouse designs that you love the most! Come on, let’s go!

1. Contrasting Silk Saree Blouse Design with Minimal Embellishments

Pick a drastically contrasting color to your saree and stitch a silk saree blouse design that’s simple yet appealing. This would make your saree stand out and also give it the necessary touch of glam with its minimalistic look. You can even take the border of your saree and attach it to the blouse sleeves for a gorgeous look just as shown in the picture, this will make it look like the blouse and the saree were made for each other.

2. Heavy Zardosi Silk Saree Blouse Design

If you are not the one to stick to basics and want bling, then you shouldn’t stop yourself from getting it. Here is a bright silk saree blouse design, with a fully embroidered zardosi work blouse. Give it a shot and wait for the compliments to pour in!

3. Plain Silk Saree Blouse Design to Complement a Printed Saree

If your silk saree is printed or has heavy work, then it’s best to stick to a simple silk saree blouse design as you should not overdo it. The picture shows a beautiful saree blouse with half sleeves and round neck. You can opt for any sleeve length of your choice but make sure that the blouse doesn’t overpower the beauty of the saree.

4. Silk Saree Blouse Design Made with an Intricate Brocade

Image Source:Ayush Kejriwal

Brocade blouses have made their mark in the saree world because of their versatility. They are beautiful and they are so intricately designed that you just can’t take your eyes off them. To stitch a silk saree blouse, simply pick a brocade fabric and go berserk with the design and you can still be sure that it will look amazing with your saree!

5. Silk Saree Blouse Design Made with Velvet and Embroidered with Zardosi

You think two drastically different fabrics like silk and velvet can’t work together? Well, look at these bride-smashing fashion rules by pairing this stunning velvet blouse with a kanjivaram saree like a total boss! A little embroidery on the velvet blouse is just the perfect touch that was needed. The gold in the saree and the same gold work on the blouse look so in sync that it is just mesmerizing.

6. Silk Saree Blouse Design with Mirror Work and Hand Embroidered Sleeves

Image Source: Ayush Kejriwal

Doesn’t this bride look like a goddess while pairing this mirror work and hand-embroidered silk saree blouse with a bright red and gold Banarasi saree? Though her saree was heavily printed, still the blouse doesn’t overpower the saree, this is because the style of the blouse, the color of the work, and the type of work chosen complements her look.

7. Simple Silk Saree Blouse Design for The No-Fuss Bride

Image Source: Seena Image

For those brides who like to keep it simple, there is a number of minimalist options available. This silk saree blouse design that matches the saree and has a basic pattern is just a classic choice to wear on their big day! You can never go wrong with this one.

8. Maggam Work Silk Saree Blouse Design

Image Source: Anitha Sridhar

Maggam work blouses are a rage among brides to pair with pattu sarees. If you love being in sync with trends then just hop on the bandwagon and get yourself a maggam work silk saree blouse to pair with anything from Kasavu to Banarasi saree!

9. Contrasting Silk Saree Blouse with Bordered Sleeves

Nothing ever truly beats the beauty that lies in simplicity! This contrasting silk saree blouse with minimal border details are the sleeve will surely make you agree to the funda of simple is always the best! Borders are indeed a big thing when it comes to sarees, so why not incorporate them in the blouse too.

10. Printed Raw Silk Saree Blouse Design

Image Source: Ayush Kejriwal

If you have a quirky sense of style then a contrasting raw silk saree blouse design with a closed neck and half sleeves is something you can consider wearing with your silk saree! Print on print never goes out of trend, so why not be as trendy as you can be.

11. Sheer Sleeves Gold Embroidered Silk Saree Blouse Design

When it comes to experimenting with silk saree blouse designs, there’s clearly no dearth of ideas. This blouse has attractive gold embroidery all over along with sheer sleeves that make it look hatke. If you are willing to go out of the way to look the best, then go for this one.

12. Solid Silk Saree Blouse Design with Fully-printed Silk Saree

Image Source: Shivani Kasliwaal

Are you planning to wear a heavy thread-work silk saree on your big day? Then it’s best that you stick to a simple silk saree blouse neck design and sleeve design in a solid pattern to offset the saree and make it stand out. Choose a solid color carefully. Tip: Go for a contrasting colored blouse like this one to make a statement.

13. Printed Handloom Cotton Silk Saree Blouse Design with Kanjivaram Saree

Did you ever think that a basic handloom cotton blouse would complement a luxurious Kanjivaram? Well, look how regal this bride looks wearing a cotton blouse that’s made perfectly to fit the look the bride envisioned!

14. Crepe Silk Saree Blouse Design with Sheer Sleeves

Unless you try out different styles of silk saree blouse designs to wear with a silk saree, you wouldn’t know what looks best. This crepe silk blouse with sheer puff sleeves looks opulent with this ivory saree, to say the least. Pairing the whole look with a statement neckpiece just amped up the look of the silk saree blouse.

Tip: Try stitching a silk saree blouse like this one with a pastel or light-colored saree for a daytime wedding.

15. Silk Saree Blouse Design with Voluminous Sheer Bell Sleeves

Here’s another example of what happens when your silk saree blouse design experiments work like magic! Totally loving this quirky blouse design with huge sheer bell sleeves worn with a pink Banarari saree! You would never know what looks the best unless you give it a try. So, if you are bold enough to try this one on, then go for it, it is going to look gorgeous.

16. Silk Saree Blouse Design with Embellished Back Neck Cutout

Image Source: The Memory Writers

Blouse designer: Nyshka Design Studio

This stunner of a silk saree blouse design with floral cut out back and heavy embellishment is perfect if you are looking for a fancy OTT blouse to go with your silk saree. If you are one such bride that loves embellishment, then this is the one for you.

17. Abstract Print Cotton Silk Saree Blouse Design

Don’t you love it when a simply printed cotton blouse like this one transforms itself into the most gorgeous silk saree blouse design just by sheer styling and experimenting? Take a cue from this blouse if you have a similar plain silk saree to wear! If you are looking for simple look for a chill weekend festivity, then this is the best one for it.

18. Block Print Silk Saree Blouse Design

Image Source: Ayush Kejriwal

Looking at this block printed cotton blouse paired with a rich silk saree just makes me go WOW! What a stark contrast of fabrics brought together seamlessly with great styling, right? She used the color that was in her saree and it is complementing the look so well, that the only word that describes it is ravishing.

19. Bright Silk Saree Blouse Design with Gold Buttis

If you are planning to wear a kasavu on your big day or just looking for silk saree blouse designs to wear with white or off-white silk sarees, then nothing beats a bright-colored simple blouse with gold buttis on it! Look at the picture and we bet you will love it as much as we do.

20. Quirky One-side Jacket Silk Saree Blouse Design

This silk saree blouse design is for the quirky bride who can’t get enough of experimenting with her bridal look. The one side-jacket with embroidery is a big thumbs-up when it comes to pulling it off with a plain silk saree!

So, what do you think about these silk saree blouse designs? We bet you might have found the one you were looking for. Let me know what you girls think about these latest silk saree blouse designs in the comments below!

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