Pre-Wedding Shoot Held In South Bombay With A Serene, Calm Touch And Lots Of Love! #MumbaiDiaries

Plush Affairs, headed by Apoorv and Sanyogita is a new age photography company that has a strong focus on creativity and innovation. They come up with artistic themes that beautifully describe their clients and do justice to their story.
Apoorv and Sanyogita of Plush Affairs helped Pooja and Sushant plan their pre-wedding shoot just like they had imagined.


The couple knew each other through family and did their graduation together in Pune. They shortlisted Mumbai for their shoot since they have spent a lot of time in Mumbai and wanted to capture the old-world charm of the city. The shoot was primarily shot in South Bombay so as to capture the essence of the historic buildings established in the British era.

Locations like the Gateway of India and the Asiatic Society never fail to impress. They beautifully capture the grandeur of the city which is often lost in the hustle and bustle of the commercial hub.

Apoorv and Sanyogita of Plush Affairs  managed to capture the splendour of these locations wonderfully in this pre wedding shoot.

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