All About The Perfect Wedding Photography – The Ultimate Guide

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Weddings happen day in and out, we all have been to many weddings. We get invited to many, and then we do host many, however, one thing that is the same for all the weddings is the memories. And, for those memories, one extremely important thing is nothing but wedding photography. Getting everything right on the wedding day is okay, but getting every emotion captured is the main task. People generally leave a little to merely a small budget for wedding photography, this is what a lot of couples fail to understand that wedding photography is one of the most important parts that is gonna stay with you forever. So, here we have attempted to present to you everything that you would want to know about wedding photography, its importance, tips, poses, and a lot more. Why don’t you just drive right into the blog and find it out for yourself. 

Why is Wedding Photography so important?

The wedding day marks the start of the journey that you are going to embark on and stay on for the rest of your lives. Don’t you think having memories of one such day that you celebrate once in your lifetime should be etched in the safe corners of reminiscences? You should carefully pick who you are paying for the big day, what you are paying for and you should make every penny worth spending on wedding photography. It is fair enough to spend a bit more on wedding photography than other things because the decor of the day won’t stay forever, dresses would be worn once, cakes and confectioneries will last, and all the memories will fade away but the smiles in the pictures will surely last forever. Now, do you see the bigger picture, as to why it is important to invest and make a critical decision about wedding photography?

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Photography

Before starting with the types of wedding photography, don’t you want to know the tips to prepare for it? As we told you we are here to give you a full guide on wedding photography, here are some simple tips to prepare for your big day shoot. 

Must have wedding shots: Every couple has a vision for their wedding photography. Preparing a list of must dream shots beforehand will help the couple be prepared beforehand and even keep the props ready for the same.

Be prepared for mishaps: Even though most couples look forward to their wedding day with bated breath, weddings can be extremely nerve-wracking and stressful. Being prepared for any mishaps beforehand will help curb this anxiety and help you avoid any unfortunate accidents on the big day. Make sure that you have an extra camera ready, along with memory cards and batteries. 

Always do a dry run: Practicing the wedding shoots at the location prior to the wedding will help you figure out the lighting and explore the best backdrops. This, in turn, will help you feel more confident on your big day and even save time. 

Schedule enough time for the bridal shoot: Make sure you have enough time for your bridal shoot before the wedding functions.

Have a vision: Looking up wedding images on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram will help you get fresh ideas for the shoot and help you solidify your vision. However, remember that while following wedding trends can be fun, it is your big day and your photographs too should be a reflection of your personality. 

Do The Discussion: Always be well aware of the post-production details. How will your pictures be printed, how will it be delivered and such important aspects should be well discussed and clear at both ends.

So, these were a few quick tips and tricks that might help you a bit while you prepare for your big day shoot.

Types of Wedding Photography

Before we delve into the finer nuances of wedding photography, it is important to get acquainted with the various styles or types of wedding photography. This will throw open an entire set of options as well as help you make informed choices.

Classical or Traditional Wedding Photography: Starting with the very basic, you can broadly categorize wedding photography under the broad umbrella of traditional wedding photography and contemporary wedding photography. It is characterized by stiff poses, and an overall formal feel and clicks with the entire family or clan. Just like how all vintage things seem timeless and ageless, you must consider at least some pictures that are in line with the classical or traditional wedding photography school. 

Pic Credit- Expert Photography

Contemporary Wedding Photography: Next in line is contemporary wedding photography which includes a range of new-age wedding photography ideas ranging from pre-wedding photoshoot to candid wedding photography, bridal/groom portrait wedding photography, lifestyle wedding photography, destination wedding photography, artistic wedding photography as well as cinematic style wedding photography. 

Pic Credit- Arjun Kartha Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography: While candid wedding photography captures perfect moments of your wedding journey through a watchful eye, pre-wedding photoshoots are a great way to offer a glimpse into your chemistry as a couple and get comfortable with the camera as well as the photographer.

Pic Credit- Pinterest

Portrait Wedding Photography: As the name suggests, portrait wedding photography is the art of capturing stunning portrait images. It is just gorgeous to capture one such picture that just shows your love story at its best.

Pic Credit- VSG Photos

Lifestyle Wedding Photography: This wedding photography style concerns itself with bringing in all the components together of your relationship in the background of a picturesque surrounding. 

Pic Credit- Neeta Shankar Photography

Destination Wedding Photography: It is a style of photography that captures candid or classical photographs in a stunning milieu whereas artistic wedding photography includes the use of artistic props and smart play of lights. 

Pic Credit- Kumars Photography

Cinematic Style Wedding Photography: And finally, cinematic style wedding photography is when your love story is compiled together in a cinematic style of filming.

Pic Credit- Wedding Story

So, these were some of the many styles that you can pick for your day. We have listed only a few that will fit your big fat Indian wedding or a small affair. However, you can go out of the way and make your own style of pictures or mix multiple styles to make the best of it.

How to Pick the Best Wedding Photographer?

Now, this can be a major task. You know what to do before selection and what style you wanna pick, but how to pick the best photographer for your wedding photography will still be the challenge. Here are some of the tips that might help you with it. Rest the choice will always be yours. So, choose wisely.

Fits Your Style: There are hundreds of photographers with hundreds of different styles of wedding photography shoots, so go through their pictures and analyze whether that is the style you want to pick, then decide on the photographer.

Fits Your Budget: Some of the wedding photographers might have a budget that can be overwhelming for you. So, first, decide on the range of the budget and then hunt for the photographers in that budget.

Pick Through References: You might have attended your bestie’s wedding or a cousin’s marriage, and you might have loved the pictures. So, now you can pick the same one for your wedding photography too. 

Pick Through Previous Experiences: If you can’t decide from any of the above picking decisions, then check the work of the photographer, if you are satisfied with it, then that one is the one for you.

Interview the Photographers: This is one of the crucial steps in choosing the best one as you do not want to go wrong at this quintessential element of your wedding. So, meet up the list of photographers that you selected, discuss the details, analyze, and then you are good to go.

So, these are some of the ways you can pick your choice of photographer.

We hope that our ultimate guide on wedding photography was super helpful for you. We have worked super hard to put in as much information as possible so that you find every bit of detail that you were looking for here. Let us know which style you pick for the day or tell us how helpful we were in planning your wedding plans.

30+ Bridesmaid Dresses to give all you Indian Bridesmaids out there tons of inspiration for the upcoming Wedding Season!

No wedding is complete without a bunch of friends making every moment fun and of course saving the bride and groom from having cold feet. So, for having such a fun wedding, even a bridesmaid’s dress details are super important. After all, your pictures should be just perfect, right? We keep getting a lot of requests for bridesmaid dress ideas given the Indian wedding season is around the corner and to make your bridesmaid dress search simple, I have listed down some tips that you can keep in mind while selecting your Indian bridesmaid dress.

What’s more? I have also added some amazing Indian bridesmaid dresses for you to pin and share with your girls and finalize on something that all of you like! Scroll on, tell me which bridesmaids dress you loved the most!

Tips to choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses

Before starting with the list of options, you need to decide how you are planning to pick a dress. Don’t worry, we know the task is overwhelming, but we are here with some crazy tips for you. We hope that it will help you pick your bridesmaid dress. 

1. We know that a bride’s choice is very important as it is her day, however, when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, do consider your bridesmaids’ style while choosing the dress. You might be best of friends and still have styles that are poles apart. If you are not fussy about matching outfits, then give your bridesmaids the freedom to choose what they want, while keeping one element common. You can choose a common color palette, similar print/embroidery, or a similar style of bridesmaids outfit, for eg: Pastel Palette!

Just as we talked about the pastel palette, look at this picture. Don’t these bridesmaids dresses look in sync despite wearing different colours? You know why? They have stuck to the pastel palette and added a floral tiara to show that they belong to the bride tribe! That is the beauty of letting your bridesmaid choose her own dress and still look in sync with you.

Or perhaps, these beauties who chose a lehenga and a saree but still look more synced than ever. So, the choice may be different but following a code is important. After all, you need to slay the look, right?

2. If you don’t want to give the liberty of choosing the dress for your bridesmaid, or if you want all of them to be alike, then choose bridesmaids’ dresses that complement your bridal outfit. Maybe pick a color from your outfit and use it as the color inspiration for your bridesmaids’ outfits!

Notice how the bridesmaids have picked pink from the bride’s skirt and used it in their blouses? That’s the kind of complementing we are talking about! So, you can do this or pick any contrasting color and make your group look just picture-perfect

3. Letting your bridesmaid choose will not require this tip, but if you are choosing it, then consider your bridesmaids’ budgets. Just because you like a bridesmaid dress that is for 10,000, doesn’t mean all of them can afford it. Prior to finalizing an outfit, decide amongst yourselves how much is a decent budget to buy the Indian bridesmaid’s dresses.

4. Pick a bridesmaid dress that can be reused again for some other occasion. Refer to point 1 again. If you pick a sharara because you like it, but the bridesmaids don’t, then they might wear it to your wedding to make you happy. But will they reuse it? Nope! That’s why it is better to pick something that everyone can wear more than once! For this and for all other points, you and your girls need to sit and have a good discussion, so that everyone is heard and everyone is happy with the bride’s pick. 

Now, the tips are done and it is time to see some heart-warming inspirations. 

Indian Bridesmaids Dresses Inspiration

Lehengas as the new-age Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids lehengas are the most sought-after Indian bridesmaid dresses. It goes well with the Indian themes and you can play with so many styles and colors too. You can match it up totally or go crazy experimenting with styles as you wish. Take a hint from these women rocking a great lehenga that you can use to take inspiration and wear for your BFF’s wedding!

These lovely bridesmaids with different lehengas still look as coordinated as ever! Look at the picture, it indeed is beautiful.

Outfit by: Abhishek Gupta

You can even choose a Banarasi lehenga in different colors and keep the top or shirt exactly the same for a synced look! This one surely comes with a twist to the Indian look but still looks gorgeous.

Peplum tops with lehengas are always trendy! Can surely use this as an inspiration for your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Sarees as the Ultimate Bridesmaids Dresses

Sarees in a desi woman’s closet are timeless and also sarees in Indian weddings are a classic choice. Ask your mom and she’ll tell you a tale behind every beautiful saree she owns! If you are going to have a typical desi wedding and want your bridesmaid’s dresses to be sarees, then have a look at these cool bunch of women rocking the 6-yard like a total boss!

Image Source: Wedding Documentary

Is burgundy your wedding outfit’s main color? Or do you want burgundy bridesmaid dresses for your BFFs? Well, take a cue from these beauties and see how they have complemented their bridesmaid sarees with the bride. If burgundy isn’t your cup of tea, then just look at the style of their sarees and how coordinated they look with the bride. 

Maroon bridesmaid dresses come very close to burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Maroon is a very desi color and you can literally find hundreds of sarees in this color that your bridesmaids can wear. Isn’t this a great option?

Don’t these ladies look gorgeous in their purple bridesmaid dresses? I totally love how matching bridesmaids’ sarees can take the whole bride tribe’s look to another level.

Image Source: Zamana Lifestyles Photography

Move over red bridal dresses and shout royal at the top of its voice. Make way for red bridesmaids’ dresses that are beautifully matching their sarees!

Gold bridesmaid dresses are a safe and stunning option to wear for your bestie’s wedding. If she is wearing a pattu saree, all the more better if you choose Indian bridesmaid’s dresses in the form of a beautiful golden saree. See how smartly they have worn the same color as the bride but flipped it over to look different from the bride.

Not a fan of matching bridesmaids’ dresses? Pick a color theme like pastels, choose a fabric and create your look around that. Take a cue from these ladies rocking bridesmaids’ sarees in elegant pastel shades in organza!

Pink is the most preferred color for bridesmaids’ dresses, and it definitely looks beautiful on all skin tones. If you too are looking for pink bridesmaid dresses, then consider a simple pink saree with a silver or golden border for all your girls!

Sharara Bridesmaids Dresses

Shararas as bridesmaids’ dresses look royal. If you and your tribe want to look regal, then pick Sharara as your bridesmaid outfit. They have a heavy look, which makes them an appropriate bridesmaid dress for those of you who want to look all dressed and dolled up for your bestie’s big day!

Outfit by: Abhinav Mishra

Opt for pastel coloured bridesmaid shararas

Or go for matching ones to sync like a team!

Anarkali Bridesmaids Dresses

Anarkali Indian Bridesmaids Dresses are the perfect option to wear if you are a bridesmaid. They don’t only look festive, but can be used multiple times for other occasions unlike lehengas and shararas! So, if you are looking for a sustainable option for reusing and flaunting your stunning dress.

If you are looking for bridesmaids’ dresses online, and have finalized on wearing an Anarkali suit, then you can choose to wear something like this baby pink floor-length Anarkali. Shop here!

So ladies, which of these Indian bridesmaid dresses did you like enough to share in your wedding prep WhatsApp group? You can opt for many other dress options, just remember our tips and we hope that you might find something that you and your girls love. Good Luck!

30 Pink Best Bridal Lehengas that Stole Our Hearts this Wedding Season!

When it comes to picking wedding dresses, options are in millions. Different styles, different colors, different cuts, different lengths, and so on, it seems neverending to decide on one dress. However, we have something for you today. We have picked all the pink lehengas that we found. You can never go wrong with a pink-colored lehenga for your grand wedding day. A pink bridal lehenga has an altogether different charm to it, which explains why ‘pink’ is the most popular lehenga color seen on real brides. It’s versatile ranging from hot pink, dusty pink, pastel pink, blush pink, baby pink, and more. The best part is to pick any of them, and all of them look breathtaking.

You might have seen Anushka wearing it for her wedding day. If your heart too skipped a beat when you saw Anushka Sharma in that blush pink bridal lehenga, and decided to wear a pink bridal lehenga for your wedding as well, then keep reading.

Here’s listing some gorgeous brides who opted for some stunning best bridal lehengas in pink for their wedding and turned heads all the way. Scroll down to see, which pink is the best pink for you. Come on, let’s go!

1. Anushka Sharma’s Pink Bridal Lehenga

Image Source – Stories By Joseph Radhik

What will highlight the true blush of the bride, of course, a blush pink lehenga. If we are talking about the best bridal lehengas in pink, Anushka Sharma’s blush pink and ivory lehenga which she wore for her private wedding in Tuscany has to be first on the list. This Sabyasachi renaissance embroidery in vintage English colors embellished with silver-gold metal thread, pearls, and beads will forever remain a classic. It’s been a few years since Anushka’s lehenga, but it remains timeless. 

2. Fuschia Pink – The Best Bridal Lehengas

Photography – Design Aqua Studio

If you ain’t a fan of blush, then take it a notch higher and pick Fuschia Pink. Fuschia pink bridal lehenga paired with a pastel pink dupatta is always a stunner. We are totally crushing over the floral motifs and the zari embroidery on this lehenga skirt paired with heavily embellished choli. This bride completed her bridal look with sheer double dupattas with one being in the same family color and another being a light pastel pink shade, setting some fresh goals! 

3. Hot Pink for Some Hot Bling

Image Source – Photo Diary

We are in love with this bride’s hot pink bridal lehenga that she wore for one of her wedding functions. If you are a fan of bling and glam, then hot pink is the way to go. How stunning is her majestic lehenga skirt flare? Love the tight-fitting choli along with the lehenga skirt and the way this bride carries it off without any dupatta! Setting goals for the best bridal lehengas!

4. Sonam’s Pastel Pink Mehndi Bridal Lehenga

Another celebrity that gave us goals wearing a pink shade lehenga is Sonam Kapoor. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja chose to wear a stunning Anuradha Vakil creation with hints of pastel pink and grabbed eyeballs with how radiant she looked. Also, only a fashionista bride like Sonam could’ve pulled off the shades of pastel pink, lilac, peach, and white combined with heavy gotta Patti work and look that phenomenal in her mehndi function! She really made pastel pink a bridal color. 

Also, right after her Anand Karaj, Sonam changed into a much-relaxed pastel pink bridal lehenga, and needless to mention she looked gorgeous in that attire as well. Looks like Sonam loves pink a little too much.

5. The Dreamy Pink Bridal Lehenga 

Image Source – Dream Diaries

How dreamy is this pink bridal lehenga with multi-colored thread embroidery and golden zari work on it? She rocked this colorful yet subtle lehenga with her stunning jewelry and her extraordinary style.

P.S. We can’t get over her stunning choli with golden latkans and that statement choker.

6. Dusty Pink Anarkali Lehenga

All the pinks aside, this pink shade has its own charm. Look at the picture, this bride wore a dusty pink Anarkali-lehenga for her Sikh wedding and looked gorgeous. Loving the gold detailing on her pink bridal lehenga and the way she matched the second dupatta over her head in the exact same pink shade! She is totally vibing with the pink theme. 

7. Soft Pink Best Bridal Lehengas

OMG! Just look at this bride. She is rocking a heavily embroidered pink wedding lehenga and it is a total stunner! We absolutely love her deep neck sweetheart blouse, which is paired with a heavily embellished lehenga skirt and the way her dupatta is kept in place with a belt is commendable. She looked super gorgeous for sure. 

8. Light Pink Best Bridal Lehengas

Image Source – Ivy Weddings

Another soft shade of pick is this light pastel pink color. This light pastel pink bridal lehenga is a sight for sore eyes. Can’t take my eyes off her lehenga skirt with rose motifs. It’s so subtle yet so elegant! The white floral kaleeres totally helped complete the bridal look! If you wish to walk down the aisle with grace, then this is the color for you. 

9. Layered Net Pink Bridal Lehenga

Image Source – The Wedding Story

Another lighter shade of pink is rocked by the next bride on the list. This light pink bridal lehenga with golden motifs on it, looks straight out of a fairy tale, right? The netted layers on the base of the lehenga skirt and the sheer net shrug are something we are really not able to take our eyes off. *Dreamy eyes*

10. The Dusty Pink Best Bridal Lehengas

Image Source – Dipak Studios

Image source: Slice of Life

Dusty pink has made its appearance once in the list and here it s again. Every time a bride wears this color, we just fall in love with it again. Can’t get over this bride’s dusty pink bridal lehenga that she wore for her sangeet function. The silverwork goes very well with the dusty pink shade! The bride rocks this off so wonderfully, that it seems that this color is made for her.

11. The Rani Pink Best Bridal Lehengas

Image Source – Gautam Khullar Photography

How much pink is too much pink? This bride literally went pink all the way. She has matched her pink bridal lehenga to her pink floral decor and floral jewelry. Love the pop of gold with her jazzy dupatta. Her double-layered skirt is complimented by her smile. She looks nothing but a fairytale bride. 

12. Patel Pink Banarasi Bridal Lehenga 

Image Source – Gautam Khullar Photography

Banarasi in itself is too pretty and pairing it with pink color made it heavenly. This pretty bride opted for an ombre pink banarasi silk lehenga in a cute pastel pink color. Keeping in mind that it was her mehndi function, she did the right thing by opting for a fabric like Banarasi silk which is light and comfortable.

13. Velvet Pink Best Bridal Lehengas

Image Source – The Wedding Story

A velvet makes everything look rich and royal. This dark pink velvet bridal lehenga exudes some major regal vibes, right? In love with this Sabyasachi creation with a heavily embellished lehenga skirt paired with a double dupatta with one being of velvet fabric, while the other one draped on her head is made of sheer net.

14. Beige And Pink Best Bridal Lehengas

If an all pink bridal lehenga is not your thing, then you can totally opt for a lehenga design like this. Love how this bride has paired a beige choli with a pink bridal lehenga skirt and gold jewelry. Beige compliments the color pink in the best way.

15. Neha Dhupia’s Pastel Pink Bridal Lehenga

Image Source – Manish Manish

Another bride giving us major goals to opt for pink one is Neha. For her Anand Karaj ceremony, Neha Dhupia made a beautiful bride wearing a pastel pink lehenga from Anita Dongre. Love the coral pink and mint green embroidery on it! The minimal makeup on her face just added to the elegance quotient of her entire bridal look. You can check out more pastel pink best bridal lehengas here!

16. Gold And Pink Best Bridal Lehengas

Image Source – Pooja Joseph Photography

This bride decked in an all-pink bridal lehenga with golden embroidery on it is pure love. This is another Anita Dongre creation. She paired her lehenga with a double dupatta, and hands down it this couture is giving us total wedding outfit goals!

17. Sonam Kapoor’s Veere Di Wedding Lehenga

Can’t we all take inspiration from movies? Although Sonam rocked wearing a pink lehenga, she wore one of the best bridal lehengas in a bar of gold and dusty pink shade stealing a million hearts in Veere Di Wedding. We are in love with this fishtail lehenga skirt paired with a sequin encrusted bustier and checkered embroidery cape sleeves. Well, VDW was all about wedding outfits only, check out all the details here!

18. Mira Rajput’s Pastel Pink Bridal Lehenga

What about the wives of Bollywood celebs. Yes, they have rocked multiple outfits too.  So, here is another one of the lot. So, can you guess who else loves pink? Yes, it’s Mira Rajput who looked stunning in an Anamika Khanna creation with zari and zardozi embroidery on it. Totally adore the pink bangles complimenting her pink bridal lehenga!

19. Baby Pink Bridal Lehenga

Image Source  – Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Baby pink is a beautiful shade. And, we do not say it because we love it, look at this bride and you will love it too. Totally apt for a diva bride – this baby pink bridal lehenga with golden sequins is all that you need to feel like a princess on your big day. Love how she has opted for the double dupattas, giving more volume to the whole bridal look!

20. Bipasha Basu’s Pink Mehndi Lehenga

Image Source – The Wedding Story

Yet another Bollywood celebrity who wore pink is Bipasha Basu! She wore a pastel pink bridal lehenga from Arpita Mehta with a floral pink print on it & looked her sassy self. Totally in love with the embellished choli-jacket with a mid-slit paired with a lehenga skirt with floral print on it.

21. Pink Bridal Lehenga With A Mid-slit Jacket

Image Source – Dream Diaries

This pretty lady opted for a very understated pastel pink bridal lehenga with a cropped lehenga skirt paired with a mid-slit jacket and looked stunning. As much as her lehenga’s style is on-point, her selection of pink is taking it a notch higher. Her minimal jewelry and make-up were all that was needed to complete her mehndi look.

22. The Yellow And Pink Banarasi Lehenga

Image source- Bhumi & Simran

Mehendi functions and pink-colored dresses are age-old combinations. A yellow and pink bridal lehenga will never fail you. Don’t believe us? Look at how beautiful this bride looks in a pink and yellow banarasi lehenga on her Mehendi.

23. The Knockout Pink Bridal Lehenga

This knock-out pink lehenga-choli with a touch of bluish-grey lehenga color combination is pure love. Seriously digging those grey and yellow latkans on the pink bridal lehenga skirt though! This is from Masaba Gupta’s recent collection and its total wedding goals and one of the best bridal lehengas!

24. Blush Pink And Gold Bridal Lehenga 

Image Source – Z Molu Photography

Gold and pink is another color combination to look forward to! This gold and blush pink bridal lehenga is gorgeous. What we love the most about this pink bridal lehenga is the gold detailing and the peplum blouse, making it look so unique! The bride looks stunning in it.

25. Jaipuri Pink Mirror Work Lehenga

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra 

Surrounded by a thick gleaming border of mirror work at the bottom of the lehenga and some more scattered mirror work all over the lehenga, choli, and the dupatta, this ensemble is truly a masterpiece.

26. A Baby Pink Lehenga With Gold Embroidery

Image Source: Anantam

How much would you rate this gorgeous lehenga on 10? With a pleasing tinge of pink, the minimal golden embroidery work, and not forgetting the latkans, this voluminous lehenga definitely deserves a 10/10. We are drooling over it and we bet you are loving it too.

27. A Vibrant Pink And Purple Duo

Image Source: Kartik Jha

The combination of pink and purple is a heavenly one and I’m sure you will agree with us too. And donning this dramatic duo infused with detailed golden work is this bold and beautiful bride who has embellished this Study by Janak lehenga with her innate grace and elegance. This is totally inspiring you to get one for your festivity too, isn’t it?

28. Bright Pink Ivory Lehenga With Mirror Work

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav Mishra is bringing back the charm of the long-lost time-honored ancient couture by breathing life into each garment with his magical touch. And he did a commendable job with this quintessential bright pink ivory lehenga with mirror work. It is a true example of his magic.

29. Rose Pink Organza Lehenga

Image Source: Neha & Kriti

No pink can match the beauty of rose pink. It portrays love, elegance, beauty, and charm, all in one. With intricate handwork using crystals, shaded sequins, glass beads, and pearls, this majestic rose pink organza lehenga by Neha & Kriti is simple, elegant and one of the best bridal lehengas on this list.

30. A Bubble Gum Pink Blush Anarkali-lehenga

Best Bridal Lehengas Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

Another pink shade that has not made its appearance yet on the list is this bubblegum pink. Setting style statements yet again with his enchanting creation is the best bridal lehengas and bridal couture designer, Abhinav Mishra. How pretty is this bubble gum pink Anarkali-lehenga with golden yellow stripes and the delicate handwork?

This was all from our side. We have given you enough inspirations to adorn a pink shade lehenga and rock your wedding festivities. So which of the above best bridal lehengas will you pick for your wedding functions?

20 silk saree blouse designs to wear with your favorite Kanjivaram or Banarasi saree!

Silk sarees are a must-have in every desi woman’s wardrobe. It is a go-to fashion choice when it comes to weddings or parties or any other festivity. While the variety of silk sarees is endless, finding the perfect silk saree blouse design seems like a hassle sometimes! But worry not! We are here to give you a token of surprise. We have done the work of finding the best silk saree blouse designs. We have literally scanned the internet fashion radar to get the best 20 silk saree blouse designs to inspire you to stitch that perfect blouse to go with your precious Kanjivaram or Banarasi saree!

Have a look at these silk saree blouse designs catalog and don’t forget to save the latest silk saree blouse designs that you love the most! Come on, let’s go!

1. Contrasting Silk Saree Blouse Design with Minimal Embellishments

Pick a drastically contrasting color to your saree and stitch a silk saree blouse design that’s simple yet appealing. This would make your saree stand out and also give it the necessary touch of glam with its minimalistic look. You can even take the border of your saree and attach it to the blouse sleeves for a gorgeous look just as shown in the picture, this will make it look like the blouse and the saree were made for each other.

2. Heavy Zardosi Silk Saree Blouse Design

If you are not the one to stick to basics and want bling, then you shouldn’t stop yourself from getting it. Here is a bright silk saree blouse design, with a fully embroidered zardosi work blouse. Give it a shot and wait for the compliments to pour in!

3. Plain Silk Saree Blouse Design to Complement a Printed Saree

If your silk saree is printed or has heavy work, then it’s best to stick to a simple silk saree blouse design as you should not overdo it. The picture shows a beautiful saree blouse with half sleeves and round neck. You can opt for any sleeve length of your choice but make sure that the blouse doesn’t overpower the beauty of the saree.

4. Silk Saree Blouse Design Made with an Intricate Brocade

Image Source:Ayush Kejriwal

Brocade blouses have made their mark in the saree world because of their versatility. They are beautiful and they are so intricately designed that you just can’t take your eyes off them. To stitch a silk saree blouse, simply pick a brocade fabric and go berserk with the design and you can still be sure that it will look amazing with your saree!

5. Silk Saree Blouse Design Made with Velvet and Embroidered with Zardosi

You think two drastically different fabrics like silk and velvet can’t work together? Well, look at these bride-smashing fashion rules by pairing this stunning velvet blouse with a kanjivaram saree like a total boss! A little embroidery on the velvet blouse is just the perfect touch that was needed. The gold in the saree and the same gold work on the blouse look so in sync that it is just mesmerizing.

6. Silk Saree Blouse Design with Mirror Work and Hand Embroidered Sleeves

Image Source: Ayush Kejriwal

Doesn’t this bride look like a goddess while pairing this mirror work and hand-embroidered silk saree blouse with a bright red and gold Banarasi saree? Though her saree was heavily printed, still the blouse doesn’t overpower the saree, this is because the style of the blouse, the color of the work, and the type of work chosen complements her look.

7. Simple Silk Saree Blouse Design for The No-Fuss Bride

Image Source: Seena Image

For those brides who like to keep it simple, there is a number of minimalist options available. This silk saree blouse design that matches the saree and has a basic pattern is just a classic choice to wear on their big day! You can never go wrong with this one.

8. Maggam Work Silk Saree Blouse Design

Image Source: Anitha Sridhar

Maggam work blouses are a rage among brides to pair with pattu sarees. If you love being in sync with trends then just hop on the bandwagon and get yourself a maggam work silk saree blouse to pair with anything from Kasavu to Banarasi saree!

9. Contrasting Silk Saree Blouse with Bordered Sleeves

Nothing ever truly beats the beauty that lies in simplicity! This contrasting silk saree blouse with minimal border details are the sleeve will surely make you agree to the funda of simple is always the best! Borders are indeed a big thing when it comes to sarees, so why not incorporate them in the blouse too.

10. Printed Raw Silk Saree Blouse Design

Image Source: Ayush Kejriwal

If you have a quirky sense of style then a contrasting raw silk saree blouse design with a closed neck and half sleeves is something you can consider wearing with your silk saree! Print on print never goes out of trend, so why not be as trendy as you can be.

11. Sheer Sleeves Gold Embroidered Silk Saree Blouse Design

When it comes to experimenting with silk saree blouse designs, there’s clearly no dearth of ideas. This blouse has attractive gold embroidery all over along with sheer sleeves that make it look hatke. If you are willing to go out of the way to look the best, then go for this one.

12. Solid Silk Saree Blouse Design with Fully-printed Silk Saree

Image Source: Shivani Kasliwaal

Are you planning to wear a heavy thread-work silk saree on your big day? Then it’s best that you stick to a simple silk saree blouse neck design and sleeve design in a solid pattern to offset the saree and make it stand out. Choose a solid color carefully. Tip: Go for a contrasting colored blouse like this one to make a statement.

13. Printed Handloom Cotton Silk Saree Blouse Design with Kanjivaram Saree

Did you ever think that a basic handloom cotton blouse would complement a luxurious Kanjivaram? Well, look how regal this bride looks wearing a cotton blouse that’s made perfectly to fit the look the bride envisioned!

14. Crepe Silk Saree Blouse Design with Sheer Sleeves

Unless you try out different styles of silk saree blouse designs to wear with a silk saree, you wouldn’t know what looks best. This crepe silk blouse with sheer puff sleeves looks opulent with this ivory saree, to say the least. Pairing the whole look with a statement neckpiece just amped up the look of the silk saree blouse.

Tip: Try stitching a silk saree blouse like this one with a pastel or light-colored saree for a daytime wedding.

15. Silk Saree Blouse Design with Voluminous Sheer Bell Sleeves

Here’s another example of what happens when your silk saree blouse design experiments work like magic! Totally loving this quirky blouse design with huge sheer bell sleeves worn with a pink Banarari saree! You would never know what looks the best unless you give it a try. So, if you are bold enough to try this one on, then go for it, it is going to look gorgeous.

16. Silk Saree Blouse Design with Embellished Back Neck Cutout

Image Source: The Memory Writers

Blouse designer: Nyshka Design Studio

This stunner of a silk saree blouse design with floral cut out back and heavy embellishment is perfect if you are looking for a fancy OTT blouse to go with your silk saree. If you are one such bride that loves embellishment, then this is the one for you.

17. Abstract Print Cotton Silk Saree Blouse Design

Don’t you love it when a simply printed cotton blouse like this one transforms itself into the most gorgeous silk saree blouse design just by sheer styling and experimenting? Take a cue from this blouse if you have a similar plain silk saree to wear! If you are looking for simple look for a chill weekend festivity, then this is the best one for it.

18. Block Print Silk Saree Blouse Design

Image Source: Ayush Kejriwal

Looking at this block printed cotton blouse paired with a rich silk saree just makes me go WOW! What a stark contrast of fabrics brought together seamlessly with great styling, right? She used the color that was in her saree and it is complementing the look so well, that the only word that describes it is ravishing.

19. Bright Silk Saree Blouse Design with Gold Buttis

If you are planning to wear a kasavu on your big day or just looking for silk saree blouse designs to wear with white or off-white silk sarees, then nothing beats a bright-colored simple blouse with gold buttis on it! Look at the picture and we bet you will love it as much as we do.

20. Quirky One-side Jacket Silk Saree Blouse Design

This silk saree blouse design is for the quirky bride who can’t get enough of experimenting with her bridal look. The one side-jacket with embroidery is a big thumbs-up when it comes to pulling it off with a plain silk saree!

So, what do you think about these silk saree blouse designs? We bet you might have found the one you were looking for. Let me know what you girls think about these latest silk saree blouse designs in the comments below!

Abhishek and Deepika’s Big Fat Indian Wedding – When Love Comes Knocking!

3rd February 2021 marked the date of the union of two souls to walk on the path of love forever. Abhishek and Deepika made a decision to share their lives after contemplating a lot of things, however in the end what matters is that when love comes knocking, you always open the door.

They tied the knot in a big fat Indian wedding setting. We want to tell you everything about it, but hold on a little, let’s start with their story first.

The Love Story

Their love story is a little different, it wasn’t love at first sight or they didn’t go gaga over each other on their first meeting. They met in a formal arrangement set up through an agent. Yes, it is an arranged marriage. They didn’t click at the first meeting, they took their time to think it through and eventually they said yes. They said yes to spend their eternity together.

The Proposal

On asking about the proposal, Deepika chuckled and said that Abhishek said yes first and she took her time to say yes. She also gave us a little insight into her brewing love and romance. On talking about the most lovable or romantic moments of their love story or what made them love each other, she talked about care, respect, and efforts that Abhishek took to woo her were just adorable. He handles all her mood swings with ease, he helped her in choosing outfits, he also took extra efforts to get a box of chocolates customized with #ABHIKA on it (PS:- Time to fall head over heels with these guys) for the first Karwa Chauth before the wedding. Not only the chocolates, but he also gifted her an iPhone. Who wouldn’t fall in love when you find such a romantic partner.

The Wedding

Their wedding was nothing short of a grand ceremony. It was a big fat Indian wedding where the decor was a mix of an Indian traditional look and a hint of a western theme. The entire wedding ceremony went on for a couple of days – cocktail party, engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, then finally the grand wedding and the reception. Every function was regal, the decor, the wedding couture, and their adorable pictures melted our hearts for sure. Don’t believe us? Have a look at their pictures and you will fall in love with them. They are planning to go to the Maldives for their honeymoon. They also made a joke on this one that it is the only place where they can go after Covid. 

The Photographs

Here are the amazing pictures that we were talking about. They also had an amazing pre-wedding shoot done. On talking about the best part about their wedding, she said she loved photography as well as videography. They are super happy with Safarnama Films as their photographer.

Scroll down to see their amazing pictures. 

Dream Team

Photographer- safarnamafilms

Bridal wear- sudhirbhaisareevala

Groomswear – andglory_official

Makeup Artist – Engagement- makeoverbymanleen

Makeup Artist- Reception and Wedding – atulchauhanmakeovers

So, this was all about Abhishek and Deepika and their big fat Indian wedding. So, we can rightly say when love comes knocking at the door, no one can stop themselves from falling into it.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Goa In These Breathtaking Venues

Destination Wedding In Goa

Image credits-

Honestly, we don’t even know how to begin, because we have so many things to tell you about how to plan a destination wedding in Goa. Planning a destination wedding in Goa, be it a big or a small one, is a big deal. A wedding means taking a step forward in your life, and it is a big step, so why not host it just like that? We have chosen 5 Goa wedding venues where you can effortlessly host all your pre-wedding ceremonies, weddings as well as wedding reception ceremonies. To answer your question- how to plan a destination wedding in Goa, you have to check out our website where you will tonnes of ideas depending on your budget, but the venues that we have chosen could be used to host indoor, outdoor, theme-based, beach, or any other kind of wedding that you want. One of the best ways to know how to plan a destination wedding in Goa is to first find out what theme would be best suited for your wedding. If you and your partner think it’s the perfect theme for your event, you can just get in touch with us and we will make it happen. If you want to know how to plan a destination wedding in Goa depending on your budget, you can check out our blog as you can host the most amazing events here. You can plan a destination wedding in Goa under 10 lakhs, a destination wedding in Goa under 20 lakhs, and even go a little easy on your pocket by hosting a destination wedding under 5 lakhs in Goa. Let’s see which venue gives you the vibes!

The Southern Deck Benaulim Goa

Still wondering how to plan a destination wedding in Goa? Well now stop wondering and check out The Southern Deck Goa and we assure you, you will have a lot of fun with your close ones. Serve drool-worthy treats to your invitees from the vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian menu from any cuisine you choose from with the help of the catering team present at the venue. The staff here at The Southern Deck Benaulim Beach Goa makes sure all your decor needs are fulfilled and beautifully taken care of. This venue will definitely help you figure out how to plan a destination wedding in Goa effortlessly. The Southern Deck In Benaulim Beach Goa will blow your mind with the offers and facilities they have to offer. Host your event and make sure you be a part of it and not just stay busy with the preparations, leave it all on the staff and they won’t let you down. Taking care of all your cocktail needs for the event, you get to serve fun alcoholic beverages to all the attendees present for your big day at The Southern Deck Benaulim Goa.

George Bay Utorda Goa

George Bay Goa

One of the most popular places to host a destination wedding is Goa, due to which we get so many questions on how to plan a destination wedding in Goa. George Bay Goa will become the first preference for all your future affairs because of the enticing services they provide. The extremely talented team of culinary experts will make sure you get served tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies and desserts from any cuisine you choose from. And the decor team present at George Bay Utorda Beach Goa will embellish the whole venue with lights and decorative details and change the look of the venue. It also allows you to get a decor and catering crew from outside as per your preference on your big day. George Bay Hall Utorda Goa has a lawn that can easily accommodate a couple hundred guests without any problem. With certain other enticing services, the venue will make sure your event is one people won’t forget for years to come. Plan a party like never before here at George Bay Utorda Goa without any problems.

Cidade De Goa Dona Paula Goa

Find out how to plan a destination wedding in Goa at Cidade De Goa Goa. This wedding venue in Goa offers enticing services that will make the event you have always dreamed about come true. The lawns and the banquet halls available here have the capacity to hold a small to a large crowd of guests and host your soiree in that event space as per your preference. With facilities that will blow your mind, Cidade Goa Dona Paula Goa instantly wins hearts and becomes your first preference. Appetizing food from the vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu is served at this venue with the help of the very fantastically talented chef experts present on the floor just for you. And Cidade Goa Wedding Venue Dona Paula Goa also has a very talented team of decorators that can make the whole venue look exactly how you want it to. This 5-star property has contemporary interiors combined with traditional Goan patterns and textures along with clean environs. Host a party like never before at Cidade De Goa Dona Paula Goa and make it all worth it!

Pride Sun Village Resort And Spa Arpora Goa

If you want to do something different and don’t know what to do, and how to plan a destination wedding in Goa, you can check out Pride Sun Village Resort And Spa Goa. A well-known spot by the locals, this 4-star wedding resort in Goa will become the one you would opt for hosting all your future events. Pride Sun Village Resort & Spa Arpora Goa ensure you go home with a satiated smile because of the facilities and services they have to offer. This venue serves luscious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to all the guests that will be remembered by all your guests for years to come. An exquisite blend of classy decor, elegant ambiance, and an experience of a lifetime, your event here at Pride Sun Village Resort & Spa Goa will only enhance the beauty of the banquet hall. Ask the decor team here to change the venue into a beautiful party place and they will do their best to fulfill all your demands. So make sure you check out Pride Sun Village Resort And Spa Arpora Goa if you are checking out different Goa destination wedding places.

Destination One Calangute Goa

Destination One Goa

Goa is famous for its beaches and one of the easiest ways to know how to plan a destination wedding in Goa is to host a beach wedding. With stunning decor and modern amenities, Destination One Goa has all the things you need in a venue to host your event. The best thing about such grand events is their food and the venue has a catering team in-house that will take care of all your culinary needs. And with the already exquisite decor in hand, the decor team of Destination One Sea Lawns Calangute Goa will change the whole look of the venue with their expertise. The lawn here can easily accommodate a mammoth of a crowd. With a management staff that makes sure all your needs are fulfilled and well taken care of, your event at Destination One Calangute Beach Goa will be remembered by your guests for years to come. And if you want to know more about a destination wedding in Goa, price, services and other things, you can check out our website. So what are you waiting for? Check out Destination One Calangute Goa now!

We were counting down our top picks of destination wedding venues in Goa and how to plan a destination wedding in Goa in those venues. As we said before, if you want to know in detail how to plan a destination wedding in Goa, you can check out our website and we will surely assist you! Let us know what are your thoughts on a destination wedding in Goa.

Have a safe and fun-filled wedding!

Top 10 Banquet Halls in Delhi

As you dive deeper into your wedding day preparations and try to make it a fairytale, it is crucial to leave no stone unturned to fit every piece of the puzzle in the right place. So, where do you begin with? All the thoughts and wedding planning revolve around the wedding venue. If the venue has the best banquet hall options, then that’s just a cherry on the cake. The people in Delhi love celebrations and the city is brimming with banquets for wedding celebrations. So, save yourself from all the confusion as we unveil some of the most popular banquet halls in Delhi.

Ritz At Ambience Golf Drive, Gurgaon, Delhi

Ritz at Ambience Golf Drive
Ritz at Ambience Golf Drive

Ambience Golf Drive is another gem from the Ferns N Petals Garden and is a magnificent wedding venue in the Delhi/NCR region. The décor is a fine amalgamation of grandeur and luxury, making it one of the best venues in the city. The ‘Ritz’ banquet hall is massive and can easily accommodate large gatherings at a single time. Talk about big fat Indian weddings and Ritz is the perfect response to that. So, if you’ve always imagined your wedding functions and ceremony amidst a picturesque background with beautifully lit chandeliers, then the Ritz banquet hall is the best pick for you. Host all your wedding events at this venue to make memories for a lifetime.

Ritz At Ambience Golf Drive, Gurgaon, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: Lane Number V-19, DLF Phase 3, Sector 24 Gurugram, Delhi 110038

Closest landmark: Ambience Mall, DLF Phase 3 Metro

Atrio – A Boutique Hotel, Kapashera, Delhi

Venezia at Atrio
Venezia at Atrio

The hotel is an ideal blend of modern and contemporary put together and has one of the most beautiful banquet halls—Venezia. This spacious hall is bound to make every wedding a grand celebration. This banquet hall is capacious and focuses on delivering when it comes to the right kind of décor, seating arrangements, lighting, etc. So, for those couples looking to host their wedding at a venue which is high on luxury, comfort and convenience, Venezia at Atrio is ideal.

Atrio – A Boutique Hotel, Kapashera, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: Rajokri – Kapasheda Link Road, Near NH-8, D Block, Kapas Hera Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110037 India

Landmark: Kapashera Police Station, Delhi Jaipur Express Highway

Golden Tulip, Chattarpur, Delhi   

Imperial Garden at Golden Tulip
Imperial Garden at Golden Tulip

Set in Chattarpur, New Delhi, Golden Tulip has the most beautifully designed banquet halls in the vicinity. The Imperial Garden is a pillar-less banquet hall with a well-lit ballroom area, which is suitable for organizing small and intimate wedding functions involving family and friends. Your wedding celebrations will definitely have a different air about them once you decide to host them at the Golden Tulip. Click on the link to know about more such venues in Chattarpur.

Golden Tulip, Chattarpur, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: 242-245, Chattarpur Temple Road, Fatehpur Beri, New Delhi, Delhi- 110074, India

Landmark: Main Chattarpur Road, Raj Vidya Kender Delhi

ITC Welcom, Dwarka, Delhi

ITC Welcom Hotel
ITC Welcom Hotel

Beautifully designed and decorated is what describes the banquet halls at ITC’s Welcom Hotel. The banquet halls are best suited for small wedding gatherings but these two can also be combined to host a larger wedding ceremony with world-class facilities and top-notch services provided by the well-trained staff. The food served here is both veg and non-veg that covers multiple cuisines from different parts of the world. The entire ambiance of ITC Welcom is a treat in itself and you’ll surely notice it as soon as you enter its premises. Plan your wedding at the ITC Welcom to experience their amazing hospitality.

ITC Welcom, Dwarka, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? No

Address: Address: Plot No.3, Sector-10, District Center, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075

Landmark: National Highways Authority of India

Amarai Farms, Kapashera, Delhi

ITC Welcom Hotel
ITC Welcom Hotel

Amarai farms, Kapashera, Delhi is the one-stop destination for all kinds of wedding functions. Providing customized services has been USP of Amarai Farms, Kapashera, New Delhi, Delhi, since their inception and they make sure that you and your guests have a gala time at their venue. With those sprawling lawns at the venue, Amarai Farms, Kapashera, Delhi, is one of the top choices for outdoor wedding venues in Delhi. Located close to Kapashera Police Station and Veer Public School, it is equipped with all the modern facilities that are required for hosting the most happening parties.

Amarai Farms, Kapashera, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: Old Delhi Gurgaon Rd, D Block, Kapas Hera Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

Landmark: Kapashera Police Station

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Sahibabad, Delhi

Darbar Hall at Country Inn, Sahibabad
Darbar Hall at Country Inn, Sahibabad

Country Inn at Sahibabad offers around 7 party banquet halls out of which the Darbar party hall is the most popular one with an area of 20,000 sq.ft. It can easily accommodate up to 1000 guests, which makes it ideal to host a number of wedding functions. The Darbar Hall can also be clubbed with another party area (Grand Ballroom), making it more spacious and convenient to host wedding ceremonies on a majestic scale.

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Sahibabad, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: 64/6, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Site-IV, Near Vaishali Metro Station, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010

Landmark: Vaishali Metro Station, GT Road

The Lalit, Connaught Place, Delhi

The Lalit

The Lalit doesn’t need any introduction and is situated in one of Delhi’s famous areas, Connaught Place. It’s one of the most renowned venues in the hospitality business and has been witness to countless wedding ceremonies. Apart from providing a beautiful, large garden area for wedding functions, the Lalit also has three banquet halls (Regency, Regal and Crystal Ballroom) that are best for hosting a medium-sized gathering. The 5-star hotel boasts of well-equipped banquet halls that offer the finest dining options and guarantees you perfection for every event that you plan on hosting here.

The Lalit, Connaught Place, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place,Near Modern School, Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Landmark: Barakhamba Road Police Station

Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon, Delhi

Tulip at Crowne Plaza
Tulip at Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza is located in the heart of Delhi’s thriving business district, Gurgaon and is close to the airport and other tourist attractions. The Tulip banquet hall is capacious enough to host medium-sized wedding functions attended by guests and family. The Tulip hall can also be combined with Pirali garden area, making way for a bigger and splendid wedding ceremony and function. The beautifully-designed interiors of the banquet hall coupled with sparkling chandeliers and correct lighting make your wedding an extravagant affair. Click on the link for more such venues in Gurgaon.

Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: Site No. 2, Sector -29, National Highway 8, Gurgaon.

Landmark: Signature Tower

The Westin – Gurgaon, Gurgaon, Delhi

Vatika Ballroom at Westin
Vatika Ballroom at Westin

Westin in New Delhi offers world-class facilities and amenities for a wedding experience like no other. The Vatika Ballroom offers the perfect setting for romance and serenity. This spacious ballroom is inches away from the lobby area and can accommodate large gatherings. Westin is pretty well-known for its services all around India and the testimonials do speak for itself. Right from the food to the decor, you need not worry about a single thing as their staff has everything covered for you. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your bookings done at this venue to experience their amazing hospatility.

The Westin – Gurgaon, Gurgaon, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? No

Address: Number 1, MG Road, Sector 29, New Delhi NCR, Sector 29, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

Landmark: IFFCO Chowk Metro Station

The Golden Treat, Sahibabad, Delhi

Golden Tulip at Sahibabad

Golden Tulip in Sahibabad has the perfect banquet halls for hosting grand weddings and other cocktail and reception parties. The two beautiful and roomy banquet halls, with a seating capacity that can easily accommodate large gatherings, are perfect for organising lavish wedding functions. If you plan on hosting a wedding function with a large group of guests in attendance, then they offer the facility of combining one banquet hall with the lawn area.

The Golden Treat, Sahibabad, Delhi

Complimentary rooms for bride and groom available? Yes

Address: 5/15, Site IV, Sahibabad, Near Pacific Mall, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010

Landmark: Pacific Mall, Passport Office

Check out the list of banquet halls in Delhi and plan your wedding event accordingly.

Birthday Venue in Dwarka Delhi To Host Memorable Parties Effortlessly

Birthday Venue in Dwarka Delhi

Credits- The Roseate Delhi

Birthdays are a once in a year affair, and that one day is supposed to be about you! So why not host a birthday party like you own the world! It could be your birthday, your child’s birthday or a birthday of your close one. We have made a list of our 5 best birthday party venues in Dwarka Delhi where you can host the birthday party like never before! You have to choose one birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi to host the birthday party that you have been planning for a long time. Not just birthday parties, you can also opt to host social gatherings, pre-wedding ceremonies, and formal gatherings at the birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi without any problem. All the birthday party places in Dwarka have something or the other that would make your party something people won’t stop talking about. From small party halls to birthday celebration places in Dwarka, your evening would be fun, we assure you that! At Weddingz, we believe in the best, so when we say your events, be it a small or a big one is important, we mean it. Hence we only show you the best party places in Dwarka, or wherever you want! So why not give us a chance and find out the best birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi without physically looking around! With just one click you can find the perfect birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi where you can host your party! So let’s get into it!

Sea View Restaurant Dwarka Delhi

Sea View Restaurant Delhi

Perfect for all events, Sea View Restaurant Delhi is sure to be the next destination for hosting your birthday party, social gathering, formal gathering, pre-wedding ceremony, wedding, or a wedding reception ceremony. This birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi is located just 2.2 km away from Dwarka Sector 22 Metro Station, making the venue very accessible and reachable for all. The hall at Sea View Restaurant Dwarka Delhi, is known to easily fit in a small crowd of people at a time and make sure all of the guests are well taken care of. Also, this birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi has a very proficient team of chefs that work wonders with their culinary expertise by serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to all the guests. The decor team present at Sea View Dwarka Delhi, Sea View Delhi will leave you in awe once they are done with the whole decoration of the venue. There are so many reasons why this venue is one of the most preferred birthday party restaurants in Dwarka Delhi, log on to our website and find out now. Book Sea View Restaurant Dwarka Delhi, now and make your day special!

The Mint Dwarka Delhi

The Mint Delhi

The Mint Delhi is a fantastic birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi where one can effortlessly perform all pre-wedding formalities with elegance. This stunning and royal event space sports a mixture of cozy splashed with simple beauty where one can happily enjoy the function. The interior of the hall at The Mint Dwarka Delhi is created in graceful contemporary style, paired up with white marble flooring that gives the party space a classy touch. The hard-working culinary staff at this venue makes sure all of your culinary needs for the event are handled. It is located just 2 km away from Dwarka Sector 11 Metro Station. When it comes to decking up the whole space, the decor team here at The Mint Dwarka New Delhi looks after it and handles that section effortlessly for your event. The gorgeous ambiance of this birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi will make your event looking charming and glorious. So what are you waiting for? Checkout The Mint New Delhi now!

Cafe Di Milano Dwarka Delhi

Cafe Di Milano Delhi

Cafe Di Milano Delhi boasts of its state of art facilities and makes sure your event is hosted in such a way that people won’t stop talking about it for years to come. If you are planning to make that big statement with your prestigious events you host, this birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi is the place for you. Cafe Di Milano Sector 13 Dwarka Delhi, does not just have beautiful ambiance, but it also has a catering team that serves mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to all the guests. It has a banquet hall attached to a terrace that could be used to fit in a small-sized crowd and the venue staff here will make sure all your needs are well taken care of. The decor team here at Cafe Di Milano Dwarka Sector 13 New Delhi beautifies the place as per your requirements and makes sure you find it amazing. Perfect for hosting all kinds of small, indoor, and open air ceremonies, this venue is considered one of the best birthday party venues in Dwarka New Delhi. Cafe Di Milano Dwarka Delhi has it all, so book now!

Hotel Royal Star Dwarka Delhi

Hotel Royal Star Delhi

Hotel Royal Star Delhi has to offer a banquet hall perfect for hosting birthday parties, social gatherings, cozy parties, and intimate pre-wedding ceremonies. This birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi can easily accommodate a small-sized crowd and serve them all at a time. Hotel Royal Star South West Delhi lets you choose from a variety of alcohol options for you and your guests. This 3-star hotel also doesn’t have a problem if you want to get alcohol from the outside. Found 1.5 km away from Dwarka Sector 11 Metro Station, one can reach here without any hustle. Royal Star Hotel Dwarka Delhi has a range of food options from vegetarian and non-vegetarian for you to choose from. And this birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi will try their one hundred percent to decorate the whole venue exactly how you want it to look like. For people coming from far away, this venue offers a few rooms that ensure homey feel comfort to their guests. Before finalizing a venue, check out Hotel Royal Star Dwarka Delhi, now!

Shubham Valley Restaurant Dwarka Delhi

Shubham Valley Restaurant Delhi

With its stunning hall and state-of-the-art amenities, Shubham Valley Restaurant Delhi is the ideal destination for organizing a birthday party or a small social gathering. This stunning birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi is very popular among the locals here. Successfully preparing and serving tasty vegetarian food since day one, you won’t have any complaints when it comes to food as Shubham Valley Sector 12 Dwarka Delhi will take care of it for you. This venue has a decor team that makes sure all of your decor needs are beautifully taken care of. Easily found almost 1.4 km away from Dwarka Sector 11 Metro Station, Shubham Valley Dwarka Sector 12 New Delhi could easily be reached via any public as well as private transportation. This stunning and royal event space is one of the best birthday party halls in Delhi. Be prepared to host the best event of all time by hosting them here at Shubham Valley Restaurant Dwarka Delhi

We were counting down our top picks for birthday party halls in Delhi. All you have to do is find out which birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi you think is perfect for you, and we will make sure your party or any pre wedding ceremony is the talk of the town! Let us know which birthday venue in Dwarka Delhi is the one for you in the comments section down below!

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40 Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away!

The first thing you see when you enter a wedding hall or mandap is the wedding decor, right? You can not deny that you actually run your eyes around and make up your mind about the wedding based on the decor. That is why when the tables are turned and it is your turn to tie the knot, you end up sweating about it. Along with this, we all know that wedding decor is one of the most important things that make your wedding pictures look amazing. So, in this gram-era, couples no longer want the done-and-dusted wedding stage decoration. They want something fresh, different, and something that reflects their taste, their story, their personality. So, for every such couple who is on the hunt for some stunning marriage decoration, we have the right kind of blog ready. To give you some reception stage and decoration ideas, we have curated a list of the 40 best wedding stage decor photos that you can show to your decorator and have the marriage decoration of your dream! Trust us! Your mind will surely be blown once you see what we have compiled for you. Let’s Go!

1. Surreal Marriage Decoration that Looks Right Out of Fairytale

Image source: Solomon Management

Floral decorations are the go-to for many couples. Fresh flowers, mild fragrance, and the heavenly look of it make every wedding look nothing but perfect. This grand floral reception stage by Solomon Management is surreal! Trust Solomon when it comes to floral marriage decor. They are pros in providing you with exactly what you wish for!

2. The Classic Decor for Big Fat Indian Weddings

Image Source: JSK Photography

Stage Decor Credit: Anais Events

You can never go wrong with the red and gold look. It is classic, it is timeless and it is the best of the lot. This kind of wedding stage decoration is perfect for couples, who have a classic Indian-themed wedding. The gold and red colors look festive and traditional enough for a beautiful wedding function.

3. Pop of Bright Colors

Image Source: Amar Ramesh

When you can go glam with the colors, then why settle for something ordinary? A beautiful pop of color along with some white and pastel flowers to cut the monotony makes for a simple yet gorgeous marriage decoration. Perfect for the couple who likes a hint of color, but nothing too loud! 

4. Classic Indian-Themed Wedding Stage Decor

Image Source: Eventrics Indian Weddings

The couples, who look out to marry like kings and queens, should also go for the marriage decoration that resembles the envision. A wedding stage decor that looks right out of an Indian palace! Now, who wouldn’t like that? This kind of marriage decoration with huge sets and chandeliers is ideal for those who are looking for reception stage decors without any flowers. The touch of maroon with the gold aesthetics is sure to take your breath away.

5. Simple yet Classy Marriage Stage Decoration

Decor credits: Raas Events

White is always glam, always classy and of course, looks out of this world. If you want to keep your wedding decor on these lines, and if an all-white theme excites you, then Raas Events has the best marriage decoration idea. The use of white florals in the backdrop as well as at the foot of the stage makes this decor look stunning.

6. Beautiful Night Sky Decor

Are you a fan of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, aren’t you? If yes, then why are you looking at any other marriage decoration for your wedding festivity. Here is the best one, a night sky-inspired stage decor, which is something that looks stunning and is definitely for the hatke couples.

7. Curtains and The Flowers

Image Credits: Kimberly Photography

We have seen multiple weddings which are replete with golden arches, colorful curtains, bright flowers, and huge sofas. This kind of traditional and go-to stage decor is perfect for couples who like decorations that are old-school but classic. If you do not want to risk your marriage decoration by experimenting on your final day, then what’s bad in going for something timeless. We bet your pictures will be timeless too.

8. Mandap-cum Stage Decor

Image Source: Photographick Studios

Look at the picture of this gorgeous white wedding decor. Isn’t it beautiful? If your answer is yes, then you might actually be surprised to know that this is also a money-saver in disguise. The beautiful gazebo-like structure can be your mandap as well as the reception stage after the marriage rituals. Just take off the havan kund and pooja material and replace it with the royal-looking chairs to convert the mandap to a reception stage! Win-Win, isn’t it?

9. Candle-Lit Stage Decor

Image Source: Lightyear Studio

Everything seems romantic when you dim the lights and light up a few candles. No, we ain’t talking about a getaway couples dinner, but we indeed are talking about your wedding function decor. If you are a candle lover, then you’ll fall in love with this reception stage decoration as soon as you see it. The simplicity of white flowers, white drapes, and a shelf backdrop with candles all over is big thumbs-up for beautiful wedding photos!

10. Royal Looking Stage Decor

Image Source: AISM Photography

Nothing is more classic Indian-themed than a paisley and blue drapes backdrop! The regal sofa plus the two lanterns on either side just add to the overall charm of this Indian stage decoration. The cherry on top is surely due to the touch of gold. Imagine sitting like a royal couple with this stage decor. We think it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Don’t you?

11. Light Up Your Marriage Decoration

We have already talked about floral decors and the beauty of them. So, if you wish to amp it up, then what about throwing in some gold or amber lights? If a wedding stage decoration full of flowers and beautifully placed lights is your only requirement, then this wedding stage image is all you need for your inspiration! The color scheme and the white sofa just look like the best combination ever.

12. Elegant and Graceful Decor

If elegance is the only word you are looking forward to when it comes to your stage decor, then this one is THE ONE for you. The gorgeous white flowers, crystal chandeliers, and gold-accented sofas give this wedding decor a total of #royalvibes!

13. Grand or Magnificent or Both?

Give a grand feel to your marriage decoration by choosing a wedding stage decor idea that looks like it’s a part of some age-old palace. The combination of white, gold, and purple in this wedding stage decoration image has us going gaga over its sheer beauty.

14. Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Image Source: The Wedding Salad

Sometimes it okay to be the most out-there couple when it comes to celebrating your day with a bang. One of the quirkiest wedding decor ideas, this beautiful stage setup reflects freshness, greenery, and vibrancy in one frame. This marriage decoration is worthy of being the perfect decor for the gram-brides and gram-grooms. So, if you want something floral but not too flowery, this wedding stage decoration is just the perfect pick for you!

15. A Wedding Decor that Speaks for Itself

Image Source: Purva Productions

A soft tone for the stage can surely be the best setup when it comes to a simple yet elegant marriage decoration. If you had to capture elegance in one frame, this is exactly what it would look like! This one is ideal for a simple and minimal wedding stage decoration if you have a modern classic taste. What’s more? This decor can be chosen if you have a space crunch at your venue as it does not occupy much space.

16. Splash of Colors

Is there a better color combination than blue and red for stage decor? Well, this wedding stage image is surely giving some rich vibes with its use of colorful drapes, chandeliers, and regals white sofas! 

17. Pink and White, The Best Combination?

They say the best-looking things are minimal and tasteful. This reception stage image is a testament to that. It is simple, graceful, and absolutely stunning! Right? We are in love with it, and who wouldn’t be. It is everything you would ask for your marriage decoration.

18. Dramatic like Bollywood Decor

A larger-than-life backdrop of flowers, golden lights, and an arch makes this stage decoration look exquisite. The long sofa in emerald green with a reflective floor just adds that final bit of oomph factor to the entire setup. If you love drama, then this is how your stage should look like.

19. Thoughts about A Yellow Decor?

Displaying a beautiful riot of yellow, this stage decoration is apt for couples who want to skip the orchids and carnations, and stick to the good-old genda phool! And must I say, this looks truly desi as well? This marriage decoration is for all the couples, who love the fresh floral look but still want to stand out by choosing a not-so-common yet common flower.

20. A Grand Floral Stage Decor

This kind of grand stage decoration is perfect for weddings that take place in open spaces. The sheer grandiose of this stage decoration is awe-inspiring in itself. The use of pillars, flowers, and the right amount of PINK makes this a great Indian-themed marriage decoration for your stage.

21. A Floral Mandap

A simple canopy of white and pink flowers along with pink drapes, white pillars, and sofas make this stage decoration, a simple yet eye-catching option for those who like to keep it low-key! You are sure to feel grand with this marriage decoration idea.

22. The Grandness of Chandeliers

Image Source: Rajesh Digital

An eye-catching purple stage decoration with all the elements that make a wedding decor look nice is truly a good option to make your wedding day grand. The chandeliers, grand sofas, and perfectly lit backdrop add to the grace of this marriage stage decoration.

23. An Offbeat Wedding Stage Decoration

Image Source: Imperial

We have already said that white makes everything dreamy, classy, beautiful, and picture-perfect. If you are looking for a little offbeat decor, then this stage decor fits your requirement. The use of royal blue and white drapes with antique sofas makes this wedding stage design stand out from the crowd.

24. An Open-Air Luxurious Stage Decor

This wedding reception stage decoration is apt for an outdoor reception because of its sheer size. The lovely backdrop of white pillars with flowers and lights along with the sofa is truly a sight to behold.

25. A South Indian Style Marriage Decoration

Image Source: Golden Shutter

If you are looking for South Indian decor and your approach to wedding decoration is traditional, then a stage like this one looks absolutely magnificent. The use of golden pillars, Indian flowers, and godly motifs makes this wedding stage decoration one of our favorite Indian-themed marriage decorations.

26. The Most Romantic Stage ever

Image Source: Lin & Jirsa

If you want a simple and romantic-themed floral stage decor, then this picture is all the inspiration you need to set up your reception stage. Lin and Jirsa have surely done justice with the romantic theme that we are talking about. The use of white and pink roses across the stage and backdrop make this decor look truly romantic!

27. Unconventional Yet Beautiful Stage Decor

Image Source: Going Bananas Photography

You might not have imagined this kind of stage decor to be this beautiful. An arch full of roses covers the bride’s and groom’s sofa with simple drapes in the backdrop. What’s not to love in this offbeat stage decoration? To top it off, roses are anyways the best flower to pick when it comes to marriage decorations.

28. Decor To Go Gaga Over

Pink is a color that’s seen widely in Indian wedding decorations, and for all the right reasons! Just take this gorgeous stage for instance. The simple shelf backdrop covered with white and pink flowers in addition to the pink carpet makes the whole stage decoration look just wow!

29. A Decor that is Feast to The Eyes

Image Source: Vipin Photography

Truly exuberant and grand, this floral marriage decoration is what dreams are made of! The canopy of hanging flowers in the backdrop along with glass panels and large flower vases makes this stage decor look romantic!

30. Another Yellow and Gold Decor

Image Source: Mashal Hasan Photography

If you really want to rock your wedding function with super awesome decor, then just look at this one. This lively yellow wedding decor is full of flowers and drapes, which gives it an Indian vibe. What’s cool is that it can be doubled up as a mandap decor if you replace the sofa with pooja essentials.

31. There is nothing like too much shimmer

How much shimmer is too much shimmer? Do you have an answer to this? No, we don’t think so that you can limit the glam quotient. This one is a contemporary wedding decor idea, a glamorous one with shiny glitter strings, a train of white flowers, perfectly placed lights, and a simple sofa.

32. A Fun and Unique Marriage Decoration

Bored of seeing flowers and chandeliers everywhere? Make way for umbrellas and Bollywood-inspired throw pillows that make for a fun stage decoration idea! You are going to rock this decor like some Bollywood hero-heroine and what’s bad in being the talk of the town?

33. A Bougie Indoor Decoration

Since you have lesser space at indoor weddings, a bougie decor will rock your wedding day. This floral stage decoration is perfect. It has a nice backdrop of flowers along with bouquets at the foot and sides of the stage. Just two words for it simple and beautiful.

34. The Gold-Accented Decor

Image Source: Kimberly Photography LLC

The gold sofa, drapes, and backdrop along with white and pink floral arrangement make this stage decoration perfect for an indoor evening reception! You are sure to feel like a princess once you walk down the aisle up to this stage.

35. Drapes, Drapes & More Drapes!

Image Source: Pandya Photography

For the drape-loving couples out there, this stage decor is like a dream come true. The multi-color drapes in the background along with chandeliers and a golden sofa make this wedding stage design look spectacular!

36. The Outdoor Grandiose

Image Source: Mega Bridal Creations

A chic and graceful stage decor, this one uses a lot of white, pink, and purple flowers on a white backdrop making the whole setup look exquisite. If extravagance is what you have envisioned for your big day, then this is it.

37. With The Blessings of The Almighty

Replete with greenery, plants, flowers, and idols of god, this temple theme wedding decor is spectacular and perfect for a wedding with an overall traditional theme. Who would say no to some extra blessings anyway!

38. The Most Exquisite Chandelier

A simple stage decor, this one has a large ceiling of hanging flowers along with delicate chandeliers that give it a simple and attractive vibe. This kind of decor is perfect for outdoor spaces! It is sure to look nothing but beautiful on your wedding day.

39. A Riot of Colours

Image Source: Preet Sandhu

Multi-color drapes, LED lights, shimmer strings, and a starry black backdrop. What’s not to love in this beautiful reception stage decor? It has that million-dollar look to make your day the best one of your life.

40. The Chariot Stage

Image Source: Indian Decor

A reception stage that looks like a chariot? Yes, please! Decorated with orange and red drapes and chariot-like arches, this Indian decor is a great pick for traditional weddings.

So, we feel that we have covered from simple to the most extravagant stages and these are some of the best marriage decoration ideas we can get for you. Tell us which one of these latest stage decoration ideas did you find the most interesting? We are eagerly waiting to know!

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified.

Hannah and Shahrukh tied the knot in a Muslim Wedding Ceremony – #HansUpForSRK

One of the most dreamy wedding ceremonies that we have ever seen is of this blogger bride – Hanna Khan (@hannaskhan ) that we are featuring today. This isn’t just a wedding story, it indeed is a beautiful tale. It is so magical that we are completely mesmerized by it. Also, their Muslim wedding ceremony was so gorgeous that it is nothing but perfect. To sum it up, this wedding comes with 6 glamorous outfits, pin-worthy decor, notable guests like Tamannaah Bhatia, Sohail Khan and Salman Khan, and all this made it surreal. Without further ado, let’s get onto their perfect love story.

The Story

It was a cold winter evening when a mutual friend wanted to play the role of cupid. While having a random conversation with that friend he told her to go on a date with Shahrukh, Hanna recalled a Facebook conversation that she had with Shahrukh Merchant three years back. She also remembered that he had asked her to go on a date with him but then she completely stopped talking or replying to him. On the mention of his name by her friend, she thought of giving him a fair chance this time. They again started talking. Maybe this time the love was in the air and they sniffed it in. She also said that meanwhile, he has talked to the same mutual friend about their future, their hypothetical wedding, and their magical love story, and with this, she got the assurance that he isn’t afraid of commitment. It seems like the universe wanted them to meet and fall in love

After a month of chasing and chatting, she finally agreed to meet Shahrukh. They met in their favorite seafood restaurant. He discussed everything they could have talked about in this world. Their date went on for hours until the whole staff gathered around them to clear the premises so they could go home, somehow they still didn’t want to leave. She loved how he always addressed them as us and this made her feel the togetherness and love that she wanted.  And this is how the love story started. They dated for 6 months and then he finally popped the question. If you are in awe of the story, then hold on this is just the beginning. It gets even more exciting.

The Proposal

Their proposal was the most beautiful and grand proposals of all time. This time they took it international. Their proposal happened on a private beach in Bahrain. The story of this magical proposal was revealed by her longtime beau Sharukh himself. He said, “This is the beginning of everything, so I knew it had to be special, I wanted it to be nothing short of a fairy tale. I got a lot of suggestions from close friends, both mine and hers. After hearing them all out, there was nothing that clicked, I felt that for the first time when I saw the beach that it had to be done there. This herculean task was one that I knew couldn’t be all managed by myself so I have to give credit where it’s due, to Vikram from Mpirevents without whom none of this would be possible. From discussing live artists to decor setup to the food menu, there was endless effort and contribution from his end. Hanna being the proactive person that she is had regularly shared dream proposal ideas to drop hints during our dating phase which helped me create a base to work upon and so I did. Everything else was just a culmination of those thoughts.”

OMG! It is soooo romantic, isn’t it? 

On asking about this to Hannah, she had her side of the story ready too. She said all this while when they were in Bahrain, she had no clue about the intentions of Shahrukh. He had told her that they are going for a date and thus, she was all ready and dolled up for him. He took her to the beach and on seeing the setup she was so overwhelmed because it was exactly what she has envisioned for all her life. Every detail that she has ever talked about was there and she knew that this is it. She said yes. We can only imagine the beauty of this and the intensity of love of Shahrukh for Hanna.

The Wedding

Of course, by reading about their love tale and their proposal story, you would have a fair idea that their wedding was not a simple affair. It was a grand Muslim wedding with the main ceremony of Nikah held in the Ram Bagh Palace. It had to be just like the Kings and Queens. Don’t worry we are going to tell you all about their festivities, be it Haldi, Sangeet or their Nikah and reception. We have the details for all and we will be sharing it with you all.

Starting with her Bridal Shower, she had a theme for it. It was a Chanel themed Bridal Shower. It was black and white with hints of colours like pink blooms. It also had a Chanel customized menu. She celebrated her Chanel themed bridal shower with her fiance and her close friends. It indeed was as exquisite as it seems. 

Moving to her intimate Mehndi Ceremony, it was a small affair planned at her home on 28th February 2021. This fashion and luxury blogger kept it simple yet elegant in this function. Hanna Khan wore a bright green lehenga with a floral cape by Neha Chopra Tandon, which was nothing but classy and elegant. She had paired it with Amaris’ signature palette of rubies, emeralds with uncut diamonds and also braided her hair and tucked in a bunch of baby’s breath flowers. That is the perfect touch of sophistication. The Decor Company made it look surreal with fresh flowers and cute floral hanging cane baskets that added as a perfect backdrop for the at-home intimate mehndi ceremony. 

They also had a common Mehndi Ceremony or as they call it a combined Mehndi Ceremony. She adorned a completely different outfit this time. She wore an offbeat red and white colour cape lehenga for the mehndi ceremony that was designed by a renowned designer and sister of the bride, Ohaila Khan. On talking about her dresses, her sister said that all the dresses that she has worn in her wedding ceremonies and functions are custom made and fits her style, personality, taste, and themes. While Hanna looked beautiful in her sister’s ensemble, Shahrukh Merchant made sure to look dapper in crisp white sherwani by Avinash Punjabi. 

Let’s have a look at their Haldi Ceremony. This is supposedly the most fun pre-wedding festivity. Hanna Khan wore a Marori embroidered ombré Badhani sharara by Ohaila Khan. She paired it with a dainty white and yellow floral haathphool and earrings by Floral Art by Srishti. Ohaila Khan, her sister said that “Her wedding wardrobe has been gaining immense appreciation due to the exclusive craft and talent seen in every look however the secret ingredient is the threads of love that have been used in the process.” We totally agree with her. Hanna just looked surreal in every outfit she picked for her celebrations.

Another fun festivity is a Sangeet Ceremony. This celebration took place in Rambaugh Palace, and all we can say is that it was full of energy. Hanna Khan wore a dazzling pink embellished cape sangeet lehenga by Ohaila Khan which she paired with a two-layered diamond and emerald necklace. With glowing makeup by Meera Sakhrani and a voguish ponytail hairstyle by Ritika hairstylist, Hanna looked straight out of a fairy tale. It looked the best on the dancing bride. While Shahrukh Merchant picked a navy blue sherwani set of Falguni Shane Peacock, which matched perfectly with his bride-to-be. Their Sangeet was also a successful event full of joy and vigour. 

Now, coming to the most awaited celebration of a Muslim Wedding Ceremony, the Nikah ceremony, everything was just perfect and beautiful. The decor was pastel themed where fresh blooms in the entry arch, aisle, and mandap screamed heaven that was beautifully done by Atisuto Events. The entire set up was drop-dead gorgeous. The decor surely has left a lot of people to wonder how beautiful a wedding can be. For her big day, she adorned an ivory ensemble by Ohaila Khan that was heavily embroidered with a veil to follow a traditional essence. She also wore cute mini kaleeras by Raabta By Rahul, minimal diamond jewellery and fresh lavender flowers as hair accessories to complete her look. This complemented her outfit to the T. She looked breathtaking mesmerizing. You can not take your eyes off her, we bet on this. Even her bridal entry was grand and dramatic with phoolon ki chaadar, and a gorgeous glass aisle. Coordinating with his bride, longtime beau Shahrukh Merchant on the other hand wore an embroidered beige sherwani by Shantanu and Nikhil. The couple looked heavenly and we were glad that they had a cupid to make this love story happen and we got to witness something so extravagant and beautiful. 

Lastly, coming to the Reception ceremony, you all are going to go gaga over her looks. She is the first Indian Bride to wear an Elie Saab curated outfit, and that outfit is just dreamy and surreal. We haven’t seen something so ahhh-mazing ever. The process of making her reception outfit even a thing was extremely personalized and took thousands of hours of embroidery work which led to a stunning outfit weighing approximately 30kgs making Hanna the first Indian bride outfitted by the famed designer. Hanna met Mr Saab back in 2019 when she attended the wedding of Elie Saab Jr.  She was given private access to the floor at Elie Saab headquarters in Beirut where she was shown private bridal samples and collections that haven’t been shown or revealed to anybody else until date. The sketch was created after a lot of back n forth and zoom meetings due to the pandemic but at last, the one-of-a-kind Elie Saab Haute Couture gown was created and it’s simply magnificent and gratifying. The larger-than-life gown bedecked with Swarovski crystals was topped with a veil that was 8 meters long. 

On the other hand, Shahrukh wore a classic tuxedo by Gaurav Gupta which went perfectly with the reception party. 

Dream Team

Wedding Hashtag: #HansUpForSRK 

Blogger bride: @hannaskhan 

Venue: Mehndi and Haldi at @jaimahalpalace      

Sangeet, Nikaah and Reception  @rambaghpalace 

Outfit: @theohailakhanofficial – ( all functions ) 

             @eliesaabworld-  ( reception ) 

Hair: @ritikahairstylist 

Makeup: @meerasakhrani 

Brides Mom and Sister’s makeup: @gurumakeupart

Decor: @atisuto_events 

Photography: @recall_pictures 

Events:  @mpirevents

What else we could say about this Muslim Wedding Ceremony of Hanna Khan and Sharukh Merchant. It has left us spellbound. It was full of magic and we are mesmerized to the core.