No-Fuss Ways to Figuring Out Short Hair Styles For Your Indian Wedding

Scenario 1

Bride: Should I go for an updo, a chignon or waterfall braids? Oh wait! I just chopped off my hair for summer and I don’t think it’s going to grow that long for my winter wedding!” Damn, what do I do?!


Mom of bride (in a matter of fact tone): Beta, now that you are engaged, can you please start growing your hair? This crew cut that you people think is so cool, may not be the best match to your bridal lehenga.”

Bride (annoyed and irritable): But mom, he likes the crew cut. And I like the crew cut. Can’t we reverse the solution and I just wear an outfit that suits my current hairdo?

Mom of bride (exasperated – Hands to head) Beta, do you want to arrive at your wedding mandap in torn denims or camouflage harems?

Bride (bored): Why not?

Mom of bride: Has a nervous breakdown

Conversation sound familiar? Are you getting nightmares of wearing that perfect lehenga and having the most disastrous hair day on your wedding day? Alternatively your stylish short do is such a huge part of your personality that growing those tresses might mean you are occupying someone else’s body?

Stress not, as this week we’ve collated glam wedding hairstyle for the short hair brides. You don’t have to worry about having a bad hair day or losing your personality anymore. We also share tips on how to accessorize your mane the right way.

While our lookbook may be a steal for catholic brides, all others can rock these stunning hairstyles for their pre-wedding festivities and wedding reception.

From chic braids, curly updos to fishtail braids and more,  grab all the ideas and inspiration you  need and do it yourself, or ask your stylist to steal the look. See how our real bride Adrienne totally nails the short hair bridal look.

No-Fuss Ways to Figuring Out Short Hair Styles For Your Indian Wedding

Roll and pin inwards – that’s all it takes

Mess up your hair or give it soft waves

Create partitions and simply roll and pin each section neatly inwards

Roll and pin inwards – that’s all it takes

Give a parallel twist to slightly wavy hair

Inverted bob side tends to fall on your face

Simply pin them out of the way by pinning two parallel plaits into your slightly wavy hair

Give a parallel twist to slightly wavy hair

Half up half down curly hairstyle

Simple tie a twisted knot or go criss-cross

Half up half down curly hairstyle

Fishtail braid

Add some oomph to a messy or wavy bob hairstyle with a side swept fishtail braid

Fasten it with a pins or cute little clips

Fishtail braid

Textured Curled Updo

Pins, pins and lots of pins are all you require to create this perfect look

How you pin them doesn’t matter

Just ensure it looks neat and complete the look with perfectly curled bang

Textured Curled Updo

Thinking to go short?! Try these looks!

Straight bob cut with wavy bangs

Thinking to go short?! Try these looks!

Thinking to go short?! Try these looks!

Super gorgeous curly layered bob

Super gorgeous curly layered bob

Dare to go too short?

Messy bob cut

Dare to go too short?


A bride generally focuses so much on how to style her hair that she completely forgets the most crucial part that will accentuate her overall bridal look.


Accessorize your gorgeous braids, updo or a chignon with statement pieces that grab all the attention your need on your big day without completely stealing the show.

Selecting the right hair accessories can be a tricky business. The simple hack here is to choose one that will complement the overall aesthetics and not overpower it.

Here are a few suggestions to do it right.



Stunning way to wear flowers in your hair

Afraid that real flowers will fade by the time you near the end of your celebration?

Pin these fancy floral hair clips instead

Add that classic casual and romantic vibe to your bridal ensemble

Stunning way to wear flowers in your hair

Stunning way to wear flowers in your hair

Stunning way to wear flowers in your hair

Looking for something blingy?

Using bejewelled and vintage style hair accessories is the most effortless way to style your hair

Just sweep one side of your hair and clip them on

These are absolute fascinators for short hair

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Crystal and rhinestone headbands are in vogue

Wear it the traditional way like a halo or…

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Simply, wear it backwords

Looking for something blingy?

You can also choose for unconventional designs like the gilded gold band

Looking for something blingy?

Looking for something blingy?

Bun, Braids and Updo Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair to Medium Length

Bun, Braids and Updo Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair to Medium Length

Fishtail Halo Updo Hairstyle

A new stunning version of braided updo with a fishtail base

Fishtail Halo Updo Hairstyle

Fishtail Braided Updo

Partition your hair in two parts

For a fishtail braid on each side

Align one on top of the other

Roll and pin them below

Fishtail Braided Updo

One Side Fishtail Braid Updo

Gather you hair on one side

Form a fishtail

Circle it all the way around to form an updo and pin

One Side Fishtail Braid Updo

Soft Braided Updo

Partition your crown hair section and leave it loose

Further divide the rest of your hair into smaller sections

Form braids and curl it till you have a fuller updo

Now create a fishtail of your crown hair section and wrap it around the loose braid

Soft Braided Updo

Tousled Curly Updo

This one is just curls, curls and lots of messy curls pinned inwards to form a chic updo

Tousled Curly Updo

Don’t forget to leave a wavy bang to add a touch of oomph

Tousled Curly Updo

The Classic Chignon Wedding Updo

The traditionalist bride’s favourite

This style can be masterfully created by your hairstylist

The Classic Chignon Wedding Updo

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Remember the word – Choose an accessory that compliments and doesn’t overpower!

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Sometimes a single flower is more than enough to bloom your hairstyle

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Or add a two for a greater impact

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Oh, what the heck!

Throw in a bunch.

It’s your wedding celebration after all

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Opt for side trails

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Or simply accentuate your low bun

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Feel like a queen, put on a floral crown

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Or a glided golden band to get that Eygptian queen waali feeling

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Add some bling to your hair with multi chain headpiece

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Accessorize Your Bridal Updos

Note: Your hair color can make or break the look. Ensure you do not neglect that element. Also, avoid going overboard with it.

Check out more bridal hairstyle inspirations here.

Top 10 Multi-Designer Stores in India to Shop for the Trendiest Bridal Wear

Multi-designer stores in India for Wedding Wear

The first things that come to mind when a bride thinks about shopping for her wedding outfits are creating Pinterest boards, scouting through the latest collections of famous designers, and most importantly visiting multiple stores to find the perfect dress. While the iconic markets of Chandni Chowk and Shahpur Jat are still one of the most preferred choices for the masses, the new brides are now looking out for trendier and more exclusive designs. With this shift in demand, there are now several brands that house wedding collections of multiple designers under one roof. And, the best part is that these are scattered across the country. These designer stores and labels not only follow the trend but fall in the budget too. Here are the top 10 multi-designer stores to shop for the trendiest bridal wear:

1. Ensemble

Image Source: Ensemble India

Be it ace designers like Tarun Tahiliani or offbeat ones like Amit Aggarwal, Ensemble is much more than just a multi-designer showcase. Along with a dynamic online presence, Ensemble has marked its offline presence with three stores in Mumbai and Delhi. Their three-storey Kala Ghoda flagship store houses new labels from India that are pushing the envelope of homegrown style by presenting local textiles and craftwork for a global audience.

2. Ogaan

Image Source: Ogaan India

Ogaan is one of the best-known designer stores in India and one of the first stores in the country to house collections from multiple designers under one roof. Ogaan stocks contemporary, modern collections, textile-based collections, Indian festive, formal, and bridal collections as well as a wide range of costume and semi-precious jewellery. With 8 stores strategically placed in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, Ogaan houses many of the biggest names in Indian fashion – Kavita Bhartia (Owner & Leading designer herself), Rohit Bal, Anamika Khanna, Sabyasachi, Payal Pratap – showed their first collections here.

3. Aza Fashion

Image Source: Aza Fashions

Aza, which means ‘desire’ in Sanskrit, was founded in 2005 with a vision to showcase the best of luxury Indian fashion for women and men. At Aza, a seasoned team of experts scrutinizes the latest collections and curates key pieces for the season. Top designers like Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, Varun Bahl, Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, Monisha Jaising, Neeta Lulla, Gaurav Gupta, and Anushree Reddy are amongst the 200 carefully selected names. 

4. Pernia’s Pop-up Shop

Image Source: Pernia’s Pop-up Shop

Be it western styles, contemporary clothing, or formal Silhouettes, with all of India’s Leading designers under one roof and a diverse range of designer clothes, jewellery and accessories, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop has got every style covered for you. Discover designer wedding dresses by designers like Anamika Khanna, Amit Aggarwal, Anushree Reddy, Asal by Abu Sandeep, Anatar Agni, Babita Malkhani, Rohit Bal, Siddartha Tyler, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar, Gaurav Gupta, Masaba, Falguni Shane Peacock, Manish Malhotra, Payal Singhal, Varun Bahl, Aartivijay Gupta, Seema Gujral, Jade By Monica & Karishma, Anita Dongre, Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika, Payal Singhal, Zarin, Nikasha, and many more. Shop for the most-coveted couture in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru. Pop-ups of your favorite designer collection and personal styling sessions with the experts, only add to the luxury shopping experience at Pernia’s Pop-up Shop.

5. Anahita

Image Source: Anahita Hyderabad

Not just brides but the entire family can shop for chic and timeless outfits at Hyderabad’s famous boutique, Anahita. They have a carefully curated collection from the best designer labels like Pankaj and Nidhi, Namrata Joshipura, and Gauri & Nanika. 

6. Agashe

Image Source: Agashe

Agashe is a store by Sheena Agarwal which is not just limited to designer wear. With two stores in the city of New Delhi, you can find dreamy brands like Pallavi Mohan, Dhruv Kapoor, and HUEMN. You also get to meet the experts and catch some serious fashion advice as well as tips and tricks to style your designer wedding dresses. 

7. Elahe

Image Source: Elahe

Elahe is a multi-designer luxury store situated in the cities of Hyderabad and Kolkata. It caters to discerning, well-traveled, sophisticated, and cultured women for Indian couture and pret. Elahe is known for its bespoke curation. Their roster includes names such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anamika Khanna, Raw Mango (Sanjay Garg), Rahul Mishra, Amit Agarwal, Abraham & Thakore, Pero, Chola, Lovebirds, Stoffa and Anavila.

8. Anantam

Image Source: Anantam

If you are looking for designer wedding dresses that are a breath of fresh air with some fusion fits, Anantam is the place to go. With three stores in the city of New Delhi, Anantam keeps fashion fresh. They design and also curate styles that are all Indian but with a modern touch. You can easily find an elegant variation of the Anarkali, an ombre sari, or an Anarkali with a slit here.

They also have designers like Ria Shah, Mason Shefali, Divyam Mehta, and many more. As well as a huge collection of men’s ethnic wear that is just the right amount of chic!

9. House of Amoha

Image Source: House of Amoha

Providing a peek into the world of glitz and glam, this designer store in New Delhi houses high-fashion statement bridal wear. Think beaded lehengas with a touch of modernity, and contemporary and breezy festive wear that are quintessential for Indian wedding shopping! 

10. Evoluzione

Image Source: Evoluzione

From Anamika Khanna to Abraham & Thakore, Manish Arora to Payal Pratap Singh, find the latest designer wedding dresses in Delhi! Offering a truly bespoke experience for both men & women, you most definitely won’t walk out of the store empty-handed! Be it the perfect bridesmaid outfit or sangeet wear, Evoluzione is your one-stop shop.

What say, girls? Put on your most comfy shoes and hit the stores already! A few leading designers should be on your radar for bridal saree no matter your style or budget. If you want to save yourself the hustle and want to shop from the comfort of your home instead, these are the top websites for bridal wear shopping in India online.

15 Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials You Must Have in Your Wedding Beauty Bag

Bridal Makeup kit essentials

A picture-perfect wedding is every bride’s dream. We think brides look forward to dressing up and clicking pictures more than getting married – kidding, of course! Nowadays many brides are opting to do their own makeup for pre-wedding ceremonies like haldi, sangeet, and mehendi functions. In fact, we came across a few brides, who not only did their own makeup for all the functions, but their magical makeup wand made the whole family look the part for the festivities. Some people are way too talented, man (cries in the corner)! Anyway, if you trust yourself more than a makeup artist, you should definitely give it a go. We are guessing you are well versed with makeup already, but in any case, here is a list of bridal makeup kit essentials that you should always carry in your pouch!

1. Prep with a Moisturizer and Primer

First and foremost, you need to prepare your face for the layers of makeup that you are going to slather it with. Keep a moisturizer and primer handy at all times. Apply moisturizer first, and primer second. Keep a gap of 15 minutes between each.

Favorite Moisturizers: Neutrogena & SebaMed.

Favorite Primers: M.A.C, Smashbox, Clinique, and Benefit Cosmetics.

You can browse for some moisturizers and primers here.

2. Foundation

The next step would be to apply the foundation. Make sure to select the correct shade. I agree that there are limited shades in the foundation market but don’t settle for something that doesn’t match your shade- especially a lighter one!

Favorite Foundations: Maybelline, Revlon, and Huda Beauty.

You can browse for some foundations here.

3. Compact

You’ll need the compact to keep the foundation intact! It will also save you from a cakey look.

Favorite compact powders: Lakme, Nykaa, and Maybelline.

You can browse for some compact powders here.

4. Concealer

Spots, pimples, dark circles, etc can easily be hidden with the help of concealers. If you know the art of dabbing, concealers become quite easy to use.

Favorite concealers: NYX, Huda Beauty, and M.A.C.

You can browse for some concealers here.

5. Sponges

A sponge is the way to go when it comes to makeup. A silicone sponge will help you from wasting your products. Dab away!

Favorite sponges: Beauty Blender and Pac.

You can browse for some sponges here.

6. Eye Primer

We were bamboozled when we learned about this tiny tube. Don’t skip the eye primer for it prevents your eyeshadow from creasing. It is the first step in your eye makeup procedure.

Favorite eye primers: Milani & Makeup Forever.

You can browse for some eye primers here.

7. Eyeshadow

Now is the time to opt for either subtle or dramatic eyes. Go slow starting from the V crease.

Favorite palettes: Huda Beauty, Nykaa, and NAKED.

You can browse for some eye shadows here.

8. Kajal + Eyeliner

According to us eyeliner and kajal are must-haves. Go for dramatic eyeliner at night and normal ones during the day.

Favorite kajal: Maybelline, Faces, and Nykaa.

Favorite eyeliners: Clinique and NYX.

You can browse for some kajals and eyeliners here.

9. Curler and Mascara

The weird-looking eyelash curler is a must in your bridal pouch. It will hardly take 2 minutes to get the job done! Just a dab of mascara to lift your eyelashes!

Favorite mascara: Maybelline and L’oreal.

You can browse for mascaras and curlers here.

10. Lip Balm

Just like skin, it is necessary to moisturize the lips. I suggest you apply the lip balm from the moment you sit down to apply the makeup.

Favorite lip balm: Sephora

You can browse for some lip balms here.

11. Lip Liner

I joined the lip liner wagon quite late and I regret it. Lip liner prolongs the wear of lipsticks and lipgloss. It saves it from smudging or feathering and honestly, every bride needs it!

Favorite lip liner: Huda Beauty

You can browse for some lip liner here.

12. Lipstick

Last but not the least, lipstick! Be careful and don’t forget the lips’ v!

Favorite lipstick: Sephora, Huda Beauty, M.A.C, and Nykaa.

You can browse for some lipstick here.

13. Setting Spray

Spritz Glow Up GIF by BBC Three - Find & Share on GIPHY

GIF Source: BBC Three

When all of this is done, spritz some makeup setting spray on your face. And keep some blotting paper handy, just in case! No more touch-ups and sweating over your makeup getting ruined during your first dance or vidaai!

Favorite Setting Spray: NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray Matte

You can explore some of the best setting sprays here

14. Nail Paints

essie GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

GIF Source: Essie

While your hands may be fully painted with henna, you don’t want your nails not looking the part, do you? If you are looking for some nail art inspirations, we have got tons for you!

Favorite Nail Paint: Colorbar, Faces Canada, China Glaze

You can explore some of the best nail paints here

15. Makeup Remover

Skincare Makeup Wipes GIF by Vasanti Cosmetics - Find & Share on GIPHY

GIF Source: Vasanti Cosmetics

No matter how much you love your wedding makeup, you can’t go to sleep in it without clogging your skin. After all, you don’t want to start a new chapter of your life with your skin breaking out all over! Tuck your favorite makeup remover into your bridal makeup kit and wash away all the products before going to bed!

Favorite Makeup Remover: Clinique, Nykaa, and MAC

Check out some of the best makeup removers here

Apart from these, you need to add a few sidekicks and tools that will be a lifesaver when inching towards your wedding finale: Hair styling tools, blotting paper, hair spray, safety pins, combs, cotton balls, packs of bindi, and nail paint remover.

Also, don’t forget to pack these 15 essentials in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit to keep all the jitters at bay!

50+ Newest Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands & Legs to Flaunt on Your Big Day

Newest Bridal Mehndi design for Hand & Legs

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

Bridal mehndi is an essential part of every Indian bride’s solha shringar. Her bridal look is deemed incomplete without the hands and feet painted with beautiful henna designs. While there are several bridal mehndi artists who create magic with their skills, it is important to know what kind of bridal mehndi design you would like to have for your big day.

To give you some dulhan mehndi design inspiration, We have curated a list of the latest bridal mehndi designs you can wear for your 2022-2023 Indian wedding! If you are wondering what leg mehndi design to get on your big day, we’ve got that covered too! You will find 2022’s best leg mehndi designs, which you can save and show your mehndi artist for inspiration. Right from simple leg mehndi designs to heavy bridal mehndi design for legs, we have rounded up the best images for your inspiration.  Okay, enough gyaan! Scroll down and start saving these leg mehndi design images to your Pinterest board right away!

1. Newest Bridal Mehndi Design with Your Initials & Wedding Date

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

There is something romantic about etching your initials with a heart in the middle, isn’t there? Why not your Bridal Mehndi Design has an air of romance about it then? Take cues from these mehndi designs, rom-com to-be brides!

2. Newest Bridal Mehndi Design for the Back of your Hands

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

The intricate net pattern all over the hands and fingers has our hearts swooning over it! What caught our eyes is how effortlessly this mehndi artist has weaved all net designs into one without making this Bridal mehendi design look OTT.

3. Intricate bridal mehndi for the traditional bride

If you are not the one to experiment when it comes to bridal mehndi designs, then this traditional Indian bridal mehndi design is just for you!

4. Modern bridal mehndi design with cute couple figures

For all you brides who want to have a hatke henna design on your wedding, this modern bridal mehndi design with super-cute couple figures is just perfect!

5. Simple Indian bridal mehndi design

Image Source: Henna by Divya

One of the simplest wedding mehndi designs, this one has traditional floral motifs around a circle on the palm and roses, leaves, and intricate patterns all over.

6. The classic dulha dulhan mehndi mehndi design

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Nothing beats a classic dulha dulhan figure mehndi design for a bride on her wedding day! It’s cute if you can personalize small details in the bride and groom figures to make it even more special.

7. Latest bridal mehndi design with references from royal paintings

Image Source: Candid Wedding Stories

If you are a lover of royal paintings made in the olden days and want to incorporate them in your wedding henna, then this mehndi design image is all the inspiration you need. Also, did you notice the cute quote of ‘Don’t give up on me’?

8. Mehndi designs latest with Lotus and Rose Motifs

Image Source: Pinky Mehndi Art, Bhavana Mehandi 

If you wish to include lotus and rose motifs in your bridal mehndi, then you can definitely take an idea from the beautiful mehndi design that Actress Mouni Roy flaunted on her first Karwachauth!

9. Vivid and pretty bridal mehndi design with Your Pets or Favorite Animals

Bridal mehndi designs including your favorite furry friends are a great pick for brides who love their pets more than anything in the whole wide world. You won’t have trouble rocking these gorgeous mehndi designs when put together so beautifully.

10. Modern bridal mehndi design for the Disney princess in you

Image Source: Henna by Divya

One of the cutest and latest mehndi designs for weddings, this one is sure to fancy the Disney princess fan in you! Totally love how this bride has chosen to write both her and her hubby’s names in the mehndi design.

11. Bridal mehndi design of a moment captured in time

Image Source: Mayuri Mehndi

If you too are a fan of personalized mehndi art, where you wish to tell a story, then a modern bridal mehndi like this is a great source of inspiration. You can choose a special moment in your courtship or something else of your liking and make your bridal mehndi even more special. Here are a few personalized bridal mehndi designs where the bride chose to share her love story via her henna design!

12. Bridal Mehndi Designs with Your Favorite Activity

Image Source: Henna By Divya

If personalization is on your mind when it comes to choosing the perfect bridal mehndi design for your big day, why not go with the sports or activities you both love as a couple! 

13. Beautiful back hand mehndi design

Image Source: Coolbluez Photography

This backhand henna design with intricate Indian motifs is a classic pattern that you can choose if you are planning to opt for a traditional mehndi design for your big day.

14.  Proposal-themed modern mehndi design

You can have your proposal ingrained on your bridal mehndi by choosing to add cute figures like this on the palm and surrounding it with floral or Indian motifs as per your choice!

15. Wedding ceremony figures are the latest bridal mehndi design trend

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

Adding wedding ceremonies like varmala or sindoor ceremony in your bridal mehendi has been catching up with brides off lately. These kinds of bridal mehndi designs not only make the mehndi look cute, but also bring together all the other motifs in the design.

16. Minimal bridal mehndi for the fuss-free bride

 Image Source: Henna by Maziah

Image Source: Monika Jain

If you are the bride who would rather wear mehndi only for shagun then a minimal bridal mehndi design with floral and Indian motifs like this one is perfect for you!

17. Full backhand floral mehndi design

Source: Vision One Studios

Beautiful vines of flowers and leaf motifs are woven across this hand mehndi design! Such a stunner for a wedding!

18. Detailed paisley motifs henna design

Paisley, hearts, and flowers are some mehndi motifs that are never going out of style for bridal henna designs, and for all the right reasons. Don’t you just love this full-hand bridal mehndi?

19. Upping the game of intricate bridal mehndi design to another level

Image Source: Henna By Divya

One of the best intricate bridal mehndi designs of 2022, this one has elaborate net motifs and a delicate floral pattern, which makes it look stunningly eye-catching!

20. Simple round mehndi design

Source: JSK Photography

Image Source: Henna by Maziah

A simple mehndi design that’s not too fussy is perfect for the bride who wants to add some jazz to her wedding henna design, but doesn’t want to go all crazy!

21. Bridal Mehndi Design for Childhood Sweethearts

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Now it’s time to feast on some stunning leg mehndi designs! Here’s a tip to remember while choosing your leg mehndi design: Pick something that complements your hand mehndi design and remember to moisturize your skin well before applying henna. The locked-in moisture helps create better colors and stops your mehndi from cracking and peeling off when dried. 

22. Leg mehndi design that’s anything but basic

Image Source: Henna Lounge

Art is supposed to break rules, isn’t it? Get your bridal mehndi just on your legs leaving the feet bare with a design that’s modern and traditional in equal measure. 

23. Half-foot mehndi design with classic Indian motifs

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

This feet mehndi design image is surely something to draw inspiration from! The classic Indian motifs of lotus and net are perfect for any bride-to-be! 

24. Feet mehndi design for the flower and mandala-loving bride

Image Source: Henna for All

A simple mandala and some beautifully dainty flowers can result in a perfect bridal leg mehndi design! Here’s the proof. Save it ASAP! 

25. Modern feet mehndi design for unconventional brides

Image Source: Sara Henna

Tired of the old florals and spirals? Give a modern foot mehndi design like this a try! Geometric pattern mandala on one foot and Aztec-inspired motifs on the other! Go, make a statement; you’re the bride-to-be! 

26. Arabic foot mehndi design with bold patterns

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

I am all up for bold henna designs! And getting a leg mehndi design with big and bold motifs is such a refreshing change from the intricate bridal patterns, am I right, ladies? 

27. Full feet mehndi design with floral and geometric motifs

Image Source: Ritual by Design

If you wish to get a full-leg henna design for your big day, then you need to save this foot mehndi design image right away! It has classic Indian motifs with a few geometric patterns AND, it leaves open spaces near the toes to make it look truly contemporary.

28. Simple leg mehndi design with mandala and netted patterns

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

Simple netted motifs, spirals, florals, and mandalas are the quintessential Indian mehndi design elements. If you are planning to go the traditional route for your bridal mehndi, then this leg mehndi design is a great option to consider. 

29. 3D floral leg mehndi design with delicate mesh motifs

Image Source: Henna for All

Totally loving how this foot mehndi design has a large rose, which is shaded to give it a 3D look. And the contrast of the fine mesh pattern elevates this bridal mehndi design to a whole new level. 

30. Fresh and floral feet mehndi design

Image Source: Sara Henna

Modern mehndi designs don’t necessarily have to be drastically different. Pick your favorite Indian motifs to create a leg mehndi design that’s drawn with a hint of freshness! 

31. Bridal leg mehndi design with mandala and bead motifs

Image Source: Henna Boutique Brisbane

Mandalas and beads are not going out of style anytime soon! This leg mehendi design is a stunning example of that. 

32. Foot mehndi design with bold florals and fine netted patterns

Image Source: Henna for All

Bold floral patterns and fine mesh motifs are a match made in heaven. Pick this feet mehndi design if you want something that’s traditional, but just with a dash of modern! 

33. Intricate bridal feet mehndi design

Image Source: Sonika’s Henna Art

Nothing beats a bridal leg mehndi design that’s intricate and eye-catching, right? Save this feet mehndi design image ASAP if you want bridal henna that’s traditional and intricate. 

34. Bridal leg mehndi design for soles

Image Source: Sara Henna

Leg mehndi design for your soles? Oh, yes! You read that right! This bridal feet mehndi design made on the sole is a fresh change from the regular foot mehndi designs we see every day! 

35. Full-leg mehndi design with traditional Indian motifs

Image Source: Henna for All

Want your bridal leg mehendi design to run up to the knees? This feet henna design with elephants, mandalas, spirals, and paisleys is a must-have! 

36. Simple leg mehndi design with mandala and spirals 

Image Source: Sonika’s Henna Art

Mandalas, spirals, beads, and all things beautiful! This foot mehndi design is a sure-shot winner for any bride who prefers simplicity over extravagant designs! 

37. Feet mehndi design with leaves, spiral and geometric patterns

Image Source: Henna Lounge

This foot mehndi design with leaves, spiral and geometric patterns are a gorgeous option to wear for your wedding day! 

38. Simple leg mehndi design with beads and flowers

Image Source: Sara Henna

This minimal feet mehndi design is for every bride who doesn’t want anything extravagant! Save it NOW! 

39. Bridal foot mehndi design with leaves and spirals

Image Source: Henna for All

If you are looking for a simple leg mehndi design, then this one with a netted pattern made of leafy vines and spirals is a fantastic option to draw inspiration from! 

40. Classic Arabic leg mehndi design 

Image Source: Sara Henna

Are you a big fan of Arabic mehndi designs? If you answered yes, then this bridal mehndi design for legs crafted with classic Arabic motifs is just the perfect pick for you!  

41. Moroccan-inspired simple leg mehndi design

Image Source: Henna Lounge

Moroccan mehndi has simple lines, geometric motifs, and all things edgy! Pick this leg mehndi design if you want something modern and out-of-the-box for your wedding! 

42. Intricate bridal feet mehndi design with mandala and spirals

Image Source: Sara Henna

Mandalas are easily the most-preferred motifs for leg mehndi designs and for all the right reasons! Pin this feet mehndi design image as an inspiration for your big day. 

43. Bridal foot mehndi design with peacock and Indian motifs

Image Source: Mehndi Designer

Peacock motifs are an integral part of any Indian bridal mehndi design for legs! If you too want peacocks to be the focus of your foot mehndi design, then save this image now! 

44. Quintessential Arabic henna design for feet

Image Source: Henna Lounge

Fond of Arabic mehndi designs? This bridal mehndi design for legs has classic Arabic patterns that make it look bold and gorgeous! 

45. Simple leg mehndi design for the fuss-free bride

Image Source: Henna Lounge

Looking for your simple leg mehndi design that’s easy and clutter-free? This feet mehndi design can be a great inspiration image to show your artist. 

46. Full-leg mehndi design with traditional Indian style patterns

Image Source: Mehndi Designer

Can’t get enough of traditional henna patterns? This leg mehndi design with classic Indian patterns that go up to the knee is a great option to pick!

47. Intricate bridal leg mehndi design

Full of peacocks, dhols, shehnai, and paisley motifs, this leg mehendi design is for the bride who would love to have an intricate bridal henna design for her big day! Here are a few more feet bridal mehndi designs which went really popular on Instagram!

48. Peacock feather and lotus motif bridal mehndi design for feet

If intricate feet mehndi designs with Indian motifs are your style, then this Peacock feather and lotus pattern bridal mehndi design is something you can consider wearing for your big day!

49. Simple bridal mehndi design for full feet

Image Source: Henna by Divya

50. Simple Bridal Henna on Feet

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Simple motifs and an easy and clean pattern make for a simple yet beautiful-looking feet mehndi design. If you want to have mehndi up to your knees but don’t want it to be too intricate, then minimal and spacious motifs like this mehndi design image are something you can definitely choose.
So did any of these bridal mehndi designs inspire you enough to wear them for your 2022-2023 wedding?

Getting Haldi-fied soon? Trending Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas Coming Right Up for You!

Haldi ceremony decoration ideas

Image Source: Dipak Studios

If happiness was a color, we certainly know what color it would be – Yellow! And that’s why an outdoor haldi ceremony is our absolute favorite. Add in some quirky props like cycles and rickshaw, some marigold garlands here and there, and – Voila, you’ve got yourself a perfect haldi function. We found some of the best haldi decoration ideas to add some quirk and a pop of color to your haldi ceremony! Scroll down and bask in the glory of these tried and tested haldi ceremony decoration ideas 2022 that are going to reign over the wedding universe for years to come!

Marigold Wall

Floral installations are huge in pre-wedding and wedding decor, so why should you be left behind on this evergreen trend. But here’s a twist to the traditional marigold garlands – what do you say about a marigold wall that will be a magical backdrop for your haldi pictures!

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

The 3Ms – Marigold, Mogra, and Me

Well, when in doubt, take all the traditional elements of Indian weddings – Marigolds and Mogras – and give them a modernistic mash-up! And what do you know, you may end up with a haldi decor so ethereal that people can’t keep their eyes off of it!

Image Source: Beginnings for You


Bicycles are rapidly gaining popularity as decor accessories in pre-wedding ceremonies and day weddings. Decorate it with marigolds, or add some colorful tassels or some really witty and punny one-liners. You can turn this one into a photobooth eventually.

Image source: Rajesh Satankar Photography

Image source: Romesh Dhamija Photography

Image source: Neha Brackstone Photography

Image source: The Wedding Minions

Auto Rickshaws

No one ever thought that a rickshaw will be used as a decor prop one day. Colorful rickshaws are making the rounds of mehendi/haldi functions quite often now. This is one rickshaw that won’t refuse you!

Image source: Knot in Focus

Image source: Elan Events

Image source: The A Cube Project

Image source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Hand Carts

If you ask us, haanth gaadi or hand carts are the best places to keep haldi favors. Doll it up with drapes, marigolds, or in any way you want. This can turn out to be a really cheap haldi decoration DIY idea!

Image source: Madam Planners

Image source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Image source: Naman Verma Photography


Now that Vespa is back in fashion why not incorporate it into your mehendi/haldi function? It’s a super cool addition to your already cool event. Keep it against a beautiful backdrop and you’re done!

Image source: Time Shutterz Photography

Image source: The Wedding Conteurs

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

Netted Charmers

Who said a backyard haldi ceremony can’t be fun? While Marigolds are the heart of any haldi function, this netted cloth garland cascading all over did steal the show. That’s some creativity we can see come to life and How!

Image Source: Beginnings for You

Marigolds & Kalires

This one never even crossed our minds until we saw these pictures. These Kalire drop marigold garlands and colorful mirror-work ethnic props are just what was missing from the otherwise green-dream surroundings! Hats off to the brains behind this haldi decor!

Image Source: Beginnings for You

Swing Sets

Swings – Wow, we are feeling nostalgic already! Your haldi decor can’t get more traditional yet fun than having a few swings amping up the game for you. If you want all your invitees to swing by your haldi ceremony, this is a must-have addition to your haldi ceremony decor! And trust us, it won’t even cost you much.

Image Source: Beginnings for You

We are sure these haldi decor ideas will charm their way into your haldi ceremony while keeping the glam and fun quotient in equal proportions. If you are looking for trending wedding decor 2022 or new tent ideas for an outdoor tented wedding ceremony, you know where to find us!

60 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles to Slay Your Wedding Look!

Latest Bridal Hairstyles

A wedding celebration has a lot to do when it comes to planning it. From the event flow to the location, from the decorations to the couture, a million tasks to be completed, just to have a perfect final day. No matter how intensely you plan, little things are easy to be slipped out of the list. Though all the brides keep their dresses and jewelry in check, makeup makes its way into the list, but the hairdo misses it most of the time. Remarkably, as much as makeup is an important aspect of a bride’s wedding look, so is a good bridal hairstyle. Depending on the kind of bridal look you have envisioned for your big day, you can choose from a range of bridal hairstyles to match your wedding outfit and makeup.

While there are thousands of beautiful Indian wedding hairstyles out there, choosing the perfect one for your D-day might seem like a task. Worry not, because our team has wholeheartedly curated a list of the 45 best Indian bridal hairstyles that you can browse through and show your hairstylist for inspiration. Right from the open-hair bridal hairstyle to the classic bridal bun, I have listed all the trending Indian wedding hairstyles to make your search a little easier!

Bonus: We keep updating the blog so that you don’t miss the new entrants when it comes to making your day a perfect one.

Super Gorgeous White Flower Bun

Image Source: Richa Dave @Jasmine Beauty Care

You can have a pop of color in your wedding decor or even your wedding dress, but it comes to toning it down and making your appearance look gorgeous, this white flower bun makes its way in. This bridal bun with a bunch of white flowers is perfect to wear with your bridal lehenga or saree on the big day. This bridal hairstyle with matha Patti looks great if you want to have an elaborate hairdo with your wedding outfit. It never goes out of season.

Open Hair Bridal Look- Way To Elegance

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Not everyone can rock a bunch of flowers or a sleek bun when it comes to hair styling. So, for the brides who like to keep it light on their heads, here is one of the most elegant looks of the season, the open-hair look. If you are not the one to wear heavy hair accessories and want to keep your hair as natural as possible then this lovely Indian bridal hairstyle is just for you. Wear your hair straight with a small maang tikka and you’re good to go!

The Strings of Flower- Amazing Bridal Hairstyle 

Image Courtesy: Sejal Savaliya

Flowers are a sign of romance and love. The more you have on your wedding day, the more beautiful the celebration would be. If this is what you probably think, then we have the perfect match for you. If you want to go big on flowers with your bridal hairstyle, then just let your hair down and wear as many strings of mogra flowers to get a fairytale princess look!

French + Fishtail Braid – Minimalist Bridal Hairstyle

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean that you can’t be glam. If you wish to keep your bridal hairstyle simple and classy, then there’s nothing better than putting it in a classic french braid. Add some hair accessories to the braid to get a cute bride-sy look!

Simple Braid with The Traditional Naga Jadai

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Flaunting your accessories is surely not a bad thing when it is your wedding day. So, if you have a cool hair accessory that you wish to be the highlight of the day, then have a look at this bridal hairstyle. Here is a simple bridal hairstyle with matha Patti, and we hope your search ends right here. Love how this gorgeous bride has carried off a simple braid and accessorized it with naga jadai for her big day.

Go Big on Matha Patti

Hair Stylist: Sejal Savaliya

Nothing makes your bridal hairstyle more attractive than a beautiful hair accessory. So if you are planning to wear a multi-string matha Patti, then a simple floral with a few accessories will work wonders. So, this combination is just on-point to make it big on your big day.

Voluminous Side Braid with Hair Accessories

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

If you are planning to wear a silk saree on your wedding day, then you can have a look at this classic bridal hairstyle. This one-sided voluminous braid goes well with silk sarees and with a touch of glam, it looks super bridal. So, accessorize your braid with cute hair accessories to give it a fancy bridal look!

Classic Bridal Hairstyle with Flowers

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Hair Stylist: Richa Dave

So, a lot of brides opt for buns and accessorize them with flowers that are either matching their outfit or contrasting it. A beautiful bridal bun with your choice of flowers is one hairstyle that will never go out of trend. If you want to keep your bridal look classic, this hairstyle is the way to go.

Braided Updo with a Touch of Flowers

Image Source: Richa Dave

Brides love to look elegant on their wedding day, so why not choose a hairstyle that reflects the same. An elegant hairstyle for Indian brides, this dainty braided updo is perfect to wear with your reception gown or designer saree. Wear matching floral accessories to give it a bridal look!

Bridal Bun with a One-Sided Braid

Simple yet alluring, this Indian wedding hairstyle is for the bride who prefers simplicity over going all out. A side braid turned into a bun adorned with flowers is always a great idea for a wedding hairstyle. Tucking a small flower in the bun makes it even more attractive.

Matha Patti and Flower Bun

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Some brides love to go all the way to be glam. This gorgeous bridal updo has a one-sided braid tied into a bun covered with flowers and a golden matha Patti to accessorize the whole look! What’s not to love?

Graceful Braided Bun- An Elegant Bridal Hairstyle

Hair Stylist: Aayushi Patel

A glamorous look is okay but a graceful look is just beautiful. A voluminous side braid that rolls up in a bun is an elegant marriage hairstyle that can be worn with anything from a saree to a gown! So, no matter what you picked as your wedding attire, this one will not fail you. 

Gajra and Maang Tikka- Rocks Together!

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

If you are planning to wear a maang tikka with your bridal ensemble and want to put your hair up in a bun, then this simple Indian bride hairstyle is a great option for you. What’s more? If you have short hair, don’t worry, you can still rock this bridal hairstyle.

One-sided Fishtail Braided Bun

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

If you are looking for a bridal hairstyle with flowers, then this stunning updo is a great pick. The one-sided fishtail braid adds volume to the hair while flowers give it a royal bridal look! Imagine yourself in this updo, isn’t it purely beautiful?

Open Hair Bridal Hairstyle with Floral Tiara

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Do you want flowers in your hair but don’t want a bun? Then there is the way to get the best of both worlds. This fun and casual hairstyle is a great choice for brides who want to let their hair down for their mehndi or sangeet function. Add a floral tiara to long beachy waves and you are all set to look like a princess.

A Simple Bun with a Single Flower

Image Source: Ray Anthony Photography

It is not necessary to have a bunch of flowers and heavy accessories in your hair. If your bridal outfit and jewelry are heavy then it is best to keep your hairstyle and makeup minimal. This simple bun with a single flower is just the perfect hairstyle for Indian brides who wants to keep it simple.

A Bun with Long Braid

Hair Stylist: Aayushi Patel

This is a traditional Indian wedding hairstyle with a bun and a long braid that is embellished with hair accessories and long strings of gajra! Perfect to wear with a saree on your wedding day!

Puff Buns and Roses- Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Yet another classic hairstyle chosen by a lot of brides, this one is super perfect. If you wish to add lots of roses and have a puffed bun hairstyle on your wedding day, then have a look at this one. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Side-swept Fringe with Bun and Flowers

If you have a beautiful choker to show off and a heavy outfit with it, then this one is the best one for sure. This bridal hairstyle is no-frills and ensures that you have voluminous hair with a side fringe. You can add flowers of your choice that match or contrast your wedding outfit for that perfect bridal look.

Rose Bun with a Messy Fishtail Braid

Hair Stylist: Richa Dave

This beautiful bridal hairstyle with a rose bun and messy fishtail braid is perfect for your mehndi or sangeet. To take it a notch higher, you can add some baby-breath flowers to the braid to give it a graceful look. It can also be a great look for a marriage hairstyle if you are going to wear a saree.

Braided Crown and an Open-Hair Look

Let your hair down in soft waves with this cute bridal hairstyle that has a braided crown and burst of color with yellow marigold flowers. Could you find a better hairstyle for your mehndi afternoon? We bet that you would have fallen in love with it.

Bridal Hairstyle with Multicolor Flowers

Image Source: Simmy Makeup Studio & Academy

This graceful hairstyle right here is ideal to wear with a pastel-colored lehenga or saree for an outdoor day wedding. The simple bun with multicolor roses and baby breath looks just too gorgeous to give a pass! So, why settle on a single color, when you can have the most elegant look for your big day?

Bridal Bun with Hair Ornaments

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Hair Stylist: Richa Dave

If you have a crazy back design for your blouse, then you have to show it off. Choose this bun and you are done with decking up for the day. Hair jewelry is a big bridal fad and for all the right reasons. This beautiful bridal hairstyle has an elegant bun, which looks stunning only because of the multi-layers gold chains and elaborate gold Juda!

Matha Patti used on the Bun- Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Simmy Makeup Studio & Academy

Innovative hairstyles are ruling the bridal circles and this one is surely one of them! A matha Patti wore on the bun at the back and the rest of the hair that is let loose is just so gorgeous. Don’t you think this is one of the coolest hairstyles that we have seen in a while?

Simple Updo with Oversized Flowers

Hair Stylist: Aayushi Patel

It is surprising that how a simple look can be amped up so much that it defines elegance at its best. Have a look at this minimalist bridal hairstyle with flowers that will never go out of style. This elegant bun with oversized flowers is perfect to go with your reception outfit.

Bridal Hairstyle with a Puffed Floral Bun

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

This lovely hairstyle is perfect for your big day. It has a big bun with puffed hair and lots of white flowers that make it ideal to wear with both a lehenga and a saree! You can switch the flowers with your choice and make them your own.

One-sided Loose Curls

Hair Stylist: Aayushi Patel

Here’s yet another Indian bridal hairstyle for all you brides who want to let their hair down on their big day. This side-swept loose curl hairstyle with flowers looks elegant and can be worn for any of your wedding functions. The best part is that it goes with every outfit.

Side Fringe Bridal Hairstyle

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

If you are a fan of Indian hairstyles for weddings, this one has a voluminous blow-dried side fringe with an elegant bun that is dressed in beautiful jasmine flowers. The takeaway with this one is that it looks amazing with Indian bridal outfits.

Bridal Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls and Hair Accessories

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Keeping your hair open on your wedding day is a great idea, especially for your sangeet/reception functions. Take this bridal hairstyle photo for your inspiration and wear bouncy curls with small flowers matching your bridal outfit for a graceful bridal look.

Simple Bridal Hairstyle for the Minimalistic Bride

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Nothing looks more classy than having perfectly blow-dried hair let down without any accessories. Wear a beautiful maang tikka or simple matha Patti with this hairstyle and you are good to go! Pairing this hairstyle with beaded dresses and warm colors is just heavenly.

Artistic Bun with Hair Accessories 

Image Source: Simmy Makeup Studio & Academy

A double-side braid rolled into a beautiful bun and accessorized with a pearl brooch. Is there anything about this wedding hairstyle you don’t love?

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Hair Stylist: Richa Dave

We are sure that if you are a bold bride and love everything glamorous, then this will steal your heart away.

Marriage Hairstyle with Strings of Gajra

Hair Stylist: Sejal Savaliya

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

Hair Stylist: Richa Dave

The bun is super common when it comes to hairstyling your wedding day look. However, what stands out is the way you accessorize it. Totally love how this bride has worn her jasmine gajra in concentric circles over a simple oversized bun!

Styling Naga Jadai with Fishtail Braid

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

A classic bridal hairstyle to wear with your bridal saree, this one has a voluminous fishtail braid with temple-style naga jadai! If you are going for a more traditional look, then this one is the way to go.

Bridal Hairstyle with a Low Bun and Maang Tikka

Image Source: Simmy Makeup Studio and Academy

Did you ever think about reversing your Maang Tikka and making it look even better as if it was meant to be worn that way? This elegant bridal hairstyle with a low bun, jasmine flowers and maang tikka worn in the reverse is a great choice for brides who want to keep it simple while still being hatke!

Wedding Hairstyle with Tiara

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

This beautiful braided bun with a diamond tiara is a great bridal hairstyle inspiration for your wedding reception. Even better if you are planning to wear a gown with this hairstyle! You are sure to look like a royal princess in this one.

Messy Fishtail Braid with Seasonal Blooms

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

This bridal hairstyle with a side-swept messy fishtail braid and baby’s breath is a great pick for your haldi or mehndi ceremony. Baby’s breath is our personal favorite, they never overdo anything yet make everything look magnificent.

Voluminous Bubble Braid with Lots of Flowers

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Isn’t this wedding hairdo just too beautiful? The loose and stylish bubble braid with flowers and baby breath looks refreshing for a daytime mehndi or haldi event. You can have this one for your main day too.

Loose Curls with Flowers

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

This bridal hairstyle right here proves how good open hair looks with your wedding outfit. I, for one, am totally loving these voluminous loose curls dressed with cute little flowers! This can be your pre or post-wedding festivity hairstyle.

Curly bun and multicolor flowers- Magnificent Wedding Hairstyle

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

If a glamorous updo is what you want to wear on your big day, then this bridal hairstyle image is all you need to show your stylist for inspiration. The loose curled bun with multi-color flowers is totally stealing the show!

Open Hair with Long and Loose Waves

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Who says that loose hair hairstyle is not for the main day look. A beautiful bridal hairstyle with dupatta, this one is as elegant as it gets. Totally love how the bride chose to wear her hair in loose and bouncy waves with a net dupatta to complete her look!

A Gypsy-Like Simple Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Brides today want to have it all and are not shy of wearing their hair as they want! Perfect for a Mehendi function, this whimsical mix of curls and braids with a string of baby breaths is simple yet stunning for a bridal hairstyle!

Simple Bridal Hairstyle with a Touch of Magic!

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Who said brides can’t be glamorous at their intimate weddings? Agreed it is a simpler affair but this calls for magic and that’s what this beautiful braids and waves bridal hairstyle is all about!  

Of Butterflies and Flowers

Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

How to turn a classic, delicate combination of flowers, braids, and curls into a stunning bridal hairstyle? Just throw in some butterfly accessories! It indeed is the best look for a trendy bride.

A Floral Bun Tiara

Hair Stylist: Richa Dave

Lockdown weddings are simple but there’s a lot of room to reinvent classic bridal hairstyles just like this neat bun with beautiful white blooms in perfect contrast to the bride’s red bridal lehenga!

A Floral Innovation for your Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

What to do if the bride wants orchids and baby breaths in her bridal hairstyle? You make a beautiful bun and decorate it with flowers aka the perfect wedding day bun!

Aren’t these hairstyles just lovely and no matter which one you choose for your day? Which one of these best bridal hairstyles 2022 inspired you the most?

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified

25 Best Bridal Lehenga & Bridal Wear Shops in Mumbai

Bridal Wear shops in Mumbai

It’s hot, it’s humid and you’re confused, tired, and dehydrated trying on outfit after outfit because shaadi is just a few months away. Phew! You’d rather finish this task before the rains arrive. We are here to answer the big question. It’s not as big as “will you marry me!” It’s bigger! Yes, you guessed it right. Where do I buy my wedding lehenga from? The big question when any bride begins her wedding lehenga shopping is – where to begin? What style am I picking? What color will suit me? Will I be coordinating the outfit with my spouse-to-be? How much, oh how much will it cost? The fittings, the trials….holly molly! You’re probably thinking, can I not just get married in my torn denim with a veil. So much easier, right?

Hold yourself together we say, because for the Mumbai brides and otherwise, who wish to shop for the best bridal lehenga in Mumbai, we bring to you a list of the most awesome bridal lehenga shops in the city. These are sure to excite and fulfill every whim and fancy of your perfect bridal wear choice.

How did we come up with this list? We surveyed real brides who have been through the same struggle in finding a store that satisfied their bridal musings. Fitting all budgets, you’re sure to find one or more options when going bridal lehenga hunting in Mumbai. Get scrolling and take your pick for the best bridal lehenga for your 2022 nuptial!

1. Kalki Fashion

Kalki Fashion is a brand synonymous with fresh fashion. Offering clients new designs and collections throughout the year, this brand knows exactly what clicks with brides and women in general who are looking for clothing that redefines traditional Indian fashion. From classic styles to must-haves, Kalki stores offer an array of contemporary and ethnic Indian wear styles. Kalki has an assortment of ready-to-wear fashion, as well as designer wear that can be customized to fit your requirements to the T. Whether you’re looking for a light floral designer lehenga for your pre-wedding festivity or the best bridal lehenga for your wedding, Kalki is your dream store.

Kalki Stores in Mumbai: Santacruz West

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 6,000 – 30,000 and above.

2. Roopkala

Suiting all sizes of budgets, Roopkala offers some of the best collections of best bridal lehengas, shararas, ghagra-cholis, salwar kameezes, and more. They are renowned for their unmatched designs and fabrics in bridal ensembles and ready-to-fit outfits. Their stores also offer casual, formal, semi-formal, and fusion apparel.

Roopkala Stores in Mumbai: Santacruz West

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 25,000– 200,000 and above.

3. Nalli

A paradise for silk and kaanchipuram sarees, Nalli is an icon of South India. If you’re looking for traditional silks or lightweight sarees like crepe and chiffon or even designer sarees, Nalli is your one-stop destination. At this store, you can also find a complete range of women’s and ready-to-wear menswear, costume jewellery, and accessories, such as stoles dupattas, as well as soft furnishing.

Nalli Stores in Mumbai: Mahalaxmi, Oberoi Mall – Goregaon, and Matunga

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 1,800 – 25,000 and above

4. Bawree

From a mere 350 sq. ft. to a wide and large 32000 sq. ft. space, Bawree today has become a household name when it comes to traditional Indian womenswear. Be it a Best Bridal Lehenga, Salwaar Kameez, Kurti, or Saree you’re guaranteed to find the latest colors, patterns, and cuts at their stores. With 14 stores already in PAN India, Bawree envisions adding more to ensure you have easy access to the latest trends in Indian traditional wear at all times.

If you’re looking for shimmer, panetar, resham, velvet or shaded sarees, evening wear or engagement wear, Bawree is your central hub. They also stock the latest styles in men’s ethnic wear, such as jodhpuri, pathani and other indo-western trends.

Bawree Stores in Mumbai:  Malad, Navi Mumbai, and Thane

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 3,000- 8,000 and above

5. Libas


If ramp runway bridal wear designs excite you, Libas is your ultimate store. This 22-year-old brand has more than 80 Indian and International designers under them offering you over 5000 designer wear products to choose from. Saree, suits, best bridal lehenga, gowns, and anarkalis, each section is a gamut of high-end designer fashion that will leave you stunned.

Libas Stores in Mumbai: Juhu, Santacruz, Peddar Road and Borivali

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 70,000 – 150,000 and above

6. Jashn

One-stop boutique for women’s ethnic wear, Indian jewelry, and accessories, Jashn is known for its distinctive signature styles. Their stores stock a classic fusion of textile detail, refined luxury, and meticulous tailoring. Their distinct use of colors, choice of quality fabrics, and intricate embroideries are what make each of their creations stand out.  If traditional ethnic wear with contemporary craftsmanship or the best bridal lehenga is what you’re looking for, Jashn will take care of your specific requirements.

Jashn Stores in Mumbai: Mulund, Malad, Goregaon, Lower Parel, Andheri, Ghatkopar, Kandivali, Kurla, Borivali, Chembur, Bandra and Kemps Corner

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 3,000 – 7,000 and above

7. The Little Black Bow

Having a vintage-themed wedding or looking to bring in an old-world charm into your bridal wardrobe? The Little Black Book hears you out loud and offers a wide range of cocktail dresses, bridal dresses, gowns, best bridal lehengas, ghagra choli, sarees, and summer dresses. Explore their collection and you’ll be transported into a wonderland.

The Little Black Bow Stores in Mumbai: Colaba

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 35,000 – 60,000 and above

8. Chammee and Palak

Glamorous couture defines the designs of Chammee and Palak. Intricately designed suits and lehengas adorned with zari work are their statement style. If you’re looking for the best bridal lehenga that features fresh designs yet has classic silhouettes, Chamee and Palak is your go-to store.

Chammee and Palak Stores in Mumbai: Vile Parle

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 40,000 – 200,000 and above

9. Indrani Silks

One of the brightest and leading stores for sarees, dresses, and lehengas, Indrani Silks is your hub for heavy brocaded and embroidered bridal wear. If you like all things shine, shimmer, and jazzy, this store will not disappoint. It stocks a wide range of unstitched dresses and silk sarees, such as Kanchipuram, Gadhwal, Banarasi, Jamavaars, and Kathan Silks.

Indrani Silks Stores in Mumbai: Borivali and Kalbadevi

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 24,000 – 115,000 and above

10. Benzer

One of the oldest fashion retail stores in the country, Benzer is a high-street fashion brand that offers a wide range of exquisite ethnic and indo-western formal, casual and bridal fashion apparel. Their store stocks all the latest designs in the best bridal lehenga. Not just that, the store also stocks gorgeous pieces of zircon, Viljandi, pearls, and oxidized and American diamond jewelry, which makes it a one-stop shop for your complete bridal attire.

Benzer Stores in Mumbai: Breach Candy

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 29,000 – 190,000 and above

11. Seasons

Seasons offers a resplendent range of salwar, saree, churidar, and bridal wear that have been designed using the best fabrics and construction styles available in the market. The unique zari work designs available at the store make selection difficult, as each piece is a delicately gorgeous attire in itself.   

Seasons Stores in Mumbai: Santacruz

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 5,000 – 25,000 and above

12. Aishwarya

One of the leading brands for women’s wear in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Aishwarya offers a plethora of Indian ethnic wear to choose from. Their bridal wear collection includes a wide range of exclusive chaniya cholis, best bridal lehengas, designer sarees, and designer salwar suits. Aishwarya’s talented designers specialize in creating attractive bandhni work lehengas. If that’s what interests you, you know where to head.

Aishwarya Stores in Mumbai: Vile Parle, Santacruz and Marine Lines

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 6,000 – 145,000 and above

13. Kalaniketan


From banarasi weaves to bandhini, cotton, silks, and printed, Kalaniketan is a heaven of traditional Indian bridal wear. Their intricate and graceful designs instantly capture your interest. The interesting aspect of Kalaniketan is that that it stocks traditional Indian sarees from all over India making it easy for you to avoid traveling to another city to get the purest fabric and designs.

Kalaniketan Stores in Mumbai: Vile Parle and Marine Lines

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 3,000 – 50,000 and above

14. Pagli


One of the oldest fashion online retail stores in the country, Pagli is a high-street fashion brand offering a wide range of designer sarees, the best bridal lehenga, suits and kurtis for women. Their gorgeous designs are hard to find anywhere across the city. Their lehengas feature fuller, heavy, and more intricate designs that are simply outstanding. Other than the traditional reds, their extensive stock of color range available is sure to impress you.

Pagli Stores in Mumbai: Borivali, Goregaon and Santacruz

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 7,000 – 40,000 and above

15. Jiya Veer Design Studio

Find your shopping heaven here at Jiya by Veer Design. With an experience of over 20 years, this store has been the wedding dresser for gazillions of brides. You sure are to get your bridal trousseau on point with the assortment of stunning bridal attires. Prices that leave you astounded, and designs that make you dazed, Jiya by Veer Design is here to provide it all!

Jiya Veer Design Studio in Mumbai: Anandnagar, Vakola

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 28,000 – 100,000 and above

16. Palanquine Boutique

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source:  Palanquine Boutique

 Palanquine Boutique celebrates the beauty of a soon-to-be Indian bride by rendering stunning best bridal lehengas. Here traditional ideas are combined with contemporary silhouettes creating a style that is unique and trendy.

Palanquine Boutique in Mumbai: Matunga

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 30,000-2,50,000 and above

17. Label Ava

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source: Label Ava

Label Ava is a designer store that caters to creating the best bridal lehengas along with other exclusive bridalwear. Made for a bride that loves all things traditional and is getting geared for her big-fat Indian wedding, the ensembles here are sure to enable you to make you shine on your wedding day.

Label Ava Stores in Mumbai:  Santacruz West

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 25,000-6,00,000 and above

18. Janmaakshar

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source:  Janmaakshar

Made with excellent quality fabrics and keeping in mind the vision and requirements of the bride-to-be, Janmaakshar is a reliable and talented label ensuring customer satisfaction. Head here if you wish to opt for pastel and light-hued palette lehengas in intricate Indian karigari at full display!

Janmaakshar Stores in Mumbai: Malad West

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 20,000-2,50,000 and above

19. Bubber Couture

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source: Bubber Couture

Bubber Couture is a luxury label based in South Mumbai that specializes in designer and bespoke ensembles for men and women alike. Hop in for some breathtaking bridal lehengas displaying unique craftsmanship and creativity. If you envision an unconventional look for your most important occasions, this place is certain to cater to your dreams.

Bubber Couture Stores in Mumbai:  Kalbadevi

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 40,000-2,00,000 and above

 20. J & V Couture House

Best Bridal Lehenga Mumbai

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source: J & V Couture House

J & V Couture House is a Mumbai-based premium luxury fashion boutique that specializes in bridal ethnic wear and complete bridal fashion. You can find a wide range of the best bridal lehengas here. From stunning traditional prints to contemporary quirky designs, this is your one-stop shop for every kind of bridal look! 

J & V Couture House Store in Mumbai: Cumballa Hill

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 80,000-5,00,000 and above

21. Wedattire

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source:Wedattire

Wedattire is a unique and contemporary fusion bridal wear boutique based in Mumbai. Whether you’re looking for the perfect haldi or mehendi lehenga or you simply wish to slay in a vibrant ethnic outfit for your sangeet, this is your go-to hub for all.  

Wedattire Boutique in Mumbai: Goregaon (West)

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 25,000-5,00,000 and above

22. Knot by Kavya

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source: Knot by Kavya

Knot by Kavya is a Bandra-based boutique that specializes in the exclusive bridal collection. The best part about this boutique is that you can find just that perfect bridal lehenga on your own budget! Offering a range of artistic options that suit every pocket, this place must certainly be on your cards.

Knot by Kavya Boutique in Mumbai: Bandra

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 40,000-2,00,000 and above

23. Neeti Bamb- The Label

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source:The Label by Neeti Bamb

The Label by Neeti Bamb is a design studio based in Sion, Mumbai. They specialize in bridal wear, dressing up brides with their creativity and latest trends they make every bride feel unique and special. They also customize and design outfits from scratch and have ready-to-purchase outfits as well. 

Neeti Bamb- The Label Boutique in Mumbai: Sion

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 30,000-80,000 and above

24. Aroka

Best Bridal Lehenga Mumbai

Aroka is a bespoke Indian couture label based in Bandra. This label specializes in creating stunning bridal looks by blending traditional Indian ethnic craftsmanship with contemporary designs. So if you’re keen to step out looking like a kickass modern bride, this is your place to stop by!

Aroka Boutique in Mumbai: Bandra

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 2,65,000-4,88,000 and above

25. Feathership

Best Bridal Lehenga Image Source: Feathership

Feathership is a reputed Mumbai-based designer label that specializes in gorgeous bridal wear. Be it intricate patterns or bright-colored fabrics they have everything stored for your wedding trousseau. Your hunt for the best bridal lehenga to don on your d-day ends right here!

Feathership Store in Mumbai: Santacruz (West)

Price range of bridal wear: Starts from 50,000-2,00,000 and above

We’re still hunting to get to you the best find in bridal wear stores. Stay tuned for more such listings of other cities.

Top 10 Bridal Lehenga Designers Every City Bride Should Know!

We will skip the cliches of how every girl plans her wedding day since she’s two, lives and breathes bridal lehenga designs since kindergarten, and dreams of her knight in shining armor and being swept off her feet on a white horse from the moment she enters her teens. You may or may not be this little thing that the cliches talk about. You may be running from pillar to post being a real estate agent, flying planes, taking care of sick people in emergency wards, teaching statistics to a classroom full of disinterested students and you may have never owned a single garment that resembles anything even remotely bridal in nature. But you’re about to get married and you’re out shopping. We are here to help. A quick guide to planning your bridal look, quick and easy with a list of the top bridal designers and their collections. If your wallet doesn’t allow for this sort of investment, now you know who these wizards are and what’s their unique style. You might be able to find someone in your neighborhood who can churn out something similar for you with a lil, just a lil bit of inspiration. So here goes –


An international award winner, Ritu Kumar specializes in fusing traditional Indian handiwork with contemporary details. Her flair for elaborate and sophisticated bridal lehenga makes her one of the country’s most wanted designers.





Manish Malhotra, one of Bollywood’s favourites has been the primary choice for a number of popular movies. Starting off in 1990, it didn’t take him long to make it big in the world of fashion with his traditional embroideries and lavish silhouettes. His collections comprise rich and luxurious bridal lehenga that are worn by not just celebrities but the masses as well.





The queen of bridal wear, Neeta Lulla’s versatility ranges from simple yet classy to heavily adorned extravagance. The winner of four National Film Awards specialises in designing splendid bridal lehenga outfits that could make anyone look like royalty.





Tarun Tahiliani does not stray away from the rich, Indian heritage when it comes to designing bridal wear. He uses luxurious fabrics and exorbitant embellishments to deliver a vision of grandeur that is royalty-worthy. In addition to this, though he specifically uses traditional ensembles, he delivers them with European tailoring, resulting in a perfect blend of two very different techniques.





Sabyasachi, a NIFTian, is one of India’s first designers who brought about a different look to an Indian saree, yet maintaining it’s culture and beauty. Moving away from pert, he specialises in couture and bridal lehenga that is exceedingly distinctive, using unusual fabrics and prints that nevertheless result in something bride-worthy and unique.





This talented man is known for his intricate detailing and skilled craftsmanship.Using traditional embroideries and avoiding embellishments, he makes any ensemble gloriously come alive. He focuses on his Kashmiri traditional embroidery and luxury fabrics, giving us one of the most expensive bridal ensembles in the country.





This label has been stunning the fashion for more than 25 years with their designer bridal lehenga. They are known to use soft and delicate fabric adorned with fine embroidery and detailed embelishment that makes any bride wish she could get her hands on one of those masterpieces!





A member of the Fashion Design Council of India and the first global ambassador of Swarovski, JJ Valaya has been in the fashion business for over 20 years. Valaya may as well be another synonym for luxury. He specialises in using rich silks and heavy brocade to deliver a look that would make it’s wearer nothing less than a vision of grandeur and elegance.





Anita Dongre, a designer with a number of design labels to her name is one of the most popular personalities in the fashion field. She is someone who inculcates new-age fashion without straying from traditional craftsmanship. Her bridal lehenga designs keep in mind the vast heritage of our country and at the same time cater to a modern, 21st-century bride.





The two brothers, talented as they are, did not take long to establish themselves in today’s fashion industry. Their youth-oriented designs cater to a modern clientelle, incorporating a contemporary touch to bridal wear.




Save Yourself the Hustle and Do Your Bridal Shopping Online in India from these Websites

online bridal shopping

Gone are the days when to-be brides went through the drill of going to store after store to find the perfect outfits for their wedding. Be it esteemed designers from metropolitan cities or independent business owners from small remote towns, online shopping has indeed dissolved borders and made it easier for people to shop from the comfort of their own homes. If you too are a bride who is planning to shop online for Indian bridal wear, but clueless about where to shop, here’s a list of online wedding shopping sites in India for Indian Bridal wear. 

1. Aza Fashions

If you are a bride who wishes to shop for her wedding outfits from the biggest designer labels in the country, you can head to Aza Fashions in a heartbeat. This platform includes collections from ace designers like Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, Varun Bahl, Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, Monisha Jaising, Neeta Lulla, Gaurav Gupta, and Anushree Reddy amongst the 200 carefully selected labels. In addition to these, you can also shop for Indian Wedding Dresses designed by emerging talent from around the country.  

Visit the shop here 

2. Kalki Fashion 

A wedding is one of the most special occasions in any woman’s life. And shopping for the perfect bridal outfit is a crucial step in wedding shopping. If you are a fashionista bride, Kalki is your ideal destination to buy designer wedding dresses online. Kalki unveils fresh collections and all-new designs throughout the fashion calendar. You can shop for all the ceremonies in your wedding functions from their collection of intricately crafted outfits. 

Visit the shop here 

3. Manyavar Mohey 

The most-adored household name when it comes to bridal or groom wear shopping in India, Manyavar Mohey is synonymous with Indian culture weaved into its luxurious threads. From quintessential lehengas to quirky sherwanis to ethnic wear for kids, this is your one-stop destination for all things wedding and festive. The brand has also roped in Ranveer Singh, Kartik Aryan, and Alia Bhatt, appealing to the aspirational side of our modern to-be brides and grooms. So if you are craving for some classic, timeless pieces to add to your wedding trousseau, you should check out their website now! 

Visit the shop here

4. Aashni & Co

Shipping worldwide, Aashni & Co store brings an awe-inspirational designer collection of Indian bridal & Groom wear to your fingertips. Boasting over 400 premium clothing from 400+ premium designers including Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Anita Dongre, Vvani by Vani Vats, Seema Gujral, Gaurav Gupta, Masaba, Neeta Lulla, Tarun Tahiliani, Ridhi Mehra, Rohit Bal, Shivan & Narresh, and more – Their carefully curated collection will leave you spoilt for choice. You can shop for exclusive handcrafted Indian wedding dresses, bridal lehengas, pre-draped sarees, grooms wear, and any other outfit that you can think of designed by your favorite designers and budding labels – All under one roof. How’s that for a posh shopping experience from the comfort of your home?

Visit the shop here 

5. Vasansi Jaipur 

The modern bride who is conscious yet a fan of traditional ethnic designs can shop from Vasansi Jaipur. The brand is famous for creating designer outfits from scratch. From procuring the best fabrics to sampling and using skin-friendly dyes, and breathable fabrics to employing seasoned artisans for handcrafted embroidery, sustainability lies at the heart of this label. You can shop from a wide range of options including lehengas, co-ord sets, fusion wear, and even sarees for your main functions and for your trousseau as well. 

Visit the shop here 

6. Panash India 

Explore a splendid collection of Indian bridal wear that reflects fine craftsmanship in exquisite designs. You can shop for luxurious and awe-inspiring outfits that are eye-catching and sophisticated. You can also shop for the groom on this website. 

Visit the shop here 

7. Ogaan 

Ogaan is one of the most-loved designer stores in India and one of the first stores in the country to house collections from multiple designers under one roof. Although they have offline stores in many cities across the country, their online collection is also pretty elaborate when it comes to shopping for Indian Bridal wear. 

Visit the shop here 

8. Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop 

If you are the lazy yet stylish bride, Pernia’s Pop-up Shop is for you. The label houses designer clothes, jewelry and accessories, for both the bride and the groom. Be it Indian clothing, Western styles, Contemporary clothing, or Formal Silhouettes, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop has got every style covered for your wedding and trousseau shopping. You can browse through the collections of most of the famous labels and select your designer wedding dresses online at Pernia’s Pop-Up Store.  

Visit the shop here 

9. Roop Kala India 

Roop Kala India is a fashion store that has redefined fashion trends with its collection of elegant, and effortless pieces that suit every occasion. Brides looking for something chirpy and feminine can expect to find breezy yet designer pieces dotted with intricate embroidery. Their wedding collection includes timeless pieces for the bride, bespoke pre-wedding dresses for mehendi and haldi, and elegant silhouettes finding their way into reception gowns. If a head-turner bride you want to be, don’t forget to pick a few pieces from their wedding collection. 

Visit the shop here

10. Meena Bazaar

Brides on a budget, we’ve got you covered! Meena Bazaar is the ultimate one-stop destination to buy bridal lehengas, wedding dresses, and bridal sarees online. You can find dresses for all occasions, even your trousseau at this platform as per your budget.  

Visit the shop here 

11. Tata CLiQ

Be it trousseau shopping, Indian Bridal wear or groom’s attires, Tata Cliq has a plethora of options for those shopping on a budget. You can choose from various labels that showcase Indian Wedding Dresses for the bride. It is an easy option for those who are running short of time for their wedding shopping. 

Visit the shop here 

12. Utsav Fashion 

Utsav Fashion launched its online store in 2003. With a legacy of almost two decades, it is a one-stop web shop offering the widest variety of authentic and trendy ethnic fashion. You can shop for sarees, salwar kameez, lehengas, and contemporary Indo-Westerns with an exquisite collection of accessories. 

Visit the shop here 

13. Cbazaar 

From a size-inclusive collection to a wide variety of designs for both genders, Cbazaar has it all. EthnoVogue is Cbazaar’s exclusive brand that is designed by designers from around the world with the richest fabrics, custom stitched to fit you flawlessly regardless of your size. It is one of the most-loved websites to shop for Indian Wedding Dresses Online. 

Visit the shop here 

14. Samyakk 

Samyakk is a Bangalore-based online store that houses an exclusive collection Indian Wedding Dresses Online for men and women. The elegantly crafted pieces at Samyakk include Banarasi and Kanchipuram silk sarees; bridal lehengas, customized gowns, salwar kameezes, and Kurtis for women. They also sell stylish ethnic sherwanis, Jodhpuri, and Tuxedo suits as well as traditional Kurta pajamas that are suitable for the groom. 

Visit the shop here 

15. Pratap Sons Jaipur 

If elegance is what you are looking for when searching for Designer wedding dresses online, then outfits from Pratap Sons Jaipur bridal wear collection will easily suit your taste. Inspired by the very essence of Indian weddings, they infuse traditions and colors of festivities into all their clothes. Their collection of Indian bridal wear has been designed to be functional and timeless, yet still very fresh and fun to wear. 

Visit the shop here

So if you haven’t made a WhatsApp group with your shopping gang already, make one before you start wedding shopping online – of course, their opinion matters. Keep some munchies and a bottle of water by your side and let the scrolling begin! In case you’re wondering where you can find some drool-worthy, sole-full pairs to pamper your feet during the wedding festivities, you can certainly check out these Indigenous Footwear Labels that you will fall head-over-heels in love with and the Best saree brands that you should keep your peeled for! 

50 Simple Mehndi Design Images to Save this Wedding Season!

You asked to see more simple mehndi designs, and I heard! I have curated the 50 best simple mehndi design images for 2022, which you can wear for any big or small occasion. Simple mehndi designs, unlike complex and intricate ones, are small, easy to draw, and make for the perfect choice for occasions like engagement, Karwa Chauth, Teej, Diwali, Eid, and much more!

Scroll down and check out these stunning mehndi design images 2022 and save them to your phone or Pinterest boards to get inspired when you need them. You can also get sharing these simple mehndi designs with your girls and give them some great ideas for bridesmaids’ mehndi!

1. Simple mehndi design for hands with classic Arabic motifs

If you’re a big fan of Arabic mehndi designs, then these classic floral patterns in Arabic style with veins and leaves is something you’ll surely love! 

How about getting a classic and simple mehndi design like this for your Roka or engagement party? Totally beautiful, isn’t it? 

Image Source: Roze Henna

Or a dulhan mehndi design that’s simple and stunning at once! 

Image Source: Jenny’s Mehndi

Perhaps, you could try a simple mehndi design on the backhand that’s easy to draw by yourself too! 

Need a mehndi that’s minimal yet attractive? This mehndi design image needs to be saved right about now!

A mehndi design image that needs to be saved ASAP, especially if you like minimal and simple mehndi designs! 

Image Source: Promy’s Henna Cavern

Yet another simple mehndi design with floral and leaf vein and a bit of paisley!

Not a huge fan of veins and leaves? Get a simple mehndi design in Arabic style with flowers and circular motifs! 

Or how about getting a statement Arabic style mehndi flower with minimal design? P.S. This simple mehndi design is a cute option for the kiddos too! 

How about a big Arabic style flower on one side, and some traditional Indian mehndi design motifs on the other? Looks great, right? 

Nothing beats a simple Arabic mehndi design that’s a classic mix of bold flowers and leafy veins! 

2. Delicate and simple back hand mehndi design

Image Source: Henna by Divya

This simple Indian mehndi design with dainty floral motifs is perfect to wear for a friend’s wedding or engagement. 

3. Simple mehndi design for fingers

If you aren’t too keen on getting your hands painted fully with henna, then these simple mehndi designs which only cover the fingers are something you can definitely draw inspiration from!

Image Source: Henna for all

A simple Indian mehndi design that’s gorgeous enough to be worn for your big day! 

A simple mehndi design image to inspire you to create something dainty and absolutely beautiful! Pin it NOW! 

A simple mehndi design for your backhand fingers that’s a little more elaborate and festive. Perfect to wear on your bestie’s wedding! 

Not the one to fuss over mehndi? Need a simple mehndi design just to wear as a shagun? Save this mehndi design image as a future reference! 

4. Charming mehndi design trail that’s modern too

Image Source: Chelchele

If you are seriously done with all the heavy bridal mehndi designs and need something cool and contemporary, this mehndi design image needs to be in your phone gallery or Pinterest board right now! 

5. Contemporary mehndi design that’s IN this season

In the mood for some fun? Pain your nails black and get a simple mehndi design with intricate geometric motifs like this and you’re good to go!

6. Graceful Indian mehndi design for the minimalist 

Image Source: Henna Boutique Brisbane

Don’t wish to go overboard with your mehndi design? Pick a delicate design with feathers and beaded strings like this! 

7. Simple mehndi design with a stunning trail of flowers

Break the boring and get a simple floral trail like this one for your big day! Sure to turn some heads and get a lot of compliments along the way! 

8. Simple mehndi designs for hands

These simple Indian mehndi designs with traditional motifs and easy-to-draw patterns are a great bet if you are looking to wear something elegant and minimalistic on your big day! 

Image Source: Henna for all

This simple mehndi design with traditional mandala motifs is a sure-shot stunner for any occasion!

Or this Indo-Arabic simple mehndi design, which has bold floral and intricate net motifs. 

Image Source: Henna for all

A simple Indian mehndi design with adorable elephant motifs is a great idea to wear on your wedding or engagement day! 

Image Source: Henna for all

Prefer something more dainty to paint your palms? This graceful mehndi design with leaves and veins is a great pick! 

Image Source: Rose Mehndi

You can even go unconventional with just a simple mehndi design on half of your palm! 

Image Source: Zaina’s Mehendi

Or just leave some empty space on your palm to create an alluring design effect. 

This statement Arabic floral mehndi is a simple and easy option for the kids!

Want a palm full of henna but looking for an easy design? Save this simple mehndi design image NOW! 

The possibilities of getting a simple mehndi design for hands are endless! This innovative design with finger and wrist design is perfect for the hatke bride!

9. The classic mandala mehndi design with a little bit of jazz

A simple mehndi design with the classic mandala motif is purely timeless. Make it a bit more modern by accenting the design with some glitter or buttis.

10. Modern and simple mehndi design with traditional motifs

Taking traditional motifs from Indian mehndi designs and using them to create designs that are modern and eye-catching is pure talent! If you too want something that’s edgy, yet has a bit of traditional elements, then these simple mehndi design images are a must-save! 

Simple leaves woven with geometric shapes to create a stunning yet simple mehndi design!  

Or perhaps the use of different shapes, flowers and leaves to create a mehndi design that’s a bit more bold and edgy? Do you like it? 

This simple mehndi design with leaves, crescent moon and bead motifs spells B-A-D-A-S-S. Makes for a perfect matching bridesmaids mehndi. 

Simple mehndi design elements when brought together make this design look right out of a pop-culture movie or book! Perfect for those who want to try something unconventional. 

Oh, the lotus that will never go out of style! Isn’t this gracel mehndi design simple enough to be worn for any special occasion?

11. Simple backhand finger mehndi design for Roka

Image Source: Henna for all

If you are the one to break the rules and try something hatke for your roka or engagement, this simple mehndi design is a great to draw inspiration from!

12. Minimal mehndi design that’s attractive too

Do you prefer minimal mehndi designs over bold and intricate patterns? If you answered yes to that, you have to pin these simple mehndi design images to your inspiration board right now! 

The no-fuss simple mehndi design that you can DIY! 

Fancy hathphools? Why not get a mehndi design that resembles one? 

Image Source: Manisha Mistry

A dainty mehndi design like this one is sure to catch your eye, if you are a lover of minimal designs! 

Oh, these snowflakes! As pretty as anything you will see on a mehndi design. Perfect for the little girls! 

Image Source: Sara Henna

Fancy bead strings on your henna? This simple mehndi design for hands is something you should surely save! 

13. For the Indo-Arabic simple mehndi design lover

Are you one of those who love Arabic mehndi designs and Indian mehndi designs equally? Well, you’ve got to check out these Indo-Arabic simple mehndi designs which bring the best of both worlds together! 

Bold Arabic style flowers and intricate Indian style motifs! What’s not to love?

Image Source: Henna by Divya

This mehndi design given an Arabic spin to the classic mandala design. Perfect to wear for an engagement or Roka! 

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Here’s yet another combo of Arabic and Indian design with flowers and net motifs that’s simply gorgeous! 

The bold use of vines with intricate Indian motifs make this simple mehndi design a sure-shot winner for any occasion.

14. Simple mehndi design with classic Indian motifs

Got a penchant for a classic Indian mehndi design? Save this simple henna design NOW! 

15. Simple mehndi design for feet

Feet mehndi designs are usually worn by brides, but if you are a die-hard henna lover, you can wear them for special occasions too! These simple leg mehndi design are a must-save if you are planning to get your feet painted for some occasion! 

This half mandala design on the feet is a fresh change from the bunch of lotuses and peacock motifs! Totally a great idea to wear for a special occasion or pooja at home! 

Image Source: Henna for all

It’s not possible that you talk about a simple mehndi design and don’t mention paisley! This classic motif is here to save the day when you don’t know what else to get! 

Fancy a beautiful foliage of net on your feet? Save this simple mehndi design ASAP! 

A classic Indian mehndi design for your feet that has all the traditional motifs including flowers, leaves and beads! A complete winner, I say! 

Now that you saw so many simple mehndi design images, hope you’ve liked some and saved them as a reference to show your mehndi artist and get your hands and feet painted in beautiful shades of red and maroon! 

Image Source: