Timeless Bridal Jewelry Designs for Making your Wedding Day Extra-ordinary!

For a bride, a wedding day is a lot more than just looking gorgeous. It is about every detail and feeling attached to these details of her wedding day. So, as much as picking perfect couture is important, picking the right bridal jewelry is one of the most important things for D-day. The safest bet for any bride-to-be is to stick to the usual rani haar or go full #Royalwith the traditional bridal jewelry designs. While these will look stunning, we wanted to put some light on the newest ideas for bridal jewelry that have hit the bridal arena. You will be surprised by the number of options available now.

If you are a bride-to-be, who is looking for something different & unique for her bridal jewelry, you’re at the right place! Whether you are a bride who loves heavy traditional jewelry or a minimalistic one who likes to keep it simple, we have found the right inspiration for each one of you! Just hang a little longer with us and we are sure you will find something for yourself.

From your head to your feet, we have selected the most gorgeous and offbeat bridal jewelry for your wedding look. Scroll on to read our curated list of timeless bridal jewelry designs for making your wedding day extra-ordinary.

Bridal jewelry for your feet

1. A gorgeous anklet with baby pearls

Image Source – Vijay Venugopal Photography

2. For the minimalist bride

Image Source – Hitched and Clicked

3. The 2-piece pazeb

4. The one with a boho touch

Image Source – The Wedding Matinee

5. The chunky anklets

So, these were all for your feet. We know all of them are just beautiful. You can look for the theme of your wedding and pick an anklet as per it. Choose the color that feels closer to your wedding day. 

Bridal jewelry for your hands

1. Statement diamond ring and diamond cuff

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

2. The stunning four-ringed diamond set

Image Source – The Story Weavers

3. Hand harness with multiple strings

4. The midi rings

Image Source – Stories By Joseph Radhik

5. The rose gold palm accessory

Image Source – Shutter Down Photography

6. The larger than life finger ring

Image Source – Anurag Rathi

7. For the minimalist bride

Image Source – Foto Wale Photography

So, are you ready to rock your favorite finger rings on your wedding day? Hand jewelry is indeed one of the most important ones as it completes the entire look and surely accentuates the beauty. 

Bridal jewelry to wear around your neck

A statement neckpiece

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Image Source – The Boss Of Candid

Image Source – Hitched and Clicked

 Neckpieces are a must. Be it a minimalistic one or a royal one, every look is incomplete without it. Every bride has to wear it and thus, these were some of the best ideas that we could put forth.

Bridal jewelry for your forehead – Matha Patti

1. The minimalist chand tika

Image Source – Shades Photography

2. The elaborate one

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

3. The one with tassels

 Though Matha Patti isn’t the most necessary one, it does make your look complete.

Bridal jewelry for your nose – Naths

1. The diamond nose ring

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

2. The oversized Nath

Image Source – Foto Walle

3. The nose ring with multiple strings

Image Source – Weddings By Knotty Days

4. The larger than life Naths

Image Source – Gautam Khullar Photography

Naths looks so royal and so beautiful that it seems like every bride is a queen. If you agree with us, then pick your favorite Nath.

Aren’t these trending bridal jewelry just timeless? Opt for a statement piece from among these and slay your wedding day like a queen! You are ought to look #Royal once you adorn these jewelry pieces.

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