Knotted Up! 6 Knotty Blouses for Brides and Bridesmaids

The only thing that should be knotted up is your blouse!


Gone are the days when a simple blouse would do the trick. Creativity and out-of-the-box is the key. One great way to achieve that is by adding fun details such as a bow or a knot. Whether it serves a purpose or is just for show, knots and tie-up elements on the blouse can really help in elevating the look. If you are a bride or bridesmaid who is interested in making your back look incredibly sexy with knots, take a look at these gorgeous examples:


1. Subtle and sexy – that’s the secret to the perfect saree blouse! The addition of the bow at the bottom is exactly what you need to make your ensemble stand out!


Image Source: Pinterest


2. If bright colours and floral prints are more of your thing, this knotted up blouse is right up your alley (and is perfect for a summer wedding)!


Image Source: The Peach Project


3. Another great way to play with colours is by taking the contrast and colour-blocking route. Also, instead of the bow at the bottom, add it at the top.


Image Source: Yellow Kurti


4. Brides, the wedding day is your time to shine so don’t hesitate from looking like a total patakha! How gorgeous is this bare-back blouse from Asiana Couture?!


Image Source: Asiana Couture


5. For the millennial bride or bridesmaid, this blouse is perfect! The elephant patchwork combined with the cute pom-poms and the tie-up at the bottom of the blouse is exactly what you need to make your ensemble look unique.


Image Source: Pinterest


6. I love squares of different prints and colours have been sewn together and tied up to make up a blouse that is definitely out-of-the-box!


Image Source: Pinterest


Hope this ties up some loose ends about your blouse woes!

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