How to Plan a Ring Ceremony in 2022 – Fun Ideas for the Bride and Groom-to-be!

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The ring ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function across cultures because that is the first time you announce to the world your decision to commit to a lifetime with your partner. No matter how grand or small-scale you want to make your ring ceremony in 2022, it takes a significant amount of planning and research because there are traditions and customs involved that are to be followed and also because the ring ceremony is like a teaser of what your life would be like as a couple and so you want to do it just right. 

A majority of the couples choose to have a separate ring ceremony as a pre-wedding function on one of four to five days that their wedding lasts. But some couples also have their ring ceremony on the day of the Shaadi, right before the ritual while some choose to have a few days of a gap before the ring ceremony and the wedding festivities. But no matter when it takes place, this sweet pre-wedding function deserves to be celebrated in the most memorable way as it marks the beginning of a wonderful journey for two people in love. 

So, if you’re on the verge of putting a ring on it and are scavenging for ideas for your own ring ceremony, read on as we have a delightful set of ideas for you that will help you dazzle your ring ceremony in 2022 right up!

1. Location:

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The location of the ring ceremony is crucial as it sets the base for the festivities. Regardless of whether you want an intimate celebration or a grand ring ceremony, where you have it matters a lot. 

A. Cozy indoor engagement pre-wedding function:

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The classic. Book a banquet hall with a stage where the ceremony takes place so that all the spotlight is on you and seating arrangements facing the stage where all of your guests can get cozy and witness one of the most important moments of your life.

B. A breezy romantic outdoor ring ceremony:

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Since the ring ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function involving traditions that cannot be omitted, there is a possibility that it might go on a little longer. Choosing an outdoor setting that is open and breezy will not only ensure that your guests are comfortable in case of a longer ring ceremony but the ring ceremony will also be very romantic and charming, especially if you have it in the evening, under the stars. If you and your partner are nature-lovers, having your ring ceremony on a lawn, a garden, by a lakeside, or on a tiny hillside will satisfy the naturalist within you. 

C. A poolside setting for a super-fun ring ceremony:

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A hatke setting for a ring ceremony but one that is catching on fast, a poolside pre wedding function is bound to be etched in people’s memories forever. You can incorporate fresh and vibrant decor to compliment the pool setting and even get creative with it to make it super quirky and fun. You can get your ring ceremony to double as a cocktail party if you’re short on time.

D. An intimate at-home ring ceremony:

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If you’re not the one to make a big show out of everything and want to keep this important moment, which quite honestly is rather personal, intimate and within just your inner circle of friends and family, you can conjure up a stunning ring ceremony at home. 

E. A beach-side ring ceremony for those in love with the waters:

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A beachside wedding is very common, but a beachy ring ceremony can be whimsical and elegant and will give you stunning pre-wedding function pictures. 

2. Decor/Setting:

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a. A traditional setting for a beautiful ring ceremony:

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You can use the traditional garlands of marigold flowers, colorful drapes, and rangolis to create a typical yet vibrant decor for the pre wedding function of your ring ceremony to take place. 

B. A royal affair:

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Bring a piece of those grand Rajasthani weddings you see on Instagram to your ring ceremony with replicas of jharokhas, chandeliers, grand flower arrangements, and other pieces of decor with jaalidaar design. All you need is the right wedding services and a decorator that is as dedicated to this cause as you.

C. Pick a theme:

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Themes can be super-fun when it comes to the ring ceremony. Fill up your venue with posters and cutouts of your favorite actors and movies if you’re a film buff, or spruce it up with the merch of your sports and sports team! A garden or an orchard set in greenery with the altar decked up with flowers, leaves, and vines can be the perfect setting for a forest-themed engagement party, and you’ll require white flowy drapes, delicate glass decor, and some DIY’ed snow for a winter-wonderland ring ceremony. But if you’re running short on time or have budget restraints but still want to go for a theme, simply pick a color that you can incorporate in your outfits, the decor, the invitations, and even ask your guests to dress up in that color, and you will have a sophisticated and cohesive themed ring ceremony. Hire the wedding services of one of the best decorators if there is no restraint on your budget and you’ll be stellar to go.

D. A modern fairytale ring ceremony:

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Use white-colored furniture and drapes, fairy lights, candles, and pastel-colored flowers to create a modern, subtle, and elegant setting for your ring ceremony. 

E. Tell your love story through the decor:

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Take inspiration from these happy couples and let your love story deck the halls and set a romantic mood for your beautiful ring ceremony. Employing the wedding services of a good decorator here will take a massive burden off you. So keep looking for one. 

3. Outfits

We’re sure that you’ve made a whole Pinterest board of wedding fashion for each and every one of the pre wedding functions. A little tip from us – go with the theme and vibe of the function you’ve planned. Intimate and indoor functions call for flowy sarees which you can also be comfortable in. A bejeweled gown according to your body type will go perfectly for a themed affair. A more traditional ring ceremony will be the perfect day to flaunt a lehenga. For the grooms – Sherwanis, Nawabis, a Bandhgala kurta with Pyjama, or a chic Pathani suit all work. The classic suit is always the right choice!

Just in case you need some more inspiration, here are some ideas and pictures that you can save:

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Image Source: Ejaaz Couture

Image Source: Saloni Sajan

4. Rings and ring presentation:

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It is advised to go ring shopping together so there is no confusion. The presentation of the rings is a big deal of a moment at a ring ceremony. Hence, you want to do something special about it. You can use traditional silver trays or florally decorated ones. If you want to add a touch of intimacy to the moment, you can even get the trays personalized with images of the bride and groom. Getting your kid siblings, nieces, nephews, or even pets to be the ring bearer is a really cute idea that you should consider. 

5. Food:

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Food is one of the most important elements of your ring ceremony, and not just because it is customary to feed your guests. Food at your ring ceremony can be an expression of the kind of life you expect to lead as a couple. As we all know, food can be a lot of fun. So why not have fun with it? 

You can talk to your wedding services caterer and have the menu customized according to your theme, preference, and personality. You can even request them to create a signature dish or a cocktail to signify you and your other half. Oh, and don’t forget the cake!

6. Music and choreographies:

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No party is complete without music and dance. So, get yourself a rocking wedding services DJ and a choreographer and get the dance floor moving to your favorite beat!

One couple dance, one with the parents, one of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and one with the siblings are mandatory. So, make sure to load up on carbs as you’re going to require all the energy in the world!

If you are planning your wedding, we are sure that you are buried under a mound of planning and research. Hence, we thought we’ll help you out by putting together a bunch of ideas that you can use for your ring ceremony as planning this pre-wedding function can be as daunting as planning any other pre-wedding function. So we hope you liked at least some of these ideas and are able to incorporate them in your own ring ceremony, which no doubt is going to be a stunning affair. Check out for more ideas, wedding services, and wedding vendors as we are your one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related.

Happy wedding!

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