20 Fun Wedding Invitation Card Designs for Cool Couples

Remember those days when every wedding card depicted the same old typical format and design? And the only thing that was different about each wedding invitation card were the names of the bride and groom that were printed on it. Apart from that, irrespective of the wedding theme or the couple’s choice, the invitation cards followed standard protocols.

But thanks to the evolving trends and technology, marriage invitation cards are much more fun and pretty looking these days. All you have to do is imagine and there you go, your fancy and creative wedding card is ready and all set to be distributed.

Combined with thoughts and creativity, a marriage invitation card in today’s day is more than just a piece of paper that provides information. It is an integral part of your wedding that not only displaces your wedding theme but also serves as a beautiful souvenir for all your guests.

Yes, we have listed 20 extremely unique and creative wedding invitation card designs for all the couples out there who love thinking out of the box. And these invitation card designs will definitely take your guests by surprise and leave them dreaming about your wedding.

1. A Simple South Indian Wedding Card Design

Wedding Invitation Card 01

This card may not have multiple elements in it but it sure has something so captivating we couldn’t swipe past it. It also makes a wonderful idea for a south Indian wedding invitation card.

2. An Elegant Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Card 02

This classy acrylic invitation card design is an example of the famous saying, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

3. A Mughal Themed Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 03

Covered in pink floral beauty and the ancient Mughal art, this beautiful wedding box invite is one that can be considered for a royal wedding.

4. Invitation Cards With An Extraordinary Touch

Wedding Invitation Card 04

Now, that’s a wedding invitation card that will leave your guests dreaming and wondering what your big day will look like.

5. Vibrant Indian Invitation Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 05

Infused with the essence of the Indian culture and a burst of vivid colours, this wedding invitation card is magical in its own way.

6. A Marriage Invitation Card Aka Fridge Magnet!

Wedding Invitation Card 06

Yes! You read that right. This classic wedding invitation card has a wooden piece with the names of the couples along with the wedding date carved on it and can be used as a fridge magnet. A beautiful way to be remembered by your loved ones.

7. An Indian Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 07

Mastering the art of simplicity is this dainty Hindu wedding card idea. So simple yet interesting enough to catch your attention and that of your guests.

8. Invitation Card Designs For A Beach Wedding

Wedding Invitation Card 08

Here’s a cute and accurate wedding card idea for couples opting for a beautiful beach wedding.

9. Wedding Invitation Card Ideas For The Bollywood Fanatics

Wedding Invitation Card 09

If you and your partner are diehard Bollywood fans do consider this fantastic idea for your wedding card design.

10. Invitation Cards For Your Floral Themed Wedding

Wedding Invitation Card 10

Give your wedding card a dreamy look with some floral designs and patterns.

11. Exceptional Marriage Invitation Card Ideas

Wedding Invitation Card 11

If an impressive wedding invitation card was part of your check list you can confidently strike that off with this out of the ordinary wedding card design.

12. Destination Wedding Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 12

Give your guests a heads-up on the surprise destination wedding with this boarding pass wedding card design. You won’t have to say much because your invitation card will speak for itself.

13. Invitation Cards For An Indian Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Invitation Card 13

Your wedding card plays a very important role so it definitely deserves to be as special as everything else that’s part of your big fat wedding, doesn’t it?

14. Explicit Wedding Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 14

The various elements of this card give it an intricate and elegant look. Don’t miss out on this unique envelope design that adds to the beauty of this wedding invite.

15. A Wedding Invitation Card/Showpiece

Wedding Invitation Card 15

Here’s another idea to make sure your wedding card doesn’t land up in the garbage bin post your wedding but instead makes its way to the top shelf as a pretty showpiece.

16. Spellbinding Marriage Invitation Card Idea For A Catholic Couple

Wedding Invitation Card 16

With the latest laser technology you can have every minute pattern cut neatly giving you a winsome wedding invitation card.

17. Modern Invitation Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 17

Another classic example of laser cut card designs that give you a neat finish and are also a trending option.

18. A Cute And Creative Wedding Card Design

Wedding Invitation Card 18

Add your wedding theme colour or other elements and give this creative wedding invitation card idea a personalised touch.

19. A Pop-up Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 19

Watch that smile grow on the faces of your loved ones when they open this gorgeous wedding invitation card and are left speechless.

20. Unique Marriage Invitation Card

Wedding Invitation Card 20

All Image Source: Pinterest

Talking about unique, creative and incredible wedding card designs? This one tops the chart!

So these were the top 20 unique wedding card ideas we compiled just for you. Let us know which one’s your favourite in the comments below.

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