25+ Coolest Photo Booth Ideas for Indian Weddings 2022!

Say Cheese, my peeps! There is something truly amusing about grabbing the photo props and jumping in front of the camera with your friends – and that’s why Photo Booth stations are an instant hit among the wedding guests. While you may have hired a seasoned photographer to capture all your magical moments during the pre-wedding-wedding-reception saga, creating a whimsical photo booth allows your guests to click away their own shenanigans as the day unfolds. After all, why should only to-be-married couples have all the fun!

Hosting a boring wedding where guests can’t wait for it to be over and head home is easy to host, but if you want to indulge your guests in a truly memorable affair, this is the route to take! Also, everybody can really use a break from those traditional pose-and-click photos with the photographer trying to squeeze in the whole family and extended family into one frame. Where’s the fun in that? To give your guests – family and friends – something more to look forward to (apart from the dance floor and food), setting up a quirky photo booth will only make for a fabulous addition to your wedding album. What’s more? A wedding photo booth is your chance to infuse all those personalized details into the props and backdrop that will tell your love story for years to come.

Ansel Adams once said that “you don’t take a picture, you make it”. So why not make it a fabulous one, peeps? To make sure all the playful shots with family and friends find their way to your wedding album, we have rounded up 30+ latest photo booth ideas for Indian weddings that are sure to take the fun quotient of your big day up a notch!

1. The Polaroid Photo Booth:

2. The Instagram-able Photo Booth:

Image Source – Shades Photography

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3. The Hello from the Other Side Photo Booth

4. The Genda-Chashma Photo booth:

Image Source – Vipin Photography

Image Source – Dipak Studios

5. The Vibrant Props Photo Booth:

6. The Floral Wreath Photo Booth:

Image Source: Atisuto Decor

7. The Wedding Card Inspired Photo Booth:

The wedding card:

8. The Multi Dimensional Photo Booth:

9. The Lori and Tea Corner Photo Booth

Image Source: Rahul Sadagopan Photography

10. For They Decided On Forever Photo Booth:

11. The Fairy Lights Photo Booth:

Decor – Devika Narain

12. The Quirky Signages Photo Booth:

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

13. A Walk Down the Memory Lane Photo Booth:

Image Source – Morvi Images

14. The Jhoola with Colorful Floral Backdrop Photo Booth

Image Source: Shutterdown Photography

15. The Colorful Painted Bottles Photo Booth:

16. The Paris meets Old-Bombay Photo Booth:

17. The Living Room in the Middle of Nowhere Photo Booth:

Decor – With Love Nilma

18. The Decorated Rickshaw Photo Booth:

Decor – Devika Narain

Image Source – Shutter Down

19. The Aa Ja Meri Cycle Mein Baith Ja Photo Booth:

Image Source – Shutter Down

20. The Photo Booth with the Couple’s Favorite Quotes:

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

Decor – Devika Narain

Image Source – Shades Photography

21. The Frame in the Frame Phot Booth

Image Source – Dot Dusk Photography

Image Source – Through the Barrel

22. The Tasseled Photo Booth:

24. The Photo Booth with lots of Colorful Umbrellas:

23. The Photo Booth with a SWAG (literally):

Image Source – Dream Diaries

24. The Lotus themed photobooth:

Decor – Devika Narain

25. The Open Books Photo Booth

Image Source: Shutterdown Photography

26. The Pop Up Art Photo Booth

Image Source: The Cube A Project

27. The Origami and Ribbons Mash Up Photo Booth

28. The Curtain Charm Photo Booth

Image Source: Getty Images

With our list of fun, quirky and eye-catching wedding photo booth backdrop ideas coming to an end, we hope you have enough inspiration to put your own spin on things!

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