10 Whimsical Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers for Every Indian Bride

Your hairdo is an essential aspect of your bridal look. So much so that, it can be a real deal-breaker if not done right! Imagine investing in all those exquisite jewels, expensive couture, and ruining it all with a disappointing bridal hairstyle! To salvage you from this blunder and turn into splendor, we’ve put together this curated list that brings to you bridal hairstyle ideas and options aplenty. From exciting open hairdos to majestic bridal buns with breathtaking floral arrangements, here is our collection of floral bridal hairstyles trending hot this wedding season 2022.

  Whether you are looking for pre-wedding hairdos, bridal hairstyles for the wedding day, or reception looks, you can find all the inspiration you need at your fingertips. Scroll away, girls!

1. Braided Beauty!

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Braids are a big go-to for new brides-to-be and work perfectly well for your pre-wedding festivities. Opt for this fishtail braid bridal hairstyle and flaunt it with a trail of fresh roses for a vintage look! You can even choose from mogra, baby breath, or a combination of your favorite blooms cascaded throughout those plain braids, knotted boho braids, or fishtail braids!

2. A Captivating Crown for the Bridal Queen!

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Bridal crowns or bands have been in vogue for a while now and are certainly here to stay! Reason? They can lift up almost any look instantly! Don it with a loose french braid bridal hairstyle or simply let it adorn your curly tresses.

3. Cascading Charmers!

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

There are a million ways to do justice to those lovely long tresses. The quintessential way, however, is to curl them up like a cascading waterfall and decorate them with stunning spring buds! Or simply experiment with the floral arrangement like this three-sided curve and mix and match ‘em with the color of your outfit.

4. Classic Rose Bridal Bun

Pay an ode to the classical bridal hairstyle with this rose overload! Leaving room for merging a number of hair accessories in different styles, this one makes for a beautiful bouquet.

5. Garden of Eden!

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Make way for this royal bun bridal hairstyle entwined with seasonal flowers for an ethereal look!

6. Chic Braided Bridal Bun

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Simmy Makeup Studio & Academy

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source Orange The Salon

A shout-out to experimental brides out there! This intricate spiral bridal hairstyle loaded with delicate rosette buns and curls makes for a bold statement. Jazz it up with minimal floral buds and strings to strike the perfect balance!

7. Mesmerizing Mogra Magic

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source Zing Creation Apparels

You can never go wrong with a bunch of lively mogra flowers hugging your hair! Don the classic big bun and embellish it with the beauty of fresh mogras. Mogras with pastel shade apparel makes for a dream team!

8. Vintage Vibes!

Image Source Le Fleur Jewels

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Celebrate the timeless beauty of your being with these royal roses bunched up to perfection!

9. The Elegant Elan!

Image Source Orange The Salon

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Opt for this exuberance donning fine flowers in between the messy bun look! This bridal hairstyle is a hit for your reception and compliments your intricate bridal gown.

10. Suave and Style!

Image Source Indian Wedding

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

This one-sided floral arrangement works wonders with fabulously curled-up hair! If you like its intricate yet minimal bridal hairstyle, this one surely makes the cut.

Swooning over these amazing floral hairdos or bridal hairstyles is not enough. We hope you’ve shortlisted your favorites and bookmarked’em all! If you need more inspiration for bridal buns or Indian hairstyles for weddings, scroll away our blog page.

How to Plan a Ring Ceremony in 2022 – Fun Ideas for the Bride and Groom-to-be!

Image Source: Rahul Patwa Photography

The ring ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function across cultures because that is the first time you announce to the world your decision to commit to a lifetime with your partner. No matter how grand or small-scale you want to make your ring ceremony in 2022, it takes a significant amount of planning and research because there are traditions and customs involved that are to be followed and also because the ring ceremony is like a teaser of what your life would be like as a couple and so you want to do it just right. 

A majority of the couples choose to have a separate ring ceremony as a pre-wedding function on one of four to five days that their wedding lasts. But some couples also have their ring ceremony on the day of the Shaadi, right before the ritual while some choose to have a few days of a gap before the ring ceremony and the wedding festivities. But no matter when it takes place, this sweet pre-wedding function deserves to be celebrated in the most memorable way as it marks the beginning of a wonderful journey for two people in love. 

So, if you’re on the verge of putting a ring on it and are scavenging for ideas for your own ring ceremony, read on as we have a delightful set of ideas for you that will help you dazzle your ring ceremony in 2022 right up!

1. Location:

Image Source: Duke Photography

The location of the ring ceremony is crucial as it sets the base for the festivities. Regardless of whether you want an intimate celebration or a grand ring ceremony, where you have it matters a lot. 

A. Cozy indoor engagement pre-wedding function:

Image Source: Weddingz.in

The classic. Book a banquet hall with a stage where the ceremony takes place so that all the spotlight is on you and seating arrangements facing the stage where all of your guests can get cozy and witness one of the most important moments of your life.

B. A breezy romantic outdoor ring ceremony:

Image Source: Hugo Juarez Photography

Since the ring ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function involving traditions that cannot be omitted, there is a possibility that it might go on a little longer. Choosing an outdoor setting that is open and breezy will not only ensure that your guests are comfortable in case of a longer ring ceremony but the ring ceremony will also be very romantic and charming, especially if you have it in the evening, under the stars. If you and your partner are nature-lovers, having your ring ceremony on a lawn, a garden, by a lakeside, or on a tiny hillside will satisfy the naturalist within you. 

C. A poolside setting for a super-fun ring ceremony:

Image Source: Infinite Memories

A hatke setting for a ring ceremony but one that is catching on fast, a poolside pre wedding function is bound to be etched in people’s memories forever. You can incorporate fresh and vibrant decor to compliment the pool setting and even get creative with it to make it super quirky and fun. You can get your ring ceremony to double as a cocktail party if you’re short on time.

D. An intimate at-home ring ceremony:

Image Source: Recall Pictures

If you’re not the one to make a big show out of everything and want to keep this important moment, which quite honestly is rather personal, intimate and within just your inner circle of friends and family, you can conjure up a stunning ring ceremony at home. 

E. A beach-side ring ceremony for those in love with the waters:

Image Source: Lin and Jirsa

A beachside wedding is very common, but a beachy ring ceremony can be whimsical and elegant and will give you stunning pre-wedding function pictures. 

2. Decor/Setting:

Image Source: Israni Photography 

a. A traditional setting for a beautiful ring ceremony:

; ; Re;;

Image Source: Recall Pictures

You can use the traditional garlands of marigold flowers, colorful drapes, and rangolis to create a typical yet vibrant decor for the pre wedding function of your ring ceremony to take place. 

B. A royal affair:

Image Source: Stak Photography Duo

Bring a piece of those grand Rajasthani weddings you see on Instagram to your ring ceremony with replicas of jharokhas, chandeliers, grand flower arrangements, and other pieces of decor with jaalidaar design. All you need is the right wedding services and a decorator that is as dedicated to this cause as you.

C. Pick a theme:

Image Source: Dreamzkrraft

Themes can be super-fun when it comes to the ring ceremony. Fill up your venue with posters and cutouts of your favorite actors and movies if you’re a film buff, or spruce it up with the merch of your sports and sports team! A garden or an orchard set in greenery with the altar decked up with flowers, leaves, and vines can be the perfect setting for a forest-themed engagement party, and you’ll require white flowy drapes, delicate glass decor, and some DIY’ed snow for a winter-wonderland ring ceremony. But if you’re running short on time or have budget restraints but still want to go for a theme, simply pick a color that you can incorporate in your outfits, the decor, the invitations, and even ask your guests to dress up in that color, and you will have a sophisticated and cohesive themed ring ceremony. Hire the wedding services of one of the best decorators if there is no restraint on your budget and you’ll be stellar to go.

D. A modern fairytale ring ceremony:

Image Source: Naman Verma Photography

Use white-colored furniture and drapes, fairy lights, candles, and pastel-colored flowers to create a modern, subtle, and elegant setting for your ring ceremony. 

E. Tell your love story through the decor:

Image Source: Mohit Bhojwani

Take inspiration from these happy couples and let your love story deck the halls and set a romantic mood for your beautiful ring ceremony. Employing the wedding services of a good decorator here will take a massive burden off you. So keep looking for one. 

3. Outfits

We’re sure that you’ve made a whole Pinterest board of wedding fashion for each and every one of the pre wedding functions. A little tip from us – go with the theme and vibe of the function you’ve planned. Intimate and indoor functions call for flowy sarees which you can also be comfortable in. A bejeweled gown according to your body type will go perfectly for a themed affair. A more traditional ring ceremony will be the perfect day to flaunt a lehenga. For the grooms – Sherwanis, Nawabis, a Bandhgala kurta with Pyjama, or a chic Pathani suit all work. The classic suit is always the right choice!

Just in case you need some more inspiration, here are some ideas and pictures that you can save:

; ;

Image Source: Vintage Films

Image Source: Ejaaz Couture

Image Source: Saloni Sajan

4. Rings and ring presentation:

Image Source: Thatssothoughtful

It is advised to go ring shopping together so there is no confusion. The presentation of the rings is a big deal of a moment at a ring ceremony. Hence, you want to do something special about it. You can use traditional silver trays or florally decorated ones. If you want to add a touch of intimacy to the moment, you can even get the trays personalized with images of the bride and groom. Getting your kid siblings, nieces, nephews, or even pets to be the ring bearer is a really cute idea that you should consider. 

5. Food:

Image Source: Steffin Pereira Photography

Food is one of the most important elements of your ring ceremony, and not just because it is customary to feed your guests. Food at your ring ceremony can be an expression of the kind of life you expect to lead as a couple. As we all know, food can be a lot of fun. So why not have fun with it? 

You can talk to your wedding services caterer and have the menu customized according to your theme, preference, and personality. You can even request them to create a signature dish or a cocktail to signify you and your other half. Oh, and don’t forget the cake!

6. Music and choreographies:

Image Source: Naman Verma Photography

No party is complete without music and dance. So, get yourself a rocking wedding services DJ and a choreographer and get the dance floor moving to your favorite beat!

One couple dance, one with the parents, one of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and one with the siblings are mandatory. So, make sure to load up on carbs as you’re going to require all the energy in the world!

If you are planning your wedding, we are sure that you are buried under a mound of planning and research. Hence, we thought we’ll help you out by putting together a bunch of ideas that you can use for your ring ceremony as planning this pre-wedding function can be as daunting as planning any other pre-wedding function. So we hope you liked at least some of these ideas and are able to incorporate them in your own ring ceremony, which no doubt is going to be a stunning affair. Check out Weddingz.in for more ideas, wedding services, and wedding vendors as we are your one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related.

Happy wedding!

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Mumbai to Check Out This Season! #mumbaidiaries

Candid Wedding Stories

Founded in 2007 by Manish Chauhan, Candid Wedding Stories is, unarguably, one of the best wedding photographers and pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai. The team of expert candid photographers and cinematographers is here to wow every couple with their artistic and candid style shots. They have covered over 200+ weddings all over India & overseas destination weddings. With International Photography Awards – IPA 2017 and 2018, in their cap, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. Taking a candid route to the wedding photography, Candid Wedding Stories captures the bride and groom’s magical journey as it unfolds on their big day. From the couple’s joy and excitement of getting married, the stolen glances between the bride and her mother, the bridesmaid’s shenanigans, to the father’s emotional upheaval during the ‘vidaai’ of his little princess, they immortalize every frame painted in all the colors of emotions so that you get to live your dream day over and over again. Apart from weddings, they can also lend their expertise in pre-wedding, bridal, save-the-date, and engagement photography. If their photography style clicks with your vision, turn to Candid Wedding Stories for the most treasured memories of your big day!

Check out their work on WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Wedding Photography starting price: Rs 40,000 per day
Wedding Film Packages: Rs 80,000 per day
Pre-wedding Photography: Rs 20,000 per day
Pre-Wedding Film: Rs 50,000 per day
Contact No: +91 9029182256

For details and bookings, click here.

The Wedding Salad

Voted amongst the top ten wedding photographers in India, founders of The Wedding Salad – Aayushi Sachdeva and Kanishka Sonthalia have photographed over 75 weddings, traveling across the country creating an incredible montage of the most priceless moments of the weddings they cover. They look forward to offering a platter of those profound wedding memories that a couple would cherish forever. While candid wedding photography is their forte, they lend their click-happy charm to save-the-date, pre-bridal, engagement, pre and post-wedding shoots, traditional photography, and customized albums too.

Starting price: Rs. 100,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

The Wedding Salad

The Wedding Salad

The Wedding Salad

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar is a Mumbai-based photographer who is passionate and dedicated to his work. He has studied photography at The National Institute of Photography and is also the winner of The Canon PhotoMarathon 2011 India. With his expertise and skills, you will surely end up with a stunning and absolutely magical wedding album.

Starting price: Rs 130,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar


CandidShutters is a team of passionate photographers and cinematographers who specialize in artistic wedding photography, wedding cinematography and photo books and albums. So if you are tired of standard monotonous pictures, boring bride and groom shots and the same poses in everyone’s albums, then give them a call and they promise that you’ll get pictures and films that you will love to see again and again for years to come.

Starting price: Rs. 65,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.


Reels and Frames

Reelsandframes is an award winning wedding photography and film company based in the heart of South Mumbai. They have shot couples in 5 continents and over 13 countries including Italy and Japan. In the last 5 years, they have managed to capture some of the most high profile weddings in India with clients including the likes of Mc Donalds India, Kalpataru, Tech Mahindra, Dunlop, Loreal etc. Their USP is use of cutting edge technology in weddings and they are the makers of India’s first 360 degree destination wedding film.
Their innate love for technology and the inherent knack of story-telling sets the company apart from its peers. 

Starting price: Rs. 125,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Reels and Frames
Reels and Frames
Reels and Frames


WeddingNama was born out of a passion to capture love stories artistically. They have a full-time team of dedicated photographers, cinematographers and editors that bring a whole new level of quality, finesse and perfection into the world of weddings. They believe in customising every little detail right from the processing of photographs to the music that goes into the film. They are guaranteed to give a unique set of memories to relive all over again in the most beautiful ways.

Starting price: Rs. 150,000/-




PK Suri Photography

PK Suri Photography is known for his distinct style collages, contrast images and vintage sepia tones, Parikshit Suri offers a luxe coffee table book wedding album. Talented and artful, he aims to breathe in sheer splendor to your auspicious wedding way through his brilliant clicks. In the past he has covered the wedding of city’s crème de la crème- Amrita Arora, Emraan Hashmi, VJ Ranvijay and done photoshoots for Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, Ruia Motiwalla and many more. When you look at his work, he captures mind blowing spontaneous and candid moments that will bring joy in your heart and a smile on your face each time you see them.

Starting price: Rs. 150,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

PK Suri Photography

PK Suri Photography

PK Suri Photography

Romesh Dhamija Productions

They don’t just shoot weddings, they capture your love story in our frames. They specialize in destination weddings, incorporating every element of the beautiful place onto your wedding pictures. For them, shooting a wedding isn’t work, but preserving every memory of your special day.
Their U.S.P being Candid and Traditional Photography, they have been in the business since 5 years and covered about 150 events. They believe in capturing & creating lifetime memories for your Weddings and other events.

Starting price: Rs. 2,00,000/-

You can also book them for the following individual packages:
– Candid Photography: Rs. 75,000/-
– Cinematography: Rs. 125,000/-
– Pre Wedding Shoot: Rs. 35,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Dream Diaries

Dream Diaries was born out of passion, vigor, and skill and it is exactly these three qualities that set them apart.  A team of innovative and zealous professional photographers who are passionate about their art and strive for novelty and excellence. Candid is their forte and they endeavor to capture the spontaneity around them inspired by the people, emotions, colors, and mood.  They write stories through our photographs and help you reminisce the moments through time.

Starting price: Rs. 130,000/-

Dream Diaries
Dream Diaries
Dream Diaries

The Photo Diary

The Photo Diary, Mumbai is headed by Monisha Ajgaonkar who is an ardent lover of wedding photography. She is great at candid photography, wedding films, photo booth captures, pre-wedding shoots, bridal portraits, and many more. The Photo Diary is always searching for smiles, tears of joy, a feeling of glory, a sense of amazement, the get-up-and-go-for-it moment, and vivacity in people. She has been featured in HomeGrown Online Magazine, Hindustan Times Brunch Magazine, Big Fat Indian Wedding 2014, Creativity Online in 2014, and many other prestigious events. Their USP is that they believe in the art of observing human emotions and scripting it in the form of colorful and monochrome images. They have been in the industry for over 8 years and have covered over a hundred weddings.

Starting price: Rs. 150,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

 Photo Diary
 Photo Diary
 Photo Diary

Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia

Mithilesh is a National Award winner for his ‘Resting In Peace’ picture that was showcased at 56th National Exhibition of Arts, an elite art exhibition in India. He has a strong understanding of events, traditions and ceremonies and utilizes these skills through photography. Discuss your requirements and expectations with him and you will get exactly what you desired for. From bridal shots, candid photography to capturing the minutest sentiments in the wedding, his clicks will make your special day, an event to remember.

Starting price: Rs. 87,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia
Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia
Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia

15 Bridal Makeup Ideas Brides-to-be Should Bookmark

Bridal makeups are a huge affair! And for all the right reasons. They have the power to accentuate or dampen the entire look of the bride. Hence there is no wonder that all the hype and hysteria surrounding bridal makeup and finding the right makeup artist is actually legitimate. As that is one important aspect, the other extension of it is about looking after your health and well-being. After all, beauty is not only about looking good but even feeling good and confident. Hence brides should start prepping for this process months in advance. With great skin, makeup acts as a highlighter rather than a concealer.

This wedding season, you don’t have to hunt around for finding the perfect inspiration as this blog is nothing short of your makeup mood board. We’ve put together a list of 15 makeup looks for any and every kind of bride with a variety of looks. Take a look below and find out the ones you can’t resist to embrace and experiment with:

1. Simple Bridal Makeup Exudes a Distinct Beauty and Charm of it’s Own Such as This!

Bridal Makeup by Anu Kaushik

Image Source Anu Kaushik

Indian brides are often perceived to be loaded with heavy jewellery and embellished with OTT makeup. However a simple bridal makeup like this let’s the bride’s skin breathe without making her bridal look underwhelming!

2. The Best Bridal Makeup is the One which Doesn’t Seem Like Makeup at All!

Bridal Makeup by Ayesha Seth

Image Source Ayesha Seth Studio

A perfect blend of sublimity and charm, this bride looks absolutely ready to stun for her white/church wedding. That clever eye makeup beautifully blends into her entire look and accentuates it.

3. This One is Pure Bridal Eye Makeup GOALS!

Bridal Makeup by Vidya Tikari

Image Source Vidya Tikari

Dusky is layered and that’s what makes it thoroughly appealing. This bridal look is made top-notch by that perfectly textured kohl eyes and clever contouring with some skillful highlighting. Pure beauty!

4.What is Indian Bridal Makeup Without that Tinge of Blush and Bling?! 

Bridal Makeup by Tamanna Rooz

Image Source Tamanna Rooz

Bold red lips and glittering gold eyes give way to soft pastel hues for this traditional bridal look in red. Pastel pinks and sugary peaches work up the delicate natural skin to complete this beautiful bride’s d-day look!

5. A Bridal Look Like this is Perfect for Absolutely Any Season!

Bridal Makeup by Urmi Kaurr

Image Source Makeup by Urmi Kaurr

This spectacular bride shines through and through in her intricate ensemble & jewellery and a perfect makeup to compliment all of this. Those kohl wings are definitely working their wonder!

6. Get yourself Bridal Makeup Artists who Ensure you Step Out Looking Like This!

Bridal Makeup by Amrit Kaur

Image Source Amrit Kaur Artistry

If you’re the kind of bride who has no qualms about going all out there on your life’s most momentous day then this bridal look is what you should bookmark! Extravagant yet not flashy, this one is art at display.

7. A Bridal Makeup Like this is a Sure-shot Stunner!

Bridal Makeup by Jasmeet Kapany

Image Source Jasmeet Kapany Official

Red bold lipsticks can never get out of fashion! This bride looks breathtaking in her stunning bridal look. Subtle eyes complimented by that vibrant shade of lipstick certainly works wonders.

8. Bridal Makeup Looks Such as this Spells Vibrancy and Charm!

Bridal Makeup by Namrata Soni

Image Source Namrata Soni

Try something refreshing this wedding season. Colour-coordinate your lipstick shade to your bridal lehenga such as this beauteous bride!

9. Just the Right Kind of Subtle Makeup that is Apt for your Home Wedding 🙂

Bridal Makeup by Fatmupro Makeup

Image Source Fat Mu Pro Makeup

We’re thoroughly stoked by this bridal look. This bride is brimming with grace and lightness. Her minimal makeup not just let’s her skin breathe but also accentuates it!

10. When Pastel is Not Just a Theme But a Makeup Mood!

Bridal Makeup by Sajnas Bridal Makeup Studio

Image Source Sajna’s Bridal Makeup Studio

Pastel shades with a hint of wow! This makeup works perfectly well for a night or late evening affair ensuring the bride glows as bright as the day. 

11. There’s No Better Makeup than the One that Embellishes your Natural Bridal Glow!

Bridal Makeup by Tripti Malhotra

Image Source Tripti Malhotra Official

Photography Red Veds

This bride certainly has her makeup game on-point! Opting to balance it out by going neither too loud or underwhelming, this makeup suits her skin tone perfectly and equips her to dazzle on her big day!

12. For a Bride who Loves those Sultry Shimmers!

Bridal Makeup by Shagun

Image Source Makeup by Shagun

This bride is ready for her big fat Indian wedding in soft glam pink shimmery eyes which were paired with a dewy base and bold pink lips. The eyes are accentuated however the natural base of her skin was retained. 

13. Golden Colour Palettes Make for a Refreshing Choice and Spell Magic when Executed Aptly!

Bridal Makeup by Aliya Baig

Image Source Makeup by Aliya Baig

Tradition meets modern sensibilities in this bridal look! We absolutely love how the ‘colour match’ has worked wonders! Syncing her bride’s gold kanchi saree to her bright gold eyeshadow has indeed turned out to be a fruitful experiment.

14. Everything About this Bridal Look Stands Apart! This is a Fine Example of Perfect Contrast Makeup.

Bridal Makeup by Sohal Grewal

Image Source Sohal Grewal

As much as different brides prefer different things based on their preferences, this wedding season try something unique like this bride who chose to pair her white embroidered lehenga with a dramatic layer of makeup that simply amplifies her look!

15. An OTT Makeup Inspiration that Actually Looks Pleasant!

Bridal Makeup by Aarushi Oswal

Image Source Aarushi Makeupartist

We understand if brides wish to go all out there on their big day and opt for a heavy layer. So while you’re opting for it, ensure that it is loaded not just with layer but creativity. The dark eyeshadow perfectly compliments the ivory lehenga of this bride.

Dear soon-to-be-brides, we hope you found much inspiration from your very own makeup mood board in the form of this blog? Remember to bookmark this list and keep it handy 🙂

Top 20 Wedding Photography Couple Portraits

The world of wedding photography is an enchanting one. So be it the best of candid wedding photography or wedding portraits, there is much to appreciate and celebrate. We all love and swoon over those perfect timeless frames that are and will always be reminiscent of the beautiful memories made in the process. Be it a bridal or groom portrait, the one with the entire fam-jam or the favourite of them all- wedding couple portrait, the beauty encapsulated in each of these simply seems unending! 

Whether you’re a to-be bride or groom eager to be posing for wedding photos or a photographer who is looking for much inspiration to hone his/her craft and contribute to meaningful journeys of families and couples, you’ve hit the perfect spot with this blog. We’ve put together a list of 20 candid photographer wedding portraits for couples that we’ve seen in recent times and have left us completely stoked! Without further ado, let’s dive straight in and unfold the magic each of these well-composed, cleverly-shot and warmly-expressed images have to offer. Take a look below:

1. Posing for Wedding Photos Has Never Seemed So Magical As This Frame! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source The Unicorn Studios

A classic wedding shoot done right with a touch of traditions and cultural heritage that turned out to be a thorough treat to the eyes!

2. This Portrait Wedding Frame Encapsulates with it’s Soothing and Subtle Beauty!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Shayanatherphotography

The beauty of marriage photography lies in capturing those perfect moments and this stunning frame does just that. 

3. This Stunning and Regal Portrait is Pure Marriage Photography Goals!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Ramit Batra Photography

If you need inspiration to frame that one timeless photo from your wedding shoot, this one gives you all the right vibes.

4. Blending the Best of Candid Wedding Photography with Portrait Wedding Photos, this Frame is Pure Love!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Knottingbells

There is no better way to be locked down than with the one you love. Even better when your wedding shoot captures the essence!

5. Who can Not be Mesmerized with this Wedding Shoot that Brims with Opulence and Grandeur?!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Knottingbells

Posing for wedding photos can seem absolutely worthwhile if the result is as breathtaking as this. Don’t you think so?

6. This Portrait Wedding Frame Literally has us Swooning!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Studio Beunique

Sealing the deal with a kiss and how! We’re totally smitten by the chemistry and charm this couple exudes in this image.

7. Your Hunt for the Perfect Indian Wedding Portrait Photography Poses Ends Right Here!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Aash Studio

Capturing the perfect wedding shoot under this neon-lit mandap is all the inspiration you need this wedding season! 

8. Happy Couples Create the Best Memories and Perfect Wedding Portraits!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Studio Kelly Photography

If you’re looking for ideas for a wedding portrait Indian-style, that is not too loud and flashy, this gorgeous frame is the real thing! 

9. No Marriage Photography can be Complete without a Magical Monochrome Portrait Like This!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Lumiere Wedding Company

Well there are wedding portraits and then there is this! Every element of this frame stands out and this one clearly earns a special spot in our hearts for sure.

10. Beauty Lies in the Heart of Simplicity and this Wedding Portrait Captures Just that!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Weddingnama

This adorable couple simply spells magic and sublimity with this portrait of theirs.

11. All That Glitters is Monochrome Marriage Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Gaatha

There is an inexplicable charm and beauty about this couple’s wedding photoshoot and we’re thoroughly impressed by the candid photographer skills here!

12. This Couple’s Wedding Photo Shoot Looks Nothing Less than a Painting!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source You by Poonam Kotecha

With the just perfect background and some stunning colours at play here, this wedding portrait has a big thumbs up from us!

13. Making the Most of Breathtaking Backwaters for their Wondrous Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Wedding Bells Photography

This picture is pure goals! From the expressions to the colour scheme, everything about this marriage portrait is spot-on!

14. The One with the Fam-Jam, This is the Mandatory Marriage Portrait Done Right!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Love Shoot Repeat

This one totally captures the beauty that Great Indian Marriages are! With the entire parivaar cheering, this portrait is worth a million moments and memories.

15. We Simply Can’t Take Our Eyes Off this Beautifully Composed Marriage Portrait! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Weddingkrafter

This one is pure beauty! We love the subtlety, splendour and spark this frame captures.

16. This Marriage Couple Photo Style is Perfect for Those who Love the Idea of OTT Weddings and Memories!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source CoolBluez Photography

We simply love the exuberance of this frame! Be it the unique background or rich colours, this one certainly works wonders.

17. We Can’t Help but Marvel at the Sheer Genius of This Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source RedVeds

When you’ve got each other’s back and your gem of a candid photographer is able to capture even that!

18. No Marriage Album is Complete Without a Perfect Family Portrait Like This 🙂

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Black Pepper Wedding Photography

The one portrait that has a special place in the heart of a bride apart from the lover’s is the classic one with the family!

19. Nothing Beats the Spell and Enigma of This Couple’s Romantic Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Clique Photography

An ace wedding candid photographer can savour the best of memories and freeze time by capturing an image like this!

20. A Riot of Colours and Joy Perfectly Captured! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Shutterspeed India

This gorgeous wedding portrait truly captures the essence and zest of a vibrant Indian marriage. We’re thoroughly in awe of this frame.

Leaving you on this delightful note here’s hoping you found plenty of inspiration in these stunning wedding portraits?! Remember to bookmark this list, lest you wish to revisit and relish these images again 🙂

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Planning your Home Wedding Decor

The season of home weddings is here and how! If you’re upset about missing out on making perfect instagram-worthy memories in the background of breathtaking locales and exotic decor elements, do not worry. Home weddings have their own essence and beauty and you can still make meaningful memories with beautiful backgrounds. The crux is to understand the ‘feel’ of home weddings and design everything around it. 

To get you started, we’ve listed five tips that you can keep in mind while planning for your intimate wedding decor. Take a look at them below:

1. Focus on Space Management

Image Source With love Nilma 

Unlike the sprawling area a lawn, banquet or an outdoor destination can offer, home or backyard weddings have a limited space. But therein lies their beauty and purpose. You can convert this limited space into a pleasant setup without making it too restricting by using all the corners wisely. Remember the overall idea is to render a ‘feel’ and not stuff every nook and corner with over the top elements. 

2. Get Creative with Flowers

Image Source With love Nilma 

One cannot imagine wedding decor without breathtaking floral arrangements be it home or hall. However the best part about having to decorate for your home wedding is that you can be much more responsible to source flowers. You can also incorporate a healthy mix of local and seasonal flowers along with exotic variants.

3. Shower some Table/Counter Love

Image Source Fattoautentica

Yes we do understand that home weddings have a limited amount of space and that is why you need to set up a table or counter (if not too many) as they can double up as refreshment/beverages or gift counter, a memoir table or an eating cum lounge area! Besides they can also add to the entire look and feel of the place.

4. Give it a Personalised Touch

Image Source Aash Studio

What better place and occasion than your intimate home wedding to add a personalized touch to your wedding decor?! Though this is irrespective of the space or venue, you can take this element one notch higher as your closest folks would be in attendance. Spill out some secrets, show some love or simply let out gratitude in creative ways by weaving them as part of your decor deal.

5. Use Backgrounds Effectively

Image Source With love Nilma 

Your home garden can work as a lovely photo booth with some tact and a bit of creativity. Likewise you can also create cool backgrounds and make cozy spaces for your guests to sit back and relax. Your home memory wall can work as a refreshing idea for a small indoor stage. Using backgrounds effectively is also a splendid way of managing your space well.

Well folks, with these handy tips at your disposal now, we hope you nail your wedding decor to the t!

15 Eco-friendly Wedding Décor Ideas for Environmentally Conscious Brides and Grooms

Sustainability is associated with respect for the environment. It is also identified as what we currently call eco friendly or organic. From minimalism to buying and owning only what is necessary, breaking with the concept of consumer society, measuring waste and opting for natural alternatives, collectively constitute the idea of sustainability. Hence when it comes to sustainable weddings decor ideas, we’re looking at finding these elements manifest in tangible decor. 

Be it the stage decoration, flower wedding decoration, mandap, table, entrance or aisle we’ve listed a mix bag here brimming with sustainable ideas for you to take inspiration from! This new and unusual wedding season, it’s time to celebrate with responsibility and care for the ecosystem we inhabitat. Take a look at these 15 sustainable wedding decor ideas below:

1. A simple structure up in the backyard and with its own fire pit and space for a small marquee too. This simple shoot made of healthy green foliage and fresh roses brought so much colour to the space!

Image Source Weddinghelperuk

2. Eco friendly and sustainable designs are a growing practice in wedding plans lately and for all the right reasons. Featured here is a stunning shoot that shows off chic yet earthy florals we love!

Image Source United With Love

3. This wedding season choose ‘sustainable’ over ‘glamour’. Take a leaf out from this frame that beautifully marries eco-friendly with aesthetics. These cane lamps are a thoughtful alternative you can opt for.

Image Source Wedding Helperuk

4.Rustic wooden boxes make great decor elements. Whether you’re setting up a quirky photobooth or a wedding favour counter such as this, there’s much you can play around with while using wooden boxes. 

Image Source Juliets Wedding Planner

5. Welcome your guests to a world of memories, pleasant musings and a whole lot of fun with an entrance aisle like this that is vibrant, fresh and above all sustainable!

Image Source Indiamart

6. We wish all structures looked this pretty, we would never cover them! A fun way to do up your entrance aisle is to cleverly use the structure itself as a decor element itself.

Image Source Devika Narain & Co.

7. Let your outdoor wedding be an extension of the serene natural landscape. This lilac and foliage arch entrance is a lovely addition! And let’s not forget the fragrant smell 🙂

Image Source Wedding Helperuk

8. This gorgeous mandap décor setup comes with natural flowers, reusable floral foams and fabrics. Why be only gorgeous when you can be gorgeous and eco-friendly?!

Image Source Global Wedding Network

9. Add a thoughtful twist to your wedding mandap decor with these neatly arranged wood logs, traditional flowers and fresh leaves! Minimalist and refreshing, this mandap decor makes for a picturesque frame. 

Image Source Pinterest

10. Embellished in multiple strands of vibrat garlands, bronze lamps and banana leaves, this stunning mandap celebrates the goodness of earth with the richness of traditional elements.

Image Source Pinterest

11. Be it an outdoor or indoor setup, you always have the choice and alternatives to choose sustainable and style it to the t! This beauteous mandap is a lovely example of that. Adorned with rich florals and ferns this one is a class apart.

Image Source Devika Narain & Co.

12. Another example of a marvellous traditional and eco-friendly wedding mandap, this one comes with pleasantly arranged garlands, and fresh floral buds. We like how the addition of the decorated wooden frame has elevated the entire setup!

Image Source Taarini Weddings

13. Loaded with the freshness of decorative natural ferns and flowers, this indoor stage is vibrant and sustainable. Neat drapes and decorative cloth nets complete this decor and make for a pleasant frame! 

Image Source Kerala Wedding Planners

14. We love how the bold contrast of colours is working wonders in this frame! Bright orange drapes paired together with wooden bamboos and decorative leaves add to the drama, but a sustainable one 🙂

Image Source Weddings of India

15. Another organic gem, this lovely marriage mandap boasts of garlands, leaves and coir pillars. This lovely mandap personifies ‘less is more’ in a heartwarming way! There’s much inspiration you can draw from this mandap

Image Source Pinterest

4 Lockdown Sangeet Ideas for Couples Planning an Intimate Wedding

Cover Image Source: Ashwa Events and Entertainment

It has been almost four months since the country faced a strict lockdown situation. Never in our wildest dreams did we even think, we did have to cancel our grand wedding plans, international trips or even a trip to the favourite restaurant due to a virus! But yes, the coronavirus is rife across the world even now and therefore, lockdown weddings, and even lockdown sangeet has become a real thing!

When it comes to Indian weddings, the celebrations are incomplete without a grand sangeet ceremony. Be it a daytime ladies sangeet event when aunties, grandmothers and didis sing folk songs as the dholak adds to the background score or the ‘propah’ wedding sangeet ceremony that has the ladke wale and ladki wale compete with choreographed and practised dance steps – sangeet ceremonies are a great way to bond and have fun during the wedding festivities.

Bollywood films have long romanticised this celebration what with umpteen number of songs written and shot celebrating the ‘sangeet’ ceremony itself! In fact, many a romantic story has begun thanks to this celebration…

So, while we miss our grand sangeet ceremony rituals, it does not mean that we will not try our best to enjoy our lockdown sangeet ceremony! Here are four lockdown sangeet ceremony ideas for couples planning an intimate wedding

#1 An Intimate Lockdown Wedding Sangeet Ceremony

Yes, save yourself the heartache and make the best of the situation at hand. In the days of yore, sangeet ceremonies were done on a very small scale, i.e., at home itself. It was probably a divided celebration with ladies enjoying on their own singing folk songs and dancing. However, in today’s day and time, a sangeet function can be done in the same way.

Video Courtesy: USP TV

Plan an intimate sangeet ceremony that includes your immediate family members and friends.

#2 Plan Two Sangeets

Yeah. You read that right. In this lockdown situation, weddings or any other functions can host only 50 people at max. But given the Indian family situation, it will be difficult to cut out immediate family members from both sides. Therefore, the best solution is to have two sangeets – ek ladkiwale enjoy kare aur doosra ladkewale! In this way, both sides can enjoy with their friends and family without having to cut out family or friends.

Video Courtesy: Smiti Mittal

#3 A Virtual Party

Until four months ago, a virtual sangeet or a virtual wedding was unheard of. Yes, weddings were streamed online but for distant family members and friends who couldn’t make it to the event. However, today, a virtual wedding or a virtual sangeet is a very big part of our reality. For a virtual sangeet, you will need to do a lot of planning, maybe even more than the actual one!

Image Source: JustAddWaterDream2015

For starters, rope in all enthusiastic dancers (from among the family and friends) across the globe. If they wish to participate, they can prepare their own dance routine. Or if there is a choreographer involved, then a video with all the dance steps can help them learn. On the day of the sangeet function, dance performances can be live streamed and enjoyed by all.

Video courtesy: Bollywood Classics

#4 Multiple Sangeets

The more the merrier, right? Yeah, who can say no multiple parties at weddings! So, the cure to include all your loved ones albeit in small doses is to host multiple sangeet parties. You can begin with two sangeets (as we mentioned above). Further, you can host a sangeet ceremony only for friends as well. If you are a popular couple, then host two sangeets for your friends to ensure all the important ones get to attend and be a part of your wedding festivities.

However, before you start planning your lockdown sangeet ceremony, you need to take in account and practice the following –

#1 Ensure social distancing – Yes, you think it may not be possible but it is. Even for smaller functions, seating arrangements can be set up with a decent distance between them. Avoid hugging or any other physical closeness.

#2 Maintain hygiene – This is super important. Keep sanitizers handy. Ensure the washrooms are clean and are periodically cleaned with disinfectants. Inform your friends and families of the many measures they will have to participate in beforehand – thermal screening, temperature checks, wearing masks, etc.

#3 Get RSVP – This is an important measure today so as to keep a check on guests – their location and their health condition. If they are unwell, they should avoid attending.  

5 Ways to Nail a Minimal Makeup Look

This wedding cum lockdown season has given rise to a number of interesting trends. From designer masks (more like a need of the hour) to virtual bashes, this season has seen it all! If you are a soon-to-be-bride who is gearing up to get hitched at home in an intimate setup or simply believe in celebrating minimal style, this blog is your perfect stop. While social media is brimming with posts on minimal makeup, at times conflicting and overwhelming too, we decided to take matters into our own hands and chalk out five basic tips to help you ace the minimal makeup look.

Here are five ways for you to begin with:

1. Skincare First

The first step to looking like a million bucks on your d-day is to have a great skin! This is irrespective of the kind of makeup you may choose, however, if you want to keep it subtle and breezy then the best way for you is to have a naturally glowing skin. This way you’ll have nothing to hide, cover or conceal. Your makeup then can only function so as to accentuate or highlight your features. Adopt a good skincare regime and follow it through. Having good skin should not be limited to special occasions alone, but rather a lifestyle choice.

Image Source Yirettc

2. Prioritize Bright, Not White

Your makeup should ideally help you look like the best version of yourself and not an unrecognizable entity altogether! Hence, remember to aim at looking radiant, glowing, fresh and pleasing irrespective of your skin type or complexion. There is much joy in looking like yourself on your life’s most momentous day than a thickly layered white mannequin. Embrace your beauty and let your makeup only accentuate that! 

Image Source Kavita Koparkar Bridal Makeup

3. Opt for Cream-based Products

The benefits of choosing a cream-based makeup product are aplenty! For starters, they work well with almost all skin types unlike water and powder-based products that can cause drying and irritation, especially for sensitive skin types. Besides, their buildable coverage feels light and boasts of a natural glow finish. Additionally, they are more water-resistant which saves you from the fear of cracking makeup, smudged look and constant touch-ups! 

Image Source Enhancedbeautyxo

4. Ditch Dark Palettes

When you’ve decided to go minimal on your big day, it’s time to bid adieu to those glaring, dark shades! Instead, opt for more pastel, light and subtle shades. You have the trending nude palettes to begin with. There are also an array of seasonal light colour palettes like spring/summer shades for grabs. The key is to go easy on the skin with ‘soft glam’.

Image Source Bestproducts.com

5. Experiment with Eye Makeup

Minimal makeup look doesn’t mean you turn up with a bland face. The beauty lies in its art to carefully highlight your features without making it appear effortful. One way of getting it right is by emphasizing on the eye makeup. While you’ve chosen to tone it down overall, you can certainly go out there and experiment with shades, shimmers and textures to do up the eyes. You can also mix two shades to get your desired look. Add some bling to your look by acing this bit.

Image Source Weddingz

MUA Gomit Chopra

Dear soon-to-be brides, we hope you have a better idea of how you can nail your minimal makeup look with these five tips!

20 New Mandap Decor Ideas to Bookmark this Season!

Marriage  mandaps are a huge affair and rightfully so. They form a prominent part of not only your wedding decor but also wedding photos! If there is one image you will end up framing of your big day, it most certainly will be the timeless one-clicked against the background of your mandap. Hence, having a stunning mandap setup is paramount.

With the arrival of a new wedding season, it is time to bid goodbye to all the overused ideas and embrace and incorporate new ones. With this in mind, we’ve put together this thorough list that consists of fresh, inspiring and innovative mandap decor ideas. Afterall your most momentous day deserves nothing less than the best.

We hope you find something in this vast list that is in sync with your preference and aesthetic sense as we’ve put out a variety of different ideas in here for you to grab. Let’s dive straight in then!

1. The vibrant nature’s retreat mandap decor

Image Source Mandalaweddings

Brimming with the freshness and radiance of coloured flowers, lush leaves and subtle drapes for accompaniment this stunning mandap decor works perfectly well for an outdoor daytime affair.

2. Perfect peach contemporary mandap for a pastel themed nuptial

Image Source Eventsbyinblooms

This medley of freshly painted bamboos, dried leaves, drapes and pampas grass looks picture perfect and apt for a pastel themed wedding!

3. Glorious canopy mandap decor with drapes and chandeliers

Image Source Suraevent

An evening

ceremony done right with this regal semi-traditional mandap decor featuring string lights, chandelier and decorative pillars.

4. An ombré pink and mirror mandap for a destination wedding

Image Source Altairdecor

The pastel pinks offer a delicate elegance while the mirror makes it stand out. This mandap setting fits well in the background of a beach resort or sprawling lawn.

5. The minimal magic mandap decoration

Image Source Eepsitadreamevents

Subtle yet elegant hued drapes woven around fresh flowers and soothing lights make for a charming mandap. If you are into minimal or subtle things, this decor works wonders. 

6. Decorative flowers and ferns eclectic mandap decor

Image Source Aash Studio

If vibrant and grandeur are on your mind, this beautiful mandap loaded with the richness of flowers and ferns is an ideal choice. The bronze pot stands add too to the royalty of this frame.

7. The traditional mandap adorned with banana leaves

Image Source Kalikaardesign

Settle in for this lovely mandap decor that perfectly syncs with your traditional affair. Banana leaves, fresh garlands and pots make this a befitting pick.

8. Delightful dainty floral and glass mandap

Image Source Altair decor

This gorgeous mandap is perfect for a late afternoon nuptial affair transitioning into a late evening one. The internally adjustable built-in lighting combined with decorative florals allow it to have an aura and glow throughout the event.

9. The spectacular floral cutouts mandap decor

Image Source Decormithra

This breathtaking orchestra of fine florals intricately woven to create gracious cutouts and pieces is a vision to hold. This one is sure to light up your wedding frames! 

10. The artistic open mandap with mesmerizing floral arrangements 

Image Source Redvelvetevents

This open mandap with ombre floral arches with floral suspensions is definitely what decor dreams are made of. If you yearn for a soothing, spacious and spectacular vibe amidst the chaos of your big day, this one makes the cut.

11. The illuminated canopy mandap decor for a ceremony at dusk

Image Source Weddingdecorindia

A late evening affair deserves a thoroughly tasteful decor that stands out. This gorgeous canopy mandap loaded with floral arrangements and dazzling lights makes for a visual treat!

12. An elegant intimate wedding mandap made from dried leaves and drapes 

Image Source Indianweddingplanners

 This minimal and elegant mandap  decor where the tiniest details make a statement is apt for your backyard wedding. Made from simple yet thoughtful materials, this one is going to make your small wedding , memorable yet grand! 

13. The quintessential drapes and flowers canopy mandap

Image Source Nityamevents

If you want to have a simple yet gorgeous wedding mandap, this beautiful setup with neat drapes contrasting with multicoloured flowers is your ideal choice.

14. The perfect semi-traditional mandap decor for destination weddings

Image Source Linkinminds

No matter which exotic location you wish to ring in your wedding, there’s always something special and connected about one’s traditional marriage rituals and customs. This mandap decor is an extension of that perfect contemporary-cultural vibe.

15. The soulful sustainable wedding mandap decor with leaves, lights and pots

Image Source MCA Lawns

This thoughtful wedding mandap made is apt if you love the idea of sustainable weddings. Made entirely with leaves and lovely lights, the traditional pots complete this picture perfect frame.  

16. The exotic floral frames mandap decor for an outdoor marriage ceremony

Image Source Whitepearlevents

This soft-hued floral decor compliments the natural scenic backdrop and ambience and hence apt for an outdoor affair. The most highlighted part of the design are the floral cabanas that certainty stand out.

17. The lush luminous foliage green mandap decor

Image Source With Love Nilma

This appealing frames mandap decor is apt if you love the idea of green weddings or want to take a step in that direction. Brimming with nature’s goodness and richness, this one boats of thought, craft and art.

18. The canopy of cascading roots mandap for a late evening nuptials

Image Source Atisuto Events

Unravelling under a canopy of cascading roots and ivory blooms, this exquisite mandap is the perfect blend of rustic and romantic, making it ideal for a late evening affair.

19. The eclectic floral canopy mandap suitable for an indoor wedding

Image Source Anaisevents

This grand and radiant setup is perfect for an indoor hall/banquet marriage ceremony. Artistically arranged and completed with yards of subtle drapes, this mandap screams drama and grandeur.

20. The exotic and opulent mandap for your lavish big day  

Image Source Elegant Affairs

Subtle neat drapes woven around exquisite floral arrangements and cascading floral garlands make this setup a vision to behold! The interplay of colours only add to the charm and elegance of this decor.

Leaving you on this visually stunning note, we hope you’ve bookmarked this list and picked your favourite mandap decor!