Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – Check out these Bengali Wedding Dates for an Auspicious Affair

Picture Credits- Atlantis Photography Kolkata

If you are looking for the best Bengali marriage Dates in 2022, you have landed on the right page as we have the following dates ready for you to pick as per the wedding plan:

SNMonthBengali Marriage Dates in 2022
1January22nd, 24th
2February2nd, 5th, 7th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th
3March3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th
4April17th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th
5May2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 17trh, 18th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 31st
6June6th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd
7July3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th
8November19th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 27th
9December2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th

Bengal is famous for so many things, especially its food. From Rasgulla to Mishti Doi, these mouthwatering desserts make any day better. You can only imagine what a Bengali Wedding will look like if just the desserts are this good, right? If you are Bengali or have decided to get married- Bengali style, you need to do it properly with all the rituals. The Bengali weddings are usually very simple yet so elegant that you would want to host your wedding- Bengali style. These Bengali marriage dates in 2022 would be the perfect ones for you to go ahead and plan a stunning Bengali wedding that you have always wanted. The Bengali Panjika 2022 marriage dates and times that we have found for you will work for all kinds of Bengali wedding dates. Each and every Bengali wedding venue is decorated in red and golden hues, just like every other wedding, but the pre-wedding ceremonies and the culture are what make the Bengali wedding so different from others. These Bengali marriage dates 2022 will make it easier for you to further plan your pre-wedding, wedding as well as post-wedding ceremonies. If you are hosting a Bengali Hindu wedding, then these are some Bengali Hindu marriage dates in 2022 that we have done our research on. To find all the details of these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 with time and other important aspects, get in touch with us!

1. Bengali Marriage Dates in January 2022

A January wedding is a dream for many. Winter weddings are really pretty and elegant that makes the bride feel like the queen. There are just a couple of Bengali marriage dates in January 2022, and you can choose these dates to host the best day of your life. So make sure you check out all the Bengali marriage dates in 2022 January so that your wedding is executed smoothly. Not just January, all these dates are based on Bengali Panjika 2022 marriage dates. So you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to finalizing your date to host your d-day.

Below are 2 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Jan 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Jan 2022Day
122nd January 2022Saturday
224th January 2022Monday

2. Bengali Marriage Dates in February 2022

Who wouldn’t like to host a pleasant wedding in the most pleasant weather? Not us! February is one of the best months to get married if you want an alfresco wedding in any part of India. The great weather, a little cold but perfect for a wedding, your event in the month of February will be forever cherished by all your guests. If you are wondering from which Bengali marriage dates in 2022 February to choose, need not worry. We have found out a couple of Bengali marriage dates in 2022 for the month of February according to the Bengali calendar. But if you still want to get in touch with a proper Pandit and get the dates checked, you are free to do so. Or you can just contact us, and we will make sure your event is hosted like never before.

Following are the 8 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Feb 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Feb 2022Day
12nd February 2022Wednesday
25th February 2022Saturday
37th February 2022Monday
416th February 2022Wednesday
518th February 2022Friday
619th February 2022Saturday
720th February 2022Sunday
825th February 2022Friday

3. Bengali Marriage Dates in March 2022

The concept of an amazing wedding is defined by the most gorgeous Bengali weddings. So why not choose the month that makes for a gorgeous celebration of your big day. Be it a small or a grandiose wedding, these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 will make sure your event flows smoothly and it is remembered by all your attendees for years to come. According to the Bengali Calendar, all these dates will be a good day to host your big day. And these dates that we are about to mention are Pandit approved, hence you won’t have to worry about anything. So make sure you check out these Bengali marriage dates in March 2022. 

5 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Mar 2022 are as follows:

SN Bengali Marriage Dates in Mar 2022Day
13rd March 2022Thursday
24th March 2022Friday
35th March 2022Saturday
46th March 2022Sunday
510th March 2022Thursday

4. Bengali Marriage Dates in April 2022

An April wedding looks like a dream come true. Add lots of charm to your summer wedding by hosting your wedding in the gorgeous month of April 2022. There are a few Bengali marriage dates in 2022 in the month of April that you can choose to host the best day of your life. We know how many questions you have, but need not worry, we will do anything in our power to make sure all your wedding-related questions are answered. You don’t have to worry about anything other than getting married because we will make sure your event looks like a fairy tale, just like you want. So make sure you check out these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 and host your big day like never before.

Following are the 6 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Apr 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Apr 2022Day
117th April 2022Sunday
219th April 2022Tuesday
321st April 2022Thursday
422nd April 2022Friday
523rd April 2022Saturday
628th April 2022Thursday

5. Bengali Marriage Dates in May 2022

One of the most popular choices to host a wedding in India is in the month of May. This month has come across lots of gorgeous weddings because people usually love summer weddings. After doing lots of research, we have found some great Bengali marriage dates in 2022 according to the Bengali calendar. All the venues are pre-booked during this season, so make sure you finalize the date and book your favorite venue as soon as possible. All you need to worry about is finalizing the date, and you can leave the rest on us. Below given dates are the best Bengali marriage dates in May 2022, so make sure you check it out now.

Below are the 13 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in May 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in May 2022Day
12nd May 2022Monday
23rd May 2022Tuesday
39th May 2022Monday
410th May 2022Tuesday
511th May 2022Wednesday
612th May 2022Thursday
713th May 2022Friday
817th May 2022Tuesday
918th May 2022Wednesday
1020th May 2022Friday
1125th May 2022Wednesday
1226th May 2022Thursday
1331st May 2022Tuesday

6. Bengali Marriage Dates in June 2022

Become the most gorgeous June Bride by planning your d-day in the refreshing month of June. As we said before, these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 are well researched but if you want to go ahead and get it confirmed by your Pandit, you can go ahead and do the same. Coming back to Bengali marriage dates in June 2022, you have to choose a date this month if you want a romantic celebration of your d-day. It is the beginning of the monsoon season, which means the chances of your guests getting drenched in the rain are less, but still you have to take all the precautions that you can and wear waterproof makeup. 

10 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Jun 2022 are as follows:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Jun 2022Day
16th June 2022Monday
28th June 2022Wednesday
311th June 2022Saturday
412th June 2022Sunday
513th June 2022Monday
614th June 2022Tuesday
715th June 2022Wednesday
816th June 2022Thursday
921st June 2022Tuesday
1022nd June 2022Wednesday

6. Bengali Marriage Dates in July 2022

As the monsoon hits even harder this time of the year, a July wedding is certainly a very rare occasion. But if you are still into July weddings, we won’t stop you. The official wedding season almost ends this month according to the Bengali Calendar, but it starts again in the month of November. This means you can use that time to get to know your partner even more. These Bengali marriage dates in 2022-23 (as per the Bengali calendar) will make your event shine a little brighter. If you are wondering which are the best Bengali marriage dates in July 2022, we have mentioned them below: 

Below are 4 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Jul 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Jul 2022Day
13rd July 2022Sunday
25th July 2022Tuesday
36th July 2022Wednesday
48th July 2022Friday

7. Bengali Marriage Dates in November 2022

A perfect wedding only takes place if you host it in a month that makes your wedding a better day for you as well as your attendees. There are no dates in the months of August, September, October. This means, if you have met your soulmate now and want to plan your wedding by the end of next year, you can plan it in the month of November. You will get more time to spend with the love of your life before getting married, that only makes it better. We have picked these Bengali marriage dates in 2022. You can choose any of these dates to host your d-day. You can choose from all the Bengali marriage dates in November 2022 to finalize your d-day.

Following are the best 6 Bengali Marriage Dates in Nov 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Nov 2022Day
119th November 2022Saturday
220th November 2022Sunday
321st November 2022Monday
424th November 2022Thursday
525th November 2022Friday
627th November 2022Sunday

8. Bengali Marriage Dates in December 2022

Planning to host a December wedding? Need not worry, we will make sure it is the best day of your life. There’s not much to say other than- it is going to be awesome. Check out these Bengali marriage dates in 2022.

Following are the 5 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Dec 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Dec 2022Day
12nd December 2022Friday
27th December 2022Wednesday
38th December 2022Thursday
49th December 2022Friday
514th December 2022Wednesday

These were some Bengali marriage dates in 2022 just for you. You can choose any date to host your d-day. From summer, winter, to monsoon, you can go for any kind of wedding that you have been planning for a long time. Let us know which date is the perfect option for you. If you want to check out Bengali Marriage Dates in 2021, don’t forget to check out this blog.

Zodiac Events Official- A Wedding Entertainment Company Beyond just Choreography!

Is it that time of the year when you are finally doing one of the most daunting tasks of your life – wedding planning?

If yes, then this blog is for you!

Indian weddings are defined by the outfits, the decor, the food, and of course, the fun people have at the wedding. With every sangeet and cocktail night becoming more LIT (as the millennials say) than the other, I am sure you must be on the search for someone who can make your function as rocking as ever and give your guests a night full of entertainment and fun! And that’s why I am here to help. I have got to you one of the best wedding entertainment companies, to solve all your worries and get you rid of the leg-work.

Founded 10 years ago by a group of three friends, Zodiac Events has grown by leaps and bounds and become one of the leading wedding entertainment companies. Three young and dynamic individuals, Amit Solanki, Rashee Johri, and Rohit Sonagra, hailing from completely different backgrounds, founded this company owing to their sheer passion and love for dancing and choreography thereby taking their entertainment company beyond just the basic dance steps.

Although they started off as wedding choreographers, today their sole focus is not just dancing but overall entertainment. Rashee Johri says and I quote, “We aim to make any event look like a ticketed show, where we want to hold the attention of the audience by engaging them with concept videos, live acts and making the show as personalized as possible.” From the very first day till the present date, Zodiac Events Official has aimed at arranging for the best wedding entertainment events, where people can have fun and have experiences that they can cherish for a lifetime.

What makes Zodiac Events Official different from others is that they take a special interest in curating every event in its own special way. For starters, they spend the first few days getting to know the family and trying to understand the pulse of the household. Depending on this they base their dance styles, song selection, etc. This is followed by brainstorming sessions, designing unique concepts, and then finally giving it their all; making the event a massive hit!

Our funda is simple – put in 100% in each and every event so that we can fetch another 4 events from there and the chain goes on. One successful event is our visiting card for everything that we do. Zodiac is a dream we saw while in college and we watch it blooming every time we see a happy client’s smiling face. We aim to give our best – be it with our choreography, our concepts, our anchoring, or other special elements and give them nothing short of 100% entertainment!

So, if you are scouting for someone who can plan the perfect event for your wedding, sangeet, or any other function, you know whom to opt for!

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Mumbai to Check Out This Season! #mumbaidiaries

Candid Wedding Stories

Founded in 2007 by Manish Chauhan, Candid Wedding Stories is, unarguably, one of the best wedding photographers and pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai. The team of expert candid photographers and cinematographers is here to wow every couple with their artistic and candid style shots. They have covered over 200+ weddings all over India & overseas destination weddings. With International Photography Awards – IPA 2017 and 2018, in their cap, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. Taking a candid route to the wedding photography, Candid Wedding Stories captures the bride and groom’s magical journey as it unfolds on their big day. From the couple’s joy and excitement of getting married, the stolen glances between the bride and her mother, the bridesmaid’s shenanigans, to the father’s emotional upheaval during the ‘vidaai’ of his little princess, they immortalize every frame painted in all the colors of emotions so that you get to live your dream day over and over again. Apart from weddings, they can also lend their expertise in pre-wedding, bridal, save-the-date, and engagement photography. If their photography style clicks with your vision, turn to Candid Wedding Stories for the most treasured memories of your big day!

Check out their work on WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Wedding Photography starting price: Rs 40,000 per day
Wedding Film Packages: Rs 80,000 per day
Pre-wedding Photography: Rs 20,000 per day
Pre-Wedding Film: Rs 50,000 per day
Contact No: +91 9029182256

For details and bookings, click here.

The Wedding Salad

Voted amongst the top ten wedding photographers in India, founders of The Wedding Salad – Aayushi Sachdeva and Kanishka Sonthalia have photographed over 75 weddings, traveling across the country creating an incredible montage of the most priceless moments of the weddings they cover. They look forward to offering a platter of those profound wedding memories that a couple would cherish forever. While candid wedding photography is their forte, they lend their click-happy charm to save-the-date, pre-bridal, engagement, pre and post-wedding shoots, traditional photography, and customized albums too.

Starting price: Rs. 100,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

The Wedding Salad

The Wedding Salad

The Wedding Salad

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar is a Mumbai-based photographer who is passionate and dedicated to his work. He has studied photography at The National Institute of Photography and is also the winner of The Canon PhotoMarathon 2011 India. With his expertise and skills, you will surely end up with a stunning and absolutely magical wedding album.

Starting price: Rs 130,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar

Anoop Padalkar


CandidShutters is a team of passionate photographers and cinematographers who specialize in artistic wedding photography, wedding cinematography and photo books and albums. So if you are tired of standard monotonous pictures, boring bride and groom shots and the same poses in everyone’s albums, then give them a call and they promise that you’ll get pictures and films that you will love to see again and again for years to come.

Starting price: Rs. 65,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.


Reels and Frames

Reelsandframes is an award winning wedding photography and film company based in the heart of South Mumbai. They have shot couples in 5 continents and over 13 countries including Italy and Japan. In the last 5 years, they have managed to capture some of the most high profile weddings in India with clients including the likes of Mc Donalds India, Kalpataru, Tech Mahindra, Dunlop, Loreal etc. Their USP is use of cutting edge technology in weddings and they are the makers of India’s first 360 degree destination wedding film.
Their innate love for technology and the inherent knack of story-telling sets the company apart from its peers. 

Starting price: Rs. 125,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Reels and Frames
Reels and Frames
Reels and Frames


WeddingNama was born out of a passion to capture love stories artistically. They have a full-time team of dedicated photographers, cinematographers and editors that bring a whole new level of quality, finesse and perfection into the world of weddings. They believe in customising every little detail right from the processing of photographs to the music that goes into the film. They are guaranteed to give a unique set of memories to relive all over again in the most beautiful ways.

Starting price: Rs. 150,000/-




PK Suri Photography

PK Suri Photography is known for his distinct style collages, contrast images and vintage sepia tones, Parikshit Suri offers a luxe coffee table book wedding album. Talented and artful, he aims to breathe in sheer splendor to your auspicious wedding way through his brilliant clicks. In the past he has covered the wedding of city’s crème de la crème- Amrita Arora, Emraan Hashmi, VJ Ranvijay and done photoshoots for Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, Ruia Motiwalla and many more. When you look at his work, he captures mind blowing spontaneous and candid moments that will bring joy in your heart and a smile on your face each time you see them.

Starting price: Rs. 150,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

PK Suri Photography

PK Suri Photography

PK Suri Photography

Romesh Dhamija Productions

They don’t just shoot weddings, they capture your love story in our frames. They specialize in destination weddings, incorporating every element of the beautiful place onto your wedding pictures. For them, shooting a wedding isn’t work, but preserving every memory of your special day.
Their U.S.P being Candid and Traditional Photography, they have been in the business since 5 years and covered about 150 events. They believe in capturing & creating lifetime memories for your Weddings and other events.

Starting price: Rs. 2,00,000/-

You can also book them for the following individual packages:
– Candid Photography: Rs. 75,000/-
– Cinematography: Rs. 125,000/-
– Pre Wedding Shoot: Rs. 35,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Romesh Dhamija Productions

Dream Diaries

Dream Diaries was born out of passion, vigor, and skill and it is exactly these three qualities that set them apart.  A team of innovative and zealous professional photographers who are passionate about their art and strive for novelty and excellence. Candid is their forte and they endeavor to capture the spontaneity around them inspired by the people, emotions, colors, and mood.  They write stories through our photographs and help you reminisce the moments through time.

Starting price: Rs. 130,000/-

Dream Diaries
Dream Diaries
Dream Diaries

The Photo Diary

The Photo Diary, Mumbai is headed by Monisha Ajgaonkar who is an ardent lover of wedding photography. She is great at candid photography, wedding films, photo booth captures, pre-wedding shoots, bridal portraits, and many more. The Photo Diary is always searching for smiles, tears of joy, a feeling of glory, a sense of amazement, the get-up-and-go-for-it moment, and vivacity in people. She has been featured in HomeGrown Online Magazine, Hindustan Times Brunch Magazine, Big Fat Indian Wedding 2014, Creativity Online in 2014, and many other prestigious events. Their USP is that they believe in the art of observing human emotions and scripting it in the form of colorful and monochrome images. They have been in the industry for over 8 years and have covered over a hundred weddings.

Starting price: Rs. 150,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

 Photo Diary
 Photo Diary
 Photo Diary

Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia

Mithilesh is a National Award winner for his ‘Resting In Peace’ picture that was showcased at 56th National Exhibition of Arts, an elite art exhibition in India. He has a strong understanding of events, traditions and ceremonies and utilizes these skills through photography. Discuss your requirements and expectations with him and you will get exactly what you desired for. From bridal shots, candid photography to capturing the minutest sentiments in the wedding, his clicks will make your special day, an event to remember.

Starting price: Rs. 87,000/-

For details and bookings, click here.

Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia
Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia
Mithilesh Choubey, Fotografia

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Bridal Lehengas for Your D-day!

Every aspect of an Indian bridal avatar celebrates colour, culture, legacy and zest. Such is the level of excitement and thrill regarding an Indian bride that every minute element, detail there are a million options available to make her shine on her d-day. And no discussion about the bride and bridal avatar can be complete without talking about bridal lehengas! The most important part of any bridal look is the bridal lehenga. It sets the tone of not just her look but the entire wedding by itself. 

So here we are, with this list of beauteous bridal lehengas for you to flaunt this upcoming marriage season. Whether you’re a bride who loves all things traditional or the one whose heart screams bold, both will find some inspiration in this list. You can also draw references from your favourite celebrity looks in this list and gather a treasure trove of ideas and styling tips and tricks!

Image Source: Eli & Kim

Traditional Bridal Lehengas

No bridal trousseau or look can be complete without a traditional bridal lehenga. No matter the fantasy surrounding a ‘new-age’ bridal look, there will always be a place, that special corner that will be reserved for your traditional lehenga. From revamping your mother’s or grandmother’s bridal attire to wearing the creations of rich karigaris of this land, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to picking the right traditional lehenga for your wedding festivities. There can be no better example than the breathtaking creations of Sabyasachi lehengas that are a vibrant mix of heritage, royalty and beauty. So if you’re thinking of traditional bridal lehengas, you’re most certainly thinking of Sabyasachi creations! Bold reds, deep colours, intricate work and extensive detailing render Sabyasachi’s bridal lehengas timeless. Remember when Deepika Padukone wed Ranveer Singh in a red Sabyasachi lehenga with intricate hand-embroidery golden tilla details paired with a chowki design aari-taari dupatta with a heavy border and the age-old saying ‘Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava’ written on it in Devnagri?!

Image Source: Sabyasachi Official

Another celebrated designer duo whose creations display elegant and exquisite traditional designs are Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Their chikankari creations are absolutely breathtaking and their use of mirror works in lehengas have been instrumental in reboosting this age-old design style. Be it Sonam Kapoor’s gorgeous ivory mehendi lehenga or Priyanka Chopra who opted for a playful mehendi outfit: a rainbow-hued lehenga that came with a half-sleeved blouse, a billowing skirt, and a lightweight dupatta. The set was accentuated with floral motifs and stripes in highlighter hues of yellow, green and pink.

Image Source: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

And who can forget Isha Ambani’s bridal lehenga that was an ode to deep personal history and legacy?! It featured a 16-panelled ghagra in two shades of off-white. Each panel was hand-embroidered, and was accentuated with alternating Mughal jaalis combined with floral panels in the finest zardozi, vasli, mukaish and nakshi work. Every flower and jaali was further highlighted with crystals and sequins. Fully embellished in gold vasli jaali with tiny flowers, the tulle dupatta draped on the head had a 20-metre trail and was fully embroidered in sequins and crystal jaal whereas for her Mehndi, Antara Motiwala chose a custom-made Manish Malhotra chikankari lehenga that featured floral artwork and pearls which was teamed with an aqua blue dupatta with millions of flowers!

Image Source: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Image Source:  Manish Malhotra

Be it beauteous brocade lehengas, heavily embroidered floral lehengas or heritage-inspired ethnic lehengas, there is plenty of room for you to nail your bridal look. Brides today are beautifully striking a balance by pairing their embellished traditional lehenga with vintage jewellery and going easy on the makeup. Rana Dagubatti’s bride, Miheeka Bajaj looked like a vision to behold when she walked the aisle in an intricately embroidered Anamika Khanna lehenga. Miheeka teamed her wedding lehenga with heavy neckpieces, earrings and matha patti by her home brand, Krsala Jewellery that added to her bespoke look. Interestingly the bride balanced her ensemble with subtle makeup by celebrity makeup artist Tamanna Rooz. Rooz created a very natural and fresh look for the bride with earthy hues, smoky eyes and coral lip colour shade to balance her entire look! 

Image Source: Anamika Khanna

Just like Miheeka, there have been a long list of real brides in recent times who have chosen to pair their traditional bridal lehenga with minimal makeup, and how have they shined! 

Even when it comes to nail the hairstyle that matches your traditional lehenga, there is so much you can do. From bold buns to seamless curls to a whole range of floral-inspired hairstyles, sky’s the limit!

Image Source: Kalki Fashion

Image Source: Torani

Contemporary Bridal Lehengas

Contemporary bridal lehengas offer a unique blend of creative patterns, bold designs, eclectic colours and spunky elements. While some brides like to keep it classic, others prefer it to be quiet. Some are hell-bent on OTT and some seek solace in not going OTT. Some brides wish to shine in traditional lehengas, while some others don’t mind experimentation and embracing attires that give them a rocking feeling! So be it the fad of minimalist lehengas, lehenga gowns, pastel lehengas, single coloured palette lehengas or simply offbeat lehengas, brides today are totally slaying it and raising the bar. 

Image Source: Aisha Rao Official

The Indian fashion design industry is booming with talented names that have redefined and carved a niche for themselves with their quirky lehenga designs. Our celebrity brides over the years have shown us just how to nail a contemporary lehenga. At her wedding reception, Neha Kakkar left everyone speechless by wearing a white lehenga. She broke the stereotype with her sartorial pick as traditionally, brides are not expected to wear white at Hindu wedding functions. She looked ethereal in a beautiful all-white ensemble. The feather details on her lehenga are the signature design of Falguni and Shane Peacock collections. For some glam, she paired her glittering white lehenga with beautiful diamond jewellery with green stones and traditional chooda. Likewise Priyanka Chopra also opted for a champagne-hued Falguni Shane Peacock lehenga with silver embellishments.

Image Source: Falguni and Shane Peacock

Anissa Malhotra ditched the predictable palette for her Sangeet when she stepped out in a Manish Malhotra metallic lehenga which comprised a cap-sleeved blouse dripping with crystals, a voluminous skirt, and a matching dupatta. The sparkling outfit was completely doused in silver embellishment, proving that there’s nothing quite like a bit of dazzle when it comes to bridal ensembles. Shloka Mehta Ambani’s sangeet lehenga was no less. Designed by Kresha Bajaj, the crystal love story lehenga detailing her and Akash’s entire story was hand embellished with over 50,000 crystals, sequins and glass beads! On the other hand, for her Mehndi, Bipasha Basu chose a breezy floral print lehenga complete with a sheer overlay by Anushree Reddy which was paired with a jacket style choli. Antara Motiwala chose a custom-made Manish Malhotra chikankari lehenga that featured floral artwork and pearls which was teamed with an aqua blue dupatta.

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

Image Source: Kresha Bajaj

Just like celebrity brides, new-age real brides are setting newer benchmarks by exploring and embracing a number of contemporary lehenga design ideas. Brides today, don’t mind turning out in minimalist lehenga or geometric-print inspired lehenga for their wedding festivities. They are also increasingly looking at other colour-pallets apart from the usual red to nail their d-day look. Pastel-hued lehengas are a fad that are here to stay. Whether you’re looking for bridal lehenga ideas in shades of blue for contemporary brides or simply looking for some gorgeous party wear lehengas for the sister of the bride, you’re certainly spoilt for choices here.

If you’re keen on nailing your contemporary bridal look to the t, you can also pair your lehenga with interesting types of necklaces like satladas, navratans, chokers, raani haars, gulbandhs, bib necklaces,  guttapusalus and aadhd necklaces.

Image Source: Sabyasachi Official

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

On how to get the right makeup for your wedding festivities, we have a long list of tips shared by experts who recommend opting for airbrush makeup for your bridal look as it’s more long-lasting, waterproof, lightweight and suitable for every weather, especially summers. That one makeup trick that every woman should know and ace is how to curl their eyelashes! That’s one trick that genuinely helps lift and lengthen your lashes and makes your eyes appear wider and brighter. Hence, curling your lashes and applying your mascara is a trick that every woman must be a pro at while nailing her bridal look.

And finally after your princess moment in your dream bridal lehenga, it is very important for you to know the tricks and tips to store your wedding lehenga for eternity. You have spent a huge amount of money on it and your wedding lehenga has a lot of sentimental value to you. The delicate fabric and the intricate embroidery on your wedding lehenga can get damaged over time if not stored properly. You need to preserve and keep your wedding lehenga with a lot of dedicated care.   

Well ladies, we hope this list has got you back with vigour in your wedding prep game! Add sunshine to your wardrobe by donning a pleasant bridal lehenga and let those compliments keep pouring in 🙂

Wedding trends in 2020 set by the pandemic – a new age of weddings!

Image Credits: The Wedding Files, Paran Singh Photography

Hello, wedding enthusiasts and future brides/grooms-to-be! Interesting wedding season this year, wasn’t it? It was off to a great start and we got to see some really grandiose, stunning weddings from January to March. But as the havoc that the pandemic wreaked on the world intensified more and more, the wedding industry, just like all of the others, took a sharp dip. Due to the lockdown, we saw a lot of weddings getting canceled and a lot of hearts breaking because of that. 

But we Indians have immense faith in the concept of marriage and we strongly believe that celebrating it in as pompous a manner as one can afford is crucial as it not only honors the institution of marriage but also extends a beautiful start to a new journey with the love of your life. And hence as soon as the lockdown eased in India, a lot of couples decided to have intimate weddings, even if it meant ditching the traditional grandiose ceremonies with a long guest list. Another reason (a more important one) is the 50-people restriction on invitees put in place by the government.

The wedding trends 2020 India set by the pandemic are quickly catching on. We’ve already seen some successful weddings that gorgeously incorporated these trends. And to say the least, these trends are interesting, sustainable, and look like they are here to stay. Keep reading to know more about these awesome trends and how you can incorporate these in your pandemic wedding if you are planning to have one.

Micro-weddings are the new “Big Fat Indian Weddings”

Micro-weddings are the new “Big Fat Indian Weddings”

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The pandemic brought in a necessity to socially distance and that naturally puts a restriction on gatherings of all natures. Since weddings are celebrated in India as if a festival and the concept of marriage is pretty much revered, it started to become more and more obvious that most of the couples that had already planned their wedding did not want to cancel or postpone it until next year. And hence, in order to give the eager lovebirds a chance to tie the knot as well as to ensure everyone’s safety, a 50-guest restriction is put in place so that the risks could be regulated. 

Surprisingly, everyone embraced this graciously and let go of the idealistic “Big Fat Indian Weddings”. That goes to show just how important getting married is for Indian couples because boy do we love our big fat weddings! And for those who were already planning to have an intimate wedding, to begin with, well, now you can officially exclude your judgemental relatives from your guest list and no one can get angry with you about it! So this is one of the many pros of a small wedding.

There are a ton of amazing micro wedding ideas that you can use for your 50 person wedding coronavirus, so get cracking!

Safety is the most important accessory.

Safety is the most important accessory.

Image Credits: The Photo Diary

No one says small weddings have to be boring or even a simple affair! Since April we have continued to see many breathtakingly gorgeous small wedding ceremonies that incorporated all that bling and grandeur and still was on board with all the safety regulations. 

Wearing masks, gloves, and face shields is mandatory for every single person present at the wedding venue, right from the bride and groom to all of the guests to every event manager, hospitality staff, makeup and hair artist, caterer, and more. A maximum of 50 guests can attend the ceremony at a time and social distancing is not optional to follow. The wedding venue should be thoroughly sanitized before and after the wedding and sanitation stations have to be set up. 

Exhaustive list, isn’t it? Well, it is only important for the safety of you and your loved ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! Lots of couples got their masks and gloves made out of the same fabric as their outfit and rocked it during the wedding. Those couples who weren’t ready to let go of their long guest list invited their guests in shifts so that a dual purpose was achieved. The idea of sanitation fans instead of mist fans is just brilliant and must be adopted by everyone. 

Digital weddings are one of the Indian marriage new trends

Digital weddings are one of the Indian marriage new trends

Image Credits: The Crimson Circle

Got your best friend, sister, or a favorite cousin stuck in a different place? We know that not having your closest people physically around you on your wedding day can be dismal, but technology is at your rescue. You can set up a zoom call with those who couldn’t attend your wedding in person while you get married so that they do not miss this special moment. You can make it interesting by playing games, asking your attendees to dress up for a zoom wedding, and asking them to deliver an individual toast. You can get creative and personalize your zoom wedding as much as you want. 

Now, digital weddings not only include zoom weddings but also the concept of E-invitations. You can customize your E-invitation to perfectly fit your whim and guess what? It will cost you zilch and is an extremely eco-friendly and sustainable option! 

The trend of photo shoots through video calls was also floating around on Instagram a while ago and that is something you can certainly use for your pre-wedding photoshoot if you are extremely cautious and don’t mind using your beautiful home as the backdrop for your pre-wedding photos. And practically speaking, you can certainly snag major discounts on these shoots if you insist on using a professional photographer and if you happen to have a buddy who is a photographer, you can just ask them to do this for you in lieu of a wedding gift!

Surprise surprise, it’s a destination wedding!

Surprise surprise, it's a destination wedding!

Image Credits:

We are all well-aware of how the wedding industry suffered due to the initial lockdown and we are also aware of its after-effects, the restrictions that are now in place, the protocols to be followed, and more. But guess what fad has not only survived the brunt of it but also managed to grow? The destination wedding! 

After the easing of the lockdown, we saw a lot of couples have an intimate 50 guest wedding that was absolutely stunning. But as the travel restrictions eased in the country, the perfect opportunity for destination weddings opened up. A destination wedding among the pandemic sounds like a dangerous idea, we know. But it is safer than that, given every single protocol is followed. 

The popular destination wedding locations in India have reported far fewer cases of covid and are much safer than the cities. And the prices of literally everything, including even the most extravagant destination wedding hotels and resorts have been slashed so you need not worry about spending all of your savings on the wedding. So we saw and are certain that will continue to see couples ditching their original weddings and have a destination wedding in the same budget. So hop on the bandwagon, won’t you!

        Themed menus, sustainability, bold-eye makeup, and all that jazz!

Themed menus, sustainability, bold-eye makeup, and all that jazz!

Image Credits: Coolbluez Photography

Other subtle but just as amazing trends including some Indian bridal makeup trends 2020, wedding flower trends 2020, 2020 wedding colors, and 2020 wedding themes have also surfaced. The safety-conscious brides who were responsible enough to not ditch their masks throughout the ceremony went heavy on the eye-makeup and minimal on the lips because, well, that was the only visible part of the face. Quirky hairstyles received a lot of attention as well. 

Since standing in queues for buffets beats the entire point of social distancing, couples prefer seated plating arrangements for the wedding feast. While at it, a lot of couples went all out and got the food items customized in quirky themes. Socially distanced seating arrangements received a lot of importance.

Since most covid weddings included the tech element in them, one way to look at that is through the eyes of sustainability and eco-friendliness as there was far less wastage. 

We’re sure that if you are on the internet researching how to plan your covid wedding, you are buried under a mound of articles giving you ideas that no one could ever imagine. From planning a small intimate wedding, intimate wedding reception ideas, small wedding ideas on a budget, small Indian wedding ideas, fun ideas for a small wedding, to small wedding ideas on a budget, small wedding ideas during covid-19, and a small wedding checklist, the internet can get creative. 

So we thought we would also hop on that train and make your life easier. We sincerely hope that we succeeded. Well, this was just a small glimpse of what the covid wedding saga looks like and if you want to check out more, visit, one of India’s largest wedding co. From giving you unique ideas to making your dream day come to life, we have got you covered!

Luxury Cruises To Plan Your Destination Wedding On Waters

Every couple dreams of having a wedding which is their very own version of a classic fairytale. By the beach, on a hill or a riverside venue. But what if you could celebrate the beginning of your incredible journey on the big blue waves in the middle of the ocean?

Yes, you heard that right!

Situated on blue waters, a luxury cruise is undoubtedly a new trend and one of the most unique ways to get married. With breathtaking views, world class services and spectacular destinations, make your wedding not just a night to remember but a TRIP to remember!

Because apart from being a spectacular destination with heavenly views and a vacation too, a cruise wedding has a list of pros to consider.

  • The celebrations go on for more than a day.
  • You can also celebrate your mini honeymoon at some magnificent destination.
  • It’s a wonderful way of spending quality time with your loved ones all under one pretty roof.
  • And let’s agree, having your wedding on a cruise will definitely make you feel nothing less than a VIP.

If you’re as convinced  as us about this upbeat idea, then you should definitely check these luxury cruises for your magical wedding getaway.

Cordelia Cruises

Image Source: Cordelia Cruises

Get hitched while cruising your way to incredible destinations like Lakshadweep, Sri Lanka, Goa and Diu on The Empress, by the one and only, Cordelia Cruises. ‘Weddings On Waves’ is a wonderful initiative designed by Cordelia Cruises to give every couple and their families an opportunity to celebrate their grand day in the most exquisite way. Brace yourself for an experience like no other when you set foot on this royal beauty. It’s unlike any other venue, it’s a place where your wedding VOWS meet the ocean VIEWS.

Your guests also get to experience the best of both worlds by being a part of your dreamy wedding and enjoying a holiday by waking up to a new destination every morning. And not forgetting the luxury cruise affair with an endless number of amenities that range from top-notch bars, restaurants, gyms, pools, luxury spas to entertainment that includes a movie theater, live shows, a fun filled children’s arena and much more!

With Weddings On Waves you can also customize your wedding package as per your budget, taste and requirements. So why wait any longer? Plan your luxury wedding on Cordelia Cruises today. For more details you can call 1800 266 8927 or write at weddingonwaves

2. Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises 01
Silversea Cruises 02
Silversea Cruises 03
Silversea Cruises 04
Silversea Cruises 05

Image Source: Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is an award-winning cruise company offering a highly personalized luxury travel experience. They travel to over 9oo destinations covering all seven continents! Isn’t that just fabulous? So if you ever plan on having a small intimate wedding on international waters it has to be with Silversea Cruises.

So, why settle for the typical, traditional wedding when you can get married in the middle of the ocean with stars as witnesses?

Give your family and friends a celebration to remember for many years to come and plan your wedding on a cruise now!

Where Love meets Voyage!

25 Latest Sherwani Suit Designs for Grooms-to-be

No groom’s wardrobe or wedding dress for men’s list can be complete without a stellar sherwani! This single gem of an outfit has added value to groomswear and men’s wardrobes in general in truly refreshing ways. From stunning embroidered motifs to digital prints and handcrafted floral couture, the possibilities are indeed endless and exciting when it comes to sherwanis, and men today have better choices to flaunt their flair and flamboyance by opting for this outfit.  

Needless to say, the charm of sherwani suits cannot escape any soon-to-be-grooms who try to make the most from the comparatively limited outfit style options available to them. We too have listed 25 such marvels to help you nail your special day’s look or pick the perfect marriage dress for men. Let’s get started and get cracking then! 

1. The Hunt for the Perfect Wedding Dress for Grooms Ends Here!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

An imperial sherwani portraying an artist’s imagination through subtle details and muted hues is all you need! This exquisite piece of fabric is  perfectly curated to match the expectations of modern-day grooms

2. Looking for Marriage Dress for Men? This Stunning Sherwani is the Perfect Pick

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

This shaadi season, step out in this rich sherwani elevated with intricate jaal embroidery. Head out in this to make heads turn!

3. Bookmark This Couture Wedding Dress for Groom Now!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Art on celluloid is fine but what if you come out looking like a work of art! Every tinge of touch, every hand that’s worked on this piece knows not that they’ve weaved pure magic!

4. Dresses for Boys for Wedding Never Looked as Splendid as This Sherwani!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

 Step out in this epitome of radiance! This elegant turquoise sherwani with intricate stone detailing is perfect for your auspicious pre-wedding events.

5. What Better Indian Wedding Dress for Men Than This?!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

 Add an aesthetic twist to your groom’s wardrobe with this classic sherwani. Opt for this splendid creation that is neither overdone nor understated!

Above Images Sourced from Manyavar

6. Shine in This Splendid Sherwani Suit on Your D-day!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

 This stunning deep wine velvet sherwani is essential for the wedding season. It makes for a classic pick and will take you from day to night, with pure panache!

7. Dazzle in This Bespoke Dress for Groom and Let Those Frames Pop!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Everything about this outfit highlights ‘thought’ This sophisticated creation seamlessly blends rich karigari with modern textures and fabric to produce this gem!

8. A ‘Dulha Dress’ Never Looked as Breathtaking as This Sherwani!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Bookmark this refreshing multicoloured floral sherwani look and make a dapper entry for your D-Day celebrations!

9. A Black Bold Sherwani Like This Must Be on Your Cards!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

 When the heart beats for all things traditional and sophisticated, go all out there by flaunting an intricately designed solid black sherwani like this!

10. Let This Shaadi Season Be a Royal (blue) Affair to Remember!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Nothing defines comfort and craft better than this bespoke royal blue sherwani we bet!

Above Images Sourced from Grooms of Sabyasachi

11. Add a Unique Twist to Your Groomswear with This Gorgeous Sherwani!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Redefine ‘traditional’ by donning this clever indo-western couture sherwani elevated with a stunning floral designs. This look is style, elegance and charm all rolled into one!

12. This Beauteous Black Sherwani is a Sure-shot Stunner!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Bookmark this floral prints and bold black beauty sherwani for the gentleman in you!

13. Add Spunk and Glamour to Wedding Dresses for Men with This Bold Creation!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Shine from day to night in this exquisitely crafted couture sherwani.

14. Create Magic in This Mesmerizing Marriage Dress for Men!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Slay in this vibrant floral sherwani and give a tough competition to your lady love 😉

15. All That Glitters is Black and Gold!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Wearing the same old plain suit for an important occasion is passé. Set the trends rolling with a dapper sherwani like this!

Above Images Source from Rohit Bal Official

16. These Bright Yellow Sherwanis Can Light Up Your Entire Wedding Wardrobe! Subtle, Suave and Stunning, These are What You Need This Wedding Season.

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Put your best foot forward in these aesthetic sherwani creations!

17. Amp Up Your Sherwani Game in This Gorgeous Handcrafted Creation!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Step out like a boss in this breathtaking black sherwani for your important life events!

18. Enhance Your Wedding Attire with a Customized Sherwani Crafted to Make You Look Like the Most Classiest Groom with Sheer Panache!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress for groom, nothing beats this sherwani suit.

19. Make a Statement on Your D-day with This Bespoke Sherwani Suit!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. And we trust you know what you’d like to look like on your important day!

20. Look Like a Vision to Behold in These Bold Block Print Sherwanis!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

 You can also pair your sherwani with an intricate shawl for a truly terrific royal look.

Above Images Sourced from Shantanu and Nikhil

21. Speak Style and Sublimity with This Tailored Sherwani Creation!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

 If elegance had a form, it would be this! Notch up your D-day look with this terrific and thoughtful creation.

22. Embrace Pink Like Never Before with This Pretty Pink Aesthetic Sherwani!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

Wondering what to don for your pastel-themed wedding? Well, nothing beats the charm and charisma of this sherwani.

23.  When You’re Dressed to Kill…Literally!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

A perfect attire to ace your dulha look, this one’s a true stunner!

24. Nothing Beats the Magic and Royalty of This Richly-textured Sherwani!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

A wedding dress for groom like this seems straight out of a dream!

25. Add a Touch of Drama to Your Groomswear with This Splendid Sherwani!

Latest Sherwani Wedding Dress for Men

 For men of the moment who like to keep it subtle and graceful what better than this intricate creation?!

25 Bridal Makeup Artists to Bookmark for your Upcoming Wedding

Bridal makeup artists are the real deal makers (or breakers) in executing your dream bridal look. Their importance can not be understated by any means. As an increasing number of new-age brides are opting bolder, innovative, and unique bridal looks and redefining beauty standards on their life’s most momentous day, we decided to further aid you in your process or hunt of finding the perfect bridal makeup artists or bridal makeup package.

This unique wedding season, it’s time for you to raise the bar again and step out looking like the bride you’d always imagined to be. After all, just like all things ‘bridal’ your makeup and overall look is an integral part of your marriage moments. We’ve put together a list of 25 bridal makeup artists looks by some leading artists and stylists that are perfect for any and every kind of bride. For your additional reference you can also take a look at the works of leading makeup artists like Safa Malim, Konica Arora, Misha Vig, Simmy Makwana and Kamakshi Soni. And now check out this list to find out the ones you can’t resist to embrace and experiment with:

1. Bridal Makeup Artists can Literally Light up Your Entire Look Like This! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Bring on the bling this wedding season by opting for a radiant bridal look like this!

2. Zero Down on a Makeup Artist Package that Brings the Best of Both Worlds to You!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

While most brides seem to get their d-day look right, they end up compromising on their pre-wedding looks. Leave no room for error or compromise and simply look for the perfect makeup artist package! 

3. Pack a Punch of Splendour Like this bride With a Suitable Bridal Makeup Package

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bridal look is straight out of a dream! We absolutely love those smoky eyes.

4. Bridal Makeup Gone Right! Glam up your Bridal Look Like this Pretty Bride

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride certainly has her makeup game on-point! Opting to balance it out by going neither too loud or underwhelming, this bridal look is pretty and perfect.

5. A Bridal Look Like this can Light up the Entire Room and Frame 🙂 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride’s minimal makeup not just let’s her skin breathe but also accentuates it!

Above Images Source Mitali Vakil

6. Get the Perfect Wedding Makeup to Rock this Home Wedding Season!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This makeup works perfectly well for a night or late evening affair ensuring the bride glows as bright as the day. 

7. This One is Pure Bridal Makeup Goals!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

On your special day get up and turn up like this to pay a tribute to your own bliss!

8. For a Bride who Loves those Sultry Shimmers!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

If your bridal look is all about celebrating signature reds, this makeup look is the real deal.

9. Get Bridal Makeup Artists who Make you Look Like This!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bridal look is made top-notch by those perfectly textured smoky eyes and clever contouring.

 10. A Bridal Look Like this is Perfect for Absolutely Any Season!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This spectacular bride shines through and through in her intricate ensemble & jewellery and perfect makeup to compliment all of this.

Above Images Source Bridal Makeup by Tehseen

11. We Can’t Stop Swooning Over this Pretty-in-Pink Bridal Look!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride is ready for her big fat Indian wedding in soft glam pink shimmery eyes which are paired with dewy base and bold pink lips.

12. The Perfect Instagram-worthy Bridal Look of the Season is Here!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Take the internet by storm by stepping out in a vibrant bridal look like this!

13. A Wedding Makeup Look Like This is a Sure-Shot Stunner!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride looks breathtaking in her stunning bridal look. Glamorous eyes complimented by that subtle shade of lipstick certainly works wonders.

14. Just the Right Kind of Subtle Makeup that is Apt for your Home Wedding 🙂

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

We’re thoroughly stoked by this bridal look. This bride is brimming with grace and lightness.

15. This Beautiful  Bridal Look is a Perfect Visual Treat!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

She sparkles like sunshine in her minimal yet magical bridal makeup look.

Above Images Source Vardan Nayak

16.  This Bridal Makeup Deserves All Your Attention!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride is ready for her big fat Indian wedding in a soft glam bridal look.

17. Shine Like there’s No Tomorrow in this Wonderful Wedding Makeup!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

We understand if brides wish to go all out there on their big day and opt for a heavy layer but this bride just got it perfectly right.

18. Bridal Makeup Package is the Real Make or Break Deal!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Try something refreshing this wedding season like this splendid vibrant bridal makeup.

19. This Gorgeous Bridal Look Has a Big Thumbs up From Us! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

We love how this bride has balanced her entire look- oversized jewellery, embroidered outfit and that spot-on makeup!

20. Simplicity and Sublimity are the Best Ways to Describe this Bridal Look! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Soft brown & gold hues on the eyes to compliment the beautiful bright hues of her outfit for that added glam.

Above Images Source Tanya Kaur Makeup Artist

21. Classy, Chic and Elegant Everything About this Bridal Look is Top-Notch!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

If you’re the kind of bride who has no qualms about keeping it subtle on your life’s most momentous day then this bridal look is what you should bookmark! 

22. A Bridal Makeup Like this is a Sure-shot Stunner!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

To look flawless and for a startling appearance on your big day, this is your perfect look!

23. What is an Indian Bridal Makeup Without that Tinge of Blush and Bling?! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Extravagant yet not flashy, this one is art on display.

24. Just the Right Kind of Subtle Makeup that is Apt for your Home Wedding 🙂

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Step out looking like a real royal beauty like this on your wedding day!

25. Dreamy Eyes, Perfect Shade and Flawless Makeup Render this Bridal Look Perfect

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Bridal glam is spot on in this frame! We are absolutely in love with this bridal look.

Above Images Source Makeup by Shubhdeep

Dear ladies, we hope you found much inspiration here to opt for a perfect bridal makeup artists or bridal package on your big day! If you want to know more about makeup looks, tips and makeup products, check these out-, and

Remember makeup is at your service to accentuate your beauty, not conceal it 🙂

Tamil Marriage Dates in 2021 For Your Beautiful Tamil Wedding

Effortless, tasteful, and gorgeous to look at, Tamil weddings are an absolute delight. Even though the “bling” that we get to see mostly in North-Indian weddings is missing, the glam quotient is thoroughly fulfilled as Tamilians are a huge fan of gold in their weddings. Even though simplicity is of the essence here, a Tamil wedding can be a stellar affair. The rituals followed in a Tamil Wedding are unique and vary, even within the community. Tamilians are known to be astutely religious and traditional and hence stick to age-old customs to this day. And strictly abiding by the Tamil Marriage Dates in 2021 mentioned in the panchangam 2021 is certainly an important custom. 

At this point, Covid-19 barrelling down everyone’s wedding plans is old news and we have seen some mesmerizing wedding celebrations so far, a lot of them being South-Indian weddings. But the safety of everyone triumphs everything else and hence the 50-guest rule and all the sanitation guidelines have to be followed. But planning a small wedding is no less hectic by any means. And the stepping stone of finding the best wedding dates for 2021 can surely be a roller-coaster ride. There are just so many things to consider, especially if you are planning to have a Tamil wedding because following the 2021 Tamil calendar is non-negotiable, pandemic, or no pandemic. 

Okay, there is no need to get nervous now! Since the times are hard and one of the most important things we can do is look out for each other, we have decided to make your life easier in the form of this blog about Tamil Marriage Dates in 2021. Here, you will find a detailed list of Tamil Panchangam 2021 muhurtham dates or suba muhurtham dates 2021 in Tamil as well as answers to some questions about weddings in these times. 

Well, it is not a traditional method of finding Tamil Marriage Dates in 2021, but we want to help out as much as we can. So get cracking on the other arrangements for your wedding as we have already presented you with the 2021 muhurtham dates for marriage!

Shubha Muhurtham Dates according to 2021 Tamil calendar January– 17th, 18th, 25th, 27th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates according to 2021 Tamil calendar January

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For February 2021 -1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 24th, 25th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For February 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates according to Tamil daily calendar 2021 March – 3rd, 10th, 11th, 15th, 24th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates according to Tamil daily calendar 2021 March

Shubha Muhurtham Dates according to Tamil calendar 2021, April – 25th, 29th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates according to Tamil calendar 2021, April

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For May 2021 – 9th, 14th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 28th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For May 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For June 2021 – 4th, 6th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 27th, 28th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For June 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For July 2021 – 1st, 4th, 7th, 15th, 16th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For July 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For August 2021 – 20th, 26th, 27th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For August 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For September 2021 – 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 16th, 23rd, 24th, 27th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For September 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For October 2021 – 8th, 17th, 24th, 25th, 28th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For October 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For November 2021 – 8th, 10th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 24th, 25th, 29th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For November 2021

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For December 2021 – 2nd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For December 2021

What is considered to be an auspicious time to get married during the day according to the Tamil Panchangam?

The specific time that is auspicious for your wedding will depend on your sun sign. The time or Shubh Muhuratham derived after matching kundalis is called Nalla Neram, literally translating to “Good Time”. 

Is there a way of finding the auspicious timing for getting married without consulting the Tamil Panchangam?

Tamilians believe in Bramha Muhuratham, which is considered completely auspicious for carrying out any kind of important ceremony. It starts at roughly 4:30 and many Tamilians actually go ahead with their wedding at this Muhuratham without consulting the Panchangam. 

According to the Tamil Panchangam, are there any months that are considered to be inauspicious to get married?

Tamilians have the belief that the Aadi Masam ( roughly June-July) and Margazhi Masam (roughly December – January) are inauspicious to get married.

General FAQs – 

Keeping in view the Covid-19 situation, how safe would it be to get married in 2021?

The Covid-19 situation is improving slowly but steadily in India. Even in 2020, marriages with a small guest list of a maximum of 50 people are allowed. With a possible vaccine in the works, there is a good chance that everything will be restored by the end of 2020. Plus, all kinds of safety and sanitation precautions are being taken even now. So you can be assured that you will be able to get married on one of the Tamil Marriage Dates in 2021. 

Which is better – a summer wedding or a winter wedding?

It is up to you. Summer weddings and winter weddings have their own perks. Summers have some amazing trends that you can incorporate into your weddings such as floral decor, pastel-colored outfits and jewelry, and more. Winter weddings, on the other hand, are usually adorned in rich darker shades and tend to look more grandiose. However, winter weddings are more popular in India so you can choose one of your favorite Tamil Marriage Dates in 2021 in the season of your liking.

Is it better to get married on a weekend or a weekday?

It all depends on how your schedule lines up. If you are an office-going person, it will depend on how many days you have managed to take off from work. However, people generally prefer to get married on weekends as it is convenient for all of their guests to attend the wedding. But since it is your special day, you make the final decision about it. brings hassle-free event planning and venue booking at your fingertips! Book with us and bag ‘Guaranteed Best Prices’ on all the banquet halls near me or event areas listed with us. If you have any queries about a venue or want to learn more about our services, visit our website: or give us a call at 08048055565.

20 Fun Wedding Invitation Card Designs for Cool Couples

Remember those days when every wedding card depicted the same old typical format and design? And the only thing that was different about each wedding invitation card were the names of the bride and groom that were printed on it. Apart from that, irrespective of the wedding theme or the couple’s choice, the invitation cards followed standard protocols.

But thanks to the evolving trends and technology, marriage invitation cards are much more fun and pretty looking these days. All you have to do is imagine and there you go, your fancy and creative wedding card is ready and all set to be distributed.

Combined with thoughts and creativity, a marriage invitation card in today’s day is more than just a piece of paper that provides information. It is an integral part of your wedding that not only displaces your wedding theme but also serves as a beautiful souvenir for all your guests.

Yes, we have listed 20 extremely unique and creative wedding invitation card designs for all the couples out there who love thinking out of the box. And these invitation card designs will definitely take your guests by surprise and leave them dreaming about your wedding.

1. A Simple South Indian Wedding Card Design

Wedding Invitation Card 01

This card may not have multiple elements in it but it sure has something so captivating we couldn’t swipe past it. It also makes a wonderful idea for a south Indian wedding invitation card.

2. An Elegant Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Card 02

This classy acrylic invitation card design is an example of the famous saying, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

3. A Mughal Themed Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 03

Covered in pink floral beauty and the ancient Mughal art, this beautiful wedding box invite is one that can be considered for a royal wedding.

4. Invitation Cards With An Extraordinary Touch

Wedding Invitation Card 04

Now, that’s a wedding invitation card that will leave your guests dreaming and wondering what your big day will look like.

5. Vibrant Indian Invitation Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 05

Infused with the essence of the Indian culture and a burst of vivid colours, this wedding invitation card is magical in its own way.

6. A Marriage Invitation Card Aka Fridge Magnet!

Wedding Invitation Card 06

Yes! You read that right. This classic wedding invitation card has a wooden piece with the names of the couples along with the wedding date carved on it and can be used as a fridge magnet. A beautiful way to be remembered by your loved ones.

7. An Indian Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 07

Mastering the art of simplicity is this dainty Hindu wedding card idea. So simple yet interesting enough to catch your attention and that of your guests.

8. Invitation Card Designs For A Beach Wedding

Wedding Invitation Card 08

Here’s a cute and accurate wedding card idea for couples opting for a beautiful beach wedding.

9. Wedding Invitation Card Ideas For The Bollywood Fanatics

Wedding Invitation Card 09

If you and your partner are diehard Bollywood fans do consider this fantastic idea for your wedding card design.

10. Invitation Cards For Your Floral Themed Wedding

Wedding Invitation Card 10

Give your wedding card a dreamy look with some floral designs and patterns.

11. Exceptional Marriage Invitation Card Ideas

Wedding Invitation Card 11

If an impressive wedding invitation card was part of your check list you can confidently strike that off with this out of the ordinary wedding card design.

12. Destination Wedding Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 12

Give your guests a heads-up on the surprise destination wedding with this boarding pass wedding card design. You won’t have to say much because your invitation card will speak for itself.

13. Invitation Cards For An Indian Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Invitation Card 13

Your wedding card plays a very important role so it definitely deserves to be as special as everything else that’s part of your big fat wedding, doesn’t it?

14. Explicit Wedding Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 14

The various elements of this card give it an intricate and elegant look. Don’t miss out on this unique envelope design that adds to the beauty of this wedding invite.

15. A Wedding Invitation Card/Showpiece

Wedding Invitation Card 15

Here’s another idea to make sure your wedding card doesn’t land up in the garbage bin post your wedding but instead makes its way to the top shelf as a pretty showpiece.

16. Spellbinding Marriage Invitation Card Idea For A Catholic Couple

Wedding Invitation Card 16

With the latest laser technology you can have every minute pattern cut neatly giving you a winsome wedding invitation card.

17. Modern Invitation Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 17

Another classic example of laser cut card designs that give you a neat finish and are also a trending option.

18. A Cute And Creative Wedding Card Design

Wedding Invitation Card 18

Add your wedding theme colour or other elements and give this creative wedding invitation card idea a personalised touch.

19. A Pop-up Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 19

Watch that smile grow on the faces of your loved ones when they open this gorgeous wedding invitation card and are left speechless.

20. Unique Marriage Invitation Card

Wedding Invitation Card 20

All Image Source: Pinterest

Talking about unique, creative and incredible wedding card designs? This one tops the chart!

So these were the top 20 unique wedding card ideas we compiled just for you. Let us know which one’s your favourite in the comments below.