Wedding Dates in 2023: Check Out Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates for Your Big Day

Hindu marriage dates

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Looking for the best Hindu Wedding Dates in 2023 to tie the knot with your one and only? We already have all the auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in 2023 compiled for you here:

SNMonthHindu Wedding Dates in 2023
1January15th, 18th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 30th, 31st
2February6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 22nd, 23rd, 28th
3March6th, 9th, 11th, 13th
4April29th, 30th
5May2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 29th, 30th
6June1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 26th
8November23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th
9December6th, 7th, 9th, 15th

Congratulations – you found your soulmate! Now that both your families agree to seal the fate of your relationship and make it official, we can hear the wedding bells ringing already. Stumbling upon our blog on Hindu Wedding Dates in 2023 is no coincidence, is it? We are sure you have embarked on the journey to planning a perfect wedding that everyone will gush about, and we are here to help!

The most crucial step in wedding planning is settling on The Wedding Date 2023. Let us warn you it is not as easy as it seems because availability at your dream venue can influence your choice of date. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have discussed all the wedding date influencers later in the blog – including peak season, vendor availability, budget, and more. But before that, let’s take a peek at all the wedding dates in 2023 that are up for grab.

We have listed down all of the Best Marriage Dates in 2023 to make this tedious process a bit less daunting for you. Whether you are looking for Auspicious Marriage Dates 2023, Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2023, Saya Dates 2023, or even Shubh Lagan Dates 2023 (all are the same), you will find this piece very useful in zeroing down on that perfect date for your wedding ceremony. So will you do us the honor of your company for the next 2 minutes? If it’s a yes, let’s get scrolling! 

1. Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2023

January represents new beginnings, so how about beginning a new chapter of your life this new year? That’s why January is a hot favorite for couples planning to tie the knot in 2023! The gradual onset of spring endows you with beautiful weather for a fairytale wedding ceremony. Here is a list of the Best Marriage Dates in January 2023, take your sweet time picking out the perfect one.

Below are 7 auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in Jan 2023:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in Jan 2023Day
115 January 2023Sunday
218 January 2023Wednesday
325 January 2023Wednesday
426 January 2023Thursday
527 January 2023Friday
630 January 2023Monday
731 January 2023Tuesday

2. Auspicious Wedding Dates in February 2023

Well, what better way to start your happily-ever-after than getting married in the month of love itself? With spring setting foot in India and wrapping everyone in a warm embrace, you can just feel love in the air, all around. With your good luck, we have one of the marriage dates falling on Valentine’s day. Go over these wedding dates in February 2023, and choose the one that suits you the most.

10 auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in Feb 2023 are as follows:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in Feb 2023Day
16 February 2023Monday
27 February 2023Tuesday
39 February 2023Thursday
410 February 2023Friday
512 February 2023Sunday
613 February 2023Monday
714 February 2023Tuesday
822 February 2023Wednesday
923 February 2023Thursday
1028 February 2023Tuesday

3. Auspicious Wedding Dates in March 2023

The month of March is a blessing for couples who have their hearts set on an outdoor wedding. While the winds of change are in motion already with the scales tipping to summers ahead, you can expect the weather to play ball, putting all your guests in a celebratory mood. If you want to have a March wedding and are looking for a date, we have got you covered. So, choose the one that fits your schedule the best.

Following are the 4 most auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in March 2023:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in Mar 2023Day
16 March 2023Monday
29 March 2023Thursday
311 March 2023Saturday
413 March 2023Monday

4. Auspicious Wedding Dates in April 2023

Got a summer wedding on your mind? April is the month for you! While the whole country is beginning to feel the heat, you can make your summer wedding a refreshing and fun-filled affair by just being smart about your choice of venue or even wedding destination like Shimla, Mussoorie, and more. For all the summer brides, we have a bunch of great Hindu Marriage Dates in 2023 April to exchange the vows with the love of your life.

Check out the following 2 auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in April 2023:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in Apr 2023Day
129 April 2023Saturday
230 April 2023Sunday

5. Auspicious Wedding Dates in May 2023

Summer weddings are popular in India, and why not, the schools are out, so no more worrying about your cute nieces and nephews missing out on your wedding. Plus, you can explore all the latest bridal fashion trends (pastel colors are hot) and summer-themed floral wedding decor. And the best part about getting married in the summer? If you are up for a wedding-cum-fun-family-vacay in the hills, you can have that destination wedding you dreamt of and skip the summer heat altogether. As per marriage dates in 2023 Hindu calendar, you can enjoy a lot of Auspicious Wedding Dates in May 2023. So go over this list of best wedding dates in 2023, and choose one of your likings.

Below are the 14 auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in May 2023:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in May 2023Day
12 May 2023Tuesday
23 May 2023Wednesday
36 May 2023Saturday
48 May 2023Monday
59 May 2023Tuesday
610 May 2023Wednesday
711 May 2023Thursday
815 May 2023Monday
916 May 2023Tuesday
1020 May 2023Saturday
1121 May 2023Sunday
1222 May 2023Monday
1329 May 2023Monday
1430 May 2023Tuesday

6. Auspicious Wedding Dates in June 2023

The month of June is dedicated to the Roman Goddess of marriage and fertility. What better month to start your marital journey? Plus one of the best reasons to have a Hindu Marriage in June 2023 is that the exorbitant rates of a lot of wedding services come down enough for you to have a gorgeous ceremony without breaking your bank. So if the somewhat hot weather in June is not a dealbreaker for you, we have a list of Wedding Dates in June 2023 ready.

8 auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in June 2023 are as follows:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in Jun 2023Day
11 June 2023Thursday
23 June 2023Saturday
35 June 2023Monday
46 June 2023Tuesday
57 June 2023Wednesday
611 June 2023Sunday
712 June 2023Monday
826 June 2023Monday

7. Auspicious Wedding Dates in November 2023

If you are a maximalist bride, a winter wedding is meant for you. You can don those heavy-design work lehengas, pair them with layered jewelry and look like a princess without worrying about your makeup getting all mushed up. Plus, all your guests will have a gala time when they are not sweaty and bothered about the weather. The pleasant weather in November is a blessing for everyone! So if it’s a yay for November, here are all the best wedding dates in November 2023 for that dreamy wedding ceremony:

Please find below 4 best Hindu Wedding Dates in November 2023:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in Nov 2023Day
123 November 2023Thursday
227 November 2023Monday
328 November 2023Tuesday
429 November 2023Wednesday

8. Auspicious Wedding Dates in December 2023

While the year may be coming to an end, it’s only the beginning of your happily-ever-after. With the holiday season around the corner and everyone in a nostalgic reverie, December makes for one of the most popular months for Hindu weddings in India. If you want to be a winter bride and end the year on a high note by getting hitched to the love of your life, then do it in December. Here are the best wedding dates in December 2023 that you may want to consider for your wedding ceremony.

Following are the 4 best Hindu Wedding Dates in December 2023:

SNHindu Wedding Dates in Dec 2023Day
16 December 2023Wednesday
27 December 2023Thursday
39 December 2023Saturday
415 December 2023Friday

A wedding is one of the most crucial moments in a couple’s life – A promise to love each other in sickness and health till the death do us apart. So choose one of the auspicious wedding dates 2023 that you feel will perfectly commemorate your love story! Here is a rundown on the most frequently asked questions that will calm your nerves before making this big decision:


*What are the most popular months to get married in 2023?

The months of October, November, December, January, February and the first half of March are the most popular choice and the busiest when it comes to Hindu Marriages in India. But the month you want to choose may also vary depending on your geographic location and also your partner’s preference. What we can tell you for sure is that whichever month you choose, it is going to be special for both of you, forever!

*Which is better – a summer wedding or a winter wedding?

It is up to you. Summer weddings and winter weddings have their own perks. Summers have some amazing trends that you can incorporate into your weddings such as floral decor, pastel-colored outfits and jewelry, and more. However, winter weddings are more popular in India as the weather is pleasant and you can wear all the heavy outfits and jewelry you want without having to worry about sweating or your makeup getting ruined.

 *What are the best marriage dates in 2023 according to Hindu astrology?

All of the above-listed dates are according to marriage yog 2023 drikpanchang and are the best marriage dates in 2023 according to Hindu Astrology.

*Is it better to get married on a weekend or a weekday?

While weekday weddings are more affordable, weekend weddings may pinch your wallet a bit. A weekday wedding will make your pocket happy, however, people generally prefer to get married on weekends as it is convenient for all of their guests to attend the wedding. But since it is your special day, you make the final decision about it.

*What holidays should I avoid?

Better to stay off all the family-oriented holidays if you want everyone in your family to show up on your wedding day. Since these are peak travel times as well, you may find booking flights or train reservations next to impossible.

*Can I have an off-season wedding?

Of course! Let us count you some of the major perks of having an off-season wedding. The first one off the top of our head is the availability of the vendors that you may not be able to secure otherwise. You can see a downturn in the seasonal pricing of venues and wedding-related services. The things you may have crossed off your list, consider them out of your reach may well fall within your budget during the off-season.

*What should I keep in mind while setting a date?

In the Hindu culture, all the important decisions are taken in consultation with the Pandit Ji. So you may also want to consult an astronomer to find the best wedding dates in the 2023 Hindu calendar. Don’t forget to check in with family, friends, relatives, and the VIPs whose absence is a dealbreaker for you. Talk to your vendors before you send the wedding invitations for prints.

If you are looking for Bengali marriage dates in 2023 or Tamil Marriage Dates in 2023, stay tuned as we will be posting separate blogs for those vivaha muhurtham 2023 shortly! can also help you with the next step, which is finding the perfect wedding venue –  destination wedding venue, banquet hall, five-star wedding hotel, or wedding lawn – for your big day.

10 Bride-and-Brother Moments Which Prove That Brothers Are Equally Good Bridesmaids!

Brother of the Bride

Image Source: White Sage Weddings 

A savior, a best friend, an irritating nerd, or a partner in crime; for a sister, brothers are nothing less than a beautiful blessing of God. I mean, sure they irritate you every now and then, but the memories of the moments spent with your bro squad definitely bring a tear to your eye when it’s time to say Goodbye!

Check out a few candid shots of a bride with her #brosquad that we spotted, which would definitely give you sentimental hiccups!

1. The ‘I can’t do anything about her Brother!

Image Source: Design Aqua

Having a brother by your side, who lets you have a smokey hookah blast right before your wedding sounds pretty amazing!

2. Brothers who can easily make any emotional moment fun!

Image Source: The Wedding Salad

Image Source: Foto Walle The Story Folks

Walking down the aisle with bridesmaids? I would definitely prefer my gang of bhaijaans over it, cause it sure looks fun!

3. The better than the bridesmaid Bros!

Image Source: Fernando Duque Fotografia

Even facials become happening with your super cool bro squad! Just loved this one! This bride had no female friends, so guess who came to the rescue? Her amazing brother is like a friend! An outburst of cuteness in this one!

4. The ‘helping hand’ squad of bros!

Image Source: Preach Art Weddings

Image Source: Sasithon Photos

Always ready to help their sisters in times of need! Ever seen a bond so special and precious?

5. The ‘never would let you be hungry’ Bro squad!

Image Source: Dev Syah Studios

Image Source: Kamal Kiran Photography

For you to stay fit and healthy during the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, there is nothing that your brother would not do. Even if it means spoon-feeding their bride-to-be little sisters!

6. The adorable love of the #Badebhaiya for their little princesses!

Image Source: Wedding Twinkles

The eternal bond of love that binds a brother with his sister cannot be described in words. It’s just that when the moment finally comes to say goodbye, they hold their emotions with a gleaming smile.

7. The lift up on the shoulder dance cause only Bhai has the power-

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image Source: The Wedding Story

Image Source: The Royal Affair Photography

Now it’s a sure thing to have a nice gala dance at your wedding, but it becomes even more fun-filled when you get to dance over a comfortable sturdy shoulder of a proud brother. #BrothersAreTheBest

8. The alcohol fun brigade of the brothers!

Image Source: Infinite Memories

They know how to calm you down when you’re nervous to walk down that aisle. Even if it involves a peg or two of your favorite alcohol!

9. The brother that cannot see his little sis shed a drop of a tear!

Image Source: Design Aqua Studio

No matter how much they irritate you, they can’t see their sisters shed a drop of tear. I am getting emotional already!

10. The ‘protective of their Lil sis’ brothers!

If you are lucky enough to have a brother, you’d know that you would experience all the beautiful emotions with him; one of which is always feeling safe and protected! They’d definitely make sure their little sis gets all the love that she deserves!

Take a moment to thank your Bhai for giving you a bucket load of moments of emotions to cherish! Cheers to the Bro squad!

Image source Pinterest unless specified!

Raksha Bandhan Special: 12 Types of Brothers We Love, Hate & Cannot Ignore!

Raksha Bandhan

Image Source: Design Aqua Photography 

Brothers come in all shapes, sizes, moods, and temperaments. No, no, we’re not marketing our partner-in-crime here today. Instead, on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan 2023, we highlight the prime characteristics of Indian brothers that you’re sure to find in your sibling.

Whether older or younger, these better halves (before we find out our prince charming that is) are the hardest to let go of despite the love-hate relationship we share with them. So, before we get all sentimental over the super awesome and special place brothers have in our hearts, let us indulge in some serious personality analysis – just for kicks!

1. The Golden Child

Image Source:

This type of brother in most cases is the youngest sibling – the one that can never say, see or do wrong in the eyes of the parents!! It must’ve been YOU! These ones will ensure you get into trouble for everything they do wrong, even if they are living in another country. Now, this kinda skill needs to be acknowledged, innit?

2. The Convict

The Convict!

Photo Credit: Funnyjunk

Then on the other hand we have the scapegoat brother. He could win the Oscars for attracting trouble and getting blamed for everything that’s wrong with the world. If you’re the ‘laadli’ of the house, you’ve probably bullied him no end, so you know.

3. The Life of the Party!

Image Source: Whitesage Weddings 

This is the favorite kind, especially when you have to go for one of them boring family dos. If not for him, you’d be bored to tears. Now you’re just teary-eyed cos you can’t stop laughing until your sides hurt. These ones are also pretty creative with taking jabs at relatives, calling someone’s bluff, or indulging in random timepass conversation, peppered with just the right amount of swear words and generally sounding funny. 

4. The Celebrity!

Image Source: Camilton Productions 

No! A movie star brother is not the type we are talking about unless we particularly mention Sallu Bhai and his sister troupe. Now, that is definitely a large enough category enough to have its own sub-heading in our blog. This is more like your “id ka Chaand” sorta brother. Do not confuse him with “Chaand ka tukda”, although one is directly proportionate to the other. This Bhai Sahab is so busy, that he never shows up for anything, anywhere, anytime and when he does, he hogs all the attention. 

5. The Rockstar!

Image Source: Simran Takkar 

Yes, boys love music, sports, bikes, and fast cars, there is no denying it. We all at one point or another, admire those brothers who carry the cool swag with such ease and nonchalance You love the way they hold the guitar and sing, play the drums and do everything with so much style, even something as mundane as buying bread ande. Their cool factor doesn’t just give you all the swag goals, it also makes you the most popular amongst your friends who’ll probably give an arm and a leg to be around you, him, and your house.

6. The ATM

Swag aside, this is the one we all really hope for, don’t we? “Bhai ke paise, apne paise!” Hide a few secrets, run a few errands, tell a sob story (and tell it well), and you are bound to be rewarded. 

7. The Teacher / The Third Parent

Like two weren’t enough, right?? Unless this third parent comes with a financial advantage, in a combo package with the trait mentioned above, he can be the most annoying. “Lecture sunao par paise bhi kharch karo.” This is the “I need to be paid if you need to be tolerated” kinda brother!

8. The Copy Cat

Image Source: Shades Photography 

To these ones we say, “GET A LIFE!” 

9. The Side-Kick

Image Source: Naqsh Photography 

This type of brother is easy to fool, trusts you blindly, and will move mountains for you, literally! You’d also want him with the combo ATM pack. But pyaari behena, please remember – THEY DO NOT EXIST!

10. The – I am Always the Best

On the other side of the green pastures, there are these. The  ‘I am always the best’ and ‘I am always right’ kind.  Be it in academics, career, extra-curricular activities, falling in love, or making babies, they are always a few steps ahead, making you look ‘oh so bad’. 

11. The Bully / Annoying

Image Source: Dream Diaries 

This type is self-explanatory. If your brother has never annoyed or bullied you, fix an appointment with a psychologist. That’s part of the bro-sis rule book and we promise it’ll help you sleep better at night.

12. The Twin / Soulmate / Bestie

The Twin / Soulmate / Bestie

Photo Credit: MTV India

This type, although a very rare species, does exist. He is less a pesty brother and more a best friend. Your sibling soul mate will probably watch your back at all times. Just watch out a bit though, cos he might have a pretty strong opinion on the real one.

We hope you had fun discovering the many types of brothers, ladies. Share the love. 

Happy Rakhsha Bandhan! 🙂

5 Iconic Looks of Kajol from Her Superhit Movies

Kajol Iconic Looks

Image Source: Instagram/Kajol

Later this week, Kajol is going to celebrate her 48th birthday. Blunt, bright-eyed and brilliant, she has been a prominent personality ever since she stepped into Bollywood. I have grown up watching her movies and gawking at her like a starry-eyed fan each time she and Shah Rukh Khan made an appearance on the screen.

Considering I am named after her (yes, I really am), I considered her to be a source of fashion inspiration. Right from rocking that red dungaree with the bob cut to dreaming of rocking a georgette sari with the wind blowing through my hair and showing off my torso under that sheer drape. There are some incredible outfits to take away from every movie that she has starred in. Here are 5 iconic looks of Kajol that she wore in her movies and you can rock during a wedding: 

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Image Source: Tumblr

Before transformation videos became famous, Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had already done it. She went from the tomboy rocking caps and cargo pants in college to the graceful woman stunning everyone in a rust pink lehenga choli and statement dangling earrings (which were absolute goals, by the way). Manish Malhotra was the costume designer for the movie so you should definitely consider the choice of a jacket with a mid slit paired with a bandhani print lehenga for your outfit inspiration. 

2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Image Source: Pinterest

The palat…palat…palat moment sure did send people into a frenzy and set the standard for all lover boys to know if their beloved was the one or not. The outfits that Kajol wore throughout the movie started making headlines. What took the cake was the green lehenga-choli that Kajol wore during her Mehendi ceremony. The unique shade of green combined with the traditional gold jewelry broke stereotypes when only pink and red is worn by the bride. 

3. My Name is Khan

Image Source: Giphy

Pretty sure I am not the only one who was moved to tears while watching this film. Kajol wore a bright green and pink salwar kameez in My Name is Khan for her Mehendi. Let me just say, I hope to wear that same combination when the day arrives. It is so colorful, and festive and fits in with the celebratory mood. 

4. Karan Arjun

Image Source: Stardust

Karan Arjun aagaye and they brought along Kajol in a sexy avatar! She made her entry in the film in a navy blue two-piece outfit. The halter neck combined with the large floral print on the flared skirt had girls running from store to store, trying to emulate her look. Needless to say, after those few months, halter necks are all that you saw! Whatever the theme may be, the to-be bride should keep this outfit as an option for the pre-wedding photoshoot. 

5. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Image Source: Gifs

Aimlessly running in the desert with the wind in my hair and my saree pallu trailing – that’s the dream. Every saree that Kajol wore in Suraj Hua Madham from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham became desirable and monotone sarees reached their peak of popularity. While it is fun to play with prints and colors, why not take a trip down the Bollywood version of a memory lane and rock a monotone saree for the next wedding that you attend?

Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite movie of Kajol!

Raksha Bandhan Special: A Brother Pours Out His Heart in this Wedding Video!

A brother-sister relationship is one that can’t compare to any other. From quarreling about eating the last piece of chocolate cake to World War III-level fights over the TV remote, these disagreements and differences develop into something so beautiful and special, that it’s difficult to describe in words. This is why, this Raksha Bandhan, we decided to bring to you a video that warmed our hearts like no other. A wedding video filled with happy moments of the bride and groom, but more importantly, a wedding video where a brother poured out his heart of love for his sister in a way no one else has before. “I have a feeling I’m gonna be an absolute emotional wreck on the day of the wedding and everyone else is gonna be okay,” He says as he talks about his little sister AKA his princess. This south-Indian wedding complete with little décor details and bridal jewelry inspires us to have a friendship just like Divya and her brother did.

 “From childhood, I’ve noticed that there can’t be a person who is as good as my brother.” – Divya.

This Raksha Bandhan, give your sister or your brother a gift that compares to no other. A gift of love and support but most of all, a gift of friendship that will last for eons. Dive into a relationship that will only grow stronger whether she goes away she goes away or he stays right next door to you.  Check out this beautiful wedding video that embraces the true meaning of Raksha Bandhan shot with so much love by The Marigold Company.

Divya + Vignesh from Anvitha Pillai on Vimeo.

10 Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas that Scream Romance!

Proposal Ideas

Photographer – Valad Leto
Planner – Tatiana Caiced
Location: New York

Be it hiding the ring in the cake, or proposing to the love of your life at the Eiffel Tower, a wedding proposal is one of the most crucial moments for a couple. Professing love is easy, but planning out the perfect wedding proposal requires paying attention to even the smallest details, so much so that it can be overwhelming even for the most romantic people.

If you too are planning a wedding proposal but confused about the hows, here’s help. From simple to extravagant, here are the 10 most unique ways to propose that will leave your loved one awestruck!

1. The Dreamy Proposal

A wedding proposal is one event that marks the beginning of forever, and that is why it is imperative for you to get it right. If you can splurge, a luxury proposal is the only way to go. Most couples these days take a trip abroad to propose to their loved ones. You can do something or go somewhere special for both of you and make a pact on forever. You can also choose the destination of their dreams and pop the question with a breathtaking backdrop. 

Image Source: Unsplash

Image Source: Couple – Marie Fe and Jake Snow

Location – Cappadocia

2. The Classic Date Proposal

You can never go wrong with the basics. For a wedding proposal that is minimal yet exotic, you can book a resort or go to a high-end restaurant for fine dining after which you pop the question. It is easier to plan this wedding proposal. Perfect music, Flowers, the right ring, and a toast are all you need to make it dreamy. 

Image Source: Amrit Photography

Image Source: Bride – Pallavi Singh 

Location – The Oberoi Amarvillas, Agra

3. The Unconventional One

Why should the burden lie on the shoulders of the groom to propose marriage? For the bond that is unconventional, the proposal should be equally unique. Be the change and propose to your beau for marriage. 

Image Source: Dipak Studios

4. A Royal Affair

Every fairytale wedding proposal feels grand with a huge castle in the backdrop. Head to a heritage property or a royal palace (there are plenty of options to choose from in Rajasthan) and treat your to-be bride like a princess. This wedding proposal will surely leave her teary-eyed. This is one of the easiest proposal tips for guys.

Image Source: Couple – Juhi Godambe & Siddharth Jain

Location – Udaipur

Image Source: Deborah Coleman Photography

5. The Adventurous One

For the couple that loves embarking upon adventures together, there can be no better place than the great outdoors. If you are someone who loves keeping things fuss-free, this is one of the most minimal yet unique proposal tips for guys. It could be skydiving or a hike in nature, the wedding proposal would sweep your beau off their feet. 

Image Source: Dipak Studios

6. Create a Custom Puzzle

Just like two right people complete each other, let the right pieces of a puzzle come together to complete your proposal. Create a custom puzzle and solve it together. When you complete it, your partner will be able to read, “will you marry me?” You can then, get down on one knee with your ring and pop the question!

7.  Hot Air Balloon

This is one of the most unique ways to propose. Planning this wedding proposal literally means taking your relationship to new heights. Book a hot air balloon ride for breathtaking views and make the proposal the most magical moment of your life.

Image Source: Katelyn Bell Photo

8. Catch them off-guard

The ultimate surprise wedding proposal is the one that happens when your beau least expects it. This is one Be it at a house party, a wedding, or at their workplace, don’t drop any hints and catch them off-guard when you pop the question. 

Photographer – Valad Leto
Planner – Tatiana Caiced
Location: New York

9. Flash Mob

One of the most fun proposal tips for guys, use your friends for this and orchestrate a special performance that leads to the wedding proposal. You can choose a song that is special for your relationship and add a small movie or slideshow to the event as well.

10. Recreate Your First Date

This idea is a classic and has been adopted in several movies as well. Pop the question where you first met and make them go awww. Recreate your first date and visit the places where you went when you first started dating and you would be able to feel the butterflies all over again.

You can also go to the spot where you first realized they are the one.

Image Source: Couple – Surleen Kaur & Anarvansh Singh Wadhwa 

Location – Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

PS: Most couples often forget to hire a professional photographer who can immortalize their special moment. Don’t make the same mistake and ensure that you can cherish your special moment forever. Check out the best photographers for the event at

10 Kishore Kumar Tracks to Add to Your Wedding Playlist 2022!

wedding playlist

Image Source: Dipak Studios

While there is little doubt that wedding playlists in 2022 are brimming with peppy party numbers and catchy tunes, they certainly cannot do without some soulful songs too. And if they are classics, even better! And while we are talking about classic hits, there’s no one better than the legend himself. The beauty of Kishore Kumar is that in spite of being an untrained singer, this maestro is considered an institution in himself! Multi-talented and multi-faceted, he has graced every genre, emotion, and style of singing with his versatile voice and feisty persona. This wedding season if you’re looking for old Hindi numbers for your sangeet or first couple dance, this list comprising a mix of Kishor Da’s hits will be your perfect guide.

Without further ado, drop all and get scrolling below to find out our chosen tracks:

1. Tu Tu Hai Wahi, Dil ne Jise Apna Kaha

If you both are huge fans of Kishore Kumar, then we can’t suggest a better way to begin your marital journey than this magical number. An ode to love, this Kishore Kumar superhit song is all you need in your wedding playlist 2022 for your first dance with the love of your life!

2. O Mere Dil Ke Chain

How about a soulful surprise performance for your soulmate? Nothing can beat this superhit Bollywood Hindi song when it comes to expressing your love in the most melodiously romantic way. If it’s a yes, don’t forget to pair it up with a choreography that will mesmerize everyone!

3. Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna

No matter how many times you have professed your love to your one and only, if you haven’t done it on this Kishore Kumar Hit, are you even a true Kishore Kumar Fan? If you are a gifted singer yourself, then you may want to surprise your Future Mrs with this charming hit.

4. Aa Dekhe Zara Kismein Kitna Hain Dum

The ultimate face-off song for the sangeet squad, this Kishore Kumar number is sure to let the mercury soaring on both sides. Both the ladkewale and ladkiwale can bring on their best moves out on this track and thoroughly enjoy themselves. 

5. Jaanu Meri Jaan, Main Tere Kurbaan

What better song of love proclamation than this?! This shaadi season add nostalgia to your wedding playlist with this peppy track. And of course, wear your heart out on your sleeve for your wife-to-be with this track.

6. Neele Neele Ambar Par Chand Jab Aye

A perfect mood-setter, nothing beats the magic and timelessness of this track! The romanticism of love comes alive in this song which is beautifully helped by R.D Burman’s music and Kishore Da’s deep voice. This one is a song for every season 🙂

7. Wada Karo Nahi Chodoge Tum Mera Saath

If you wish to groove with your new spouse to a pleasant, classic, romantic number, then this is the one for you. A perfect first dance track, surround yourself with its soulful lyrics in Kishore Kumar’s heartwarming voice here. 

8. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

How can any list of Kishore Da’s songs be complete without this iconic track?! Brimming with yesteryear nostalgia, who can forget the iconic picturization of Madhubala (his future wife) and the pleasantly surprising music variations?

9. Chookar Mere Mann Ko

Celebrate the innocence of love with this soothing Kishore Kumar song. Be it a wonderful track to get your folks to perform to or humm over a karaoke session at your pre-wedding party, this one must certainly be on your list. 

10. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

And finally, a song that lovers across eras and age groups can relate to, this one is an artistic gem! Be it the lyrics, music, picturization, or skillful singing, this track when played out at one of your functions can send elderly couples on a nostalgic trip while filling the younger ones with aspirations of making memories and weaving dreams.

So folks, while you add in all the trending/latest tracks to your wedding list, remember it always feels nice and connected to have a touch of pure classic. And nothing better than the maestro’s songs themselves 🙂

10 Times Kajol Gave us Major Saree Goals

Known for her impressive performances on the silver screen, Kajol is one of the finest actresses of her age. Just like her filmography, her fashion choices too have been utterly impressive. Moreso her splendid saree collection! After all this actress and sarees go a long way back. Who can forget her timeless sarees in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain or her iconic saree looks in the sensuous number, Sooraj Hua Maddham?! Like in reel life, Kajol’s statement sarees in real life too have been memorable. Hence, we thought, who better than this powerhouse of talent to give you major wedding saree goals this season? 

Get ready to explore a closet full of Kajol’s stunning sarees and we bet, you are not going to be disappointed! Let’s dive straight in then.

1. This beautiful pink saree is perfect for your pre-wedding puja. We love how this stunning actress chose to pair this saree with a well-fitting and vibrant orange blouse which has only further amplified her look!

Image Source Raw Mango

2. Look nothing less than a regal beauty on your life’s most momentous day by stepping out in this stellar Ritu Kumar intricately embellished saree! You can choose to take inspiration from Kajol’s way of styling this look. Neat bun with a statement necklace gets a big thumbs up from us for sure.

Image Source Ritu Kumar

3. This blue floral beauty must certainly be a part of your bridal trousseau. Light, fresh and radiant this saree is pure GOALS! Opt for a minimal makeup look. You could also choose to pair your hair bun with stunning flowers to carry this look well. 

Image Source Torani

4. Such is the magic of minimalism that you can shine the brightest even in a gorgeous minimalist saree such as this! If you’re looking for something subtle and pleasant to wear in between your wedding festivities, this saree is an ideal pick. 

Image Source Manish Malhotra

5. Can you even take your eyes off this pretty lace saree? Because we certainly cannot! We are in love with this elegant look. There’s much inspiration to-be brides can take from here. Be it the hair, makeup or accessorization to pair with lace sarees, this look serves as a great guide.

Image Source Anita Dongre

6. This wedding season add a charming chikan saree like this to your collection. Exuding poise, grace and elegance, this saree is your perfect companion for a wonderful wedding soiree. Nail your traditional look with a stunning jewellery set and a perfect bindi 🙂

Image Source Tarun Tahiliani

7. One of our absolute favourites, everything about this look is top-notch! This exquisitely embellished designer saree is perfect to don for your wedding festivities. Besides the cut-sleeve blouse, breathtaking jewellery and perfect hairdo render this look extraordinary!

Image Source  Tarun Tahiliani

8. Redefine sultry and sensuous by stepping out in a smart and sassy creation like this saree! This one is apt for a splendid nuptial get-together or a fun cocktail bash. You can choose to opt for tiny studs or just go accessory free like Kajol.

Image Source Shivan and Naresh

9. This saree is absolutely breathtaking! Be it the thought of design, texture, contrast or fabric, this creation thoroughly stands out. This talented actress has taken this look one notch higher by her overall appearance and confidence.

Image Source Manish Malhotra

10. Now nail a beautiful geometric print saree like this stunning star! We love the experimentation with pairing a floral eclectic blouse and that gorgeous pair of earrings.

Image Source Punit Balana

So ladies, we hope you found much inspiration in Kajol’s creative saree collection. Remember to bookmark this list and keep it handy!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit: An Important Checklist for Millennial Brides

wedding day emergency kit

Image Source: Rolling Canvas

The day of the wedding is one of the most crucial days of a person’s life. Despite spending months on the Wedding day management, there are multiple unforeseen situations that can cause panic and spoil the vibe. If you happen to talk to a new bride, she would tell you how a wedding day emergency kit can save the day.

Most of the brides (and the bridesmaids-in-charge) swear by the mantra of ‘Always be prepared’ in case disaster strikes. Even though the kit doesn’t guarantee that it can fix every single problem, it can most certainly make your experience seamless. This is an essential wedding day management task that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Be it small beauty blunders or fashion mishaps, keep a wedding day emergency kit handy for glitch-free wedding day management. Throw these 15 necessary but often forgotten items in a bag or a makeup box and have them handy throughout the wedding.

1. Breath Mints

A common problem for brides who often forget to eat during the festivities, bad breath is something that is inevitable. Keep breath mints or a mini mouthwash in your makeup box or purse so that you can keep smiling and chatting stress-free.
P.S. It comes in handy for the bride who loves one too many drinks.

2. Extra Earring Backs

No matter how flawless your wedding day management is, heavy earrings or jewelry mishaps can instantly cause panic. Stash a couple of extra earring backs in your kit to make sure that your jewelry stays put. A big wedding-day-management disaster averted!

Image Source: I Alam Photography

3. Eye drops

Lack of sleep and bright lights can make your eyes dry and puffy. Don’t let them ruin your beauty prep! Make sure you add some gentle eye drops to your wedding checklist.
(Please note: if the bride wears contact lenses, make sure she brings an extra pair, contact solution.)

4. Small Sewing Kit

Even though most hotels provide a vanity kit, it is always a good idea to purchase your own and keep it handy. A mini sewing kit should include safety pins and a pair of small scissors too. You never know when you will catch a snag in your wedding dress. It can make your wedding day management easier than you can imagine.

Image Source: Albane De Marnhac

5. Q-tips
Eyeliner mistakes happen all the time. Q-tips can be life saviors in fixing those small spots without messing up the makeup. Add these to your wedding checklist to avoid small panic situations and make your wedding day management a smooth-sailing experience.

6. Baby Powder

Be it an oily scalp, shoe bite, or a sweaty face, there’s little that baby powder cannot fix. It is also gentle on the skin so rest assured that it won’t trigger allergies or cause skin irritation. Make sure you don’t forget to add this to your wedding checklist for shopping. 

Image Source: Stories from Weva

7. Sanitary Napkins

This uninvited guest is a bride’s worst nightmare. Even the best wedding day management cannot prevent this, but a solid wedding checklist can make you prepared for it. Add a couple of these to your makeup box. Even if you think you won’t need them, someone else might. You might be able to save someone else’s day too. So don’t you forget this one in your wedding checklist!

8. Glue drops

Be it broken footwear or a broken nail, feviQuick glue drops are a lifesaver that can help you not just on your big day but also during the wedding day management. Although, no matter how hard you try, it won’t be able to fix your broken sleep cycle.

Image Source: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

9. Tweezers

From stray hairs to splinters, these nimble helpers can make the problem at hand seem easier and make your wedding day management easier. Make sure you throw in a pair in your makeup box.

Image Source: Unsplash

10. Essential Medicine

Make sure you throw in all the essential medicines like antacids, painkillers, allergy medication, and hangover pills in your emergency bridal kit. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Add these to your wedding checklist to buy these well before D-day.

11. Mini First Aid Kit

Be it small cuts and scrapes or shoe burns, Band-Aids, antiseptic, ice packs, and burn cream—can make the bride’s life easier on her D-day. Make sure you buy these well in advance so that it doesn’t hamper your wedding day management.

12. Snack Bars

Nobody wants to encounter a hangry bride or her growling stomach! Keep a snack bar handy that is a quick and mess-free snack that will not spill or stain anyone’s dress. You might think it isn’t essential but make sure you add snack bars everywhere, even in the makeup box. It can make the wedding day management easier both for the bride and the bridesmaid.

Image Source: Tom Halliday Photography 

13. White Chalk

It might seem like an unlikely choice, but white chalk can dry out an oil stain or cover stains on white surfaces. You can usually cover the stain with chalk in a pinch and save your wedding day management from falling apart.

14. Deodorant

Be it the nerves or the heat, if you are the bride, you might panic easily, and sweating is your body’s natural reaction. Add this to your makeup box and your wedding checklist because a fragrant bride is a happy bride.

Image Source: The W Story

15. Wet Wipes

Be it quickly cleaning the dust from footwear or removing makeup or just freshening up, wet wipes are a must-add item to the makeup box or the emergency kit. Make sure you stock them up to save you any last-minute fashion mishaps during wedding day management.

This was our take on what you should include in your wedding day emergency kit and avoid all the triggers that may have turned beloved brides into bride-zilla in the past. Apart from this, if you have booked your dream wedding venue and other wedding-related services through, you can expect a flawless affair with ‘Guarantee of a Great Event’. If you want to add more elements to this bridal survival kit, you are welcome to drop in your comments!

Latest Lehenga Photos | 2022 Bridal Lehenga Images from Real Weddings

Bridal lehenga images 2022

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Simple were those days when the only colors you can pick for your bridal lehenga were – Red, official-wedding-color Red, and I-am-your-only-choice Red. Thank God, it’s not the 90s any more!

Lehenga designs 2022 and colors have come a long way, keeping pace with the evolving tastes and styles of the millennial brides 2022. And why not, when everything around you has gotten a makeover, why should bridal outfits remain untouched. So whether you are a minimalistic bride or believe in going all out, you will be faced with the paradox of choice! With so many lehenga designs 2022 to choose from, how do you land on just one?

Putting together a bridal trousseau is the most challenging task a bride faces today. But if you know your color, you are in for a shopping feast for you and your gang of girls! Trust us, our round-up on the latest lehenga images 2022 will make all your wedding jitters go away.

Whenever you are ready, scroll down to see the best lehenga images of 2022 worn by real brides and couture models alike! And yes, don’t forget to save the lehenga photo you love the most as a reference for your wedding dress designer.

1. Classic Red Lehenga Images

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Outfit by: Sabyasachi

Image source: Priyam Parikh Pictures

Lehenga: Sabyasachi

Image Source: Picsurely

Image source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

Lehenga: Panjab Bespoke

Image Source: Vinuthna Garidipuri

Lehenga: Seema Gujral

Lehenga by: Mohey

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Image Source: CoolBluez Photography

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Red is one color that even modern brides can’t get enough of! These beautiful lehenga images are all in various shades of red with different types of embellishments and embroidery giving it the classic Indian bridal look! If you are the bride who has always dreamt of wearing a royal red bridal lehenga for your big day, then these latest red lehenga images 2022 will be a huge inspiration for you. Browse away!

2. Pink Bridal Lehenga Photos

Image Source: Light Chamber

Image Source: The Wedding Salad

Image Source: Artfoto Studios

Outfit by: Abhinav Mishra

Image Source: The Wedding Story

These pink lehenga photos are a huge inspiration for all you to-be-brides out there who can’t wait to dress up like a princess on your wedding day. Pick the shade of pink which you love the most and use the right kind of embroidery and embellishment to design the perfect bridal lehenga of your dreams.

3. Banarasi lehenga images

Image Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

A lot of brides chose to wear these lightweight, colorful and totally desi style of lehenga for their wedding! These Banarasi lehenga photos are a testament to the fact that you don’t have to wear heavy lehengas to get a bridal look!

4. Multicolor Lehenga Photos

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Image Source: Dipak Studios

For all you brides who can’t choose a single color for their wedding outfit, here are some multicolor lehenga pictures that will inspire to use a range of different colors to create your dream wedding dress. Pin or save the best lehenga photo from these to look at all the color combinations that work well in a multicolor lehenga.

5. Yellow Lehenga Photos

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

Image Source: Vivek Krishnan

Outfit by: Abhinav Mishra

A little ray of sunshine never hurt anybody, did it? Well, if you are all about wearing bright and peppy colors on your big day then these yellow lehenga photos worn by real brides will surely sweep you off your feet!

6. Gold Lehenga Images

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Image Source: Ali G Studios

These golden lehenga photos are a major inspiration for those brides who want to wear a dreamy Disney princess kinda outfit for their big day. While all-gold lehengas are risky to pull off, you can always offset the look by incorporating some other colors in your ensemble.

7. Pastel lehenga pictures of 2022

Outfit by: Tarun Tahiliani

Outfit by: Tarun Tahiliani

Outfit by: Mishru

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Image Source: Infinite Memories

For brides who vouch for understated elegance, these pastel lehenga images are the go-to for bridal inspiration. The subtle hues of peach, pink and green when embroidered and embellished look nothing less than a dream!

8. Latest off-white & ivory lehenga photos of 2022

Outfit by: Tarun Tahiliani

Outfit by: Abhinav Mishra

Image Source: The Royal Affair

Outfit by: Mishru

Image Source: Picsurely

While white is not the preferred color for most Hindu weddings, it seems to be picking up as a trend among modern brides. These lehenga images of brides wearing off-white and ivory with beautiful embroidery and detailing is surely setting the bar high for wedding lehengas in shades of white!

9. Blue Lehenga Images

Image Source: FotoWalle

Image Source: Slice of Life Pictures

Image Source: Blacktie Project

Image Source: Kshitiz Sharma Photography

For brides who don’t want to wear reds and pinks but still want to choose a bright and festive color, then blue is a great option. Choose the best lehenga photo from these blue brides for inspiration to get your wedding outfit.

10. Green Bridal Lehenga Images

Outfit by: Anushree Reddy

Green can be both a fresh and a royal color depending on which shade you choose. These green lehenga photos will give you an idea of what shades of green you can wear on your wedding day. Wearing lime green or fluorescent green is a good idea for daytime summer weddings as they look fresh and bright, however, if you have an evening wedding in the fall or winter, you can choose a deeper shade of green like emerald or seaweed.

So, which of these lehenga images2022 are you saving as an inspiration for your wedding outfit?