The Ace Wedding Photographers Who Capture A Love Story With Every Click

An umpteen number of people play a vital role at your wedding from your wedding planners to your caterers to your decor team, but the one without whom your priceless moments go unnoticed is your photographer.

Helping you relive every moment be it a crazy one, a happy one or an emotional one, your wedding album is like a time travel machine taking you back to the most beautiful day of your life and your photographer is the creator of that time travel machine giving you a #majorthrowback.

Ritin Kumar & Sagar Kumar, Head Story Tellers, are one such award-winning, internationally acclaimed brother duo who gave birth to CineLove Productions along with their extremely power packed team of experts and with the support from “Luxmi Digital Studio”, a renowned studio for wedding photography and cinematography since 1980.

Ritin Kumar

CineLove Productions Ritin Kumar

Sagar Kumar

CineLove Productions Sagar Kumar

This team of professionals have taken exclusive wedding narratives to a whole new level with their contemporary story-telling techniques, aiming to put on screen what you cannot possibly put into words. Covering over 5000 weddings across 18+ countries and 50+ cities they’ve captured countless memories of different cultures and traditions worldwide. Fabulous! Isn’t it?
From a 50 guests intimate wedding at a distant island in the Mediterranean to a massive political wedding with over 2 lakh guests in a rural area, they have been there and done it all effortlessly.

So be it the use of a creative illusion, a catchy title or an exclusively recorded song to set the theme of the film, this team of the finest creative directors, sound artists and animators are always ready to go that extra mile to make your wedding film more about YOU.

Don’t just go with my words, wait until you see a glimpse of their work.
I’ve collated some of the classic clicks captured by this stellar wedding photography team.
Be prepared to be marvelled!

1. Is it just me or does this picture give you a vibrant feel too? A burst of vivid colours, a clear blue sky and a happy couple is all you need to create a breathtaking shot.

CineLove Productions 01

2. This couple was caught in action being themselves – crazy and happy!

CineLove Productions 02

3. Good times and pure fun! Is exactly what this groom’s haldi ceremony picture portrays.

CineLove Productions 03

4. A simple portrait showcasing the glow and happiness that’s seen on a bride’s face on her wedding day.

CineLove Productions 04

5. No wedding album is ever complete without a heartwarming emotional photograph.

CineLove Productions 05

6. CineLove Productions setting some major pre-wedding photo shoot goals with this beautiful click.

CineLove Productions 06

7. Some pictures need no description, they speak for themselves and this one right here is definitely one of them.

CineLove Productions 07

8. The serene landscape and this happily married couple in one frame just completes this picture.

CineLove Productions 08

9. This stunning picture left me speechless! In five simple words, “It’s Photography at its best”.

CineLove Productions 09

10. There’s something phenomenal about veil shots. They’re captivating and leave you spellbound. Just like this beautiful bride’s veil portrait.

CineLove Productions 10

11. Capturing every element in its true essence makes this picture simply magnificent.

CineLove Productions 11

12. I love how CineLove managed to capture this cherished moment that the couple shared amidst all the chaos. Isn’t it beautiful?

CineLove Productions 12

13. This fabulous barat picture reminds me of the famous Bollywood song,
‘Tere ghar aaya, main aaya tujhko lehe’.
Did it cross your mind too?

CineLove Productions 13

14. Coming straight out of a Bollywood rom-com movie, this picture is simply awe-inspiring!

CineLove Productions 14

15. How adorable is this picture of the groom admiring his beautiful bride?

CineLove Productions 15

All Image Source: CineLove Productions

Enjoy every blissful moment of your wedding journey and watch it turn into an enchanting fairytale movie with CineLove Productions.

Top 20 Wedding Photography Couple Portraits

The world of wedding photography is an enchanting one. So be it the best of candid wedding photography or wedding portraits, there is much to appreciate and celebrate. We all love and swoon over those perfect timeless frames that are and will always be reminiscent of the beautiful memories made in the process. Be it a bridal or groom portrait, the one with the entire fam-jam or the favourite of them all- wedding couple portrait, the beauty encapsulated in each of these simply seems unending! 

Whether you’re a to-be bride or groom eager to be posing for wedding photos or a photographer who is looking for much inspiration to hone his/her craft and contribute to meaningful journeys of families and couples, you’ve hit the perfect spot with this blog. We’ve put together a list of 20 candid photographer wedding portraits for couples that we’ve seen in recent times and have left us completely stoked! Without further ado, let’s dive straight in and unfold the magic each of these well-composed, cleverly-shot and warmly-expressed images have to offer. Take a look below:

1. Posing for Wedding Photos Has Never Seemed So Magical As This Frame! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source The Unicorn Studios

A classic wedding shoot done right with a touch of traditions and cultural heritage that turned out to be a thorough treat to the eyes!

2. This Portrait Wedding Frame Encapsulates with it’s Soothing and Subtle Beauty!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Shayanatherphotography

The beauty of marriage photography lies in capturing those perfect moments and this stunning frame does just that. 

3. This Stunning and Regal Portrait is Pure Marriage Photography Goals!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Ramit Batra Photography

If you need inspiration to frame that one timeless photo from your wedding shoot, this one gives you all the right vibes.

4. Blending the Best of Candid Wedding Photography with Portrait Wedding Photos, this Frame is Pure Love!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Knottingbells

There is no better way to be locked down than with the one you love. Even better when your wedding shoot captures the essence!

5. Who can Not be Mesmerized with this Wedding Shoot that Brims with Opulence and Grandeur?!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Knottingbells

Posing for wedding photos can seem absolutely worthwhile if the result is as breathtaking as this. Don’t you think so?

6. This Portrait Wedding Frame Literally has us Swooning!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Studio Beunique

Sealing the deal with a kiss and how! We’re totally smitten by the chemistry and charm this couple exudes in this image.

7. Your Hunt for the Perfect Indian Wedding Portrait Photography Poses Ends Right Here!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Aash Studio

Capturing the perfect wedding shoot under this neon-lit mandap is all the inspiration you need this wedding season! 

8. Happy Couples Create the Best Memories and Perfect Wedding Portraits!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Studio Kelly Photography

If you’re looking for ideas for a wedding portrait Indian-style, that is not too loud and flashy, this gorgeous frame is the real thing! 

9. No Marriage Photography can be Complete without a Magical Monochrome Portrait Like This!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Lumiere Wedding Company

Well there are wedding portraits and then there is this! Every element of this frame stands out and this one clearly earns a special spot in our hearts for sure.

10. Beauty Lies in the Heart of Simplicity and this Wedding Portrait Captures Just that!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Weddingnama

This adorable couple simply spells magic and sublimity with this portrait of theirs.

11. All That Glitters is Monochrome Marriage Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Gaatha

There is an inexplicable charm and beauty about this couple’s wedding photoshoot and we’re thoroughly impressed by the candid photographer skills here!

12. This Couple’s Wedding Photo Shoot Looks Nothing Less than a Painting!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source You by Poonam Kotecha

With the just perfect background and some stunning colours at play here, this wedding portrait has a big thumbs up from us!

13. Making the Most of Breathtaking Backwaters for their Wondrous Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Wedding Bells Photography

This picture is pure goals! From the expressions to the colour scheme, everything about this marriage portrait is spot-on!

14. The One with the Fam-Jam, This is the Mandatory Marriage Portrait Done Right!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Love Shoot Repeat

This one totally captures the beauty that Great Indian Marriages are! With the entire parivaar cheering, this portrait is worth a million moments and memories.

15. We Simply Can’t Take Our Eyes Off this Beautifully Composed Marriage Portrait! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Weddingkrafter

This one is pure beauty! We love the subtlety, splendour and spark this frame captures.

16. This Marriage Couple Photo Style is Perfect for Those who Love the Idea of OTT Weddings and Memories!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source CoolBluez Photography

We simply love the exuberance of this frame! Be it the unique background or rich colours, this one certainly works wonders.

17. We Can’t Help but Marvel at the Sheer Genius of This Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source RedVeds

When you’ve got each other’s back and your gem of a candid photographer is able to capture even that!

18. No Marriage Album is Complete Without a Perfect Family Portrait Like This 🙂

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Black Pepper Wedding Photography

The one portrait that has a special place in the heart of a bride apart from the lover’s is the classic one with the family!

19. Nothing Beats the Spell and Enigma of This Couple’s Romantic Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Clique Photography

An ace wedding candid photographer can savour the best of memories and freeze time by capturing an image like this!

20. A Riot of Colours and Joy Perfectly Captured! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Shutterspeed India

This gorgeous wedding portrait truly captures the essence and zest of a vibrant Indian marriage. We’re thoroughly in awe of this frame.

Leaving you on this delightful note here’s hoping you found plenty of inspiration in these stunning wedding portraits?! Remember to bookmark this list, lest you wish to revisit and relish these images again 🙂

25 Best Pre-wedding Photo Shoot to Capture Candid Moments

Capturing every unnoticed moment and apprehending every minute expression and emotion is what defines an excellent photographer. And while your makeup artist or your designer do play a vital role in adorning you, it’s your photographer who plays the leading role. Because they frame every step of your beautiful wedding journey so that you can relive any and every moment of it in the years to come. Hence, shortlisting the best wedding photographers should be the first task on your list.

But what are the key factors one should consider while picking a professional photographer? You may ask.

Well, it’s no rocket science. Just pick a wedding photographer who isn’t just a jack of all trades but a master of them too. In other words, make sure their profile includes candid wedding photography pictures, bridal photography skills, etc. So that they can give you some dreamy pre wedding photoshoot ideas and also ace the most important event – Your Wedding Photo Shoot.

And as you know, we’re always here to give you a helping hand. So this World Photography Day, we’ve carefully picked these exceptional pictures that are captured by some of the best Indian wedding photographers just for you.

1. Take Wedding Photo Shoot Tips From This Super Cute Couple

Reception image by Studio Kelly

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

The first and most important tip for your wedding photo shoot is to keep it simple and natural.

2. Pick The Best Indian Wedding Photographers For Your Haldi Ceremony

Haldi ceremony with the girl gang

Image Source: Jackson James Photography

Don’t let these priceless moments with your girl gang be forgotten. Make the most of your photographer’s talent and give him every reason to flaunt his candid wedding photography skills.

3. Keep It Cute And Funny While Posing For Wedding Photos Just Like These Two Love Birds

The groom cracks the bride up

Image Source: Jumping Souls

A super cute moment where the groom cracks his beautiful bride up, leaving a big broad smile on her face.

4. Get The Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas From The Experts

Candid couple image by Friday Pic Photography

Image Source: Friday Pic Photography

You may opt for various pre wedding photoshoot ideas, but remember the main ingredient that makes all the difference is the love and compassion you hold for your partner.

5. Candid Wedding Photography At Its Best

Haldi ceremony image by Cupcake Productions

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

We just can’t get over this brilliant click. Everything about this picture screams out perfection. From the perfect timing to capturing those heartfelt emotions.

6. This Bindass Bride Is Giving Us Major Bridal Photography Goals

Wedding image by Sunny Dhiman Photography

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

Sunny Dhiman has captured this gorgeous bride in her true essence, doing what she loves the most!

7. A Messy And Cute Haldi Portrait

Haldi image by Cinelove

Image Source: CineLove Productions

A super cute and romantic haldi affair caught on camera.

8. A Quintessential Bridal Photography Shot

Bridal entry image by Portfolio Studio

Image Source: Portfolio Studio

This stunning bride makes her bridal entry the traditional way while one of the best Indian wedding photographers gets a glimpse of this cherished moment.

9. Let Your Adorable Pet Be A Part Of Your Wedding Photo Shoot

A beautiful candid picture of the couple and their adorable pet dog

Image Source: Jackson James Photography

Your family picture is never complete without your lifeline. Don’t you agree? So make sure you include your pet in your wedding photo shoot just like this couple did.

10. The Must Have Beach Wedding Photo Shoot

A fun beach moment with the bride and her bridesmaid squad

Image Source: Jumping Souls

This enthusiastic bunch of bridesmaids posing for wedding photos is hands down one of the cutest pictures from the entire lot.

11. Yet Another Flawless Candid Wedding Photography Image

Emotional wedding image by CineLove

Image Source: CineLove Productions

An emotional moment being captured by one of the best Indian wedding photographers during the pheras of this lovely couple.

12. The Best Wedding Photographers Doing What They Do Best!

Haldi ceremony image by Cupcake Productions 1

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

Some pictures speak for themselves. And this one right here, defines that.

13. Couple Goals!

Mehndi ceremony image by Studio Kelly 1

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

The to-be-groom doing whatever it takes to help his lady love.

14. A Candid Wedding Photography Image Capturing An Indian Wedding Ritual

Wedding ritual image by Friday Pic Photography

Image Source: Friday Pic Photography

Their happy faces say it all! The classic ring fishing game is an ancient traditional Indian ritual.

15. Only The Best Wedding Photographers Can Deliver A Masterpiece Like This

Haldi ceremony image by Sunny Dhiman Photography

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

This picture has captured the love and values that have been passed on from one generation to the next.

16. A Beautiful Black And White Affair

Varmala image by Portfolio Studio

Image Source: Portfolio Studio

Despite the limit in colours, this picture expresses every bit of joy the couple experienced at that very moment.

17. The Couple Keeps It Natural While Posing For Wedding Photos

This pretty couple exchange smiles

Image Source: Jackson James Photography

This couple exchange smiles while probably reminiscing about an old fond memory or a silly joke. And one of the best wedding photographers has beautifully captured this simple yet priceless moment.

18. Some Pictures Need No Filter Or Explanation

A candid shot from the Haldi ceremony

Image Source: Jumping Souls

It isn’t hard to notice the sheer happiness and excitement of this bride.

19. Capturing One Of The Most Sacred Indian Wedding Rituals

Wedding image by CineLove

Image Source: CineLove Productions

When you hire the best Indian wedding photographers for your big day, you don’t need to be worried about missing out on any precious event.

20. That’s What We Call A Perfect Couple Photograph

Wedding image by Cupcake Productions

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

We bet one could feel the love in the air while this couple were posing for wedding photos because we can feel the love through this pretty picture itself.

21. Setting Major Groom Goals

Mehndi ceremony image by Studio Kelly

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

This groom-to-be imprints his love on his gorgeous bride’s palm through his creative henna art. Aren’t they adorable?

22. Bridal Photography Portraits

Haldi ceremony image by Friday Pic Photography

Image Source: Friday Pic Photography

Just another happy-go-lucky bride enjoying her haldi ceremony.

23. The Picture-perfect Bride

Wedding image by Sunny Dhiman Photography

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

We can’t tell if this picture-perfect bride is posing for wedding photos or is just a classic example of what a splendid candid image looks like.

24. The Haldi Diaries

Haldi ceremony image by Portfolio Studio

Image Source: Portfolio Studio

This groom and his squad definitely made memories to last a lifetime.

25. Father-Daughter Goals

Emotional vidaii moment captured by Jackson James Photography

Image Source: Jackson James Photography

The perfect timing, the perfect angle and the perfect moment makes an unforgettable image and this father-daughter frame is one such image.

We hope this candid collection of wedding photos, bridal photography, haldi ceremonies and pre wedding photoshoot ideas was just what you needed for your wedding photo shoot inspiration.

And here’s wishing all you exceptional photographers a Happy World Photography Day!

Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj Lockdown Wedding: A Journey in Pictures

Ever since one of India’s most eligible bachelors (and may we say hot?!) broke the news of the woman in his life, we bet if anyone was truly able to keep calm, not us for sure! After some brief periods of speculation that was quickly followed by an intimate engagement ceremony, Rana Daggubatti chose to tie the knot with his ladylove, Miheeka Bajaj who belongs to one of Hyderabad’s most illustrious families and is an interior designer herself who owns the Hyderabad based design and event management company Dewdrop Design Studio.

As love transcends beyond the ideas of pandemic, lockdown and quarantine, both these well-established lovebirds decided to walk down the aisle in a rather private, close-knit setup in their city. We’re certain none would have imagined that this is how things would pan out, not even them, their wedding pictures are proof enough to show that all that really matters is the willingness to unite in the sacrament of marriage with the love and blessings of the closest ones!

We’ve decided to take you on a journey that captures just this- right from their engagement to their d-day. Let’s begin!

The Elegant Lockdown Engagement Ceremony

While most places were under a nationwide lockdown, there was something special about the air of Jubilee Hills this May. It was brimming with pomp and joy and the Daggubati household were all geared to make it ‘official’ and welcome a new member into their family. In a rather intimate backyard setting, Rana and Miheeka got engaged in the presence of their families. Rana opted for a simple and super traditional outfit for the event consisting of a white shirt and mundu while Miheeka shone bright in an orange and pink Kanjeevaram saree. She completed her look with her home brand- Krsala’s statement jewellery set. These stunning pictures are proof of the lovely time they had ringing in their memorable moments!  

Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement

Miheeka’s Pretty Pre-Wedding Event

Celebrations continued in the Bajaj household as they hosted a lovely pre-wedding ceremony for Miheeka in June. And we must say this beauty had already started giving us major goals even before she officiated to become a bride! Her breathtaking look in a couture Jayanti Reddy lehenga for the event does all the talking. She paired this with a Krsala mala encrusted with polki, rubies and pink tourmalines along with an elegantly crafted jadau maang tikka

Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home

That Happening Haldi Ceremony

So what if it’s a lockdown wedding?! When Bhallaldeva decided to get hitched he did it in style! Rana and Miheeka’s haldi ceremony was simple and yet brimming with so much fun and festivity. Miheeka looked straight out of a dream in her bright yellow Anand Kabra lehenga which she cleverly paired with her stunning seashells jewellery. The soon-to-be-groom kept it sobre in a  traditional shirt and mundu outfit.

Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony

Magical Mehendi Moments

Everything about Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj’s mehendi ceremony was vibrant! The decor was thoroughly picturesque and made for the perfect background. Needless to say the bride and groom looked a million bucks. Miheeka redefined stunning in her eclectic pink Arpita Mehta lehenga-jacket. She wore this with a custom made Krsala maang tikka encrusted with polkis and  pearls and earrings made of Russian emeralds! The ever dapper hunk chose to step out in a beige kurta which he paired with a Nehru jacket and crisp trousers.

Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony

The Wondrous Lockdown Wedding Day

And finally, come August 8th, this gorgeous couple got married in a traditional ceremony at Hyderabad’s Ramanaidu Studio in the presence of close family and friends. They opted for a bio-secure ceremony with a tight guestlist. Miheeka left all thoroughly speechless as she chose to be an Anamika Khanna bride in a dazzling ivory chikankari gown with  gold metalwork and zardosi. It was Krsala’s exquisite diamond jewellery all the way for the bride on her big day! Rana looked no less in gold kurta with a light gold pancha. He completed his look with a golden stole! 

Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Rana's Wedding Look
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony

Image Sources: Krsala Jewellery, Rana Daggubati, Miheeka Bajaj, Reels and Frames

Here’s wishing this lovely couple a happily ever after and a journey full of love and peace!

Here’s the Perfect Bridal Portrait Inspiration you were Looking for!

Who doesn’t love drooling over those extraordinarily looking bridal portraits?! Escaping the ephemeral, the beauty of these portraits lies in their timelessness coupled with their extraordinary composition. And the best part about them is that brides love it (for obvious reasons) as much as we do! Bridal portraits not just capture the overall appearance of the bride but the entire essence of her charm, grace and glorious bridal look.

We came across stunning portraits of one such bride. Adorned in an exquisite beige lehenga and intricate traditional kundan jewellery, this bride looks utterly magical. When you see her portraits you’ll know exactly why! 

So here we are! Let’s begin: 

All Image Courtesy: Cinelove Productions

Leaving on this visual note, we hope you take inspiration from these gorgeous portraits for your upcoming nuptial!

6 Fun Bridal Lehenga Shots to Add to Your Wedding Album

The Wedding Lehenga is not just a piece of garment or fabric to be cherished. It is an emotion. The wedding lehenga is made up of a bride’s dream to look like a queen or a princess walking down the aisle. It has a deep emotional attachment not only with the bride but everyone close to the bride as well. Therefore, it when comes to flaunt the wedding lehenga or the bridal lehenga, why flaunt it when wearing it only?

A bride chooses a lehenga that reflects her personality, her style quotient, and in many ways, it is a statement in itself. So, before a bride walks up to the mandap in all her wedding finery, there is no reason why she shouldn’t spend quality time with her bridal lehenga, i.e., have some fun photos taken with the lehenga in the focus for a change!

Yes, wedding photographers, today are known to challenge stereotypical norms when it comes to bridal photoshoots. And showing off that wedding lehenga has never been more fun.

We bring you 6 fun bridal lehenga shots that you must add to your wedding album!

#1 Announce it to the World Below

Yes, the bridal lehenga is one piece of garment that will have everyone’s attention at the wedding along with the bride and her bridal fanfare. So, why not show it off just like this bride? It shows off her quirky personality perfectly.

#2 Fiery Possession

Image Source: Rajesh Digital

As the bride, your wedding lehenga is the most important possession on your wedding day and while you get your hair and makeup done, we won’t blame you if you rush to hug it once (too many times!). 😉

#3 Keep Calm, it is Your Lehenga DAY!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

The big day can be chaotic and tiring. A bride needs all her strength and naturally, she needs her bridal lehenga to cooperate with her, right? So, here’s sending a few prayers to the lehenga gods!

#4 Mission Lehenga

Image Source: Studio Kelly

Most brides are on a mission on their big day and why not! So, here’s a bride all set to brave a new world but not without her lehenga!

#5 I Dream of…

Image Source: Lavya Film Production

A bride’s lehenga has many dreams associated with it. Just like this bride is feeling all whimsical and hopeful about her new life and of course, her stunning lehenga!

#6 A Fount of Gold

Image: Source: Studio Kelly

What do you do when you have a stunning gold lehenga in your possession? You pose with it!

So, ladies have decided how you’d like to pose with your lovely bridal lehenga? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!

10 Ways To Make Your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony Safe and Entertaining

“All is fair in love and war”, even your mehndi function. Haan, thode changes karne padenge considering the current situation, but entertainment mai koi compromise nahi!

It’s true. You can still celebrate your long-awaited mehndi ceremony while keeping all the traditions intact just by following these simple tips and tricks.

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

1. Work On Your Guestlist

In other words, make sure you invite not more than 50 people to this close celebration. Look at this with an optimistic lens. You can finally invite just your closest bunch of family and friends and escape the guilt trip as well, all thanks to the government mandate. Now, isn’t that something all you millennials have been wanting in a long time?

2. Watch Out For Those Gate Crashers

We all know that an Indian wedding invitation card isn’t limited to the names mentioned on it. It’s like a free ticket to all those freeloaders. And that’s something you can’t afford keeping the various consequences in mind. So make sure you brief your guests, that Mr. & Mrs. means Mr. & Mrs. and no plus ones.

3. Home Sweet Home

As it’s rightly said, ‘there’s no place like home’, then why go elsewhere to celebrate your mehndi ceremony? If you can accommodate your guests in your personal compound or terrace, you should definitely consider doing that as you will have better control of the overall planning and hygiene. But if you’re unable to do so, make sure you shortlist a venue (preferably an outdoor space) that’s closer to your residence.

Image Source: Its An Affair

4. Monitor The Entrance At All Times

Assign a dedicated person to keep a constant eye on those who enter and to make sure all your guests have adhered to the protocol by wearing their masks. Also, make it a point to keep extra sanitizers as well as masks for your guests.

5. Say Goodbye To Those Helping Hands

Put on your creative hats and get going with your DIY decor. Why? Because limiting the number of unknown faces means limiting your risk. So say goodbye to your decor wale uncles and pull out your inhouse team to decorate the venue.

Image Source: Its An Affair

Image Source: Its An Affair

6. Inhouse Mehndi Artists

Make use of the talented lot in your family and put their skills to use. If you have any relative who can ace the mehndi art, you can always opt for that and once again reduce the exposure to an outsider. However, when it comes to the bride only a professional can do the trick. But again, make sure your mehndi artist follows all the protocols as she will be in close contact with the bride. Also, try and keep the mehndi designs simple to reduce your time period with the artist.

Image Source: Khyati Chauhan

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

7. DJ Wale Babu Mera Ganna Chala Do

You got to bid adieu to yet another party, The Band Baja gang! But that’s no big deal, right? Because we all have that one music enthusiast in the family who knows it all. You just got to name the song of your choice and get grooving. Yet another way to distance yourself and be safe.

8. Go Digital

Any Indian function is incomplete without the exchange of gifts and love. And we’ve got a way to make this process contactless too. Request your guests to use digital wallets instead of envelopes. And pay your vendors using online payment applications. You can also use wedding wishlist sites and pass on your wishlist to your guests and get the gifts delivered to your doorstep. So there’s no contact, whatsoever!

9. F&B Safety Precautions

If you have numerous helping hands at home, then try and prepare the food indoors. Avoid including raw salads and fruits in your menu since they are uncooked. Also, refrain from using finger food, chaat or any such food item. Make use of disposable paper cups instead of glasses for your beverages.

10. Thorough Clean Up

Once everything is done, do not forget to sanitize your entire house and compound (in case you’ve had a home ceremony).

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

Don’t let nothing ruin your good times, not even a pandemic!

Nirmala and Pratyush’s Guwahati Intimate Lockdown Wedding

A couple who rewrote the laws of love!

At times meeting your soulmate can be really simple, don’t you think? This is what happened with Nirmala and Pratyush!

Both Nirmala and Pratyush are advocates and they met in court in 2015. They were first introduced to each other by a common friend. What began was a beautiful friendship and eventually led them to think of their life together. The funny thing is when he proposed, she said no but eventually came around! Nirmala realised that he was her soulmate and for Pratyush, she was everything and he was most comfortable with her.

Finally, it was time to meet the parents. But Nirmala did not know that Pratyush was going to ask her hand in marriage. “One fine day he came over to meet my parents and later on took me by complete surprise when he asked me to marry him!” says Nirmala. Obviously, her parents were ecstatic. In fact, it turned out that her father and Pratyush father were old friends who had lost touch over the years.

The Wedding

As both families were in agreement over this love match, they decided to set the wedding date. They 23rd May 2020 as the wedding date and it was decided before the lockdown was enforced. When the lockdown was declared, the couple along with their families thought to continue with the wedding plans albeit on a smaller scale. Their wedding was attended by close friends and family members. As the wedding was being hosted at the bride’s home in Guwahati, all necessary safety measures and precautions were taken.

The décor was done by their friend as per the bride’s design instructions. The wedding celebrations were limited to just the wedding day as the permit issued by the authorities was only for the 23rd of May. As per the Assamese rituals, the bride’s attire was gifted by the groom’s family and the groom’s attire was gifted by the bride’s family.  

In fact, what was interesting is that the couple wore matching masks as per their attire. The mask worn by the bride had small tassels and was made of the Mekhla Chador’s fabric as her saree.

“Masks were already the norm given the COVID-19 situation across the world. Both of us had decided to wear masks during the wedding. However, the masks which we had were the ones bought from the pharmacy. Pratyush casually mentioned to Kakali, our photographer, on 20.05.2020 about arranging for traditional masks which would complement our wedding attire. Kakali then spoke to Nandini Borkakati about it, of which we had no clue, and that’s how the mask was created for the both of us. Though it was all last minute, the result was beautiful. The masks were a surprise gift from our friends Kakali and Deepak.” – Nirmala.

“Our wedding celebrations were curtailed due to the pandemic. But the presence of family and our closest friends turned it into the most memorable day of our lives.”

About the Wedding Photographers

The wedding photographers, Kakali and Deepak are our friends. Kakali has been friends with Pratyush for the longest time now. Kakali always insisted that she would invariably be the photographer for Pratyush’s wedding. The team worked really hard, and the results were remarkable!

The Dream Team

Wedding Photographers – DEEKAD Studios

Masks – Page 3 Boutique by Nandini Borkakati

Mansi and Jujhar New Delhi Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib Wedding

A beautiful love story that blossomed from friendship into an eternal partnership for life!

“Love without conversation is impossible.” – Mortimer Adler

True, isn’t it? Communication is at the core of any relationship; it can be verbal or even unspoken. When choosing your life partner, it is of utmost importance that you be able to speak, discuss, share and debate with them on every topic under the sun. Not only does this improve the quality of your relationship, but it also strengthens your bond with your partner. Simply put, you become each other’s support in life and love. There is nothing that can then shake this confidence you have in each other.

And this ‘heart-to-heart’ conversation is what made two beautiful souls – Mansi and Jujhar, to become eternal soulmates! 

Speaking to the couple, one is quickly reminded of a beautiful college romance straight out of a gooey Bollywood romance. Mansi and Jujhar met in college. Jujhar, a BCom Honours student was a part of the photography society and met Mansi, an Economics Honours student when she auditioned for the same. Little did they know that this audition would become the turning point in their lives! 

“We felt an instant connection and soon became really close. Amidst long conversations and many, many hangouts we never really realised how strongly we felt for each other. Finally, when we were attending a fest in our college, we confessed our love for each other and that’s when all the magic began! The best part is, we could and still can be our goofiest selves with each other,” says Mansi.

“In fact, I always thought that there can’t be anything more than friendship between us, but our feelings were undeniable. There was something so pure and special about our relationship.”

Clearly, this couple was meant to be! Here’s a sneak peek into their pre-wedding photoshoot –

And obviously, their families were more than happy to become one just like the happy couple! However, before formalising all the wedding plans, there had to be a fantastic proposal! And Jujhar wasted no time in planning a super-duper surprise. 

The Proposal

Birthdays are special, right? They are even more special when you get proposed to on your special day with your closest friends and family witnessing your new beginnings! “I, like any other girl, had imagined and dreamt of my perfect proposal. When Jujhar and I completed 5 years, I knew that he was the one but I never thought that our proposal would be so special.”

Jujhar, the hero of our story couldn’t have picked a better day or date to propose to his beloved. It was Mansi’s 24th birthday and the party was held on her terrace with all their friends and family present. It was obviously a special celebration but Jujhar took it to another level as Mansi was getting ready to cut her birthday cake. The magic began when the song ‘Tum Jab Paas’ by Prateek Kuhad began playing and a surprised Mansi turned around, she saw Jujhar on his knees with a ring! “My heart was racing. He asked me if I wanted to spend my entire life with him and all I could say was a definite YES! I was so overwhelmed and emotional…” says Mansi.

Well, this proposal definitely set the ball rolling and they decided to tie the knot on 2nd March 2020.

Planning the Wedding

Now planning a wedding is no easy task and planning it in four months even more so! “It’s not an easy task to manage work and wedding planning simultaneously. There were days when we used to be exhausted but what kept us going was the constant support from families and friends. They really helped us through the whole process,” says Mansi. The good part was that they both had divided the responsibilities. Jujhar decided the locations for the pre-wedding shoot while Mansi selected all wedding outfits for both. “We both together decided the songs we want to perform on, and even we decided the specific songs for how our entry will happen, etc. Also, our families had a major role in wedding planning. A very big thank you to them!”

The couple made sure to plan and schedule their whole week beforehand and ensure all appointments for trials and testing were placed efficiently. It all began with a lot of research and surfing on all social media platforms. “A huge shoutout to for being the perfect platform for wedding planning. As we’re writing this, we are recalling what all went in the entire process of planning. Choosing among some of the best makeup artists, decorators etc was a tough call. But somehow, we knew who we wanted, who would match the kind of vibe we are looking for our wedding.”

And before we proceed, here’s a video you must-watch!

Selecting the Vendors

“Mansi was always confident that she wants her wedding day makeup done by Pooja Khurana and I went back and forth to finalise my wedding outfit but now I know Khanijo was the perfect pick,” says Jujhar. “For my other functions, it depended on what kind of look I wanted for myself. For example, I wanted a bold and glamorous look on cocktail function and chose Pritika Keswani for that after a lot of research through social media. For my engagement, I went for Samaira Sandhu for a subtle and elegant look! Also, my most favourite look is my wedding look, without any doubt,” says Mansi.

For her mehendi, Mansi got hers done by ace mehendi artist Arpit. “After a lot of searches on Instagram and a lot of pictures saved in my gallery, I finally decided to get a personalised mehendi.”

Her mehendi design had a Sardar and Sardarni portrait and their wedding hashtag #MannSeJujhar was beautifully displayed in the mehendi.

The Ceremonies

The Roka

The couple had many ceremonies and the festivities kicked off with their Roka which was an intimate family affair. For this ceremony, Mansi wore a stunning pale turquoise blue sharara with a gota embroidered kurta and sharara pants in the same colour. She kept her look simple yet stunning with minimal makeup and matching OTT jhumkas. Jujhar complemented his bride by wearing a pale turquoise blue turban and looked every bit dapper in a black shirt paired with trousers.

The Engagement Ceremony

The ceremony was their engagement ceremony. For this event, Mansi wore a stunning pale pink contemporary lehenga with delicate multi-coloured bead embroidery. She completed her look with flawless makeup and donned a stunning pair of polki and emerald chandelier earrings with a matching choker in emeralds and polki. Again, the man of the hour, our groom, Jujhar looked every bit handsome in a bottle green suit with a pale pink turban and a matching floral tie. The highlight of the evening was Mansi’s beautiful performance for her beloved that wowed one and all!

Watch this beautiful video of Mansi’s solo performance

The highlight of the evening was a surprise video for the lovely bride where her old family and new family spoke about how lucky they were to have her!

The Cocktail

Now, we must say this – each and every ensemble the couple chose for each of their ceremonies was very well-thought-out. The cocktail ceremony saw the stunning couple look even more fabulous! Mansi stunned in a gorgeous ruffled gown in red with hints of fuchsia pink by ace designer Sulakshana Monga. She completed her look with diamond jewellery that had us drooling all over…

Jujhar matched her in a white blazer paired with black trousers and a red turban. Truly, this couple is absolutely made for each other!
And yet again, the couple turned out hearts into a must with this brilliant cocktail teaser!

The Mehendi Ceremonies!

Now there were two mehendi ceremonies – a sundowner mehendi party and a girls’ mehendi function. For the sundowner, Mansi wore a beautiful Aisha Rao creation in neon green. She paired her outfit with her hair worn down in curls, decked in wildflowers and floral jewellery in pink and white. Now the groom (we love this look of his!) matched his bride in a mango yellow kurta and a cream bandi jacket with mango yellow motifs on it. As it was a day event, the overall vibe, like the colours, were all bright and vibrant with a lot of florals and balloons thrown in!

For the girls’ mehendi ceremony, Mansi wore a beautiful blue lehenga with floral embroidery and completed her look with a cute pink dupatta in contrast. She wore matching floral jewellery. While this was a fun event with family, Jujhar had to do something out-of-the-box!

“All of the groom’s side, on the night when I was at my place applying mehendi, arrived with a bash at my place with 25-30 people at 11:30 PM at night, and all of them wearing matching ‘Team Groom’ t-shirts with our caricature photo! They also got Dhol-wallas along with them and woke up the whole lane with their cheers and dancing! It was a surprise that me and I would say my entire family would never forget…” says Mansi.

Chooda and Haldi

The Chooda and haldi ceremony were intimate functions on both sides. Both Mansi and Jujhar were surrounded by their loved ones.

The Wedding

Mansi and Jujhar solemnised their wedding at the Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib, New Delhi. In recent times, we have seen many brides move away from wedding lehengas and opt for sarees, suits and even ghararas. Mansi is one such bride who opted for a unique wedding outfit 😊

For their Sikh wedding, Mansi wore a stunning lavender and green embroidered gharara by Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor. Not to miss the ‘wow’ polki jewellery – the heavy choker necklace, chandbali jhumkas, maangtikkas and passa!

The Dream Team

1.       Photographer – Studio Fotocraft

2.       Bridal wear – Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

3.       Groomswear – Khanijo

4.       Makeup artist – Pooja Khurana

5.       Bridal Jewellery – Jewel Street

8 Brides who Aced the Minimal Makeup Look on their D-Day

Bridal makeup is a huge affair. But somehow often mistaken to be a loud and jazzed up one! There is no denying that ultimately it boils down to a bride’s individual choice or preference, but equating bridal makeup with only a particular kind is not the most accurate way to go about. New-age brides are increasingly opting for subtle layers and redefining beauty standards on their life’s most momentous day! It is hence refreshing to see brides go the minimal way and just like us, you’ll be more than happy and sigh ‘Thank god for that!’ seeing the outcomes.

We came across eight such beautiful brides who were an absolute delight to watch on their d-day. Subtle tones, easy layers, balanced look and nude and natural tinges were on full display and each one of them thoroughly owned their looks- with mild scars, breakouts and without them too. Take a look at these below: 

1. Kudos to this bride who is a vision to behold in her minimal makeup look! Soft hues and simple tones blend perfectly well with her entire ensemble.

Bride Saru Sukh

Makeup Tanyakaur Makeupartist

2. We’re totally smitten by this beautiful brides’ choice. Be it her offbeat lehenga, elegant jewellery or turning up with just the right amount of blush, this look is soothing and thoroughly refreshing!

Bride Amanatg

Photography Kirandeep Photography

Makeup Poojakhuranabeauty

3. Happy brides make the best brides! We love how this stunning bride has opted to keep it minimalistic and yet not understated.

Bride Sonamlalwani

Photography J D Arts Photography

Makeup Kajolrpaswwan

4. Gorgeously traditional, this bridal look has a big thumbs up from us! We especially love how this bride has balanced her entire look- oversized jewellery, embroidered dupatta with minimal makeup 🙂

Bride Ravi Kiran Kaur

Photography Studio Narinder Photography

Makeup Supreet Mann

5. Simplicity and sublimity are the best ways to describe this bridal look! A dash of blush, soft-hued lipstick and beautiful black kohl is all that this gleaming bride opted for.

Bride Snehal Wagh

Photography Filmingbproductions

Makeup Banaavat

6. Smile from day to night when you secretly know that your skin is breathing, thanks to minimal makeup! We can’t help but notice how this bride has played around with the pink palette, opting for shades of pink lipstick and eye shadow too 🙂

Bride Janvi Sanghvi

Photography Seventybytwo

Makeup Falgunishah Makeupartist

7. One of our favourites, this bridal look is pure GOALS! Classy, chic and elegant everything about this look is top-notch.

Bride Officialmkrl

Photography Gautam Khullar Photography

Makeup Gomit Chopra

8. Why paint your skin with those heavy layers when you can step out looking like this?! Dreamy eyes, perfect shade and flawless skin makeup render this bridal look perfect.

Bride Mehak Bhatia

Photography Razz Films & Photography

Makeup Kajolrpaswwan

Dear ladies, we hope you found much inspiration here to opt for a minimal makeup look on your big day! Remember makeup is at your service to accentuate your beauty, not conceal it 🙂