10+ Phoolon Ki Chaadar for your Bridal Entry that are trending this Wedding Season!

Phoolon Ki Chadar Ideas

Image Source: Wedding Cinemas

Are you one of those brides-to-be who has been dreaming of walking down the aisle under a phoolon ki chaddar, towards your future partner, with Din Shagna Da playing in the background? If the answer is YES, then you are at the right place!

To make your bridal entry a little more stunning, here are we listing some ah-mazing phoolon ki chaadar ideas I spotted at real weddings. Check it out:

1. The one with exotic flowers:

Image Source  – Infinite Memories

2. With strings of roses hanging:

Image Source – Cinnamon Pictures

3. With roses in the chaadar matching the bridal – bouquet:

Image Source – Shades Photography

4. A minimal phoolon ki chadar:

Image Source – Colourblind Productions

5. With rare flowers:

Image Source – Dipak Studios

6. With an orange touch:

Image Source – The We Do Moments by Meenakshi Jain

7. With a unique shape:

Image Source  – Studio Kelly Photography

8. When the chaddar matched the bridal lehenga:

Image Source – The Wedding Salad

9. With the chaddar matching the decor:

Image Source – Art Capture Productions

10. The triangular phoolon ki chadar:

Image Source – Payal Kumar

11. With a rustic touch :

Image Source – Gautam Khullar Photography

12. With a kaleere touch:

Image Source – House on the clouds

13. A personalised phoolon ki chaadar:

Image Source – The Wedding Crashers

So, which phoolon-ki-chadar would you have for your wedding?

10 Whimsical Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers for Every Indian Bride

Your hairdo is an essential aspect of your bridal look. So much so that, it can be a real deal-breaker if not done right! Imagine investing in all those exquisite jewels, expensive couture, and ruining it all with a disappointing bridal hairstyle! To salvage you from this blunder and turn into splendor, we’ve put together this curated list that brings to you bridal hairstyle ideas and options aplenty. From exciting open hairdos to majestic bridal buns with breathtaking floral arrangements, here is our collection of floral bridal hairstyles trending hot this wedding season 2022.

  Whether you are looking for pre-wedding hairdos, bridal hairstyles for the wedding day, or reception looks, you can find all the inspiration you need at your fingertips. Scroll away, girls!

1. Braided Beauty!

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Braids are a big go-to for new brides-to-be and work perfectly well for your pre-wedding festivities. Opt for this fishtail braid bridal hairstyle and flaunt it with a trail of fresh roses for a vintage look! You can even choose from mogra, baby breath, or a combination of your favorite blooms cascaded throughout those plain braids, knotted boho braids, or fishtail braids!

2. A Captivating Crown for the Bridal Queen!

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Bridal crowns or bands have been in vogue for a while now and are certainly here to stay! Reason? They can lift up almost any look instantly! Don it with a loose french braid bridal hairstyle or simply let it adorn your curly tresses.

3. Cascading Charmers!

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

There are a million ways to do justice to those lovely long tresses. The quintessential way, however, is to curl them up like a cascading waterfall and decorate them with stunning spring buds! Or simply experiment with the floral arrangement like this three-sided curve and mix and match ‘em with the color of your outfit.

4. Classic Rose Bridal Bun

Pay an ode to the classical bridal hairstyle with this rose overload! Leaving room for merging a number of hair accessories in different styles, this one makes for a beautiful bouquet.

5. Garden of Eden!

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Make way for this royal bun bridal hairstyle entwined with seasonal flowers for an ethereal look!

6. Chic Braided Bridal Bun

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Simmy Makeup Studio & Academy

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source Orange The Salon

A shout-out to experimental brides out there! This intricate spiral bridal hairstyle loaded with delicate rosette buns and curls makes for a bold statement. Jazz it up with minimal floral buds and strings to strike the perfect balance!

7. Mesmerizing Mogra Magic

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

Image Source Zing Creation Apparels

You can never go wrong with a bunch of lively mogra flowers hugging your hair! Don the classic big bun and embellish it with the beauty of fresh mogras. Mogras with pastel shade apparel makes for a dream team!

8. Vintage Vibes!

Image Source Le Fleur Jewels

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Celebrate the timeless beauty of your being with these royal roses bunched up to perfection!

9. The Elegant Elan!

Image Source Orange The Salon

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Opt for this exuberance donning fine flowers in between the messy bun look! This bridal hairstyle is a hit for your reception and compliments your intricate bridal gown.

10. Suave and Style!

Image Source Indian Wedding

Image Source: Aayushi Patel

Image Source: Sejal Savaliya

This one-sided floral arrangement works wonders with fabulously curled-up hair! If you like its intricate yet minimal bridal hairstyle, this one surely makes the cut.

Swooning over these amazing floral hairdos or bridal hairstyles is not enough. We hope you’ve shortlisted your favorites and bookmarked’em all! If you need more inspiration for bridal buns or Indian hairstyles for weddings, scroll away our blog page.

35+ Wedding Decoration Ideas That Are All The Rage This Wedding Season

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Enchanting mandaps, bespoke wedding stage, and aesthetic seating – There is more to wedding decor than meets the eye. Couples today are more involved in wedding planning and decision-making than they used to. And why not? The wedding day marks the most momentous event in a person’s life and taking the wheel just ensures it is every bit as magical as you ever imagined. And that’s why we have jotted down all the hottest wedding decoration ideas 2022 to get you started with the wedding preps. 

Every couple has their own unique style and wedding day goals, then why should their wedding decor be any less? Not only wedding decor is quintessential to set the theme and mood for the ceremonies, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities for customization – adding all the quirks and gimmicks you love as a couple. An element of such importance that can make or break the celebratory vibe of your day, our rundown on the trendiest wedding decor idea will bring you to speed on what wedding decor experts are up to these days. 

From whimsical wedding stage decoration, floral extravagance, and sustainable decor choices, to dazzling bridal lounges, our selection of the latest wedding decor ideas 2022 is everything you need to draw inspiration for your own wedding – be it sangeet, Mehndi, engagement, wedding ceremony, or reception. Ladies and gentlemen, let the scrolling begin!

1. A pastel paradise coming right up!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

2. Who’s excited about cascading wisteria canopy? This is what dream wedding decor is made of!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

3. Coming up next is Technicolor Decor Setting! Who loves rainbows – raise your hands?

Image Source: Atisuto Events

4. Trends have come and gone, but one thing that still has a soft corner in the heart of Indian Weddings – Marigold flowers in all their glory!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

A low-budget wedding stage decoration idea that is nothing if not a stellar spectacle!

5. Mughal era extravagance meets contemporary – Couples are opting for fusions that describe their style and love story best!

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

6. A White Wonderland – When Indian weddings are all about colors and magnificence, this offbeat selection stands for class and royalty that’s pure magic.

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

7. We love this decorator’s interpretation of The Starry Night for the couples wedding day!

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

8. Draped in Elegance – this pastel indulgence lands just the right amount of warmth and happiness this couple aimed for!

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

9. Lush foliage, anyone? This wedding stage set-up is everything one can dream of – classy, subtle, floral all the way!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

10. Romantic hues of red imbued in a whimsical setting – What else one can ask for on their wedding day?

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

We are hopelessly in love with this stage decoration for weddings – Red, Romantic, and Ravishing! 

11. An aesthetically pleasing bridal lounge that’s hard to miss!

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

12. A glorious yet subtle wedding decor idea that has all the flavors of chic and modernistic couples’ wedding day goals.

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

13. Ditch the roses, use local blooms for offbeat wedding decor – We have our hearts wrapped up in this Bougainvillea decor surprise.

Image Source: Atisuto Events

14. Mix and match styles creating the magical setup for a fairytale wedding – Boho chic and Victorian elegance in one!

Image Source: Atisuto Events

15. Pampas Centerpieces and jute dream catchers – a perfect wedding decor for a Jaipur Destination wedding!

Image Source: Atisuto Events

16. Inspired from Christmas Colors – A Ruby and emerald paradise for a whimsical winter wedding on your cards.

Image Source: Atisuto Events

17. A traditional garden ceremony with the touch of panache!

Image Source: Devika Narian & Company

18. A color-blocked Mehendi by the pool – This is what we mean when we say a fun pre-wedding ceremony!

Image Source: Devika Narain & Company

19. This VIBGYOR setup is every inch vivid and vibrant just like the couples who chose it

Image Source: Aash Studio

20. This Genda Phool wedding decor is the definition of a colorful celebration!

Image Source: Aash Studio

21. Neon Lights are back in business – Who can say no to this photo booth!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: Aash Studio

22. Amp up your wedding decor game with these colorful floral installations!

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

Image Source: Aash Studio

23. Wow your guests with a dazzling venue entrance sparkled with chōchin lanterns!

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

25. When in doubt, go for a yellow floral surprise for your wedding decor!

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

We can’t help but marvel at this marigold wall – A smart pick for low-budget wedding stage decoration!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

26. Swooning over this romantic floral wedding decor of Glasshouse!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

27. This floral Kissing booth setup is giving us major wedding decor goals – Gotta have this one!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

28. There is always room for mogra magic in your wedding decor!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

29. Edible decor for couples rooting for sustainability – This wedding decor looks so yummy, we will just gobble it all up!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

30. Light up your wedding day with tons and tons of lanterns and pendant lights!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

32. Add an element of surprise to your wedding decor by subtly incorporating Larger than Life figurines!

Image Source: Aash Studio

33. Oversized OTT Decor Accessory works like a charm in any Indian Wedding decor setup!

Image Source: Aashish Photography

34. The wisteria trees, surrounded by chandeliers definitely stole the show and our hearts for that matter!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

35. A traditional setting turned into a majestic affair!

36. Don’t forget to add seasonal elements to your wedding decor!

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

Liked what you saw? Stay tuned to Weddingz.in blogs for a refreshing and inspiring collection of wedding decorations, mandapa decor, and new tent decor ideas for mehndi and sangeet – We will be adding these soon!

10 Kishore Kumar Tracks to Add to Your Wedding Playlist 2022!

wedding playlist

Image Source: Dipak Studios

While there is little doubt that wedding playlists in 2022 are brimming with peppy party numbers and catchy tunes, they certainly cannot do without some soulful songs too. And if they are classics, even better! And while we are talking about classic hits, there’s no one better than the legend himself. The beauty of Kishore Kumar is that in spite of being an untrained singer, this maestro is considered an institution in himself! Multi-talented and multi-faceted, he has graced every genre, emotion, and style of singing with his versatile voice and feisty persona. This wedding season if you’re looking for old Hindi numbers for your sangeet or first couple dance, this list comprising a mix of Kishor Da’s hits will be your perfect guide.

Without further ado, drop all and get scrolling below to find out our chosen tracks:

1. Tu Tu Hai Wahi, Dil ne Jise Apna Kaha

If you both are huge fans of Kishore Kumar, then we can’t suggest a better way to begin your marital journey than this magical number. An ode to love, this Kishore Kumar superhit song is all you need in your wedding playlist 2022 for your first dance with the love of your life!

2. O Mere Dil Ke Chain

How about a soulful surprise performance for your soulmate? Nothing can beat this superhit Bollywood Hindi song when it comes to expressing your love in the most melodiously romantic way. If it’s a yes, don’t forget to pair it up with a choreography that will mesmerize everyone!

3. Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna

No matter how many times you have professed your love to your one and only, if you haven’t done it on this Kishore Kumar Hit, are you even a true Kishore Kumar Fan? If you are a gifted singer yourself, then you may want to surprise your Future Mrs with this charming hit.

4. Aa Dekhe Zara Kismein Kitna Hain Dum

The ultimate face-off song for the sangeet squad, this Kishore Kumar number is sure to let the mercury soaring on both sides. Both the ladkewale and ladkiwale can bring on their best moves out on this track and thoroughly enjoy themselves. 

5. Jaanu Meri Jaan, Main Tere Kurbaan

What better song of love proclamation than this?! This shaadi season add nostalgia to your wedding playlist with this peppy track. And of course, wear your heart out on your sleeve for your wife-to-be with this track.

6. Neele Neele Ambar Par Chand Jab Aye

A perfect mood-setter, nothing beats the magic and timelessness of this track! The romanticism of love comes alive in this song which is beautifully helped by R.D Burman’s music and Kishore Da’s deep voice. This one is a song for every season 🙂

7. Wada Karo Nahi Chodoge Tum Mera Saath

If you wish to groove with your new spouse to a pleasant, classic, romantic number, then this is the one for you. A perfect first dance track, surround yourself with its soulful lyrics in Kishore Kumar’s heartwarming voice here. 

8. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

How can any list of Kishore Da’s songs be complete without this iconic track?! Brimming with yesteryear nostalgia, who can forget the iconic picturization of Madhubala (his future wife) and the pleasantly surprising music variations?

9. Chookar Mere Mann Ko

Celebrate the innocence of love with this soothing Kishore Kumar song. Be it a wonderful track to get your folks to perform to or humm over a karaoke session at your pre-wedding party, this one must certainly be on your list. 

10. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

And finally, a song that lovers across eras and age groups can relate to, this one is an artistic gem! Be it the lyrics, music, picturization, or skillful singing, this track when played out at one of your functions can send elderly couples on a nostalgic trip while filling the younger ones with aspirations of making memories and weaving dreams.

So folks, while you add in all the trending/latest tracks to your wedding list, remember it always feels nice and connected to have a touch of pure classic. And nothing better than the maestro’s songs themselves 🙂

10 Times Kajol Gave us Major Saree Goals

Known for her impressive performances on the silver screen, Kajol is one of the finest actresses of her age. Just like her filmography, her fashion choices too have been utterly impressive. Moreso her splendid saree collection! After all this actress and sarees go a long way back. Who can forget her timeless sarees in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain or her iconic saree looks in the sensuous number, Sooraj Hua Maddham?! Like in reel life, Kajol’s statement sarees in real life too have been memorable. Hence, we thought, who better than this powerhouse of talent to give you major wedding saree goals this season? 

Get ready to explore a closet full of Kajol’s stunning sarees and we bet, you are not going to be disappointed! Let’s dive straight in then.

1. This beautiful pink saree is perfect for your pre-wedding puja. We love how this stunning actress chose to pair this saree with a well-fitting and vibrant orange blouse which has only further amplified her look!

Image Source Raw Mango

2. Look nothing less than a regal beauty on your life’s most momentous day by stepping out in this stellar Ritu Kumar intricately embellished saree! You can choose to take inspiration from Kajol’s way of styling this look. Neat bun with a statement necklace gets a big thumbs up from us for sure.

Image Source Ritu Kumar

3. This blue floral beauty must certainly be a part of your bridal trousseau. Light, fresh and radiant this saree is pure GOALS! Opt for a minimal makeup look. You could also choose to pair your hair bun with stunning flowers to carry this look well. 

Image Source Torani

4. Such is the magic of minimalism that you can shine the brightest even in a gorgeous minimalist saree such as this! If you’re looking for something subtle and pleasant to wear in between your wedding festivities, this saree is an ideal pick. 

Image Source Manish Malhotra

5. Can you even take your eyes off this pretty lace saree? Because we certainly cannot! We are in love with this elegant look. There’s much inspiration to-be brides can take from here. Be it the hair, makeup or accessorization to pair with lace sarees, this look serves as a great guide.

Image Source Anita Dongre

6. This wedding season add a charming chikan saree like this to your collection. Exuding poise, grace and elegance, this saree is your perfect companion for a wonderful wedding soiree. Nail your traditional look with a stunning jewellery set and a perfect bindi 🙂

Image Source Tarun Tahiliani

7. One of our absolute favourites, everything about this look is top-notch! This exquisitely embellished designer saree is perfect to don for your wedding festivities. Besides the cut-sleeve blouse, breathtaking jewellery and perfect hairdo render this look extraordinary!

Image Source  Tarun Tahiliani

8. Redefine sultry and sensuous by stepping out in a smart and sassy creation like this saree! This one is apt for a splendid nuptial get-together or a fun cocktail bash. You can choose to opt for tiny studs or just go accessory free like Kajol.

Image Source Shivan and Naresh

9. This saree is absolutely breathtaking! Be it the thought of design, texture, contrast or fabric, this creation thoroughly stands out. This talented actress has taken this look one notch higher by her overall appearance and confidence.

Image Source Manish Malhotra

10. Now nail a beautiful geometric print saree like this stunning star! We love the experimentation with pairing a floral eclectic blouse and that gorgeous pair of earrings.

Image Source Punit Balana

So ladies, we hope you found much inspiration in Kajol’s creative saree collection. Remember to bookmark this list and keep it handy!

40+ Latest Blouse Designs 2022 to check out this Indian Wedding Season!

Blouse Design

Image Source: I Alam Photography

Whether you are planning to don a bridal lehenga on your big day or go with a Kanjivaram silk saree, the blouse design you choose can make or break your wedding outfit! And it’s not just the wedding day, you will be needing a lot of the latest blouse designs 2022 to match the theme of haldi, sangeet, mehndi, and even reception. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime affair and you do want your glam avatar to be clicked for your wedding album or Instagram posts.

From replicating Alia Bhatt’s minimalistic bridal look to opting a playful look for your haldi ceremony, no matter what outfit you choose, pairing it with a carefully handcrafted, classy blouse piece will only take your glam avatar up a notch. We know how difficult it is to find the latest blouse designs 2022 that will complement perfectly with your wedding saree or lehenga. To give your search some impetus, we have curated a list of 40 latest blouse designs 2022 that you will pin immediately!

1. Bell sleeves saree blouse design for the win!

There’s something truly casual and romantic about a blouse design with flowy bell sleeves! Pair something like this with a cotton or silk saree for a modern look! This is definitely one of the latest blouse designs 2022 which every modern bride should pin for her pre-wedding function.

2. Latest V-neck blouse design by Sabyasachi

Outfit by: Sabyasachi

3. Saree blouse pattern with off-shoulder sleeves and ikat print

Got a simple silk saree that you can’t seem to find a new blouse design for? Try wearing a bold, off-shoulder and ikat print blouse design like this one and let me know if you don’t get swamped with compliments!

4.  Simple keyhole back ladies blouse design

Nothing beats the beauty of a simple blouse design, does it? This saree blouse pattern with keyhole cutout at the back and sequined embroidery is a great backup blouse style to wear with any of your sarees! Tip: Make this Latest saree blouse design 2022 with a golden fabric and watch it work like magic with most of your sarees!

5. Sheer blouse design with silver embroidery and mini tassels

Image Source: The Knotty Story

Got a summer-time day wedding and planning to wear a pastel saree or lehenga for your big day? Give this latest sheer blouse design with embroidery and tassels a shot!

6. Kareena’s off-shoulder latest blouse design from Veere Di Wedding

Let’s just say Kareena and her bride tribe have given us some major #bridalweargoals. This latest blouse design worn by Kareena in the movie has beautiful silver embroidery and bunched tassels at the shoulder, which give it a contemporary look!

7.  Printed jacket blouse design to pair with a solid saree

If you planning to wear a plain silk or chiffon saree for one of your pre wedding functions, then this latest blouse design with multicolour printed jacket will look amazing.

8. Latest backless blouse design with multicolour latkan

Blouse designer: Ashiwini Reddy

This blouse design by Ashwini Reddy is totally giving sangeet night vibes. The multicolour latkans along with a gold-sequined fabric is a great pick to pair with a gold lehenga.

9. Sequined-strings new ladies blouse design for lehenga

Image Source: The Videowala

Isn’t this new latest blouse design total #bridalweargoals? The cascading Sequined-strings and off-shoulder design is an ideal pick to wear for your mehndi or cocktail party!

10. Latest blouse design with sheer fabric and 3D floral embroidery

If you are looking for the most hatke saree blouse patterns, then this sheer blouse with 3D pastel flowers and cascading tassel sleeves is just the perfect pick for you!

11. The trending blouse design with an off-shoulder noodle strap

For the bold bride out there, a modern blouse like this one can be perfectly paired with a beige skirt or solid lehenga for your mehndi or sangeet ceremony!

12. Latest velvet blouse design with round collar by Sabyasachi

Outfit by: Sabyasachi

Is there a better inspiration than Sabyasachi’s latest blouse design? This velvet blouse with round collar and silver zardosi work is amazing to pair with anything from silk to net sarees!

13. Peplum style latest saree blouse design with bow

Outfit by: Sapana Amin

If you are planning to wear a printed chiffon saree or a plain georgette saree, then this latest blouse design with peplum and bow at the back is something you can definitely consider.

14. New latest blouse design with full floral embroidery

A heavily-embroidered blouse like this one is not only festive and attractive, but the ideal choice to pair with a solid silk or chiffon saree.

15. Back cut-out latest blouse design

This ladies saree blouse design is simple yet surely eye-catching. The back cut-out and elegant gold detailing on the sleeve of this ladies blouse design is a good choice to wear with a silk saree.

16. Flap-jacket latest saree blouse design for the bride

Image Source: Makeup by Vejetha Anand

Are you the whacky bride who would love to try an unconventional and latest saree blouse design on your big day? Well, you have an amazing idea right here! This one-flap jacket embroidered blouse is a great choice to wear with your pattu saree!

17. Peplum-style latest saree blouse design that’s just too gorgeous

The dainty floral embroidery and small latkans at the hem of this latest peplum blouse design are just too hard to miss! You can pair this latest blouse design with a solid silk saree.

19. Cold-shoulder latest saree blouse design with ruffle sleeves

The list of latest saree blouse designs that you can pair with a net or sheer saree is practically endless. This cold-shoulder blouse with ruffle sleeves is one such ladies blouse design that can be easily matched up with see-through sarees!

20. Nude tulle blouse design designed by Manish Malhotra

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

If you are planning to wear a plain silk or satin saree and are looking for latest saree blouse designs that are modern and chic, then this designer tulle blouse by Manish Malhotra should do the job for you.

21. Maggam work latest saree blouse design for pattu saree

Image Source: Sakina Ahmed

Maggam work blouse designs are a huge trend in 2022 and for all the right reasons! They look heavy, festive and are the perfect wedding blouse designs to be worn with a silk saree!

22. Deep-U back saree blouse with frill details

Here’s just another simple ladies blouse design with deep U neck and frill details that can be practically worn with any saree if stitched in a neutral colour like black, gold or silver!

23. Inverted heart cut-out latest saree blouse design

This inverted heart cut out blouse design with floral embroidery is a stunning choice to wear with a simple bordered chiffon saree! Great pick for a reception party!

24. Faux cape latest blouse design with a stand collar

Wish to have a cape on your blouse without having to actually carry it? Well, this saree blouse pattern with faux cape, stand collar and floral lace details is perfect for you!

25. Inverted-V back silver embroidery saree blouse design

This inverted-V back silver embroidery saree blouse design is a smart and chic choice to wear with an embellished designer saree!

26. Ruffle sleeves ladies blouse design by Anushree Reddy

Image Source: Anushree Reddy

What a dreamy look it would be to pair this ruffled sleeves latest blouse design with an organza saree for a wedding reception!

27. Criss-cross string bustier-style latest blouse design 2022

Outfit by: Arpita Mehta

If you are on the lookout for sexy blouse designs to wear with a lehenga or saree, then this bustier-style blouse with front strings is a total winner!

28. Bow back latest saree blouse design with lace sleeves

Image Source: House of Blouse

This latest saree blouse design with bow back and lace sleeve is something that you can totally pull off with a designer saree!

29. Kalamkari boat neck saree blouse design

Image Source: House of Blouse

This blue and pink kalamkari printed boatneck blouse design is sexy pick to wear with simple cotton or silk sarees!

30. Heavy gold work latest blouse design for brides

Here’s another latest blouse design with a heavily-embroidered gold back! Such ladies blouse designs are a fantastic choice to wear with silk sarees or traditional kasavu sarees too!

31. Simple off-shoulder blouse with copper embroidery

Image Source: Dream Diaries

Nothing beats the beauty of simple yet latest blouse design with cold shoulder and copper embroidery! This versatile blouse can be paired with both a saree and a lehenga as you please!

32. Loose cold-shoulder latest blouse design with stunning embroidery detailing

This latest blouse design with loose hem and a cold shoulder is a stunning option to wear with a net saree or lehenga. The intricate embroidery detailing is only adding to its beauty!

33. Sheer puff sleeves ladies blouse design

If elegance had a face, it would like this graceful blouse design! The mint green colour with peach embroidery and sheer puff sleeves is what dream saree blouse patterns are made of!

34. Jhumka-embellished latest blouse design 

Image Source: Sakina Ahmed

This super new and latest jumkha blouse design has the perfection of zardosi jali, embedded crystals and drooping jhumkas. Easily one of the best saree blouse designs of 2022; what say?

35. Cut-out mirror work latest blouse design

If you are planning to wear a silk saree or pattu saree on your big day, then this latest saree blouse design is just perfect for you. The neat cut-out back with mirror work and embroidery is just too gorgeous, isn’t it?

36. Latest saree blouse design with shimmery bell sleeves

This ladies blouse design with shiny bell sleeves is nothing short of a beauty to pair with a simple chiffon or georgette saree! Don’t you girls agree?

37. Pom pom embellished latest saree blouse design

Image Source: Roma Ganesh Photography

This lovely blouse back design with an open lower back has intricate maggam work embroidery and small pompoms that make just the perfect pick to pair with your bridal kanjivaram saree!

38. Silver embellished blouse with oversized tassels at the hem

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

You can trust Manish Malhotra to give you the best and latest blouse designs always! This silver embellished blouse with oversized tassels at the hem is a total stunner by all fashion standards!

39. New latest blouse design with inverted-U and double dori

Image Source: House of Blouse

Nothing works it charm like a well-designed brocade blouse! This pink and gold brocade blouse design with inverted-U neck and double dori is a fantastic choice to wear with your raw silk or cotton saree!

40. Deep neck chrome detailing latest blouse design 2022

If you are looking out for simple saree blouse patterns that are bold too, then this latest blouse design with deep neck and chrome detailing is something you should consider to wear with your saree!

Which of these latest blouse designs 2022 are you planning to pin and show your designer for inspiration?

Latest Wedding Cake Designs 2022 that You Can Customize for Your Big Day!

Wedding cake

Image Source: Unsplash

Once the date is set, dream venue booked, and you have already sent the invites, the next big thing on your wedding 2022 to-do-list is: Curating the perfect statement wedding cake customized to your heart’s desire.

While most cultures in India don’t have a formal wedding cake cutting ceremony, a lot of young couples are choosing to have beautiful wedding cakes as a part of their celebrations! And to be honest, there are so many wedding cake designs out there that it may seem a bit overwhelming to finalize on the perfect wedding cake for your special day. It’s really not going to be a piece of cake! So if you think you have made a lot of touch choices in your life, choosing the perfect wedding cake is surely going to top that list.

To make your search for your wedding cake or engagement cake a little easier, we have curated a list of trending wedding cake designs 2022 that you can show your wedding cake baker for customization. So, are you ready to scroll through some mouth-watering wedding cake images?

Warning: Reading this blog may leave you craving for these sweet confections. Keep your phone handy and order one for yourself before you proceed any further :p

1. Indian Wedding Cake

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you want a beautiful wedding cake to match with your desi décor, then these Indian wedding cake designs are a great choice for you. They are bright, colorful and look absolutely delicious!

2. Chandelier wedding cake design

Image Source: Sweet Hollywood Cakes

Image Source: Wedding Cinemas

Chandelier wedding cakes are a huge trend right now and for all the right reasons. Suspended from a stand like a chandelier, this wedding cake design is cool and definitely unique! These designs are also great for your engagement cakes!

3. Colorblock Wedding Cakes

If you are looking for a bright and vibrant wedding cake, then this colorblock wedding cake design is something that will surely catch your fancy. You can choose both of your favorite colors or stick to a color palette to match you wedding decor colors too!

4. Quirky wedding cake designs

“Couples who read together stay together.” I, for one totally love this wedding cake idea of having your and your partner’s favorite books on the wedding cake design.

For foodie couples out there, you can simply mount all your favourite food on top of each other and make a crazy good wedding cake! Let all hell break loose. Add those fries, burgers, chocolates & pizzas that both of you love binging together!

You can even have wedding cake of a TV show or movie both you and your partner  love! *By the way, I’m totally digging at this Game of Thrones themed wedding cake*

5. Drip Wedding Cake Design

Drip cakes are a simple and elegant option that can be used as an engagement cakes too! Drip cake designs look better on small cakes, especially when decorated with wedding cake toppers!

6. Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

If you are having a daytime summer wedding in an outdoor setting or in a place surrounded by woods or greenery, then a rustic wedding cake is a fantastic option that will match with your decor too!

7. Geometric Wedding Cakes

Image Source: Chloe Atnip

If symmetry is something that fascinates you, then geometric wedding cakes are a great option for your big day! You can either choose a completely different shape for your entire cake, or simply use some geometric elements all over the cake.

8. Ombre Wedding Cake Designs

The trend of ombre color shading is taking everything by storm. Right from dresses to hair colors, everything has ombre colors, so why should wedding cakes be left behind? Well, ombre wedding cakes look colorful and elegant at the same time, no?

9. Lace Wedding Cake Designs

Image Source: Sugar Ruffles

Image Source: Cotton & Crumbs

Lace wedding cakes are a tasteful choice for couples who want to have a wedding cake design that’s simple yet graceful.

10. Hand painted wedding cakes

If you are an art lover and appreciate a good painting or two, then these hand painted wedding cakes will definitely catch you eye. You can choose any painting that you love and ask your wedding cake baker to customize it for you.

11. Metallic Wedding Cake Designs

A little bit of shine and sparkle never hurt anyone, did it? Well, these metallic wedding cakes sure as hell stand out shiny and classy with their metallic accents and decoration. What do you think?

12. Ruffle Wedding Cakes

Is there anything prettier than buttercream wedding cakes with a ruffled design? Well, it is a classic wedding cake idea that will never go out of style! If you need help with your Christian wedding planning 2022, Weddingz.in can always lend a helping hand!

13. Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked wedding cakes are a raging trend this year and I am definitely not the one to complain. These naked cake designs have minimal frosting and are generally topped with fresh fruit and decorated with small flowers! They are perfect if you have a penchant for things that are minimal yet classy!

14. Vintage wedding cakes

If you have an old school style, then these vintage wedding cakes in white will prove to be a graceful option to begin you celebrations with.

15. Multi-tier wedding cake on stand

This wedding cake idea is a great pick if you want to have different flavors in your wedding cake. All you have to do is pick a multi-tier stand and mount small cakes on each of them and decorate the entire setup in a similar theme.

Are you having sugar cravings looking at these wedding cake designs already? Well, you can save the wedding cake pictures you love for inspiration and show it to your baker while they design your D-day cake 2022!

Christian Wedding Ceremony – 10 Most Common Traditions for the Couples and the Guests

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

When you think of a Christian wedding, what is the first thing that pops in your head? A bride dressed beautifully in a white gown, the groom reciting his vows, gorgeous bridesmaids, and elegant floral décor. But, Christian weddings are way more than what we think. The ceremonies are shorter than that of traditional Hindu weddings and they are an amalgamation of Indian and western traditions. The ceremonies are so beautiful that some of them are now being incorporated in Hindu weddings as well (Thanks to Bollywood celebs)

Whether you are planning to attend a Christian wedding or going to be an integral part of the wedding planning, it is essential that you are well versed in what goes on at a Christian wedding. Here are the 10 most common traditions you’ll get to witness at a Christian wedding.

1. The Bridal Shower

This custom is now celebrated by most of the brides these days, regardless of their faith. But for a Christian bride, the bridal shower is literally where she is showered with gifts, blessings, and love. This is an informal party hosted by her girlfriends. This girls-only event involves games, dancing and the bride is showered with gifts by her friends and relatives. So Bridesmaids, put your wedding planning cap on and get started with this fiesta.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

2. The Bachelor’s Party

Just like the bridal shower, the bachelor’s party is organized by the groomsmen. Unlike the bridal shower which is held weeks before the wedding, the bachelor’s party is held on the eve of the wedding with the belief that it is the groom’s last night to celebrate his bachelorhood. as a bachelor that begins with raising a toast. Best Man, now you know what your role in wedding planning for your best friend is going to be.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

3. Welcoming the Bride

On the morning of the wedding, the groom sends a car to pick up the bride. Upon her arrival, she is welcomed by the best man with a bouquet of flowers. The groom then enters the chapel and waits for the bride. The bride is then escorted down the aisle by her father. The bride’s father gives the bride’s hand to the groom and this is called ‘giving away the bride.’ The couple then stands opposite to the priest after which the Christian wedding mass begins. If you are eyeing for a grand entrance, get inspired from wedding planning ideas we share in our Instagram every day!

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

4. The Wedding Mass

At the Christian wedding mass, the priest pronounces the testaments from the Bible and explains the rituals and religious significance of marriage. Post this, the church choir and the guests sing the prayers blessing the couple. 

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

5. The Vows

A ceremony that is practiced by most of the religions in different forms, exchanging vows is the most important ritual at a Christian wedding. The vows are written by the priest or by the couple. The couple often holds hands while exchanging vows. These vows include promises made by the bride and the groom to love, respect and take care of each other. Write down all the things that matter to you, big or small, because that’s the recipe of a tear-jerker vow that will touch every heart and soul in that room. Make sure you do that way before wedding planning begins because everybody knows there is never enough time to write down the vows.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

6. Bridal Veil

Just like brides in Hindu weddings, brides in a Christian wedding also wear a veil. Opening the bridal veil is one of the crucial moments in a Christian wedding. This event symbolizes the purity of the bride and her reverence for God. According to religious references, it symbolizes that, ‘Before the bridal veil, the bride lives as an individual. After opening the bridal veil, the bride will live as one with the groom.’ Post this, the priest tells the groom to kiss the bride, which symbolizes that the bride and groom are now officially married. 

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

7. Throwing off the bouquet

You must have seen in movies, that the bride at a Christian wedding throws the bouquet in her hand towards the crowd without turning back. It is believed that the girl who gets the flower bouquet gets married next. This ritual is similar to the kalire ceremony in a Punjabi wedding. Now that you have pulled off a successful wedding ceremony, let’s see who’s going to be the next one in line for you to share all that wisdom with.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

8. Rice Toss

As the couple exits the ceremony, guests gather around and shower them with rice which is a symbolic wish to the just-married couple for a life of prosperity and fruitfulness. During the ancient times at a Christian wedding, this meant blessing them with many children. You can worry about children later :p, but first things first, a perfect wedding planning!

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

9. Wedding Toast

The Christian wedding ceremony is followed by a formal reception where the friends and family members gather to celebrate the marriage of the newlywed couple. During the reception, a ritual of giving wedding toast takes place. In this the family members and friends raise a toast to wish them a happy married life.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

10. First Dance

Post the toast, the couple at a Christian wedding head to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple. They choose a song that is important to their relationship and bond. Don’t forget to add this one to your wedding planning to-do list.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

This was our take on what you should expect in a Christian wedding as a guest if you are invited to one. And yes, put that white dress back in the closet because the only one who is going to wear white that day is our beloved bride. If you are hosting your own wedding as a couple and feeling overwhelmed with all the wedding planning, let Weddingz.in take a few things off your plate. Whether you need help finding the wedding venue of your dreams or wedding planning services such as catering, décor, or anything even remotely related with wedding, grab your phone and give us a call today!

20+ Punjabi Weddings Songs for an Ultimate Playlist for your Big Day

Whether it is music for Bride and Groom’s entrance or the playlist for Sangeet, no wedding is complete without groovy numbers and Punjabi music fits the bill. A good music playlist can make a huge difference in setting the mood at a Punjabi wedding. Creating a kickass playlist for your functions during your wedding planning can save you the panic that strikes you on the D-day. Be it soothing folk songs or dazzling dhol beats, punjabi music is full of foot-tapping beats and soulful lyrics. Wondering what to add to your wedding playlist?  Pro Tip: Make sure you keep yourself updated with the new releases while wedding planning to make sure you select all the right and trending numbers. 

Here are 20+ groovy numbers for your Punjabi wedding that will surely set the floor on fire and help you tick off an important task from your wedding planning. 

1. The Punjaabban song, Jugg Jugg Jeeyo

No wedding this season will be complete without shaking a leg at this number that is hot and fresh out of the oven. 

2. Ma Belle, AP Dhillon

A recent masterpiece by AP Dhillon, Ma Belle is a soft and romantic number that can be used by the groom for his sangeet performance. 

3. Gud Naal Ishq Mittha, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

This song is slow and nostalgic and can be used by the family for performing on one of the functions in a Punjabi wedding.

4. Dil Chori Sadda Ho Gaya, Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety

Be it Nushrat Bharucha’s sultry saree, the dazzling backdrop or Karthik Aaryan’s crazy moves, there’s a lot of inspiration to take from the song. You can take inspiration for wedding planning from the movie and plan an equally dazzling decor for your wedding functions or copy some moves for your dance performance with the friends.

5. Veer Ji Viyohn, Speedy Singh

Be it the groom’s sisters or brothers, this song is a refreshing addition to the wedding playlist for Sangeet or Baarat. 

6. Baagay Vich, Hari & Sukhmani

An offbeat addition to the wedding playlist, this song will surely leave your partner and the guests teary eyed. You can also customize the song just like this bride and her bridesmaids did.

7. Tenu leke, Salaam-e-Ishq

Let’s admit, we’ve all admired Salman Khan wooing Priyanka Chopra, his lady love in this song. Well, it’s old but a perfect song for a groom’s entry in a punjabi wedding. Make sure you pay special attention to bride and groom’s entry during wedding planning. The performance will leave not just the baraatis but also the bride grooving to the beats. Watch this groom prove us right.

8. Gallan Goodiyaan, Dil Dhadakne Do

The song is as peppy as the vibe it sets. This number sung by ace artists like Shankar Mahadevan, Sukhwinder Singh instantly sends a jolt of energy to the dance floor at a Punjabi wedding. 

9. Pyar Tenu Karda Gabru, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

Be it the older version or the new one, this song made its place in our hearts. This song is perfect for the groom who wishes to floor his bride-to-be. This song is a must have in your punjabi wedding song playlist.

10. Kaala Chashma, Baar Baar Dekho

The favorite song of DJs and a hot favorite among the guests, no one will be able to resist tapping their feet when this number hits the dance floor at a punjabi wedding.

11. Sauda Khara Khara, Good Newwz

Practicing for the dance performance during wedding planning is way more memorable than the performance itself. And this quirky number is definitely going to make your performance way more fun. 

12. Nai Jaana, Neha Bhasin

With this new rendition of an old Punjabi wedding song, Neha Bhasin has made it to our wedding playlist. For the bride who wishes to deliver an emotional performance with a pinch of teasing, this song is a must-have.

13. Jaani Tera Naa, Sunanda Sharma

A famous choice among brides and bridesmaids for Sangeet dance performances, this song is fun and will definitely spice up the wedding planning and rehearsals.

14. Nachde Ne Saare, Baar Baar Dekho

What’s a punjabi wedding without everyone dancing together? This song is an ode to celebrating the joy of weddings and togetherness.

15. Lehanga, Jass Manak

Perfect option for a fun Bride-to-be for her sangeet performance. This number by Jass Manak is a popular Punjabi wedding song that makes it to most of the wedding playlists. 

16. Laung Da Lashkara, Patiala House

Old but gold! This high energy number will give you all the wedding feels and can be incorporated into one of the performances for sangeet. It is also a good choice for parents’ performance in a Punjabi wedding.

17. London Thumakda, Queen

Be it kids or adults, this song has been an integral part of Punjabi wedding playlists ever since it was released. 

18. Aaj Sajeya, Dharma 2.0

Be it the song for Bridal entry or digital invite, this soothing number is a no-brainer choice to set the mood for a Punjabi wedding.

19. Punjabi Wedding Song, Hasee Toh Phasi

A perfect mix of dhol and fun punjabi lyrics, this song hits the right notes and creates just the right Punjabi wedding vibe that is infectious!

20. Jalebi Baby, Tesher x Jason Derulo 

This quirky number is a preferred choice for the bride’s squad these days. Make sure you include this in the Wedding playlist during wedding planning.

21. Patola, Blackmail

The Bollywood version of this wedding number is a Punjabi wedding song that will surely stay on our Wedding playlist for a long time. 

22. Oh Ho Ho Ho, Hindi Medium

This composition by Sukhbir is a classic and screams nostalgia. This can be a good option for millennials planning to perform at the wedding.

23. Bhangra Ta Sajda, Veere Di Wedding

Sassy and fun, this Punjabi wedding song is for the modern tribe with the mix of just the right beats and lyrics.

24. Punjabiyaan Di Battery, Mere Dad Ki Maruti

Punjabis and Punjabi weddings are famous for their endless energy! Include this fun number in your wedding playlist and watch the guests go nuts. And make sure you keep that battery charged during the wedding planning too. 

10 clever Hacks to ensure a pocket friendly budget Indian wedding!

A wedding extravaganza is a real thing and I think we can easily lay the blame on Yash Raj and Karan Johar. The wedding game has changed since the late 90’s, so much so that now it’s a full-fledged industry. Loads of functions, elements and tension. It might seem like an impossible task, but there are a few tips and tricks in order to cut down your overall cost. Take a deep breath, sip on your green tea and read all the hacks you must know in order to fit your wedding within a budget!

1. Bridal Lehenga

Image source: CoolBluez Photography

Okay, I agree you wish to dress up like Rani Padmavati did every day, but hon, is it really worth spending lakhs for an outfit that you’re going to wear only for one day? Instead, hop down to Chandni Chowk and you’ll find a treasure trove full of Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna and Manish Malhotra copies! Non-Delhi brides, I am sure a trip to Delhi will be cheaper than a Sabyasachi lehenga! Jokes apart, it’s always better to source a lehenga from your city’s bridal market. Or you can always rent it from Flyrobe.

2. Bridal Jewellery

The bridal jewellery often costs more than one’s kidneys (read: plural) It’s alright to invest in a light necklace or a wedding ring. However, renting jewellery for the D day is the best thing to do. Don’t be ashamed to rent it for it’s your wedding, not your extended family’s! In case you are wondering where to rent it from, well Flyrobe again comes to your rescue!

3. Invitations

Jab pura India digital ho raha hai, toh aap kyun nahi? Ditch the paper invites and go for the digital invitations. It’ll save your time and money! Forward the invitation to your friends and family and your work is done!

4. Off-Season Wedding Date

The wedding date plays a huge part in your budget. If you plan to get married during the offseason, you’ll have plenty of options and cheaper rates as venues tend to slash the rates and offer huge discounts. This also means your functions don’t clash with some other friends!

5. Guests

Image source: PhotozAapki

Tough choice, this one! A wedding should be an intimate affair with only your near and dear ones to witness the eternal moment. There is no need to invite your dad’s fufa’s neighbour’s dog to your wedding! Keep the guest list to a minimum, you’ll save yourself some money and headaches!

6. Food

Image source: Going Bananas Photography

Nowadays if a wedding doesn’t have 78 different cuisines, it’s not considered “good enough”. Ek insaan kitne hi cuisines khaa sakta hai! Opt for 1-2 cuisines with maximum 8-9 dishes in each. Save food, save money!

7. Venue

Image Source: Dot Dusk Weddings

Fancy shancy venues are so last year. Try an offbeat place such as a huge library, garden, open spaces, etc. Any place that holds a special memory sounds perfect! In case you are confused about where to book your venue, reach out to us here, we will help you out!

8. Pre-wedding Functions

Image source: The Photo Diary

It’s absolutely not necessary to have a mehendi, haldi, chuda, sangeet, etc etc. Combine all the functions into one! Set performances for the mehendi and take Youtube tutorials help instead of hiring a choreographer. Haldi and chuda can be held at home.

9. DIY Decor

The decor rates are insane at the moment! Floral decor cost a minimum of a lakh! You can make Instagram worthy props at home with the help of the 100 cousins that you have. Keep it humble and pretty! Check out these DIY wedding decor ideas for your haldi and mehndi functions!

10. Ask for Discount

Discount maangna humara janmsiddh adhikar hai! Our moms have taught us the art of bargaining well. Play your strengths and shamelessly ask for discounts everywhere possible! Use what your momma gave you!

Now, do you believe when I say that it’s possible to have a wedding on a tight budget? Psst…it’s also possible to have a cheap international honeymoon..check out our blogs to know more!