15 Eco-friendly Wedding Décor Ideas for Environmentally Conscious Brides and Grooms

Sustainability is associated with respect for the environment. It is also identified as what we currently call eco friendly or organic. From minimalism to buying and owning only what is necessary, breaking with the concept of consumer society, measuring waste and opting for natural alternatives, collectively constitute the idea of sustainability. Hence when it comes to sustainable weddings decor ideas, we’re looking at finding these elements manifest in tangible decor. 

Be it the stage decoration, flower wedding decoration, mandap, table, entrance or aisle we’ve listed a mix bag here brimming with sustainable ideas for you to take inspiration from! This new and unusual wedding season, it’s time to celebrate with responsibility and care for the ecosystem we inhabitat. Take a look at these 15 sustainable wedding decor ideas below:

1. A simple structure up in the backyard and with its own fire pit and space for a small marquee too. This simple shoot made of healthy green foliage and fresh roses brought so much colour to the space!

Image Source Weddinghelperuk

2. Eco friendly and sustainable designs are a growing practice in wedding plans lately and for all the right reasons. Featured here is a stunning shoot that shows off chic yet earthy florals we love!

Image Source United With Love

3. This wedding season choose ‘sustainable’ over ‘glamour’. Take a leaf out from this frame that beautifully marries eco-friendly with aesthetics. These cane lamps are a thoughtful alternative you can opt for.

Image Source Wedding Helperuk

4.Rustic wooden boxes make great decor elements. Whether you’re setting up a quirky photobooth or a wedding favour counter such as this, there’s much you can play around with while using wooden boxes. 

Image Source Juliets Wedding Planner

5. Welcome your guests to a world of memories, pleasant musings and a whole lot of fun with an entrance aisle like this that is vibrant, fresh and above all sustainable!

Image Source Indiamart

6. We wish all structures looked this pretty, we would never cover them! A fun way to do up your entrance aisle is to cleverly use the structure itself as a decor element itself.

Image Source Devika Narain & Co.

7. Let your outdoor wedding be an extension of the serene natural landscape. This lilac and foliage arch entrance is a lovely addition! And let’s not forget the fragrant smell 🙂

Image Source Wedding Helperuk

8. This gorgeous mandap décor setup comes with natural flowers, reusable floral foams and fabrics. Why be only gorgeous when you can be gorgeous and eco-friendly?!

Image Source Global Wedding Network

9. Add a thoughtful twist to your wedding mandap decor with these neatly arranged wood logs, traditional flowers and fresh leaves! Minimalist and refreshing, this mandap decor makes for a picturesque frame. 

Image Source Pinterest

10. Embellished in multiple strands of vibrat garlands, bronze lamps and banana leaves, this stunning mandap celebrates the goodness of earth with the richness of traditional elements.

Image Source Pinterest

11. Be it an outdoor or indoor setup, you always have the choice and alternatives to choose sustainable and style it to the t! This beauteous mandap is a lovely example of that. Adorned with rich florals and ferns this one is a class apart.

Image Source Devika Narain & Co.

12. Another example of a marvellous traditional and eco-friendly wedding mandap, this one comes with pleasantly arranged garlands, and fresh floral buds. We like how the addition of the decorated wooden frame has elevated the entire setup!

Image Source Taarini Weddings

13. Loaded with the freshness of decorative natural ferns and flowers, this indoor stage is vibrant and sustainable. Neat drapes and decorative cloth nets complete this decor and make for a pleasant frame! 

Image Source Kerala Wedding Planners

14. We love how the bold contrast of colours is working wonders in this frame! Bright orange drapes paired together with wooden bamboos and decorative leaves add to the drama, but a sustainable one 🙂

Image Source Weddings of India

15. Another organic gem, this lovely marriage mandap boasts of garlands, leaves and coir pillars. This lovely mandap personifies ‘less is more’ in a heartwarming way! There’s much inspiration you can draw from this mandap

Image Source Pinterest

10 Ways To Make Your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony Safe and Entertaining

“All is fair in love and war”, even your mehndi function. Haan, thode changes karne padenge considering the current situation, but entertainment mai koi compromise nahi!

It’s true. You can still celebrate your long-awaited mehndi ceremony while keeping all the traditions intact just by following these simple tips and tricks.

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

1. Work On Your Guestlist

In other words, make sure you invite not more than 50 people to this close celebration. Look at this with an optimistic lens. You can finally invite just your closest bunch of family and friends and escape the guilt trip as well, all thanks to the government mandate. Now, isn’t that something all you millennials have been wanting in a long time?

2. Watch Out For Those Gate Crashers

We all know that an Indian wedding invitation card isn’t limited to the names mentioned on it. It’s like a free ticket to all those freeloaders. And that’s something you can’t afford keeping the various consequences in mind. So make sure you brief your guests, that Mr. & Mrs. means Mr. & Mrs. and no plus ones.

3. Home Sweet Home

As it’s rightly said, ‘there’s no place like home’, then why go elsewhere to celebrate your mehndi ceremony? If you can accommodate your guests in your personal compound or terrace, you should definitely consider doing that as you will have better control of the overall planning and hygiene. But if you’re unable to do so, make sure you shortlist a venue (preferably an outdoor space) that’s closer to your residence.

Image Source: Its An Affair

4. Monitor The Entrance At All Times

Assign a dedicated person to keep a constant eye on those who enter and to make sure all your guests have adhered to the protocol by wearing their masks. Also, make it a point to keep extra sanitizers as well as masks for your guests.

5. Say Goodbye To Those Helping Hands

Put on your creative hats and get going with your DIY decor. Why? Because limiting the number of unknown faces means limiting your risk. So say goodbye to your decor wale uncles and pull out your inhouse team to decorate the venue.

Image Source: Its An Affair

Image Source: Its An Affair

6. Inhouse Mehndi Artists

Make use of the talented lot in your family and put their skills to use. If you have any relative who can ace the mehndi art, you can always opt for that and once again reduce the exposure to an outsider. However, when it comes to the bride only a professional can do the trick. But again, make sure your mehndi artist follows all the protocols as she will be in close contact with the bride. Also, try and keep the mehndi designs simple to reduce your time period with the artist.

Image Source: Khyati Chauhan

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

7. DJ Wale Babu Mera Ganna Chala Do

You got to bid adieu to yet another party, The Band Baja gang! But that’s no big deal, right? Because we all have that one music enthusiast in the family who knows it all. You just got to name the song of your choice and get grooving. Yet another way to distance yourself and be safe.

8. Go Digital

Any Indian function is incomplete without the exchange of gifts and love. And we’ve got a way to make this process contactless too. Request your guests to use digital wallets instead of envelopes. And pay your vendors using online payment applications. You can also use wedding wishlist sites and pass on your wishlist to your guests and get the gifts delivered to your doorstep. So there’s no contact, whatsoever!

9. F&B Safety Precautions

If you have numerous helping hands at home, then try and prepare the food indoors. Avoid including raw salads and fruits in your menu since they are uncooked. Also, refrain from using finger food, chaat or any such food item. Make use of disposable paper cups instead of glasses for your beverages.

10. Thorough Clean Up

Once everything is done, do not forget to sanitize your entire house and compound (in case you’ve had a home ceremony).

Image Source: Paran Singh Photography

Don’t let nothing ruin your good times, not even a pandemic!

20 New Mandap Decor Ideas to Bookmark this Season!

Marriage  mandaps are a huge affair and rightfully so. They form a prominent part of not only your wedding decor but also wedding photos! If there is one image you will end up framing of your big day, it most certainly will be the timeless one-clicked against the background of your mandap. Hence, having a stunning mandap setup is paramount.

With the arrival of a new wedding season, it is time to bid goodbye to all the overused ideas and embrace and incorporate new ones. With this in mind, we’ve put together this thorough list that consists of fresh, inspiring and innovative mandap decor ideas. Afterall your most momentous day deserves nothing less than the best.

We hope you find something in this vast list that is in sync with your preference and aesthetic sense as we’ve put out a variety of different ideas in here for you to grab. Let’s dive straight in then!

1. The vibrant nature’s retreat mandap decor

Image Source Mandalaweddings

Brimming with the freshness and radiance of coloured flowers, lush leaves and subtle drapes for accompaniment this stunning mandap decor works perfectly well for an outdoor daytime affair.

2. Perfect peach contemporary mandap for a pastel themed nuptial

Image Source Eventsbyinblooms

This medley of freshly painted bamboos, dried leaves, drapes and pampas grass looks picture perfect and apt for a pastel themed wedding!

3. Glorious canopy mandap decor with drapes and chandeliers

Image Source Suraevent

An evening

ceremony done right with this regal semi-traditional mandap decor featuring string lights, chandelier and decorative pillars.

4. An ombré pink and mirror mandap for a destination wedding

Image Source Altairdecor

The pastel pinks offer a delicate elegance while the mirror makes it stand out. This mandap setting fits well in the background of a beach resort or sprawling lawn.

5. The minimal magic mandap decoration

Image Source Eepsitadreamevents

Subtle yet elegant hued drapes woven around fresh flowers and soothing lights make for a charming mandap. If you are into minimal or subtle things, this decor works wonders. 

6. Decorative flowers and ferns eclectic mandap decor

Image Source Aash Studio

If vibrant and grandeur are on your mind, this beautiful mandap loaded with the richness of flowers and ferns is an ideal choice. The bronze pot stands add too to the royalty of this frame.

7. The traditional mandap adorned with banana leaves

Image Source Kalikaardesign

Settle in for this lovely mandap decor that perfectly syncs with your traditional affair. Banana leaves, fresh garlands and pots make this a befitting pick.

8. Delightful dainty floral and glass mandap

Image Source Altair decor

This gorgeous mandap is perfect for a late afternoon nuptial affair transitioning into a late evening one. The internally adjustable built-in lighting combined with decorative florals allow it to have an aura and glow throughout the event.

9. The spectacular floral cutouts mandap decor

Image Source Decormithra

This breathtaking orchestra of fine florals intricately woven to create gracious cutouts and pieces is a vision to hold. This one is sure to light up your wedding frames! 

10. The artistic open mandap with mesmerizing floral arrangements 

Image Source Redvelvetevents

This open mandap with ombre floral arches with floral suspensions is definitely what decor dreams are made of. If you yearn for a soothing, spacious and spectacular vibe amidst the chaos of your big day, this one makes the cut.

11. The illuminated canopy mandap decor for a ceremony at dusk

Image Source Weddingdecorindia

A late evening affair deserves a thoroughly tasteful decor that stands out. This gorgeous canopy mandap loaded with floral arrangements and dazzling lights makes for a visual treat!

12. An elegant intimate wedding mandap made from dried leaves and drapes 

Image Source Indianweddingplanners

 This minimal and elegant mandap  decor where the tiniest details make a statement is apt for your backyard wedding. Made from simple yet thoughtful materials, this one is going to make your small wedding , memorable yet grand! 

13. The quintessential drapes and flowers canopy mandap

Image Source Nityamevents

If you want to have a simple yet gorgeous wedding mandap, this beautiful setup with neat drapes contrasting with multicoloured flowers is your ideal choice.

14. The perfect semi-traditional mandap decor for destination weddings

Image Source Linkinminds

No matter which exotic location you wish to ring in your wedding, there’s always something special and connected about one’s traditional marriage rituals and customs. This mandap decor is an extension of that perfect contemporary-cultural vibe.

15. The soulful sustainable wedding mandap decor with leaves, lights and pots

Image Source MCA Lawns

This thoughtful wedding mandap made is apt if you love the idea of sustainable weddings. Made entirely with leaves and lovely lights, the traditional pots complete this picture perfect frame.  

16. The exotic floral frames mandap decor for an outdoor marriage ceremony

Image Source Whitepearlevents

This soft-hued floral decor compliments the natural scenic backdrop and ambience and hence apt for an outdoor affair. The most highlighted part of the design are the floral cabanas that certainty stand out.

17. The lush luminous foliage green mandap decor

Image Source With Love Nilma

This appealing frames mandap decor is apt if you love the idea of green weddings or want to take a step in that direction. Brimming with nature’s goodness and richness, this one boats of thought, craft and art.

18. The canopy of cascading roots mandap for a late evening nuptials

Image Source Atisuto Events

Unravelling under a canopy of cascading roots and ivory blooms, this exquisite mandap is the perfect blend of rustic and romantic, making it ideal for a late evening affair.

19. The eclectic floral canopy mandap suitable for an indoor wedding

Image Source Anaisevents

This grand and radiant setup is perfect for an indoor hall/banquet marriage ceremony. Artistically arranged and completed with yards of subtle drapes, this mandap screams drama and grandeur.

20. The exotic and opulent mandap for your lavish big day  

Image Source Elegant Affairs

Subtle neat drapes woven around exquisite floral arrangements and cascading floral garlands make this setup a vision to behold! The interplay of colours only add to the charm and elegance of this decor.

Leaving you on this visually stunning note, we hope you’ve bookmarked this list and picked your favourite mandap decor!

25 Home Makeover Ideas for the Perfect Intimate Home Wedding

Intimate home weddings are in vogue and for all the right reasons. Though more of a need in a pandemic stricken world, new-age Indian couples seemed to have embraced this wholeheartedly and how! While it is true that the pressure of planning a quintessential big fat Indian wedding no longer exists, however, home weddings too have their own set of challenges. One of the foremost ones is well, making the ‘home’ marriage ready.

No matter how small the gathering, in a home wedding setup the emphasis is all on the experience and comfort certainly counts as one of them. It is important to think about your guests who belong to all age groups and plan keeping this in mind. Revamping your home is also not entirely dependent on your space or the size of it. Even seemingly small yet thoughtful elements can change the game significantly and render your home more presentable.

Keeping the above factors in mind, we’ve listed 25 such elements that you can use to beautify your den. And the best part is, there is something for every pocket in here (so don’t worry about the pennies) Investing in thoughtful home products/elements can also serve you and your family in the long run, hence we’ve picked accordingly 🙂  So let’s get started to turn your home into your wedding venue!


Replacing, discarding or adding new furniture to your home is a great way to start revamping your concrete abode. Afterall, ‘shaadi ka ghar hain!’ Some thoughtful additions and clever placing will go a long way in rendering your space vibrant, spacious and comfortable, just how a nuptial home should be. So if you’re considering chucking out that old sofa set or creating cozy corners, you don’t want to miss out on the stuff we’ve listed below. In doing so, it is vital to remember that home marriages are high on experiences, and treating your guests to comfort and care is a big part of it. Your furniture must be able to cater to these factors.


Image Source Traditions

A type of upholstery chair, ottomans work well as extra seating spaces and foot rests. Their mobility is a boon especially in a marriage household where you can place them in the verandah for guests to lounge or incorporate them as part of your mehendi decor for artists to sit comfortably on. We recommend going in for a vibrant ottoman like this to match the wedding vibe. 


Image Source Instaskoch

If you’re looking to replace your old chair set or can’t make up your mind on which type of chairs to add, then we recommend opting for cushioned tub chairs like these. Guests across all age groups can comfortably relax on these with the elderly ones finding great respite. Remember to pick vibrant shades or floral pattern covers.


Image Source The House Directory

A swiss sofa looks fresh, fun and contemporary. This wedding season light up your living room with a wonderful addition like this! You can also opt for a chic settee as a side seating. Let your sofa set/s serve utility and beauty in equal measure.


Image Source Karma Trendz

Sofa swings or swing sets in general make for a pleasant element. They are a great way to hold seating spaces without cluttering. Moreover, the tiny tots of the house will have one favourite spot in the house to chill in 🙂


Image Source Myblueflamingo

Don’t know how to do up the open verandah? We suggest filling it with colourful (rustic too) movable furniture like traditional chairpaais or coloured stools. Guests can catch up here or vendors can brainstorm in this area over a cup of tea.

Rugs & Cushions

Once you’ve cracked the furniture aspect, it’s time to begin the process of converting your house to a home. And you can do this by incorporating essential and aesthetic elements like rugs and cushions. Not only do they amp up the comfort quotient, but also add to the marriage milieu. As your den is the only background and stage for your home wedding, these seemingly insignificant details make a huge difference and brighten up your space and frames!


Image Source Jaipur Rugs

Depending on your preference, you can opt for traditional home rugs or contemporary prints with varied textures. Whatever it is you zero down on, remember to match up to the sync or contrast of your decor around.


Image Source Designer Rugs

Even hallways and passages can make for great photo ops at your home wedding with spectacular rugs illuminating them. We bet you’ll agree looking at this for sure!


Image Source Instaskoch

Nothing beats the magic of colourful cushions like these! You can play around your wedding theme by opting for cushion covers that match the mood. Traditional, abstract, pastel, floral, geometric or artistic, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to these.


Image Source Instaskoch

From sturdy bolster sets to round smock pillows like these, you can add a range of cushion comfort for different types of furniture. As you can never get enough of gorgeous-looking cushions, go all out there and beautify your spaces with these.


Image Source Art Venue India

 An economical way to create more seating spaces would be to lay out a beautiful rug and fill it up or surround it with cushions of different shapes and sizes. This kind of setting perfectly matches the home wedding vibe!

Lamps and Lights

Great lighting is not only about illuminating but also aestheticism. For a home that is about to host a marriage, getting this bit right is the key to great backgrounds and flawless frames. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a range of lighting options and sit back to see the magic unfold. We’ve listed a few types below.


Image Source Next Official

Stunning chandelier sets or island and pendant lights are good options when it comes to ceiling lights. Available today in innumerable varieties, sizes and features, finding the perfect one is no rocket science. Besides, there are enough interesting options to suit every pocket!


Image Source Klighting

Often underlooked and underappreciated, wall lights are appealing and above all thoroughly soothing to the eyes. You can jazz things up in designer wall lights like these or even settle down for wall-mounted lamps and lights.


Image Source Louseal Lampshades

Beauty is all in the details! As a home that is gearing up to ring in a marriage ceremony, it will be subjected to all the spotlights and guest gazes. So while you focus on the bigger aspects, remember to not botch things up for the minute ones. Fill that empty table or lone shelf with a stunning lamp or decorative lantern.


Image Source Klighting

Floor lamps are gorgeous and no matter which ones you opt for, they inherently let out a classy vibe. You can place them in a clever corner of the living space or on the edge side of your sofa set. With an incredible variety available in both the markets- online and offline, you will be left spoilt for choices in this one! 


Image Source Shine Home 365

And finally, lighting the outdoors is as important as lighting the indoors as it is a marriage house. For this, ferry lights that can never go out of fashion will be at your service. Incandescent bulbs and designer lights also make great options.

Home Plants, Pots and Flowers

There is no better time to bring your delicate green friends home than in the event of a home wedding. In a space brimming with guests and endless chaos- both visual and verbal, home plants and fresh flowers create a soothing visual landscape and have a calming effect on the inmates. There are a million ways to incorporate these as part of your home decor and we’ve listed a few for you to consider.


Image Source Instakoch 

Keep it subtle and relevant with a handful of seasonal flowers adorned in offbeat vases. You can experiment with colours and quantity. Let these reign on your centre table or you can even place them near the window shelves.


Image Source Instakoch 

Having a house full of guests can be quite overwhelming and anxious. But you don’t need to run outside gasping for breath (as that will also be full of people) if you have calm and refreshing elements indoors. These can occupy a good corner spot or can be placed at the entrance of the room too.


Image Source Instakoch

Want to embrace home plants but all the dedicated spaces are already full? You can cleverly use fancy ropes and suspend them to a ceiling or curtain rods. If you have an empty balcony, bare windows or  plain passages, adding a few of these will create wonders!


Image Source Instakoch

This is thoughtful design and planning on another level! Make your home plants and flowers a part of your wall art (more ideas in the next section) This is background planning at its best without burning a hole in your wallet.


Image Source Home Depot

If there aren’t too many spaces at home or you’re worried about the little guests innocently plucking or tempering your cherished plants, have them all at one place in a sturdy stand. As a side tip, you can throw in some lights or diy decor and use this rack as a photo booth too! 

 Wall Art/Decor

You may have got all the previous elements right and still feel something amiss, bland and dull. That is because, filling up spaces and adding cool elements is one part of your home makeover. The other is doing up those huge walls that hold the house together. But nothing about wall art/decor is incomprehensible or fantastical even if you and your folks haven’t opted for it before. There’s a lot more you can do with them apart from covering with frames and paintings (though that’s good enough too) Here are a few options:


Image Source Instakoch

Wall rugs and hangings are great choices if you’re not too keen on having something permanently put up. You name it and there will be a million varieties for each kind! From rich macrame hangings to mandala design rugs and vintage tapestries, embellish your walls with these gems.


Image Source Instakoch

While frames are a go-to option, you can amp things up by tweaking and channelizing your creativity. Let those glorious landscape photo frames reign in between a powerful quote frame or an abstract art or off-beat painting frame.


Image Source Homespunstyle

Wall plates are not uncommon and hence it becomes important to nail it and not hurriedly opt for the usual bronze and painted plates. Your living space needs to look like a heaven of comfort and peace and not resemble a dazzled hotel lobby. Choose wall plates that add meaning and value to your home and aesthetics.


Image Source Beddinginn

Wall stickers are comparatively easy to put up and economical. So if you’re keen on hanging those precious family photos or frames, do it with some style. You can opt for family tree stickers such as this, or vibrant birds or even nature stickers and do up your walls.


Image Source Ariyona Interior

Quintessential wall frames and shelves never fail! You can opt for creative shelves like these and adorn it the way you want. If there’s much memorabilia from your travels or you need a place to display those lovely handicrafts and small pieces of art you’ve created over the years, what better than this?

Well folks, we hope that was plentiful of information and inspiration. And you now know how it takes good thinking and taste to revamp your space and make it marriage ready!

Entrance Decor Edit: 10 Ideas for you to Bookmark!

Decor is one of the key elements for hosting any ceremony or function. One can just not imagine an important event without any decorations. They add all the colour, spice and vibrancy to an event and make for picturesque backgrounds. Entrance decors too in that regard are vital for they set the tone or offer a glimpse into the world inside the venue. And by all regards, it can be safe to say that they literally act as the red carpets of any function.

For this new wedding season, we’ve brought you 10 such entrances with their decor game on-point! There’s much to take inspiration from in here. So let’s simply get started.

1. Classic drapes and vintage chandeliers make for a gorgeous grand entrance. Additionally, cage lights and antique candle stands render this setup timeless and ethereal!

Image Source Weddingbyishwar

2. Vibrant arches of handpicked flowers and leaves never get outdated! This sort of setup is perfect for a daytime outdoor affair. 

Image Source Tanviandco

3. Traditional with a twist, welcome your guests with this multicoloured medley for your much sought after haldi/mehendi ceremony!

Image Source Bandhan by DarshanSomani

4. Wouldn’t it be great if your guests entered through a rustic tunnel of love? Stunning lights woven with wild leaves are a massive hit.

Image Source Atisuto Events

5. Pastel and pretty, let the door to your momentous affair unlock through a gorgeous door literally! These fresh flowers, ceramic pots, glass bottles and a chic rug make for a picturesque ensemble.

Image Source Tanviandco

6. The gateway to the most lit mehendi is through the most happening entrance! A vibrant affair of leaves and flowers and the exciting interplay of boho colours makes this entrance stand out.

Image Source Weddingbyishwar

7. Lush and lovely, this entrance is apt if you like to keep things subtle and sophisticated. Brimming with natural elements, this one makes for a soothing sight!

Image Source Decorbydinaz

8. Exuding luxury and royalty, this setup works perfectly well if your venue is a resort or a sprawling lawn. This is ‘red carpet’ taken to a whole new level!

Image Source Bandhan by DarshanSomani

9. A pleasant evening reception made all the more memorable with this vintage entrance decor. Uniform arcs neatly adorned with fine lights and classic chandeliers make this a sure-shot hit!

Image Source Atisuto Events

10. Thoughtful and elegant, this entrance is apt if you love the idea of less is more. Sturdy bamboos hold decorative flowers and leaves in this picture-perfect setup!

Image Source Keerantheweddingplanner

So, folks, we hope you found plenty of inspiring seeing these beautiful entrance decors! It’s time for you to get cracking to welcome your guests to one such stunning entrance setup.

6 Decor Themes to Bookmark for your Fall 2020 Nuptials!

One of the most challenging aspects of planning your dream wedding is cracking the right theme. That is because it sets the mood and tone of your big day. Your pictures will also by and large depend on the setting you’ve chosen.  Hence, once you’ve zeroed in on the venue, the next step is to decide the theme and plan with your vendors to ensure everybody is on the same page and delivers on the exact same front.

With time on your side, it’s best to start early and ensure to create a magical milieu to celebrate with all your loved ones. We’ve listed 6 famous themes and the important elements in each to get you started. So drop all and get thinking. Read on to find out your possibilities and how you can play around them.

1. Vintage

Image Source Essence Event Decor

Image Source Pavone Design Studios

Opt for a dreamy setting on your most cherished day with a classic vintage theme. Ornate details, intricate chandeliers, birdcages, antique furniture, exotic flowers and exquisite candles among others, are sure to transport you to a timeless era that is full of magic and unmatched beauty!

2. Romantic

Image Source Pinterest

Image Source Buzz 16

A romantic theme decor is all about playing with fine lights, soft hues and stunning floral showers, literally! Give the perfect ode to your love story with this heartwarming theme that sets the mood just right for you to take the plunge.

3. Bohemian

Image Source Prashe Decor

Image Source Ceremony

Spunk things up with a vivacious boho theme wedding as you progress from being lovers to spouses. The eclectic hues of this theme perfectly compliment the zesty spirit of Indian marriage festivities. Throw in those bright colours, metallic mirrors, artistic adornments and quirky finds and let your frames pop!

4. Autumn Leaves

Image Source My Wedding

Image Source Pinterest

Make the most of your fall wedding by hosting an autumn leaves theme wedding. You create wonders with them by opting for leave wreaths, table decor bouquets or simply make use of artificial ones if sourcing the natural ones is a challenge. Pumpkins are also an essential element of this theme. Another subtle way to incorporate this theme is to opt for drapes and candles in this bright orange shade. 

5. Contemporary

Image Source Wedding Invites

Image Source Erinjsaldana

To nail the contemporary theme trend you must embrace metallic hues, textured elements, fuss-free light trails, thoughtfully chosen table linens and clever detailing. Set up a lively photo booth, memory wall or monogram logos to add in those chic touches. If you envision your big day’s setting to be a sophisticated and elegant affair, this theme is all yours!

6. Sustainable

Image Source Pinterest

Image Source Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Let your love for the environment spill into your wedding decor. To opt for a sustainable theme wedding your checklist must have ‘florals and farm to table’ elements like soft colour palettes contrasted with deep greens, lush leaves/foliage adornments, eco-friendly centrepieces, menus printed on recycled/biodegradable materials and certainly a vibe that’s full of minimalism and serenity.  

We hope you can take a leaf out of this list and get geared to zero down on your fall wedding theme. Which one are you opting for then?

Manika and Tushar’s Chat Magni, Pat Byaah Amidst COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, we were all ready with our plans – plans to travel, to get fit, to turn vegan (maybe?), and of course, many couples were looking forward to their wedding! But obviously, unbeknownst to us, 2020 had other plans. It presented us with COVID-19, a pandemic no one saw coming.

So, instead of going out and about life, we were all halted exactly where we are thanks to coronavirus. Currently, the world is slowly recovering and the best way to do so has been by staying home and practising social distancing. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way and for couples who wanted to get married, they did and how! Jo hona hai woh toh hoga he, right?

And the idea of social distancing is the complete opposite of anything to do with celebrations. It means not inviting and meeting most the people you want by your side, no large gatherings, no air-kisses, no holding hands and no mingling. But this couple overcame all these difficulties and adhered to all norms as they decided to tie the knot amidst the ongoing pandemic!

Meet Manika Agarwal & Tushar Garg!  

As world over couples delayed or rescheduled their weddings, this couple decided that their ‘together-forever’ had to start now!

Tushar and Manika met through an arranged marriage meeting in their hometown Chandigarh. They were referred to each other by a common family connection. So, Manika’s family and Tushar’s family decided to meet. Fortunately, everyone got along really well, including the couple. So, T & M decided to meet again. It was in their second meeting where both realised, they were made for each other!

Getting married was a battle they had to plan and fight for! It was their first hurdle as a couple and as a new family. This is because Chandigarh, like every other city in India, was under lockdown. However, recently, the government had started allowing weddings under special circumstances, i.e., with very few people and with permissions from the local authorities. So, Manika and Tushar took permission from the SDM of Yamuna Nagar.

We took permission from the SDM of Yamuna Nagar and this permission allowed them to get married with only 10 people attending their wedding. But they could have delayed their wedding, right? And waited for bigger celebrations?

“It became important for us to get married on the same date because we were unsure of the COVID-19 situation getting better and we both thought that it is going to be a great idea spending time with each other being quarantined together and that we both won’t get this special chance again.” – Manika.

So, the couple went ahead and got married with only their immediate family members present. It was a beautiful and simple affair but a very cherished one. They got married in their house and both wore outfits by their dream designer – Sabyasachi!

Manika looked stunning in her hot pink Sabyasachi lehenga that she paired with gorgeous polki jewellery. Tushar wore a cream floral print kurta and he teamed it with a bright mustard yellow bandi. Must say, the couple looked amazing!

The wedding hosted at the groom’s uncle house was decked in marigold flowers with lush green backdrops peppered with white flowers. It was every bit simple yet beautiful.

While the wedding was intimate and fun, it had its own challenges. In our Indian culture, a wedding is an occasion where the family from all over is invited but getting married amidst COVID-19 meant that no one could attend apart from the immediate families. Plus, even Manika’s family had to take special permissions to travel to get to the Tushar’s house.

Next challenge they were presented with was with the vendors – pulling off an entire wedding with so little guests, arranging the decoration, sweets, Jai Mala and so much more! But everything was in place thanks to all the vendors even they were short on their inventory. They took great interest and put in a lot of hard work to see this couple married.

“Though our families were a little confused about the lockdown wedding as everyone had big dreams related to the wedding, but when they saw their children being happy about the idea of the lockdown wedding, they were really supportive of taking it further,” said the couple.

“Today we feel grateful each moment. We thank God for blessing us with the resources that we could pull this off.” – Manika.  

“We feel we actually complete each other.” – Tushar.  

Planning a wedding is no easy task and planning an intimate wedding that is much smaller and simpler, is ever more difficult. It can only happen when everyone from the couple to all the family members is on the same page. Plus, it means rising above all materialistic pleasures. “It’s only your partner that care for and nothing else. Everything else feels smaller. And we actually felt that with each other.”

Vendor Details

Makeup Artist – She Beauty, Yamuna Nagar

Photographer – Vintage Films

Venue – Groom’s Tayaji and his family, as they graciously hosted the wedding at their house.

12 Phoolon ki Chaadar ke Ideas to Bookmark for your Future Wedding

The moment before ‘the moment’ can literally send shivers down your spine! So as you set out to walk down the aisle, you need some motivation apart from the love and support of your family and friends who are eager to see you decked in your bridal avatar. A resplendent phoolon ki chaadar can just do the needful at such times. After all, who would not enjoy the perks of making an entry under a stunningly done-up abode?! From making for a timeless frame to helping you calm those nerves with its blessings wrapped in beauty, the chaadar is a thoughtful element 🙂

From go-to floral chaadars, to fern-laced roofs there are a number of options available to you. This list opens up a couple of possibilities for you to consider. What better this lockdown season than using this time to plan that impending wedding! We say begin right here:

1. So what if life is not a bed of roses, you can still have a roof of it! The thoughtful kaleeras weaved in with those dainty roses take things to the next level!

Image Source Movieing Moments

2. No floral, no problem! There are still a million ways to do-up that abode. Fantastic ferns coupled with a tinge of dreamy buds is the new way to go!

Image Source Colour Blind Prod

3. Decked up with pretty pink roses and ornamental grassy adornments, this phoolon ki chaadar is eye-catching! We like every element perched in there!

Image Source G’s Events

4. Everything about this frame stands out! But we sure can’t take our eyes off that amazing floral chaadar. Those spectacularly arranged flowers add beauty to everything around:)

Image Source Studio Kelly Photography

5. Walk down the aisle with this chaadar of kaleeras guiding you above. For a truly magical touch rooted in culture, this is a beautiful choice!

Image Source Rajesh Digital

6. This is the perfect companion you need for your pastel-themed wedding. The selection of exotic flowers with the traditional touch of kaleeras is a huge hit!

Image Source Cool Bluez Photography

7. We love the lush semblance of this arc-like chaadar! If you’re hunting ‘hatke’ here it is! This certainly makes for a picturesque frame, won’t you agree?

Image Source Events Guru

8. Gleam in this garden of roses blessing you above! We love the vibrant celebration of these gorgeous roses and the little munchkin with that cute placard just adds to the frame!

Image Source North Water Star

9. When you’re the queen of quintessential, you’ll find beauty in even going back to the basics! We love this choice of chunni. The intricate borders and tiny embellishments surely add a spark.

Image Source Pankaj Mantri Photography

10. This lotus laden stunner is apt for ‘floral but not too-much floral’ thoughts. Who would have thought these adorable lotus buds could make a pretty roof! But well, what a creation!

Image Source The Wedding Crew

11. How about adding a unique twist to your chaadar? Pretty parasols make for picture perfect frames! If you’re up for something totally out-of-the-box, seal the deal with these charming chatris 🙂

Image Source Ramit Batra Photography

12. You won’t cease to shine under this mogra magic roof! If you want the essence of something traditional and vibrant, this could be a great option.

Image Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

On that nice note, we leave you with the hope you’ve already stacked up a couple of inspo images. If not, do it now!

6 Cool Car Decor Ideas for Your Big Day

Decked up like an entity, ‘wedding’ cars today are not just mere carriers but the talk of the town! Whether you have a white wedding that needs you to be driven to church or a Hindu marriage where your dulha (groom) has decided to spare the horse’s back and arrive seated in comfort. And let’s not forget the bidaai where the dulhan (bride) leaves her maternal home to undertake a new journey with her man in a perfectly decked-up car! So apart from the obvious utilitarian trait, the wedding car is a symbol by itself!

With that comes the pressure of doing it up extraordinarily. Hence it is not surprising to  know that wedding car decorations are a legit business today! And much has changed in decor trends over the years. There was a time when cars without floral decorations were not considered wedding cars at all. Cut to today when professionals and DIY enthusiasts are going all out experimenting.

We decided to drive you through these creative, fun and quirky decor ideas if you’re up for something new and refreshing in your d-day decor department. Classic floral lovers need not shut the tab, we have one dedicated to you as well:) For the other travellers, a path full of ferns, wreaths, tassels, foil balloons, stickers and cutout awaits. Happy Journey!

1. Can Never go Wrong with Epic Hearts & Roses Combo!

Image Source Live Master

Image Source Etsy

Whether you’d like them fresh, made of paper or fun fabric, roses can never be outdated. This quintessential queen of flowers can light up the bumper beautifully. Add in some ribbons, frills or decorative net yards for an overall ethereal look we say!

2. When you Like Old School Florals, No Matter the Fad!

Image Source Cargalleri

Image Source Classico Events

If you’re still thoroughly enamoured by the idea of your stunning floral wedding car, the one you’d imagined while growing up, then just go for it! And well why not? There’s so much drama you can add with those spectacular looking flowers. Team it up with fine ferns, exotic variants or manicured leaves and voila! Your dream car 🙂

3. The Art of Balancing!

Image Source AK Decor

Image Source Kraftwerks

When simple is too boring, (after all it’s your wedding day!) and you’re not crazy about the jazzy stuff, a subtle yet stunning sense of aesthetic will save your day!  Throw in a bunch of fresh orchids, roses or lilies and hold them together by beautifully laid out ribbons or net drapes.

4. Go Tell the Town You’re Taken!

Image Source Style Me Pretty

Image Source Bride Bootcamp

Let the trip to your new phase of life begin with amplifying your exciting emotions! These ‘just married’ decor delights are your absolute go to’s for a memorable wedding car and lively pictures. You can put out an elegant banner, rustic slate, creative placard or decorative flag and pair it up with floral or fern wreaths and paper festoons.

5. Let Your Car Dazzle in Foil Balloons & Fun Tassels!

Image Source Etsy

Image Source Oosile

Befriend the trend and you’ll never go wrong! Foil balloons are the latest sweethearts of decor and you have every reason to make the most of these economical, easy-to-do and fun gems. Be it the nuptial initials, a ‘Mr & Mrs’ show or something altogether new or personal, the possibilities are endless. Add a twist of tassels to elevate your decor joyride!

6. Quirk it up with Stickers and Caricature Cutouts!

Image Source Matchsetlove

Image Source Montopdutop

If you’re up for something totally out of the box, there’s stuff in store for you as well. Want something slightly more long-lasting? Well stickers will do the needful 🙂 And you can be at your creative best in picking a quote, a favourite line, a brief memorable symbol, or just your names with the marriage date.

And if you’ve decided to take things to the next level, nothing’s stopping you! Get your decor designer to do some fun caricature cardboard cutouts of the two. You can enjoy a good laugh at some of your funky faces cutouts!

Well folks, this list is certainly a good start to get you thinking of creative and cool ways to do up your wedding car. We hope you’ve zeroed in on your favourite one already?

8 Interesting Jaimala Backdrop Ideas for Fun Frames

The jaimala/varmala ceremony is a meaningful and fun ritual in most Indian marriages. It also has the distinction of being ‘the moment’ of your marriage that can certainly qualify as the poster  image of your wedding album! Hence to get the right setting or backdrop for that revered frame becomes quite crucial.

Since the lockdown is bringing the better of us (or so we believe!) we decided to put on our thinking caps and research skills to use to quirk things around and lend you some innovative backdrop ideas that are easy, eclectic and non-floral. After all, why should florals have all the fun?! 😉 Here are 8 frames you can draw inspiration from. Take a look:

1. Pure Paper Festoon Splendour!

Image Source Shaadi Jitters

This vibrant frame clearly tells you why paper festoons need all your love and attention! Say hello to your lovely and economical jaimala backdrop 🙂

2. Dazzling Diyas and Festive Fireworks

Image Source: Movieing Moments

Literally illuminate the frame with blissful diyas (which also have an auspicious value attached to them) and candle sparks or festive fireworks for timeless portraits.

3. Fresh Ferns Backdrop, What Say?

Image Source Maharani Weddings

Let the beauty of the surrounding blend in with your fabulous ferns and leaves jaimala stage!

4. When Your Loved Ones Make up Your Backdrop Coupled with an Opulent Drape Saga!

Image Source The Wedding Files

Instead of facing your folks, why not let them be a part of your frames itself! Line up the little munchkins in front and get those happy faces captured for a perfect shot.

5. Ring in Your Love for Rustic Decor!

Image Source You By Poonam Kotecha

Notch things up by settling in for a rustic affair that also incorporates natural elements from the immediate surrounding.

6. When Nature is Your Backdrop Buddy, What More can You Ask for?!

Image Source Karan Sidhu Photography

If you’re having a destination wedding or happen to hail from the hills, the serene beauty of the surrounding works like a backdrop itself!

7. There’s So Much You Can Do with Kaleeras, Bet You Couldn’t Gauge.

Image Source Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Make kaleeras an essential part of your jaimala backdrop. This intricate and idyllic gem can certainly light your frames!

8. The Charm of Chandeliers!

Image Source Studio Finesse

If opulence is on your mind, then nothing better than stunning chandeliers to illuminate your photos!

We hope you are inspired to take some leaves out of our list and channel your inner creativity to combine, collate and create interesting ideas for your cherished moment!