40 Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away!

Wedding Stage Decoration

The first thing you see when you enter a wedding hall or mandap is the wedding decor, right? You can not deny that you actually run your eyes around and make up your mind about the wedding based on the decor. That is why when the tables are turned and it is your turn to tie the knot, you end up sweating about it. Along with this, we all know that wedding decor is one of the most important things that make your wedding pictures look amazing. So, in this gram-era, couples no longer want the done-and-dusted wedding stage decoration. They want something fresh, different, and something that reflects their taste, their story, their personality. So, for every such couple who is on the hunt for some stunning marriage decoration, we have the right kind of blog ready. To give you some reception stage and decoration ideas, we have curated a list of the 40 best wedding stage decor photos that you can show to your decorator and have the marriage decoration of your dream! Trust us! Your mind will surely be blown once you see what we have compiled for you. Let’s Go!

1. Surreal Marriage Decoration that Looks Right Out of Fairytale

Image source: DreamzKrraft

Floral decorations are the go-to for many couples. Fresh flowers, mild fragrance, and a heavenly look of it make every wedding look nothing but perfect. This grand floral reception stage looks so surreal! 

2. The Classic Decor for Big Fat Indian Weddings

Wedding Stage Decoration

Stage Decor Credit: Anais Events

You can never go wrong with the red and gold look. It is classic, it is timeless and it is the best of the lot. This kind of wedding stage decoration is perfect for couples, who have a classic Indian-themed wedding. The gold and red colors look festive and traditional enough for a beautiful wedding function.

3. Pop of Bright Colors

Image Source: Anais Events

When you can go glam with the colors, then why settle for something ordinary? A beautiful pop of color along with some white and pastel flowers to cut the monotony makes for a simple yet gorgeous marriage decoration. Perfect for the couple who likes a hint of color, but nothing too loud! 

4. Classic Indian-Themed Wedding Stage Decor

Image Source: Eventrics Indian Weddings

The couples, who look out to marry like kings and queens, should also go for the marriage decoration that resembles the envision. A wedding stage decor that looks right out of an Indian palace! Now, who wouldn’t like that? This kind of marriage decoration with huge sets and chandeliers is ideal for those who are looking for reception stage decors without any flowers. The touch of maroon with the gold aesthetics is sure to take your breath away.

5. Simple yet Classy Marriage Stage Decoration

Decor credits: DreamKrraftz

White is always glam, always classy and of course, looks out of this world. If you want to keep your wedding decor on these lines, and if an all-white theme excites you, then Raas Events has the best marriage decoration idea. The use of white florals in the backdrop as well as at the foot of the stage makes this decor look stunning.

6. Beautiful Night Sky Decor

Are you a fan of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, aren’t you? If yes, then why are you looking at any other marriage decoration for your wedding festivity. Here is the best one, a night sky-inspired stage decor, which is something that looks stunning and is definitely for the hatke couples.

7. Curtains and The Flowers

Image Credits: Kimberly Photography

We have seen multiple weddings which are replete with golden arches, colorful curtains, bright flowers, and huge sofas. This kind of traditional and go-to stage decor is perfect for couples who like decorations that are old-school but classic. If you do not want to risk your marriage decoration by experimenting on your final day, then what’s bad in going for something timeless. We bet your pictures will be timeless too.

8. Mandap-cum Stage Decor

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Look at the picture of this gorgeous white wedding decor. Isn’t it beautiful? If your answer is yes, then you might actually be surprised to know that this is also a money-saver in disguise. The beautiful gazebo-like structure can be your mandap as well as the reception stage after the marriage rituals. Just take off the havan kund and pooja material and replace it with the royal-looking chairs to convert the mandap to a reception stage! Win-Win, isn’t it?

9. Candle-Lit Stage Decor

Image Source: Lightyear Studio

Everything seems romantic when you dim the lights and light up a few candles. No, we ain’t talking about a getaway couples dinner, but we indeed are talking about your wedding function decor. If you are a candle lover, then you’ll fall in love with this reception stage decoration as soon as you see it. The simplicity of white flowers, white drapes, and a shelf backdrop with candles all over is big thumbs-up for beautiful wedding photos!

10. Royal Looking Stage Decor

Image Source: Designer Events Inc

Nothing is more classic Indian-themed than a paisley and blue drapes backdrop! The regal sofa plus the two lanterns on either side just add to the overall charm of this Indian stage decoration. The cherry on top is surely due to the touch of gold. Imagine sitting like a royal couple with this stage decor. We think it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Don’t you?

11. Light Up Your Marriage Decoration

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

We have already talked about floral decors and their beauty of them. So, if you wish to amp it up, then what about throwing in some gold or amber lights? If a wedding stage decoration full of flowers and beautifully placed lights is your only requirement, then this wedding stage image is all you need for your inspiration! The color scheme and the white sofa just look like the best combination ever.

12. Elegant and Graceful Decor

If elegance is the only word you are looking forward to when it comes to your stage decor, then this one is THE ONE for you. The gorgeous white flowers, crystal chandeliers, and gold-accented sofas give this wedding decor a total of #royalvibes!

13. Grand or Magnificent or Both?

Give a grand feel to your marriage decoration by choosing a wedding stage decor idea that looks like it’s a part of some age-old palace. The combination of white, blue, and ombre in this wedding stage decoration image has us going gaga over its sheer beauty.

14. The Instagram Couple!

Image Source: iPlanner Bali

Sometimes it is okay to be the most out-there couple when it comes to celebrating your day with a bang. One of the quirkiest wedding decor ideas, this beautiful stage setup reflects freshness and vibrancy in one frame. This marriage decoration is worthy of being the perfect decor for the gram-brides and gram-grooms. So, if you want something floral but not too flowery, this wedding stage decoration is just the perfect pick for you!

15. A Wedding Decor that Speaks for Itself

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

A vibrant tone for the stage can surely be the best setup when it comes to a simple yet elegant marriage decoration. If you had to capture elegance in one frame, this is exactly what it would look like! This one is ideal for a simple and minimal wedding stage decoration if you have a modern classic taste. What’s more? This decor can be chosen if you have a space crunch at your venue as it does not occupy much space.

16. Splash of Colors

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Is there a better color combination than blue and red for stage decor? Well, this wedding stage image is surely giving some rich vibes with its use of colorful drapes, colorful fresh blooms, and a regal sofa! 

17. Pink and White, The Best Combination?

Image Source: Anais Events

They say the best-looking things are minimal and tasteful. This reception stage image is a testament to that. It is simple, graceful, and absolutely stunning! Right? We are in love with it, and who wouldn’t be. It is everything you would ask for in your marriage decoration.

18. Dramatic like Bollywood Decor

Image Source: I Photography

A larger-than-life backdrop of flowers, golden lights, and an arch makes this stage decoration look exquisite. The long sofa in emerald green with a reflective floor just adds that final bit of oomph factor to the entire setup. If you love drama, then this is what your stage should look like.

19. Thoughts about A Yellow Decor?

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Displaying a beautiful riot of yellow, this stage decoration is apt for couples who want to skip the orchids and carnations, and stick to the good-old genda phool! And must I say, this looks truly desi as well? This marriage decoration is for all couples, who love the fresh floral look but still want to stand out by choosing a not-so-common yet common flower.

20. A Grand Floral Stage Decor

Image Source: Dream Krraftz

This kind of grand stage decoration is perfect for weddings that take place in open spaces. The sheer grandiosity of this stage decoration is awe-inspiring in itself. The use of pillars, flowers, and the right amount of PINK makes this a great Indian-themed marriage decoration for your stage.

21. A Floral Mandap

Image Source: Big Bash Entertainment

A simple canopy of white and pink flowers along with pink drapes, white pillars, and sofas make this stage decoration, a simple yet eye-catching option for those who like to keep it low-key! You are sure to feel grand with this marriage decoration idea.

22. The Grandness of Chandeliers

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

An eye-catching elegant stage decoration with all the elements that make a wedding decor look nice is truly a good option to make your wedding day grand. The chandeliers, grand sofas, and perfectly lit backdrop add to the grace of this marriage stage decoration.

23. An Offbeat Wedding Stage Decoration

Image Source: Imperial

We have already said that white makes everything dreamy, classy, beautiful, and picture-perfect. If you are looking for a little offbeat decor, then this stage decor fits your requirement. The use of royal blue and white drapes with antique sofas makes this wedding stage design stand out from the crowd.

24. An Open-Air Stage Decor

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

This wedding reception stage decoration is apt for an outdoor reception because of its sheer size. The lovely backdrop with flowers and lights along with the sofa is truly a sight to behold.

25. A South Indian Style Marriage Decoration

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

If you are looking for South Indian decor and your approach to wedding decoration is traditional, then a stage like this one looks absolutely magnificent. The use of golden pillars, Indian flowers, and godly motifs makes this wedding stage decoration one of our favorite Indian-themed marriage decorations.

26. The Most Romantic Stage ever

Image Source: Lin & Jirsa

If you want a simple and romantic-themed floral stage decor, then this picture is all the inspiration you need to set up your reception stage. Lin and Jirsa have surely done justice with the romantic theme that we are talking about. The use of white and pink roses across the stage and backdrop make this decor look truly romantic!

27. Unconventional Yet Beautiful Stage Decor

Image Source: Going Bananas Photography

You might not have imagined this kind of stage decor to be this beautiful. An arch full of roses covers the bride’s and groom’s sofa with simple drapes in the backdrop. What’s not to love in this offbeat stage decoration? To top it off, roses are anyways the best flower to pick when it comes to marriage decorations.

28. Decor To Go Gaga Over

Image Source: Lin & Jirsa

Red is a color that’s seen widely in Indian wedding decorations, and for all the right reasons! Just take this gorgeous stage for instance. The simple shelf backdrop covered with red roses makes the whole stage decoration look just wow!

29. A Decor that is Feast To The Eyes

Image Source: Decor by Classic

Truly exuberant and grand, this floral marriage decoration is what dreams are made of! The canopy of hanging flowers in the backdrop along with glass panels and large flower vases makes this stage decor look romantic!

30. Another Yellow and Gold Decor

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

If you really want to rock your wedding function with super awesome decor, then just look at this one. This lively yellow wedding decor is full of flowers and drapes, which gives it an Indian vibe. What’s cool is that it can be doubled up as a mandap decor if you replace the sofa with pooja essentials.

31. There is nothing like too much shimmer

How much shimmer is too much shimmer? Do you have an answer to this? No, we don’t think that you can limit the glam quotient. This one is a contemporary wedding decor idea, a glamorous one with shiny glitter strings, a train of white flowers, perfectly placed lights, and a simple sofa.

32. A Fun and Unique Marriage Decoration

Bored of seeing flowers and chandeliers everywhere? Make way for umbrellas and Bollywood-inspired throw pillows that make for a fun stage decoration idea! You are going to rock this decor like some Bollywood hero-heroine and what’s bad in being the talk of the town?

33. A Peacock Decoration

Image Source: Anais Events

Since you have lesser space at indoor weddings, this Peacock decor will rock your wedding day. This floral stage decoration is perfect. It has a nice backdrop of floral wreaths along with a pair of peacocks on the sides of the stage. Just two words for it – simple and beautiful.

34. The Gold-Accented Decor

Image Source: Kimberly Photography LLC

The gold sofa, drapes, and backdrop along with white and pink floral arrangement make this stage decoration perfect for an indoor evening reception! You are sure to feel like a princess once you walk down the aisle up to this stage.

35. Drapes, Drapes & More Drapes!

Image Source: Pandya Photography

For the drape-loving couples out there, this stage decor is like a dream come true. The multi-color drapes in the background along with chandeliers and a golden sofa make this wedding stage design look spectacular!

36. The Outdoor Grandiose

Image Source: Atisuto Events

A chic and graceful stage decor, this one uses a lot of white, pink, and purple flowers on a white backdrop making the whole setup look exquisite. If extravagance is what you have envisioned for your big day, then this is it.

37. With The Blessings of The Almighty

Image Source: Aash Studios

Replete with greenery, plants, flowers, and idols of god, this temple theme wedding decor is spectacular and perfect for a wedding with an overall traditional theme. Who would say no to some extra blessings anyway!

38. The Most Exquisite Chandelier

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

A simple stage decor, this one has a large ceiling of hanging flowers along with delicate chandeliers that give it a simple and attractive vibe. This kind of decor is perfect for outdoor spaces! It is sure to look nothing but beautiful on your wedding day.

39. A Riot of Colours

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Multi-color drapes, LED lights, shimmer strings, and a starry black backdrop. What’s not to love in this beautiful reception stage decor? It has that million-dollar look to make your day the best one of your life.

40. The Dream Stage

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

A reception stage that looks like something out of a dream? Yes, please! 

So, we feel that we have covered from simple to the most extravagant stages and these are some of the best marriage decoration ideas we can get for you. Tell us which one of these latest stage decoration ideas did you find the most interesting? We are eagerly waiting to know!

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified.

35+ Wedding Decoration Ideas That Are All The Rage This Wedding Season

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Enchanting mandaps, bespoke wedding stage, and aesthetic seating – There is more to wedding decor than meets the eye. Couples today are more involved in wedding planning and decision-making than they used to. And why not? The wedding day marks the most momentous event in a person’s life and taking the wheel just ensures it is every bit as magical as you ever imagined. And that’s why we have jotted down all the hottest wedding decoration ideas 2022 to get you started with the wedding preps. 

Every couple has their own unique style and wedding day goals, then why should their wedding decor be any less? Not only wedding decor is quintessential to set the theme and mood for the ceremonies, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities for customization – adding all the quirks and gimmicks you love as a couple. An element of such importance that can make or break the celebratory vibe of your day, our rundown on the trendiest wedding decor idea will bring you to speed on what wedding decor experts are up to these days. 

From whimsical wedding stage decoration, floral extravagance, and sustainable decor choices, to dazzling bridal lounges, our selection of the latest wedding decor ideas 2022 is everything you need to draw inspiration for your own wedding – be it sangeet, Mehndi, engagement, wedding ceremony, or reception. Ladies and gentlemen, let the scrolling begin!

1. A pastel paradise coming right up!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

2. Who’s excited about cascading wisteria canopy? This is what dream wedding decor is made of!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

3. Coming up next is Technicolor Decor Setting! Who loves rainbows – raise your hands?

Image Source: Atisuto Events

4. Trends have come and gone, but one thing that still has a soft corner in the heart of Indian Weddings – Marigold flowers in all their glory!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

A low-budget wedding stage decoration idea that is nothing if not a stellar spectacle!

5. Mughal era extravagance meets contemporary – Couples are opting for fusions that describe their style and love story best!

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

6. A White Wonderland – When Indian weddings are all about colors and magnificence, this offbeat selection stands for class and royalty that’s pure magic.

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

7. We love this decorator’s interpretation of The Starry Night for the couples wedding day!

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

8. Draped in Elegance – this pastel indulgence lands just the right amount of warmth and happiness this couple aimed for!

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

9. Lush foliage, anyone? This wedding stage set-up is everything one can dream of – classy, subtle, floral all the way!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

10. Romantic hues of red imbued in a whimsical setting – What else one can ask for on their wedding day?

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

We are hopelessly in love with this stage decoration for weddings – Red, Romantic, and Ravishing! 

11. An aesthetically pleasing bridal lounge that’s hard to miss!

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

12. A glorious yet subtle wedding decor idea that has all the flavors of chic and modernistic couples’ wedding day goals.

 Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

13. Ditch the roses, use local blooms for offbeat wedding decor – We have our hearts wrapped up in this Bougainvillea decor surprise.

Image Source: Atisuto Events

14. Mix and match styles creating the magical setup for a fairytale wedding – Boho chic and Victorian elegance in one!

Image Source: Atisuto Events

15. Pampas Centerpieces and jute dream catchers – a perfect wedding decor for a Jaipur Destination wedding!

Image Source: Atisuto Events

16. Inspired from Christmas Colors – A Ruby and emerald paradise for a whimsical winter wedding on your cards.

Image Source: Atisuto Events

17. A traditional garden ceremony with the touch of panache!

Image Source: Devika Narian & Company

18. A color-blocked Mehendi by the pool – This is what we mean when we say a fun pre-wedding ceremony!

Image Source: Devika Narain & Company

19. This VIBGYOR setup is every inch vivid and vibrant just like the couples who chose it

Image Source: Aash Studio

20. This Genda Phool wedding decor is the definition of a colorful celebration!

Image Source: Aash Studio

21. Neon Lights are back in business – Who can say no to this photo booth!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

Image Source: Aash Studio

22. Amp up your wedding decor game with these colorful floral installations!

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

Image Source: Aash Studio

23. Wow your guests with a dazzling venue entrance sparkled with chōchin lanterns!

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

25. When in doubt, go for a yellow floral surprise for your wedding decor!

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

We can’t help but marvel at this marigold wall – A smart pick for low-budget wedding stage decoration!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

26. Swooning over this romantic floral wedding decor of Glasshouse!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

27. This floral Kissing booth setup is giving us major wedding decor goals – Gotta have this one!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

28. There is always room for mogra magic in your wedding decor!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

29. Edible decor for couples rooting for sustainability – This wedding decor looks so yummy, we will just gobble it all up!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

30. Light up your wedding day with tons and tons of lanterns and pendant lights!

Image Source: ALTAIR by Janki Desai

32. Add an element of surprise to your wedding decor by subtly incorporating Larger than Life figurines!

Image Source: Aash Studio

33. Oversized OTT Decor Accessory works like a charm in any Indian Wedding decor setup!

Image Source: Aashish Photography

34. The wisteria trees, surrounded by chandeliers definitely stole the show and our hearts for that matter!

Image Source: Devika Sakhuja

35. A traditional setting turned into a majestic affair!

36. Don’t forget to add seasonal elements to your wedding decor!

Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

Liked what you saw? Stay tuned to Weddingz.in blogs for a refreshing and inspiring collection of wedding decorations, mandapa decor, and new tent decor ideas for mehndi and sangeet – We will be adding these soon!

25+ Coolest Photo Booth Ideas for Indian Weddings 2022!

Wedding Photo Booth

Say Cheese, my peeps! There is something truly amusing about grabbing the photo props and jumping in front of the camera with your friends – and that’s why Photo Booth stations are an instant hit among the wedding guests. While you may have hired a seasoned photographer to capture all your magical moments during the pre-wedding-wedding-reception saga, creating a whimsical photo booth allows your guests to click away their own shenanigans as the day unfolds. After all, why should only to-be-married couples have all the fun!

Hosting a boring wedding where guests can’t wait for it to be over and head home is easy to host, but if you want to indulge your guests in a truly memorable affair, this is the route to take! Also, everybody can really use a break from those traditional pose-and-click photos with the photographer trying to squeeze in the whole family and extended family into one frame. Where’s the fun in that? To give your guests – family and friends – something more to look forward to (apart from the dance floor and food), setting up a quirky photo booth will only make for a fabulous addition to your wedding album. What’s more? A wedding photo booth is your chance to infuse all those personalized details into the props and backdrop that will tell your love story for years to come.

Ansel Adams once said that “you don’t take a picture, you make it”. So why not make it a fabulous one, peeps? To make sure all the playful shots with family and friends find their way to your wedding album, we have rounded up 30+ latest photo booth ideas for Indian weddings that are sure to take the fun quotient of your big day up a notch!

1. The Polaroid Photo Booth:

2. The Instagram-able Photo Booth:

Image Source – Shades Photography

You may also like to read: All About The Perfect Wedding Photography – The Ultimate Guide

3. The Hello from the Other Side Photo Booth

4. The Genda-Chashma Photo booth:

Image Source – Vipin Photography

Image Source – Dipak Studios

5. The Vibrant Props Photo Booth:

6. The Floral Wreath Photo Booth:

Image Source: Atisuto Decor

7. The Wedding Card Inspired Photo Booth:

The wedding card:

8. The Multi Dimensional Photo Booth:

9. The Lori and Tea Corner Photo Booth

Image Source: Rahul Sadagopan Photography

10. For They Decided On Forever Photo Booth:

11. The Fairy Lights Photo Booth:

Decor – Devika Narain

12. The Quirky Signages Photo Booth:

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

13. A Walk Down the Memory Lane Photo Booth:

Image Source – Morvi Images

14. The Jhoola with Colorful Floral Backdrop Photo Booth

Image Source: Shutterdown Photography

15. The Colorful Painted Bottles Photo Booth:

16. The Paris meets Old-Bombay Photo Booth:

17. The Living Room in the Middle of Nowhere Photo Booth:

Decor – With Love Nilma

18. The Decorated Rickshaw Photo Booth:

Decor – Devika Narain

Image Source – Shutter Down

19. The Aa Ja Meri Cycle Mein Baith Ja Photo Booth:

Image Source – Shutter Down

20. The Photo Booth with the Couple’s Favorite Quotes:

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

Decor – Devika Narain

Image Source – Shades Photography

21. The Frame in the Frame Phot Booth

Image Source – Dot Dusk Photography

Image Source – Through the Barrel

22. The Tasseled Photo Booth:

24. The Photo Booth with lots of Colorful Umbrellas:

23. The Photo Booth with a SWAG (literally):

Image Source – Dream Diaries

24. The Lotus themed photobooth:

Decor – Devika Narain

25. The Open Books Photo Booth

Image Source: Shutterdown Photography

26. The Pop Up Art Photo Booth

Image Source: The Cube A Project

27. The Origami and Ribbons Mash Up Photo Booth

28. The Curtain Charm Photo Booth

Image Source: Getty Images

With our list of fun, quirky and eye-catching wedding photo booth backdrop ideas coming to an end, we hope you have enough inspiration to put your own spin on things!

Colorful Holi Party Ideas 2022 to Make Your Holi Celebration A Big Hit!

Image Source: Unsplash

It’s that time of the year when Rang barse and the term ‘satrangi’ come to life all around! That’s right, our beloved festival of colors, Holi, is just around the corner and we can barely contain our excitement! If you’re scavenging for ideas for your Holi party 2022, worry not as this blog covers some great ones. So, do us a favor, let’s play Holi!

Holi Festival is synonymous with a grand time to such an extent that mentioning the word sends us down reveries of colors flying about, drenching each other with colored water, chasing your friends around with water balloons, music, dancing, a variety of delectable food, and pure joy. 

So if you’re on a hunt for unique Holi party ideas 2022, keep reading as we’re sure this blog has enough inspo for you to crank it up a notch at your Holi party in 2022!

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

Image Source: Jorge Pozuelo

Ideas for an At-Home Holi Party – Time to put on your DIY-ing Cap

If you plan on hosting your Holi party at home in keeping with covid precautions, worry not as we have some Holi party ideas indoors for a successful Holi bash in the comfort and safety of your home.

1. Make a splash with festive DIY decor pieces such as garlands, origami fans, lanterns, or even umbrellas.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Say yes to colors but not the wet colors! Because let’s be honest, who wants to be left alone cleaning their home for days after. So ditch the synthetic watercolors and welcome organic ones that are good for your skin and the planet as well.

Image Source: Shutterstock

You can also give Phoolon ki Holi a try – it is just as much fun minus the mess!

3. Must haves in your Holi Party menu – gujiya, malpua, a few chaat items, kulfi, Puran poli, pakoras, and phirni.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

Image Source: Shutterstock

4. The official beverage for Holi is thandai, but nobody is stopping you from experimenting with the drinks! Refreshing coolers, mocktails, and even cocktails, and how about creating themed drinks with beetroot, kiwis, oranges, and strawberry to add a splash of color.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Sailu’s Food

5. A happening Holi celebration is all about a groovy playlist that has everyone dancing to the Bollywood Holi hits!

Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali – Silsila, 1981.

Holi Ke Din – Sholay, 1975.

Holi Khele Raghuveera – Baghban, 2003.

Balam Pichkari – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, 2013.

Jai Jai Shivshankar – War, 2019.

Gori Tu Lathh Maar – Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, 2017.

Badri Ki Dulhaniya – Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, 2017.

Nothing Beats a Stellar Poolside Holi Celebration:

Poolside Holi Parties are so immensely popular that it is only right we create an exclusive corner in our blog just for fun poolside Holi Bash ideas! And why not? Since playing in the water is a rather indispensable part of a Holi party, having a poolside Holi party frees two birds with one key. 

Image Source: The Darkroom Productions

Image Source: Bollyboom

Image Source: Richard Mathew

Image Source: India Eve

1. A Holi Party is all about Music!

Hire a good DJ so that your poolside Holi Party can be truly rocking. 

Image Source: Getty

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

Image Source: Kristin Ruhs

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

2. Jazz up the ambiance to set the tone for Holi Celebration

Quirky signboards and posters, colorful balloons, streamers, and colorful umbrellas  –  these Holi Party Decoration Ideas work as decor and resting areas as well. You can also get life-size cutouts and posters from all Bollywood Holi songs to bring a touch of drama to your poolside Holi party. 

Image Source: The Finishing Touch

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

Image Source: Dream Diaries

3. Get Creative with your Poolside Holi Party Food & Drinks!

Here are a few Holi party food ideas that will make your guests drool over – chocolate-filled gujias, thandai infused cupcakes, pancakes drizzled with rabdi, motichoor rabdii parfait, rasmalai pastries, chili cheese samosas, spinach-corn kachoris, pani-puri shots, chana-chur tacos, and much more! 


Image Source: The Culinary Lounge

Image Source: The Culinary Lounge

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

Image Source: Aromatic Essence

A poolside Holi party can include alcohol, so get creative with your cocktails. A make-your-own-cocktail station will be extremely popular among your guests!

Image Source: Shutterstock

4. Holi games with a twist!

Image Source: Enhance Your Palate

While Holi party games such as tambola, dumb charades, musical chair, gol-gappe eating competition, always make it to the list. How about we make it more interesting this year? Here are a few fun ideas to put a twist to your Holi party games. You’re welcome!

#Thandai beer pong

#Two truths and a lie with a water balloon being smashed over the head every time someone takes a wrong guess. 

#Never have I ever, but with Thandai (if you know what we mean)

#Passing the parcel but with a leaking balloon. 

#Heads Up!, but only with the Bollywood Holi songs. 

Start your Holi celebration by sending these heartfelt Holi Wishes 2022 to your loved ones:

Image Source: Hindu God Wallpaper.com

Image Source: Mynameart.com

Image Source: Parade

Image Source: Parade

We hope you liked these ideas and bookmarked at least a few for your own Holi party 2022. Need help organizing a Holi party in 2022? That’s what we are here for! If you are looking for poolside banquets or lawns or party halls for an indoor celebration, you can check out Weddingz for a comprehensive list of venues in your locality and city. If you need a hand with catering, decor, party entertainment, or anything else even remotely related to your party needs, just grab your phone and give us a call today!

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Roce Ceremony – A to Z of this Special Catholic Pre-Wedding Tradition!

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In this culturally diverse land of ours, the Roce Ceremony is an immensely important pre-wedding ritual for the Indian Catholics of Goa and Mangalore that takes place before a Catholic wedding. The Roce Ceremony is celebrated by anointing the bride and groom with freshly squeezed coconut milk, also called Ros, meaning juice, which is where the word Roce comes from and coconut oil. The Roce Ceremony is the Catholic wedding equivalent of the Haldi ceremony in Hindu Weddings and is very near and dear to every Goan and Mangalorean Catholic. 

This unique and interesting tradition has been observed by Goan and Mangalorean Catholics for generations and is still celebrated with the very same enthusiasm and vigor. Of course, keeping with the time, people alter a few aspects of the Roce Ceremony, but overall it holds just as much importance, and no Goan and Mangalorean Catholic wedding is complete without the Roce Ceremony. 

So, if you are on a hunt for ideas for your own Roce Ceremony such as a venue for the Roce Ceremony, decor inspiration, outfits, or entertainment, you have come to the right place. This blog presents some endearing ideas that will help you turn your Roce Ceremony into an unforgettable affair. So, keep reading brides and grooms-to-be!

Significance of the Roce Ceremony:

Image Source: Chromesutra

Image Source: Varun Pinto

Image Source: Flawsome Felicia

The Roce Ceremony, as we mentioned, is the Catholic equivalent of Haldi and signifies the end of bachelorhood and spinsterhood for the bride and groom. It is celebrated a couple of days prior to a Catholic wedding and uses coconut oil and coconut milk because coconut holds a lot of importance in Goan culture due to its abundant availability. From curries to desserts, coconut has found a profound place in Konkani cuisine. Not just that, it has also found its place in Konkani traditions and is presented as holy offerings. 

The use of coconut in the Roce Ceremony goes beyond this. Coconuts represent nature and its givings, and primarily using coconut for an important pre-wedding ritual signifies that we acknowledge and are grateful for everything that mother nature bestows upon us. 

The ritual takes place separately at the bride and groom’s house and entails the women of the house grating and squeezing the coconut by hand to remove the juice or the Roce. The first order of business is to offer a family prayer in the morning. 

Then the mother of the bride/groom starts the ceremony by drawing a cross on their forehead as well as pouring a few drops of it in each of their ears. It is believed to bless them and clear their ears so that they can listen to each other, which is a very important part of any successful relationship. This ritual is then followed by family, siblings, friends, and the guests taking turns to anoint the bride/groom with the Roce, and ends with all of the remaining Roce being poured on their head. Friends make it fun by breaking eggs, pouring beer, and whipped cream onto their heads!

Venue for Roce Ceremony:

Image Source: Flawsome Felicia

Image Source: Abids Events

Image Source: Flashback Photography

Image Source: Abids Events

The Roce Ceremony typically takes place in an open space as it can get very messy. Usually, in Goa, the venue for the Roce Ceremony is the front yard of the house, but the terrace is also an appropriate venue for the Roce Ceremony. 

1. If you don’t have access to either of these, any Goan wedding venue is the optimal venue for a Roce ceremony since it is a very important pre-wedding ceremony. You can simply book a wedding lawn or a spread-out banquet hall according to your guest list and it will work amazingly as a venue for the Roce Ceremony. 

2. If you are a fan of nature and want to celebrate this special ceremony amid greenery, you can choose your nearby garden or lakeside as your venue for the Roce Ceremony as well but make sure you acquire all the necessary permits. 

3. An interesting choice of venue for the Roce Ceremony can be poolside. Fun and excitement are an important part of the Roce Ceremony, and there is a whole segment where the bride or the groom groove on the dance floor along with all the guests. So, why not go ahead and add a pool to the hoopla and take the fun factor several notches up? Life is a little better by the poolside anyway!

Decor Ideas for the Roce Ceremony:

Image Source: Flawsome Felicia

Image Source: Abids Events

Image Source: Chromesutra

Image Source: Marissa Maharaj

Image Source: Chromesutra

The Roce Ceremony is bound by many traditions and technicalities. It requires a lot of attention to detail as every single thing, right from the customs that need to be followed to the decor that has to be set up is specified for the Roce Ceremony. It is traditionally held in a Mattov, which is a hut made out of dried and woven, palm leaves, areca nut palm leaves, and coconut leaves. It is decorated with fresh flowers and palm and coconut leaves. 

But as times changed, some acceptable changes were made to the traditions. Now, people customize the decor as per their preferences, and there is honestly so much you can do to set up a stunning backdrop for your Roce Ceremony. 

1. You can recreate the traditional Mattov in a modern way using dried palm and coconut leaves just for the backdrop.

2. Incorporate coconut shells for maximum vibes. 

There is no hard and fast rule that it must be done the above way though. 

1. You can ditch the coconuts (only from the decor!) and go floral. Floral wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, bouquets, and even rangolis – everything works. 

2. If you want to keep it simple, just get an altar made to draw all the attention to it. 

3. Turn to white, pastel, or even colorful drapes and fairy lights to add a whimsical touch to your Roce Ceremony. 

The simplest way to go would be to pick a theme. 

A favorite color, activity, celebrity, movie, or anything that you feel passionate enough about to make the backdrop of your Roce Ceremony, and fill the venue for Roce Ceremony with things related to it, for example, posters of your favorite movie, balloons, or flowers in your favorite color, etc. 

Outfits for the Roce Ceremony:

Image Source: Yellow Butterfly Photography

Traditionally, the bride is supposed to drape her mother’s wedding saree around the waist as a skirt with a blouse, and the groom drapes a lungi with a kurta. However, this is flexible too, and you can pick anything that you are comfortable in.

Bride – 




Salwar and kameez

Kurta and churidar

Groom – 

Kurta and pajama

Tshirt/shirt and pants

Light sherwani

A traditional Goan feast – Rosache Jevon!

Image Source: Cooklikececilia

Roce ceremony is followed by a feast called “Rosache Jevon” (Roce feast). Despite all of the modifications made to this pre-wedding ritual to get what is now a modern-day Roce Ceremony, Goans prefer to opt for traditional Goan food to honor the culture. Several Goan delicacies including fish, chicken, mutton, or even pork curry with coconut, prawns, vegetables with cashew, Goan Sannas (fluffy rice cakes), and the sweet dish Vohn are served and enjoyed at a Roce Ceremony. 

But of course, like with every other convention, food is also flexible. You can choose the foods of your liking and even go for theme-based food. Ask your caterer to whip up a customized dessert or drink to add a personal twist to the feast. Your guests will enjoy it, and every aspect of your Roce Ceremony will be extra special. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event!

Dancing, music, and a whole lot of celebration!

Image Source: Chromesutra

Image Source: Chromesutra

Even though the Roce Ceremony is an important custom that cannot be omitted, having fun is an essential part of the whole thing. After the feast is over, it is in fact customary for the bride/groom to dance with their family, friends, and all the guests. There are also games, singing, and so many more fun activities involved. So, you must hire a DJ and ask him to spin some serious tunes so that you and your tribe can grove. You can make a playlist yourself of all of your favorite dance numbers. 

You can arrange a bunch of party games, ask your siblings, nieces, and nephews to put up skits and performances, or even arrange a karaoke machine and turn it into a whole night of entertainment in celebration of one of the most important days of your life.
We hope that you found our blog about the Roce Ceremony helpful and can incorporate some of these ideas about the venue for the Roce Ceremony in 2022, its decor, and the entertainment. We totally understand that planning your Catholic wedding can be stressful, so if you need any more assistance with planning and executing your Catholic wedding 2022, log onto Weddingz.in. We have a plethora of wedding services that will make this tiresome process a cakewalk for you.

Birthday Decoration Ideas to Up Your Party Game in 2022!

Image Source: Getty 

Birthday decoration is the most exciting aspect of planning birthday celebrations, be it for yourself or someone else, because who doesn’t love a vibrant fiesta?! As the modern trend calls for it, we like to leave the birthday decoration to the professionals, but if you are one to add a personal touch to the birthday decoration, boy do we have a list of B’day decor ideas 2022 for you! 

As a host, you have a number of things to take care of such as the guest list, food, music, invitations, and just as important as all of these is the decor as it sets the tone for the birthday celebrations as if transferring the spirit of the party to every single guest. Hence, you want to get the birthday decoration just right. With a little bit of planning, research, and sourcing, you can create party decor that is not only perfectly on-brand but also so beautiful that it remains in everyone’s memories for a long time to come. So, scroll down to read some of the ideas we’ve put together for you, and hopefully, you will find something for your birthday celebrations in 2022 that is right up your alley!

1. DIY birthday decoration ideas

Image Source: Inspired by Charm

Image Source: Katherine Lee

Image Source: Design Improvised

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is never going out of trend. Not to mention, the pictures with the DIY decor in their backdrop are extremely cute! 

Origami is your best friend if you want to stick to the basics. You can make simple shapes such as fans, lanterns, hats, and garlands out of paper, or if you’re feeling fancy you can fashion stars, rosettes, pinwheels, and even animals! 

Use some fabric to create tassels and pom-poms that you can arrange into garlands and hang all around one of the gorgeous birthday party halls that you book.

You can use old CDs to create beautiful wall and ceiling hangings that will make the light dance at your party and instantly liven up any venue, be it your living room or one of the birthday party halls!

Flowers, fairy lights, and ribbons can be incorporated into beautiful arrangements for simple yet gorgeous decor pieces that will add a touch of elegance to your birthday celebrations.

You can use balloons and large crepe paper strips to create a backdrop for the birthday celebrations.

If you are feeling particularly crafty, you can get down to the gritty and embellish the candles, create personalized name tags for every guest, and decorate the glasses plates, and straws using washi tape!

2. Milestone birthday decoration ideas

Image Source: Country Living

Image Source: LivingLocurto.com

Image Source: MintedStrawberry.blog

Milestone birthday celebrations are very important in a person’s life. Usually, those close to the birthday boy or girl in question – parents, siblings, friends, partner, host the birthday party, and hence the birthday decoration is their concern as well. Since milestone birthday celebrations are once-in-a-lifetime kinds of occasions, milestone birthday decorations are also supposed to be loud, eye-catching, and just superb! One of the birthday party halls can be decorated with ‘Happy Birthday’ signs that are exaggerated in size, large balloons, full-fledged floral arrangements, and all the added glitz and glam are a must in a milestone birthday decoration. Pro-tip: the more personalized the better so try customizing the decor to fit parts of the birthday boy/girl’s personality.

3. Children’s birthday decoration ideas

Image Source: CherishX

Image source: Emily Entertains

Image Source: Taste of home

Children’s birthday celebrations are relatively easier to plan but their birthday decoration can be just as tricky. Yes, you might think that your kids will be too busy playing with their friends or too interested in the cake to even notice the birthday decoration, but as we have already clarified above, birthday decoration sets the tone of the party, and you certainly want to give your little ones the most exciting birthday party. 

If they have a favorite superhero or cartoon character, 50% of your job is done. Just go ahead and fill one of the birthday party halls that you book with decor related to that character. If not, you can use puppies, kittens, and unicorns on the backdrops, balloons, posters, party cups, and the cake to create a whimsical theme. Customized paper straws, plates, and cups will keep all of the kids at the party on their toes. If you don’t want to use a specific theme, you can simply make sure that the birthday decoration is glittery and colorful so that the pictures come out adorable. 

4. Themed party birthday decoration ideas

Image Source: Anders Ruff Design Co

Image Source: Chica&Jo

When it comes to themed parties and the birthday decoration required to pull one off, you can let your imagination run wild. If you want inspiration for a theme, just dip into your list of favorites, and voila!

If you’re a die-hard Potterhead, then you might require some black cloaks, pointy hats, and brooms for the birthday decoration. Or if detective stories fascinate you, then you can use notebooks, pencils, missing posters, and magnifying glasses to not only amp up the birthday party halls but also to play games at the party. Or if you’re someone with a love for nature, you can use not only different types of flowers but all kinds of parts of a plant to create a rustic-looking birthday decoration. 

5. Simple birthday decoration ideas for intimate birthday celebrations

Image Source: Pinterest

Most people prefer to have a small function with just their closest people. A small party does mean though that the birthday decoration must be missing. You can still choose some simple birthday decoration ideas for intimate birthday celebrations. You can pick one item of decors such as either flowers or lights or balloons, and make them the center of attraction. A backdrop with balloons and ribbons, a centerpiece made of flowers, or a wall filled with fairy lights to illuminate the entire party will work out great if you are looking for minimal yet stunning birthday decorations. 

6. Sustainable birthday decoration ideas

Image source: Aswana

Image source: Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Sustainability is everywhere, and if you have the drive to make a positive contribution to the environment, involving sustainability in your birthday decoration might just be the thing for you. The first and foremost rule of sustainability is to use everything that is either biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable. So think paper straws, bamboo cutlery, steel or glass tumblers for liquids, etc. The DIY trend is a major of this one because you will most likely have to make most of the decor yourself. You can use all kinds of paper to make decorations or even papier-mache to fashion little sculptures. Reusing most of the decor in innovative ways so that nothing goes to waste is the most important aspect of sustainable birthday celebrations 2022.

We hope that you found this blog helpful and were able to pick at least a couple of ideas for those special birthday celebrations that you plan to host in 2022. If you happen to be looking for a party hall to host a beautiful birthday party for yourself or any of your dear ones, you should certainly check out Weddingz.in! Don’t forget to give our experts a call to get all the help you want with birthday party decorations, catering, party entertainment, or to find the best birthday party halls near you for a hearty celebration!

Whether you have a theme birthday party in mind or have a major milestone celebration coming up in the family or have a lavish wedding or reception planned, Weddingz.in can help you find decor experts for any kind of event who can bring your vision to life. So leave all your decoration worries to the professionals and watch your dream event turn into reality.

30 Stunning Mandap Decor Ideas to Bookmark for Your Upcoming Wedding

Mandap design ideas have come a long way. The mandap décor can be customised as per the location, season, design-requirement, type of wedding and so on. But a mandap is a must. Why?

Because the one element that is a must in any Hindu traditional wedding – the mandap. The mandap or mandapam as it is known to be is crucial to the traditions and rituals of the core Hindu wedding customs. Therefore, the wedding mandap and the wedding mandap decoration is sacrosanct and an integral part of Indian wedding decor.

The mandap is sanctimonious in nature and is considered to be a sanctum sanctorum. It is placed at the very centre of the wedding decorations. A wedding mandap decoration is just not any mandap décor or mandap design but it has to have pleasing design aesthetics, as well as the entire mandap design, has to have a proper meaning behind it. A typical mandap design is made up of four pillars, each of which has meaning and importance for a blissfully wedded life, with a canopy on top. Only the immediate members of the couple’s families are allowed within the mandap along with the priest or priests.

The wedding mandap and the wedding mandap decoration has an interesting history and dates back to centuries before when weddings took place within the four walls of the couple’s home, more specifically, the girl or bride’s home. Only close family members were a part of these celebrations. Therefore, the marriage mandap decoration came into being. However, even though today, the wedding mandap has many many mandap design ideas and mandap decoration has evolved a lot, the idea behind a wedding mandap remains the same.

The wedding mandap, being a four-pillared structure with a canopy shaped like a dome or a semi-circle, defines the sacred area amidst the wedding decoration where the wedding rituals will be carried out. Traditionally, a mandap design was made using wood and other natural or organic materials, however, today, a modern wedding mandap décor may use metals.

To add more to the details of a mandap design, it is important to know what each of the four pillars stands for – they stand for Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa, symbolic of the four stages of the life of an individual.  

The four pillars are also symbolic of the four natural elements and the fifth element is the canopy or the open top of the mandap design that stands for ‘space’. Therefore, a wedding mandap is equivalent of a universe.

As we have already discussed the importance of marriage mandap decoration, let us look at 30 stunning mandap design ideas that you can bookmark for your upcoming wedding –

1. The Ganjam Marriage Mandap Decoration

mandap decor traditional south indian ganjam mandap by with love nilma_weddingz.in

What can be more traditional than study ornate carved pillars for a marriage mandap decoration? Decked with marigolds, white flowers and bells, this mandap design is a delight for all.

2. The Rustic Wedding Mandap Decoration

mandap decor rustic eucalyptus leaves poolside by with love nilma

An open-air wedding by the pool is enchanting right? What if we say the rustic mandap design made up of eucalyptus leaves and crystals created over the pool is not a part of the venue but created just for a wedding? Brilliant, isn’t it?  

3. A No-Frill, Simple Mandap Design

mandap decor south indian wedding by with love nilma

Weddings demand elaborate settings but this couple wanted a simple, sweet ceremony and therefore, this traditional South Indian mandap décor has design similarities with the bride’s home flooring of red oxide and therefore, the flooring of the wedding mandap decoration is red as well.

4. A Dash of Fair Magic for Mandap Decor

Mandap decor peach drapes fairy lights coorg wedding by with love nilma

Love the peachy hues? We do too! So, throw in some peach-coloured drapes and fairy lights, and voila… you have a stunning mandap décor!

5. The Luminous Wedding Mandap Decoration

Mandap decor luminous foliage by with love nilma

If you are looking to incorporate nature in your wedding mandap decoration then this luminous foliage mandap design with lanterns is a great option!

6. A Fresh Blooming Marriage Mandap Decoration

Mandap Decor Indoor Garden Fresh Florals Green Wall by With Love Nilma

Just because you are having an indoor wedding doesn’t mean that your marriage mandap decoration has to be boring! Checkout this indoor mandap design with fresh blooming flowers and a huge natural green wall as the backdrop. Stunning, isn’t it?

7. Traditional Yellow and Orange Mandap Decor

mandap decor haldi ceremony by with love nilma

There is a certain charm that yellow and orange marigolds lend to a mandap décor, right? We think so too! This simple yet radiant mandap design for a mehendi ceremony is brilliant!

All Above Images Sourced by: With Love Nilma

8. A Grand Mandap Design with Floral Dome and Pillars

mandap decor fresh roses floral dome by samani decorators

What’s not to love – a huge floral canopy, floral mandap pillars decked in pink, white and red roses, cascading floral strings and the mandap design sitting atop a fountain? It can’t get grander than this!

9. An Eclectic Mandap Design

Mandap decor modern purple green by samani decorators

If you are someone who wants to do things out-of-the-box and don’t want traditional or usual colours for your mandap design, then opt for a purple and green draped mandap design just like this beauty!

10. The Magical Mandap Decor

mandap decor indoor intimate fairy lights tent by samani decorators

Add a little magic to your indoor wedding a create a tent-like mandap décor just like this one with some florals and lots of fairy lights! Magical yass!

11. A Flower Garden Mandap Design

mandap decor indoor flower garden by samani decorators

Love a beautiful flower garden? Well, you can recreate it indoors with this stunning floral mandap with cascading vines and bells.

12. Sophisticated Floral Mandap Decor

mandap decor floral drapes by samani decorators

What if you want to cast a spell on the audience and add a dash of mystery to your wedding mandap design? If that’s the brief then this sophisticated and elegant mandap décor is the one for you!

All Above Images Sourced by Samani Decorators

13. Traditional Yet Minimal Marriage Mandap Decoration

Mandap decor modern minimalism banana leaves by atisuto

Banana leaves are used in many Indian sacred or religious rituals and this minimal yet traditional marriage mandap decoration using white flowers and banana leaves stand-ins for the four pillars of a mandap design, is a really beautiful.

14. A Meandering Pathway Mandap Design

mandap decor meandering pathway foliage by atisuto

What if you could create a pathway with green foliage and beautiful flowers to lead your lady love to you at the wedding altar? So very romantic, right? Yeah. This beautiful meandering pathway with foliage and floral mandap design is just that!

15. A Grand Tepee Wedding Mandap

mandap decor bohemian teepee by atisuto

A tepee for a mandap design? Why not! Checkout this Moroccan-inspired Bohemian grand tepee wedding mandap with woven carpets and wildflowers.

All Above Images Sourced by Atisuto Events

16. A Rosy Mandap Design

mandap decor minimal stringed roses bouquets beach wedding by aash studios

If the brief is minimal and you want to use red roses, try this mandap design!

17. Flowers and Bells Mandap Decor

mandap decor floral pink white roses beach wedding by aash studios

Love pale pink roses? We do too! Opt for this stunning rose and hanging bells mandap design for your upcoming nuptials!

18. Nature’s Cave Mandap Design

mandap decor floral cave dome by aash studios

Want to ensure your beautiful mandap design blends in with nature? Try this dome-shaped floral and foliage mandap design.

All Above Images Sourced by Aash Studios

19. The Tree of Love Wedding Mandap

Mandap decor tree of love floral by fireflies decor

When you have a gorgeous Champa tree already at the wedding venue, then you must suspend thousands of Rajnigandha floral ladis to create a fantastical wedding mandap like this one!

20. A Dreamy Marriage Mandap Decoration

mandap decor greenery glass bottle vases by fireflies decor

When you want your dreams to come true, you opt for this beautiful marriage mandap decoration with a lot of nature and transparent glass bottle hangings!

All Above Images Sourced from Fireflies Decor

21. The Phenomenal Wedding Mandap

mandap decor pink yellow white green florals by Gurleen M Puri

A phenomenal grand floral wedding mandap with bright yellow, pink and white is definitely going to make a special place in your heart for a long time to come.

22. Stunning Wedding Mandap Decoration with Flowers

mandap decor hot pink floral by Gurleen M Puri

When the brief is avant garde, you create this stunning wedding mandap decoration with carnations and roses!

All Above Images Sourced from: Gurleen M Puri

23. A Fairy Tale Garden Wedding Mandap

mandap decor metal floral contemporary mandap by decor by Dinaz

If you are looking for a contemporary yet fairy tale-like wedding mandap, then this mandap design with florals and custom crown flower stick infusion is the ‘design’ for you!

24. A Floral Pellidoku Mandap Design Fit for Royalty

Mandap decor Pellikodoku lime green pink blue by decor by Dinaz

A colourful, i.e. lime, green, pink, white florals and blues to bedeck your mandap design is just right for a royal wedding, don’t you think? We’d have to agree!

All Above Images Sourced by Decor by Dinaz

25. A Peach Mandap Decor for a Beach Wedding

mandap decor peach beach wedding by eventrra memories

Image Source: Eventrra Memories

Peach-coloured drapes decked with dainty floral bouquets make for beautiful mandap designs, right? Especially if they are for a beach wedding 😊.

26. Mogra and Marigold Marriage Mandap Design

Mandap decor intricate traditional white marigold pink goa destination wedding by marriage colours

What can be prettier than a mogra and marigold with pink flowers in a marriage mandap decoration. Nothing. A classic traditional beauty this one.

27. A Majestic Floral Wedding Mandap

mandap decor indoor floral canopy exotic flowers by marriage colours

When the sheer scale of a wedding mandap and its décor can wow us, we know we are in for a grand wedding. This wedding mandap with floral canopy and exotic flower hangings paints a picture of perfection.

28. A Pop of Pastel Marriage Mandap Decoration

mandap decor pastel dome floral mandap beach wedding by marriage colours

If you love your pinks, peaches, whites and blues, then this pop of peachy hues as seen in the marriage mandap design is just right for you!

All Above Images Sourced from Marriage Colours

29. Temple Marriage Mandap Decoration

Mandap decor yellow orange marigold temple by decorsutra.jpg

Image Source: Sweet Pickle Pictures

Looking for a temple-like marriage mandap decoration? Try this mandap design where the entire marriage mandap decoration is made up of yellow and orange marigolds.

30. Marigold and Mogra Mandap Design

mandap decor outdoor yellow marigold white lily by decorsutra

Image Source: R2S Signature Weddings

When the brief for your mandap design is minimal with a dash of marigold and mogra!

Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj Lockdown Wedding: A Journey in Pictures

Ever since one of India’s most eligible bachelors (and may we say hot?!) broke the news of the woman in his life, we bet if anyone was truly able to keep calm, not us for sure! After some brief periods of speculation that was quickly followed by an intimate engagement ceremony, Rana Daggubatti chose to tie the knot with his ladylove, Miheeka Bajaj who belongs to one of Hyderabad’s most illustrious families and is an interior designer herself who owns the Hyderabad based design and event management company Dewdrop Design Studio.

As love transcends beyond the ideas of pandemic, lockdown and quarantine, both these well-established lovebirds decided to walk down the aisle in a rather private, close-knit setup in their city. We’re certain none would have imagined that this is how things would pan out, not even them, their wedding pictures are proof enough to show that all that really matters is the willingness to unite in the sacrament of marriage with the love and blessings of the closest ones!

We’ve decided to take you on a journey that captures just this- right from their engagement to their d-day. Let’s begin!

The Elegant Lockdown Engagement Ceremony

While most places were under a nationwide lockdown, there was something special about the air of Jubilee Hills this May. It was brimming with pomp and joy and the Daggubati household were all geared to make it ‘official’ and welcome a new member into their family. In a rather intimate backyard setting, Rana and Miheeka got engaged in the presence of their families. Rana opted for a simple and super traditional outfit for the event consisting of a white shirt and mundu while Miheeka shone bright in an orange and pink Kanjeevaram saree. She completed her look with her home brand- Krsala’s statement jewellery set. These stunning pictures are proof of the lovely time they had ringing in their memorable moments!  

Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement
Rana and Miheeka's Elegant Engagement

Miheeka’s Pretty Pre-Wedding Event

Celebrations continued in the Bajaj household as they hosted a lovely pre-wedding ceremony for Miheeka in June. And we must say this beauty had already started giving us major goals even before she officiated to become a bride! Her breathtaking look in a couture Jayanti Reddy lehenga for the event does all the talking. She paired this with a Krsala mala encrusted with polki, rubies and pink tourmalines along with an elegantly crafted jadau maang tikka

Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home
Miheeka's Pre-Wedding Function at Home

That Happening Haldi Ceremony

So what if it’s a lockdown wedding?! When Bhallaldeva decided to get hitched he did it in style! Rana and Miheeka’s haldi ceremony was simple and yet brimming with so much fun and festivity. Miheeka looked straight out of a dream in her bright yellow Anand Kabra lehenga which she cleverly paired with her stunning seashells jewellery. The soon-to-be-groom kept it sobre in a  traditional shirt and mundu outfit.

Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Haldi Ceremony

Magical Mehendi Moments

Everything about Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj’s mehendi ceremony was vibrant! The decor was thoroughly picturesque and made for the perfect background. Needless to say the bride and groom looked a million bucks. Miheeka redefined stunning in her eclectic pink Arpita Mehta lehenga-jacket. She wore this with a custom made Krsala maang tikka encrusted with polkis and  pearls and earrings made of Russian emeralds! The ever dapper hunk chose to step out in a beige kurta which he paired with a Nehru jacket and crisp trousers.

Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Mehendi Ceremony

The Wondrous Lockdown Wedding Day

And finally, come August 8th, this gorgeous couple got married in a traditional ceremony at Hyderabad’s Ramanaidu Studio in the presence of close family and friends. They opted for a bio-secure ceremony with a tight guestlist. Miheeka left all thoroughly speechless as she chose to be an Anamika Khanna bride in a dazzling ivory chikankari gown with  gold metalwork and zardosi. It was Krsala’s exquisite diamond jewellery all the way for the bride on her big day! Rana looked no less in gold kurta with a light gold pancha. He completed his look with a golden stole! 

Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Miheeka's Bridal Look
Rana's Wedding Look
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony
Rana and Miheeka's Wedding Ceremony

Image Sources: Krsala Jewellery, Rana Daggubati, Miheeka Bajaj, Reels and Frames

Here’s wishing this lovely couple a happily ever after and a journey full of love and peace!

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Planning your Home Wedding Decor

The season of home weddings is here and how! If you’re upset about missing out on making perfect instagram-worthy memories in the background of breathtaking locales and exotic decor elements, do not worry. Home weddings have their own essence and beauty and you can still make meaningful memories with beautiful backgrounds. The crux is to understand the ‘feel’ of home weddings and design everything around it. 

To get you started, we’ve listed five tips that you can keep in mind while planning for your intimate wedding decor. Take a look at them below:

1. Focus on Space Management

Image Source With love Nilma 

Unlike the sprawling area a lawn, banquet or an outdoor destination can offer, home or backyard weddings have a limited space. But therein lies their beauty and purpose. You can convert this limited space into a pleasant setup without making it too restricting by using all the corners wisely. Remember the overall idea is to render a ‘feel’ and not stuff every nook and corner with over the top elements. 

2. Get Creative with Flowers

Image Source With love Nilma 

One cannot imagine wedding decor without breathtaking floral arrangements be it home or hall. However the best part about having to decorate for your home wedding is that you can be much more responsible to source flowers. You can also incorporate a healthy mix of local and seasonal flowers along with exotic variants.

3. Shower some Table/Counter Love

Image Source Fattoautentica

Yes we do understand that home weddings have a limited amount of space and that is why you need to set up a table or counter (if not too many) as they can double up as refreshment/beverages or gift counter, a memoir table or an eating cum lounge area! Besides they can also add to the entire look and feel of the place.

4. Give it a Personalised Touch

Image Source Aash Studio

What better place and occasion than your intimate home wedding to add a personalized touch to your wedding decor?! Though this is irrespective of the space or venue, you can take this element one notch higher as your closest folks would be in attendance. Spill out some secrets, show some love or simply let out gratitude in creative ways by weaving them as part of your decor deal.

5. Use Backgrounds Effectively

Image Source With love Nilma 

Your home garden can work as a lovely photo booth with some tact and a bit of creativity. Likewise you can also create cool backgrounds and make cozy spaces for your guests to sit back and relax. Your home memory wall can work as a refreshing idea for a small indoor stage. Using backgrounds effectively is also a splendid way of managing your space well.

Well folks, with these handy tips at your disposal now, we hope you nail your wedding decor to the t!

15 Eco-friendly Wedding Décor Ideas for Environmentally Conscious Brides and Grooms

Sustainability is associated with respect for the environment. It is also identified as what we currently call eco friendly or organic. From minimalism to buying and owning only what is necessary, breaking with the concept of consumer society, measuring waste and opting for natural alternatives, collectively constitute the idea of sustainability. Hence when it comes to sustainable weddings decor ideas, we’re looking at finding these elements manifest in tangible decor. 

Be it the stage decoration, flower wedding decoration, mandap, table, entrance or aisle we’ve listed a mix bag here brimming with sustainable ideas for you to take inspiration from! This new and unusual wedding season, it’s time to celebrate with responsibility and care for the ecosystem we inhabitat. Take a look at these 15 sustainable wedding decor ideas below:

1. A simple structure up in the backyard and with its own fire pit and space for a small marquee too. This simple shoot made of healthy green foliage and fresh roses brought so much colour to the space!

Image Source Weddinghelperuk

2. Eco friendly and sustainable designs are a growing practice in wedding plans lately and for all the right reasons. Featured here is a stunning shoot that shows off chic yet earthy florals we love!

Image Source United With Love

3. This wedding season choose ‘sustainable’ over ‘glamour’. Take a leaf out from this frame that beautifully marries eco-friendly with aesthetics. These cane lamps are a thoughtful alternative you can opt for.

Image Source Wedding Helperuk

4.Rustic wooden boxes make great decor elements. Whether you’re setting up a quirky photobooth or a wedding favour counter such as this, there’s much you can play around with while using wooden boxes. 

Image Source Juliets Wedding Planner

5. Welcome your guests to a world of memories, pleasant musings and a whole lot of fun with an entrance aisle like this that is vibrant, fresh and above all sustainable!

Image Source Indiamart

6. We wish all structures looked this pretty, we would never cover them! A fun way to do up your entrance aisle is to cleverly use the structure itself as a decor element itself.

Image Source Devika Narain & Co.

7. Let your outdoor wedding be an extension of the serene natural landscape. This lilac and foliage arch entrance is a lovely addition! And let’s not forget the fragrant smell 🙂

Image Source Wedding Helperuk

8. This gorgeous mandap décor setup comes with natural flowers, reusable floral foams and fabrics. Why be only gorgeous when you can be gorgeous and eco-friendly?!

Image Source Global Wedding Network

9. Add a thoughtful twist to your wedding mandap decor with these neatly arranged wood logs, traditional flowers and fresh leaves! Minimalist and refreshing, this mandap decor makes for a picturesque frame. 

Image Source Pinterest

10. Embellished in multiple strands of vibrat garlands, bronze lamps and banana leaves, this stunning mandap celebrates the goodness of earth with the richness of traditional elements.

Image Source Pinterest

11. Be it an outdoor or indoor setup, you always have the choice and alternatives to choose sustainable and style it to the t! This beauteous mandap is a lovely example of that. Adorned with rich florals and ferns this one is a class apart.

Image Source Devika Narain & Co.

12. Another example of a marvellous traditional and eco-friendly wedding mandap, this one comes with pleasantly arranged garlands, and fresh floral buds. We like how the addition of the decorated wooden frame has elevated the entire setup!

Image Source Taarini Weddings

13. Loaded with the freshness of decorative natural ferns and flowers, this indoor stage is vibrant and sustainable. Neat drapes and decorative cloth nets complete this decor and make for a pleasant frame! 

Image Source Kerala Wedding Planners

14. We love how the bold contrast of colours is working wonders in this frame! Bright orange drapes paired together with wooden bamboos and decorative leaves add to the drama, but a sustainable one 🙂

Image Source Weddings of India

15. Another organic gem, this lovely marriage mandap boasts of garlands, leaves and coir pillars. This lovely mandap personifies ‘less is more’ in a heartwarming way! There’s much inspiration you can draw from this mandap

Image Source Pinterest