Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – Check out these Bengali Wedding Dates for an Auspicious Affair

Picture Credits- Atlantis Photography Kolkata

If you are looking for the best Bengali marriage Dates in 2022, you have landed on the right page as we have the following dates ready for you to pick as per the wedding plan:

SNMonthBengali Marriage Dates in 2022
1January22nd, 24th
2February2nd, 5th, 7th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th
3March3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th
4April17th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th
5May2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 17trh, 18th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 31st
6June6th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd
7July3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th
8November19th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 27th
9December2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th

Bengal is famous for so many things, especially its food. From Rasgulla to Mishti Doi, these mouthwatering desserts make any day better. You can only imagine what a Bengali Wedding will look like if just the desserts are this good, right? If you are Bengali or have decided to get married- Bengali style, you need to do it properly with all the rituals. The Bengali weddings are usually very simple yet so elegant that you would want to host your wedding- Bengali style. These Bengali marriage dates in 2022 would be the perfect ones for you to go ahead and plan a stunning Bengali wedding that you have always wanted. The Bengali Panjika 2022 marriage dates and times that we have found for you will work for all kinds of Bengali wedding dates. Each and every Bengali wedding venue is decorated in red and golden hues, just like every other wedding, but the pre-wedding ceremonies and the culture are what make the Bengali wedding so different from others. These Bengali marriage dates 2022 will make it easier for you to further plan your pre-wedding, wedding as well as post-wedding ceremonies. If you are hosting a Bengali Hindu wedding, then these are some Bengali Hindu marriage dates in 2022 that we have done our research on. To find all the details of these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 with time and other important aspects, get in touch with us!

1. Bengali Marriage Dates in January 2022

A January wedding is a dream for many. Winter weddings are really pretty and elegant that makes the bride feel like the queen. There are just a couple of Bengali marriage dates in January 2022, and you can choose these dates to host the best day of your life. So make sure you check out all the Bengali marriage dates in 2022 January so that your wedding is executed smoothly. Not just January, all these dates are based on Bengali Panjika 2022 marriage dates. So you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to finalizing your date to host your d-day.

Below are 2 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Jan 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Jan 2022Day
122nd January 2022Saturday
224th January 2022Monday

2. Bengali Marriage Dates in February 2022

Who wouldn’t like to host a pleasant wedding in the most pleasant weather? Not us! February is one of the best months to get married if you want an alfresco wedding in any part of India. The great weather, a little cold but perfect for a wedding, your event in the month of February will be forever cherished by all your guests. If you are wondering from which Bengali marriage dates in 2022 February to choose, need not worry. We have found out a couple of Bengali marriage dates in 2022 for the month of February according to the Bengali calendar. But if you still want to get in touch with a proper Pandit and get the dates checked, you are free to do so. Or you can just contact us, and we will make sure your event is hosted like never before.

Following are the 8 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Feb 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Feb 2022Day
12nd February 2022Wednesday
25th February 2022Saturday
37th February 2022Monday
416th February 2022Wednesday
518th February 2022Friday
619th February 2022Saturday
720th February 2022Sunday
825th February 2022Friday

3. Bengali Marriage Dates in March 2022

The concept of an amazing wedding is defined by the most gorgeous Bengali weddings. So why not choose the month that makes for a gorgeous celebration of your big day. Be it a small or a grandiose wedding, these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 will make sure your event flows smoothly and it is remembered by all your attendees for years to come. According to the Bengali Calendar, all these dates will be a good day to host your big day. And these dates that we are about to mention are Pandit approved, hence you won’t have to worry about anything. So make sure you check out these Bengali marriage dates in March 2022. 

5 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Mar 2022 are as follows:

SN Bengali Marriage Dates in Mar 2022Day
13rd March 2022Thursday
24th March 2022Friday
35th March 2022Saturday
46th March 2022Sunday
510th March 2022Thursday

4. Bengali Marriage Dates in April 2022

An April wedding looks like a dream come true. Add lots of charm to your summer wedding by hosting your wedding in the gorgeous month of April 2022. There are a few Bengali marriage dates in 2022 in the month of April that you can choose to host the best day of your life. We know how many questions you have, but need not worry, we will do anything in our power to make sure all your wedding-related questions are answered. You don’t have to worry about anything other than getting married because we will make sure your event looks like a fairy tale, just like you want. So make sure you check out these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 and host your big day like never before.

Following are the 6 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Apr 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Apr 2022Day
117th April 2022Sunday
219th April 2022Tuesday
321st April 2022Thursday
422nd April 2022Friday
523rd April 2022Saturday
628th April 2022Thursday

5. Bengali Marriage Dates in May 2022

One of the most popular choices to host a wedding in India is in the month of May. This month has come across lots of gorgeous weddings because people usually love summer weddings. After doing lots of research, we have found some great Bengali marriage dates in 2022 according to the Bengali calendar. All the venues are pre-booked during this season, so make sure you finalize the date and book your favorite venue as soon as possible. All you need to worry about is finalizing the date, and you can leave the rest on us. Below given dates are the best Bengali marriage dates in May 2022, so make sure you check it out now.

Below are the 13 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in May 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in May 2022Day
12nd May 2022Monday
23rd May 2022Tuesday
39th May 2022Monday
410th May 2022Tuesday
511th May 2022Wednesday
612th May 2022Thursday
713th May 2022Friday
817th May 2022Tuesday
918th May 2022Wednesday
1020th May 2022Friday
1125th May 2022Wednesday
1226th May 2022Thursday
1331st May 2022Tuesday

6. Bengali Marriage Dates in June 2022

Become the most gorgeous June Bride by planning your d-day in the refreshing month of June. As we said before, these Bengali marriage dates in 2022 are well researched but if you want to go ahead and get it confirmed by your Pandit, you can go ahead and do the same. Coming back to Bengali marriage dates in June 2022, you have to choose a date this month if you want a romantic celebration of your d-day. It is the beginning of the monsoon season, which means the chances of your guests getting drenched in the rain are less, but still you have to take all the precautions that you can and wear waterproof makeup. 

10 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Jun 2022 are as follows:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Jun 2022Day
16th June 2022Monday
28th June 2022Wednesday
311th June 2022Saturday
412th June 2022Sunday
513th June 2022Monday
614th June 2022Tuesday
715th June 2022Wednesday
816th June 2022Thursday
921st June 2022Tuesday
1022nd June 2022Wednesday

6. Bengali Marriage Dates in July 2022

As the monsoon hits even harder this time of the year, a July wedding is certainly a very rare occasion. But if you are still into July weddings, we won’t stop you. The official wedding season almost ends this month according to the Bengali Calendar, but it starts again in the month of November. This means you can use that time to get to know your partner even more. These Bengali marriage dates in 2022-23 (as per the Bengali calendar) will make your event shine a little brighter. If you are wondering which are the best Bengali marriage dates in July 2022, we have mentioned them below: 

Below are 4 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Jul 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Jul 2022Day
13rd July 2022Sunday
25th July 2022Tuesday
36th July 2022Wednesday
48th July 2022Friday

7. Bengali Marriage Dates in November 2022

A perfect wedding only takes place if you host it in a month that makes your wedding a better day for you as well as your attendees. There are no dates in the months of August, September, October. This means, if you have met your soulmate now and want to plan your wedding by the end of next year, you can plan it in the month of November. You will get more time to spend with the love of your life before getting married, that only makes it better. We have picked these Bengali marriage dates in 2022. You can choose any of these dates to host your d-day. You can choose from all the Bengali marriage dates in November 2022 to finalize your d-day.

Following are the best 6 Bengali Marriage Dates in Nov 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Nov 2022Day
119th November 2022Saturday
220th November 2022Sunday
321st November 2022Monday
424th November 2022Thursday
525th November 2022Friday
627th November 2022Sunday

8. Bengali Marriage Dates in December 2022

Planning to host a December wedding? Need not worry, we will make sure it is the best day of your life. There’s not much to say other than- it is going to be awesome. Check out these Bengali marriage dates in 2022.

Following are the 5 auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in Dec 2022:

SNBengali Marriage Dates in Dec 2022Day
12nd December 2022Friday
27th December 2022Wednesday
38th December 2022Thursday
49th December 2022Friday
514th December 2022Wednesday

These were some Bengali marriage dates in 2022 just for you. You can choose any date to host your d-day. From summer, winter, to monsoon, you can go for any kind of wedding that you have been planning for a long time. Let us know which date is the perfect option for you. If you want to check out Bengali Marriage Dates in 2021, don’t forget to check out this blog.

25 Kanjeevaram Sarees for Brides to Consider this Season!

Kanchipuram (also known as Conjeevaram, Kanjeevarum, Kanjiwaram, Kanjivaram) is a traditionally woven silk from a village called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. For years now, Kanchipuram silk sarees have dominated the world of Indian sarees. The silk that is obtained from the sericulture of the mulberry worm is finely converted to produce the Kanjeevaram silk and handwoven by numerous skilled artisans to produce one fine piece of a kanchi or kanjeevaram saree! 

This wedding season if you’re looking to add some stunning yards to your bridal trousseau, there’s no better pick than these listed kanjivaram sarees for brides. We promise you, there is a treasure of them below waiting for you to explore and bookmark! It’s time to get your wedding trousseau cracking, so let’s dive straight in:

1.If you’re looking for the perfect kanjeevaram saree to add to your bridal trousseau, what better than this eclectic piece here?!

Image Source Ninecolours

2. This lovely pink kanchi silk saree is perfect for your pre-wedding puja! Pair this with a vibrant contrast blouse such as this for a truly elevated look.

Image Source Shlokaethnicwear

3. This classic traditional saree is apt for both- mothers and daughters. A special evening soiree done right in this aesthetic yard. Pair this with your ancestral jewellery for a timeless look!

Image Source Desi Royale

4.Come alive in this beautiful saree that works perfectly well for a pre-wedding festivity. This one is apt if you wish to step out looking like a royal queen!

Image Source Andaazfashions

5. This gorgeous silk kanchi saree gives out charming and graceful vibes. Complete this look with statement accessories and loads of warmth!

Image Source Desi Royale

6. Go all out there on your big day by opting for this fine floral print kanchi saree! If you wish to embrace opulence without really feeling the weight of it, this is your best pick!

Image Source Desi Royale

7. If you’re looking for your revered bridal saree, this splendid ensemble adorned in red and gold makes the cut! Put on those oversized jewels and totally own your bridal look.

Image Source Frugal2fab

8. This kanchi saree in brocade is ideal for your intimate wedding. You can draw inspiration from this bride’s choice of a full-sleeved blouse and subtle statement jewellery which takes this ensemble to the next level!

Image Source Shree Adinath Creation

9. Being the sister or bestie of the bride entails a lot of running around. Slip into this teal kanchi saree that offers a pleasant blend of comfort, elegance and grace all in one!

Image Source Shree Adinath Creation

10. The exquisite craftsmanship of  kanchi thread work makes this splendid saree a delight for your upcoming marriage!  

Image Source Shree Adinath Creation

11. This lime yellow kanchi silk golden striped saree with ‘rudraksha pettu’ pink plain border exudes the perfect balance of finesse, craftsmanship and elegance. We bet this creation can work wonders 🙂 

Image Source

12. What better than this intricate ivory kanchi saree for a bride who loves the magic of minimalism?! Be it your court, church or home marriage, this one is best-suited for all.

Image Source SilksofIndia

13. A delightful creation, this is a kanchi saree for every season. You can get creative and experiment with the blouse, jewellery and the overall appearance! 

Image Source Sattikasarees

14. If you’re looking for a befitting alternative to those jaded lehengas, this beautiful kanjeevaram silk saree is your perfect companion! Adorn this with jewels of your choice, fresh gajras for the hair and complete this look with a bindi.

Image Source Karagiri Ethnic 

15. A classic kanjeevaram saree featuring signature motifs of nature, birds and temple architecture, this saree is one to don, preserve and pass on!

Image Source Niharikacreations

16. We cannot take our eyes off this gorgeously adorned bride. As much as we appreciate the intricate jewels, this epic kanchi saree has our heart!

Image Source SilksofIndia

17. Gleaming with beautiful serenity this bride is draped in an ornate red kanjeevaram silk saree. This beautiful weave is complimented with dainty gold zari drop motifs and the shimmery border with rudraksha motifs adds regalia!

Image Source Kanchi Kamakshi Silks

18. Nothing beats the magic of this charming checkered kanchi saree. You can step out in this for one of your nuptial customs and totally own your look! 

Image Source Kanchi Kamakshi Silks

19. In a timeless amity of green and pink, this kanchi kora silk saree is bedecked with aesthetically crafted gold zari horizontal lines. The regal weave is complemented beautifully with a rich zari border with floral vines, peacock and brocade. Enthrallingly auspicious! 

Image Source Kanchi Kamakshi Silks

20. Add elegance to your persona is this mustard kanchi silk saree. Silver zari polka dots twinkle merrily in every rustle, and the delightfully large self silver zari temple border enchants with elephants, brocade and other intricate accents. Timeless class!

Image Source Kanchi Kamakshi Silks

21. This wedding season choose subtlety, sublimity and sophistication by choosing a fine kanchi silk saree such as this! We love how this bride has chosen to pair her saree with a contrast hued jewellery set!

Image Source SilksofIndia

22. This is your best bet if you want something traditional and timeless. Don this with heritage jewellery for a truly sentimental touch!

Image Source SilksofIndia

23. Celebrate your cherished day with this new line of elegance and grandeur. This one is ideal if you love the idea of bright, eclectic shades!

Image Source SilksofIndia

24. This classic checkered stunner is a soothing treat to the eyes and leaves plenty of room for experimenting with jewellery, just like this beautiful bride!

Image Source SilksofIndia

25. This breathtaking kodagu bride draped in the finest silk kanjeevaram saree is pure bridal saree GOALS! We can’t stop swooning over this saree or her overall appearance.

Image Source SilksofIndia

Ladies, we hope this is a great start to get you thinking about choosing gorgeous kanjeevaram sarees for your special days. From colours, patterns, fabrics and styles there’s plenty for you to pick. Bookmark this now!

20 White Wedding Gowns to Bookmark for the Upcoming Wedding Season!

There is something so magical and thoroughly stunning about seeing a bride in her gorgeous gown for her white wedding. Dreamy and timeless are some of the best ways in which one can describe the feeling. This wedding season, we’ve put together a list of 20 such breathtaking white gowns that not only work well for brides but even bridesmaids and absolutely anyone who enjoys donning a classic white gown. From larger-than-life ball gowns to sophisticated aline ones, this is the bagful of inspiration you need in this pandemic stricken world.

Without further ado, take a look at these 20 white wedding gowns you can bookmark for the upcoming wedding season:

1. The dreamy white ball-gown 

Image Source Fashionplanet

If you wish to look like a princess on your d-day, this larger-than-life ball gown with studded sequins and floral embroidery is perfect for you.

2. The sophisticated satin flair gown

Image Source Nora Naviano

 If you love the idea of minimalism, this classic satin gown is the real deal. Behind the grid are tiny buttons that go down to the majestic plume.

3. The embroidered net gown

Image Source Harem Brides

Subtle, splendid yet not understated, this lovely gown is perfect if you want to keep it light and elegant.

4. The gorgeous embroidered lace gown

Image Source Grizzlehair

Personifying elegance and glamour this embroidered lace gown is absolutely stunning! Minimal accessorization, neat bun and soothing makeup will do the deal.

5. The beauteous ruffled gown

Image Source Nora Naviano

Deep neckline,stunning ruffled skirt and glossy waistband combined well to give you this glorious gown. If you’re looking to go contemporary, this one makes the cut. 

6. The vintage satin gown

Image Source Belle the Magazine

Keep it timeless in this soothing and sobre satin gown. If less is more, is your thing, this classic gown works well.

7. Minimal Aline Gown

Image Source

Apt to simply move and groove around seamlessly on your big-day, this simple and stunning aline gown is perfect!

8. The designer off-shoulder ball gown

Image Source FTW Bridal

This modern lace off-the-shoulder neckline ball gown with 3D lace appliques & beadings will make you look like a vision to behold!

9. The sleeveless lace gown

Image Source Magbridal

Perfect for a beach affair, this appealing lace gown with intricate floral lace embroidery also works beautifully for a memorable summer nuptial.

10. The embroidered ruffled gown

Image Source The Knot

Opt for the best of both worlds in this ravishing embroidered gown with ruffled lace sewn together to elevate the look.

11. The halter neck gown

Image Source Wedding Inspirasi

Look like a dream in this beautiful halter neck gown with a classic lace flair. A stunning side bun with fresh flowers will do the needful.

12. The elegant tube gown

Image Source Wedding Inspirasi

This embroidered tube ball gown is absolutely stunning. You can opt for an elegant neck piece with matching earrings to complete your look!

13. The stylish lace tube gown

Image Source Noranaviano Sposa

The original lace covers the back in combination with a light net on the skirt creates a wonderful effect to give this look!

14. The stunning sleeveless embroidered gown

Image Source Kennethwinston

This gorgeous sleeveless gown is all about classic comfort and elegant. If you’ve made up your mind to opt for a sleeveless gown on your special day, this makes for a great choice.

15. The stunning sheath gown

Image Source Noranaviano Sposa

This wedding season opt for a creative and unconventional couture gown. This gorgeous sheath gown loaded with floral embroidery definitely makes the cut.

16. The beautiful bridal ruffled gown

Image Source Noranaviano Sposa

Jazz things up on your d-day with this beautiful ruffled gown which boasts of an embroidered torso design.

17. Aline gown with pockets

Image Source Gofeminine

A stunning mix of elegance, comfort, sophistication and beauty, this satin gown ticks all the right boxes.

18. The gorgeous puffed sleeved gown

Image Source Harembrides

If you love the idea of donning something contemporary and stylish, this deep neck puffed-sleeve gown with pockets works wonderfully well. 

19. The full-sleeved embroidered gown

Image Source Junebugweddings

Nothing beats the magic of this gorgeous embroidered gown with full sleeves and a lovely lace flair.

20. The ball gown with a big bow

Image Source Weddinginspirasi

This minimal magic ball gown with a classic side bow is perfect if you’re not looking for something jaded and heavy on your wedding day.

So ladies, we hope you found much inspiration here. Which ones are your favourites then?

Attending a Home Wedding? Here are 7 Types of Traditional Indian Sarees you can Wear

This wedding season is unlike any other! With an increasing number of new-age couples opting for intimate at-home weddings, it’s time for you to revamp your wardrobe too. And what better than reaping the benefits of India’s vast and rich legacy of art and craftsmanship? So, if you have an upcoming home wedding to attend and feel that turning up in your favourite designer lehenga will deem you quite ‘overdressed’ for the occasion (you don’t want to be looking like a prospective bride yourself!) here are seven great saree choices that boast of an ancient and preserved legacy from across this dynamic landscape. 

Take a look at these unique traditional sarees and get geared up to nail your look:

1. Paithani

Made from one of the finest qualities of silk, Paithani is a type of saree named after the town of Paithan in Maharashtra where it was first handmade. Characterized by its oblique square design borders and intricate peacock motifs on the pallu, it holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive saree types due its meticulously rich craftsmanship and high quality silk! 

Image Source Paithani Yeola

2. Patola

Boasting of a rich legacy of karigari, this double ikat weaving style saree originated in Patan, Gujarat. The complex process of dyeing the threads of this saree result in a very long process and time (six months to one year) involved in making one Patola saree render it highly expensive and revered. Floral designs, geometric patterns and dancing figures are some of the motifs that are used on the saree. 

Image Source Stylosaree

3. Kanchi

Kanchi or Kanchipuram silk saree originated in Tamil Nadu in the town of Kanchipuram. Woven from pure mulberry silk, these sarees are distinguished by their rich contrast borders. Additionally, temple designs, checkered stripes, birds, animals, nature elements and floral patterns are some of the motifs found on Kanchipuram sarees. 

Image Source Sai Sarees Madurai

4. Kantha

Prominently worn by the women in the eastern states of India and present-day Bangladesh, Kantha saree derives its name from a unique type of embroidery that features on the saree and goes by the same name. Known for their aesthetic appeal and rich legacy of craftsmanship, these sarees are available today in stunning versions replete with extraordinary embroidery.

Image Source Ashwatthama Clothing

5. Chanderi

The art of Chanderi is a beauteous gift from Central India to the rest of the land. Chanderi silk sarees are known for their traditional ethnic fabric that are lightweight and soft on the skin. Inspired by the history of the area around, these sarees carry a number of interesting motifs on them. From ashrafi (gold coin) motifs to floral designs, these sarees are rich in texture, karigari and appearance! 

Image Source Amrapali Boutique

6. Kasavu

A gem from ‘God’s own Country’ Kasavu sarees are hailed for their signature gold borders on cream coloured fabrics. Traditionally simple yet elegant, these handwoven sarees are available today in numerous variations with multicoloured traditional motifs. A go-to garment for every occasion, Kasavu sarees are easy to carry and exude a sense of subtle brilliance!

Image Source The Boat Song

7. Muga

Available in the state of Assam, Muga sarees are made from a specific variety of wild silk by the same name existing in large quantities there. Known for the durability of its fabric and glossy texture, these sarees are characterized by traditional ornament motifs, floral and animal designs and intricate geometric patterns. These sarees with a long shelf-life and gorgeous display of craft certainly make for an ideal occasion wear!  

Image Source Baawari

So ladies, these were our seven gems, which one are you opting for then?

A Glimpse of what Wedlock in Lockdown Looks Like

Who could have thought just a few months ago that the most essential element of a wedding someday would be a ‘mask’ or the idea to practice social distancing at a social event would be the need of the hour?! Ever since the outbreak of the covid pandemic, the unimaginable and unthinkable has suddenly become the new normal. From virtual weddings, to micro ones, sanitizer booths and D-I-Y backdrops, the current circumstance has witnessed it all! To know of lockdown weddings where the bride and groom got hitched via technology from two different parts of the world with blessings from the priest who was in a third part altogether is not surprising anymore. 

As the current scenario worldwide, calls for safety first, the scene back home here has also been particularly refreshing and responsible! Refreshing because Indian marriages are synonymous with extravagance and zeist. However, most new-age Indian couples have gracefully embraced this change and those who didn’t want to wait further to tie the knot, have gotten hitched in the most exciting and cautious manner. They have proved that minus the paraphernalia for them, all that matters is love 🙂

We came across some such couples and have put together their moments  for you to take a look:

Pyaar karne se nahin roka hain, par ab social distancing ka mauka hain!

Saath nibhaane se pehle…..Sanitize!

Image Source Paran Singh Photography

Promises to keep and norms to honour!

Ringing in the rituals minus the risks 🙂

Image Source Creatiffilms

The only last minute bridal touch-up of our times…masks in place!

A perfect nuptial portrait is made of warm smiles and strong masks!

Image Source Coconut Weddings

Wedding kiss these days be like…

Image Source Raja Das Photography

5 ways to dress up and 10 ways to protect mode onn!

Image Source Sagar Arts

Stealing a moment…and some fresh air!

Image Source Wedlock Stories

Let the mask conceal the contagion, not candid giggles and laughter  🙂

Image Source Wedding Stories

Well-protected is well done!

Image Source Arrow Multimedia

Say Hello to these 10 Stunning Haath Phools!

As you gear up to nail your bridal look to the T, you don’t want to miss out on those tiny yet significant details that can amplify your entire appearance. The hailing haath phool is a one such integral piece of jewellery that can make a huge difference. Just like the charm of floral (real flowers) haath phools, intricately carved, gold embellished and dainty diamonds ones are sure to bring grace, glory and confidence to you!

Here are 10 stunning designs you want to bookmark and shop post the lockdown. Take a look:

1. The Goodness of Tradition Wrapped in the Beauty of Contemporary!

Image Source Raabta by Rahul

Pay a meaningful ode to your rich past with this ethnic-inspired contemporarily refurbished haath phool. Whether you’re wearing a textured Kanchi saree or a beautiful Banarasi, this is the perfect accompaniment you need!

2. The Kundan Killer!

Image Source Tanishq

Let the stunning jewels of kundan rest upon your slender wrist as you gear up to shine on your big day!

3. Celebrate the Graceful you in this Precious Stones Kundan Embellished Haath Phool!

Image Source Kishandas & Co.

Emanate beauty, glory and feline grace with this delicate haath phool that is sure to light up your entire bridal look with its dainty contribution.

4. The Joyous Jaali Stunner!

Image Source Soranam By Sonia Malhotra

You can now ace your mehendi look too with this lovely pearl jaali haath phool!

5. #Royalbridegoals!

Image Source Raabta by Rahul

A fitting rendition in pearls and kundan to nail your bridal look for your cherished ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’

6. The Dance of Diamonds!

Image Source Sakura Photography

It’s all in the details! We’re totally crushing over this stunning diamond studded haath phool.

7. Flaunt this Golden Haath Phool with a Refreshing Bold Design!

Image Source Aza Vows

Let the links of this intricate gold flowers haath phool embellish your bridal beauty. You also cannot miss the dainty kundan touch!

8. Shine in this Tasteful Tinge of Colour and Aesthetic Motifs Haath Phool!

Image Source Tanishq

You’re not really ready to rock your d-day look if this stunning and unique haath phool is MIA! 

9. When you get the Best of All the Worlds, you just Grab it and Glam Up!

Image Source Art Karat

Stunning stones, pearl jaalis and attached kundan bracelet, you have it all here! How can you ever go wrong with this one 🙂

    10. Tiny Turquoise Beads Haath Phool for Effortless Waves!

Image Source Paisley Pop Shop

Wear this classic and elegant kundan haath phool based in copper with rhodium plating. This is your perfect accessory for effortless dressing ahoy!

Well ladies, here’s hoping that you have plenty of haath phool inspo now to nail your bridal look! Which one are you flaunting then?

10 Breathtaking Borla Designs for Brides

Inspired from the round fruit bor or jujube that was typically found and more prominent in Rajasthan centuries ago, the Rajasthani Borla derives its name and origin both from the fruit! This unique jewel is an important part of a Rajasthani bridal look and is also known as rakhdi tikka. Known for its beautiful amalgamation of grace and royalty, this gorgeous piece of jewellery today has traversed regional barriers and reigns on the forehead of brides all over!

The Rajasthani borla therefore is more inclusive and all-embracing than ever before. Hence you can simply stand out and choose to opt for this beautiful jewellery and notch up your bridal look. Here is all the inspiration you need for that! Take a look:

1. The Single-Stringed Stunner!

Image Source Art Karat

Opt for this single-stringed coloured stone borla to nail your look just adequately. If you’re already opting for some heavy jewellery, this elegant piece will balance things out for you beautifully!

2. The Marvellous Matha Patti Borla Magic

Image Source Tanishq

This unique, circular gem-studded version of the matha patti is perfect if you want to be a timeless traditional bride. This one is sure to notch up your look by leaps!

3. Regal in Kundan!

Image Source Art Karat

We cannot stop gushing over this look! If you’re all set to be this classic royal and exuberant bride, then this is the borla of your dreams.

4. Strand of Sublimity!

Image Source The Unicorn Studios

Your hunt for that perfect statement borla ends here! This diamond delight is enough to turn those portraits memorable.

5. The In-house Padmavati!

Image Source Art Karat

Light up your own wedding videos with this exquisite borla matha patti. For a breathtaking bridal look, this one needs to be in your kitty!

6. The Pearl-Perched Borla Beauty!

Image Source Adaaye Makeover

Nothing beats the grandeur of this pearl borla matha patti! We love those tiny grain-like droppings and the sophisticated strand holding it all together.

7. #Borlagoals for OTT Brides!

Image Source Muskan Manhas

You can still be the princess of your own kingdom with this extraordinary borlamatha patti! We love every bit of this piece and can vouch no one would be able to take their eyes off you in this.

8. Crafted to Perfection!

Image Source Art Karat

We are in absolute awe of this intricate piece! Be it royal bride goals or traditional bridal beauty, this one ticks all the boxes.

9. Perfect it with this Floral-Kundan Piece!

Image Source Jasmine Vedi

A refreshing pattern to give wings to your perfect bridal look dreams! This one’s for you to flaunt, preserve and pass-on.

10. An Elegant Ode to Ethnicity!

Image Source Smita Kakwani

Pay a delightful ode to your rich roots with this exotic borla piece! This one indeed makes for a picture-perfect frame.

So ladies, we hope you not only found your borla inspo here but even some difficult choices to choose from these amazing ones. Tell us which ones you have opted for?

5 Regional Desserts to Consider for Your Ultimate Wedding Menu!

The Indian food palette is a rich riot of colours, spices and flavours. Above all, it is a celebration of cultures, retelling of stories and an opulent ocean of emotions! So, why not make the most of this experience on one of your most cherished days? As bizarre as this may sound, the wedding buffet/shaadi ka khaana is a guilty indulgence for many, including yours truly! But what is an Indian marriage without its grand gourmet fest? The only kind of queue in life worth loving is the wedding buffet one that has us tucking into a mountain of a platter. This delicious victory leaves us eager to march onto the dessert counter. And once there, the same old usual suspects greet us!

Hence, we decided to take matters (read platters) in our hands and churn out this list of the 5 best regional desserts you must consider before planning your wedding menu! Read on to know that you’re spoilt for choice here and there’s much more you can relish as desserts. Bon Appétit!


A sweet child of the Indo-Portuguese colonial era, Bebinca (also known as bibik or bebinka) enjoys the honour of being the ‘Queen of Goan desserts’ at every Goan function and festivity. Now an indulgent symbol of multicultural cuisine, the multilayered Bebinca has sweet-tooth lovers swooning. You can’t resist the decadence of this rich-layered pudding even if nonchalance is your norm for desserts! This gooey goodness is made up of flour, egg yolks, sugar, butter/ghee and coconut milk. A refreshing alternative to the usual chocolate-overload cakes at weddings, Bebinca is an easy to prepare baked pudding coupled with simple ingredients that makes its way straight to your heart! (through your tummy of course :))

Image Source Rodebz

Image Source Dreamstime


India’s very own version of the burnt cheesecake, Chhena (meaning cottage cheese) Poda (meaning burnt) has takers as shedload including the supreme being, Lord Jagannath itself! Originating in the Odia town of Nayagarh, this hugely popular dessert is relished across the state during pujas, fairs and festivals. Over the years, this smoky caramelized splendour has made its way from starring in wedding menus to street sweet shops. Prepared from kneading chhena, sooji (semolina), sugar, raw cashews, raisins and cardamoms and baked till the birth of that beautiful golden brown colour, this once rustic creation, is today a celebration of flavours and a metaphor for ringing in joyous moments. You don’t want to miss out on the sinful experience of relishing heavenly Chhena Poda on your biggest day! 

Image Source India Today

Image Source India Today


Like amber-hued chinars dote in autumn on the frozen landscape of the valley, a sweet rendition in suji and saffron warms your heart in the form of Kong Phirin. Breaking away from the traditional North-Indian kheer/phirni which is made from rice, this delight turns into a creamy and light mixture prepared from suji by the time it reaches the ‘Paradise on Earth.’A part of the lavish-cultural Kashmiri spread, wazwan, Kong Phirin draws from its elemental environment of which saffron (kong in Kashmiri) is a symbolic part! Popularly known as Kong Phirni or Kashmiri Kesar Phirni, this rich dessert is prepared by blending suji (semolina), milk, sugar, cardamom powder and dry fruits. And finishing it off with sprinkles of saffron. Wedding meals leave you feeling packed and this super light dessert is what you’ll need the most post a spicy overload!  

Image Source Aharam

Image Source Curry Me Up


How about gorging on our very own desi version of the panna cotta for your ‘Great Indian Wedding’?! Well, Kharvas also known as Ginnu, Posu or Junnu is a steamed delight that literally melts in your mouth and transports you to a gratifying world. This milky pudding, prepared with the colostrum milk of a cow or buffalo is your ultimate blessing to that deathly dessert craving post a shaandar shaadi ka khaana! Made from a mix of milk, sugar/jaggery and flavoured with cardamom, saffron or nutmeg, kharvas makes for a sumptuous serving and a fitting finale to your wedding food fest. A truly delectable dessert to include in your wedding menu, this one’s a treat unto itself!

Image Source Culture Goa

Image Source The Missing Drumstick


Pootharekulu (or Putharekulu) is a sweet originating from the coastal village of Atreyapuram in East Godavari. The name literally means ‘coated sheet’ in Telugu. This is because the sweet is wrapped in a wafer-thin rice starch layer resembling paper and is stuffed with sugar, dry fruits and nuts. It is wholeheartedly relished during festivals, religious occasions and weddings in the Telugu states. The meticulous preparation (The rice sheets are made in inverted mud pots heated from the bottom and the temperature of the pot is constantly monitored), unique presentation and lip-smacking flavours have elevated the Pootharekulu into a classical delicacy from just an old traditional sweet. As the thin rice sheets melt in your mouth with the packed flavours of the fillings, complimented with a faint satisfying aroma of the mud pot and the smoke, you’ll realize that Pootharekulu is an experience you don’t want to miss out on!

Image Source Fooditude

Image Source Khaari

We hope this list has unleashed your taste buds and given you reasons aplenty to embrace the rich regional delicacies of this land and add them to your wedding menu. On that delicious note, you must first add this list to your bookmarks!


5 Fun Goan Catholic Traditions We Love

If you have attended a Goan wedding you know what all the inside drama, fun and the snazzy details. For the uninitiated or first-time Goan wedding attendees, read along to know what we’re about to unfold through this blog. 

Goan weddings are not necessarily celebrated in Goa but the fun of the wedding lies in the traditions that have stemmed from our dear beach town and the people. The celebrations can be humorous and super exciting for both sides of the family. 

Goan wedding traditions are simple but the most entertaining because Goans celebrate these occasions to the fullest. In addition to these traditions, it is the Konkani music that adds life to these traditions and of course the locals that have been guarding the fort of culture for years! 
So let’s dive into these traditions

1. Chuddo 

Image Source: Alisha Fernandes Photography 

This tradition is celebrated within the Goan family from the girl’s side aka ladkiwale. The family invites a local bangle seller known as volaror kankonar who fits 8 to 9 bangles on the right wrist and 7 to 8 on her left. These delicate bangles are a sign of the bride’s beginning of a new life. A few female relatives also get these bangles fitted on their wrists for the fun of it. Goan folk songs like ‘Tambde Roza’ along with a few other songs that indicate the bride’s sending off are also sung during the ceremony. 

2. Bhium Jevon

The families of the bride and groom distribute food to the underprivileged in the village in memory of the deceased members of the family and in honour of God to express their gratitude and support for their union. 

3. Roce Ceremony 

Image Source: Focus Studio Udipi

This is the Goan equivalent of the haldi ceremony. The tradition is deeply rooted in Goa’s regional supply of coconuts from which the milk is extracted. The bride and the groom celebrate this ceremony separately at their respective homes with their relatives. The relatives of the bride and the groom apply this ‘roce’ to their skin with a blessing. The roce normally takes place a day or 2 before the wedding so that the skin gets soft and glowy. 

4. The Gatho 

Image Source: Arpora Hills 

This tradition is where the relatives pull the groom’s leg in front of the wedding crowd by tying a handkerchief on the bride’s thighs for the groom to untie with his teeth. The tradition is the groom’s first public display of affection for the bride and a chance for all the relatives to have a blast! 

5. Porthopon

Image Source: Navdeep Soni 

The bride’s family invites the groom’s family for a get together on the second day so that both the families have a chance to interact and get to know each other. The bride wears a bright red gown or a sari with a gajra in her hair on this day, which is followed by another set of fun ‘sending away’ songs. 

These traditions are incomplete without a good Goan meal and dancing that gives both the families a sweet chance to mingle on the dance floor. 

Time To Put On Your Goan Dancing Shoes! 

8 Backyard Wedding Ideas that Will Cast a Spell on your Guests

Don’t discard the backyard wedding idea just yet. There are some wonderful things you can do to make your wedding look dreamy. Sometimes it’s about going back to your childhood home that has a massive backyard or your hometown that gives you this luxury. There is a lot of nostalgia attached to the place where you grew up. And even if you are getting married in your existing home, getting married in your own backyard has a lot of sentimental value. In this article, we are throwing some amazing ideas that will make anyone want a wedding like yours.

1. Entry

Image Source: RentMyWedding

An entry is the first look of your wedding and it bloody well be impressive! Whether it’s a driveway or a walkway when the guests arrive for your wedding they have to be awestruck by the enchanting entry. Light up the path with fairy lights, use colourful flowers or hang perfectly white flowy drapes. Experiment with different combinations. 

2. Have A Stage

Image Source: Insideweddings

The garden area can be a bit mushy. Combat that by building a small stage where you can hold the ceremony and later it can also be used as a dance floor. It will help you achieve some firm ground for comfortable movement.

3. Pool

Image Source: Wedding Inspiration

Revamp your pool. Lay wooden slats to have a walkover. Or just dot it with floral decorations all across. Or simply have multiple lights floating over. Flowers and light afloat in a serene pool, there is something mesmerizing about it.

4. Tent

Image Source:

If you want to have a luxurious grand look to your wedding then cover your backyard with a tent. Have expensive chandeliers at the centre. Or you can have various light or floral hangings.  A tent looks majestic and impressive.

5. Photo booth

Image Source:

Bicycles, carts, vans, golf cars, scooters etc. Have any, but have a stationary vehicle for a photo booth. Make it elegant, chic, cute, or colourful and funky. Have handmade props laid out. You and your guests will be spending some time here and are the most fun element so get creative and make it interesting.

6. Seating

A wedding does not always have to be a formal affair. You can make it colourful and vibrant. It’s a different level of creativity. And since it’s your own background you can have a sitting arrangement that’s friendly comfortable and totally relaxed. Throw some vibrant rugs for everyone can sit on the ground or upscale your patio pieces with colourful fabrics. Think of a different seating option. Don’t go with the regular.

7. Use the Biggest Tree

The biggest tree in your backyard can become the centrepiece of your decorations.

Cover it with light. Hang lanterns, colourful drapes, even birdcages with floral pieces in them. 

8. Fireplace

Image Source:

If you are having a winter wedding how lovely would it be for all your guests to gather around a fireplace? Have a small makeshift fireplace or fire pit where you can toast your fingers warm and make casual talk with your loved ones. Who says you can’t have a memorable wedding in your own backyard. We are sure by now you are already thinking out the details.

Time to make your backyard look like it’s straight out of Pinterest!

Image Source: Pinterest Unless Specified