How to Reuse Old Lehenga In 5 Different Ways Like a Pro

How to Reuse Old Lehenga

Credits- Israni Photography and Films

Wearing different lehengas in all the different functions you attend is not very doable unless you are a celebrity. But we can assure you that even celebrities don’t own too many lehengas. So if you only own a couple of lehengas and are wondering how to reuse old lehenga that has been in your wardrobe for way too long, we are here to help.  Styling an old lehenga, or any kind of old clothes is not everybody’s cup of tea. We will tell you how to reuse old lehenga like a pro without making it look like you are repeating your clothes (not that it matters). One of the best ways to know how to reuse your old lehenga is to make sure you know which style would suit you best. Also, we don’t usually prefer repeating the same clothes because we want to be insta-ready all the time, and hence we have come up with a solution. You can easily exchange your bridal lehengas with your siblings, friends, and relatives, which means you will be getting their wedding lehengas in return that you can wear whenever you want. We know it’s not one of the ways to reuse lehenga, but it’s still a very useful hack for people who love posting Instagram pictures with different outfits. We are sure your super expensive pretty lehenga is dying to be worn again, so let’s make that happen. To know how to use old lehenga choli or just a part of the whole set, please keep reading the blog.

Convert it into floor length Anarkali

Convert it into floor length Anarkali
Credits- Diya Mirza Instagram
Convert it into floor length Anarkali

Turing your lehenga into an elegant Anarkali is how you will change the whole look of your favorite outfit. Our first idea on how to reuse old lehenga like a pro is to convert your lehenga into an Anarkali and trust me, you will not regret it. All you need to do is ask your designer or tailor to remove the cancan fabric from underneath your lehenga and ask them to stitch your lehenga skirt with a blouse that compliments your lehenga, and voila! You are good to go! You can use the blouse you got with the lehenga but if you want to know how to convert a wedding lehenga into a dress that looks totally different, you have to mix and match it with a different blouse that matches the lehenga. Either you can use an old blouse or get a new one, that’s up to you. This lehenga gown dress will come in handy for many other upcoming functions and this is one of the best ways to know how to reuse old wedding lehenga or how to reuse old lehenga like a pro. 

Pair it with a long kurta

Pair it with a long kurta
Credits- KollyBollyEthnics
Pair it with a long kurta

Your dreamy lehenga can be used in so many different ways that you will fall in love with all of the looks you create with your lehenga. If you are wondering how to reuse old lehenga and turn heads, you can definitely pair it with a long kurta. If your lehenga is heavily embroidered, make sure you pair it with a plain long kurta. Choose a color that compliments your lehenga and this is one of the ways of how to reuse old lehenga. If your lehenga is not that heavy, you can go for a grand work kurta. Wear that outfit at your sibling’s or best friend’s wedding, and you will definitely look the best in the room (try to look the second-best to the bride please). One of the ways to know how to reuse Shaadi lehenga that you wore on your wedding day is this. But also you can get a Peplum blouse to add another look to your wardrobe. For more ideas for lehenga keep reading the blog and we will tell you how to reuse old lehenga and recycle wedding lehenga and have all eyes on you.

Turn it into a shrug

Turn it into a shrug
Credits- Weddingsonly
Turn it into a shrug

One of the best things about owning a lehenga is that there are literally so many ways you can wear it. But one of the most popular ways to change old lehenga designs into something fashionable is to turn it into a shrug. To achieve an indo-western look, you can turn the dupatta you got with the lehenga into a shrug without sewing. All you need are some safety pins and a dupatta. For how to reuse old lehenga dupatta without sewing, you can check out videos on YouTube. Or you can ask your tailor to stitch the dupatta like a shrug/ jacket and pair it with modern outfits to achieve an indo-western look. You can pair your homemade dupatta shrug with kurta sets, lehengas, and other outfits to add oodles of oomph to the outfit. Also, this may come in handy for winter weddings. This is how to reuse your lehenga and be insta-ready. 

Change it up with the dupatta

Change it up with the dupatta
Change it up with the dupatta
Credits- Youtube- latest fashion collection

Add a feminine and elegant touch to your plain Kurti sets, salwar suits, or Palazzo sets by pairing them up with the dupatta of your favorite lehenga. The most asked questions about wedding lehengas we get are “how to reuse my wedding lehenga without making it obvious?” We are here to help you find the answer to that very question. You can use the blouse, lehenga as well as dupatta in so many ways that you will be shocked when you find out. We did our research to know how to reuse old lehenga like a pro, and these 5 ways are the best ones according to us. You can also buy a plain fabric and get it stitched by your tailor, and wear your lehenga dupatta with that suit. This is one of the ways if you are wondering how to renew old lehenga choli. You can also find out how to reuse fish cut lehenga, and how to wear bridal lehenga on our website. So check out our website now!

Use it as a skirt

Use it as a skirt
Credits- Kiara Advani Instagram
Use it as a skirt
Credits- Shaadilogy

Looking for something casual but trendy? You can use your lehenga and pair it with a plain shirt. This will instantly give your outfit a professionally styled look. We will tell you how to reuse old lehenga and not make it obvious and you won’t have to worry about anything but how to customize lehenga with the help of your tailor. White shirts go well with all colors, so make sure you have a plain white shirt in your wardrobe. Also, make sure you get rid of the extra layers if you are using your old bridal lehenga if you are wondering how to use a lehenga skirt. And if you are pairing it with a shirt, you have to get rid of the cancan and the extra layers to give it a more subtle look. This is how to reuse lehenga like a pro without people finding out.

Some other things to do if you are wondering how to reuse lehenga are as follows:

A. Convert lehenga into Sharara– You can convert your old lehenga into sharara and get that new trendy look 

Convert lehenga into Sharara
Credits- Arpita Mehta

B. Reuse your bridal dupatta– We will tell you how to reuse bridal dupatta- simply ask your tailor.

Reuse your bridal dupatta

C. Add a detachable train– If you are using an old lehenga for your wedding reception, you can add a detachable train to add more drama and elegance to your look.

Add a detachable train
Credits- Cine Love Productions

D. Rent your lehenga– Why not make money if you can? Rent out your lehenga and make money without doing much.

Rent your lehenga
Credits-  ethnicroop

E. Mix and Match– You can exchange blouses and lehengas with the other sets you own and create your own new outfit.

Mix and Match
Credits- Tarun Vishwa

F. Drape it like a Saree– To give a more natural look, you can use your dupatta and drape it like a Saree Pallu.

Drape it like a Saree
Credits- Maheswarun

G. Get more blouses– For a new look with the same lehenga every time, you can buy solo blouses from the market. Colors like silver, gold, black, white, and blue go with mostly all lehenga colors. So add these colored blouses to your wardrobe.

Get more blouses
Credits- Viva luxe

H. Add shimmer and glitter– If you own plain lehengas, you can pair them up with sequin blouses, and instantly get that youthful look.

Add shimmer and glitter

We were counting down how to reuse old lehenga like a pro and these are the tips that we think would be the best way to up your outfit game. Let us know which idea you liked the most in the comment section down below. Also, let us know if you have any idea on how to reuse old lehenga for us.

Have a safe and fun-filled event!

45 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles to Slay Your Wedding Look!

A wedding celebration has a lot to do when it comes to planning it. From the event flow to the location, from the decorations to the couture, a million tasks to be completed, just to have a perfect final day. No matter how intensely you plan, little things are easy to be slipped out of the list. Though all the brides keep their dresses and jewelry in check, makeup makes its way in the list, but hairdo misses it most of the time. Remarkably, as much as makeup is an important aspect of a bride’s wedding look, so is a good bridal hairstyle. Depending on the kind of bridal look you have envisioned for your big day, you can choose from a range of bridal hairstyles to match your wedding outfit and makeup.

While there are thousands of beautiful Indian wedding hairstyles out there, choosing the perfect one for your D-day might seem like a task. Worry not, because our team has wholeheartedly curated a list of the 45 best Indian bridal hairstyles that you can browse through and show your hairstylist for inspiration. Right from the open hair bridal hairstyle to the classic bridal bun, I have listed all the trending Indian wedding hairstyles to make your search a little easier!

Bonus: We keep updating the blog so that you don’t miss the new entrants when it comes to making your day a perfect one.

Super Gorgeous White Flower Bun

You can have a pop of color in your wedding decor or even your wedding dress, but it comes to tone it down and make your appearance look gorgeous, this white flower bun makes its way in. This bridal bun with a bunch of white flowers is perfect to wear with your bridal lehenga or saree on the big day. This bridal hairstyle with matha Patti looks great if you want to have an elaborate hairdo with your wedding outfit. It never goes out of season.

Open Hair Bridal Look- Way To Elegance

Not everyone can rock a bunch of flowers or a sleek bun when it comes to hairstyling. So, for the brides who like to keep it light on their heads, here is one of the most elegant looks of the season, the open hair look. If you are not the one to wear heavy hair accessories and want to keep your hair as natural as possible then this lovely Indian bridal hairstyle is just for you. Wear your hair straight with a small maang tikka and you’re good to go!

The Strings of Flower- Amazing Bridal Hairstyle 

Image Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography

Flowers are a sign of romance and love. The more you have on your wedding day, the more beautiful the celebration would be. If this is what you probably think, then we have the perfect match for you. If you want to go big on flowers with your bridal hairstyle, then just let your hair down and wear as many strings of mogra flowers to get a fairytale princess look!

French + Fishtail Braid – Minimalist Bridal Hairstyle

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean that you can’t be glam. If you wish to keep your bridal hairstyle simple and classy, then there’s nothing better than putting it in a classic french braid. Add some hair accessories to the braid to get a cute bride-sy look!

Simple Braid with The Traditional Naga Jadai

Image Source: Studio 31

Flaunting your accessories is surely not a bad thing when it is your wedding day. So, if you have a cool hair accessory that you wish to be the highlight for the day, then have a look at this bridal hairstyle. Here is a simple bridal hairstyle with matha Patti, and we hope your search ends right here. Love how this gorgeous bride has carried off a simple braid and accessorized it with naga jadai for her big day.

Go Big on Matha Patti

Nothing makes your bridal hairstyle more attractive than a beautiful hair accessory. So if you are planning to wear a multi-string matha Patti like this one, then a simple braid with lots of gajra should work wonders for you! Gajra is quite bridal in itself and the smell of it has its own charm. So, this combination is just on-point to make it big on your big day.

Voluminous Side Braid with Hair Accessories

Image Source: Klik Pictures

If you are planning to wear a silk-saree on your wedding day, then you can have a look at this classic bridal hairstyle. This one-sided voluminous braid goes well with silk sarees and with a touch of glam, it looks super bridal. So, accessorize your braid with cute hair accessories to give it a fancy bridal look!

Classic Bridal Hairstyle with Flowers

So, a lot of brides opt for buns and accessorize them with flowers that are either matching their outfit or contrasting it. A beautiful bridal bun with your choice of flowers is one hairstyle that will never go out of trend. If you want to keep your bridal look classic, this hairstyle is the way to go.

Braided Updo with a Touch of Flowers

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

Brides love to look elegant on their wedding day, so why not choose a hairstyle that reflects the same. An elegant hairstyle for Indian brides, this dainty braided updo is perfect to wear with your reception gown or designer saree. Wear matching floral accessories to give it a bridal look!

Bridal Bun with a One-Sided Braid

Simple yet alluring, this Indian wedding hairstyle is for the bride who prefers simplicity over going all out. A side braid turned into a bun adorned with flowers is always a great idea for a wedding hairstyle. Tucking a small flower in the bun makes it even more attractive.

Matha Patti and Flower Bun

Some brides love to go all the way to be glam. This gorgeous bridal updo has a one-sided braid tied into a bun covered with flowers and a golden matha Patti to accessorize the whole look! What’s not to love?

Graceful Braided Bun- An Elegant Bridal Hairstyle

A glamourous look is okay but a graceful look is just beautiful. A voluminous side braid that rolls up in a bun is an elegant marriage hairstyle that can be worn with anything from a saree to a gown! So, no matter what you picked as your wedding attire, this one will not fail you. 

Gajra and Maang Tikka- Rocks Together!

If you are planning to wear a maang tikka with your bridal ensemble and want to put your hair up in a bun, then this simple Indian bride hairstyle is a great option for you. What’s more? If you have short hair, don’t worry, you can still rock this bridal hairstyle.

One-sided Fishtail Braided Bun

If you are looking for a bridal hairstyle with flowers, then this stunning updo is a great pick. The one-sided fishtail braid adds volume to the hair while flowers give it a royal bridal look! Imagine yourself in this updo, isn’t it purely beautiful?

Open Hair Bridal Hairstyle with Floral Tiara

Image Source: The Wedding Salad

Do you want flowers in your hair but you don’t want a bun? Then here is the way to get the best of both worlds. This fun and casual hairstyle is a great choice for brides who want to let their hair down for their mehndi or sangeet function. Add a floral tiara to long beachy waves and you are all set to look like a princess.

A Simple Bun with a Single Flower

Image Source: Ray Anthony Photography

It is not necessary to have a bunch of flowers and heavy accessories in your hair. If your bridal outfit and jewelry are heavy then it is best to keep your hairstyle and makeup minimal. This simple bun with a single flower is just the perfect hairstyle for Indian brides who wants to keep it simple.

Double Bun with Long Braid

Image Source: Andy Lim

This is a traditional Indian wedding hairstyle with two buns and a long braid that is embellished with hair accessories and long strings of gajra! Perfect to wear with a saree on your wedding day!

Puff Buns and Roses- Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

Yet another classic hairstyle chosen by a lot of brides, this one is super perfect. If you wish to add lots of roses and have a puffed bun hairstyle on your wedding day, then have a look at this one. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Side-swept Fringe with Bun and Flowers

If you have a beautiful choker to show off and a heavy outfit with it, then this one is the best one for sure. This bridal hairstyle is no-frills and ensures that you have voluminous hair with a side fringe. You can add flowers of your choice that match or contrast your wedding outfit for that perfect bridal look.

Rose Bun with a Messy Fishtail Braid

Image Source: Ramaniya Glitterati

This beautiful bridal hairstyle with a rose bun and messy fishtail braid is perfect for your mehndi or sangeet. To take it a notch higher, you can add some baby breath flowers to the braid to give it a graceful look. It can also be a great look for a marriage hairstyle if you are going to wear a saree.

Braided Crown and an Open-Hair Look

Let your hair down in soft waves with this cute bridal hairstyle that has a braided crown and burst of color with yellow marigold flowers. Could you find a better hairstyle for your mehndi afternoon? We bet that you would have fallen in love with it.

Bridal Hairstyle with Multicolor Flowers

Image Source: Jyoti Bhaya Makeup Artist

This graceful hairstyle right here is ideal to wear with a pastel-colored lehenga or saree for an outdoor day wedding. The simple bun with multicolor roses and baby breath looks just too gorgeous to give a pass! So, why settle on a single color, when you can have the most elegant look for your big day?

Bridal Bun with Hair Ornaments

If you have a crazy back design for your blouse, then you have to show it off. Choose this bun and you are done with decking up for the day. Hair jewelry is a big bridal fad and for all the right reasons. This beautiful bridal hairstyle has an elegant bun, which looks stunning only because of the multi-layers gold chains and elaborate gold Juda!

Matha Patti used on the Bun- Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Studio 31

Innovative hairstyles are ruling the bridal circles and this one is surely one of them! A matha Patti wore on the bun at the back and the rest of the hair that is let loose is just so gorgeous. Don’t you think this is one of the coolest hairstyles that we have seen in a while?

Simple Updo with an Oversized Flower

It is surprising that how a simple look can be amped up so much that it defines elegance at its best. Have a look at this minimalist bridal hairstyle with flowers that will never go out of style. This elegant bun with oversized flowers is perfect to go with your reception outfit.

Bridal Hairstyle with Puff and a Floral Bun

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

This lovely hairstyle is perfect for your big day. It has a big bun with puffed hair and lots of white flowers that make it ideal to wear with both a lehenga or a saree! You can switch the flowers with your choice and make it your own.

One-sided Loose Curls

Here’s yet another Indian bridal hairstyle for all you brides who want to let their hair down on their big day. This side-swept loose curl hairstyle with flowers looks elegant and can be worn for any of your wedding functions. The best part is that it goes with every outfit.

Side Fringe Bridal Hairstyle

If you are a fan of Indian hairstyles for weddings, this one has a voluminous blow-dried side fringe with an elegant bun that is dressed in beautiful jasmine flowers. The takeaway with this one is that it looks amazing with Indian bridal outfits.

Bridal Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls and Tiny Flowers 

Keeping your hair open on your wedding day is a great idea, especially for your sangeet/reception functions. Take this bridal hairstyle photo for your inspiration and wear bouncy curls with small flowers matching your bridal outfit for a graceful bridal look.

Simple Bridal Hairstyle for the Minimalistic Bride

Nothing looks more classy than having perfectly blow-dried hair let down without any accessories. Wear a beautiful maang tikka or simple matha Patti with this hairstyle and you are good to go! Pairing this hairstyle with beaded dresses and warm colors is just heavenly.

Artistic Bun with Hair Accessories 

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

A double-side braid rolled into a beautiful bun and accessorized with a pearl brooch. Is there anything about this wedding hairstyle you don’t love? We are sure that if you are a bold bride and love everything glamourous, then this will steal your heart away.

Marriage Hairstyle with Strings of Gajra

The bun is super common when it comes to hairstyling your wedding day look. However, what stands out is the way you accessorize it. Totally love how this bride has worn her jasmine gajra in concentric circles over a simple oversized bun!

Styling Naga Jadai with Fishtail Braid

Image Source: HaHa Photography

A classic bridal hairstyle to wear with your bridal saree, this one has a voluminous fishtail braid with temple-style naga jadai! If you are going for a more traditional look, then this one is the way to go.

Bridal Hairstyle with a Low Bun and Reverse Maang Tikka

Did you ever think about reversing your Maang Tikka and making it look even better as if it was meant to be worn that way? This elegant bridal hairstyle with a low bun, jasmine flowers and maang tikka worn in the reverse is a great choice for brides who want to keep it simple while still being hatke!

Wedding Hairstyle with Tiara

This beautiful braided bun with a diamond tiara is a great bridal hairstyle inspiration for your wedding reception. Even better if you are planning to wear a gown with this hairstyle! You are sure to look like a royal princess in this one.

Messy Fishtail Braid with Baby’s Breath

This bridal hairstyle with a side-swept messy fishtail braid and baby’s breath is a great pick for your haldi or mehndi ceremony. Baby’s breath is our personal favorite, they never overdo anything yet make everything look magnificent.

Voluminous Bubble Braid with Lots of Flowers

Isn’t this wedding hairdo just too beautiful? The loose and stylish bubble braid with flowers and baby breath looks refreshing for a daytime mehndi or haldi event. You can have this one for your main day too.

Loose Curls with Flowers

This bridal hairstyle right here proves how good open hair looks with your wedding outfit. I, for one, am totally loving these voluminous loose curls dressed with cute little flowers! This can be your pre or post-wedding festivity hairstyle.

Curly bun and multicolor flowers- Magnificent Wedding Hairstyle

If a glamorous updo is what you want to wear on your big day, then this bridal hairstyle image is all you need to show your stylist for inspiration. The loose curled bun with multi-color flowers is totally stealing the show!

Open Hair with Long and Loose Waves

Who says that loose hair hairstyle is not for the main day look. A beautiful bridal hairstyle with dupatta, this one is as elegant as it gets. Totally love how the bride chose to wear her hair in loose and bouncy waves with a net dupatta to complete her look!

A Gypsy-Like Simple Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Brides today want to have it all and are not shy of wearing their hair as they want! Perfect for a Mehendi function, this whimsical mix of curls and braids with a string of baby breaths is simple yet stunning for a bridal hairstyle!

Simple Bridal Hairstyle with a Touch of Magic!

Who said lockdown brides can’t be glamorous at their intimate weddings? Agreed it is a simpler affair but this calls for magic and that’s what this beautiful braids and waves bridal hairstyle is all about!  

Of Butterflies and Flowers

How to turn a classic, delicate combination of flowers, braids, and curls into a stunning bridal hairstyle? Just throw in some butterfly accessories! It indeed is the best look for a trendy bride.

A Floral Bun Tiara

Lockdown weddings are simple but there’s a lot of room to reinvent classic bridal hairstyles just like this neat bun with beautiful white blooms in perfect contrast to the bride’s red bridal lehenga!

A Floral Innovation for your Bridal Hairstyle

What to do if the bride wants orchids and baby breaths in her bridal hairstyle? You make a beautiful bun and decorate it with flowers aka the perfect wedding day bun!

Aren’t these hairstyles just lovely and no matter which one you choose for your day? Which one of these best bridal hairstyles 2020 inspired you the most?

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified

Timeless Bridal Jewelry Designs for Making your Wedding Day Extra-ordinary!

For a bride, a wedding day is a lot more than just looking gorgeous. It is about every detail and feeling attached to these details of her wedding day. So, as much as picking perfect couture is important, picking the right bridal jewelry is one of the most important things for D-day. The safest bet for any bride-to-be is to stick to the usual rani haar or go full #Royalwith the traditional bridal jewelry designs. While these will look stunning, we wanted to put some light on the newest ideas for bridal jewelry that have hit the bridal arena. You will be surprised by the number of options available now.

If you are a bride-to-be, who is looking for something different & unique for her bridal jewelry, you’re at the right place! Whether you are a bride who loves heavy traditional jewelry or a minimalistic one who likes to keep it simple, we have found the right inspiration for each one of you! Just hang a little longer with us and we are sure you will find something for yourself.

From your head to your feet, we have selected the most gorgeous and offbeat bridal jewelry for your wedding look. Scroll on to read our curated list of timeless bridal jewelry designs for making your wedding day extra-ordinary.

Bridal jewelry for your feet

1. A gorgeous anklet with baby pearls

Image Source – Vijay Venugopal Photography

2. For the minimalist bride

Image Source – Hitched and Clicked

3. The 2-piece pazeb

4. The one with a boho touch

Image Source – The Wedding Matinee

5. The chunky anklets

So, these were all for your feet. We know all of them are just beautiful. You can look for the theme of your wedding and pick an anklet as per it. Choose the color that feels closer to your wedding day. 

Bridal jewelry for your hands

1. Statement diamond ring and diamond cuff

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

2. The stunning four-ringed diamond set

Image Source – The Story Weavers

3. Hand harness with multiple strings

4. The midi rings

Image Source – Stories By Joseph Radhik

5. The rose gold palm accessory

Image Source – Shutter Down Photography

6. The larger than life finger ring

Image Source – Anurag Rathi

7. For the minimalist bride

Image Source – Foto Wale Photography

So, are you ready to rock your favorite finger rings on your wedding day? Hand jewelry is indeed one of the most important ones as it completes the entire look and surely accentuates the beauty. 

Bridal jewelry to wear around your neck

A statement neckpiece

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Image Source – The Boss Of Candid

Image Source – Hitched and Clicked

 Neckpieces are a must. Be it a minimalistic one or a royal one, every look is incomplete without it. Every bride has to wear it and thus, these were some of the best ideas that we could put forth.

Bridal jewelry for your forehead – Matha Patti

1. The minimalist chand tika

Image Source – Shades Photography

2. The elaborate one

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

3. The one with tassels

 Though Matha Patti isn’t the most necessary one, it does make your look complete.

Bridal jewelry for your nose – Naths

1. The diamond nose ring

Jewelry by: Anmol Jewellers

2. The oversized Nath

Image Source – Foto Walle

3. The nose ring with multiple strings

Image Source – Weddings By Knotty Days

4. The larger than life Naths

Image Source – Gautam Khullar Photography

Naths looks so royal and so beautiful that it seems like every bride is a queen. If you agree with us, then pick your favorite Nath.

Aren’t these trending bridal jewelry just timeless? Opt for a statement piece from among these and slay your wedding day like a queen! You are ought to look #Royal once you adorn these jewelry pieces.

Celebrate the Best of Bridal Jewellery with Mangatrai Neeraj

Mangatrai Neeraj Bridal Jewellery

One of the best parts about being an Indian bride is that you are thoroughly spoilt for choices in more ways than you can imagine! Every minute element and aspect of an Indian bride celebrates the idea of ‘shringaar’ Needless to say, as an Indian bride you will not experience a dearth of choices when it comes to translating your dream bridal look into reality for your D-day. While each bridal element has its own unique place, jewellery undoubtedly is among the top-most essentials for ladies. Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, you very well know that nailing the wedding jewellery is getting half the look right!

And no one knows or does this better than a legacy brand like Mangatrai Neeraj which encapsulates the beauty and meaning of bridal jewellery and jewels through its thoughtful, breathtaking creations. Their premium bridal collection is truly every soon-to-be-bride’s pride. Crafted with care and intricacy, handpicked jewels and displaying rich karigari techniques, each precious piece of jewellery carries a unique tale of tradition and royalty. Moreover, shopping from this house of premium jewellery is an experience in itself. You can sit in the comfort of your home this pandemic-era and enjoy a complete virtual tour of Mangatrai Neeraj’s exquisite and premium jewellery collection. With customization options available to you, need we say you can design your own creation just the way you aspired to?!

So, this wedding season ace your bridal look by notches with Mangatrai Neeraj’s premium bridal jewellery collection- a glimpse of which lies below:

Diamond Necklace: When it comes to donning the perfect bridal necklace, it is that one piece of jewellery that ‘really matters’. Seemingly noticeable, it has the power to elevate your entire look! Opt for a stunning diamond necklace like this real bride @vajjahimajaaa from Mangatrai Neeraj’s exclusive collection. Featuring precious diamonds and changeable green and red stone along with pearls, this necklace set is detachable, thereby marrying comfort with beauty and functionality.

Mangatrai Neeraj Bridal Jewellery

Diamond Earrings:  From classic oversized costume earrings to dainty diamond studs, Mangatrai Neeraj houses every kind of earrings for every type of event. Just like the precious diamond necklace, this pair of diamond earrings is embellished with changeable green and red stones to set you apart on your D-day!

Mangatrai Neeraj Bridal Jewellery

Diamond Maang Tikka: It will be safe to say that a bridal look is incomplete without the magical maang tikka. To help you get this integral part of your look just right, Mangatrai Neeraj’s unique, premium bridal jewellery collection brings you all the inspiration you need. This exceptional diamond maang tikka is adorned with precious green stones and dainty pearl droppings to add more spark to your bridal look! 

Mangatrai Neeraj Bridal Jewellery

Diamond Vaddanam: We bet you’d agree that beauty lies in the details, nuances. Hence, to help you complete your bridal look in style and splendour, Mangatrai Neeraj also treats you with an intricately crafted diamond vaddanam as part of its premium bridal jewellery collection. Featuring diamonds, pearl droppings and precious green stones, this exquisite rendition of an ancient piece of jewellery is what you must include in your bridal jewellery cart!

Mangatrai Neeraj Bridal Jewellery

These regal additions from Mangatrai Neeraj’s house of premium jewellery are all what you need to shine on your momentous days. Crafted with utmost skill and creativity, you won’t seem to get enough of these gems. Personifying exuberance and grandeur, each of these creations are sure to turn you into a timeless beauty!

So ladies, we hope you now know where to stop and shop for the most exciting and exquisite jewellery collection in town?!

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Bridal Lehengas for Your D-day!

Every aspect of an Indian bridal avatar celebrates colour, culture, legacy and zest. Such is the level of excitement and thrill regarding an Indian bride that every minute element, detail there are a million options available to make her shine on her d-day. And no discussion about the bride and bridal avatar can be complete without talking about bridal lehengas! The most important part of any bridal look is the bridal lehenga. It sets the tone of not just her look but the entire wedding by itself. 

So here we are, with this list of beauteous bridal lehengas for you to flaunt this upcoming marriage season. Whether you’re a bride who loves all things traditional or the one whose heart screams bold, both will find some inspiration in this list. You can also draw references from your favourite celebrity looks in this list and gather a treasure trove of ideas and styling tips and tricks!

Image Source: Eli & Kim

Traditional Bridal Lehengas

No bridal trousseau or look can be complete without a traditional bridal lehenga. No matter the fantasy surrounding a ‘new-age’ bridal look, there will always be a place, that special corner that will be reserved for your traditional lehenga. From revamping your mother’s or grandmother’s bridal attire to wearing the creations of rich karigaris of this land, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to picking the right traditional lehenga for your wedding festivities. There can be no better example than the breathtaking creations of Sabyasachi lehengas that are a vibrant mix of heritage, royalty and beauty. So if you’re thinking of traditional bridal lehengas, you’re most certainly thinking of Sabyasachi creations! Bold reds, deep colours, intricate work and extensive detailing render Sabyasachi’s bridal lehengas timeless. Remember when Deepika Padukone wed Ranveer Singh in a red Sabyasachi lehenga with intricate hand-embroidery golden tilla details paired with a chowki design aari-taari dupatta with a heavy border and the age-old saying ‘Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava’ written on it in Devnagri?!

Image Source: Sabyasachi Official

Another celebrated designer duo whose creations display elegant and exquisite traditional designs are Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Their chikankari creations are absolutely breathtaking and their use of mirror works in lehengas have been instrumental in reboosting this age-old design style. Be it Sonam Kapoor’s gorgeous ivory mehendi lehenga or Priyanka Chopra who opted for a playful mehendi outfit: a rainbow-hued lehenga that came with a half-sleeved blouse, a billowing skirt, and a lightweight dupatta. The set was accentuated with floral motifs and stripes in highlighter hues of yellow, green and pink.

Image Source: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

And who can forget Isha Ambani’s bridal lehenga that was an ode to deep personal history and legacy?! It featured a 16-panelled ghagra in two shades of off-white. Each panel was hand-embroidered, and was accentuated with alternating Mughal jaalis combined with floral panels in the finest zardozi, vasli, mukaish and nakshi work. Every flower and jaali was further highlighted with crystals and sequins. Fully embellished in gold vasli jaali with tiny flowers, the tulle dupatta draped on the head had a 20-metre trail and was fully embroidered in sequins and crystal jaal whereas for her Mehndi, Antara Motiwala chose a custom-made Manish Malhotra chikankari lehenga that featured floral artwork and pearls which was teamed with an aqua blue dupatta with millions of flowers!

Image Source: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Image Source:  Manish Malhotra

Be it beauteous brocade lehengas, heavily embroidered floral lehengas or heritage-inspired ethnic lehengas, there is plenty of room for you to nail your bridal look. Brides today are beautifully striking a balance by pairing their embellished traditional lehenga with vintage jewellery and going easy on the makeup. Rana Dagubatti’s bride, Miheeka Bajaj looked like a vision to behold when she walked the aisle in an intricately embroidered Anamika Khanna lehenga. Miheeka teamed her wedding lehenga with heavy neckpieces, earrings and matha patti by her home brand, Krsala Jewellery that added to her bespoke look. Interestingly the bride balanced her ensemble with subtle makeup by celebrity makeup artist Tamanna Rooz. Rooz created a very natural and fresh look for the bride with earthy hues, smoky eyes and coral lip colour shade to balance her entire look! 

Image Source: Anamika Khanna

Just like Miheeka, there have been a long list of real brides in recent times who have chosen to pair their traditional bridal lehenga with minimal makeup, and how have they shined! 

Even when it comes to nail the hairstyle that matches your traditional lehenga, there is so much you can do. From bold buns to seamless curls to a whole range of floral-inspired hairstyles, sky’s the limit!

Image Source: Kalki Fashion

Image Source: Torani

Contemporary Bridal Lehengas

Contemporary bridal lehengas offer a unique blend of creative patterns, bold designs, eclectic colours and spunky elements. While some brides like to keep it classic, others prefer it to be quiet. Some are hell-bent on OTT and some seek solace in not going OTT. Some brides wish to shine in traditional lehengas, while some others don’t mind experimentation and embracing attires that give them a rocking feeling! So be it the fad of minimalist lehengas, lehenga gowns, pastel lehengas, single coloured palette lehengas or simply offbeat lehengas, brides today are totally slaying it and raising the bar. 

Image Source: Aisha Rao Official

The Indian fashion design industry is booming with talented names that have redefined and carved a niche for themselves with their quirky lehenga designs. Our celebrity brides over the years have shown us just how to nail a contemporary lehenga. At her wedding reception, Neha Kakkar left everyone speechless by wearing a white lehenga. She broke the stereotype with her sartorial pick as traditionally, brides are not expected to wear white at Hindu wedding functions. She looked ethereal in a beautiful all-white ensemble. The feather details on her lehenga are the signature design of Falguni and Shane Peacock collections. For some glam, she paired her glittering white lehenga with beautiful diamond jewellery with green stones and traditional chooda. Likewise Priyanka Chopra also opted for a champagne-hued Falguni Shane Peacock lehenga with silver embellishments.

Image Source: Falguni and Shane Peacock

Anissa Malhotra ditched the predictable palette for her Sangeet when she stepped out in a Manish Malhotra metallic lehenga which comprised a cap-sleeved blouse dripping with crystals, a voluminous skirt, and a matching dupatta. The sparkling outfit was completely doused in silver embellishment, proving that there’s nothing quite like a bit of dazzle when it comes to bridal ensembles. Shloka Mehta Ambani’s sangeet lehenga was no less. Designed by Kresha Bajaj, the crystal love story lehenga detailing her and Akash’s entire story was hand embellished with over 50,000 crystals, sequins and glass beads! On the other hand, for her Mehndi, Bipasha Basu chose a breezy floral print lehenga complete with a sheer overlay by Anushree Reddy which was paired with a jacket style choli. Antara Motiwala chose a custom-made Manish Malhotra chikankari lehenga that featured floral artwork and pearls which was teamed with an aqua blue dupatta.

Image Source: Manish Malhotra

Image Source: Kresha Bajaj

Just like celebrity brides, new-age real brides are setting newer benchmarks by exploring and embracing a number of contemporary lehenga design ideas. Brides today, don’t mind turning out in minimalist lehenga or geometric-print inspired lehenga for their wedding festivities. They are also increasingly looking at other colour-pallets apart from the usual red to nail their d-day look. Pastel-hued lehengas are a fad that are here to stay. Whether you’re looking for bridal lehenga ideas in shades of blue for contemporary brides or simply looking for some gorgeous party wear lehengas for the sister of the bride, you’re certainly spoilt for choices here.

If you’re keen on nailing your contemporary bridal look to the t, you can also pair your lehenga with interesting types of necklaces like satladas, navratans, chokers, raani haars, gulbandhs, bib necklaces,  guttapusalus and aadhd necklaces.

Image Source: Sabyasachi Official

Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

On how to get the right makeup for your wedding festivities, we have a long list of tips shared by experts who recommend opting for airbrush makeup for your bridal look as it’s more long-lasting, waterproof, lightweight and suitable for every weather, especially summers. That one makeup trick that every woman should know and ace is how to curl their eyelashes! That’s one trick that genuinely helps lift and lengthen your lashes and makes your eyes appear wider and brighter. Hence, curling your lashes and applying your mascara is a trick that every woman must be a pro at while nailing her bridal look.

And finally after your princess moment in your dream bridal lehenga, it is very important for you to know the tricks and tips to store your wedding lehenga for eternity. You have spent a huge amount of money on it and your wedding lehenga has a lot of sentimental value to you. The delicate fabric and the intricate embroidery on your wedding lehenga can get damaged over time if not stored properly. You need to preserve and keep your wedding lehenga with a lot of dedicated care.   

Well ladies, we hope this list has got you back with vigour in your wedding prep game! Add sunshine to your wardrobe by donning a pleasant bridal lehenga and let those compliments keep pouring in 🙂

20 Reception Sarees for Bride Ideas to Bookmark in 2020

Sarees are considered to be the highlight of Indian wear and they sure have come a long way, making it through from one generation to the next. Though the look of a saree has been modernised over the years, the essence of one still remains the same – rich and elegant!

Needless to say, that’s what makes it a popular choice among brides even today. Apart from donning a saree on the wedding day, many brides opt for this royal outfit even on their reception. Simply because the beauty of a saree is unmatchable and it keeps the ancient Indian tradition alive.

So get the best of both worlds by picking traditional Indian wedding sarees for your reception but with a sassy twist. And this blog has all the ideas and references from Indo western saree for weddings to contemporary reception sarees that you need for your grand day.

1. Contemporary Reception Sarees

Reception Sarees Kalki Fashion 03

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Kalki Fashion

Be a dazzling beauty in a shimmery modern monochrome saree that’s fit for both, your cocktail or reception look. Watch out for this and more in Kalki Fashion’s upcoming collection.

2. Royal Indian Wedding Sarees

Reception Sarees Sabyasachi 01

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Sabyasachi | Photo Courtesy: Tarun Vishwa

Sabyasachi makes it as glamorous as it can get with this extraordinary saree.
Don’t miss the netted pleats and that gorgeous pallu.

3. Glamorous Indo Western Saree For Weddings

Reception Sarees Poshak Chandigarh 02

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Poshak

Who says one cannot look attractive in a saree? Covered in sequins this dazzling saree is definitely an eye-catcher!

4. Wedding Reception Sarees For Brides

Reception Sarees Shyamal Bhumika 02

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Shyamal & Bhumika

Balance a traditional and modern look on your reception day, with some classic Indian wedding theme colours and a sophisticated lace saree with sequined work.

5. Wedding Sarees Online For The Modern Bride

Reception Sarees JJ Valaya 02

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: JJ Valaya | Photo Courtesy: JJ Valaya – The Other Side

The combination of indigo blue and silver is a marriage made in heaven! And infusing this magnificent duo with the ancient Turkey inspired imprint is truly an example of excellent craftsmanship.

6. Indian Wedding Sarees With A Vibrant Touch

Reception Sarees Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Image Source: Priyadarshini Chatterjee | Photo Courtesy: Tarun Khiwal | Outfit Courtesy: Sabyasachi

With each colour complimenting the other, this saree is a masterpiece and one that will add a healthy dose of glamour to your reception.

7. Classic Reception Sarees

Reception Sarees Shyamal Bhumika 03

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Shyamal & Bhumika

Here’s another exceptional saree by Shyamal & Bhumika to intensify your reception day look and make you feel like a goddess.

8. Stylish Indo Western Saree For Weddings

Reception Sarees JJ Valaya 01

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: JJ Valaya | Photo Courtesy: JJ Valaya – The Other Side

Looking for saree inspirations for your reception that are incomparable? Here’s something you can bookmark. A sensational combination of indigo and silver, a sparkling silver border and a printed blouse with detailed work makes this saree a marvellous art.

9. Traditional Wedding Reception Sarees For Brides

Reception Sarees Mangalya Heritage 04

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Mangalya Heritage

If you believe nothing beats a traditional look, then you should find yourself a bright and colourful saree like this one right here that fits the occasion and is also pleasing to the eye.

10. The Iconic Red Reception Sarees Always Work Their Wonders

Reception Sarees Kalki Fashion 06

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Kalki Fashion

Nothing beats a classic red saree! Blending the traditional Indian wedding colour with a modern style is this stunning reception saree by Kalki Fashion.

11. Designer Reception Sarees

Reception Sarees Sabyasachi 02

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Sabyasachi | Photo Courtesy: Tarun Vishwa

Shine bright like a star in these dainty sequined sarees by the one and only, Sabyasachi. Now that’s what we call ‘Reception Saree Goals’.

12. Indian Wedding Sarees With Intricate Floral Work

Reception Sarees Poshak Chandigarh 01

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Poshak | Photo Courtesy: Kartik Arora

Here’s a vibrant option for your sunset themed reception. With a bright yellow base and that gorgeous floral work, this saree will definitely enhance your bridal glow.

13. Wedding Reception Sarees For Brides Who Prefer Keeping It Exceptional

Reception Sarees JJ Valaya 03

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: JJ Valaya | Photo Courtesy: JJ Valaya – The Other Side

Inspired by Turkey’s ancient tradition and culture, the Bursa collection is all about royal beauty and prestige, which are primary factors while selecting a reception outfit. Thus, making this saree an ideal pick for your grand day.

14. Reception Sarees That Give A Showstopper Effect

Reception Sarees Tarun Tahiliani

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Tarun Tahiliani

Encrusted with Swarovski, this tulle blouse is the highlight of this regal look. The two-piece semi-draped georgette saree has a charm of its own with its Chikankari embroidery and the dainty sheen of Mukaish that add to the beauty of this ensemble.

15. Indian Wedding Sarees For The Designer Bride

Reception Sarees Sabyasachi 03

Image Source: Priyadarshini Chatterjee | Outfit Courtesy: Sabyasachi

A simple and sophisticated saree will not only save the day but will make it an extraordinary one too.

16. Traditional Handcrafted Reception Sarees

Reception Sarees Mangalya Heritage 01Reception Sarees Mangalya Heritage 03

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Mangalya Heritage

Leave an impression on your reception day with an elite handcrafted silk saree that defines royal ancient Indian traditions and also compliments your look.

17. The Classic Lace Reception Sarees

Reception Sarees Anushree Reddy

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Anushree Reddy

Some fashion trends never expire and a lace saree is one of them. Make your way through with a bold and graceful gesture in an all lace saree for your reception.

18. Ceremonial Wedding Sarees Online

Reception Sarees Kalki Fashion 02

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Kalki Fashion

A Banarasi saree in a deep teal colour with golden floral checks is a deal-maker. Don’t you agree?

19. Reception Sarees Infused With The Magic Of Ivory

Reception Sarees Shyamal Bhumika 01

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Shyamal & Bhumika

This charismatic ivory crepe silk saree is handcrafted with sheer beauty, love and skill. And the detailed zardosi and Resham work make it beyond comparison.

20. Reception Sarees That Are Simple And Sassy

Reception Sarees Kalki Fashion 04

Image Source & Outfit Courtesy: Kalki Fashion

Here’s a beautiful Kashmiri embroidered saree from Kalki Fashion’s Kashmiri Classic collection suitable for your intimate reception.

Slay your reception look with a saree that’s as bewitching as you!

Bridal Makeup Tips Shared By The Expert For All Modern Brides

How often do you think a bride-to-be plans her exact wedding makeup look? On average, very few brides have a clear image of their bridal makeup. The majority of them are clueless of what they actually want, which eventually forces them to follow an ongoing trend that might not always be the best option!

We know the struggle is real and that’s precisely why we have a professional makeup expert who will answer all your long-awaited bridal makeup related questions.

Creating a trusted name for herself in the world of makeup is the Mumbai based makeup artist, Safa Malim. Years of experience and an umpteen number of happy clients (globally), have earned her the title of a professional bridal makeup artist. And apart from her excellent makeup skills, this uber-talented artist also provides personal workshops and professional courses for all you makeup enthusiasts. That’s not it, Safa has also worked for various magazine covers and has been a part of several fashion shows. With all said and done, we believe this information is sufficient to make all you brides across the globe to book Safa Malim for your big day.

Safa Malim 01

So without further ado here’s the quick chat we had with the boss lady aka ace bridal makeup artist on the few important questions that brides often have in the back of their mind. Here’s what she had to share.

1. What type of makeup do you recommend for our to-be-brides?

I highly recommend all the brides to go for Airbrush Bridal Makeup for your bridal look as it’s more long-lasting, waterproof, lightweight and suitable for every weather, especially summers.

2. What should be in a bride’s touch-up kit?

– Lipstick
– Translucent Powder & Puff
– Blotting Paper

3. Makeup products you can’t get enough of?

I’m obsessed with moisturizers, lip balms, tints & liquid highlighters.

4. One bridal makeup trick that every woman should learn to ace?

Well, that one makeup trick that every woman should know and ace is how to curl their eyelashes! That’s one trick I believe which genuinely helps lift and lengthen your lashes and makes your eyes appear wider and brighter. Hence, curling your lashes and applying your mascara is a trick that every woman must be a pro at.

5. Your top bridal makeup tips for people who want to achieve flawless skin?

I always say this to all my clients, “please take your time to prep your skin well.” If your skin is well-nourished, your makeup will look more flawless. My simple motto for a radiant look is #lessismore. You can always add on more if need be, but your basic goal is to let your skin feel like your skin and not a mask.

6. What is the best part of being a Bridal Makeup Artist?

I can be creative every day. The joy of making people feel pretty and happy is priceless!

7. How important is bridal makeup when putting a look together?

Bridal makeup can make or break a look. Hence, it’s extremely essential as your face is generally the focus point. Also, it’s not about wearing a lot of make-up, it’s about using the right amount to hold the look together.

8. Your go-to brand for bridal makeup products?

I generally prefer different brands for different uses, but to name a few Nars, Charlotte Tilbury and Dior are my top favourites.

9. What is that one common bridal makeup mistake that a lot of people end up making?

They follow the trend and not what suits them.

10. Do you have a message for all our brides-to-be?

I would like to tell all the brides out there to please keep yourself hydrated, sleep well and keep your bridal look as minimal as possible because “less is more!”

Here are some images of the bridal looks created by Safa Malim.

We’re sure this pro makeup artist has answered all your wedding bridal makeup related questions and has thrown light on those topics you’ve always wanted to know.

So go ahead and book your slot today! You can visit her Instagram page to know more.

25 Bridal Makeup Artists to Bookmark for your Upcoming Wedding

Bridal makeup artists are the real deal makers (or breakers) in executing your dream bridal look. Their importance can not be understated by any means. As an increasing number of new-age brides are opting bolder, innovative, and unique bridal looks and redefining beauty standards on their life’s most momentous day, we decided to further aid you in your process or hunt of finding the perfect bridal makeup artists or bridal makeup package.

This unique wedding season, it’s time for you to raise the bar again and step out looking like the bride you’d always imagined to be. After all, just like all things ‘bridal’ your makeup and overall look is an integral part of your marriage moments. We’ve put together a list of 25 bridal makeup artists looks by some leading artists and stylists that are perfect for any and every kind of bride. For your additional reference you can also take a look at the works of leading makeup artists like Safa Malim, Konica Arora, Misha Vig, Simmy Makwana and Kamakshi Soni. And now check out this list to find out the ones you can’t resist to embrace and experiment with:

1. Bridal Makeup Artists can Literally Light up Your Entire Look Like This! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Bring on the bling this wedding season by opting for a radiant bridal look like this!

2. Zero Down on a Makeup Artist Package that Brings the Best of Both Worlds to You!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

While most brides seem to get their d-day look right, they end up compromising on their pre-wedding looks. Leave no room for error or compromise and simply look for the perfect makeup artist package! 

3. Pack a Punch of Splendour Like this bride With a Suitable Bridal Makeup Package

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bridal look is straight out of a dream! We absolutely love those smoky eyes.

4. Bridal Makeup Gone Right! Glam up your Bridal Look Like this Pretty Bride

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride certainly has her makeup game on-point! Opting to balance it out by going neither too loud or underwhelming, this bridal look is pretty and perfect.

5. A Bridal Look Like this can Light up the Entire Room and Frame 🙂 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride’s minimal makeup not just let’s her skin breathe but also accentuates it!

Above Images Source Mitali Vakil

6. Get the Perfect Wedding Makeup to Rock this Home Wedding Season!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This makeup works perfectly well for a night or late evening affair ensuring the bride glows as bright as the day. 

7. This One is Pure Bridal Makeup Goals!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

On your special day get up and turn up like this to pay a tribute to your own bliss!

8. For a Bride who Loves those Sultry Shimmers!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

If your bridal look is all about celebrating signature reds, this makeup look is the real deal.

9. Get Bridal Makeup Artists who Make you Look Like This!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bridal look is made top-notch by those perfectly textured smoky eyes and clever contouring.

 10. A Bridal Look Like this is Perfect for Absolutely Any Season!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This spectacular bride shines through and through in her intricate ensemble & jewellery and perfect makeup to compliment all of this.

Above Images Source Bridal Makeup by Tehseen

11. We Can’t Stop Swooning Over this Pretty-in-Pink Bridal Look!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride is ready for her big fat Indian wedding in soft glam pink shimmery eyes which are paired with dewy base and bold pink lips.

12. The Perfect Instagram-worthy Bridal Look of the Season is Here!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Take the internet by storm by stepping out in a vibrant bridal look like this!

13. A Wedding Makeup Look Like This is a Sure-Shot Stunner!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride looks breathtaking in her stunning bridal look. Glamorous eyes complimented by that subtle shade of lipstick certainly works wonders.

14. Just the Right Kind of Subtle Makeup that is Apt for your Home Wedding 🙂

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

We’re thoroughly stoked by this bridal look. This bride is brimming with grace and lightness.

15. This Beautiful  Bridal Look is a Perfect Visual Treat!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

She sparkles like sunshine in her minimal yet magical bridal makeup look.

Above Images Source Vardan Nayak

16.  This Bridal Makeup Deserves All Your Attention!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

This bride is ready for her big fat Indian wedding in a soft glam bridal look.

17. Shine Like there’s No Tomorrow in this Wonderful Wedding Makeup!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

We understand if brides wish to go all out there on their big day and opt for a heavy layer but this bride just got it perfectly right.

18. Bridal Makeup Package is the Real Make or Break Deal!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Try something refreshing this wedding season like this splendid vibrant bridal makeup.

19. This Gorgeous Bridal Look Has a Big Thumbs up From Us! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

We love how this bride has balanced her entire look- oversized jewellery, embroidered outfit and that spot-on makeup!

20. Simplicity and Sublimity are the Best Ways to Describe this Bridal Look! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Soft brown & gold hues on the eyes to compliment the beautiful bright hues of her outfit for that added glam.

Above Images Source Tanya Kaur Makeup Artist

21. Classy, Chic and Elegant Everything About this Bridal Look is Top-Notch!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

If you’re the kind of bride who has no qualms about keeping it subtle on your life’s most momentous day then this bridal look is what you should bookmark! 

22. A Bridal Makeup Like this is a Sure-shot Stunner!

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

To look flawless and for a startling appearance on your big day, this is your perfect look!

23. What is an Indian Bridal Makeup Without that Tinge of Blush and Bling?! 

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Extravagant yet not flashy, this one is art on display.

24. Just the Right Kind of Subtle Makeup that is Apt for your Home Wedding 🙂

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Step out looking like a real royal beauty like this on your wedding day!

25. Dreamy Eyes, Perfect Shade and Flawless Makeup Render this Bridal Look Perfect

Bridal Makeup Artist 2020

Bridal glam is spot on in this frame! We are absolutely in love with this bridal look.

Above Images Source Makeup by Shubhdeep

Dear ladies, we hope you found much inspiration here to opt for a perfect bridal makeup artists or bridal package on your big day! If you want to know more about makeup looks, tips and makeup products, check these out-, and

Remember makeup is at your service to accentuate your beauty, not conceal it 🙂

25 Sexy Bridal Blouse Designs to Bookmark this Wedding Season

Bridal blouse designs have a special place in my heart if you ask me. This is because these blouse designs or lehenga blouse designs are versatile pieces of garments if made with care and dedication. And I mean dedication when it comes to selecting the right blouse designs, be it for your lehenga or your bridal sarees. When it comes to wedding shopping, a lot of time is spent on buying clothes, i.e., the many sarees, suits, lehengas, shararas, western outfits, some designer outfits and much more. However, more often than not, the blouse designs take a backseat.

Often times, bridal blouse designs are made with a myopic vision, i.e., very specific to one particular outfit. This means once the event or celebration is done, the outfit is then packed up and stored away to be used rarely, if ever.

Yes, this is a common error we all make. But going forward, let’s try to rectify this. Bridal blouse designs are not simply limited to your wedding day bridal ensemble. Blouse designs that are meant for a saree can be worn with a lehenga or with multiple other sarees. They can also act like a crop top lehenga blouse design. If you are game to try something unique, then your bridal blouse designs can be worn over jumpsuits or inside jackets too. Yes, the ideas are many!

So, to show you what we mean, here are 25 sexy bridal blouse designs to bookmark this wedding season.

1. Cape-sleeves Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design butterfly sleeves by tarun tahiliani

One of the most beautiful bridal blouse designs we have come across! This cape-sleeves bridal blouse can be worn with a saree or even a jumpsuit or flowy pants!

2. Strappy Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design by tarun tahiliani

Want to show those toned arms? This is one of the bridal blouse designs for you then! Also, it can match perfectly if worn within a pantsuit or a blazer.

3. A Peplum Lehenga Blouse Design

bridal blouse design peplum full sleeves by tarun tahiliani

One of the most versatile bridal blouse designs, this peplum lehenga blouse design with intricate embroidery is a must-have! Wear it over formal pants, a flared skirt or even jeans!

4. Simple Blouse Designs Fit for a Queen

bridal blouse design by tarun tahiliani

A lehenga blouse design like this one with intricate Kashida work on the sleeves can make for a great saree blouse design. One of the most simple blouse designs but very regal.

5. Sherwani Kurta Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design sherwani kurta blouse with kashida work by tarun tahiliani

Channelise your inner Frida Kahlo! Don this stunning long kurta, sherwani-like bridal blouse designs in brocade with Kashida work. Stun one and all!

6. Bohemian Princess Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design with kashida work by tarun tahiliani

If you are free-spirited bride-to-be, then this wide and deep hexagon blouse designs is a great option for you. It can be paired with a saree post your wedding.

7. Chic Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design crystal encrusted bell sleeves by tarun tahiliani

This crystal-encrusted deep neck bell-sleeves bridal blouse designs is straight out of a retro film, don’t you think? A perfect saree blouse and a crop top lehenga blouse if you’d like to experiment!

8. Jacket Lehenga Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design statement jacket blouse by tarun tahiliani

Don’t want a heavy dupatta to slow you down on your wedding day? Opt for jacket lehenga blouse designs. The best part is, this jacket can be worn over other clothes too – pair it with pants, a skirt or even a sexy saree! Jacket blouses are versatile bridal blouse designs.

9. Sexy Gypsy Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design strapless design with embroidered yoke jacket by tarun tahiliani

A sexy tube blouse worn with an embroidered yoke makes for great bridal blouse designs. It also makes for great crop top lehenga blouse options if you are a bohemian spirit.

bridal blouse design resham blouse by tarun tahiliani

Above All Images Sourced by Designer Tarun Tahiliani

bridal blouse designlight mauve cropped corset with ruffled sleeves light mauve by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design custom saree choker blouse balloon sleeves by falguni shane peacock worn by tapsee pannu
bridal blouse design dark gold intricate embroidery crystals sequins beads by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design dark mauve bralet intricate embroidery by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design intricately embroidered gold full sleeves cropped corset blouse by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design ivory intricately encrusted corset blouse by Falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design full sleeves intricate embroidery masoom minawala by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design dramatic sequins long cape sleeves by manish malhotra
bridal blouse design winged sleeves signature work by manish malhotra
bridal blouse design taban signature by manish malhotra
bridal blouse design tangerine zari embroidered deep v neck by sabyasachi
bridal blouse design iconic kanthi blouse by sabysachi
bridal blouse design burnt copper sequined by sabyasachi
bridal blouse design dramatic aqua_blue sleeves_asal_by abu jani sandeep khosla
bridal blouse design ek taar lehenga soft organza blouse by jade by bmk

20 Party Wear Lehenga Designs for the Sister of the Bride

What better way to cheer up this lockdown than bringing a vibrant happy palette to you?! And unlike any other wedding season, this one deserves all our attention and love. With home weddings in vogue, the pressure and need to pick an ensemble that leaves plenty of room for you to hold the fort and yet pose becomes all the more important! You certainly don’t want to outdo the bride herself neither turn up looking underwhelming. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and help you with this guide to pick the perfect party wear lehenga this festive season.

We spotted 20 such dreamy lehenga choli ensembles that seamlessly serve the reasons above and are apt for you to flaunt as the sister of the bride or the bridesmaid herself.  As we know nothing could beat the joy of donning an easy to carry, marvelous lehenga that sets you apart for an important occasion, let’s just dive straight in and get started:)

1.The Perfect Party Wear Lehenga to Don this Wedding Season

Image Source Abhinav Mishra

Bright colours and bold patterns with this signature mirror-work, creates a sparkling mood perfect for you to shine in!

2. A Pleasant Lehenga Choli like this is your Perfect Companion for Intimate Home Weddings

Party Wear Lehenga2

Image Source Abhinav Mishra

With a fresh colour palette, reflecting the bright new day and the joy that it emanates, this splendid work reflects refreshment!

3. Flaunt this Latest Lehenga to Set the Mercury Soaring this Season!

Image Source Jayanti Reddy

This gorgeous lehenga rubs on its easy-breezy energy onto you. An ideal pick for a pre-wedding function, this one lets you sway and slay!

4. This Jazzed up Fancy Lehenga is Sure to Make those Photos Pop

Image Source Kresha Bajaj

 Offering plenty of room for accessorizing, you’re sure to look like a million bucks in this!

5. A Fitting Response to Your Pastel-Themed Wedding Festivities!

Image Source Arpita Mehta Official

Reflecting subtle grace in this coconut lotus jaal lehenga, this one should be on your home wedding list.

6. Add a Dash of Glamour with this Subtle Yellow Lehenga!

Image Source Rahul Mishra

This one is a sure-shot show stealer!

7.  When You’re in The Mood for some Contemporary Couture with a Cool Twist.

Image Source Papa Don’t Preach by Shubika

Get backyard-wedding ready in this lilac lehenga choli set embellished with OTT pearls , reflective sequins and glass beadwork.

8.  Sign Up For Splendour With This Eclectic Floral Treat!

Image Source Anushree Reddy

Let your love for floral prints take over your lehenga too! Keeping it pretty, clutter-free and graceful this one’s a delight to don.

9. This Wedding Season be Laced in Love and Poise !

Image Source Torani

An absolutely breathtaking lehenga featuring intricate lace work is all you need this shaadi season.

10. We Definitely Can’t Stop Swooning Over this Sea Green Beauteous Lehenga!

Image Source Anita Dongre

Gleaming silver wildflowers engulf this seafoam-hued Shari Lehenga. Festive and resplendent.

11. All that Shimmers is also Gold!

Image Source Neeta Lulla

A tea mint lehenga crafted with iridescent surface embellishment and thread work styled with a ruffled sleeve sequin blouse perfect for lighter festive occasions.

12. Spunk Up your Wedding Festivities in this Creatively Coutured Party Wear Lehenga

Image Source Ridhi Mehra

Floral embroidered blouse with a ruched skirt paired with a ruffled organza cape is what you need to slay in!

13. Be Transported to an Era that Celebrates Classic Timelessness in this Exquisite Creation!

Image Source Anju Modi

Rendered in soothing summer hues & adorned with timeless embroidery, this gorgeous lehenga promises to enamour you with an aura of nazaakat.

14. Don this Radiant Artistry of Fabric Inspired by a Quirky and Stylistically Designed Ensemble!

Image Source Surily Goel

This bell-sleeve outfit is your perfect companion to run around in, pose and unwind this festivity season!

15. Get Experimental in this Unique Designer Lehenga!

Image Source Payal Singhal

When less is more is your mantra, you can steal hearts even in this minimal yet gorgeous gem!

16. Bring Out the Diva in you in this Dazzling Affair!

Image Source Seema Gujral

Opt for this subtle shimmer that doesn’t outshine your inner beauty.

17. What Better Way to Step Out as the Sister of the Bride than this Stunning Ethnic Ensemble!

Image Source Dolly J Studio

Sarees teemed with blouses with feather detailing like this is perfect for you to rock in!

18.Be it the Spot-on Ivory Shade, Intricate Embroidery or those Meaningful Details, Everything About This Piece Screams Opulence! 

Image Source Mishru

A classic ivory and pink raw silk lehenga embroidered with intricate zardosi mini leaf jaal and nakshi checks paired with a scallop embroidered dupatta like this is sure to amp up your entire look.

19.  The Secret to Perfect Portraits Lies in this Peach Lehenga!

Image Source Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

Look charming in a fresh pastel ensemble like this, this unusual wedding season.

20. This Uber Stylish and Totally Instagram Worthy Lehenga is for Ladies who LOVE Taking Pictures! 

Image Source Kalki Fashion

An ensemble like this will give maximum comfort for a super fun filled at home wedding! 

Dear ladies, we’re sure you can’t stop swooning over these splendid creations! Add sunshine to your wardrobe by donning a pleasant party wear lehenga and let those compliments keep pouring in 😉