An Open-Letter To My Future Husband – This Is How I Will Love You

Dear Future Husband

Isn’t it weird that I am writing this to you a few days before we start our happily-ever-after? But since you’re marrying me, I am sure you are already aware of my eccentricities. I guess you can call it the full disclosure agreement before we tie the knot and I embark on a journey of a lifetime to annoy you forever! 😀 Wait, isn’t that what soulmates are meant to do? Oh, and just so you know, the left side of the bed will always be mine.

Anyway, moving on..

My love, I am glad that we found each other in this mad mad world and am excited to start this epic journey with you. Since the moment I fell in love, I couldn’t wait to start my life with you because I knew it would be an adventurous, crazy and happy one. But today, I want to tell you about the times it won’t be so great and how we can make it better.

Darling, understand that I have been hurt before and respect my lessons and I can promise you that they won’t be a part of our lives. There may be times when I will need some time alone and I want you to know that it is only because I need to rejuvenate my body and mind. It will never, ever be because I need a break from us.

I know as we start our new life, a lot of things will change but I promise to make everything worth it. I will love and respect your family as my own and I expect nothing less from you – parents have their special place in everyone’s lives, don’t they? I will try my best to find out every detail from your mom about the time you refused to put on pants for kindergarten and I promise to pass on the story to our kids.

You remember the time when my best friend got sick and I had to take care of her? Well, we had just started dating and I didn’t want to hurt you but she really needed me to analyse the texts of the guy she was crushing on! Through thick and thin, our friends have stuck with us and accompanied us to every place we ever wanted to go – which mostly comprised of fast food joints and pubs of course. Even when we are married, I will need a vacation with my girls and I hope you happily embrace it. (Well, you do have your boys night out!).

I promise to be your pillar of strength at the times of need but I will also be your biggest critic if the need be. When we spend our lives together, we have to inspire, challenge and motivate each other to grow. And I promise to do all of that, be your favourite partner in crime and more!

As a couple, we will have fights and I know we will get through them without any permanent damage if we keep our love and respect for each other unscathed. I can’t promise you that everyday will be an adventure with me, but I can promise you that if you’re having a bad day, I will do that silly dance (that never fails to bring a smile to your face), even though I am burnt out. I will also pack my bags at a moment’s notice and leave for a weekend adventure if all you want to do is escape! I can promise that I will sleep in late whenever you want to and indulge in silly fights over leaving wet towels on the floor. If your perfect idea of a night in is pizza and binge watching Game of Thrones, then you’re in for a treat. (No, I won’t force you to watch The Grey’s Anatomy.)

I will keep up with your dreams and I hope you keep up with my crazy too. Let’s do this so we can always count on each other to enjoy midnight ice cream and go on sudden road trips as well as share dreams, nightmares and those seemingly impossible goals. Darling, I promise to make growing older a lot more fun than it sounds. If doing everyday things is something stable and boring couples do, then let’s be boring together. I look forward to waking up next to you for the rest of my life, fighting with you for your share of fries and tucking my cold feet underneath your warm ones and flashing those puppy eyes you can never resist. Love, I may fight with you over silly things but when the world turns its back on you, I promise to be there by your side and fight against it all just to see you smile.

See you on the flipside.

Your Future Mrs.


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