5 Things From Your Mom’s House That You Must Include in Your Wedding Trousseau


Well, wouldn’t we all like to pack up our mums and take them to our new home? Since that ain’t happening anytime soon, we thought we would pick out the most essentials things that you must pack from your mom’s house for your wedding trousseau. Essentially, you would want something that reminds you of your home and maybe something that can help you add a touch of your old home to your new one.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed…” goes the old saying and we couldn’t agree more! (Yes, that’s makes us suckers for romance). Something borrowed may be from your mum, aunt or grandma – it symbolizes a happy marriage that inspires you! While your trousseau packing need for “something new” is taken care of here, we will give you some awesome wedding trousseau packing tips that can be the something old or something borrowed!

One Heirloom Article

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It could be your favourite jewellery box or recipe books of your mom or a treasured piece of art – like a painting or may be a favourite dresser or even a cutlery set – you can decide on that one heirloom thing in the house which you have been fond of and would like to have in your home. Whether you display it on that shelf with all the other coveted items or use it – we leave it up to you. If you have chosen an artwork, you can always display it in your bedroom or living room.  

One Statement Thing from Your Mother

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You know that pair of earrings that your mum always wears? Or may be that handloom saree that she only keeps aside for special occasions? Yes, that’s the one we want you to take (borrow, if you will ;)) in your bridal trousseau. After all, nothing like a classic jewellery piece or sari to rock those parties you will be attending post marriage. You can pair your mom’s sari with a trendy blouse for a look that is more you. If you have chosen jewellery, use it to jazz up ethnic wear like long skirts or kurtas. You can also wear neck pieces as tiaras if you want!  

One Childhood Item That You Have Always Treasured


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Remember that birthday party you had as a kid where you wanted the latest Harry Potter book so badly that you wouldn’t cut your cake without it? And finally when your sibling or parents got it, you couldn’t contain your joy. Or maybe you were one of these who really liked her football or posters. Well, carry that special piece from your childhood that you have so carefully preserved and find a place for it in your new home.

One Thing That Puts You at Ease


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Well, you will be settling into a new space and we figured nothing an old favourite from your first home to get you started. After you have utilized your bridal lingerie (;) if you ever run out of ideas, we have plenty of those too), you would want to change into something comfortable and just catch up on some sleep! For that, you would need your comfy pair of PJs. Or maybe you are not a morning person and need that special cup of steaming tea! Why not carry your favourite tea mug to your new home and wake up with a smile?

A Plant or Some Soil from Your Home Garden

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Besides being a great decorative item, plants also signify how you would nurture the new relationship. If you are living in an apartment, you can take some soil with you and plant a small succulent in it. Every time, you look at it, you will be reminded of fond memories from your parents’ home.

You can thank us later! Go, get started on that bridal trousseau!

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