5 Sweets to Make for Your First Teejri After Marriage

Teejri is here! 18th August 2019 brings one of the most special festivals celebrated by Sindhis everywhere. While the Punjabi Karva Chauth is often popularised by Bollywood and Indian daily soaps, not many know about Teejri.  Teejri is basically the Sindhi version of Karva Chauth where the bride or bahu of the house, decked in new clothes and hands decorated with henna, fasts all day and finally breaks it in the evening once the moon makes an appearance.


Since it is a special festival for the Sindhi community, an Indian dessert is in order! In case you are a bride who has gotten married into a Sindhi family, it is considered auspicious for you to fast on the first Teejri after getting married. Here are 5 simple desserts that you can make as a new bride to break your fast with something sweet: 


Singar ji Mithai


Image Source: Anna Parabrahma


Singar ji Mithai (or Sev Barfi) is a typical Sindhi dessert that makes an appearance for all special occasions and festivals. It is quick and easy to make comprising of unsalted sev, khoya, milk, sugar and dry fruits.


Boondi Ladoo


Image Source: Flavours of Mumbai


Who doesn’t love ladoos? Ladoos are really easy to make and loaded with the goodness of sugar syrup. These sweet round balls of joy are the perfect cure to the hunger pangs – an unfortunate side effect of fasting all day.


Seviyan Kheer


Image Source: The Veggie Indian


This is yet another popular sweet dessert made in a Sindhi home during festivals. The idea is to boil the milk, add vermicelli, sugar, aromatics (cardamom and saffron), and pistachio and almond flakes at at appropriate intervals to create a delicious bowl of sweetness to quench your thirst after breaking your fast.


Dodha Barfi


Image Source: Blend With Spices


Legend says that the dessert came into existence back in 1912 when a wrestler named Harbans Vig was experimenting in his kitchen when he came up with the Dodha Barfi loaded with dry fruits that could satisfy his sweet tooth and was nutritious enough. Definitely give Dodha Barfi a try for Teejri since it will help you regain the strength lost out on while fasting!


Soan Papdi


Image Source: Pinterest


Call it Soan Papdi, Patisa or ‘Buddhi ka Baal’, this Indian sweet is really addictive once you start eating it. Agreed, the process is a bit longer and tedious than the others mentioned above but it is worth the effort because Soan Papdi is just so good!


Make sure to try out of one of these sweets for Teejri. If you have any other dessert that you make for the Sindhi festival, let us know in the comments below!

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