30 Best Indian bridal hairstyles trending this wedding season!

While you’re busy figuring out a gazillion things about your bridal look, we’ll give you one less thing to worry about: your bridal hairstyle.

It’s quite possible to get overwhelmed with the variety of options out there for Indian bridal hairstyles. So, whether you decide to go full-on bridal with a single/double dupatta, or a something more bride-chilla with a floral tiara or some other hair accessory, you’ll need an equally perfect wedding hairstyle to go along with it.

Well, I’m here to help you out with your wedding hairstyle! Whether you want to achieve a dramatic look at night or to keep it neat and light during the day, our curated list of best Indian bridal hairstyles for the 2018 bride will totally rock your bridal look!

1. Fishtail braid covered with mogras:



Sonam Kapoor’s messy braid that came till her butt which she wore for her mehendi was definitely a game changer and a trendsetter. It’s predicted to be spotted on a lot of brides in the coming times!

It was a very traditional Indian bridal hairstyle with a beautiful long fishtail braid and a lot of mogras.

P.S: It’s a great option for a bride looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair.  


2. A messy bun:


Image Source – Shutter Down Photography


Image Source – Anita Dongre


These messy buns are perfect for both, straight hair and curly hair beauties. These buns make for great wedding hairstyles for curly hair. They are best to beat the scorching summer heat too!


3. Cascading waterfall braid:


Image Source- The Wedding Salad


Image Source – Gautam Khullar


Twisty & romantic, this side swept cascading braid is beautiful and elegant for all your wedding and prewedding affairs. I am loving the dainty flowers used in this marriage hairstyle taking the entire bridal look up a notch.  


4. Traditional braid with floral extravaganza:  


Image Source- The Wedding Salad


Image Source – Rohit Nagwekar


Exuding the timeless appeal, a traditional hair-braid never goes out of fashion. This is one bridal hairstyle you can experiment with and trust me, you can never go wrong.

Also, remember to add a generous dose of flowers or ‘gajra’ as you call it and slay your wedding day with this gorgeous wedding hairstyle!


5. Multiple plaited waterfall braid:


Image Source – Gautam Khullar


What’s a better place to show off your luscious long locks than at a big, fat Indian wedding? Dress up your tresses in pillow soft curls, plait them in multiple cascading braids and voila – a stunning Indian bridal hairstyle for long hair!


6. With real flowers in the bridal bun:


Image Source – Ravneet Puri Photography


Image Source – Feather Tree by Avira



A bun is all you need to look ethereal. This is one stunning bridal hairstyle for short hair too. If you have short hair, just add on some extensions, some real flowers, pin up a sheer dupatta on it and slay your wedding day!


7. Open hair with a top soft lock:


Image Source – Royal Frames


There’s nothing better than to show off your long locks then to let them cascade down your shoulder. Tie them half up to make them stay in place and add some dainty flowers to give your wedding hairstyle a more appealing look.  


8. Messy voluminous princess braid with ringlets:


Image Source – Kajol R Paswan  


Image Source – Pooja Joseph Photography

So you want to go full dramatic on your wedding day, huh? Well, then there is no indian bridal hairstyle than a messy voluminous braid. This stunning marriage hairstyle will give volume to your hair and accentuates your bridal look.


9. The crimped effect:


Image Source – Weddingnama


Add some drama to your normal open hair like Nishka Lulla here and get a hairdo as gorgeous as this. Get creative with your crimper and give your long locks some dramatic curls like these and turn heads at your wedding or pre wedding ceremony.

10. Mermaid braid:


Image Source – Ramaniya Gilterati


If you want to dance the night away without having to bother about your hair getting in the way, just sweep it into a graceful mermaid braid like this. You can bling it up with some accessories such as these hair beads and dainty flowers.


11. With a statement floral tiara:


Image Source – The Wedding Salad


Image S0urce – The Wedding Crashers


In this bridal hairstyle, the tiara is the main focal point of the bridal look and this is a great option for all the modern brides who wanna do away with the traditional bridal hairstyles for long hair.


12. French fishtail mermaid braid:


Image Source – Shaifali Nagpal


It’s amazing how a simple twist can transform the most basic of french fishtail bridal hairstyles into something incredible. This gorgeous curly hairstyle has been elevated to the next level (figuratively and literally) with some twists and floral accessories.  


13. With Naga jadai:




Sonam Kapoor Ahuja made headlines at Cannes with this hairdo and it’s worth opting for as your bridal hairstyle. A bridal updo styled with this naga jadai looking totally regal! Also, this will make for a great bridal  hairstyle for reception.


14. French twist bun:



Go the super soft and romantic way on your wedding day with this cute bun hairstyle. This curly French twisted bun looks oh-so-sweet and adorable, thanks to the delicate flowers lining it at the top.


15. Dutch fishtail braid:


Image Source – Roma Ganesh Photography


If you fancy looking like a charming princess of an enchanted forest, this whimsical bridal hairstyle is all you need. This combination braid that starts off with Dutch braids at the top and ends in a fishtail makes for a delicate, whimsical bridal hairstyle!   

16. A braided updo:



The one hairstyle that has lasted the test of time is the classic bun. Give the classic bun a fun braided updo and see the magic unflold. Its no-fuss vibe is easy to maintain even through long, boisterous sangeet events. This style also frees up your shoulders and back so you can flaunt some interesting bling and ensemble designs, making it a great bridal hairstyle for reception.


17. Half loop braid:


Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik


The simple things in life are the ones that are the most beautiful. Such are these Half loop braided bridal hairstyle which work wonders to complement your ensemble without taking too much attention away from it.


18. Double dutch side bun:


Image Source –Memento of Shades Photography


Tied low on the back, this bun is softly pulled back with braids. Accessorize it with a dainty flowers and see this bridal hairstyle for reception do wonders. Also, this updo gives a softer look to the eyes and cheeks.


19. Double side braid:


Image Source  – Pinterest


Not gonna lie, I did a double take when I saw this bridal look. This Indian bridal hairstyle is badass and stunning at the same time. It’s a conrow meets Indian bridal look, making the bride look her most stunning self! It’s a great bridal hairstyle for long hair.


20. Bohemian braided bun:


Image Source – Shutter Down Photography


Every bride wants to look her best self on her wedding day. Her dress, hair, and makeup are styled to make that dream come true. This opulent bohemian bun adds a graceful twist to the basic donut bun, giving some major #BohoVibes making it a great wedding hairstyle for bride.


21. Double fishtail braid:


Image Source – Gautam Khullar


Possibly one of our most popular wedding hairstyles in the Indian mehendi and haldi scenes. Double fishtail braid is a great twist on the normal fishtail braid.


22. A statement floral bun:



Image Source  – Stories by Joseph Radhik


Anushka Sharma’s floral bun from her private wedding at Tuscany has been the most popular wedding hairstyle of 2017-18 and it still continues to steal hearts.

Style tip – Pick big monochromatic flowers and put them on your big bun for a bold bridal hairstyle at your wedding!


23. Classic low bun:


Image Source – The Lightsmiths


This one’s a classic bridal hairstyle – a low bun with middle partition. Also, it’ll remain timeless for years to come and will forever be the most opted-for wedding hairstyle amongst most of the brides!   


24. Delicate waterfall loop braid:


Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik


A refreshing take on the cascading waterfall bridal hairstyles, this one’s for a bride who wants to have all eyes on her!


25. The bubble braid:


Image Source  – Pinterest


If you have grown up watching Jasmine and Aladdin’s magical romance on screen, it is time to channel your inner Disney princess. Wear your hair in this sectioned style to look like a spitting image of Disney’s exotic princess for your marriage hairstyle.


26. Braided half up- half down hairdo :




If you like to keep things uncomplicated, you can go for this half up- half down hairdo. This one is an easy yet graceful bridal hairstyle for long hair.


27. The genda phool touch:



How about covering your regular bun with genda phools all the way. Match your outfit or make a striking contrast like this, whatever you do, you can’t go wrong with this Indian bridal hairstyle.


28. A super messy braid:



How pretty is bride’s messy side braid? Just add a simple mathapatti and paranda and turn heads all the way with this bridal hairstyle! It’s a great option for all all the brides looking for bridal hairstyles for curly hair too!


29. The donut bun:


Image Source – The Cheesecake Project


Not every bride might like the idea of covering her bun completely with flowers. If you are one of those, then this donut bun with pink hydrangea and anise flowers is perfect for you. Just add some extensions, if your hair is short, this will make for a great bridal hairstyle for short hair.


30. A literal floral extravaganza:


Image Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography


With the last one on the list, this one’s in our ‘special mention’ category. Kudos to this bride, who re-defined bridal hairstyle with those never ending trails of gajaras.


Hope you have enough inspiration for your 2018 Indian bridal hairstyle now!

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