Bachelorette Party for BFF: A to Z Checklist to Make it An Unforgettable Affair

Bachelorette party planning

Image source: Studio Kelly Photography

A Bachelorette party for the bride or a ‘Bach party’ as we like to call it, is every to-be bride’s dream. A bride secretly wants her friends to throw her a party that she can never forget, after all, it’s the last one to mark her singledom.

When you hear the word “bachelorette party”, surely a lot of things come to your mind. But how do you finalize and execute the party so that not only the bride but her whole tribe has the best of the fun? So, if you’re reading this blog, we assume you’ve shouldered the responsibility of throwing a quirky and super-fun Bachelorette party for the bride, but don’t know where to begin. Not to worry! We are here to help you.

We’ve made a checklist, especially for you to sort out your BFF’s Bachelorette party, step-by-step:

1. Talk to the bride

Image source: Studio Kelly Photography

We know you wouldn’t want to spill the beans, but it only makes sense to talk to your bride about the party. Don’t reveal much, just chat up to know her secret wishes and list of dos and don’ts. You don’t want to be upsetting your BFF on her special day, do you?

2. Pick a date and make a to-do-list

Image source: thepapierproject

Start off by making an organized to-do list to make your life simpler, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything important. It is pretty evident that the party takes place before D-day, but you have to zero in on a suitable date, after consulting your group of friends to know when each one is available. And of course, don’t forget to confirm the dates with the bride!

3. Make a reservation

Image source: gspphotography

After you’ve got a date fixed, the next step is to get a place reserved. This is important especially if the wedding is during the peak wedding season. You are safe if you are planning to throw her a party at your place or at a friend’s place. 

4. You need a theme

Image source: shadesphotographyindia

You cannot throw a Bach party without a theme. Everything has to circle around this theme, from clothes to goodies to the activities and the decor.

5. Send out invitations

Image source: thedaintystudiollc

Although texting your bunch of friends or giving them a call is a lot easier, it’s a whole lot of fun to make some handmade, customized invites.

6. Decide the activities

A Bachelor party is incomplete without a few funny and naughty games. Don’t wait till the end to decide on these and definitely do not think of having spontaneous games, as there is a chance it may not work out. Moreover, having all the items you need for playing these activities well in advance makes sense. Want some extra ‘masti’? Click here for some cool bachelorette party ideas for the bride.

7. Plan your look

Seldom does a Bachelor party have girls wearing anything they wish to, you will mostly observe that there is always a dress code or a color code. Preferably dress uniformly or according to the theme selected, if not for anything at least for the photographs. The cherry on the cake will be to have an exciting dress code, something totally crazy and unique, or to get some customized tees printed. Arrange this for the entire team and the bride. Team the dresses with some cool accessories like dainty tiaras, large sunglasses, funky caps, or anything which according to you goes well with the theme.

8. Don’t cringe, go binge!

Image source: adikosh123

Your party will be incomplete without food and drinks. Make sure all your friends are having a cheat day, you don’t want them pecking on food.

9. Customized goodies

Image source: thepapierproject

You would want to give the bride something that reminds her of the crazy time she spent at her Bach party. Arrange some quirky gifts for her, that will take her by surprise. Go all out with this-cheeky, adult-ish, hilarious.

P.S- Don’t quote us!

10. What next? Have the party!

Image source: Studio Kelly Photography

Once you have everything in place, all you have to do is arrive well before time and do some pre-party preparations at the venue decided. Make sure all your friends are ready and waiting before the bride-to-be arrives. You don’t want anyone walking in after the bride. Once you have everything in order, go and have some fun, you deserve it!

So, have you started planning the Bach party already?

5 Nail Art Trends for Brides to Rock At Their Wedding Celebrations!

Brides pay a lot of attention to their hairstyles and lehengas. But don’t forget, your nails are an important part of your wedding look too! Depending on your personal preference and the overall look you are going for, you can choose from a plethora of options, including color, design, add-ons, and finished look. Take a look at 5 nail art trends that are perfect for your wedding celebrations:

Ombre Nails

Image Source: Merlin Nails

Image Source: Lindas Nail

It is quite a glamorous look that may look complicated but is actually very easy to apply. All you need is a sponge and at least three color nail polishes. Ombre nails are the perfect option to chase away the winter blues and they allow you to play with your favorite colors while keeping it classy.

Rhinestones Nails

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Alina Hoyo Nail Artist

If you want to add some subtle bling to your bridal ensemble, make it happen with your nail art! All you have to do is get your choice of nail polish applied and then take some inspiration from social media and stick rhinestones on your nails.

Gold Nails

Image Source: The Lane

Image Source: Pinterest

As Indians, we love our gold and cannot do without it at our weddings. For some extra sparkle, you can add gold to your nails as well. You can experiment with glitter, stripes, base nail paint, etc.

Matte Nails

Image Source: Iulia Manikure

Image Source: Calgel Official

A personal favorite, matte nails look really pretty and give a smooth and classy touch to the entire ensemble. Today, there are so many options available! You can go for the classic red, perfect nude, pastel pink, or even bright blue!

Floral Nails

Image Source: The Hang Edit

Image Source: Moonlit by Mana Nails

What’s an Indian wedding without flowers? If you can add it to your hairstyle and lehenga, then why not on your nails? Especially for a spring/summer wedding, this is a great trend to the sport!

Which is your favorite look? Let us know in the comments below!

10 DIY Wedding Hairstyles for the Casual and Chic 2022 Brides!

Gone are the days when brides would just stick to oversized buns and neatly plaited long braids for their wedding ceremonies! Brides are now choosing DIY, effortless, half-tied and voguish hairstyles which they can easily pull off at their functions. Soft curls with a section of the hair in braids or lightly twisted have become quite a fad.

To top this, most brides are amping up their hairstyles with baby breaths or floral accessories to add colour and an extra oomph to their hairstyles! Brides are going all out when it comes to experimenting with their hair and I am swooning over these offbeat styles they are donning!

Here’s a list of brides who gave me major inspo when it comes to effortless hairstyling:

1. Hair lightly twisted at the top, soft curls and bright floral accessories- a young, fresh and chic hairstyle!

Image source: Aayushimakeup

2. Why go mainstream when you can add charm to your hairstyle with oodles of baby breaths!

Image source: Aayushimakeup

3. A twisted bun in the centre, soft curls and pretty white and purple floral accessories to add oomph to the entire look!

Image source: Ritika Kadam

4. A thick braid in the centre, amped up by small floral accessories in the centre!

Image source: Jasmine Beauty Care

5. Classy and elegant hairstyle with a twisted braid, soft curls and baby breaths matching the colour of the bride’s outfit!

Image source: Simmy Makwana

6. Braid, twisted buns and the rest of the hair kept open- love this combination!

Image source: Ritika Kadam

7. How about adding cute little baby breaths to enhance your hairstyle?

Image source: Pinterest

8. Elegant and stylish voluminous curls with a minimalistic accessory at the centre.

Image source: Simmy Makwana

9. Messy braids leading into one oversized fluffy braid and rest of the hair in soft curls; made more exciting with blue petals and baby breaths!

Image source: Ritika Kadam

10. Voluminous curls, a crown braid and very minimalistic use of baby breaths- an elegant and understated hairstyle!

Image source: Aanal Savaliya

Get. Set. Style!

15+ Questions You Must Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist Before Booking One

Bridal Makeup

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Are you Team ‘all-out glam avatar’ or Team ‘barely-there makeup’ bride-to-be? If you know which team you will be joining soon, you are halfway there to finding the best makeup artist who can help you achieve your bridal makeup goals.

You may have found the perfect lehenga for your wedding day, even had a little Cinderella moment with the shoes, and even matching jewelry, but only flawless makeup can help you pull off the bridal look of your dreams. When the day is as important as your wedding day, we suggest you put your faith in the professionals. Whether makeup is unknown territory for you or you live-and-breathe makeup, we’ve rounded up all the right questions to ask a makeup artist before you book them for your bridal makeup on your wedding day.

1. Are you available on my wedding date (or week)?

Well, this one is a no-brainer! You can’t rush up a makeup date with your artist because it takes time to create the magic you are looking for on your big day. So to avoid any last-minute change of plans or an overbooked makeup artist, start by asking them if they are available on your wedding date.

2. Do you specialize in bridal makeup?

The art of flawless makeup for every skin type surely comes with experience. With zero to negative margins for error, you surely want a professional to handle the most important aspect of your wedding look – your bridal makeup. Ask the makeup artist about their previous bridal makeup and how long have they been in this industry.

3. What all services do you provide?

You can’t miss this one! Ask the makeup artist you have shortlisted for your wedding day makeup about all the bridal packages they offer and what all services are covered in those. Commonly, all the bridal packages do include bridal makeup, hairstyling, and dupatta draping. So if you have a few add-ons, you can check if they can customize a bridal makeup package for you.

4. Can I have a look at your portfolio?

You can only judge makeup artists based on their previous works. It is imperative that you know if the artist’s makeup style is something you are up for and will look good wearing it on your wedding day. Taking a peek at their wedding portfolio will clear all the doubts you may have and keep a lot of wedding jitters away!

5. Do you have a list of references I can call?

Getting a testimonial straight from the horse’s mouth is an effective way to learn about the whole bridal makeup experience. So ask away your prospective bridal makeup artist for a few phone numbers of real brides who can vouch for their work.

Image Source: Studio Kelly

6. Are you proficient with HD and/or Airbrush makeup?

HD and Airbrush makeup are the hottest picks among brides today. If you are planning to choose any of these, you may need to know if your makeup artist is well-versed with these bridal makeup styles.

7. How long will a natural makeup look take?

A natural makeup look may sound like less work but it actually takes longer to achieve the flawless look you are aiming for. So it’s better to know so that you can line up your W-day schedule around it.

8.  What brands do you use for bridal makeup? And will you be using your own products or will I be supplying them?

This is a very good question to ask! Most makeup artists carry all the popular brands so you choose your favorite ones from the selection. Let them know your preferences to keep any last-minute surprises at bay.

9. How do you charge for your services and what are the terms of payment – by the hour or per person?

It is always good to know what are you signing up for. Clear up all the doubts when it comes to services provided by the makeup artist. Make sure to ask them if it includes a makeup trial as well. Will you be charged separately if you wish to include bridesmaids’ or your sisters’ makeup and styling for the day? If yes, how much will it cost and are there any discounts?

10. Are you open to traveling to my location or do I need to travel to your studio?

Traveling to and fro from the wedding venue on your big day may present some logistical challenges of its own. If your makeup artist is willing to travel to your location, you may not have to worry about that. Though there are some travel costs involved that may add up to your overall package. But if you have to commute to the makeup studio, your artist should communicate that in advance for you to make the necessary arrangements.

Image Source: Dipak Studios

11. Will you give a makeup trial before the wedding?

To decide upon a bridal makeup look for your wedding, it’s imperative you experiment with a look or two beforehand to be sure if that’s what you want for your wedding. Makeup trials give you the opportunity to do so.

12. Do you have a team or will you be the only one to do my makeup on the wedding day?

A lot of makeup artists have their own assistants to help them during the bridal appointment. So you can expect a team rather than just a single makeup artist showing up at your door. Well, do keep that in mind while tipping them.

13. Will you be carrying extra accessories for my appointment or should I get them myself?

We can’t expect the bride to go shopping a few hours before her wedding. So ask your makeup artist in advance if there is anything you need to bring on your own. If you have something specific in mind like the trendy floral hairstyles, ask them if you need to bring in the floral selection with you.

14. Do you have a contingency plan in case of an emergency?

Most popular artists have a team in place that will overtake your bridal appointments in case the original makeup artist is unavailable.

15. What wedding makeup look do you suggest for me?

Testing the waters before you go swimming is one way to find out about your makeup artist’s talent. Asking this question will actually tell if your artist is keeping up with the trends and have fair expertise working with your skin type. You may have already scrolled millions of Instagram pages and Weddingz blogs to discover the perfect bridal look, don’t forget to consult those with your makeup artist.

16. How long will makeup take on the day?

Well, you don’t want to keep your groom waiting for Jaimala on your wedding day! A very crucial piece of information to keep everything on track on your big day. Also, you will know at what time you can expect your makeup artist or plan the logistics accordingly in case you have to drop by their studio.

17. How long will the makeup trial take? Do I need to prepare for the trial and how do I prepare?

The more looks you want to try for your big day, the more time your makeup artist needs to spare for you! Popular makeup artists can generally accommodate trial requests in certain time slots only. You may be asked to wear the color of your wedding lehenga or saree, to give you an idea of how your skin will look against your dress.

18. Would you be open to using my own make-up?

Nobody wants to have a bad break-out leading up to their wedding day. If you have sensitive skin, it becomes even more crucial for you to bring your own true-and-tested makeup products, rather than trying something new.

Now that you already have the list of questions you are going to ask makeup artists, let us help you shortlist the best bridal makeup artists in your city. So are you ready to roll?

15 Beautiful Purple Lehengas that will Make You Ditch Your Traditional Red Ones!

Purple Lehenga

Lehenga: Jade by Monica and Karishma 

Red is the synonym for Indian Bridal attire. It is the first choice of any bride when choosing their wedding lehengas.

While there are brides playing safe by wearing a usual red, I came across some who went out of the league and donned beautiful purple lehengas on their wedding day and looked absolutely flawless.

Scroll down to know more:

1. A color that stands for royalty

This bride paired her intricately designed lehenga with a simple yet 3/4th sleeve blouse. Although simple, her blouse looks stunningly elegant.

2. Why wear red when you can add more colors and shades to your Wedding Lehenga!

Image Source: Razz Nischal Photography

Lehenga: Anita Dongre

This bride beautifully paired her red violet lehenga with rani haar.

Also, the maang tikka is exceptionally aesthetic!

3. This bride looks absolutely beautiful in this purple lehenga and minimal jewelry

This pretty bride chose a fantastic purple lehenga with minimal Gotta Patti work and looked stunning.

4. When the bridal blush complements her wedding lehenga

Image Source: The Royal Affair

This beautiful Sabyasachi bride featuring Bangalori silk lehenga and a leheriya dupatta is a sight for sore eyes!

5. This bride is totally adding some bling to her wedding day in this beautiful lavender lehenga

Image Source: Lehenga by D’VASA by Abhi 

Happy brides are the prettiest and her lavender lehenga with intricate embroidery work totally justifies that.

6. This royal purple color would be a perfect charm and elegance for your wedding!

Image Source: Photographs By Ishan

Lehenga: Sulakshana Monga

This bride’s choice for a royal purple lehenga is an aesthetic treat to your eyes. It is simple and elegant yet looks so beautiful.

7. This bride looks regal in this purple and mantle lehenga

Image Source: Sri Gurudev Photography 

Lehenga: Plumtin

Totally digging this bride’s purple lehenga paired with a sheer dupatta. The purple base in the lehenga skirt with beautiful and intricate embroidery on it, is subtle yet so prominent.

8. This bride left us speechless in her Orchid lehenga!

Image Source: Laam 

This bride has chosen a glamorous purple lehenga with zardozi work paired with a simple dupatta.  

9. The forever favorite mauve color is perfect for your D-day

Image Source: Mexican Sunshine

Lehenga: Vvani by Vani Vats

This bride looks so pretty in her mauve lehenga. It beautifully features mirror work for a change.

10. Purple mode on!

Image Source: Sunil Thakur Photography

This real-life princess wore a beautiful purple lehenga and looked every bit of her royal self!

11. The deepest tone of purple for the beautiful brides for their D-day!

Image source: Sabysachi

Right outta the house of Sabyasachi, this beautiful velvet lehenga paired with a dual dupatta is something to bookmark!

12. This bride in periwinkle lehenga is ruling our hearts!

Image Source: Badal Raja Company 

Lehenga: Papa Don’t Preach

This bride in a purple lehenga skirt paired with a quirky blouse is a total stunner.

13. Why look basic when you can rock the world in eggplant colour.

It’s different, and we love the unusual.

Image Source: Kripa Mehta

Lehenga: K&A by Karishma Ashita

This pretty bride was captured in a beautiful shot wearing a deep purple lehenga with a heavy border.

14. This bride totally amped up her bridal look with this beautiful violet lehenga

Lehenga: Sunaina Khera 

This bride in violet lehenga with heavy sequence work is alluring.

15. This Lilac Beauty has our hearts stolen

Image Source: Infinite Memories 

If you’re still debating your sangeet look, this bride’s lilac lehenga may give you some inspiration.

16. And hey! How can we forget Nargis Fakhri rocking this purple lehenga

Purple Lehenga

Lehenga: Jade by Monica and Karishma 

Nargis Fakhri looked exquisitely regal in this purple lehenga that she paired with an intricate choker.

Image Source: Pinterest (Unless specified)

Which shade of purple are you donning on your d-day?

20+ Trending Bridal Entry Songs to Make Your Groom Skip A Beat

Bridal Entry

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Move over, tribe, here comes the bride! Walking down the aisle is the biggest highlight of your wedding unless you have something more pressing on your to-do list that day ;P. It’s no secret that you have been planning your big day for months now, figuring out every little detail – from your wedding ensemble to your wedding decor to your wedding playlist. With everyone’s eyes on YOU (Yes, you read that right), why not give them something more to talk about with an astonishing bridal entry too? 

Turning the most awaited moments of your wedding into a straight-out-of-a-movie musical is no easy fete. Be it a ‘phoolon ki chadar’, a royal Padmaavat one, or crazy entries in boats to rickshaws, you will need a quirky number to make your bridal entry breathtaking, leaving everyone around you teary-eyed. 

So plug in your earphones and listen to these 20+ Trending Bridal Entry Songs to make a head-turner of an entrance!

Bridal Tip: Keep some tissues handy as some of these songs are a real tear-jerker!

1. Din Shagna Da – Phillauri

An obvious choice, this tried-and-true classic bridal entry song gives me goosebumps to this day. If you had to sum up all the emotions of the wedding day, this song is it. Looking back on your wedding video 20 years from now, you won’t regret picking Din Shagna Da for your bridal entry.

2. Mile Ho Tum Humko – Neha Kakkar

This one is my personal favorite! Neha Kakkar is surely bestowed with the voice of an angel. Listening to this song, you will feel blessed for having found the love of your life.

3. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Any love story is incomplete without this song playing in the background! This magnificent song by Ed Sheeran has the perfect lyrics to start off your happily-ever-after on a romantic note.

4. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Don’t want to be a copycat bride? Give a romantic twist to your bridal entry with this magical track. If you both are Hollywood buffs, picking this number will make even more sense.

5. Sau Asman – Baar Baar Dekho

A romantic addition to your bridal entry facade, the crazy beats of this number will give you all the kicks for a memorable entrance!

6. Afreen Afreen – Coke Studio Season 9

A masterpiece by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, this soulful track brings in all the magic you will need for a memorable bridal entry.

7. Tune Maari Entry – Gunday

If you are voting for a sassy and fun bridal entry song hindi, why not make an entrance on this groovy number featuring our own Desi Girl?

8. Teri Ore – Singh Is Kinng

A perfect-for-this-moment song, this romantic number has all the right beats and lyrics to complement this most-awaited moment of your big day.

9. Jag Ghumeya – Sultan

Why should the burden of making your partner feel special lie with the boys only? Make your groom feel otherworldly on this Bollywood number as you take your first steps into your marital journey.

10. London Thumakda – Queen

A peppy choice for the brides who want to break the monotony and give a dhamake-daar entry for everyone to shake a leg on.

11. Mainu Lehenga Le De Mahanga – Jass Manak

This number by Jass Manak is a perfect song for a fun bride. It has all the Punjabi beats to get your guests grooving as you walk down the aisle.

12. Makhna – Drive

Craving for a dramatic entrance? Say pass to the soulful melodies, and dance your way on this upbeat number with your bridal squad.

13. Saiyyan Superstar – Ek Paheli Leela

Got pep in your step? For the bride who wishes to deliver an electrifying performance with a pinch of teasing, this song is a must-have.

14. Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye – Ghajani

The lyrics of this song are all the words you will need on your big day! Doesn’t this meaningful number do justice to the occasion? A slow, emotional walk down the aisle on this song is everything you need for your wedding album.

15. Raabta – Agent Vinod

If you do not shy away from expressing your true feelings in public, then, by all means, go for this heartfelt Bollywood song for a walk to remember.

16. Patola – Blackmail

This peppy Bollywood song has stolen our hearts, and will surely do a number on your groom and your guests. So leave the emotional tracks for the Vidaai and pick this electrifying number for a stunning bridal entry.

17. Banno Tera SwaggerTanu Weds Manu Returns

Are you bride with some serious swag? Then put on your Aviators, and make a swag wali entry with this hot pick hitting all the right chords.

18. Banno re Banoo – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Well, this one is not going out of the wedding playlist, anytime soon. If you think Dil Shagna Di is overused, you now have an alternate for a soulful bridal entrance.

19. Samjhawan Unplugged – Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

If you ever fell short of words to profess your love, this Bollywood superhit song will do the trick. Enter to the tunes of this romantic melody and make your groom’s heart skip a beat.

20. Tujhko Jo Paaya Crook

A perfect dulhan entry song, the music and the lyrics just melt away your heart. We don’t want a sob-fest on your big day, but if you choose this song, we can’t guarantee anything.

21. Ek Dil Ek Jaan hai – Padmaavat

For the daddy’s little princess, we have a perfect pick to announce your entry in true royal spirits. Inch your way to your groom on the beats of this Bollywood number like a Queen that you really are! 

22. Señorita – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

Ending our selection of bridal entry songs on a romantic note with this stunner! A treat to your ears, we just can’t stop listening to this melody.

Needless to say, whichever song you pick, you are going to take everyone’s breath away with your divine bridal avatar. Looking for some inspiration for a bridal entry? We have plenty of bridal entry ideas excited to meet you!

Stunning Mehndi Designs 2022 to Ace Your Ganesh Chaturthi Festive Look

Ganesh Mehndi Designs

Yes, it’s true! No festive look is complete without some pretty mehndi designs embellished on one’s palms. Your first Ganesh Chaturthi after marriage is even more reason for an eye-catcher of a Mehendi design to flaunt around all day. While there is nothing wrong with the usual paisleys and floral motifs, these latest mehndi designs 2022 are a sight to behold. Well, it’s not a competition, but who doesn’t want their mehndi design garnering all the compliments in the world?

To give you some Ganesh Chaturthi mehndi design inspirations, we have a selection of the latest mehndi designs 2022 that your gang of girls will surely love. From artsy Ganesha to elaborate bridal Ganesh Mehendi ideas, we promise you won’t need to check other websites for mehndi designs this festive season or ever. Let’s get down to work, ladies!

1. Ganesh Mehndi Design Simple

Image Source: Miral Patel Bonito Art

2. Ganesh Mehndi Design for Hands

Image Source: Miral Patel Mehendi Artist

3. Bridal Ganesh Mehndi Design

Image Source: Mayuri Potwekar

4. Bridal Portrait Ganpati Mehndi

5. Ganpati Mehndi Design Simple

6. Customized Ganesh Bridal Mehendi

Image Source: Sona Mistry Mehandi

7. Simple Ganpati Mehndi Design

8. Arabic Bridal Ganesh Mehndi

9. Simple Ganesh Mehndi Design for Hands

10. Festive Mehendi Design for Hands

Image Source: Sona Mistry Mehandi

With this stunner addition of festive mehendi design, our list comes to an end. But if you are interested in more mehendi designs, bridal or otherwise, check out Simple Mehendi Designs 2022 to Bookmark for All Occasions!

Bride on a Budget: Brilliant Hacks to Plan a Budget Roka Ceremony!

Roka Ceremony

Phew, the hunt for the perfect partner is finally over –  It’s time to let the world know about your exciting news! Getting Rokafied is the Indian version of changing your relationship status on Facebook from single to committed. Sounds easy, right? And we aim to keep it that way with these brilliant hacks for a budget roka!

Roka Ceremony is usually a close-knit celebration with only a handful of VIPs making the cut to your guest list. A lot of couples today choose to combine Roka with an engagement ceremony. But if your budget and schedule allow it, you can have it as a standalone function as well. And that brings us to how we can help you plan a fun roka ceremony without breaking your bank.

As promised, here’s the lowdown on easy hacks for a fun roka ceremony without pinching your wallet a bit. By the time you’re done with this blog, planning a budget roka ceremony of your dreams (the one that your guests will take inspiration from) won’t look like a task anymore. Have a go at it, amigo!

1. Double the Fun with Roka/Engagement Ceremony

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Killing two birds with one stone! Why have only one celebration when you can have two at the same cost? When the party hall for Roka Ceremony, Pandit Ji, Mr and Mrs-to-be, and guests are already here – Let’s exchange the rings, we say! Also, Roka ceremony doesn’t take up much time, so it’s only smart to have a fusion ceremony.

2. At-Home Celebration It Is

Image Source: Razz Photography

A Roka is as intimate as it can be, so why spend a bomb on a party hall for Roka Ceremony when you can plan a quirky backyard celebration for the families? Most gated communities today offer a banquet hall facility as well, so that’s one more option at your disposal.

3. Say No to Printed Invitations

Image Source: Raj Rana

What can be more personalized than you picking up the phone and inviting your families and friends over a video call? So let’s put technology to its proper use, shall we?

4. Wise up on Your Wardrobe

Image Source: Bella Pon Fruitsia

Pick an outfit that doesn’t take the lion’s share of your budget for Roka Ceremony and can be re-used later. Also, keeping the upcoming ceremonies in mind, you can only have so many lehengas or gowns without overwhelming your wardrobe. So why not borrow a silk saree from your sister or mom for a cozied-up at-home roka? If you are craving a designer piece, check out the budding labels for an economical steal.

5. DIY the Decor

Image Source: Les Anagnou Photographers

A backyard roka celebration gives you plenty of space to experiment with decor. Pinwheels, mason jars, seasonal flowers, and whatnot – you will find a lot in your budget. So put on your DIY cap and get down to work, ladies and gentlemen.

6. A Drool-worthy Delight

Image Source: Shutterstock

The way to your guests’ hearts is through their tummies! Your roka event can be a hit or miss depending on this most crucial element – Food. Choose a caterer that knows how to woo your guests with culinary delights. Stick to your budget for Roka Ceremony and resist the temptation of an elaborate and extravagant spread altogether. Keeping the menu limited and simple is the mantra here. 

7. Turn Up the Volume

Image Source: Dipak Studios

For a simple roka event, you can totally do away with the DJ, peeps. A quirky playlist and an impressive music system are all you need to show your guests a good time. Browse our blogs for all the peppy numbers for your playlist and ask your friends or cousins to take over the reins while you are busy getting rokafied.

8. Handmade Favors

Image Source: Rebecca Yale

As you already know your guestlist, whipping up something for favors sounds like a great plan. From fragrant candles and handpainted mugs to planters and dreamcatchers, you can weave in your own magic for a memorable takeaway!

We hope our well-put-together ideas for a budget roka ceremony took a few things off your plate. For more wedding planning ideas and inspirations, wedding services, and wedding vendors, stay tuned to – India’s Largest Wedding Company.

10 Brides Who Stole Our Hearts by Including their Doggos in their Wedding!

Brides and Dogs

Image Source: Recall Pictures

If you are someone who is often tagged mostly in dog videos and posts, and your photo gallery is filled with your furry friend’s pictures, and every activity lined up during your day is scheduled around your pet, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a certified (by me and the world) dog lover! I am sure this blog’s cuteness quotient is HIGH enough to grab your attention and make you fall in love with these fuzzy and ‘aww’dorable pets.

While brides are the center of attention, some like to share the spotlight with their furry babies. Why leave the pup or cat behind when the entire family is out celebrating? We found 10 brides who included their paw pals at their mehendi, haldi, and even at their wedding ceremonies; some even got their doggos all dressed up for the occasion!

Here’s me giving you a gazillion reasons to smile today:

1. Looks like a purr-fect family!

Image Source: Gaatha

2. Ace photographer, Saurabh Rungta, made sure his furry friends were present at all his functions- from the mehendi to the wedding.

Image source: Saurabh Rungta Photography

3. Why should the bride have all the fun? Uh-uh…this dog is enjoying an equal share of the masti at the phoolon ki holi, during the haldi ceremony!

Image source: Imprint Studio

4. I am sure this bride couldn’t resist kissing her sweet lil pug, which is all dressed up for the wedding!

Image source: Cinewire

5. This gorgeous bride clutches onto her jet-black puggy. Not to miss his tux and contrasting bow with his name on it.

Image source: Prune India

6. This bride is having fun with her Lhasa Apsos like a BOSS! Not to miss the little bibs with colorful pom poms the dogs were made to wear.

Image source: Divine Mantra

7. A special kiss for the gorgeous golden retriever!

Image source: Roma Ganesh Photography

8. Isn’t it difficult to bid your favorite one adieu? This bride sits down to spend a few alone moments with her doggo before the wedding ceremonies commence.

Image source: Venue Monk

9. Ditching kiddos holding up ‘Here comes the bride’ placards, this bride wants the spotlight on her Lhasa Apsos instead.

Image source: Pinterest

10. Cuteness overload!

This teeny weeny doggo has won our hearts!

Image source: Prune India

Gals, are y’all ready to get snapped with your little companions?

Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)

10+ Mehendi Designs to Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami

Radha krishna mehndi

Bridal Mehendi is a huge part of most Indian marriage rituals. They have their own unique significance and place in our rich culture. No matter what type of mehendi you wish to opt for, from traditional mehendi designs to intricately crafted Arabic mehendi designs, no bridal look can be complete without it. Likewise, Krishna mehendi designs too have their special place. Be it, Krishna, in his many diverse avatars or Krishna along with Radha signifying an eternal union, these designs are considered extremely auspicious and are looked upon more as a blessing apart from the aesthetics of the art of henna.

This upcoming wedding season if you’re considering opting for a full-fledged Krishna mehendi design, zeroing down on the perfect ones for the elders in your family or simply including symbolic Krishna elements or motifs, then we’ve made your life much easier by bringing together 10+ unique Krishna Janmashtami mehendi designs. Take a look at them below:

1. Radha-Krishna Bridal Mehendi Design

Image Source: Amans Mehendi

Spell magic this wedding season by opting for a simple yet sublime krishna mehendi design like this featuring the eternal Radha-Krishna duo.  

2. Beautiful Bridal Krishna Mehendi Design

Image Source Henna by Divya

Fusing the best of traditional mehendi design with symbolic krishna mehendi design motifs, this stunning design is a sweet ode to tradition and beliefs.

3. Krishna Portrait Bridal Mehendi Design

Image Source: Anupriya Official

 What better than this exquisite krishna mehendi design to flaunt this new home wedding season?! If you’re looking for something symbolic, traditional, and extravagant all at once, this one ticks all the boxes. 

4. Baby Krishna Mehndi Design

Image Source: Parul Mehendi Art

 Give an adorable touch to your bridal mehendi by opting for this heartwarming krishna motif. Featuring him in his infant avatar, this design is unique in its own way 🙂

5. Bansuri Mehndi Design

Image Source Pinterest

What better way to symbolize an eternal union than by opting for an elaborate Krishna mehendi design like this that symbolizes the all-transcending union of Radha-Krishna! 

6. Radha Krishna Mehndi Design

Image Source: Pinterest

Another truly splendid extension of the Radha-Krishna duo, this beautiful bridal mehendi also features gorgeous floral motifs and intricate peacock motifs too!

7. Easy Krishna Mehndi Design

Image Source: Achal’s Mehndi Art

Whether you’re looking for a simple bridal mehendi design or a meaningful mehendi design for a baby shower, this simple, symbolic and stunning design is apt!

8. Simple Krishna Mehndi Design

Image Source Pinterest

Blending thought with simplicity, this Krishna mehendi design is for brides who are keen on flaunting a simple yet impactful mehendi design!

9. Bridal Krishna Mehndi Design

If you’re keen on featuring the perfect Krishna mehendi design for your upcoming nuptial, this pleasant mehendi design brimming with uniqueness is the one for you!

10. Bridal Mehndi with Krishna Design

Image Source: Sonamistry Mehendi

We cannot take our eyes off this absolutely stunning Krishna mehendi design! This wedding season settle in for something as meaningful and magical as this intricate mehendi design.

11. Simple Radha Krishna Bridal Mehndi

IMage Source: Henna By Payal

Bridal mehendis have their own unique significance and place in our marriage traditions. Extend the meaning and beauty of the same by opting for a pleasant Krishan mehendi design like this! 

We hope your hunt for the perfect Krishna mehendi design ends right here. Wishing all our readers a blessed and happy Janmashthami!