Colorful Holi Party Ideas 2022 to Make Your Holi Celebration A Big Hit!

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It’s that time of the year when Rang barse and the term ‘satrangi’ come to life all around! That’s right, our beloved festival of colors, Holi, is just around the corner and we can barely contain our excitement! If you’re scavenging for ideas for your Holi party 2022, worry not as this blog covers some great ones. So, do us a favor, let’s play Holi!

Holi Festival is synonymous with a grand time to such an extent that mentioning the word sends us down reveries of colors flying about, drenching each other with colored water, chasing your friends around with water balloons, music, dancing, a variety of delectable food, and pure joy. 

So if you’re on a hunt for unique Holi party ideas 2022, keep reading as we’re sure this blog has enough inspo for you to crank it up a notch at your Holi party in 2022!

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Ideas for an At-Home Holi Party – Time to put on your DIY-ing Cap

If you plan on hosting your Holi party at home in keeping with covid precautions, worry not as we have some Holi party ideas indoors for a successful Holi bash in the comfort and safety of your home.

1. Make a splash with festive DIY decor pieces such as garlands, origami fans, lanterns, or even umbrellas.

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2. Say yes to colors but not the wet colors! Because let’s be honest, who wants to be left alone cleaning their home for days after. So ditch the synthetic watercolors and welcome organic ones that are good for your skin and the planet as well.

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You can also give Phoolon ki Holi a try – it is just as much fun minus the mess!

3. Must haves in your Holi Party menu – gujiya, malpua, a few chaat items, kulfi, Puran poli, pakoras, and phirni.

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4. The official beverage for Holi is thandai, but nobody is stopping you from experimenting with the drinks! Refreshing coolers, mocktails, and even cocktails, and how about creating themed drinks with beetroot, kiwis, oranges, and strawberry to add a splash of color.

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5. A happening Holi celebration is all about a groovy playlist that has everyone dancing to the Bollywood Holi hits!

Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali – Silsila, 1981.

Holi Ke Din – Sholay, 1975.

Holi Khele Raghuveera – Baghban, 2003.

Balam Pichkari – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, 2013.

Jai Jai Shivshankar – War, 2019.

Gori Tu Lathh Maar – Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, 2017.

Badri Ki Dulhaniya – Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, 2017.

Nothing Beats a Stellar Poolside Holi Celebration:

Poolside Holi Parties are so immensely popular that it is only right we create an exclusive corner in our blog just for fun poolside Holi Bash ideas! And why not? Since playing in the water is a rather indispensable part of a Holi party, having a poolside Holi party frees two birds with one key. 

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1. A Holi Party is all about Music!

Hire a good DJ so that your poolside Holi Party can be truly rocking. 

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2. Jazz up the ambiance to set the tone for Holi Celebration

Quirky signboards and posters, colorful balloons, streamers, and colorful umbrellas  –  these Holi Party Decoration Ideas work as decor and resting areas as well. You can also get life-size cutouts and posters from all Bollywood Holi songs to bring a touch of drama to your poolside Holi party. 

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3. Get Creative with your Poolside Holi Party Food & Drinks!

Here are a few Holi party food ideas that will make your guests drool over – chocolate-filled gujias, thandai infused cupcakes, pancakes drizzled with rabdi, motichoor rabdii parfait, rasmalai pastries, chili cheese samosas, spinach-corn kachoris, pani-puri shots, chana-chur tacos, and much more! 


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Image Source: The Culinary Lounge

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A poolside Holi party can include alcohol, so get creative with your cocktails. A make-your-own-cocktail station will be extremely popular among your guests!

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4. Holi games with a twist!

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While Holi party games such as tambola, dumb charades, musical chair, gol-gappe eating competition, always make it to the list. How about we make it more interesting this year? Here are a few fun ideas to put a twist to your Holi party games. You’re welcome!

#Thandai beer pong

#Two truths and a lie with a water balloon being smashed over the head every time someone takes a wrong guess. 

#Never have I ever, but with Thandai (if you know what we mean)

#Passing the parcel but with a leaking balloon. 

#Heads Up!, but only with the Bollywood Holi songs. 

Start your Holi celebration by sending these heartfelt Holi Wishes 2022 to your loved ones:

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Image Source: Parade

We hope you liked these ideas and bookmarked at least a few for your own Holi party 2022. Need help organizing a Holi party in 2022? That’s what we are here for! If you are looking for poolside banquets or lawns or party halls for an indoor celebration, you can check out Weddingz for a comprehensive list of venues in your locality and city. If you need a hand with catering, decor, party entertainment, or anything else even remotely related to your party needs, just grab your phone and give us a call today!, India’s Largest Wedding Company, is a one-stop shop for all wedding festivities, social and corporate events. Our guarantee of a great event stems from the fact that we pride ourselves on offering a fully managed, hassle-free wedding or event experience. We provide comprehensive and current information on our website about thousands of listed venues and vendors that users can explore and book at our guaranteed low prices. With our user-friendly web interface, easy booking process, and impeccable customer service, we provide a convenient and comprehensive solution for event planning woes. Come, explore our website for the latest info on venues, vendors or browse through the recent trends, blogs, or ideas for your upcoming event.

Traditional Haldi Ceremony 2022 – How to Make Your Haldi-fication a Colorful Affair!

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A traditional haldi ceremony holds a very special place when it comes to Hindu weddings. The vibrant traditional haldi ceremony is celebrated just ahead of the main wedding ritual, a day prior or so, and is seen as the first step of a happy married life. The significance of a traditional haldi ceremony is to bless the bride and groom, rid them of any Buri Nazar, and prepare them for a committed life with their spouse to be. 

But a traditional haldi ceremony in 2022 is more than simply a ritual. It is a treasure trove of memories filled with laughter, playfulness, camaraderie, and lots and lots of fun created by smearing haldi paste on the bride and groom. The traditional haldi ceremony is the most exciting and aesthetic ceremony out of all pre-wedding ceremonies. 

As far as tradition goes, haldi is marked as an intimate event with only family, friends, and close relatives getting to smear the haldi paste on the bride and groom and showering them with blessings. Beyond tradition, a traditional haldi ceremony is the last leg of the bride and groom’s singlehood and is also in a way is the last hoorah with your respective families before your lives are intertwined forever. Hence, it is only fair that you plan yours as impeccably as you can. And if you’re looking for some help with the same, we have got some to offer!

Don’t leave out traditional hoop-lah!

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The traditional haldi ceremony is a blend of customs and merriment, and both parts matter equally. The millennial era saw a bunch of amazing additions to the traditional haldi ceremony, making it more of a trendy event with a huge photo-op. But in all of this, traditions aren’t to be left behind. 

The rituals of the traditional haldi ceremony are fairly uncomplicated. With a few regional and cultural exceptions, such as the Gaye Holud in Bengali weddings, Nalugu in Telugu weddings, Haldi Kumkum in Maharashtrian weddings, and the Chura ceremony combined with the traditional haldi ceremony in Punjabi weddings, pretty much everyone celebrates it primarily by applying a paste of turmeric mixed with sandalwood powder, milk, rose water, rose petals, and curd. 

Ask your family elders to be in charge of organizing all of the rituals that need to be followed. It will not only ensure that these rituals are followed perfectly but also bring down the number of things you need to for your traditional haldi ceremony as it can get quite overwhelming for you. 

It is also advisable that you look into the arrangements for everything needed for the traditional part of the ceremony as well as focus the first part of the main haldi day on those as well, leaving plenty of time for all of the fun activities to follow. 

The where and what of your traditional haldi ceremony – venue and decor ideas!

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Image Source: Candid Tales

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A traditional haldi ceremony used to be a simple ceremony, most commonly hosted separately at the bride and groom’s respective homes. But the millennial era really spruced up the occasion and now every aspect of it – venue, decor, outfits, and food, has endless possibilities!

If you want to go for a simple traditional haldi ceremony at home, keep the following things in mind:

1. Assign specific parts of the house for different activities. For example, the living room for the ceremony, one of the bedrooms for some alternate activities you might have planned such as a nail bar or Chura, the verandah for music and dancing, etc., and request your guests to stick to these makeshift zones.

2. Keep your guest list short. The traditional haldi ceremony can get rather messy, and we’re sure that you don’t want a full house and the potential of ruining any part of your beautiful home with the pigment.

3. Choose floral decorations – as they are the quickest and the simplest way to brighten up any place and also are the easiest to take down after the ceremony. Certainly, you do not want the additional task of taking down your haldi decor for days. Opt for floral rangolis, garlands, and bouquets all over the house.

4. Keep the menu short and sweet. There is a chance that some people might not have enough space in the house to seat all of their guests for food while the ceremony is going on, and making people wait for the entire traditional haldi ceremony to be over might not look good on your part. Hence, keeping the menu short and simple will allow people to eat with the plates in their hands even as they stand.

5. Avoid cocktails and alcoholic beverages as far as you can. You do not want a sticky situation with that one drunk Chacha Ji now, do you? Oops!

6. Make sure that you are preparing all of the items required for the rituals the night prior so that there is no confusion or fuss on the day of the traditional haldi ceremony. Label everything.

7. If you want to make your traditional haldi ceremony into an extravaganza, the first thing on your checklist is to hire the wedding services of a good wedding planner. They will help you with everything related to your traditional haldi ceremony. 

The simplest way to pull off a beautiful traditional haldi ceremony is to pick a theme. Goes without saying that the color yellow would be prominent, but incorporating parts of your and your spouse-to-be’s personality will bring up the charm of your traditional haldi ceremony and make it several times more memorable. Choosing decor related to your favorite movie, music genre, or passions, or even a mix of all of these would truly spruce up the ceremony. 

Another super fun setting for your traditional haldi ceremony is poolside. It would turn up the thrill of the whole thing, and a big splash in the water just makes everything much better. For a tiny example, rain dance is much more enjoyable than regular dancing, isn’t it? And you can customize quirky signboards, posters, and other paraphernalia to bring your personality to life and let it shine through your traditional haldi ceremony decor. 

Stay true to your personality while picking your outfits:

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Wearing yellow for your traditional haldi ceremony makes sense. But it has evolved from simply being a preventative measure so that you don’t ruin your colored clothes into a theme that is quite an imperative. 

Bride’s ensemble:

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When it comes to the bride’s outfit, there is no end to the options. Saree, lehenga, dresses, gowns, shararas, churidar, suits, skirts, and crop tops, you name it, and it goes. Of course, the outfit should be comfortable since you are going to be covered with the haldi paste from head to toe, but another important point to keep in mind is that your outfit should reflect your personality. We suggest that you consult your wedding services makeup artist and stylist and try on a few outfits before you land on the perfect one. 

Groom’s attire:

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The groom also has quite a few options starting with the simple kurta pajama, dhoti, and lungi, to sherwanis, pathanis, and nawabis, achkan sherwanis, jodhpuris. The best thing about men’s wear is that the mix-and-match possibilities are unending. So we have the same advice for the grooms as well – try a few options before finalizing an outfit. 

Bride and groom’s entourage:

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Both bride and groom’s tribes play an important role in the whole wedding affair, and hence it is obvious that their outfits are also important during the traditional haldi ceremony. Of course to each their own. Each of them is free to pick an outfit of their choosing, just make sure it is in keeping with the theme of your traditional haldi ceremony. 

If you want to take it up a notch, you can customize T-shirts, kurtas, jewelry, and juttis for your gang, bringing a more cohesive look to your entire traditional haldi ceremony. 

Food, music, choreographies, entertainment – fun, fun, and more fun!

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The food at your traditional haldi ceremony must be kept straightforward with a focus on beverages. Everyone enjoys finger food and delicious starters, and you can opt for one main dish along with a couple of dessert options. Make sure to arrange for plenty of beverages so that you and your guests can stay hydrated amid all of the running around. Hire the wedding services of a good caterer, and you can ask them to customize a dessert, a cocktail, or a mocktail for your traditional haldi ceremony. 

Last but not the least, no traditional haldi ceremony is complete without music, dancing, and lots and lots of entertainment. Hire the wedding services of a good DJ so that you, your friends, family, and guests can rock the dance floor! You can even make your haldi playlist and ask the DJ to blast it so that there are no pauses taken during the grooving. 

You can ask your family, especially the kids and teens, to put on a talent show where they sing and dance or even put on little skits. If you plan on including alcohol in your traditional haldi ceremony, sort out a list of party games to play. 

A traditional haldi ceremony 2022 is a very important step on the path to your marital bliss. Even culturally in India, there exist a lot of additions and subtractions when it comes to the other pre-wedding ceremonies but a traditional haldi ceremony is something that everyone celebrates with the same kind of enthusiasm and vigor. So, we hope that you liked the ideas that we have put together for your traditional haldi ceremony in 2022 and can incorporate at least a couple of them. And if you need any other wedding services or assistance with planning your wedding, just log onto and we’ll take care of you. 

Roce Ceremony – A to Z of this Special Catholic Pre-Wedding Tradition!

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In this culturally diverse land of ours, the Roce Ceremony is an immensely important pre-wedding ritual for the Indian Catholics of Goa and Mangalore that takes place before a Catholic wedding. The Roce Ceremony is celebrated by anointing the bride and groom with freshly squeezed coconut milk, also called Ros, meaning juice, which is where the word Roce comes from and coconut oil. The Roce Ceremony is the Catholic wedding equivalent of the Haldi ceremony in Hindu Weddings and is very near and dear to every Goan and Mangalorean Catholic. 

This unique and interesting tradition has been observed by Goan and Mangalorean Catholics for generations and is still celebrated with the very same enthusiasm and vigor. Of course, keeping with the time, people alter a few aspects of the Roce Ceremony, but overall it holds just as much importance, and no Goan and Mangalorean Catholic wedding is complete without the Roce Ceremony. 

So, if you are on a hunt for ideas for your own Roce Ceremony such as a venue for the Roce Ceremony, decor inspiration, outfits, or entertainment, you have come to the right place. This blog presents some endearing ideas that will help you turn your Roce Ceremony into an unforgettable affair. So, keep reading brides and grooms-to-be!

Significance of the Roce Ceremony:

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The Roce Ceremony, as we mentioned, is the Catholic equivalent of Haldi and signifies the end of bachelorhood and spinsterhood for the bride and groom. It is celebrated a couple of days prior to a Catholic wedding and uses coconut oil and coconut milk because coconut holds a lot of importance in Goan culture due to its abundant availability. From curries to desserts, coconut has found a profound place in Konkani cuisine. Not just that, it has also found its place in Konkani traditions and is presented as holy offerings. 

The use of coconut in the Roce Ceremony goes beyond this. Coconuts represent nature and its givings, and primarily using coconut for an important pre-wedding ritual signifies that we acknowledge and are grateful for everything that mother nature bestows upon us. 

The ritual takes place separately at the bride and groom’s house and entails the women of the house grating and squeezing the coconut by hand to remove the juice or the Roce. The first order of business is to offer a family prayer in the morning. 

Then the mother of the bride/groom starts the ceremony by drawing a cross on their forehead as well as pouring a few drops of it in each of their ears. It is believed to bless them and clear their ears so that they can listen to each other, which is a very important part of any successful relationship. This ritual is then followed by family, siblings, friends, and the guests taking turns to anoint the bride/groom with the Roce, and ends with all of the remaining Roce being poured on their head. Friends make it fun by breaking eggs, pouring beer, and whipped cream onto their heads!

Venue for Roce Ceremony:

Image Source: Flawsome Felicia

Image Source: Abids Events

Image Source: Flashback Photography

Image Source: Abids Events

The Roce Ceremony typically takes place in an open space as it can get very messy. Usually, in Goa, the venue for the Roce Ceremony is the front yard of the house, but the terrace is also an appropriate venue for the Roce Ceremony. 

1. If you don’t have access to either of these, any Goan wedding venue is the optimal venue for a Roce ceremony since it is a very important pre-wedding ceremony. You can simply book a wedding lawn or a spread-out banquet hall according to your guest list and it will work amazingly as a venue for the Roce Ceremony. 

2. If you are a fan of nature and want to celebrate this special ceremony amid greenery, you can choose your nearby garden or lakeside as your venue for the Roce Ceremony as well but make sure you acquire all the necessary permits. 

3. An interesting choice of venue for the Roce Ceremony can be poolside. Fun and excitement are an important part of the Roce Ceremony, and there is a whole segment where the bride or the groom groove on the dance floor along with all the guests. So, why not go ahead and add a pool to the hoopla and take the fun factor several notches up? Life is a little better by the poolside anyway!

Decor Ideas for the Roce Ceremony:

Image Source: Flawsome Felicia

Image Source: Abids Events

Image Source: Chromesutra

Image Source: Marissa Maharaj

Image Source: Chromesutra

The Roce Ceremony is bound by many traditions and technicalities. It requires a lot of attention to detail as every single thing, right from the customs that need to be followed to the decor that has to be set up is specified for the Roce Ceremony. It is traditionally held in a Mattov, which is a hut made out of dried and woven, palm leaves, areca nut palm leaves, and coconut leaves. It is decorated with fresh flowers and palm and coconut leaves. 

But as times changed, some acceptable changes were made to the traditions. Now, people customize the decor as per their preferences, and there is honestly so much you can do to set up a stunning backdrop for your Roce Ceremony. 

1. You can recreate the traditional Mattov in a modern way using dried palm and coconut leaves just for the backdrop.

2. Incorporate coconut shells for maximum vibes. 

There is no hard and fast rule that it must be done the above way though. 

1. You can ditch the coconuts (only from the decor!) and go floral. Floral wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, bouquets, and even rangolis – everything works. 

2. If you want to keep it simple, just get an altar made to draw all the attention to it. 

3. Turn to white, pastel, or even colorful drapes and fairy lights to add a whimsical touch to your Roce Ceremony. 

The simplest way to go would be to pick a theme. 

A favorite color, activity, celebrity, movie, or anything that you feel passionate enough about to make the backdrop of your Roce Ceremony, and fill the venue for Roce Ceremony with things related to it, for example, posters of your favorite movie, balloons, or flowers in your favorite color, etc. 

Outfits for the Roce Ceremony:

Image Source: Yellow Butterfly Photography

Traditionally, the bride is supposed to drape her mother’s wedding saree around the waist as a skirt with a blouse, and the groom drapes a lungi with a kurta. However, this is flexible too, and you can pick anything that you are comfortable in.

Bride – 




Salwar and kameez

Kurta and churidar

Groom – 

Kurta and pajama

Tshirt/shirt and pants

Light sherwani

A traditional Goan feast – Rosache Jevon!

Image Source: Cooklikececilia

Roce ceremony is followed by a feast called “Rosache Jevon” (Roce feast). Despite all of the modifications made to this pre-wedding ritual to get what is now a modern-day Roce Ceremony, Goans prefer to opt for traditional Goan food to honor the culture. Several Goan delicacies including fish, chicken, mutton, or even pork curry with coconut, prawns, vegetables with cashew, Goan Sannas (fluffy rice cakes), and the sweet dish Vohn are served and enjoyed at a Roce Ceremony. 

But of course, like with every other convention, food is also flexible. You can choose the foods of your liking and even go for theme-based food. Ask your caterer to whip up a customized dessert or drink to add a personal twist to the feast. Your guests will enjoy it, and every aspect of your Roce Ceremony will be extra special. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event!

Dancing, music, and a whole lot of celebration!

Image Source: Chromesutra

Image Source: Chromesutra

Even though the Roce Ceremony is an important custom that cannot be omitted, having fun is an essential part of the whole thing. After the feast is over, it is in fact customary for the bride/groom to dance with their family, friends, and all the guests. There are also games, singing, and so many more fun activities involved. So, you must hire a DJ and ask him to spin some serious tunes so that you and your tribe can grove. You can make a playlist yourself of all of your favorite dance numbers. 

You can arrange a bunch of party games, ask your siblings, nieces, and nephews to put up skits and performances, or even arrange a karaoke machine and turn it into a whole night of entertainment in celebration of one of the most important days of your life.
We hope that you found our blog about the Roce Ceremony helpful and can incorporate some of these ideas about the venue for the Roce Ceremony in 2022, its decor, and the entertainment. We totally understand that planning your Catholic wedding can be stressful, so if you need any more assistance with planning and executing your Catholic wedding 2022, log onto We have a plethora of wedding services that will make this tiresome process a cakewalk for you.

Responsible For Your Wedding Budget? 30 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money – Weddingz Advice #8

Modern couples these days are no longer dependent on their parents to get their wedding planning sorted. Except for minor to major financial assistance here and there, contemporary couples more or less know what and how they want to celebrate their big day. If you or your spouse is taking full responsibility for the wedding budget and looking for smart ways to cut costs, we’ve got some amazing hacks to help you pull this off with ease without making your celebration seem cheap.

Let’s get started!

Pre-Wedding and Wedding Celebration

Pre-Wedding and Wedding Celebration

Cut short your guest list: Because the less number of people, the lesser expenses on invitations, venue, catering and decoration

Keep the celebration close and intimate: Because all you need around you are just people whose presence matters, it’s not an obligation to cater to thousands of which hundreds you don’t even know.

Have an off-season wedding: Because this is the time vendors, venues and suppliers slash their prices, due to low demands

Have all your functions at one venue: Because this helps you save on unnecessary travel costs

No need to hire fancy cars: Because it’s not necessary you need to arrive in a Mercedes or Jaguar. Use your own or borrow a friend or relative’s car and design with DIY decor.

Choose a venue that offers all-inclusive wedding services: Because this will save you from paying for the logistics and other needless expenses of outside vendors

Ask for help from talented friends and relatives: Because this is a great way to save them from buying you pointless gifts and do something meaningful for you instead and what better than helping you cut your wedding budget

Make yourself beautiful: Make YouTube your go-to resource months prior to your wedding and practice bridal makeup and hairstyles or have your friends or relatives try their hands on it

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Buy, don’t rent: Because the items you buy can be later used for your own home or given away as favours. Renting will cost you more than actually buying items, such as centrepieces (they needn’t be all the same, you can have different centrepieces for each table), lanterns for aisle decoration etc.

Get crafty: Gather your bridal party and have a fun night of making your own decoration items or wedding favours. This will act as a great time to bond with your friends and relatives

Arrange for bigger seating tables: This way you save on placing more centrepieces and table cloths, further cutting your cost on table settings

Shop for off-season extra decor: Items sold during Valentine’s Days, Diwali and so on get stocked in large numbers once the occasion has passed. This is the best time to grab your hands on any extra items, such as firecrackers or pink cushion hearts you may need at half rate

Select in-season flowers: Because off-season flowers are hard to find, hence charged at a higher price. As much as you would love to have those blooms in your decor to stick to your budget it’s better that you stick to roses and the all-time favourite Genda Phool for instance

Use more greens than colourful flowers: Flowers can be expensive, so why not the stuff in more greens; this will not make your setting look shabby, but give it a classic minimal look

Include non-floral, like lanterns: Go the no-flower way, by incorporating decoration items that are inexpensive yet make your decor look outstanding. For tips on how to do so, click here

Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Limit alcohol beverages: The best way to do so is by serving signature drinks, beer or wine only at your wedding

Consider a wedding breakfast or brunch: Go a little Hatke and have a breakfast or brunch arrangement than a complete main course

Forgo full dinner service: Have a cocktail theme party or serve light meals, then spend more on full-course dinners that eventually go waste

Serve comfort food, like BBQ chicken, corn etc.: Because who doesn’t love binging?! This concept is something your guests will never expect, which will eventually turn into the fun element of your wedding and this arrangement is inexpensive too. So, it’s a win-win here

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Order one or two-tiered cake: You needn’t have a life-size or multi-tiered cake. Even one tiered exceptionally decorated wedding cake is more than enough to kick-start the celebration

Keep the add-ons simple, as well as the cake: Decorate the cake with subtle add-ons like metallic finish or flowers. If you go for textures or extravagant fondant decor, which is high on sugar, you will end up paying more   

Use fresh flowers and not fondant or sugar ones: Like we mentioned earlier fondant decorations on cake cost more, including fresh flowers will be cheaper

Make cake the dessert course: In terms of catering, make your wedding cake your dessert option. Trust us, your guests will not complain, instead feel privileged to be sharing this sweet treat with you

Wedding Return Gifts

Wedding Return Gifts

Turn favours into centrepieces: As we mentioned in our decoration section of this blog, you could buy your centrepieces instead of renting them and turn them into your wedding favours. Do not forget to mention a little thank you note on it to help your guests take notice and pick one for themselves to take it along

Give out one favour per couple or family: You need not give away wedding favours to each member who attends your wedding. Just giving away 1 per couple or per family will also be well appreciated

Make your own favours: If you wish to give away favours in large numbers or cut your wedding budget on favours, make these giveaways at home. You can either choose to bake some sweet treats or prepare homemade marmalades, pickles and jams. Food is always well accepted can be given away in bulk

Wedding Photos & Video

Wedding Photos & Video

Hire associate photographers: Your wedding budget is restricting you from hiring the ace photographers whose work you’ve been following on your Instagram, request an associate wedding shooters availability that will cover your wedding for less.

Capture only important moments on video: Most photographers and videographers charge by the hour. So, it’s best to let them know the timeframe you need them to be present and capture selective glimpses of your event  



Fly on credit: If not all, make major purchases on your credit card as these give you bonus points and travel offers that will pretty much cover your honeymoon cost

How to Plan a Ring Ceremony in 2022 – Fun Ideas for the Bride and Groom-to-be!

Image Source: Rahul Patwa Photography

The ring ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function across cultures because that is the first time you announce to the world your decision to commit to a lifetime with your partner. No matter how grand or small-scale you want to make your ring ceremony in 2022, it takes a significant amount of planning and research because there are traditions and customs involved that are to be followed and also because the ring ceremony is like a teaser of what your life would be like as a couple and so you want to do it just right. 

A majority of the couples choose to have a separate ring ceremony as a pre-wedding function on one of four to five days that their wedding lasts. But some couples also have their ring ceremony on the day of the Shaadi, right before the ritual while some choose to have a few days of a gap before the ring ceremony and the wedding festivities. But no matter when it takes place, this sweet pre-wedding function deserves to be celebrated in the most memorable way as it marks the beginning of a wonderful journey for two people in love. 

So, if you’re on the verge of putting a ring on it and are scavenging for ideas for your own ring ceremony, read on as we have a delightful set of ideas for you that will help you dazzle your ring ceremony in 2022 right up!

1. Location:

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The location of the ring ceremony is crucial as it sets the base for the festivities. Regardless of whether you want an intimate celebration or a grand ring ceremony, where you have it matters a lot. 

A. Cozy indoor engagement pre-wedding function:

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The classic. Book a banquet hall with a stage where the ceremony takes place so that all the spotlight is on you and seating arrangements facing the stage where all of your guests can get cozy and witness one of the most important moments of your life.

B. A breezy romantic outdoor ring ceremony:

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Since the ring ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function involving traditions that cannot be omitted, there is a possibility that it might go on a little longer. Choosing an outdoor setting that is open and breezy will not only ensure that your guests are comfortable in case of a longer ring ceremony but the ring ceremony will also be very romantic and charming, especially if you have it in the evening, under the stars. If you and your partner are nature-lovers, having your ring ceremony on a lawn, a garden, by a lakeside, or on a tiny hillside will satisfy the naturalist within you. 

C. A poolside setting for a super-fun ring ceremony:

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A hatke setting for a ring ceremony but one that is catching on fast, a poolside pre wedding function is bound to be etched in people’s memories forever. You can incorporate fresh and vibrant decor to compliment the pool setting and even get creative with it to make it super quirky and fun. You can get your ring ceremony to double as a cocktail party if you’re short on time.

D. An intimate at-home ring ceremony:

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If you’re not the one to make a big show out of everything and want to keep this important moment, which quite honestly is rather personal, intimate and within just your inner circle of friends and family, you can conjure up a stunning ring ceremony at home. 

E. A beach-side ring ceremony for those in love with the waters:

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A beachside wedding is very common, but a beachy ring ceremony can be whimsical and elegant and will give you stunning pre-wedding function pictures. 

2. Decor/Setting:

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a. A traditional setting for a beautiful ring ceremony:

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You can use the traditional garlands of marigold flowers, colorful drapes, and rangolis to create a typical yet vibrant decor for the pre wedding function of your ring ceremony to take place. 

B. A royal affair:

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Bring a piece of those grand Rajasthani weddings you see on Instagram to your ring ceremony with replicas of jharokhas, chandeliers, grand flower arrangements, and other pieces of decor with jaalidaar design. All you need is the right wedding services and a decorator that is as dedicated to this cause as you.

C. Pick a theme:

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Themes can be super-fun when it comes to the ring ceremony. Fill up your venue with posters and cutouts of your favorite actors and movies if you’re a film buff, or spruce it up with the merch of your sports and sports team! A garden or an orchard set in greenery with the altar decked up with flowers, leaves, and vines can be the perfect setting for a forest-themed engagement party, and you’ll require white flowy drapes, delicate glass decor, and some DIY’ed snow for a winter-wonderland ring ceremony. But if you’re running short on time or have budget restraints but still want to go for a theme, simply pick a color that you can incorporate in your outfits, the decor, the invitations, and even ask your guests to dress up in that color, and you will have a sophisticated and cohesive themed ring ceremony. Hire the wedding services of one of the best decorators if there is no restraint on your budget and you’ll be stellar to go.

D. A modern fairytale ring ceremony:

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Use white-colored furniture and drapes, fairy lights, candles, and pastel-colored flowers to create a modern, subtle, and elegant setting for your ring ceremony. 

E. Tell your love story through the decor:

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Take inspiration from these happy couples and let your love story deck the halls and set a romantic mood for your beautiful ring ceremony. Employing the wedding services of a good decorator here will take a massive burden off you. So keep looking for one. 

3. Outfits

We’re sure that you’ve made a whole Pinterest board of wedding fashion for each and every one of the pre wedding functions. A little tip from us – go with the theme and vibe of the function you’ve planned. Intimate and indoor functions call for flowy sarees which you can also be comfortable in. A bejeweled gown according to your body type will go perfectly for a themed affair. A more traditional ring ceremony will be the perfect day to flaunt a lehenga. For the grooms – Sherwanis, Nawabis, a Bandhgala kurta with Pyjama, or a chic Pathani suit all work. The classic suit is always the right choice!

Just in case you need some more inspiration, here are some ideas and pictures that you can save:

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4. Rings and ring presentation:

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It is advised to go ring shopping together so there is no confusion. The presentation of the rings is a big deal of a moment at a ring ceremony. Hence, you want to do something special about it. You can use traditional silver trays or florally decorated ones. If you want to add a touch of intimacy to the moment, you can even get the trays personalized with images of the bride and groom. Getting your kid siblings, nieces, nephews, or even pets to be the ring bearer is a really cute idea that you should consider. 

5. Food:

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Food is one of the most important elements of your ring ceremony, and not just because it is customary to feed your guests. Food at your ring ceremony can be an expression of the kind of life you expect to lead as a couple. As we all know, food can be a lot of fun. So why not have fun with it? 

You can talk to your wedding services caterer and have the menu customized according to your theme, preference, and personality. You can even request them to create a signature dish or a cocktail to signify you and your other half. Oh, and don’t forget the cake!

6. Music and choreographies:

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No party is complete without music and dance. So, get yourself a rocking wedding services DJ and a choreographer and get the dance floor moving to your favorite beat!

One couple dance, one with the parents, one of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and one with the siblings are mandatory. So, make sure to load up on carbs as you’re going to require all the energy in the world!

If you are planning your wedding, we are sure that you are buried under a mound of planning and research. Hence, we thought we’ll help you out by putting together a bunch of ideas that you can use for your ring ceremony as planning this pre-wedding function can be as daunting as planning any other pre-wedding function. So we hope you liked at least some of these ideas and are able to incorporate them in your own ring ceremony, which no doubt is going to be a stunning affair. Check out for more ideas, wedding services, and wedding vendors as we are your one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related.

Happy wedding!