20 Fun Wedding Invitation Card Designs for Cool Couples

Remember those days when every wedding card depicted the same old typical format and design? And the only thing that was different about each wedding invitation card were the names of the bride and groom that were printed on it. Apart from that, irrespective of the wedding theme or the couple’s choice, the invitation cards followed standard protocols.

But thanks to the evolving trends and technology, marriage invitation cards are much more fun and pretty looking these days. All you have to do is imagine and there you go, your fancy and creative wedding card is ready and all set to be distributed.

Combined with thoughts and creativity, a marriage invitation card in today’s day is more than just a piece of paper that provides information. It is an integral part of your wedding that not only displaces your wedding theme but also serves as a beautiful souvenir for all your guests.

Yes, we have listed 20 extremely unique and creative wedding invitation card designs for all the couples out there who love thinking out of the box. And these invitation card designs will definitely take your guests by surprise and leave them dreaming about your wedding.

1. A Simple South Indian Wedding Card Design

Wedding Invitation Card 01

This card may not have multiple elements in it but it sure has something so captivating we couldn’t swipe past it. It also makes a wonderful idea for a south Indian wedding invitation card.

2. An Elegant Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Card 02

This classy acrylic invitation card design is an example of the famous saying, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

3. A Mughal Themed Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 03

Covered in pink floral beauty and the ancient Mughal art, this beautiful wedding box invite is one that can be considered for a royal wedding.

4. Invitation Cards With An Extraordinary Touch

Wedding Invitation Card 04

Now, that’s a wedding invitation card that will leave your guests dreaming and wondering what your big day will look like.

5. Vibrant Indian Invitation Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 05

Infused with the essence of the Indian culture and a burst of vivid colours, this wedding invitation card is magical in its own way.

6. A Marriage Invitation Card Aka Fridge Magnet!

Wedding Invitation Card 06

Yes! You read that right. This classic wedding invitation card has a wooden piece with the names of the couples along with the wedding date carved on it and can be used as a fridge magnet. A beautiful way to be remembered by your loved ones.

7. An Indian Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 07

Mastering the art of simplicity is this dainty Hindu wedding card idea. So simple yet interesting enough to catch your attention and that of your guests.

8. Invitation Card Designs For A Beach Wedding

Wedding Invitation Card 08

Here’s a cute and accurate wedding card idea for couples opting for a beautiful beach wedding.

9. Wedding Invitation Card Ideas For The Bollywood Fanatics

Wedding Invitation Card 09

If you and your partner are diehard Bollywood fans do consider this fantastic idea for your wedding card design.

10. Invitation Cards For Your Floral Themed Wedding

Wedding Invitation Card 10

Give your wedding card a dreamy look with some floral designs and patterns.

11. Exceptional Marriage Invitation Card Ideas

Wedding Invitation Card 11

If an impressive wedding invitation card was part of your check list you can confidently strike that off with this out of the ordinary wedding card design.

12. Destination Wedding Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 12

Give your guests a heads-up on the surprise destination wedding with this boarding pass wedding card design. You won’t have to say much because your invitation card will speak for itself.

13. Invitation Cards For An Indian Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Invitation Card 13

Your wedding card plays a very important role so it definitely deserves to be as special as everything else that’s part of your big fat wedding, doesn’t it?

14. Explicit Wedding Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 14

The various elements of this card give it an intricate and elegant look. Don’t miss out on this unique envelope design that adds to the beauty of this wedding invite.

15. A Wedding Invitation Card/Showpiece

Wedding Invitation Card 15

Here’s another idea to make sure your wedding card doesn’t land up in the garbage bin post your wedding but instead makes its way to the top shelf as a pretty showpiece.

16. Spellbinding Marriage Invitation Card Idea For A Catholic Couple

Wedding Invitation Card 16

With the latest laser technology you can have every minute pattern cut neatly giving you a winsome wedding invitation card.

17. Modern Invitation Card Designs

Wedding Invitation Card 17

Another classic example of laser cut card designs that give you a neat finish and are also a trending option.

18. A Cute And Creative Wedding Card Design

Wedding Invitation Card 18

Add your wedding theme colour or other elements and give this creative wedding invitation card idea a personalised touch.

19. A Pop-up Wedding Card

Wedding Invitation Card 19

Watch that smile grow on the faces of your loved ones when they open this gorgeous wedding invitation card and are left speechless.

20. Unique Marriage Invitation Card

Wedding Invitation Card 20

All Image Source: Pinterest

Talking about unique, creative and incredible wedding card designs? This one tops the chart!

So these were the top 20 unique wedding card ideas we compiled just for you. Let us know which one’s your favourite in the comments below.

25 Sexy Bridal Blouse Designs to Bookmark this Wedding Season

Bridal blouse designs have a special place in my heart if you ask me. This is because these blouse designs or lehenga blouse designs are versatile pieces of garments if made with care and dedication. And I mean dedication when it comes to selecting the right blouse designs, be it for your lehenga or your bridal sarees. When it comes to wedding shopping, a lot of time is spent on buying clothes, i.e., the many sarees, suits, lehengas, shararas, western outfits, some designer outfits and much more. However, more often than not, the blouse designs take a backseat.

Often times, bridal blouse designs are made with a myopic vision, i.e., very specific to one particular outfit. This means once the event or celebration is done, the outfit is then packed up and stored away to be used rarely, if ever.

Yes, this is a common error we all make. But going forward, let’s try to rectify this. Bridal blouse designs are not simply limited to your wedding day bridal ensemble. Blouse designs that are meant for a saree can be worn with a lehenga or with multiple other sarees. They can also act like a crop top lehenga blouse design. If you are game to try something unique, then your bridal blouse designs can be worn over jumpsuits or inside jackets too. Yes, the ideas are many!

So, to show you what we mean, here are 25 sexy bridal blouse designs to bookmark this wedding season.

1. Cape-sleeves Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design butterfly sleeves by tarun tahiliani

One of the most beautiful bridal blouse designs we have come across! This cape-sleeves bridal blouse can be worn with a saree or even a jumpsuit or flowy pants!

2. Strappy Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design by tarun tahiliani

Want to show those toned arms? This is one of the bridal blouse designs for you then! Also, it can match perfectly if worn within a pantsuit or a blazer.

3. A Peplum Lehenga Blouse Design

bridal blouse design peplum full sleeves by tarun tahiliani

One of the most versatile bridal blouse designs, this peplum lehenga blouse design with intricate embroidery is a must-have! Wear it over formal pants, a flared skirt or even jeans!

4. Simple Blouse Designs Fit for a Queen

bridal blouse design by tarun tahiliani

A lehenga blouse design like this one with intricate Kashida work on the sleeves can make for a great saree blouse design. One of the most simple blouse designs but very regal.

5. Sherwani Kurta Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design sherwani kurta blouse with kashida work by tarun tahiliani

Channelise your inner Frida Kahlo! Don this stunning long kurta, sherwani-like bridal blouse designs in brocade with Kashida work. Stun one and all!

6. Bohemian Princess Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design with kashida work by tarun tahiliani

If you are free-spirited bride-to-be, then this wide and deep hexagon blouse designs is a great option for you. It can be paired with a saree post your wedding.

7. Chic Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design crystal encrusted bell sleeves by tarun tahiliani

This crystal-encrusted deep neck bell-sleeves bridal blouse designs is straight out of a retro film, don’t you think? A perfect saree blouse and a crop top lehenga blouse if you’d like to experiment!

8. Jacket Lehenga Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design statement jacket blouse by tarun tahiliani

Don’t want a heavy dupatta to slow you down on your wedding day? Opt for jacket lehenga blouse designs. The best part is, this jacket can be worn over other clothes too – pair it with pants, a skirt or even a sexy saree! Jacket blouses are versatile bridal blouse designs.

9. Sexy Gypsy Bridal Blouse Designs

bridal blouse design strapless design with embroidered yoke jacket by tarun tahiliani

A sexy tube blouse worn with an embroidered yoke makes for great bridal blouse designs. It also makes for great crop top lehenga blouse options if you are a bohemian spirit.

bridal blouse design resham blouse by tarun tahiliani

Above All Images Sourced by Designer Tarun Tahiliani

bridal blouse designlight mauve cropped corset with ruffled sleeves light mauve by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design custom saree choker blouse balloon sleeves by falguni shane peacock worn by tapsee pannu
bridal blouse design dark gold intricate embroidery crystals sequins beads by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design dark mauve bralet intricate embroidery by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design intricately embroidered gold full sleeves cropped corset blouse by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design ivory intricately encrusted corset blouse by Falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design full sleeves intricate embroidery masoom minawala by falguni shane peacock
bridal blouse design dramatic sequins long cape sleeves by manish malhotra
bridal blouse design winged sleeves signature work by manish malhotra
bridal blouse design taban signature by manish malhotra
bridal blouse design tangerine zari embroidered deep v neck by sabyasachi
bridal blouse design iconic kanthi blouse by sabysachi
bridal blouse design burnt copper sequined by sabyasachi
bridal blouse design dramatic aqua_blue sleeves_asal_by abu jani sandeep khosla
bridal blouse design ek taar lehenga soft organza blouse by jade by bmk

Lockdown Destination Wedding: Gargi Weds Shronit at a Palghar Farmhouse

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

Like a lot of couples, Gargi and Shronit had much-sought-after aspirations to get married in true Big Fat Indian Wedding style. However, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic put all their aspirations to rest. Little did they know that their coveted nuptial date of 30th June 2020 would fall right in the middle of a phenomenon called ‘lockdown.’ 

The couple realized that they had only two choices in such a situation. To postpone the wedding to next year or get married now, with whatever restrictions one would have to follow. Cutting down guestlist, social distancing and taking maximum safety precautions to name a few. This was far from their original plan of getting hitched in a grand destination wedding in Goa with a guestlist of about 350 people, and a 2-3 day function all with a sangeet, cocktail party and wedding! 

After a lot of discussion between the families, and really thinking about what the wedding truly meant for them, Gargi and Shronit decided to get married at Shronit’s farm in Palghar, two hours away from Mumbai with a small guestlist of 30-35 people. 

As this decision came about in the month of June they had roughly less than a month to prepare for the wedding! It was a crazy frenzy with getting vendors on board and ensuring added safety and sanitation provisions apart from the regular wedding arrangements like gifts, outfits, jewelry, crew etc! All with the restrictions of Covid. 

It was a pretty tough month for them indeed! 

But that’s why friends and family occupy such an important place in one’s life. Their support systems were no different. They joined hands and not only helped in every manner possible, but also managed to make it super special by hosting a virtual bachelorette, sangeet, bridal shower and musical night!!

Gargi’s eyes light up when she speaks of them and says, “My wedding gifts to rings, all were made by my friends and family. It was truly heartwarming to see how much love and effort was being put to make the day as perfect as it could be!”

The final wedding was a beautiful affair at Shronit’s family farmhouse in Palghar! They had a small family karaoke session a day prior. The next day was all packed starting with an early morning puja followed by a haldi and brunch. The afternoon was reserved for the baraat followed by var mala and pheras.

 After the wedding, they had a small ring ceremony with cake. To end the day, their loved ones hosted a memorable soiree comprising speeches, toasts and some dances. 

All in all Gargi and Shronit’s lockdown wedding was an affair to remember!

7 Top Marriage Dress for Men Inspiration to Bookmark this Season

Indian weddings are not just the union between two individuals but rather two families! Hence with the entire family in the spotlight, the attention on how each member steps out for the big day also becomes important. One such important member and the unsurmountable pillar of strength happens to be the father of the bride! This wedding season if you’re looking for mens wedding clothes, you’ve hit the right spot. And while we’re at it, we couldn’t think of anyone better than the man with an eclectic persona and cool fashion sense- Rishi Kapoor to give us some father of the bride fashion goals!

One can’t exactly begin to wrap their head around the fact that one has to now actually sit back and ‘remember Rishi’ Such was the persona of this one-of-a-kind Kapoor. From breaking out on the scene with Bobby to delivering memorable performances in movies like Amar Akbar Anthony, Chandni, Karz, Mera Naam Joker and his commendable recent body of work which includes Agneepath,  Mulk, Kapoor and Sons, D Day and 102 Not Out, this star was not only at par with his craft but had a distinct child-like enthusiasm and that ever cherubic expression that set him apart!

Today, we’re remembering Rishi Kapoor’s sense of style which was a pleasant extension of his personality. This wedding season, let your doting dads take a leaf out of this megastar’s fashion sense. We’ve listed seven looks for wedding wear for men to take inspiration from. Check these out below:

1. This classic crisp blue shirt and black suit combo which Rishi Kapoor flawlessly rocked can never go out of fashion. This staple outfit must be in every papa’s wardrobe! 

 Image Source Fashion Network

2. This wedding season if you’re looking for the latest wedding dresses for men take inspiration from this senior Kapoor’s look. Simply step out in a neat formal attire and pair it up with a tailored coat like this! 

Image Source Daily Mail

3. What better than a timeless chic India kurta-pyjama with a pleasant bandhgala jacket for company?! This talented Kapoor shows you exactly how to get the marriage dress for men card right.

Image Source Pinkvilla

4. Notch things up by pairing papa’s bold kurta with a lovely shawl. This Wedding Wear for Men is Spot on. Not only will this amplify his look but allow him to be extremely comfortable and look super dapper! 

Image Source Koimoi.com

5. Rishi Kapoor’s personal style was quite cool, contemporary and comfortable. If you’re looking for the perfect Indian wedding dresses for men to don this home wedding season, this classic fuss-free look is apt!

Image Source Man’s World India

6. A smart bandhgala and trouser set can not only make the ladki ke papa look timeless, but also cleverly cover his paunch without concealing the large-heartedness of his character 🙂

Image Source Masala.com

7. As the father-of-the-bride, there is some other level of management and running around to do! So make sure he does this too in style and sauve. Add a pleasant collared tshirt and smart trouser combo like this to his wedding wardrobe.

Image Source Cinestaan.com

So folks, we hope you can breathe life into your doting dad’s wardrobe on your most special days by taking much inspiration for the latest wedding dresses for men from this uber-cool and multifaceted artist!

20 Party Wear Lehenga Designs for the Sister of the Bride

What better way to cheer up this lockdown than bringing a vibrant happy palette to you?! And unlike any other wedding season, this one deserves all our attention and love. With home weddings in vogue, the pressure and need to pick an ensemble that leaves plenty of room for you to hold the fort and yet pose becomes all the more important! You certainly don’t want to outdo the bride herself neither turn up looking underwhelming. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and help you with this guide to pick the perfect party wear lehenga this festive season.

We spotted 20 such dreamy lehenga choli ensembles that seamlessly serve the reasons above and are apt for you to flaunt as the sister of the bride or the bridesmaid herself.  As we know nothing could beat the joy of donning an easy to carry, marvelous lehenga that sets you apart for an important occasion, let’s just dive straight in and get started:)

1.The Perfect Party Wear Lehenga to Don this Wedding Season

Image Source Abhinav Mishra

Bright colours and bold patterns with this signature mirror-work, creates a sparkling mood perfect for you to shine in!

2. A Pleasant Lehenga Choli like this is your Perfect Companion for Intimate Home Weddings

Party Wear Lehenga2

Image Source Abhinav Mishra

With a fresh colour palette, reflecting the bright new day and the joy that it emanates, this splendid work reflects refreshment!

3. Flaunt this Latest Lehenga to Set the Mercury Soaring this Season!

Image Source Jayanti Reddy

This gorgeous lehenga rubs on its easy-breezy energy onto you. An ideal pick for a pre-wedding function, this one lets you sway and slay!

4. This Jazzed up Fancy Lehenga is Sure to Make those Photos Pop

Image Source Kresha Bajaj

 Offering plenty of room for accessorizing, you’re sure to look like a million bucks in this!

5. A Fitting Response to Your Pastel-Themed Wedding Festivities!

Image Source Arpita Mehta Official

Reflecting subtle grace in this coconut lotus jaal lehenga, this one should be on your home wedding list.

6. Add a Dash of Glamour with this Subtle Yellow Lehenga!

Image Source Rahul Mishra

This one is a sure-shot show stealer!

7.  When You’re in The Mood for some Contemporary Couture with a Cool Twist.

Image Source Papa Don’t Preach by Shubika

Get backyard-wedding ready in this lilac lehenga choli set embellished with OTT pearls , reflective sequins and glass beadwork.

8.  Sign Up For Splendour With This Eclectic Floral Treat!

Image Source Anushree Reddy

Let your love for floral prints take over your lehenga too! Keeping it pretty, clutter-free and graceful this one’s a delight to don.

9. This Wedding Season be Laced in Love and Poise !

Image Source Torani

An absolutely breathtaking lehenga featuring intricate lace work is all you need this shaadi season.

10. We Definitely Can’t Stop Swooning Over this Sea Green Beauteous Lehenga!

Image Source Anita Dongre

Gleaming silver wildflowers engulf this seafoam-hued Shari Lehenga. Festive and resplendent.

11. All that Shimmers is also Gold!

Image Source Neeta Lulla

A tea mint lehenga crafted with iridescent surface embellishment and thread work styled with a ruffled sleeve sequin blouse perfect for lighter festive occasions.

12. Spunk Up your Wedding Festivities in this Creatively Coutured Party Wear Lehenga

Image Source Ridhi Mehra

Floral embroidered blouse with a ruched skirt paired with a ruffled organza cape is what you need to slay in!

13. Be Transported to an Era that Celebrates Classic Timelessness in this Exquisite Creation!

Image Source Anju Modi

Rendered in soothing summer hues & adorned with timeless embroidery, this gorgeous lehenga promises to enamour you with an aura of nazaakat.

14. Don this Radiant Artistry of Fabric Inspired by a Quirky and Stylistically Designed Ensemble!

Image Source Surily Goel

This bell-sleeve outfit is your perfect companion to run around in, pose and unwind this festivity season!

15. Get Experimental in this Unique Designer Lehenga!

Image Source Payal Singhal

When less is more is your mantra, you can steal hearts even in this minimal yet gorgeous gem!

16. Bring Out the Diva in you in this Dazzling Affair!

Image Source Seema Gujral

Opt for this subtle shimmer that doesn’t outshine your inner beauty.

17. What Better Way to Step Out as the Sister of the Bride than this Stunning Ethnic Ensemble!

Image Source Dolly J Studio

Sarees teemed with blouses with feather detailing like this is perfect for you to rock in!

18.Be it the Spot-on Ivory Shade, Intricate Embroidery or those Meaningful Details, Everything About This Piece Screams Opulence! 

Image Source Mishru

A classic ivory and pink raw silk lehenga embroidered with intricate zardosi mini leaf jaal and nakshi checks paired with a scallop embroidered dupatta like this is sure to amp up your entire look.

19.  The Secret to Perfect Portraits Lies in this Peach Lehenga!

Image Source Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

Look charming in a fresh pastel ensemble like this, this unusual wedding season.

20. This Uber Stylish and Totally Instagram Worthy Lehenga is for Ladies who LOVE Taking Pictures! 

Image Source Kalki Fashion

An ensemble like this will give maximum comfort for a super fun filled at home wedding! 

Dear ladies, we’re sure you can’t stop swooning over these splendid creations! Add sunshine to your wardrobe by donning a pleasant party wear lehenga and let those compliments keep pouring in 😉

20 Timeless Dance Songs for Ladies Sangeet

The fun and excitement surrounding a ladies sangeet is unparalleled! There is nothing better than having your girl squad with you on your life’s most important journey and being there in full force to cheer, groove, unwind and make meaningful memories with you. And hence we understand all the more why your ladies sangeet playlist is absolutely vital. Since home weddings are the new flavour and need of the season, we decided to pick an artist whose voice transcends generations so that your favourite bua or maasi can groove with your darling cousin together on one track! And we couldn’t think of anyone better than the nightingale herself- Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar!

A career and a voice that is truly unmatched, Lata Mangeshkar is a personification of the word ‘legend’ She has been an inspiration to millions and her songs have been enjoyed by people from various walks of life across the boundaries of age. This new intimate wedding season as we all seem to get back to our roots, it is time to revisit and rekindle the magic of her voice to light up your ladies sangeet! Here are 20 of her timeless hindi dance songs that must be on your cards. Take a look below:

1. Kickstart your Ladies Sangeet with this Timeless Dance Song!

Ajeeb Dastan Hain Yeh

A sweet throwback to nostalgia and old-school romance, this track is perfect to set the mood! 

2. This Evergreen Rendition has to be a part of your Sangeet Ceremony! 

Lag Jaa Gale

Can one even think about celebrating love and romance without this track?!

3. Revamp your Playlist of Sangeet Songs with Classic Hits like this 🙂

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain

The range and rhythm of this track is perfect to make your ladies sangeet even more memorable.

4. Looking for the Perfect Hindi Dance Song? Here it is!

Disco 82

When the mood is to groove, unwind with this peppy number!

5. A Fun, Light-hearted Song to Set Things Rolling!

Dil Toh Paagal Hai

This pleasant Lata Mangeshkar song must definitely be on your dance songs playlist.

6. This Sangeet Season Go Back in Time and Add this Retro Tune to your Playlist!

Tune O Rangeele Kaisa Jadu Kiya

What better song of love proclamation than this?! This shaadi season add nostalgia to your wedding playlist with this peppy sangeet song.

7. A Sweet Song for Good Times!

Wah Wah Ramji

Be it a wonderful track to get your folks to perform to or humm over a karaoke session at your ladies sangeet , this one must certainly be on your list. 

8. Get Together with your Squad and Groove to this!

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye

How can any list of Lata Mangeshkar’s songs be complete without this iconic dance songs?! 

9. Go Back in Time and Celebrate Love!

Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua

Brimming with yesteryear nostalgia, who can forget the iconic song and it’s picturization?!

10. No Ladies Sangeet can be Complete without this Track! 


A perfect mood-setter, nothing beats the magic and timelessness of this track! The romanticism of love comes alive in this song!

11. Another Classic Gem to Add to your Playlist!

Hothon Pe Aisi Baat

This peppy rendition is perfect to lighten up your mood and lift your spirits.

12. This Track Deserves a Well-choreographed Performance for Sure!

Piya Tose Naina Lage Re

If we miss out on this career milestone song of Lata Mangeshkar, are we even talking about her songs then?!

13. Celebrate Beauty and Shringaar Ras with this Vibrant Number!

Bindya Chamkegi

A perfect number for a perfect solo performance, this one gives all the right sangeet feels!

14. Put on Your Dancing Shoes and Just Begin!

Hawa Mein Udta Jaaye

You hear this track in all it’s ultra remixed versions and yet nothing beats the jazz of the original one!

15. A Number the Elderly Ladies in the Family will Love!

Teri Bindiya Re

There’s no harm in sitting back and simply enjoying this soulful tune on your sangeet day!

16. As Dreamy As it Gets! 

 Suno Sajna

Be it the lyrics, music, picturization, or skillful singing, this track when played out at your sangeet can create the perfect setting!

17. Add Variety to your Sangeet Playlist with this Track!

 Aaj Kal Paon Zameen Par

Brimming with passion and hopeless romanticism, this one celebrates the pure expressiveness of Lata didi’s voice!

18. Throw in Some 80’s Nostalgia Too!

Jaane Kya Baat Hain

Loaded with all the beauty and delicacy that there is in love, this heartwarming song comes alive in Lata Mangeshkar’s truthful notes!

19. Lighten up the Mood with this Pleasant Track!

Humko Humise Chura Lo

The sublime energy of this song is what you absolutely need for your ladies sangeet function.

20. A Romantic Number to Celebrate Love!

Aap Ki Aankhon Mein

And finally, this Lata Mangeshkar song is the perfect companion of good times.

So folks, we hope you’ve had an absolute blast revisiting some of Lata Mangeshkar’s timeless gems which should be in your sangeet playlist. We shall be utterly happy to know your favourite ones 🙂

Lockdown Home Wedding: Kanika Weds Vidur in Noida

‘A couple who were always meant to be together and made it possible beautifully!’

“Love recognizes no barriers” – Maya Angelou

The Story

Sparks flew when Kanika and Vidur reconnected on Facebook after knowing each other through childhood. It was definitely love at first sight for Kanika! In time and after a couple of dates later, Vidur too realised that they share a special bond. And there was no looking back since then. After chatting for a while, he finally asked her out one day and that was the beginning of a beautiful four-year long courtship.

Traversing through the ups and downs of their long relationship, sharing and growing together over the years, marriage was the next natural progression of this beautiful chapter. Needless to say, both of them felt it in some magically silent way that the culmination of their four years of relationship should lead them into an eternal bond of being man and wife!

The Proposal

Vidur proposed to Kanika in the most romantic way you can imagine! To recount their memorable proposal in the lucky lady’s own words, she narrates, “ Vidur proposed to me on 5th August 2019 at 11.45pm with a dark house lit with only candles, rose petals, helium heart balloons and our pictures hanging all over. He had made a presentation of all our memorable pictures of 4 years of a relationship and went down on his knees with a diamond ring to propose to me. The best part was that both our families were hiding in the basement and popped out once the proposal was over. His gesture was very overwhelming.”

How adorable can they be!

The Wedding

Post their grand engagement in November 2019, Kanika and Vidur had planned an elaborate wedding which was to be attended by all their close and extended family and friends. However, on account of the global situation courtesy the pandemic, they decided to not postpone their nuptials further and with the blessings of their near and dear ones to get married at home! 

Hence, began the preparation for their super intimate, memorable and meaningful home wedding at Kanika’s Noida residence. The festivities began with a small haldi ceremony in the courtyard of the house under a tree decorated with kaleere and dream catchers! Kanika kept it simple in a no-makeup look, a gorgeous yellow outfit from NEH and floral jewellery. 

A local decorator was brought on board to light up the place for the mehendi function as the bride wanted it to be a colourful affair. Kanika opted for a lovely Shantanu and Nikhil outfit for this event. Sangeet was true to the spirit of a lockdown wedding with virtual performances by their closest folks.

Come d-day, it was time for their much anticipated sun-downer wedding with only 30 people in attendance. Kanika dazzled in a stunning Abhinav Mishra lehenga. The groom looked no less!

Though this was nothing like the kind of marriage they had envisioned, it was perfect nonetheless! The best part was seeing all of their loved ones from across join and cheer them via zoom. In all Kanika and Vidur’s long and intimate journey found the perfect expression in the form of their intimate lockdown wedding!

About the Photographer

  Safarnamafilms and Gautam Khullar were responsible for capturing perfect memories and making timeless frames. And what a splendid job they have done! The couple too recounts having a thoroughly positive experience collaborating with both.

The Dream Team

Outfits- Shantanu and Nikhil, NEH, Abhinav Mishra

MUA – Chandni Singh 

Mehendi Artist- Ravi Mehendi Art 

Decor- Sepia Events 

Photography – Safarnamafilms, Gautam Khullar 

Love Your Wedding Lehenga? Here are 8 Tips to Store the Lehenga!

Cover Image Courtesy: Vivek Krishnan Photography

Much of a bride-to-be’s wedding planning surrounds around her search for the perfect ‘wedding lehenga for dulhan’. Such is a hullabaloo that the entire family gets together to ensure that they procure the best wedding lehenga designer for the bride-to-be! From getting the wedding lehenga choli customised, attending fitting trials, selecting the overall look with jewellery, the hunt for wedding lehenga for bride is a major wedding task in itself!  

But once the big day is done with, and the newlyweds go on their honeymoon, what happens to the wedding lehenga choli? Well, the wedding lehenga for bride, an expensive ensemble, cannot be ignored. However, it can wait for the couple to come back from their honeymoon… LOL. Once, the newlyweds are back, have unpacked and are ready to get into the daily grind, the lehenga for Dulhan or what was the bride’s prized possession needs to be cleaned, packed and stored correctly.

So, how does one get started? We’d suggest you get help; help to ensure it is in top shape before it is packed. Having worn the lehenga for Dulhan on the big day, all day, it is important to check if the lehenga is 

is in a good shape or not.

Step 1: Check the Wedding Lehenga Choli Thoroughly

On your wedding day, you have to wear your lehenga for long hours. There is a lot of makeup, sprays, etc. is applied to the bride. Plus, a lot of food and drink is also consumed. During all of this, it can so happen that the wedding lehenga for bride gets stained.

As the wedding lehenga choli, often laden with embroidery, can get stamped on and get torn in places invisible to the eye during the wedding ceremony. These stains or tears cannot be ignored once you have the time and wish to store your lehenga in a proper manner.

Therefore, to ensure the lehenga is in its best condition, you need to:

#1 Get the Tears Rectified

As it is an expensive ensemble, the wedding lehenga designer may be the right source for this task. Therefore, speak to your wedding lehenga designer or boutique or the store of purchase, to have the tears sorted out.

#2 Check the Wedding Lehenga for Bride for Stains

If there are any, send it to the best dry cleaners. This task cannot be delayed as the stains may ruin the colour and work permanently if ignored. If you store the lehenga without dry cleaning, the stains can develop into patches as well. Sweat marks can wreak havoc on your lehenga for Dulhan as well. Check the hems of both the lehenga skirt as well as the dupattas for grass and mud stains. These must be cleaned out too.

It should go for dry cleaning the very next day. If you are travelling, enlist one of the bridesmaids to do the tasks or entrust the wedding lehenga to your sister or mother.

#3 Iron out the Creases

Seems innocuous, right? Nope, ironing is equally important. If you are ready to store your lehenga, you must get it professionally ironed. Please do not try to save money by trying to iron your expensive wedding lehenga at home! If you are getting it done professionally, ensure the person doing it has some prior experience. They must use a muslin cloth over the lehenga’s embroidery.

#4 Fold it Correctly

As much as we would love to hang our wedding lehenga on display, it is not the right thing to do. Plus, where’s the space for it? Surely, a heavy lehenga cannot be hung like other clothes on a measly hanger! Therefore, when buying the wedding lehenga ensure you get the right bag or box for it.  If not, dedicate a medium-size suitcase for it. Before storing it, fold the lehenga properly.

Place newspaper pieces in between the folds to ensure the embroidery doesn’t get entangled. Maintain the original folds along the panels as well.

#5 Add Neem Leaves or Potpouri

Yes, Neem leaves or Tulsi leaves, even bunches of cloves wrapped in small muslin potlis will help keep the bugs away. Add these to the box, trunk or suitcase where you will store your wedding lehenga.

#6 Store the Wedding Lehenga in a Cool, Dark place

Yes, it is important to store the lehenga in such a way that it is not exposed to harsh lights or bright lights. Storing it in a dark place will help it preserve its original colours. Always wrap the lehenga in a muslin cloth when storing it.

#7 Placement of the Lehenga Box

Your duties to your lehenga don’t end at storing it in a comfortable, safe box. This box too needs to be stored in a safe place where it comes to no harm from dampness, water, humidity, critters and bugs. Also, the temperature should remain the same and not fluctuate.

#8 Air the Lehenga Every 6 Months

Yes, just like silk sarees, your wedding lehenga needs to be aired regularly. The ideal timeline is six months but you can do it once a year as well. Do not store it away to forget about it completely.

You have spent a lot of money on your wedding lehengas and have spent a lot of time ensuring you buy the right one for yourself. So, why not spend some time taking care of it post your wedding? If it stays in mint condition, you can wear it again and even mix and match it with other interesting ensembles.

30 Stunning Mandap Decor Ideas to Bookmark for Your Upcoming Wedding

Mandap design ideas have come a long way. The mandap décor can be customised as per the location, season, design-requirement, type of wedding and so on. But a mandap is a must. Why?

Because the one element that is a must in any Hindu traditional wedding – the mandap. The mandap or mandapam as it is known to be is crucial to the traditions and rituals of the core Hindu wedding customs. Therefore, the wedding mandap and the wedding mandap decoration is sacrosanct and an integral part of Indian wedding decor.

The mandap is sanctimonious in nature and is considered to be a sanctum sanctorum. It is placed at the very centre of the wedding decorations. A wedding mandap decoration is just not any mandap décor or mandap design but it has to have pleasing design aesthetics, as well as the entire mandap design, has to have a proper meaning behind it. A typical mandap design is made up of four pillars, each of which has meaning and importance for a blissfully wedded life, with a canopy on top. Only the immediate members of the couple’s families are allowed within the mandap along with the priest or priests.

The wedding mandap and the wedding mandap decoration has an interesting history and dates back to centuries before when weddings took place within the four walls of the couple’s home, more specifically, the girl or bride’s home. Only close family members were a part of these celebrations. Therefore, the marriage mandap decoration came into being. However, even though today, the wedding mandap has many many mandap design ideas and mandap decoration has evolved a lot, the idea behind a wedding mandap remains the same.

The wedding mandap, being a four-pillared structure with a canopy shaped like a dome or a semi-circle, defines the sacred area amidst the wedding decoration where the wedding rituals will be carried out. Traditionally, a mandap design was made using wood and other natural or organic materials, however, today, a modern wedding mandap décor may use metals.

To add more to the details of a mandap design, it is important to know what each of the four pillars stands for – they stand for Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa, symbolic of the four stages of the life of an individual.  

The four pillars are also symbolic of the four natural elements and the fifth element is the canopy or the open top of the mandap design that stands for ‘space’. Therefore, a wedding mandap is equivalent of a universe.

As we have already discussed the importance of marriage mandap decoration, let us look at 30 stunning mandap design ideas that you can bookmark for your upcoming wedding –

1. The Ganjam Marriage Mandap Decoration

mandap decor traditional south indian ganjam mandap by with love nilma_weddingz.in

What can be more traditional than study ornate carved pillars for a marriage mandap decoration? Decked with marigolds, white flowers and bells, this mandap design is a delight for all.

2. The Rustic Wedding Mandap Decoration

mandap decor rustic eucalyptus leaves poolside by with love nilma

An open-air wedding by the pool is enchanting right? What if we say the rustic mandap design made up of eucalyptus leaves and crystals created over the pool is not a part of the venue but created just for a wedding? Brilliant, isn’t it?  

3. A No-Frill, Simple Mandap Design

mandap decor south indian wedding by with love nilma

Weddings demand elaborate settings but this couple wanted a simple, sweet ceremony and therefore, this traditional South Indian mandap décor has design similarities with the bride’s home flooring of red oxide and therefore, the flooring of the wedding mandap decoration is red as well.

4. A Dash of Fair Magic for Mandap Decor

Mandap decor peach drapes fairy lights coorg wedding by with love nilma

Love the peachy hues? We do too! So, throw in some peach-coloured drapes and fairy lights, and voila… you have a stunning mandap décor!

5. The Luminous Wedding Mandap Decoration

Mandap decor luminous foliage by with love nilma

If you are looking to incorporate nature in your wedding mandap decoration then this luminous foliage mandap design with lanterns is a great option!

6. A Fresh Blooming Marriage Mandap Decoration

Mandap Decor Indoor Garden Fresh Florals Green Wall by With Love Nilma

Just because you are having an indoor wedding doesn’t mean that your marriage mandap decoration has to be boring! Checkout this indoor mandap design with fresh blooming flowers and a huge natural green wall as the backdrop. Stunning, isn’t it?

7. Traditional Yellow and Orange Mandap Decor

mandap decor haldi ceremony by with love nilma

There is a certain charm that yellow and orange marigolds lend to a mandap décor, right? We think so too! This simple yet radiant mandap design for a mehendi ceremony is brilliant!

All Above Images Sourced by: With Love Nilma

8. A Grand Mandap Design with Floral Dome and Pillars

mandap decor fresh roses floral dome by samani decorators

What’s not to love – a huge floral canopy, floral mandap pillars decked in pink, white and red roses, cascading floral strings and the mandap design sitting atop a fountain? It can’t get grander than this!

9. An Eclectic Mandap Design

Mandap decor modern purple green by samani decorators

If you are someone who wants to do things out-of-the-box and don’t want traditional or usual colours for your mandap design, then opt for a purple and green draped mandap design just like this beauty!

10. The Magical Mandap Decor

mandap decor indoor intimate fairy lights tent by samani decorators

Add a little magic to your indoor wedding a create a tent-like mandap décor just like this one with some florals and lots of fairy lights! Magical yass!

11. A Flower Garden Mandap Design

mandap decor indoor flower garden by samani decorators

Love a beautiful flower garden? Well, you can recreate it indoors with this stunning floral mandap with cascading vines and bells.

12. Sophisticated Floral Mandap Decor

mandap decor floral drapes by samani decorators

What if you want to cast a spell on the audience and add a dash of mystery to your wedding mandap design? If that’s the brief then this sophisticated and elegant mandap décor is the one for you!

All Above Images Sourced by Samani Decorators

13. Traditional Yet Minimal Marriage Mandap Decoration

Mandap decor modern minimalism banana leaves by atisuto

Banana leaves are used in many Indian sacred or religious rituals and this minimal yet traditional marriage mandap decoration using white flowers and banana leaves stand-ins for the four pillars of a mandap design, is a really beautiful.

14. A Meandering Pathway Mandap Design

mandap decor meandering pathway foliage by atisuto

What if you could create a pathway with green foliage and beautiful flowers to lead your lady love to you at the wedding altar? So very romantic, right? Yeah. This beautiful meandering pathway with foliage and floral mandap design is just that!

15. A Grand Tepee Wedding Mandap

mandap decor bohemian teepee by atisuto

A tepee for a mandap design? Why not! Checkout this Moroccan-inspired Bohemian grand tepee wedding mandap with woven carpets and wildflowers.

All Above Images Sourced by Atisuto Events

16. A Rosy Mandap Design

mandap decor minimal stringed roses bouquets beach wedding by aash studios

If the brief is minimal and you want to use red roses, try this mandap design!

17. Flowers and Bells Mandap Decor

mandap decor floral pink white roses beach wedding by aash studios

Love pale pink roses? We do too! Opt for this stunning rose and hanging bells mandap design for your upcoming nuptials!

18. Nature’s Cave Mandap Design

mandap decor floral cave dome by aash studios

Want to ensure your beautiful mandap design blends in with nature? Try this dome-shaped floral and foliage mandap design.

All Above Images Sourced by Aash Studios

19. The Tree of Love Wedding Mandap

Mandap decor tree of love floral by fireflies decor

When you have a gorgeous Champa tree already at the wedding venue, then you must suspend thousands of Rajnigandha floral ladis to create a fantastical wedding mandap like this one!

20. A Dreamy Marriage Mandap Decoration

mandap decor greenery glass bottle vases by fireflies decor

When you want your dreams to come true, you opt for this beautiful marriage mandap decoration with a lot of nature and transparent glass bottle hangings!

All Above Images Sourced from Fireflies Decor

21. The Phenomenal Wedding Mandap

mandap decor pink yellow white green florals by Gurleen M Puri

A phenomenal grand floral wedding mandap with bright yellow, pink and white is definitely going to make a special place in your heart for a long time to come.

22. Stunning Wedding Mandap Decoration with Flowers

mandap decor hot pink floral by Gurleen M Puri

When the brief is avant garde, you create this stunning wedding mandap decoration with carnations and roses!

All Above Images Sourced from: Gurleen M Puri

23. A Fairy Tale Garden Wedding Mandap

mandap decor metal floral contemporary mandap by decor by Dinaz

If you are looking for a contemporary yet fairy tale-like wedding mandap, then this mandap design with florals and custom crown flower stick infusion is the ‘design’ for you!

24. A Floral Pellidoku Mandap Design Fit for Royalty

Mandap decor Pellikodoku lime green pink blue by decor by Dinaz

A colourful, i.e. lime, green, pink, white florals and blues to bedeck your mandap design is just right for a royal wedding, don’t you think? We’d have to agree!

All Above Images Sourced by Decor by Dinaz

25. A Peach Mandap Decor for a Beach Wedding

mandap decor peach beach wedding by eventrra memories

Image Source: Eventrra Memories

Peach-coloured drapes decked with dainty floral bouquets make for beautiful mandap designs, right? Especially if they are for a beach wedding 😊.

26. Mogra and Marigold Marriage Mandap Design

Mandap decor intricate traditional white marigold pink goa destination wedding by marriage colours

What can be prettier than a mogra and marigold with pink flowers in a marriage mandap decoration. Nothing. A classic traditional beauty this one.

27. A Majestic Floral Wedding Mandap

mandap decor indoor floral canopy exotic flowers by marriage colours

When the sheer scale of a wedding mandap and its décor can wow us, we know we are in for a grand wedding. This wedding mandap with floral canopy and exotic flower hangings paints a picture of perfection.

28. A Pop of Pastel Marriage Mandap Decoration

mandap decor pastel dome floral mandap beach wedding by marriage colours

If you love your pinks, peaches, whites and blues, then this pop of peachy hues as seen in the marriage mandap design is just right for you!

All Above Images Sourced from Marriage Colours

29. Temple Marriage Mandap Decoration

Mandap decor yellow orange marigold temple by decorsutra.jpg

Image Source: Sweet Pickle Pictures

Looking for a temple-like marriage mandap decoration? Try this mandap design where the entire marriage mandap decoration is made up of yellow and orange marigolds.

30. Marigold and Mogra Mandap Design

mandap decor outdoor yellow marigold white lily by decorsutra

Image Source: R2S Signature Weddings

When the brief for your mandap design is minimal with a dash of marigold and mogra!

Need Stunning Lehenga Designs to Bookmark? Here are 18 Kareena Kapoor Lehengas We Love!

For many of us, a lehenga is a choice of an ensemble to attend various functions. In fact, in recent times, a fancy lehenga has proven itself to be a versatile garment; its lehenga or skirt can be worn with different blouses or even a shirt. As for choli of the lehenga choli, it can be paired with various sarees. So, while a designer bridal lehenga may burn quite a bit of a hole in your pocket, we promise it won’t go to waste.

And if you are on the same page as we are where the latest lehenga is concerned, we say invest in that party wear lehenga! Need inspiration? We have you covered.  

If you are looking for party wear lehengas and need to know how to look your best, then there is no one better than the diva herself, Kareena Kapoor Khan! Yes, the A-list actress is known not only for her powerful on-screen presence but also for her brilliant style quotient. She is a true trendsetter and fashionista rolled into one! Kareena Kapoor is known to opt for party wear lehengas for various Bollywood functions – be it photoshoots, big-ticket weddings and even award shows. The Begum of Pataudi sure knows how to wow her fans!

Here are 18 Party Wear Lehenga Inspiration from Bebo herself!

1. Latest Lehenga Design by Designer Aisha Rao

party wear lehenga aqua blue embroidery kareena kapoor by aisha rao

Image Source: Bridal Asia

Gone are the days when brides opted for designer bridal lehengas only. This stunning aqua blue latest lehenga with colour embroidery, signature design by designer Aisha Rao is a stunning option! And obviously, Bebo rocks this outfit.

2. Fancy Lehenga – An answer to your prayers!

Party Wear Lehengas Blue Coloured Floral Embroidery worn by Kareena Kapoor

If you want to channelise your inner Diva, this royal blue, the multicoloured embroidered fancy lehenga is the one for you. Perfect for a yacht party just like the Choti Begum herself!

3. Sexy Ninja aka Perfect Party Wear Lehenga

Party Wear Lehenga Power Blue Gold Embroidered with a Black crop top by Anamika Khanna by Kareena Kapoor

Image Source: Anamika Khanna

We love the long-sleeved black top blouse and the powder blue lehenga is to die for! This party wear lehenga by Anamika Khanna is to die for!

4. Mellow in Yellow Designer Bridal Lehenga

Party Wear Lehenga White Yellow Chikankari Kareena Kapoor Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Kareena’s Kalindi Puri opted for a very unique designer bridal lehenga for her wedding in the film Veere Di Wedding. A yellow and while chikankari ensemble with embroidered off-shoulder blouse, sleeves with tassels, a simple necklace and dupatta made of baby breaths! What’s not to love about this Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla wonder?!

5. The Unusual Lehenga Choli

Party Wear Lehenga White Nude Kareena Kapoor Manish Malhotra

All Kudos to Bebo to carry off this unique lehenga choli with elan! Designed by Manish Malhotra, this party wear lehenga comprises of a strapless corset blouse with a nude base and white all-over embroidery. The skirt has heavy embroidery too.

6. Ice Ice Baby Party Wear Lehenga

party wear lehenga ice blue kareena kapoor by manish malhotra

Perhaps, Manish Malhotra knows the diva best, don’t you think? This ice blue party wear lehenga is a fabulous add to your trousseau!

7. The Royal Blue Lehenga Choli!

party wear lehenga ink blue benarasi long kurti blouse kareena kapoor by raw mango

Yes, if you want to regal-looking Choti Begum to a T, then this Raw Mango lehenga choli (the choli here being the long blue kurta) is the perfect fit for you.  

9. Nature’s Goddess Latest Lehenga

Party wear lehenga mint green kareena kapoor manish malhotra

This is perhaps Kareena Kapoor’s recent best, i.e., she wore to Armaan Jain – Anissa Malhotra wedding and looked like a million bucks in this Manish Malhotra wonder!

9. The Va Va Voom Party Lehenga

party wear lehenga pastel with embroidered florals kareena kapoor by shyamal bhumika

Nobody does sexy and sensual like Kareena Kapoor! And donning this stunning baby pink floral embroidered Shyamal Bhumika creation, she redefines sensuality altogether.

10. The Fuss-free Party Wear Lehenga!

party wear lehenga kareena kapoor by good earth india

A party wear lehenga has everything to fuss over with, right? Wrong! If you are looking for a hassle-free flowy lehenga, try this navy blue Ajrakh lehenga with thin zardozi details on the skirt like Kareena did! This is a wonderful creation by Good Earth India.

11. Pink Passion Latest Lehenga

party wear lehenga baby pink chikankari kareena kapoor by Narjis Official

If you are someone who loves chikankari work and loves the pastel hues, opt for this baby pink lehenga by Narjis Official. It is perfect for a day function or any party.

12. Black Magic Fancy Lehenga

Party wear lehenga in black kareena kapoor by anamika khanna

A stunning fancy lehenga in black – what more can a girl ask for, right? This silver and gold thread embroidered lehenga paired with an ivory dupatta by Anamika Khanna is just brilliant!

13. A Must-have Party Wear Lehenga

party wear lehenga ivory organza kareena kapoor by anamika khanna

If you love your whites then this ivory party wear lehenga or crop top-asymmetrical skirt paired with a cutwork jacket by Anamika Khanna is perfect for you!  

14. Fancy Lehenga at its Best!

party wear lehenga pastel mirror work kareena kapoor by tamanna punjabi kapoor

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most gorgeous of all? Definitely Kareena Kapoor in this stunning Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor mirror work lehenga!

15. Pop of Pink Latest Lehenga

party wear lehenga kareena kapoor abhinav mishra

Seen here is a stunning creation by Abhinav Mishra who describes this latest lehenga choli as a classic combination of gota and mirror work with intricate embroidery!  

16. Garden of Eden Designer Bridal Lehenga

party wear lehenga mauve pink floral embroidery kareena kapoor by anamika khanna

One look at this  Anamika Khanna pale lilac floral embroidered lehenga is enough to remind one of paradise, don’t you think?

17. A Mughal-inspired Party Wear Lehenga

party wear lehenga multicoloured kareena kapoor by debiyaniandco

Another stunning party wear lehenga, this one designed by DebyaniandCo, features Mughal-inspired multicoloured intricate thread work.

18. Golden Goddess Designer Bridal Lehenga

party wear lehenga in gold kareena kapoor by falguni shane peacock

If you are looking to stun in gold… and silver with a faux fur-lined dupatta, this Falguni Shane Peacock ensemble is just the one for you, i.e., it makes for a perfect gold designer bridal lehenga.

So, ladies, if you are looking for a fancy lehenga, latest lehenga or a party wear lehenga, this blog has it all! If you’d like us to add to our list, let us know in the comments!