7 Monsoon Skincare Home Remedies for Brides-to-be

Different seasons call for different skincare remedies. But we often tend to take care of our skin only during the summer and winter season. A majority of us tend to take monsoons for granted and ignore the love and care that our skin needs during this season, which eventually leads to acne, dryness, dead and dull skin.

Monsoons can be extremely relaxing however, the humidity in the air can lead to dehydration, making your skin dry and itchy. The humidity also attracts bacteria which later develops into pimples.

Hence, be it any season, summer, winter or monsoon, wash your face at regular intervals to avoid dirt and impurities from settling on it. At times you can also use a wipe if you’re unable to wash your face.

Apart from these tips and tricks we’ve also mentioned 7 monsoon skincare remedies for all you brides-to-be.

1. Sandalwood Face Pack

Sandalwood has natural cooling and skin lightening properties in it. Hence, it’s a commonly used remedy for brides-to-be to brighten their skin and give it a natural glow.

1 tbsp sandalwood powder
½ tsp turmeric/Haldi powder
¼ cup rose water

Apply this mixture on your face and neck (avoiding your eyes and lip area) and leave it for about 30 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

2. Oatmeal and Egg Pack

This pack has various benefits due to the ingredients used in it. Oatmeal helps in exfoliating the dead skin layers, leaving the skin beneath it nourished and supple. On the other hand, egg white helps in cleansing the skin and making it smooth.

3 tsp oatmeal
1 tsp egg white
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp honey

Mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste and apply it on your face and neck area. Leave the pack on for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off using room temperature water.

3. Gram Flour and Lemon Face Pace

This remedy is a life saver if you have an oily skin. Gram flour helps in extracting the excess oil buried in your skin, making it oil-free and smooth. While lemon acts as a bleaching agent and brightens your dull skin. This remedy will also help in preventing the pimples caused due to oily skin.

1 tsp gram flour/besan
2-3 drops of lemon juice
A few drops of rose water (to maintain the consistency of the paste)
A pinch of turmeric/haldi powder

Add all the above ingredients to a bowl and mix well using the rose water to maintain a paste-like consistency. Once done, apply the paste onto your face and neck area and let it dry off for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the pack has nearly dried, wash it off using room temperature water.

4. Fresh Fruit Face Pack

We are all aware about the benefits each fruit holds. Therefore, this fresh fruit face pack is a must try! It will give you an instant freshness and will also nourish your skin, giving it a natural glow. This pack will also help tighten your skin.

½ banana
½ tsp honey
A few drops of rose water
½ tsp milk (optional)
And any other fruit of your choice

Just mash all the fruits well and add the remaining ingredients to it. Once you have a smooth paste ready, apply it on your face and neck. Leave the pack for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off using cold water. You’ll feel the instant burst of freshness!

5. The Natural Tomato Blush

All Image Source: Google

A super simple yet extremely effective home remedy to get an instant and natural blush in minutes.

1 small tomato halves

Slice a small tomato into half and gently massage it on your face in a circular motion. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and let the juice dry off completely. Rinse with room temperature water.

6. Fuller’s Earth Pack

With the goodness of fuller’s earth and the freshness of neem, this pack works wonders if you have an acne prone skin. Use this pack on a daily basis to obtain a flawless skin for your wedding.

2 tsp fuller’s earth
2 tsp fresh neem paste
3 tsp glove powder
A few drops of rose water

Make a paste of all the ingredients and apply it on your face, especially on affected areas. Let the paste dry off completely and wash it off using chilled water.

7. Your At Home Clean-up Mask

Tired of those stubborn whiteheads and blackheads that are keeping your skin from glowing? Here’s an exfoliating mask that can be made at home in minutes giving you a wedding ready clear and glowing skin.

50g red masoor lentil powder
50g orange peel powder
50g oatmeal
Rose water

Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste like consistency. Scoop out 1 tsp and store the rest in an airtight container. Add some rose water if needed and then apply the mixture on to your face and wait until it’s semi dry. Once it’s semi dry just wet your fingers and massage your face in a circular motion for a few minutes. Rinse your face with ice cold water and wipe it off gently.

Beat the monsoon skin woes with these natural remedies.

Here’s the Perfect Bridal Portrait Inspiration you were Looking for!

Who doesn’t love drooling over those extraordinarily looking bridal portraits?! Escaping the ephemeral, the beauty of these portraits lies in their timelessness coupled with their extraordinary composition. And the best part about them is that brides love it (for obvious reasons) as much as we do! Bridal portraits not just capture the overall appearance of the bride but the entire essence of her charm, grace and glorious bridal look.

We came across stunning portraits of one such bride. Adorned in an exquisite beige lehenga and intricate traditional kundan jewellery, this bride looks utterly magical. When you see her portraits you’ll know exactly why! 

So here we are! Let’s begin: 

All Image Courtesy: Cinelove Productions

Leaving on this visual note, we hope you take inspiration from these gorgeous portraits for your upcoming nuptial!

7 Stunning Blouse Backs to Bookmark this Season!

Bridal blouses create alot of buzz (just like everything else that concerns itself with ‘bridal) and for all the right reasons! Gone are the days when brides had to settle in for those limited designs, similar-looking patterns and fabrics. Today, there are designers who specialize purely in creating custom-made designer blouses! So this upcoming nuptial season, whether you’re a soon-to-be-bride, bridesmaid or an enthusiastic guest, revamp your wardrobe and spice up your saree look by flaunting these sultry, sensuous and yet traditional designer blouses.

Here are seven of them to help you get started. Check these out below:

1. This heavily embroidered blouse with an even stunning latkan is perfect to flaunt this wedding season. Neat and pleasant, this one certainly has us cheering!

Image Source Miraaya Design Studio

2. Featuring a spectacularly designed doli sequence, this one is true to the spirit of traditional Indian weddings. We also love the beauteous pearl fringes 🙂

Image Source Designs by Sakina Ahmed

3. A perfect blend of aestheticism and sultry, this designer blouse is for brides who wish to embrace the best of both worlds. You can be bold, traditional and graceful in this cleverly designed  piece!

Image Source Designs by Sakina Ahmed

4. Pair a gorgeously designed blouse like this with your saree and thoroughly add to the bling and beauty of your bridal look. The multicoloured intricate latkan here is truly the show stealer! 

Image Source Miraaya Design Studio

5. Taking bridal blouse designs to the next level, this one is pure GOALS! Needless to say this variant of the doli sequence is equally stunning. However, the embroidered peacocks add that special spark to this blouse! 

Image Source Weddingbells Photography

6. If you’re all geared up to be that jazzed-up ott bride, then this heavily embellished designer blouse is for you to bookmark! Featuring golden floral embroidery with fringes and a lovely dulha-dulhan scene this dramatic blouse is quite a deal.

Image Source Loveshootrepeat

7.  What better for a bride who loves minimalism?! If you’re wondering how to strike the perfect balance between not looking underwhelming or too overwhelming on your special days, this one gives you plenty of inspiration.

Image Source Menahel and Mehreen

So ladies, we do hope you found your perfect pick in here! Which one are you opting for then?

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Planning your Home Wedding Decor

The season of home weddings is here and how! If you’re upset about missing out on making perfect instagram-worthy memories in the background of breathtaking locales and exotic decor elements, do not worry. Home weddings have their own essence and beauty and you can still make meaningful memories with beautiful backgrounds. The crux is to understand the ‘feel’ of home weddings and design everything around it. 

To get you started, we’ve listed five tips that you can keep in mind while planning for your intimate wedding decor. Take a look at them below:

1. Focus on Space Management

Image Source With love Nilma 

Unlike the sprawling area a lawn, banquet or an outdoor destination can offer, home or backyard weddings have a limited space. But therein lies their beauty and purpose. You can convert this limited space into a pleasant setup without making it too restricting by using all the corners wisely. Remember the overall idea is to render a ‘feel’ and not stuff every nook and corner with over the top elements. 

2. Get Creative with Flowers

Image Source With love Nilma 

One cannot imagine wedding decor without breathtaking floral arrangements be it home or hall. However the best part about having to decorate for your home wedding is that you can be much more responsible to source flowers. You can also incorporate a healthy mix of local and seasonal flowers along with exotic variants.

3. Shower some Table/Counter Love

Image Source Fattoautentica

Yes we do understand that home weddings have a limited amount of space and that is why you need to set up a table or counter (if not too many) as they can double up as refreshment/beverages or gift counter, a memoir table or an eating cum lounge area! Besides they can also add to the entire look and feel of the place.

4. Give it a Personalised Touch

Image Source Aash Studio

What better place and occasion than your intimate home wedding to add a personalized touch to your wedding decor?! Though this is irrespective of the space or venue, you can take this element one notch higher as your closest folks would be in attendance. Spill out some secrets, show some love or simply let out gratitude in creative ways by weaving them as part of your decor deal.

5. Use Backgrounds Effectively

Image Source With love Nilma 

Your home garden can work as a lovely photo booth with some tact and a bit of creativity. Likewise you can also create cool backgrounds and make cozy spaces for your guests to sit back and relax. Your home memory wall can work as a refreshing idea for a small indoor stage. Using backgrounds effectively is also a splendid way of managing your space well.

Well folks, with these handy tips at your disposal now, we hope you nail your wedding decor to the t!

8 Types of Necklaces Brides can Wear with their Bridal Ensemble

When it comes to bridal jewellery, sky is not even the limit, just the beginning! An Indian bridal look is a blissful celebration of shringaar. So much so that there are umpteen varieties of a single type of jewellery and numerous kinds of jewels for a single part. Bridal necklaces in this regard are no exceptions. This is that one piece of jewellery that ‘really matters’. Seemingly noticeable, they also have the power to elevate your entire look!

This wedding season, get innovative, creative and bring to life the look you’ve always envisioned. We’ve listed below eight types of bridal necklaces that you can get yourself acquainted with. Irrespective of their cultural origins, these stunning necklaces have been embraced by brides all across on account of their appeal and appearance. It’s time you add some of these types to your bridal trousseau too.  

1. Satlada

Image Source Ambar Jewels

 Satlada or seven layers as the name suggests is a seven layered necklace typically made of pearls strings and adorned with either uncut gems, stones, kundan or even diamonds. You can opt for this type of neck piece if you wish to elevate your entire look without feeling crushed under the weight of your jewellery! 

2. Navratan

Image Source Sabyasachi Jewelry

Navratan is a necklace consisting of nine different types of precious and semi-precious stones. They are typically worn as a statement necklace to pair with your designer saree or lehenga. If you’re looking to cut through the monotony of your look and spunk it up with a twist of contrast, navratan necklaces make an ideal choice!

3. Choker

Image Source Sabyasachi Jewelry

A close-fitting necklace, chokers have successfully found their way in bridal trousseau’s owing to their unique variety and the overall charm they bring along. You can pair a choker with a long necklace or simply opt to flaunt this with pride and poise.

4. Raani Haar

Image Source Frugal2fab

Opulent and regal, raani haars are true to their name. They are typically long necklaces attached with small layers to give a jazzed-up or dramatic tone to your appearance. You can pair your raani haar with an elegant choker to thoroughly nail your bridal look.

5. Gulbandh

Image Source Pinterest

Resting just near the collarbone, gulbandhs or gulubands are ornate necklaces that are available in innumerable varieties and designs. From polki to precious stones, gold-plated to kundan, these jewels work perfectly well with your traditional outfit.

6. Bib Necklace

Image Source Sabyasachi Jewelry

Bib necklaces resemble a baby’s bib and come in varying sizes. They are mostly dramatic pieces designed by using oversized stones, pearls, gems or jewels. If you are keen on wearing just one statement piece of jewellery with your outfit, a bib necklace is your best bet for the volume and elegance it brings.

7. Guttapusalu

Image Source Tarinika

Guttapusalu is a long  raani-haar style necklace that generally features bunches of small pearls at the fringes. They are traditionally worn by brides in the southern part of the country. However, owing to its rich variety, brides across different cultures have embraced this as part of their trousseau.  

8. Aadh Necklace

Image Source Pinterest

Famous as a Rajasthani statement necklace, aadh’s are square-shaped heavily ornamented neckpieces that are meant to cover the entire neckline area. Starting from a square design and ending in triangular strings, adhd necklaces bring exuberance and royalty to the entire look.

So ladies, we hope you’ve picked your favourite type from the ones listed in here? Do let us know the one.

Small Places to Have A Wedding In India For An Unforgettable Experience

Picture credit- Indianexpress.com

This pandemic has upended all plans for grandiose gatherings and ceremonies. Hence finding small places to have a wedding is the way to go! The current situation has not only adversely affected the global economy, but also has forced people to plan a small intimate wedding, which isn’t a bad thing. We didn’t realize it up until we came across some great small wedding ideas planned at some small wedding venues for 20 guests. Weddings may have shrunk in size, but it’s still in your hands to go big on the fun quotient. Keeping the safety and sanitization guidelines in mind, small places to have a wedding are easy to manage. So that’s a big plus too. If it’s a yes from your side on a small wedding, then let us open the pandora box of venues in the city of your choice. We are counting down some cities where we can get small wedding ideas on a budget, and where you won’t have to worry about anything but being a part of your big day. And we promise not to let you down when it comes to the choices of venues available in every city. Shall we begin with our blog in small places to have a wedding? 

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Bhopal

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Bhopal
Picture credit- Sofitel.accor.com

Bhopal is called the City of Lakes, so one can easily take advantage of that and check out some great small places to have a wedding in Bhopal. The small wedding venues in Bhopal give you the gist and idea to host the coziest and simplest wedding ever with the people who matter to you the most. Not only popular for lakes and food, but one can also find a few best wedding places in Bhopal to have an event for not more than 50 people at a time. If you are really into outdoor events, then you must do some online research on the best marriage garden in Bhopal, either that or you can host a cozy indoor event as there are more than a couple of really stunning banquet halls in Bhopal.

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Guwahati

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Guwahati
Picture credit- Google

The sprawling city of Guwahati is one of the best small places to have a wedding because of the natural beauty that it is. Well known for being a tourist attraction, one can easily get very small wedding ceremony ideas just by looking at small wedding places in Guwahati. There are some best wedding venues in Guwahati that make the whole planning process for your wedding an easier task. Due to this pandemic, the government has allowed hosting small events, hence you can effortlessly host an intimate wedding in Guwahati if you are in the city. Home to a few splendid venues, you can easily find multiple great small wedding venues in Guwahati to host your special day. So if you have your heart set on having your wedding here, we can walk you through small places to have a wedding in Guwahati.

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Delhi

Small Places to Have A Wedding In Delhi
Picture credit- Tourmyindia.com

One of the best small places to have a wedding in Delhi, because several small wedding venues in Delhi are apt for hosting a cozy event and cater to your style and budget as well. A variety of marriage gardens in Delhi have opened up to offer more choice to the host of the event. If you are into elegant indoor ceremonies, then some great banquet halls in Delhi are on offer currently. Be it resorts, banquet halls, lawns, gardens, or rooftop spaces, you won’t have to worry about finding the best wedding places in Delhi. This exclusive city makes sure your event is one people won’t stop talking about for years to come.

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Bangalore

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Bangalore
Picture credits- venuebookingz

Hosting a small event is not easy, and when it comes to selecting classy small places to have a wedding, then Bangalore must be on the list. We know how overwhelming it is to choose the perfect venue, and now, during this situation, the pressure is on. But need not worry, a great variety of wedding resorts in Bangalore are given as an option. Also, there are more than a couple of hundreds of open wedding venues in Bangalore that make sure you get to host open-air weddings in Bangalore. When it comes to choosing a venue from the southern part of India, it is really incomplete without checking out a few banquet halls, Kalyana mantapa in Bangalore or any other South Indian city. Make sure you give it a check. So are you ready to explore small places to have a wedding in Bangalore? Because we are ready with our list of venues!

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Ahmedabad

Small Places To Have A Wedding in Ahmedabad

Making your event a priority, Ahmedabad is one of the best options when it comes to choosing small places to have a wedding. Offering a couple of hundred stunning riverfront wedding venues, Ahmedabad is also known for how friendly and easygoing the atmosphere of this city is. If you are currently situated in Ahmedabad, or maybe nearby, there is a spot where one can find a few great wedding resorts near Ahmedabad. Home to splendid venues, people often host an astonishing destination wedding in Ahmedabad, but due to this current COVID situation, traveling to another city is impossible. But if you are stuck in Ahmedabad, and have all the means to go ahead and do the deed right there in the city, you can also check out a few nearby best wedding hotels in Ahmedabad. So if interested in exploring small places to have a wedding in Ahmedabad, you are in the right place!

Targeting all kinds of people with all kinds of taste, the cities mentioned in this blog are all different in their own way and have something or the other different thing that one would like. Hopefully, you found yours. Have a safe and fun-filled wedding

5 Essential Things Brides Should do During Wedding Functions

Contrary to popular belief that a to-be-bride has only to look good, pose for pictures and have fun, the entire process and prep encompassing an Indian marriage is sure to leave any bride feeling anything between anxious, overwhelmed and tired! Hence we decided to take matters into our own hands and weave this piece as a sweet reminder of why you’d chosen to walk this path in the first place and what are the essential things you can do to simplify this entire process.

We’ve listed five important things for you to do or actively remember in your entire journey. So sit back and get started below:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Amidst all the frenzy and chaos surrounding you in the run-up to your big day it may appear silly to stop and sip water but that is precisely the key to keep you on your feet without feeling drained or too irritated. A glowing skin is an added advantage 🙂 Make mental notes, set reminders or simply make drinking plenty of water as part of your lifestyle and feel the difference!  

Image Source Food and Healthy Facts

2. Get a Foot Massage 

There’s nothing like getting a good foot massage at the end of your super hectic pre-wedding day. Not only does it soothe your feet but also helps in relieving overall stress and provides a sense of much-needed comfort and calm. If you’ve not considered hiring a masseuse, you might want to consider now.

Image Source Massageflowyou

3. Some Fun and Some Rest too

Let your special days be a lovely balance of fun and rest. You don’t want to be feeling utterly exhausted and worn out by the end of this process, afterall you’ll be making some lasting memories in this course. So sail through it all seamlessly feeling fresh and pleasant. All you got to do is to simply remember to sit back and relax between all the grooving and greeting!

Image Source Weddingsbyjugaad

4. Be People-oriented, not Technology

While the urge and need to document moments is understandable, remember the best part about your wedding memories can not only be about recording memories! So be open to pictures, videos, posts in between while you’re really there spending time with your loved and longed ones. Smile, laugh, cheer and be comfortable otherwise and not only for the shutterbugs.

Image  Source Life of Mohina

5. The Key is to ‘Be in the Moment’

While feeling overwhelmed, running through last-minute details and final checks, thinking and catering to a number of thoughts and people is bound to happen, it is important to remember that everything will take its course, process and fall in place and no amount of panic is going to prepare you more or better. So why not simply sit back and live the moment fully with your tribe?! All the efforts are centered around giving ‘you’ a good time, so it makes perfect sense for you to make the most of it.  

Image Source Apeksha Shah

10 Concept Sarees You Can Wear to Attend Home Weddings!

We live in the times of a potent pandemic. It is, hence, of little wonder that we witness and have come around to accept several changes at every imaginable level. This also stands true in the sudden surge of home weddings in today’s times. This norm of the ancient times is now, not just a fad but indeed a need of the moment. So come close-knit home or backyard weddings and with it comes it’s own set of challenges and cheers!

As a guest, bridesmaid, best friend or favourite cousin, there’s much running around to do in the absence of full-fledged wedding planners. However, being a significant occasion in the life of the person you love, it inevitably becomes your important day too! So how does one exactly bridge this gap between being useful and looking radiant at the same time? The answer is a time-saving, easy-to-carry and elegant-looking ensemble. Concept sarees cater precisely to this.

To get you started, here are ten such interesting sarees we’ve listed below. Take a look:

1. This home wedding season cut through the paraphernalia involved in performing bridesmaid duties. Instead, opt for something unique, comfortable and exciting like this! This concept saree is handcrafted with a structured palla with metallic polymer strips. And the blouse has been created with metallic polymer strips and lace details.

Image Source Amit Aggarwal

2. This ‘Palazzo Saree’ is a dream come true for you if time is not your best friend amidst all the nuptial preps. Slide into this aesthetically gorgeous concept ensemble that is perfect for you to groove, pose and run around in! 

Image Source Rheason

3. Add a new-age twist to your bestie’s intimate wedding with this cleverly designed Anamika Khanna couture. A blend of urbane oomph with vintage elegance, this saree exudes charm, thought and boldness. Pack this gem without a hesitation!

Image Source Anamika Khanna

4. Concept sarees are as much about setting some serious fashion goals as they are about comfort. This Shantanu and Nikhil ensemble blends the best of both the world for you to rock and make an impactful appearance at your folk’s home wedding! 

Image Source Shantanu and Nikhil

5. As the sister of the bride, your job would mean not only to hold the fort (even if it is home) but look like a dream while doing it! What better than this razzmatazz of an ensemble to do it in? This stunning concept saree is sure to make you shine, and those photos pop. 

Image Source  Amit Aggarwal

6. So what if it’s a home wedding, that’s not a good enough reason to underplay yourself. You can still wear your style with panache in this glamorous saree and look like the diva you’ve envisioned to be!

Image Source Tarun Tahiliani

7. Whether you’re the bride, bestie or bridesmaid, this embellished outfit works well for all even in a backyard wedding setup! Not only does this elegant piece look top-notch, but it is also easy to carry and provides adequate room for accessorisation. What more can one wish for?!

Image Source  Amit Aggarwal

8. Add an eclectic twist to your loved one’s bridal shower in this cool, quirky and contemporary palazzo saree. You can get your entire girl squad to don one, each in their unique and creative ways and have a blast while making some timeless memories!

Image Source Rheason

9. The pink shaded tiered hand-embroidered ruffle sari and fan flower embroidered blouse with pearl details is a sure shot stunner. Also your best pick this intimate home-wedding season! Bring out the bling, jazz and drama to match this vivacious ensemble!

Image Source Arpita Mehta

10. If It’s all about classics for you here’s something you can flaunt that can be a befitting ode (albeit with a contemporary tinge) This beautiful concept saree is soothing to the senses and is sure to render you looking like a vintage dream! 

Image Source Reeti Arneja

Dear ladies, leaving you on this delightful note, we hope you embrace the idea of concept sarees in the age of this pandemic-driven home weddings!

6 Fun Bridal Lehenga Shots to Add to Your Wedding Album

The Wedding Lehenga is not just a piece of garment or fabric to be cherished. It is an emotion. The wedding lehenga is made up of a bride’s dream to look like a queen or a princess walking down the aisle. It has a deep emotional attachment not only with the bride but everyone close to the bride as well. Therefore, it when comes to flaunt the wedding lehenga or the bridal lehenga, why flaunt it when wearing it only?

A bride chooses a lehenga that reflects her personality, her style quotient, and in many ways, it is a statement in itself. So, before a bride walks up to the mandap in all her wedding finery, there is no reason why she shouldn’t spend quality time with her bridal lehenga, i.e., have some fun photos taken with the lehenga in the focus for a change!

Yes, wedding photographers, today are known to challenge stereotypical norms when it comes to bridal photoshoots. And showing off that wedding lehenga has never been more fun.

We bring you 6 fun bridal lehenga shots that you must add to your wedding album!

#1 Announce it to the World Below

Yes, the bridal lehenga is one piece of garment that will have everyone’s attention at the wedding along with the bride and her bridal fanfare. So, why not show it off just like this bride? It shows off her quirky personality perfectly.

#2 Fiery Possession

Image Source: Rajesh Digital

As the bride, your wedding lehenga is the most important possession on your wedding day and while you get your hair and makeup done, we won’t blame you if you rush to hug it once (too many times!). 😉

#3 Keep Calm, it is Your Lehenga DAY!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

The big day can be chaotic and tiring. A bride needs all her strength and naturally, she needs her bridal lehenga to cooperate with her, right? So, here’s sending a few prayers to the lehenga gods!

#4 Mission Lehenga

Image Source: Studio Kelly

Most brides are on a mission on their big day and why not! So, here’s a bride all set to brave a new world but not without her lehenga!

#5 I Dream of…

Image Source: Lavya Film Production

A bride’s lehenga has many dreams associated with it. Just like this bride is feeling all whimsical and hopeful about her new life and of course, her stunning lehenga!

#6 A Fount of Gold

Image: Source: Studio Kelly

What do you do when you have a stunning gold lehenga in your possession? You pose with it!

So, ladies have decided how you’d like to pose with your lovely bridal lehenga? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!

Places to have a small wedding – Cities that are perfect for a small wedding

Image Credits – Romidh Dhamija for www.theweddingbrigade.com

Weddings with an unending guest list of thousands of guests, flamboyant decor, grandiose stage-arrangements that put all the focus on the bride and groom, and an overall pompous vibe are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We do definitely still get to see a fair amount of those, but couples have started opting for more intimate weddings with just their families and a select few close ones gracing the occasions instead. And there is a long list of Places to have a small wedding.

Due to the on-going pandemic when the safety guidelines are extremely tight and sanitization is prioritized more than ever, spouses-to-be have no choice but to adopt this trend. If you fall under the category who had to cancel their big fat wedding plans and go for a small wedding ceremony instead, worry not as you can make your close-knit wedding be just as ostentatious as the original one. Stunning venues with mesmerizing decor, graceful mandaps adorned with seasonal flora and fairy lights, exquisite outfits with matching masks and gloves (safety first!), and the happy faces of all your loved ones around you, all of this constitutes a wedding that is as beautiful and as dreamy as ever. And it is a blessing in disguise for all of you introverts as you don’t have to smile and greet a thousand guests anymore! 

The internet is flooded with everything small wedding-related. You will find articles covering everything from how to host a small wedding under a budget to unique wedding ideas, no fuss wedding ideas,  cheap but classy wedding reception ideas, unusual wedding reception venues, and diy wedding ideas on a budget, but if you are wondering about Places to have a small wedding, read this blog thoroughly as we have listed some amazing cities below. 

Places to have a small wedding in Delhi

Places to have a small wedding in Delhi

The Capital City of India is the ultimate cosmopolitan. It is largely developed with some of the best infrastructures in the country and a well-off population. It is and has been home to people from all cultural backgrounds which gives it an eclectic character that is interesting and very beautiful. Some of the most important monuments in India and apart from being the administrative nucleus of India, Delhi is a paradise for shoppers, foodies, and those looking for a venue for hosting all kinds of weddings. With an array of beautiful venues from luxurious ones to small wedding venues for 20 guests, each of which will give you a unique experience, it is one of the best places to have a small wedding in Delhi

Places to have a small wedding in Guwahati

Places to have a small wedding in Guwahati

Nestled beside the Brahmaputra river, Guwahati is a mesmerizing hill station, famously known as the Gateway To North East. It is very popular among those who want a magical hill station destination wedding. It is a completely developed city with all of the modern infrastructures yet, surrounded by mountains flourishing with verdancy, offers the perfect escape into the arms of nature. It is sprinkled with absolutely gorgeous Places to have a small wedding that fit into all kinds of budgets, themes, and guest lists, and you will surely find the one perfect for you. Book a venue that has a view of the lush green hills and you are all set to have that dream hill station wedding that you have always wanted. When it comes to finding places to have a small wedding in Guwahati, you will not be disappointed.

Places to have a small wedding in Prayagraj 

Places to have a small wedding in Prayagraj

Prayagraj, previously known as Allahabad, is one of the most beautiful places to have a small wedding in India. Celebrated as the location of the Kumbh Mela and Triveni Sangam, it certainly falls in the list of one of the holy cities of Uttar Pradesh. It also holds a lot of historical importance and is to this day true to its heritage. You can find a stunning array of venues that make for the perfect setting for your intimate wedding. And if you need any assistance of any kind with the planning and execution of your intimate wedding in Prayagraj, well, that is what we are here for! So let’s explore places to have a small wedding in Prayagraj, shall we?

Places to have a small wedding in Chennai 

Places to have a small wedding in Chennai

The Detroit Of Asia, Chennai, is a bustling metropolitan and is characterized by its humid weather, roaring traffic, museums, mouth-watering authentic South Indian cuisine, and temples that portray grandiosity, heritage, and architectural excellence. The city is accustomed to seeing regal South-Indian weddings that practically dipped in gold but the on-going pandemic has put a stop to those. But worry not as Chennai offers some beautiful places to have a small wedding that will be the perfect backdrop to your mini version of a ‘Two States’ styles wedding. Go through our website to explore places to have a small wedding in Chennai.

Places to have a small wedding in Ahmedabad

Places to have a small wedding in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, or Amdavad as the residents lovingly call it, is just as vibrant as it is portrayed on TV and in movies. A vastly developed metropolitan, Ahmedabad is definitely one of the most prosperous cities in Gujarat, offering the most number of opportunities, be it in education or employment. Gujjus are typically rich and fond of flamboyant weddings that leave everyone mesmerized and that is what Ahmedabad offers but if you are on a lookout for places to have a small wedding, Ahmedabad will not disappoint. From luxurious outdoor and indoor venues to beautiful budget-friendly ones, places to have a small wedding in Ahmedabad are unlimited. 

Planning a small wedding sounds like an easy task but can be quite a tedious one. And though the internet will feed you with all kinds of information like fun ideas for a small wedding, unusual wedding reception venues, best places to get married on a budget, best places to get married on the beach, and more, you cannot get started with the detailed planning of your wedding until and unless you put a pin on which city you want to host it in. And we at Weddingz.in have taken it upon ourselves to solve every single problem couples face. And hence not only will this blog help you with your hunt for places to have a small wedding, but our whole website will dedicatedly assist you with everything wedding-related, including affordable destination wedding locations,  small real weddings, and small wedding vendors. So do give it a thorough whirl. 

Happy wedding!