Deepali and Shainal’s South Mumbai NSCI Wedding

An eternal love story that was seven years in the making…

Some love stories are meant to be but marriage is another story altogether! And this is exactly what our lovely couple Deepali and Shainal experienced when they decided to tie the knot after 7 years of dating each other.

Deepali and Shainal’s Love Story

Bride Deepali describes her love story as full of drama but filled with love and laughter. Deepali and Shainal met in their first year of college, FYBFM, Jai Hind. However, they did not acknowledge each other for a whole year. Yet, Shainal used to send her messages on her blackberry but she never responded.

One fine day, at the beginning of their second year, they happened to meet at the entrance gate of their college. “My first question to him was “How do you pronounce your Name?” Being an unusual name, he replied back instantly “Shainal”. Our first ever date was at Theobroma over the so very amazing and fattening chipbutty burger! We started dating within the first two months of knowing each other. College was an absolute lovey and mushy phase. After college we were both together placed in KPMG where we worked together.” – Deepali.

Everything seemed hunky-dory until the idea of meeting each other’s parents came up.
“We studied and worked all throughout, but he was never able to make me meet his parents. We almost broke up in October 2017 due to this but he was really worried of losing me so then, he finally convinced his parents to meet with mine,” says Deepali.
It was December 2017 when the families met and it was literally the remake of 2 States the film. “I had waited a long 7 years for him to speak to his parents and never thought we will ever be together. But after all everything fell correctly, and we’ve been at our happiest since.” – Deepali.

Their wedding festivities started in June 2018 and their Roka was hosted at the NSCI, Worli Mumbai. For her Roka, Deepali wore a gorgeous piece from Aza Fashions. Their engagement party was hosted at the Bombay Adda, at NSCI. For this function, Deepali wore a stunning red couture piece by Gaurav Gupta and her makeup was done by ace makeup artist Afreen Shaikh.

The Sangeet, Cocktail, Pooja and Mehendi

For the cocktail ceremony at the Luna Nudo, St Regis, the theme was a gilded tale and the bride lived up to the theme with a stunning Monisha Jaisingh outfit. For her Sangeet function at the Taj Vivanta, Cuffe Parade, she floored one and all in a Manish Malhotra ensemble.

For the Pooja Function, she chose a Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor outfit. Her mehendi ceremony was a fun event and therefore, she chose a cute and quirky Papa Don’t Preach outfit by Shubhika Davda.

The Wedding – Palace Halls, NSCI

The wedding – the final event that sealed the both for Deepali & Shainal saw them both dressed in Sabyasachi outfits.

For their wedding celebrations at the end of 2018, Deepali walked down the aisle twice! Yes, once for the Varmala ceremony with the Laal Ishq song playing in the background and once for her pheras as Dilbaro played in the backdrop. Their wedding hashtag was a combination of their names #TheShaDee

“The moment for me was exactly what I had always envisioned…when I walked down the aisle, he couldn’t get his eyes of me. The minute I entered he whispered to me “You’re the prettiest bride ever!” – Deepali.

“After the Varmala, we both, hand in hand, walked to the mandap with tears rolling down. We couldn’t believe we actually met in college, fought the world together and here we are today. Inseparable.”

About the Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists –

“A very big special thanks to my makeup artist Shradha- Dolly You Up (Cocktail), Lekha Cut Collective (Mehndi, Sangeet & Wedding) and hair artist (Ritika Hair Stylist & Anita Hair Stylist) who made me literally look unbelievable with flooded compliments in each function. My aim was to definitely have a very different look in each function.
I am an absolute bling person, but i like having the correct and right amount of bling when i wear one.
-Cocktail was an absolute scintillating glam look.
-Sangeet was a graceful, dramatic and fun outfit with tassels that grooved with my moves.
-Mehndi was a pop of love, I had specifically asked for the Rapunzel from tangled look from Lekha & Anita, they surely didn’t leave a chance and gave me a real fairy tale look…
-Wedding was the absolute love for traditional red whereas reception was a bold and classic look.
The angels in disguise, my mom & sister who chose each and every outfit of mine.
I hoped to look even half as pretty as my mother.” – Deepali.

Deepali adds, “My fiancé’s outfits were all selected with complete coordination to mine.
-Sangeet we chose Rohit Bal black on black embroidered bandhgala in velvet. The heritage and most classic fashion designer of all time.

-Mehndi was absolutely his choice as he always loved Kunal Rawal’s poise yet statement giving looks. We chose a fun pink to match our two genres.
-Wedding, the offbeat green spoke for itself with minimalistic quilts and help of the Team Sabyasachi. They styled him to perfection. We both are quite picky in our selections but thank god for that. Each of our looks made us look better every day.”

The Dream Team

Bride: Deepali Gaba

Groom: Shainal Jhaveri

Wedding Hashtag: #TheShaDee

Wedding Instagram Page: @TheShaDee_

Wedding Event Handled by: Zest Events

Wedding Photographers: Knotting Bells

Choreographers: feet2beat_dance

Bride Reception Jewelry: Olive Jewel

Locations: NSCI (Imperial), Bombay Adda, Luna Nudo, Taj Vivanta Cuffe Parade

Bride Outfits: MonishaJaising, Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor, Manish Malhotra, Papadontpreach, Sabyasachi Official

Groom Oufits: Rohit Bal, Kunal Rawal, Sabyasachi Official

Make up Artists: Dollyouup_bys, Lekha_thecutcollective, Makeupbyshivanigilati

Hairstylist: Ritikahairstylist , Anita.hairstylist

3 Lingerie Brands You Should Visit Before Your Honeymoon Trip

For some, lingerie is all about the comfort, while for others it’s all about how sexy and attractive it looks. However, your lingerie should be a combination of both, comfort and style! Especially when it’s for your honeymoon.

Usually sidelined, lingerie isn’t given an equal amount of attention like your clothing or footwear. We often go with what’s comfortable, until we’re shopping for our wedding or honeymoon lingerie. Don’t we?

Ladies, it’s high time you appreciate your curves and give it what it deserves. Let’s play around with some satin and lace, some vibrant colours and exquisite collections that will make you and your partner go head over heels!

Without raising the anticipation any further, here are 3 brands we’ve shortlisted for all you ladies who are up to experiment and get flirtatious.

1. The Lingerie Shop

If your love for black lingerie is boundless, you’re going to love the collection by The Lingerie Shop. Their lingerie is designed to give you the perfect fit so that you’re comfortable in what you wear and confident about your body. And their unique lace and satin designs will definitely spice up your night.

Image Source: The Lingerie Shop

2. Hunkemöller India

Hunkemöller has a collection for your every mood. Be it cute, flirty, pretty or sexy, they have something interesting in store for you. So if you’ve always wanted to experiment with your lingerie but didn’t know where to start, Hunkemöller is the answer.

Image Source: Hunkemöller India

3. La Senza India

With a burst of colours and an endless range of coquettish lingerie, La Senza is definitely your go-to lingerie brand. Unique, bold, sexy and beautiful is what defines this brand and their collection.

Image Source: La Senza India

So ladies, go ahead and add some spice to your honeymoon diary!

Nirmala and Pratyush’s Guwahati Intimate Lockdown Wedding

A couple who rewrote the laws of love!

At times meeting your soulmate can be really simple, don’t you think? This is what happened with Nirmala and Pratyush!

Both Nirmala and Pratyush are advocates and they met in court in 2015. They were first introduced to each other by a common friend. What began was a beautiful friendship and eventually led them to think of their life together. The funny thing is when he proposed, she said no but eventually came around! Nirmala realised that he was her soulmate and for Pratyush, she was everything and he was most comfortable with her.

Finally, it was time to meet the parents. But Nirmala did not know that Pratyush was going to ask her hand in marriage. “One fine day he came over to meet my parents and later on took me by complete surprise when he asked me to marry him!” says Nirmala. Obviously, her parents were ecstatic. In fact, it turned out that her father and Pratyush father were old friends who had lost touch over the years.

The Wedding

As both families were in agreement over this love match, they decided to set the wedding date. They 23rd May 2020 as the wedding date and it was decided before the lockdown was enforced. When the lockdown was declared, the couple along with their families thought to continue with the wedding plans albeit on a smaller scale. Their wedding was attended by close friends and family members. As the wedding was being hosted at the bride’s home in Guwahati, all necessary safety measures and precautions were taken.

The décor was done by their friend as per the bride’s design instructions. The wedding celebrations were limited to just the wedding day as the permit issued by the authorities was only for the 23rd of May. As per the Assamese rituals, the bride’s attire was gifted by the groom’s family and the groom’s attire was gifted by the bride’s family.  

In fact, what was interesting is that the couple wore matching masks as per their attire. The mask worn by the bride had small tassels and was made of the Mekhla Chador’s fabric as her saree.

“Masks were already the norm given the COVID-19 situation across the world. Both of us had decided to wear masks during the wedding. However, the masks which we had were the ones bought from the pharmacy. Pratyush casually mentioned to Kakali, our photographer, on 20.05.2020 about arranging for traditional masks which would complement our wedding attire. Kakali then spoke to Nandini Borkakati about it, of which we had no clue, and that’s how the mask was created for the both of us. Though it was all last minute, the result was beautiful. The masks were a surprise gift from our friends Kakali and Deepak.” – Nirmala.

“Our wedding celebrations were curtailed due to the pandemic. But the presence of family and our closest friends turned it into the most memorable day of our lives.”

About the Wedding Photographers

The wedding photographers, Kakali and Deepak are our friends. Kakali has been friends with Pratyush for the longest time now. Kakali always insisted that she would invariably be the photographer for Pratyush’s wedding. The team worked really hard, and the results were remarkable!

The Dream Team

Wedding Photographers – DEEKAD Studios

Masks – Page 3 Boutique by Nandini Borkakati

4 Makeup Artists You Should Shortlist for Your 2021 Winter Wedding

Wedding planning and preparations can be a crazy rollercoaster ride. And this eventually takes a toll on you, mentally and physically, leaving you haggard and exhausted. Hence, you need a makeup artist who can do more than just the regular routine makeup. You need someone who understands your skin type, your personality as well as your comfort zone and gives you a picture-perfect look despite all the hidden tiredness.

Therefore, choosing a stellar makeup artist is a must!

Make sure the makeup artist you decide to go with can ace different kinds of looks rather than one typical look. As you may prefer a loud and vibrant look for your big day but prefer a simple and natural look for your pre and post-wedding functions.

So whatever your preference might be, we’re sure that the makeup artists we’ve shortlisted for you will live up to your expectations. Mentioned below are a few samples of their amazing bridal work.

1. Aliya Baig Makeovers

With an extremely interesting portfolio and a number of milestones achieved, Aliya Baig is truly someone you can trust blindly even for your D-day. She has been ranked in the top 18 makeup artists in Vogue India and has also been featured in the world top 40-DWHA, London. However, it’s not just these merits that have earned her the name she has today. It’s her dedication and excellence that has helped her win the hearts of many brides.

Image Source: Aliya Baig Makeovers

2. Misha Vig Makeup Studio

All you Delhi based brides it’s time to sit back and relax as you have Misha Vig to take control and help you live your dream look. She believes in enhancing the natural beauty of a bride and adding her touch of magic to create that spellbinding look. In her own words, “Magnifying beauty that already exists, one bride at a time!”

Image Source: Misha Vig Makeup Studio

3. Neha Shah

This Fat Mu certified makeup artist is known for wearing many hats! Apart from the numerous bridal makeovers, weddings and fashion shows that she’s been a part of, Neha Shah is also a very well known celebrity makeup artist. It’s her zeal for delivering nothing but the best to her clients that has made her a trusted name in this industry.

Image Source: Neha Shah

4. Kamakshi Soni

Kamakshi Soni is an uber-talented makeup artist based in Udaipur. Trained under names like Bobbi Brown, Kamakshi has a stellar portfolio. From brides to celebs, she has worked her magic on all! So don’t take a risk when it comes to your bridal makeup. Always consult an expert. Someone who works wonders with their makeup brushes.

Image Source: Kamakshi Soni

For more inspirational looks, don’t forget to browse through your favourite makeup artist’s page.

20 White Wedding Gowns to Bookmark for the Upcoming Wedding Season!

There is something so magical and thoroughly stunning about seeing a bride in her gorgeous gown for her white wedding. Dreamy and timeless are some of the best ways in which one can describe the feeling. This wedding season, we’ve put together a list of 20 such breathtaking white gowns that not only work well for brides but even bridesmaids and absolutely anyone who enjoys donning a classic white gown. From larger-than-life ball gowns to sophisticated aline ones, this is the bagful of inspiration you need in this pandemic stricken world.

Without further ado, take a look at these 20 white wedding gowns you can bookmark for the upcoming wedding season:

1. The dreamy white ball-gown 

Image Source Fashionplanet

If you wish to look like a princess on your d-day, this larger-than-life ball gown with studded sequins and floral embroidery is perfect for you.

2. The sophisticated satin flair gown

Image Source Nora Naviano

 If you love the idea of minimalism, this classic satin gown is the real deal. Behind the grid are tiny buttons that go down to the majestic plume.

3. The embroidered net gown

Image Source Harem Brides

Subtle, splendid yet not understated, this lovely gown is perfect if you want to keep it light and elegant.

4. The gorgeous embroidered lace gown

Image Source Grizzlehair

Personifying elegance and glamour this embroidered lace gown is absolutely stunning! Minimal accessorization, neat bun and soothing makeup will do the deal.

5. The beauteous ruffled gown

Image Source Nora Naviano

Deep neckline,stunning ruffled skirt and glossy waistband combined well to give you this glorious gown. If you’re looking to go contemporary, this one makes the cut. 

6. The vintage satin gown

Image Source Belle the Magazine

Keep it timeless in this soothing and sobre satin gown. If less is more, is your thing, this classic gown works well.

7. Minimal Aline Gown

Image Source

Apt to simply move and groove around seamlessly on your big-day, this simple and stunning aline gown is perfect!

8. The designer off-shoulder ball gown

Image Source FTW Bridal

This modern lace off-the-shoulder neckline ball gown with 3D lace appliques & beadings will make you look like a vision to behold!

9. The sleeveless lace gown

Image Source Magbridal

Perfect for a beach affair, this appealing lace gown with intricate floral lace embroidery also works beautifully for a memorable summer nuptial.

10. The embroidered ruffled gown

Image Source The Knot

Opt for the best of both worlds in this ravishing embroidered gown with ruffled lace sewn together to elevate the look.

11. The halter neck gown

Image Source Wedding Inspirasi

Look like a dream in this beautiful halter neck gown with a classic lace flair. A stunning side bun with fresh flowers will do the needful.

12. The elegant tube gown

Image Source Wedding Inspirasi

This embroidered tube ball gown is absolutely stunning. You can opt for an elegant neck piece with matching earrings to complete your look!

13. The stylish lace tube gown

Image Source Noranaviano Sposa

The original lace covers the back in combination with a light net on the skirt creates a wonderful effect to give this look!

14. The stunning sleeveless embroidered gown

Image Source Kennethwinston

This gorgeous sleeveless gown is all about classic comfort and elegant. If you’ve made up your mind to opt for a sleeveless gown on your special day, this makes for a great choice.

15. The stunning sheath gown

Image Source Noranaviano Sposa

This wedding season opt for a creative and unconventional couture gown. This gorgeous sheath gown loaded with floral embroidery definitely makes the cut.

16. The beautiful bridal ruffled gown

Image Source Noranaviano Sposa

Jazz things up on your d-day with this beautiful ruffled gown which boasts of an embroidered torso design.

17. Aline gown with pockets

Image Source Gofeminine

A stunning mix of elegance, comfort, sophistication and beauty, this satin gown ticks all the right boxes.

18. The gorgeous puffed sleeved gown

Image Source Harembrides

If you love the idea of donning something contemporary and stylish, this deep neck puffed-sleeve gown with pockets works wonderfully well. 

19. The full-sleeved embroidered gown

Image Source Junebugweddings

Nothing beats the magic of this gorgeous embroidered gown with full sleeves and a lovely lace flair.

20. The ball gown with a big bow

Image Source Weddinginspirasi

This minimal magic ball gown with a classic side bow is perfect if you’re not looking for something jaded and heavy on your wedding day.

So ladies, we hope you found much inspiration here. Which ones are your favourites then?

20 New Mandap Decor Ideas to Bookmark this Season!

Marriage  mandaps are a huge affair and rightfully so. They form a prominent part of not only your wedding decor but also wedding photos! If there is one image you will end up framing of your big day, it most certainly will be the timeless one-clicked against the background of your mandap. Hence, having a stunning mandap setup is paramount.

With the arrival of a new wedding season, it is time to bid goodbye to all the overused ideas and embrace and incorporate new ones. With this in mind, we’ve put together this thorough list that consists of fresh, inspiring and innovative mandap decor ideas. Afterall your most momentous day deserves nothing less than the best.

We hope you find something in this vast list that is in sync with your preference and aesthetic sense as we’ve put out a variety of different ideas in here for you to grab. Let’s dive straight in then!

1. The vibrant nature’s retreat mandap decor

Image Source Mandalaweddings

Brimming with the freshness and radiance of coloured flowers, lush leaves and subtle drapes for accompaniment this stunning mandap decor works perfectly well for an outdoor daytime affair.

2. Perfect peach contemporary mandap for a pastel themed nuptial

Image Source Eventsbyinblooms

This medley of freshly painted bamboos, dried leaves, drapes and pampas grass looks picture perfect and apt for a pastel themed wedding!

3. Glorious canopy mandap decor with drapes and chandeliers

Image Source Suraevent

An evening

ceremony done right with this regal semi-traditional mandap decor featuring string lights, chandelier and decorative pillars.

4. An ombré pink and mirror mandap for a destination wedding

Image Source Altairdecor

The pastel pinks offer a delicate elegance while the mirror makes it stand out. This mandap setting fits well in the background of a beach resort or sprawling lawn.

5. The minimal magic mandap decoration

Image Source Eepsitadreamevents

Subtle yet elegant hued drapes woven around fresh flowers and soothing lights make for a charming mandap. If you are into minimal or subtle things, this decor works wonders. 

6. Decorative flowers and ferns eclectic mandap decor

Image Source Aash Studio

If vibrant and grandeur are on your mind, this beautiful mandap loaded with the richness of flowers and ferns is an ideal choice. The bronze pot stands add too to the royalty of this frame.

7. The traditional mandap adorned with banana leaves

Image Source Kalikaardesign

Settle in for this lovely mandap decor that perfectly syncs with your traditional affair. Banana leaves, fresh garlands and pots make this a befitting pick.

8. Delightful dainty floral and glass mandap

Image Source Altair decor

This gorgeous mandap is perfect for a late afternoon nuptial affair transitioning into a late evening one. The internally adjustable built-in lighting combined with decorative florals allow it to have an aura and glow throughout the event.

9. The spectacular floral cutouts mandap decor

Image Source Decormithra

This breathtaking orchestra of fine florals intricately woven to create gracious cutouts and pieces is a vision to hold. This one is sure to light up your wedding frames! 

10. The artistic open mandap with mesmerizing floral arrangements 

Image Source Redvelvetevents

This open mandap with ombre floral arches with floral suspensions is definitely what decor dreams are made of. If you yearn for a soothing, spacious and spectacular vibe amidst the chaos of your big day, this one makes the cut.

11. The illuminated canopy mandap decor for a ceremony at dusk

Image Source Weddingdecorindia

A late evening affair deserves a thoroughly tasteful decor that stands out. This gorgeous canopy mandap loaded with floral arrangements and dazzling lights makes for a visual treat!

12. An elegant intimate wedding mandap made from dried leaves and drapes 

Image Source Indianweddingplanners

 This minimal and elegant mandap  decor where the tiniest details make a statement is apt for your backyard wedding. Made from simple yet thoughtful materials, this one is going to make your small wedding , memorable yet grand! 

13. The quintessential drapes and flowers canopy mandap

Image Source Nityamevents

If you want to have a simple yet gorgeous wedding mandap, this beautiful setup with neat drapes contrasting with multicoloured flowers is your ideal choice.

14. The perfect semi-traditional mandap decor for destination weddings

Image Source Linkinminds

No matter which exotic location you wish to ring in your wedding, there’s always something special and connected about one’s traditional marriage rituals and customs. This mandap decor is an extension of that perfect contemporary-cultural vibe.

15. The soulful sustainable wedding mandap decor with leaves, lights and pots

Image Source MCA Lawns

This thoughtful wedding mandap made is apt if you love the idea of sustainable weddings. Made entirely with leaves and lovely lights, the traditional pots complete this picture perfect frame.  

16. The exotic floral frames mandap decor for an outdoor marriage ceremony

Image Source Whitepearlevents

This soft-hued floral decor compliments the natural scenic backdrop and ambience and hence apt for an outdoor affair. The most highlighted part of the design are the floral cabanas that certainty stand out.

17. The lush luminous foliage green mandap decor

Image Source With Love Nilma

This appealing frames mandap decor is apt if you love the idea of green weddings or want to take a step in that direction. Brimming with nature’s goodness and richness, this one boats of thought, craft and art.

18. The canopy of cascading roots mandap for a late evening nuptials

Image Source Atisuto Events

Unravelling under a canopy of cascading roots and ivory blooms, this exquisite mandap is the perfect blend of rustic and romantic, making it ideal for a late evening affair.

19. The eclectic floral canopy mandap suitable for an indoor wedding

Image Source Anaisevents

This grand and radiant setup is perfect for an indoor hall/banquet marriage ceremony. Artistically arranged and completed with yards of subtle drapes, this mandap screams drama and grandeur.

20. The exotic and opulent mandap for your lavish big day  

Image Source Elegant Affairs

Subtle neat drapes woven around exquisite floral arrangements and cascading floral garlands make this setup a vision to behold! The interplay of colours only add to the charm and elegance of this decor.

Leaving you on this visually stunning note, we hope you’ve bookmarked this list and picked your favourite mandap decor!

The New Wedding Checklist

Gone are the days when a wedding checklist was only limited to venue bookings, catering, decor, return favours, photography and the usual long list of things. Hosting a wedding gathering in a covid world means much more than checking in on the common elements. With health and safety into the picture, you can no longer lax around and be underprepared to ring in your day without standard precautions and guidelines. While there is new information coming everyday on the dos and don’ts, here are some vital things you just cannot afford to miss!

Take a look at these five important elements you need to ensure as part of your wedding gathering. And remember, responsibility comes first!


It can be safe to say that e-invites are no longer an alien concept even in an Indian marriage milieu, at least not in a pandemic world. So the first thing to do is to send the word out. And opting for e-invites this wedding season is going to make life a lot easier for you. With millions of readily available templates online, it’s time for you to upgrade your self (the crisis situation demands it too) and get things moving with lit e-invites.

Image Source Swingingtales

Thermal Screening

It would take someone living under a rock to assume thermal screenings are still reserved for labs and clinics. No wedding gathering in a pandemic world can neglect this aspect and risk the safety of its guests. It is also recommended that those having flu-like symptoms should entirely stay away from gatherings of any kind.

Image Source R.S.Brothers

Pre-packed Meals

The feasibility and sensibility of the moment lies in hosting or encouraging any sort of set up that enables people to gather. Hence, for your own nuptial function, do away with buffet systems and counters and choose pre-packed meals for your guests to collect individually and relish. This is social distancing and hygiene done right.

Image Source Chefknowsbest

Safety Coordinator

You must have heard of wedding planners and vendors but safety coordinators?! Well that is a repercussion of a virus-ridden world. Safety coordinators are professionally equipped to ensure safety, well-being and establish standard protocols and government guidelines. Hiring a safety coordinator will add alot of credibility to your important day and ensure the guests that they are in a safe surrounding.

Image Source Prakritisparsh

Cuddle Curtains

Social events and gatherings are all about meeting and catching up with people. And certainly extending a warm hug to your favourite cousin or pecking your closest aunt. But in the wake of the novel virus, this aspect had to be pushed out. However wedding planners and companies have devised a cool method of feeling close to your loved ones without really getting close to them! With cuddle curtains you can now share sanitized hugs with your loved ones. 

Image Source Chloo33

So folks, while you’re busy planning and prepping for your big day, remember the above pointers and responsibly incorporate them to ensure a fun, safe and stress-free time for all!  

Attending a Home Wedding? Here are 7 Types of Traditional Indian Sarees you can Wear

This wedding season is unlike any other! With an increasing number of new-age couples opting for intimate at-home weddings, it’s time for you to revamp your wardrobe too. And what better than reaping the benefits of India’s vast and rich legacy of art and craftsmanship? So, if you have an upcoming home wedding to attend and feel that turning up in your favourite designer lehenga will deem you quite ‘overdressed’ for the occasion (you don’t want to be looking like a prospective bride yourself!) here are seven great saree choices that boast of an ancient and preserved legacy from across this dynamic landscape. 

Take a look at these unique traditional sarees and get geared up to nail your look:

1. Paithani

Made from one of the finest qualities of silk, Paithani is a type of saree named after the town of Paithan in Maharashtra where it was first handmade. Characterized by its oblique square design borders and intricate peacock motifs on the pallu, it holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive saree types due its meticulously rich craftsmanship and high quality silk! 

Image Source Paithani Yeola

2. Patola

Boasting of a rich legacy of karigari, this double ikat weaving style saree originated in Patan, Gujarat. The complex process of dyeing the threads of this saree result in a very long process and time (six months to one year) involved in making one Patola saree render it highly expensive and revered. Floral designs, geometric patterns and dancing figures are some of the motifs that are used on the saree. 

Image Source Stylosaree

3. Kanchi

Kanchi or Kanchipuram silk saree originated in Tamil Nadu in the town of Kanchipuram. Woven from pure mulberry silk, these sarees are distinguished by their rich contrast borders. Additionally, temple designs, checkered stripes, birds, animals, nature elements and floral patterns are some of the motifs found on Kanchipuram sarees. 

Image Source Sai Sarees Madurai

4. Kantha

Prominently worn by the women in the eastern states of India and present-day Bangladesh, Kantha saree derives its name from a unique type of embroidery that features on the saree and goes by the same name. Known for their aesthetic appeal and rich legacy of craftsmanship, these sarees are available today in stunning versions replete with extraordinary embroidery.

Image Source Ashwatthama Clothing

5. Chanderi

The art of Chanderi is a beauteous gift from Central India to the rest of the land. Chanderi silk sarees are known for their traditional ethnic fabric that are lightweight and soft on the skin. Inspired by the history of the area around, these sarees carry a number of interesting motifs on them. From ashrafi (gold coin) motifs to floral designs, these sarees are rich in texture, karigari and appearance! 

Image Source Amrapali Boutique

6. Kasavu

A gem from ‘God’s own Country’ Kasavu sarees are hailed for their signature gold borders on cream coloured fabrics. Traditionally simple yet elegant, these handwoven sarees are available today in numerous variations with multicoloured traditional motifs. A go-to garment for every occasion, Kasavu sarees are easy to carry and exude a sense of subtle brilliance!

Image Source The Boat Song

7. Muga

Available in the state of Assam, Muga sarees are made from a specific variety of wild silk by the same name existing in large quantities there. Known for the durability of its fabric and glossy texture, these sarees are characterized by traditional ornament motifs, floral and animal designs and intricate geometric patterns. These sarees with a long shelf-life and gorgeous display of craft certainly make for an ideal occasion wear!  

Image Source Baawari

So ladies, these were our seven gems, which one are you opting for then?

Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Coastal Cities of India for a Fun Affair

As the coronavirus has brought in the new way of wedding celebrations, you might be scouring the city to look for a small outdoor wedding ceremony. We all know that we can only invite around 50 guests at a time to bless on our big day. As India has a lot of locations to carry on the proceedings, today we have targeted the coastal cities. So, if you belong to one of these cities, then we hope that our list will help you to some extent to find a city to host a small outdoor wedding ceremony. We are helping you to have a peek in these cities, so you can be sure about where and how you are supposed to plan the most significant day of your life. 

So, if we talk about the Coastal Cities of India, then do you know what charm it carries? India has a long coastline- one of the longest in the world. So, you can imagine how terrific the beauty of coastal towns will be. Not only will you enjoy the calm and peace of these cities, but you will also experience the country’s unrivaled natural riches. These seaside cities are colorful and joyful in every aspect, and that’s what your small outdoor wedding ceremony will probably be if you plan to host it in one of these cities. Some of these are famed for old-world charms while some of them are known for their modern-day elegance. 

However, all these cities are ready to sweep you off your feet with their beauty. As we said we have managed to scour 5 such cities and we are bringing to you a little sneak peek at a small outdoor wedding ceremony venue here. So, get on-board on board with us, and let’s scout these cities together for a small outdoor wedding ceremony. 

Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Chennai

wedding hall for 50 people in Chennai
wedding hall for 50 people in Chennai

If we talk about the coastal cities of India, then the best one would be Chennai. It has exotic beaches such as Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach, Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Covelong, and VGP Golden Beach, and so one. Chennai does have beachside venues that will impress you to the core. What awaits here is classy wedding venues in Chennai. These venues are perfect for a small outdoor wedding ceremony in Chennai. If you don’t want to go for a beachside venue to celebrate your wedding day, then this city also has amazing banquets and indoor spaces to pull off a destination wedding in Chennai. Check the venues out and be double sure about the wedding hall you pick for your big day. 

Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Mumbai

wedding hall for 50 people in Mumbai
wedding hall for 50 people in Mumbai

If we are talking about beautiful coastlines, then how can we not talk about the famous sea city, that is obviously the city of dreams, Mumbai. It is not only the powerhouse of India, but it is also famous for being a cosmopolitan city. It is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It has all architectural details to the classy modern infrastructures. The beaches that Mumbai has are Aksa, Juhu, Girgaum Chowpatty, Versova, Marve, and many more beaches that are popular here. Mumbai has a lot of venues that have spectacular beach-view or they overlook the shimmering waters of the sea. So, if you want to look out such wedding venues in Mumbai, then you have a lot of options to choose from for your big day. So, to book a venue for a small outdoor wedding ceremony in Mumbai, you are free to explore our website. 

Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Goa

wedding hall for 50 people in Goa
wedding hall for 50 people in Goa

We are talking about beaches, then how can we skip the heaven of beaches in India, Goa. Goa screams gracefulness and elegance to the top of its voice. This beach state Goa pulls off every wedding grandly giving experience for a lifetime to the couple. The wedding venues in Goa offer the perfect settings to help every couple creating their memories here in making the day cherishable. There are around 50 beaches in Goa and the best ones we could think of is Vagator Beach, Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, Morjim Beach, Miramar Beach, Ashwem Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Kalacha Beach, Mandrem Beach, Sinquerim Beach and many more. You will be blown away by their beauty and sheer magnificence. So you should totally check out wedding destinations in Goa. You will be surprised to find an amazing venue for a small outdoor wedding ceremony in Goa.

Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Surat

wedding hall for 50 people in Surat
wedding hall for 50 people in Surat

Another location that has a beautiful beach is Surat. Surat has one of the most exotic and less crowded beaches named Dumas. Dumas Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea, located 21 kilometers southwest of the City of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a popular tourist destination in South Gujarat. There are a number of venues that overlook the beauty of this beach. You can also look for wedding venues in Surat that have the essence of the coastal city and that lets you incorporate the flavor of Gujarat into your weddings. So, check out some amazing wedding locations in Surat you should check out our website. So, browse freely to book a venue for a small outdoor wedding ceremony in Surat here.

Small Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Vadodara

wedding hall for 50 poeple in Vadodara
wedding hall for 50 poeple in Vadodara

All the sea lovers are always on the hunt for capturing beautiful beaches in their camera rolls. However, to pick one for a wedding is not only about the pictures but it should also talk about the love story you have, right? So, another Gujarati city filled with beaches is Vadodara or Baroda. It has beaches such as Tithal Beach, Dwarka Beach, Jamnagar Beach, Somnath Beach, and many more. These beaches indeed are gorgeous and will, in turn, make your wedding day astonishing. You can look for wedding venues in Baroda around these beaches. Hunt for the venus for a small outdoor wedding ceremony in Baroda. You will surely be impressed by the options this city has for you.

These were the best of locations, where you can have the best small outdoor wedding ceremony. If you have found one from our list, then we wish you all the luck. However, if you wish to explore more, then you can check out wedding halls and services on our exclusive website. brings hassle-free event planning and venue booking at your fingertips! Book with us and bag ‘Guaranteed Best Prices’ on all the wedding venues or event areas listed with us. If you have any queries about a venue or want to learn more about our services, visit our website: or give us a call at 08048055565.

Wedding Halls for 50 People to Celebrate an Intimate Function in your City

We all know that you’ve already postponed your wedding dates in search of better days ahead. But, as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, there is some relief for couples who wish to celebrate their wedding functions in the coming days. As you’re all aware that you can only go ahead with 50 guests for your functions, here is a list of Wedding Halls for 50 People in various cities that will help you to host your wedding celebrations in grand style. Due to the imposement of new norms for wedding functions, at times, it can be a task for you to zero down that one particular function place that will tap all your requirements. Well, you don’t have to lose your sleep over it now as we bring you this list where you can easily check out wedding halls for 50 people in your particular city. Get all the insights related to the venues and let us your feedback regarding the same.

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Delhi

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Delhi
New Ambience Banquets

Hosting a wedding in a metro city like Delhi can sometimes get the better of you in many situations. There is a lot that goes into conducting a successful wedding event right for the initial stage to the post-wedding events. If you wish to host a marriage function for a small gathering in this city, you surely have plenty of options to choose from. Delhi has many such special places where all your pre-wedding, as well as post-wedding functions, can be celebrated with all grandeur surrounding it. Since our main focus is to look out for wedding halls for 50 people there are many such venues that will suit your requirement. New Ambience Banquets at Dwarka is surely one place that will interest you and the other venue is Royal Castle Barbecue at Tilak Nagar. You can check out these venues or other similar venus that will help you in conducting an amazing wedding event. 

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Gurugram

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Gurugram
Radisson Gurugram

Gurugram is another city that has a number of top places where you can host all your intimate wedding events. Right from your mehandi, haldi, sangeet, engagement and your d-day, you can surely host all your functions under one roof at some of these lavish venues. Apart from being one of the major satellite cities of Delhi, it is also a part of the National Capital Region of India. There are pretty famous spots here where you can plan your special functions and one of them is Radisson Gurugram at Udyog Vihar which is a top 5-star property. Another venue that fulfills all your wedding requirements is The Country Touch Resort at Sohna Road which is tailor-made for all your wedding requirements. Check out both these venues as go ahead with your bookings accordingly. 

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Chandigarh

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Chandigarh
Regenta Almeida

Apart from being one of the major cities of Punjab, Chandigarh has plenty to offer when it comes to the food, culture and other important landmarks. One of the important things that has always garnered attention over the years is the Punjabi food that leaves every other soul drooling over it. When it comes to celebrations, the city surely does not lag behind as it has its own unique way of celebrating special events. Weddings are surely celebrated in a special way and the experience of attending a typical Punjabi wedding will surely be an amazing one. Radisson in Zirakpur and Regenta Almeida in the same locality offer you some of the best services if you’re in search of wedding halls for 50 people. 

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Noida

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Noida
City Pride

A well-planned city in the National Capital Region of India. Noida surely is a city that needs no formal introduction. If you’re a resident of Noida or are looking forward to hosting a small wedding function, worry not, we’ve got you covered for it. There are many venues in Noida that offer you both indoor, as well as outdoor facilities to host your special functions and the services they provide, are definitely worth experiencing. City Pride at Sector 51 is a special venue where all your intimate wedding functions will surely have a perfect setting. Another venue is Hotel Ascent Biz in Sector 62 which you should make a note of before going ahead with your bookings. 

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Jaipur

Wedding Halls for 50 People in Jaipur
ITC Rajputana

Our final city on the list is Jaipur which is known for hosting some of the most magnificent wedding venues over the years. The ever amazing lavish structures that the city offers surely gets you awestruck. There are many venues that you can choose from depending on your budget and also the number of guests invited. At this moment of time, you’re surely looking out for wedding halls for 50 people where you can host an intimate function with all your loved ones. We understand your requirements and will, therefore, we recommend you ITC Rajputana at Gopalbari and Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre at Bais Godam. Check out these venues and more such similar venues before going ahead with your bookings.

We are sure that this list of Wedding Halls for 50 People will surely help you with your bookings during these testing times. For more such wedding venues, check out