6 Indian Indie Qurantunes to Hear when Missing your Special One this Lockdown!

Though these times are unprecedented, the idea of ‘longing in love’ is not new. On the contrary it happens to be one of the most explored and widely portrayed one in various art forms world over. The sufi concept of hijr (separation) and visal (union) has been the inspiration for some of the most path-breaking creations in literature, music, painting and cinema. Famous love folklores also rest on the same idea. Such is the enigma and mysticism of these feelings, that they do not cease to charm generations after generations!

No matter the timeline, day or age, only the expressionism of love has changed and will change with time. The core of the essence still remains intact. So matter the fact that lovers in the past were separated over tribes, lineage, political or even geographical issues or just like today’s covid-19 world where the entire human species is compelled to remain indoors, the nostalgia of missing and longing for your beloved is timeless and boundless:)

We thought to add a musical flavour to your missing by putting this list together for you. A rather indie musical one! If you’re done and dusted with those film songs, old classics and love-song of every era, it’s time to hear something new 🙂 Besides, there’s no harm exploring some new music this lockdown season too. Happy humming to you! 

Tune Kaha- Prateek Kuhad

One of the most successful indie musicians of our time, Prateek Kuhad’s soulful lyrics and melodious rhythms never cease to charm us. It is not for nothing his admirer’s list includes President Obama himself! This rendition wrapped in simplicity, timeless nostalgia and old-school vibes, will take you back to the memories of the first time your special one gave you butterflies in the tummy 🙂

Raah Piya- Pakshee

In their signature style of ‘east meets west’, this New Delhi based band’s creation Raah Piya marries Indian classical music with jazz to bring alive the feelings of longing without really making you sob! You’re sure to experience the beauty of your emotions with this deep yet uplifting gem!

Tera Jeya Hor Disda- The Yellow Diary

Ever wondered if your heart could literally melt listening to alternative rock, that too with punjabi lyrics (considering punjabi music today is synonymous with party songs)? This Mumbai Based indie band’s version will do that for you! Celebrate the distant beloved with this soothing melody that sounds like a divine dervish swirl!

Wagairah Wagairah- Ankur Tiwari & The Ghalat Family

Get transported to a world that is dreamy, raw and innocent while reminiscing the good times with your partner with this magical melody. A celebrated poster boy of the desi indie music scene, Ankur breathes life into the heartwarming lyrics with his soulful voice. As a side tip, it is best to enjoy this one with a glass of wine 🙂

Dilnawaz- The Local Train

Let your missing not just be about tears and choking. Rather, Delhi based Local Train’s Dilnawaz will make you feel euphoric about it! Euphoric about your ‘only one’,of being in love and just the idea of love. For all the strength you need to hang in there just a little more, this is your pick.

Though I Know- Tajdar Junaid

Let your longings groove to this nearly country music vibe created by the multi-talented instrumentalist Tajdar Junaid. Subtle yet full of depth, old-worldly and reminiscent of a time when the idea of romance was full of simplicity and warmth, this one is sure to stay with you 🙂  

Dear dreamers and lovers, here’s leaving you on this musical note with lots of bliss and strength!

5 Things You Can Spend on When You Opt for Micro Weddings

An immediate effect of the covid pandemic is the rise in micro weddings. This time it is around not just in for the trend or fad of it but as the need of the hour considering the emphasis on social distancing. Hence, even though Indian marriages have the exact opposite spirit, it’s time to embrace this new and starkly different manner of getting married in a country like ours!

And while you’re playing around the idea of a micro wedding we decided to make life a lot more easier for you by putting this list together that can help you spend, allocate and plan well keeping the interest of your guests in mind. Since intimate affairs are all about the experience, we’ve pieced this keeping the experiential aspect in mind. Reading this will have you convinced that ‘indeed less is more’ Take a look:  

1. Dream Venue!

Image Source Wonderland Bali

Image Source Atisuto Events

One of the first questions that pop in the minds of couples who are all set to tie the knot is the place, the ‘where’ If you’ve always envisioned a quintessential fort wedding or a nuptial by the beach, it’s time to give wings to those cherished desires. Pick the most visually appealing venue-indoor or outdoors according to your preference, and nail the setting spot-on! You’re very well now, picking the perfect venue is half the job done. So be it the most premier banquet, heritage haveli, luxury resort or vibrant lawn, now’s a great time to make meaningful memories with your select few in a splendid milieu.

2. Inclusive Menus

Image Source Isalie Tring

Image Source Isalie Tring

Micro weddings provide a large scope for customization. Hence you must make the most of having a limited number of guests and make them feel special with some thoughtful value additions. A great way of doing that is incorporating inclusive menus. This not only takes care of their preferences, distinct tastes and culinary choice but also looks after their food allergies, health requirements and personal beliefs. Your guests will certainly be touched by this caring gesture and you’ll be proud as hell for giving them a deliciously pleasant memory!

3. Personalized Wedding Favours

 Image Source Little Cookie and Cake Co

Image Source Sol Y Luna

Gifting your guests customized, handcrafted or luxury return favours can be a challenge with a massive pax count as you may end up severely off-shooting your budget. However, that’s not the case with micro weddings where you can now make this possible. Be it personalized memorabilia or handmade chocolates, vintage candles or wellness and beauty kits, you can source these from the finest places or vendors and give your guests reasons enough to remember and remiscine even long after your wedding. After all, who does not love gifts? That too bespoke ones!

4. High End Wedding Photography & Videography

Image Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

Every penny spent on this aspect is worth it. After all, your wedding photos will last a lifetime, or even after that! Hence, get the best team, hire the finest talent to nail this important bit for you. From drone photography to multi-crew set-ups that can capture the perfect frames from a number of angles, we suggest, get it all! As these pictures and videos will be tangible memories of the most momentous day of your life, treat it the same way and give it every importance it deserves!

5. Safety Strategy!

Image Source Handheld Catering

Image Source Golden Coin

We’re certain if anyone was to mention that they have a separate allocated budget for the safety department of their wedding a few years from now, it would send chuckles and giggles down. But not anymore, certainly not in the covid-19 world. Hence we urge you to take this aspect seriously. With micro weddings in, you certainly do much more to ensure top-notch safety measures for your wedding. You can even have a department set-up that can look after waste disposal, venue sanitization, staff hygiene standards, display of venue maps with fire exits, emergency safety and health kit, installation of sanitizer booths and so much more! If you’ve got everything well so far, you don’t want to ruin it all for not incorporating something this essential.

On that note, we hope you get cracking your dream micro wedding with plenty of ideas and inspiration that were up for grabs in here!

6 Essentials For Hosting a Home Wedding

We live in the era of the covid 19 pandemic which has pushed the world to return back to its basics. Perhaps, ever since the outbreak of the technological revolution, this must be one of those rare times in history where a majority of the human species has been compelled to mildly live like the times before technology and modernization hijacked our lives! Eating together, passing down oral traditions, sharing family time and bonding over folklores are a common thing today. Even the way we ring in our celebrations have become more simpler and intimate. And reminiscent of the times when the big fat Indian wedding was not a fad.

Having said that, it all boils down to ‘choice’. If you’ve been getting inspired by the increasing number of couples opting for home weddings this lockdown, then you’ll be happy to know, this list may just have made your life a little simpler! While there is no doubt that you may get the larger elements right, like food, decor, outfits, vendors but the little one you miss out can really dampen the overall experience of your cherished home wedding

So here we are! To your rescue again. This list contains six pointers for you to host a glitch-free affair . Read on to find out more: 

1. Rent/Hire Wisely

Image Source Iwd Australia

Image Source Alanavalentim

Once you’ve got your realistic guest-size in place, it’s time to place orders and hire stuff accordingly. Depending on the area size, hire tables, chairs and other logistics in a way that does not compromise the ‘spacious’ factor. Likewise, unlike grand gatherings, you can fairly ensure that you order food in the right quantity to ensure minimum wastage. While opting for a home-style wedding, it is important you find vendors who understand your sense of aesthetics, need for elevating guest experience rather than reinforcing their commercial agendas. 

2. Ensure Personalized Touches

Image Source Darlene Medeiros

Image Source Shutterfly

Your home wedding is literally your canvas! Treat it like that on your most momentous day. No matter the exquisite paraphernalia, there’s no better set-up than your home to add in those personal touches. It could be a memory photo booth, customized thank you notes, a picture wall or a decor element with monograms. Remember to nail the setting with such thoughtful details.

3. Get or Hire Help

Image Source Julianamenth

Image Source Seattle Farm Tables

If you’ve decided your folks will also shoot your wedding video, serve snacks or get the table setting cracking, apart from cheering for and dancing with you, you have more reasons to smile. To hire professional stewards, planners or cleaners can make everyone’s life a lot more easier. Whichever path you want to tread, ensure you have enough support in every department for planning before, during and after the wedding.

4. Parking Provision

Image Source Twenty7

Image Source Pinterest

This is paramount! You must figure out a place, allocated plot or take necessary permissions from your neighbours to ensure that there is ample parking space for your guest’s vehicles. Also make sure, you have someone dedicatedly guiding guests on where they can park. This also amounts to giving your guests a fuss-free experience!

5. Make Sure Permissions are in Place

Image Source Mixcloud

Image Source HSA Consulting India

These could range from alcohol licenses to speaker volumes and society’s approval. Remember your special day cannot be a cause of chaos and distress for others. Make it as smooth an experience you can imagine for everyone involved and uninvolved too. Hence, start planning in advance so that you can apply for permits and get approvals well in advance.

6. Plan a Little Something for your Guests

Image Source Whatsonhighlands

Image Source Heyletsmakestuff

And finally, as home weddings are big on moments, create new memories with your loved ones who have come to support you on your marriage day. You can plan something special for them and it does not necessarily have to be something fancy or out of the league! Fun games, karaoke sessions, unplugged singing sessions or planned performance. Nothing like roping in some good talents for this. However, if you sit to find, you’ll find all the gems and geniuses in the family itself!

We hope, by getting these vital things right, you have a hassle-free home wedding and make meaningful memories with family and friends!

5 Most Mesmerizing Bridal Makeups and Hairstyles

The wedding day is one of the biggest days for a girl – the day she wants all eyes on her and wants to bring to life her idea of the ideal wedding. The perfect dress, the perfect decor, her love by her side and tons of amazing pictures! Just like everything else, it is important that the bride’s makeup and hairstyle match her persona during all the functions.

There are many makeup artists and hairstylists who cater to brides. But it’s important that someone with good experience works with you for your D-day look – someone who understands the shape of your face, your skin tone, and the outfits. An industry expert can be relied on blindly and isn’t that what a bride truly wants? Someone to trust and get ready worry-free. So, on this note, we have found the most trust-worthy and experienced makeup and hair artist to cater to your bridal needs. We’ll introduce you to her, but first, let’s take a look at five bridal makeup looks that we loved!

1. The glamorous bride

2. The chic bride

3. The classy bride

4. The subtle bride

5. The royal bride

Whether you want your makeup glamorous or subtle, she can do it all!

Is it time to meet her? Wait, just for a little bit longer… Let’s take a look at five beautiful hairstyles she’s done for brides:

1. Simple and chic

2. Where elegance meets style

3. Studded with pearls

4. For the perfect reception look

5. Layered to perfection

Can you believe that all this has been done by the same person? Yes, meet Simmy Makwana – the boss lady of Simmy Makeup Studio and Academy.

Simmy comes from a business family and had the chance to build her inherited family business but she chose her passion and become an entrepreneur. With over nine years of experience in the industry, Simmy has worked with top models and leading photographers. She believes in surpassing her limits and achieving her dreams.

She continues to learn new styles and techniques and ensures to be updated with the latest trends. She’s known to provide utmost comfort, the best hospitality and the dream look to all her brides.

“Trusting me was your decision and proving you right was my passion.” – Simmy Makwana

6 Decor Themes to Bookmark for your Fall 2020 Nuptials!

One of the most challenging aspects of planning your dream wedding is cracking the right theme. That is because it sets the mood and tone of your big day. Your pictures will also by and large depend on the setting you’ve chosen.  Hence, once you’ve zeroed in on the venue, the next step is to decide the theme and plan with your vendors to ensure everybody is on the same page and delivers on the exact same front.

With time on your side, it’s best to start early and ensure to create a magical milieu to celebrate with all your loved ones. We’ve listed 6 famous themes and the important elements in each to get you started. So drop all and get thinking. Read on to find out your possibilities and how you can play around them.

1. Vintage

Image Source Essence Event Decor

Image Source Pavone Design Studios

Opt for a dreamy setting on your most cherished day with a classic vintage theme. Ornate details, intricate chandeliers, birdcages, antique furniture, exotic flowers and exquisite candles among others, are sure to transport you to a timeless era that is full of magic and unmatched beauty!

2. Romantic

Image Source Pinterest

Image Source Buzz 16

A romantic theme decor is all about playing with fine lights, soft hues and stunning floral showers, literally! Give the perfect ode to your love story with this heartwarming theme that sets the mood just right for you to take the plunge.

3. Bohemian

Image Source Prashe Decor

Image Source Ceremony

Spunk things up with a vivacious boho theme wedding as you progress from being lovers to spouses. The eclectic hues of this theme perfectly compliment the zesty spirit of Indian marriage festivities. Throw in those bright colours, metallic mirrors, artistic adornments and quirky finds and let your frames pop!

4. Autumn Leaves

Image Source My Wedding

Image Source Pinterest

Make the most of your fall wedding by hosting an autumn leaves theme wedding. You create wonders with them by opting for leave wreaths, table decor bouquets or simply make use of artificial ones if sourcing the natural ones is a challenge. Pumpkins are also an essential element of this theme. Another subtle way to incorporate this theme is to opt for drapes and candles in this bright orange shade. 

5. Contemporary

Image Source Wedding Invites

Image Source Erinjsaldana

To nail the contemporary theme trend you must embrace metallic hues, textured elements, fuss-free light trails, thoughtfully chosen table linens and clever detailing. Set up a lively photo booth, memory wall or monogram logos to add in those chic touches. If you envision your big day’s setting to be a sophisticated and elegant affair, this theme is all yours!

6. Sustainable

Image Source Pinterest

Image Source Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Let your love for the environment spill into your wedding decor. To opt for a sustainable theme wedding your checklist must have ‘florals and farm to table’ elements like soft colour palettes contrasted with deep greens, lush leaves/foliage adornments, eco-friendly centrepieces, menus printed on recycled/biodegradable materials and certainly a vibe that’s full of minimalism and serenity.  

We hope you can take a leaf out of this list and get geared to zero down on your fall wedding theme. Which one are you opting for then?

Top Function Halls in Bangalore for All Kinds of Festivities

Have you been planning to host an event lately? Wondering where to host your next festivity? We know Bangalore will leave you in stress and dilemma as it has tons of venues to offer, big or small, classy or lavish, simple or extravagant. Bengaluru has it all. So, if you are wondering where to host your events, then we have the list ready. You can have a look at our list of the top function halls in Bangalore, where you can host all kinds of celebrations with a bang. If you are on the same page with us, then have a look at the venues and pick a venue right away. 

Fortune Select Trinity, Whitefield, Bangalore

Fortune Select Trinity, Bangalore- Function Halls in Bangalore

We are starting our list with a 4-star luxury hotel in Bangalore, Fortune Select Trinity. This venue features multiple halls with capacity ranging from 100 to 550 guests. It also has an open-air sprawling lawn with a much larger capacity, and that is around 3000 guests. It is an upscale venue for high-end celebrations. The chefs in-here serve a wide range of delicacies in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. It also has its decor team ready to spice up your event look. So, if this is where your search ends, then book it right away and plan your celebrations here.

Key Features:
Serves vegetarian and nonvegetarian food
Multiple party areas available
Decor provided by the venue

Where: Fortune Select Trinity, No. 134-136, EPIP Area, Road No. 1, Whitefield, Bengaluru – 560066

Manpho Convention Centre, Nagavara, Bangalore

Manpho Convention Centre, Bangalore- Function Halls in Bangalore

What is the size of your guest list? Do you want to call everyone, including the people you barely know, to your festivity? So, for one such huge entourage, you would need a venue that can fit in all your guests comfortably. The venue we are presenting to you is the Manpho Convention Centre. It has multiple halls and also a large lawn. This convention center in Bangalore is ideal for a gathering of over 10000 guests. We bet you will not regret choosing this venue. All in all, this venue in Bangalore indeed is a great pick for any kind of function. 

Key Features:
Commendable food and decor services
Massive parking space plus valet
Serves both veg and non-veg food

Where: Manpho Convention Centre-Spectrum 2, 95, Veerannapalya Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024

Country Inn And Suites By Radisson, Nagavara, Bangalore

Country Inn And Suites By Radisson, Bangalore- Function Halls in Bangalore

If you are looking forward to hosting an event at a venue, where you can rely on the services and just enjoy without any worry, then you must choose a star-rated venue. One such venue is Country Inn And Suites By Radisson. This is a 5-star party venue in Bangalore, and it is located just 40 minutes away from Kempegowda International Airport. So, along with the class apart hospitality, it also offers convenience to all your guests. It boasts of a banquet hall and a terrace party area to plan your festivities as per your preference. Check this venue out, and you are sure to fall in love with it. 

Key Features:
Commendable food and decor services
Ample parking space with valet service
5-star hotel from a premium chain

Where: Country Inn and Suites by Radisson, Plot No 514, Outer Ring Road opp. Lumbini Garden, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045

Pai Vinod Deluxe Hall, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Pai Vinod Deluxe Hall, Bangalore- Function Halls in Bangalore

A venue that is a part of the Pai Group of Hotels, Pai Vinod Deluxe Hall, has a lot to offer. Classy decor to the spacious banquet, it is perfect for any kind of event you are planning to host. This banquet in Bangalore is merely 1.5 kilometers away from National College Metro Station, and 20 minutes away from Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru) Railway Station, which offers convenience to all your guests. It has two distinct halls with a capacity of around 200 guests each. So, if you are up for the intimate soirees, then this should probably be your go-to destination. 

Key Features:
In-house decor and catering services provided
Serves only vegetarian food
Changing rooms provided

Where: Pai Vinod Deluxe Hall, #196, Gandhi Bazar, Basavangudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

Vivanta By Taj, M G Road, Bangalore

Vivanta By Taj, Bangalore- Function Halls in Bangalore

As we have started our list with a star rated venue, we will end our list with the same. So, one such wonderful 5-star hotel in Bangalore is Vivanta By Taj. Do we even need reasons to pick Taj over any other venue? The name of this party hotel in Bangalore is enough to make you want to host your functions here. This place indeed is a reflection of Bengaluru’s cosmopolitan flavor. This venue will surround you with its warm embrace, and you are sure to fall in love with it. So, don’t you feel that this indeed is one of the best hotels in Bangalore? 

Key Features:
Equipped with state-of-the-art technology
Well-connected party venue in Bangalore
5-star party hotel in Bengaluru

Where: 41/3 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore – 560 001

So, didn’t we tell you that these function halls in Bangalore are just wonderful? Did you find the venue you were looking for your festivities? If not, and you wish to explore a bit more, then have a look at more such banquets in Bangalore and more such services to assist you, on our exclusive website.

Weddingz.in brings hassle-free event planning and venue booking at your fingertips! Book with us and bag ‘Guaranteed Best Prices’ on all the wedding venues or event areas listed with us. If you have any queries about a venue or want to learn more about our services, visit our website: Weddingz.in or give us a call at +91- 76-66-77-88-99.

Cocktail venues in Mumbai – Unconventional Party Venues You Can’t Miss!

Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in India, and so is the number of banquets here. Finding a perfect party venue in Mumbai is quite a task. If your soirees are intimate and an open-air lounge or a small banquet is the kind of a venue you are looking for, then we have got you covered. So, if you are hunting for cocktail venues in Mumbai for any of your festivities, then have a look at our list right away. We have tried to keep our list as versatile as it can, and you will have a variety of stunning wedding venues to choose from as per your preference. Dive right into the list and pick a venue together. Let’s Go.

Tap, Andheri East, Mumbai

Tap, Andheri East- Cocktail venues in Mumbai

We are starting our list with a classy party venue in Mumbai, Tap. This venue has a unique interior, which is ideal for crazy and fun parties. You can enjoy a wide range of alcohol and beverages to spruce things up. The hall here is ideal for an intimate bash for around 100 to 150 guests, which makes it perfect for cocktail events. You do not have to worry about decor and food as this venue will take care of all the services you might need for your day. So, is this the perfect place for your cocktail events in Mumbai?

Key Features:
Venue is perfect for fun cocktail parties
Ideal for intimate gatherings
Decor offered in-house

Where: Tap, Ground Times Square B-1 Tech Park Andheri Kurla Road Marol Andheri East, Sakinaka, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

Sun-N-Sand Mumbai, Juhu, Mumbai

Sun-N-Sand Mumbai, Juhu- Cocktail venues in Mumbai

Sun-N-Sand is a 5-star party banquet in Mumbai. Even the name of this venue sounds perfect for cozy and heartwarming cocktail events. You can opt for their beach-front event spaces or their indoor banquet halls, the freedom of choice is yours. This hotel in Mumbai has been standing tall since 1962 and right on Juhu beach, which makes it easy to access this venue for you and all your guests. While the hall can fit around 150 guests, the lawn can hold up to 600 guests. You can even club the areas as per your convenience. So, do you see yourself partying here?

Key Features:
Beachfront party venue
Luxurious stay available
Great set of professionals

Where: Sun-N-Sand Mumbai, 39, Juhu Beach, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Rude Lounge, Powai, Mumbai

Rude Lounge, Powai- Cocktail venues in Mumbai

When we look for banquets to host cocktail events, we generally choose lounges over the other event spaces. So, one such banquet in Mumbai is the Rude Lounge. This lounge in Mumbai is well-equipped with contemporary amenities, and it is complemented by gracious services, which will let you host events super smooth and without any hassle. This place is ideal for around 1500 guests but you can host any size of the event you wish to, be it an intimate soiree or a big fat bash. They have a great set of professionals, who will cater to all your partying needs. 

Key Features:
In-house decorators and caterers available
Perfect for fun cocktail parties
Ideal for a large gathering

Where: Rude Lounge, B-Wing, Supreme Business Park, 8, South Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

InterContinental, Churchgate, Mumbai

InterContinental, Churchgate- Cocktail venues in Mumbai

Another venue on our list that stands as a legend in the skies of South Mumbai is InterContinental. It is located in the heart of the city of Mumbai right opposite to the Marine Drive, and thus, you can imagine the beautiful view of the Queen’s Necklace and the Arabian Sea. Glass walls and an eternal dome, which is lit with warm light sets up the perfect ambiance for cocktail events. You indeed can enjoy the evening with your friends sipping your drinks and dancing to the music. This luxury hotel in Mumbai is truly a great venue when it comes to hosting chic events.

Key Features:
In-house decorators and caterers available
Multiple spaces for different functions
Sea-view event spaces available

Where: InterContinental, 135, Marine Dr, Maharashtra 400020

Four Seasons, Worli, Mumbai

Four Seasons, Worli- Cocktail venues in Mumbai

If you want a rooftop or an open-air cocktail event, then one of the most visited party venues in Mumbai is Four Seasons. On the 34th floor of this 5-star hotel in Mumbai is a rooftop event space named AER. You can enjoy the stunning city view and also the shimmering sea. You can use this scenic beauty as your picture-perfect backdrop for your soirees. Apart from this, it also features multiple halls and lawns, and you also have the freedom to pick from the multiple event spaces as per your choice. Are you already in love with this venue? If yes, then go ahead and party here. 

Key Features:
Multiple spaces for different functions
Very suitable for cocktail events
5-star wedding hotel in Mumbai

Where: 114, Dr. E Moses Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Upper Worli, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

So, didn’t we tell you that these banquets in Mumbai are just amazing? Do you agree with us that these are just stunning cocktail venues in Mumbai and do you like any of them? If yes, then go ahead and have a good time there. If not, then you can explore more party halls and services to assist your events on our exclusive website.

Weddingz.in brings hassle-free event planning and venue booking at your fingertips! Book with us and bag ‘Guaranteed Best Prices’ on all the wedding venues or event areas listed with us. If you have any queries about a venue or want to learn more about our services, visit our website: Weddingz.in or give us a call at +91- 76-66-77-88-99.

Praneet & Sonakshi Indore : ‘When childhood lovers turned life partners in a beautiful home wedding set-up’


“The future for me is already a thing of the past . You were my first love and you will be my last” ― Bob Dylan

Sonakshi and Praneet literally grew up together. They’ve known each other since they were nine years old! So you won’t be surprised to know where they met, at school. From being school mates, best friends to childhood lovers, teenage sweethearts and partners to this day, this couple saw it all, conquered everything and stuck together over all the years! Theirs is indeed a tale of timeless eternal love and certainly couple goals for new-age lovers.

The Proposal

When you’ve been with someone for that long, everything else just becomes about doing the needful when the time is right. Hence, even in their case, there was no planned proposal as such as they both knew they could handle the other for another lifetime. The decision to tie the knot was mutual. And they set out on the journey to become man and wife with the blessings of their families and loved ones.

The Wedding

Since both Sonakshi and Praneet work in the US, the families decided to get together and plan a dream wedding for their kids. For this they traveled to Mumbai and Delhi to source and personally pick the best vendors. As for the couple, technology was the real boon. They picked their outfits, sent measurements and looked into the details over numerous video calls.

Sonakshi and Praneet wanted a very intimate wedding with their closest ones in attendance. And what better place than home to meet this dream?! Hence their private and meaningful marriage began with a haldi ceremony. The bride kept it simple in a yellow salwar suit with minimal makeup.

Come d- day, which was one beautiful pastel affair. Sonakshi looked like a dream in an elegant Dolly J intricate pink lehenga Praneet on the other hand, looked royal in a Shantanu and Nikhil brocade sherwani. The marriage rituals were carried out beautifully and the atmosphere was filled with joy and lightness. For this lovely couple, their home wedding turned out to be exactly how they envisioned and they couldn’t be more grateful to their parents.

The Photographer

The team at Happyframes was responsible for lighting up their portraits. And true to their name, they did a fabulous job at creating happy frames of this nuptial. The couple also recounts having a pleasant time collaborating with the team and have only positive things to say about them.


The Dream Team

Photography: Happyframes 

Makeup artist: Mehak Dawar 

Wedding decor: Poojan Decor 

Bridal outfit: Dolly J Bridal Collection 

Groomswear: Shantanu & Nikhil

Wedding invites: Diksha Mehta Invites 

Marriage Halls in Bangalore for a Traditional Celebration with Mandapa

A lot of couples love to keep their wedding a simple and traditional affair. They love to follow each and every ritual with precision and that’s what makes their wedding a successful celebration. Are you one of these couples that we are talking about? So, are you looking for such marriage halls in Bangalore, where you can plan for a traditional wedding with a beautiful Mandapa setup? If you are up for one such ceremony, then we have our list of the best wedding halls in Bangalore ready. All you have to do is scroll and pick a venue right away. Let’s go!

Holiday Inn Express And Suites, Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore

Holiday Inn Express And Suites, Bangalore- Marriage Halls in Bangalore

We are starting our list with a 4-star luxury wedding hotel in Bengaluru, Holiday Inn Express And Suites. This hotel in Bangalore belongs to IHG Hotels, which is a known name in the hospitality sector. This indeed is a gem of a venue when it comes to hosting intimate wedding celebrations. They offer you a gourmet dining experience, which will make the most significant day of your life even more special. You can host a wedding for around 15o to 250 guests. This banquet in Bengaluru boasts an ultra-gorgeous interior that will uplift the look of your wedding day. So, go ahead and host your festivities here.

Key Features:
In-house catering and decor provided
Large number of luxurious rooms
4-star luxury hotel in Bangalore

Where: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Ward No.94, #16/1, Seshadri Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009

Pai Viceroy Hotel, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Pai Viceroy Hotel, Bangalore- Marriage Halls in Bangalore

The next venue on our list – Pai Viceroy Hotel is a 3-star wedding hotel in Bangalore that offers you class apart services for your big day. It is known for its luxury and extravagance, and you are sure to be impressed by its services. You can rely on them as they are keen to maintain their standards. It has two distinct halls, and both the halls are ideal for small gatherings. You can book the halls together to club the event spaces to host a larger gathering. Along with this, this luxury hotel in Bangalore also offers spacious, elegantly furnished accommodation rooms. All in all, it is a great venue for your indoor wedding festivities.

Key Features:
Banquet halls apt for medium-sized events
Both veg and non-veg food allowed
3-star wedding hotel in Bangalore

Where: Pai Viceroy Hotel, 1504, 16th Cross, 9th Main, Jayanagar East, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Jayanagar, 3rd Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

Pai Vista Convention Hall, Banashankari, Bangalore

Pai Vista Convention Hall, Bangalore- Marriage Halls in Bangalore

Another venue on our list from the Pai group is Pai Vista Convention Hall. Convention halls in Bangalore are the most ideal wedding destination for one such traditional celebration. The halls offered at this venue have the capacity of hosting a wedding for over 300 to 500 guests at a time. This banquet hall in Bangalore is air-conditioned, plush, and a distinct venue for such special occasions. It also has separate changing rooms and dining facilities available to offer convenience at its best. So, this surely is an amazing wedding venue in Bangalore that will leave you and your guests impressed to the core. 

Key Features:
In-house decor and catering services provided
Ample parking space with valet service
Lodging facilities provided

Where: Pai Vista Convention Hall, 3/1, 27th Cross Road, KR Road, Opposite to Sevakshetra Hospital, Near Monotype, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070

White Pearl ASR Convention Centre, Yelahanka, Bangalore

White Pearl ASR Convention Centre, Bangalore- Marriage Halls in Bangalore

White Pearl ASR Convention Centre makes its way on our list because of its look and ambiance. This marriage hall in Bangalore has classy interiors and it also has a huge capacity to host a wedding for around 1200 guests. It also comes with its set of benefits, and one of them is that this venue is quite accessible. For efficient services and hospitality, this banquet in Bangalore has a great set of professionals. Along with a buffet of tasty delicacies, this spot also allows the serving of alcohol to spice things up. So, if you are thinking about a large wedding ceremony, then this is the place for you. 

Key Features:
Located 5 km away from Yelahanka Junction
In-house catering and decor available
Ample parking available

Where: White Pearl ASR Convention Centre, Bellahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

The Rasaganga, Bellandur, Bangalore

The Rasaganga, Bangalore- Marriage Halls in Bangalore

The last venue on our list is a budget wedding hall in Bangalore that offers you stunning banquet and spot-on services at affordable rates. The venue we are talking about is The Rasaganga. It is located in Bellandur, Bangalore, near the Sri Muneshwara Swamy Temple, which makes it easy to locate this wedding venue in Bangalore. Though they offer services in-house, they give you the freedom to get you, favorite caterers and decorators from outside. It also offers ample parking space along with a valet facility. So, is this venue one of your dreams? If yes, then go ahead and book it right away. 

Key Features:
Open catering and decoration
Great set of professionals
Spacious banquet hall

Where: The Rasaganga, No. 35, Near Eco Space, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

This is our list of grand marriage halls in Bangalore, where you can set up a traditional wedding celebration. So, if you have found one such venue, then go ahead and start your wedding shenanigans. If you are exploring more such banquets in Bangalore or more wedding related services, then check out our exclusive wedding website.

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Akshaykumar & Shreya Mumbai : The Lockdown DIY Home Wedding

When two people in love decide to get married, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a 5-star hotel, at a beach or home. All that matters is they have the people they love and seek blessings from!

From wanting to have a big fat wedding to doing a humble ‘at home’ wedding, here is the story of two love birds who have known each other since high school!

How They Met 

Shreya and Akshay both studied in NM college. They first saw each other ten years back.  Since both aspired to become Chartered Accountants, their paths kept crossing. From being in the same class in college to going to the same tutorials, they always kept bumping into each other. They even had the same set of friends! Finally, they decided to tie the nuptial knot after dating for 8.5 years. Ideally, they wanted to have a quintessential ‘band baaja baaraat’ type wedding, but God had different plans for them. 

In the wake of the lockdown due to Covid-19, they decided to have an ‘at home’ wedding. From inviting 800 guests for a wedding at The Lalit to marrying in front of 20 close family members at Shreya’s house, their wedding was one roller-coaster ride!

The Wedding Story

Once they decided to get married, they had seven days to plan a home-wedding, with no outfit, no decorator, no garland, etc. Reminiscing her planning days, Shreya said “We truly understood the meaning of “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Since they couldn’t buy anything from outside, they made everything on their own. Yes! DIY decoration, garland etc.  For her outfit, she mixed and matched her blouse with her mother in laws outfit and teamed that up with her sisters wedding jewellery because where there is a will, there is a way!

 The next seven days were spent in –

1. Making a DIY garland with artificial flowers and pearls which Akshay’s grandmother already had. 

2. DIY decoration – including making a Mandap with 2 dupattas and a photo booth (best out of waste)

3. Making a DIY cardboard Black Jaguar for the groom’s entry because that was the only way he could have entered in one!

4. Making a DIY cardboard Doli for Shreya to enter in.

5. An 11-minute Virtual “Sangeet” which was a surprise for Shreya featuring dances from 25+ family members; ft. Modiji and SRK

The couple tied the knot amidst the blessing of near and dear ones along with few guests attending virtually. Thinking about how the marriage went, Shreya mentioned: “I learnt a valuable lesson that day – Sometimes we can find happiness even in the darkest of days!”

Now isn’t this a lovely story with a lesson for all of us. 🙂  

The Dream Team

Bride’s MUA: Meraki – MakeUp&Hair By Ritika

Hair Stylist: shabana_shaikh_1

Event Planned by Mauke pe Taufa 

Photographer: Snapped Studios