Less is More: A Minimal yet Magical Mehendi Ceremony

Just as I began to think that there is nothing more that couples can experiment with or ‘WOW’ me by doing at their mehendi ceremony, this couple- Srishti and Shyamal proved me wrong!

From their elegant outfits to their rustic and eco-friendly decor, this couple’s mehendi is major goals for all the millennials out there. 

Want to know more? Scroll down to checkout how they rocked their mehendi:

The bride wore a Pistachio green contemporary saree, paired with a shimmery sleeveless blouse. Not to miss the scalloped border of the saree and the belt accentuating the bride’s waist. She kept her makeup minimal and elegant. 

The groom flaunted a cream-hued bandhgala jacket with complementing pants. 

The seating arrangement of the mehendi ceremony was quite unconventional! A circular swing-like structure suspended from a wooden frame made up the seating for the couple. I spotted maroon velvet bolsters, cushions, and upholstery for the swing. The couple’s name along with strings of genda flowers cascaded from the top. 

Next, there was a photo booth, where the couple was seen getting clicked!

The photo booth was rustic and mostly eco-friendly. Wooden ladders bedecked with strings of genda and marigold flowers and bunches of red and white blooms made up for the photo booth.

The icing on the cake was yet another section which doubled up as a photo booth. The roof comprised of suspended cane baskets and genda flowers. 

Are you all set to take some inspiration from this minimal mehendi ceremony?

Images source: Studio Kelly Photography

Bridal Outfit by: Bhumika Sharma 

Event planner: Connecting the dots

8 Floral and Unconventional Haathphool Designs for the Millennial Bride

Greetings, my jewellery-obsessed ladies!

I can relate to the unmatched passion for every piece of bridal jewellery that you possess- whether it is the choker, maharani haar, maangtikka, passa, matha patti, and nath. 

However, I believe that amongst all the hullabaloo created by the above stated pieces of finery, jewellery for the hands is somewhere lost or not paid much attention to it! Well, haath phools can do the trick. With their elegance and quality of decking up the bride’s entire hand, haath phools should definitely be a part of every bride’s jewellery checklist.

Now, if you are thinking that haath phools are only floral and that you can only flaunt them on your haldi or mehendi ceremony, think again!

Here are some floral and non-floral hathphool designs that took me by surprise:

1.Complementing the bride’s yellow shimmery lehenga extremely well, these yellow and pink haath phools with dainty pearl strings are like a breath of fresh air!

2. Just when you were about to think that haath phools are restricted to certain colours, this bride flaunts a powder blue and lavender haathphoolTitle

3. Sans any floral designs, this statement unconventional hathphool design is perfect for the millennial bride who likes experimenting with jewellery!

Image source: Outhouse Jewellery

4. How about this extravagant and bright hathphool design with pink buds and blood-red tiny roses! Certainly apt for the bride who loves everything OTT!

Image source: Divine Mantra

5. Yet another elegant and chic hathphool design with yellow buds and pastel flowers- complementing the bride’s pastel-hued outfit extremely well!

6. This ceramic hathphool design leaves me awestruck with its attention to detail and minimalism.

7. Haath Phool with a twist- These ones with meenakari work, white studs and pearls are stealing the show with their traditional touch.

8. This bride chooses light orange and pink flowers on her hathphool- a nice contrast with her attire. These are super-simple and easy to manage. 

Image source: Red Veds photography

All set to flaunt those gorgeous haath phools on your D-day?

Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)

Plated Meals at Indian Weddings- Yay or Nay?

At a wedding, a plated meal typically consists of three or more courses- an appetizer or salad or soup, an entree or main course and dessert. The meal is either wrapped up with dessert or a hot beverage like tea or coffee.

In India, most couples opt for the buffet-style catering system for their guests, however, with some couples going in for smaller and more intimate affairs, having a plated meal at the wedding ceremony is not a bad idea after all. 

If you are confused between whether or not you should be having a plated meal for your guests. Here are some pros and cons of the idea that will make you decide better:

1.Save you Money

Opting for plated meals could help you save tons of money!

Sans the innumerable cuisines and the food and beverage stations, your food costs can be reduced considerably. Also, the caterers have a better idea of how much food has to be prepared in advance on account of the numbers given to them, unlike in the case of a buffet-style catering system where there are a variety of options to choose from. Plated meals, in turn, help saving food as well.

2. Minimum Delays 

Unlike the buffet system, plated meals are served at a fixed interval to guests and most guests end up finishing their lunch or dinner approximately at the same time. This ensures that if you have any events lined up after the meal you can have them according to schedule.

3. Increased Efficiency

Plated meals are served faster by the waiters and the efficiency levels are higher!

Without guests having to wait in long queues at the buffet counter, it saves their time as well. Also, having a plated meal makes it more of a formal and elegant affair.
However, this system has it’s set of cons as well:

4. Limited Guest Interaction

In a plated meal system, guests are glued to their chairs and don’t get the freedom to walk around and interact with others at the wedding. This leads to lesser interaction amongst guests.

5. Meal Choices

This cannot be an on-the-spot a la carte menu, as the caterers have to be prepared with the food well in advance. Guests will have to RSVP their meal choices. This may become a hassle especially if some don’t turn in their choices on time, make last-minute changes in their decisions or find the options given to them unappealing as opposed to a buffet system wherein there are a plethora of food items. 

Now that you have a brief idea about both the options, I am assuming making a choice won’t be extremely difficult. 

Trending: 5 Cube-Shaped Wedding Cakes for the Contemporary Couple

When it comes to wedding cakes, couples are on an experimenting spree!

From unconventional hues to realistic-looking sugar flowers and from creative fondant pieces to intricate designs, there is a wide scope of going all out with wedding cakes. 

However, if you want to go one step ahead and do something that impresses your guests and becomes a trendsetter, how about trying cube cakes? Nah! I am not playing a prank on you guys, this is a THING and it does exist! The good news is that it can make your wedding stand out because of it being exquisite and unfamiliar. When it comes to designing and decorating it, you can treat it like any other circular cake and let your creative juices flow. 

Here are some latest cube wedding cakes you must bookmark if you are a fan of all things pretty and exclusive:

1.How about this celestial-themed dreamy cake for the couple who wants something different yet breathtaking!

Image source: Milou and Olin

2. Classic cube cake with pastel floral designs and gold foil work is a treat to the eyes!

Image source: Patrick Ang Photography

3. This cube-shaped wedding cake with a sugar floral arrangement is a nice colourful contrast to the black fondant. The best part is that the flowers look extremely realistic!

Image source: Sotiria Macdonald

4. Scouting for an elegant and elite wedding cake for your D-day?
This detailed lace pattern is truly beautiful and dreamy!

Image source: Erich Mcvey

5. A rather modernistic cake for the contemporary couple with three different-shaped cubes and delicate sugar whips!

Image source: Tim and Kylee Photography

All set to dig into one of these gorgeous and delectable sugar treats?

5 Drinks to Help Brides Get Rid of Pre-wedding Jitters

We all know how brides tackle with pre-wedding jitters and struggle to keep calm and their nerves in check. If you are bride-to-be it is essential to keep the stress levels low and not get too anxious about teeny weeny things!

Along with keeping calm and composed, a bride also requires something that keeps her high on energy to keep going all-day-long. The trick is to opt for drinks that are low on alcohol and caffeine. 

Here are some drink options for the modern bride that will help her relax and bid most of the stress adieu on your D-day:

1.Matcha Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants, green tea matcha boosts your metabolism and helps burn calories. It helps enhance your mood and concentration levels. The best part of this drink is that it helps relax your mind and body and makes you feel rejuvenated. Moreover, it acts as a natural detoxifier- perfect for a bride-to-be!

2. Cacao Drink

Cacao has 40 times the amount of antioxidants when compared with blueberries. It has more calcium than cow’s milk, making it high on energy. Also, it is a natural anti-depressant and mood elevator.

3. Super-healthy beetroot and carrot smoothie

Beetroot and carrot smoothie is not only packed with vitamins, potassium, and fibre. It helps purify your blood and keeps your skin youthful and radiant! A perfect drink to start your day with on your wedding.

4. Herbal Tea

The best feature of piping hot herbal tea is that it helps reduce anxiety and stress, and relax your mind. It is also great for your skin’s health and helps keep your blood pressure in check.

5. Apple Cider with Cinnamon

Regular intake of apple cider vinegar drink helps reduce belly fat and keeps your blood sugar levels in check. It also helps keep your cholesterol in check and improves the health of your heart. Having it on a regular basis can boost your energy and get rid of fatigue!

All ready to go slurp and say bye to those pre-bridal jitters?

Images source: Pinterest

5 Benarasi Lehengas for the Modern Sister-of-the-Bride

Banarasi lehengas- the lehengas that exude of Indian culture and traditional values, can never go out of style, can they?

There is something unique, irresistible and elegant about these outfits that make us want to see more of them. Benarasi lehengas occupy a special place in almost every Indian woman’s heart! If your sister is tying the knot anytime soon, these lehengas are a perfect pick for you! 

The best thing about these lehengas are that they aren’t too OTT and ideal for the sister of the brides who wants to stand out and make a style statement without being overly extravagant!

I have curated a short list for all you sisters (y’all can thank me later :-P):

1.For all the ladies who are in love with pastels, this classy and graceful lehenga is a perfect pick! Not to miss the statement necklace paired with it.

Image source: Anita Dongre 

2. The complementing hues- apricot and fuschia pink really do the trick! 

Not to miss the regality which is exuded by the intricate designs of the lehenga and the statement polki jewellery.

Image source: Aza Fashions 

3. A mix of yellow, green, and pink- this lehenga is an ideal pick for the sister of the bride who is love with anything Benarasi! I am in love with the bold colours and the subtle patterns.

Image source: Bageecha Banaras 

4. For the ultra-modish ladies, this rani pink and gold Benarasi lehenga with sheer sleeves is a delight to the eyes. You could let go off the dupatta and pair your outfit with traditional jhumkas and statement haath phools.

Image source: Ritu Kumar

5. In love with lighter and brighter colours?

You could opt for this yellow, peach and apricot. The best part is that it is simple, subtle, and elegant.

Image source: Bageecha Banaras 

All set to rock your traditional Benarasi outfit this wedding season?

10 New Wedding Cake Flavors you Must Try

The wedding cake is one of the most crucial parts of a wedding. You have worked out each aspect of your wedding in detail. So how can the cake be a random one?

Here are some new flavours that have been crafted by very talented bakers around the world. Let’s add a sweet memory to your wedding.

1. Pink Champagne

Image Source: Shutterfly

A Champagne cake is the epitome of luxury for wedding cakes. But a pink champagne cake means you have nailed it. It oozes elegance with its pink and white combination. Delicate in taste with basic buttercream frosting this cake is royalty. 

2. Spiked Red Velvet

Image Source: Shutterfly

Known as the moistest cake, the tantalizing flavours of buttermilk soaking red sponge is terrific. But there is more. The cream cheese frosting which is already delectable when spiked with amaretto it’s simply divine. Red velvet cake also gets the award for the best looking cake because of its rich colour.

3. Naked Tres Leches

Image Source: Lonny.com

This Mexican origin sponge cake is soaked in 3 different kinds of milk. It is amazingly soft, not too sweet and has a unique taste. Though it’s difficult to make a tiered tres leches cake because of its softness, it is still achievable with some expertise.  

4. Matcha Cake

Image Source: Shutterfly

We love the colour of this cake hence we insist on a naked cake. This cake is soft and so is its icing but keep the icing to the minimum. The first thought that comes to your mind while indulging in this one is healthy, airy, one slice more, please. Do decorate with seasonal fruits or natural flowers for a pop of colour. 

5. Lemon & Rose Cake

Unique is the colour and unique is the recipe. The combination of lemon zest lemon curd and rose petals make an unforgettable combination. The cake is rich in fragrance and flavour. For frosting use natural rose petal colour.

Decorate with real roses in different hues and pieces of gold foil to up the oomph factor.

6. White Chocolate & Chai Truffle

Image Source: Stickyfingersbakery

This cake is almost an obvious choice for a winter wedding but you can have it in any season. A whole new meaning given to wedding cakes, if you are an experimental type then do not miss this unusual cake. A light tea is brewed to make the base of the sponge. Flavours and fragrances are very oriental. It is the perfect wedding cake for a chai lover.

7. Coconut Malibu & Lime

Image Source: Beinspiredpr

A tropical cake for a tropical wedding. Heavenly combination. It’s a classy white cake. The Malibu rum weaves its magic into the coconut flavoured sponge. It’s a rich and decadent cake. Garnish with some pineapple bits in between layers to complete the tropical flavours. 

8. Cookies & Cream

Image Source: Shutterfly

It’s not a flavour only for kids. Adults enjoy this cake too. When the cookie crumbles are mixed into the white chocolate it imparts a unique colour. Basic in the recipe and a flavourful cake that will please the crowd. It’s definitely a must-try when you want to keep it fun and simple.

9. Café Latte

Image Source: Catherine Hayes

Chocolate, coffee, and a whole lot of cocoa. It’s the top of the line latte cake Do tell your baker to use your favourite brand of coffee though. 

10. Naked Hibiscus

Image Source: Shutterfly

It’s very new in the market yet and hence you have to have this one for your wedding. The guest will be impressed and you will be pleased to set a trend. This earthy fragrant flower lends a lovely colour, and flavour-wise it’s a nice and crusty. 

It’s time to drive your cake baker crazy!

7 Floral Hairdos for Brides with Long Tresses

As little girls most of us have been enamoured by Disney Princes, especially Rapunzel- the princess who boasted of having lush, long tresses. Similarly, as a bride one dreams of flaunting voluminous and healthy hair.

However, it doesn’t end here! 

Brides are experimenting with their long hair and trying to add some colour and fun to their bridal hairdos. 

Here are some floral hairdos that are so awe striking that they almost left me dumbfounded:

1.Multiple messy braids intertwined into one another bedecked with tiny multi-coloured flowers is a delight to the eyes!

Image source: Ritika Kadam

2. Simple and Understated. This bride chooses to wrap her long braid in a thick gajra!

Image source: Pinterest 

3. An unconventional yet pretty hairdo studded with baby breaths and white and purple florals. I am swooning over this one…

Image source: Zaib Alvi Photography  

4. A layer of twisted buns, followed by french braids. The hairstyle is highlighted with few silver stars, keeping it minimal. I am amazed by the complexity of this hairstyle.

Image source: Ritika Kadam

5. Pastel florals tucked into the braid accompanied by a dash of baby breaths- isn’t this one simply gorgeous?

Image source: Roma Ganesh Weddings

6. Three twisted buns accompanied by forest green florals and tiny baby breaths.

Image source: Pinterest

7. This bride opts to go minimal with blue floral accessories pinned onto the braids. 

Image source: Ritika Kadam

Ready to rock your tresses in style?

8 Backyard Wedding Ideas that Will Cast a Spell on your Guests

Don’t discard the backyard wedding idea just yet. There are some wonderful things you can do to make your wedding look dreamy. Sometimes it’s about going back to your childhood home that has a massive backyard or your hometown that gives you this luxury. There is a lot of nostalgia attached to the place where you grew up. And even if you are getting married in your existing home, getting married in your own backyard has a lot of sentimental value. In this article, we are throwing some amazing ideas that will make anyone want a wedding like yours.

1. Entry

Image Source: RentMyWedding

An entry is the first look of your wedding and it bloody well be impressive! Whether it’s a driveway or a walkway when the guests arrive for your wedding they have to be awestruck by the enchanting entry. Light up the path with fairy lights, use colourful flowers or hang perfectly white flowy drapes. Experiment with different combinations. 

2. Have A Stage

Image Source: Insideweddings

The garden area can be a bit mushy. Combat that by building a small stage where you can hold the ceremony and later it can also be used as a dance floor. It will help you achieve some firm ground for comfortable movement.

3. Pool

Image Source: Wedding Inspiration

Revamp your pool. Lay wooden slats to have a walkover. Or just dot it with floral decorations all across. Or simply have multiple lights floating over. Flowers and light afloat in a serene pool, there is something mesmerizing about it.

4. Tent

Image Source: Sophiaremodeling.co

If you want to have a luxurious grand look to your wedding then cover your backyard with a tent. Have expensive chandeliers at the centre. Or you can have various light or floral hangings.  A tent looks majestic and impressive.

5. Photo booth

Image Source: Devikanarain.com

Bicycles, carts, vans, golf cars, scooters etc. Have any, but have a stationary vehicle for a photo booth. Make it elegant, chic, cute, or colourful and funky. Have handmade props laid out. You and your guests will be spending some time here and are the most fun element so get creative and make it interesting.

6. Seating

A wedding does not always have to be a formal affair. You can make it colourful and vibrant. It’s a different level of creativity. And since it’s your own background you can have a sitting arrangement that’s friendly comfortable and totally relaxed. Throw some vibrant rugs for everyone can sit on the ground or upscale your patio pieces with colourful fabrics. Think of a different seating option. Don’t go with the regular.

7. Use the Biggest Tree

The biggest tree in your backyard can become the centrepiece of your decorations.

Cover it with light. Hang lanterns, colourful drapes, even birdcages with floral pieces in them. 

8. Fireplace

Image Source: Brooklynlimestone.com

If you are having a winter wedding how lovely would it be for all your guests to gather around a fireplace? Have a small makeshift fireplace or fire pit where you can toast your fingers warm and make casual talk with your loved ones. Who says you can’t have a memorable wedding in your own backyard. We are sure by now you are already thinking out the details.

Time to make your backyard look like it’s straight out of Pinterest!

Image Source: Pinterest Unless Specified

5 Gajra Bangles for the Traditional Bride

Maharani haars and statement maangtikkas will always have you special attention, especially if you are bride-to-be. However there is something about bangles that feels complete and no bride’s ensemble is all set without these.

This wedding season I urge you to drop the chunky gold and diamond bangles and go in for something more unique and extravagant- Gajra Bangles! As the name itself suggests, these are inspired from the traditional hair accessory (made up of jasmine buds), that Indian women usually wear. 

With designs that include diamonds, pearls, gemstones, emerald, meenakari work and more, Gajra bangles are surely the accessory that can instantly add #RoyalFeels to a bride’s ensemble. From lightweight, minimal ones to the more elaborate ones, these are rocking the wedding season!

Here are some designs that caught my attention:

1. Classic gajra bangle with white studs, diamonds and pearls embedded on a gold base-apt for the traditional bride!

Image source: Hazoorilal Legacy

2. The turquoise blue gajra bangle highlighted by ruby stones and fine meenakari work is a delight to the eyes!

Image source: House of Aynat

3. Cannot take my eyes off these multi-coloured gajra bangles with polki work.

Image source: The House of MBj

4. Pink floral and green motifs highlighted by kundan work- this gajra bangle is simple yet elegant!

Image source: AKM Mehrasons Jewellery

5. These gold ones with a dash of colour have their own mystical charm and exude #MajorRegalFeels.

Image source: Tanishq

All set to impress everyone with these trending pieces of jewellery?