5 Red and Blue Outfits for Brides and Bridesmaids

There are just colour combinations and colour palettes that will forever be considered as classics but yet have divided opinions about them. One such colour combination is red and blue. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with the blue-and-red colour combination. For some Indian and Western outfits, I tend to go ga-ga over the combination but during other times I tend not to even give a second look. But there are some brides and bridesmaids out there who absolutely aced the combination and serve as great inspiration for you too:


1. Red will obviously feature in an Indian bride’s ensemble in some form. This bride went for a stunning blue lehenga but maintained the red by wearing it as a dupatta over her head.


Image Source: Dotdusk Studios


2. Absolutely love this for the bridesmaid to wear for the Sangeet ceremony! A light blue and red lehenga that is lightweight so you can dance with ease and is yet festive, thanks to that beautiful blouse.


Image Source: Kishor Krishnamoorthi


3. Every bride and bridesmaid loves a good saree and this red and blue Kanjeevaram is a wonderful option for the bridesmaid to wear for her BFF’s wedding. Just some fresh flowers in the hair and a pair of chandbalis and you are good to go!


Image Source: Anita Kamaraj


4. This bride paired her Anita Dongre red bridal lehenga with a blue dupatta, adding a nice contrasting touch to her ensemble.


Image Source: Jodi Clickers


5. Yet another easy-breezy outfit for the millenial bride or bridesmaid that can work well for any pre-wedding ceremony!


Image Source: Pinterest


So are you up for trying out this great combination?

Look Like a Queen on Your Wedding Day with These 5 Stunning Rani Haars!

Always dreamed of looking like a queen on your wedding day? Undoubtedly, it is your day and all eyes will be on what you will be wearing – the lehenga, footwear, makeup and of course, the jewellery. The jewellery that you pick for your bridal ensemble plays a major role in making the entire look a hit or a miss. In terms of necklaces, most brides have a soft spot for rani haars that complete the look in the most royal way possible. Take a look at 5 brides who floored us with their rani haars and you would definitely want to add it in your wishlist too:


1. There is an entire collection of bridal jewellery that has been inspired by Indian temples. Take a look at this stunning gold temple-style rani haar which is the perfect combination of regal and revered.


Image Source: Weva Photography


2. You can also match your rani haar with your neck piece! This bride paired her gorgeous polki and emerald neck piece with a matching rani haar where the ruby mala and rose pattern definitely adds an elegant charm.


Image Source: Hitched & Clicked


3. One of the best ways to pair your rani haar is to add a choker to the mix. This kundan rani haar does wonders to her orange and gold lehenga.


Image Source: Photo Wale


4. You can never go wrong by pairing your quintessential red lehenga with green-toned jewellery. This bride looked like an absolute dream in that rani haar! (and yes, that’s the same Sabysachi bridal lehenga that Deepika Padukone wore for her Sindhi wedding)


Image Source: Coolbluez Photography


5. For a bride who is looking to go minimal on her jewellery, this rani haar is perfect! Resonating with the royal era of Hyderabad, the delicate string of pearls can alleviate your look in an elegant fashion.


Image Source: Hormis Antony Tharakan


Dear bride, ready to look like a queen?

Pop of Colour: 5 Colourful Lehengas for Brides and Bridesmaids

Rather than opting for the common warm colours – navy blue, maroon, black, olive green –  go for something more bright and lively. Bright and multi-coloured lehengas are in trend and as a bride or bridesmaid, you can definitely sport one such ensemble this winter wedding season. Take a look at 5 such examples that you take inspiration from:


1. Beautiful rainbow colours, sparkling mirrors, intricate thread work and hand embellishments – sounds like a dream, right? This Nomi Ansari lehenga has been paired with heavily embroidered and complementing sheer net blouse.


Image Source: Nomi Ansari


2. For a winter wedding, this Mayyur Girotra Couture lehenga is just right! The pewter grey has been created using resham threads combining 32 colours. Moreover, it features motifs of exotic birds such as peacocks and parrots. It has been paired with a sleeveless blouse and a breathtaking cutwork applique dupatta.


Image Source: Shivam Gupta


3. A bright blue appliquéd and embellished lehenga complete with bright and colourful motifs is what a bridesmaid will want to wear for her BFF’s daytime wedding ceremony!


Image Source: Diana Penty


4. Such a subtle yet eye-catching lehenga! The gold blouse has been paired with a vibrant lehenga with strips of different warm colours and ethnic prints to make the look pop. For such an ensemble a simple white or gold net dupatta is enough.


Image Source: Gautam Khullar


5. Looking like a ray of sunshine, this bride turned many heads in her colourful ensemble. Intricately detailed and an amalgamation of bright shades brought together, her ensemble is one that the bride can practically wear at any wedding ceremony!


Image Source: Hitched & Clicked


Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Times Colourful Wedding Decor Wowed us!

There is no denying that add a pop of colour can basically brighten up anything. Same goes for weddings. No doubt, a wedding is a joyous occasion but by adding some colours in the wedding decor, it can instantly brighten up the space and make you feel happier. Take a look at 10 instances where the colourful wedding decorations absolutely wowed us and will definitely serve as major inspiration for your wedding:


1. Love how an evening ceremony was brightened up by different shades of pink and yellow used for the decor. The pastel parasol on each table is a very nice addition!


Image Source: Studio Kelly


2. Mostly, it’s the Mehendi ceremony that is the most colourful pre-wedding event. For this couple’s Mehendi ceremony, a makeshift set-up which featured strings of colourful pom poms dangling from the top.


Image Source: Our Wedding Chapter


3. Another beautiful Mehendi seating area where the rani pink pillows add a bright pop of colour. Moreover, the lush shades of pink blooms with greens adds a fresh floral touch to the decor.


Image Source: Pinterest


4. Can totally imagine my Mehendi ceremony happening in such a colourful set up! From the yellow pouffe to the rainbow stage – absolutely in love with ever colourful element!


Image Source: Knotting Bells


5. You can really go all out when it comes to wedding decor! For an evening ceremony, why not add some LED lights to the table setting? These will definitely make your floral arrangements shine brighter!


Image Source: DotDusk Studios


6. Now that’s what I call #MandapGoals! The archway of the mandap has been decorated with pink roses and then some more to hang as garlands all around the mandap.


Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography


7. For a summer wedding, bright colours are the key to keeping cool and this pink and blue seating area is just the kind of inspiration you need to have a picturesque Mehendi ceremony!


Image Source: Our Wedding Chapter


8. Genda phools are a must at an Indian wedding and this photo booth (very Instagrammable) area decorated with the flower is just what you need at your wedding!


Image Source: Mahima Bhatia Photography


9. Honestly, there is no such thing as an excess of genda phool and this gorgeous entryway proves it! A rani pink carpet laid down with numerous garlands of fresh genda phools on the archway – cannot get better than this!


Image Source: Infinite Memories


10. For a couple that wants an intimate yet striking pre-wedding ceremony, this cute little set-up is all the inspiration that is needed.


Image Source: Found My Photographer


Hope this helps all to-be-weds to make these wedding decor more bright and colourful!

7 Times South Indian Brides Wowed us with their Wedding Look

All brides are beautiful in their own unique way. It can be their charming smile, the way they make their entry, natural beauty that shines more than the makeup, the way they talk or simply how they carry themselves in the bridal ensemble.


Every region and every regional community has its own bridal style. Down south, brides are decked in Kanjeevaram sarees, fresh mogras in their hair and traditional jewellery sets to alleviate the look. Take a look at 7 South Indian brides who won our hearts with their bridal style:


1. This bride did more than just break the internet with her sister dancing to ‘Meri mummy nu pasand nahi hai tu’! She wore a stunning Sabyasachi red saree with the most breathtaking jewellery!


Image Source: Lumiere Wedding Company


2. You can never go wrong with the classic combination of pink, purple and gold! What’s more, this bride kept her accessories to her minimal which definitely made her stand out!


Image Source: Pinterest


3. This Mangalorean bride broke stereotypes and decided to pair her bridal red saree with sneakers! A perfect combination of traditional and modern, don’t you think?


Image Source: Wedding Bells Photography


4. Absolutely loving this South Indian bride’s choice of colour for her saree combined with her statement jewellery set.


Image Source: Vijay Eesam & Co


5. This Malayalam bride paired her traditional white and gold saree with an embellished green blouse with cold shoulders.


Image Source: Pinterest


6. Take a cue from this bride who won our hearts with her stunning diamond jewellery set. Her pink kanjeevaram saree created the perfect base for the emeralds in her jewellery to shine.


Image Source: Vijay Eesam & Co


7. Looking as gorgeous as a sunset, the bride’s perfectly draped saree was paired with a traditional gold set and a plume of mogras to adorn her bridal hairstyle.


Image Source: Azzhar Photography


Which of these looks do you love the most?

10 Wedding Attires from Around the World

Dreaming of walking down the aisle in that stunning white gown and a veil whose train stretches for miles? Or perhaps that jaw-dropping red lehenga is calling out to you and you cannot wait to look like a queen in your mother’s bridal jewellery. While these two seem to be the most obvious wedding attires that come to mind, have you ever wondered what different communities residing in extreme parts of the world wear for their wedding day?


Every wedding outfit encompasses generations worth of beliefs and traditions. But as fewer and fewer people opt for traditional weddings today, it’s become a rather weird notion, how following these traditions actually makes you unique. Take a look at 10 mesmerising wedding attires from around the world:


1. Japanese


Image Source: Lan Phan


A Japanese bride typically wear the shiromuku. The shiromuku consists of a white furisode kimono that has a trailing hem called a kakeshita. Over this, a fukuro obi (broad sash) is worn around the waist and  secured by a scarf-like item and a rope. Next a second robe-like kimono known as an uchikake is put over all this. Much like the suits or tuxedos worn by western grooms, the formal kimonos worn by Japanese grooms also lack colour. They are often black or grey with white family crests. Fun fact, the bride’s hood is called tsunokakushi which means horn-hiding and is meant to hide the horns of jealousy which the bride feels towards her mother-in-law.


2. Balinese


Image Source: Pinterest


The typical material of Balinese wedding costume is Songket layered with golden threads. What’s more, the colour of the bride and groom’s wedding ensemble is chosen according to the caste of the family. The color of the material is normally bright colors like blue, yellow, orange or red. The more wealthy the family, the more luxurious-looking is the Songket. Other than the dress, the groom wears some kind of head cover that tied around the forehead while the bride wears a crown with golden decorations. Higher the crown, higher the caste of the family.


3. Nigerian


Image Source: Laphy Photography


Nigerian brides and grooms often wear brightly-colored and complementing wedding clothes. Material made of lace is also popular for many Nigerian brides across tribes, as are other textiles like silk and tulle, embellished with hand-stitched beads, stones and pearls tailored painstakingly to a bride’s taste. They also often wear a Nigerian head tie called a Gele. The bride’s ensemble is matched to her husband’s tunic and pants set, along with his agbada draping and fila hat.


4. Scottish


Image Source: Tait Photography


Unlike most weddings where the men are seen wearing tuxedos, Scottish grooms traditionally wear kilts (kind of a skirt). Men in Scotland traditionally wear the kilt of his clan for his wedding. Once the wedding ceremony is over, the bride is draped with a shawl matching her husband’s kilt. This signifies her transition into the new family and clan. The use of highland dress and kilt, jacket, dirk and sporran in Scottish weddings has continued over the centuries, whilst the bride’s white gown and veil has its roots in more modern times.


5. Hungarian


Image Source: Pinterest


Hungarian wedding gowns are vibrant and colorful, resplendent with intricate embroidery. The bride also wears a matching headpiece made with wheat which symbolises fertility and prosperity. On the other hand, the groom is seen wearing a white shirt with an embroidered vest and a bowler hat to accessorize the look. 


6. Chinese


Image Source: Pinterest


In China, red symbolises good luck and is believed to ward off evil spirits. That’s why you will you see most brides and grooms don the colour on their wedding day. In North China, the bride’s wedding dress is generally a long, form-fitting, one-piece gown called a qipao or cheongsam. On the other hand in South China, the wedding dress (hung kwa) is often two pieces: a long, decorative jacket over a long, embroidered skirt.


7. Indian


Image Source: Parikshit Suri


Every region in India has a different take on the wedding attire but mostly the bride wears a red lehenga on her wedding day. The Solah Shringar or 16 items are crucial for a bride to don on this day. On the other hand, the groom wears a cream and gold sherwani and accessorize the look with a matching shawl around his neck and a sehra on his head. 


8. Persian


Image Source: Lisa Boggs Photography


The Persian bride and groom’s attire is quite formal, much like the Western wedding wear although the customs and traditions are very different. The groom will be seen wearing a tuxedo or a crisp suit while the bride will opt for a stunning white gown with a veil. The bride will be gifted with family heirlooms for her to wear for her wedding but the final decision lies with the groom. 


9. Sri Lankan


Image Source: Muragala


Known as the Nilame costume, the Sri Lankan groom’s outfit is made up of four parts – the hat, the jacket, the mul anduma (a long white cloth with a frill wrapped around the waist and tied just over the belly), and the shoes. The jacket is decorated with lace work and sequins and comes in varieties of burgundy, red, blue, silver, and gold. For the Sri Lankan bride, the traditional attire is called Osariya (sari). This sari is worked profusely in gold or silver thread, with pearls, stones, beads, and sequins adding that extra glimmer.


10. Russian


Image Source: Pinterest


In a Russian wedding, red and white colours are of great importance. Red symbolises masculine power and wealth while white symbolises purity and beauty. The traditional wedding attire of the bride and groom are decorated with fancy embroidery. In olden times, the Russian bride wore a thick shawl which completely obscured her face. Covering the bride in this fashion protected her from mischievous spirits and misfortune.


Let us know in the comments below which of these wedding outfits you loved the most!

5 Hassle-free and Gorgeous Short Lehengas for your Mehendi Ceremony


Mehendi outfits have been trendsetters, especially in the past half a decade. Brides are gradually drifting away from donning traditional yellow lehengas or a simple salwar suit for their mehendi ceremony. They are opting for more quirky, vibrant and hatke outfits.


However, a recent trend I noticed was of brides upping their glam quotient by flaunting some gorgeous short lehengas. Have you noticed these yet? Short lehengas are slowly taking over the mehendi scene and apart from being more comfortable and hassle-free, these are making brides look nothing short of divas!


Here are the most pretty ones I came across:


1. A stunning contemporary short blue lehenga paired with a bandi, waist belt and replete with heavy embellishments. Definitely my top pick!


Image source: Axioo Bali


2. This bride is keeping it elegant and chic by pairing her floral baby pink short lehenga with a neon pink blouse.

Not to miss the oh-so-gorgeous decor complementing her outfit!


Image source: Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika


3. Want to be the centre of all attention on your mehendi ceremony? This short lehenga is sure to make you one within seconds! It is lightweight, easy to carry, and the abstract designs add a whole lot of quirk!


Image source: Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika


4. This bride’s cool mehendi outfit looks is #MajorOutfitGoals! The hue of the lehenga,

the traditional designs and the boat-neck blouse make it a perfect ensemble for a day function.



5. If you want to cut out the ‘taam-jhaam’ when it comes to a mehendi outfit, this is your pick! A chic blue lehenga with minimal embellishments and a cutesy blouse with frill sleeves- this ensemble has me floored!


Image source: Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika


All set to rock your short lehenga?

8 Contemporary Blouse Designs for the Millennial Brides & Bridesmaids

Weddings seem like a lot of work, na? Let me make it a little easier for you. Today we discuss the blouse – a garment which has evolved and been through many (and much-needed) makeovers over the years.


Thankfully, nowadays designers don’t conform to cliches. Their creative minds have blessed us with off-beat designs. For the upcoming wedding season, make sure don’t wear a boring outfit. You don’t wish to be left behind in this trendy race, do you? Here are some contemporary blouse designs for a millennial bride/bridesmaid like you


1. A short jacket blouse with floral corsages


Outfit: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla


2. A plunging neckline blouse with cape for sleeves and embroidery 


Outfit: Manish Malhotra


3. An overlapping, off-shoulder blouse with mirror work

Outfit: Suneet Verma


4. Hand embroidered bralette for the win!


Outfit: Arpita Mehta


5. Butterfly style off-shoulder blouse with beaded tassels


Image source: Morvii Images


6. A ruffled neckline blouse with organza sleeves


Image source: You by Poonam Kotecha


7. How about a peppy scrunched bustier?


Outfit: Arpita Mehta


8. A truly unique blouse with detailed embroidery work


Outfit: Sulakshana Monga


Get ready to flaunt a trendy blouse this shaadi season!

7 Latest Hatke Wedding Invites that will Leave you Wowed!


Yaar, yeh to card sahi hai!” 

If this is the first reaction you want people to have when they come across your wedding card, it is best you choose wisely, very wisely!


You want your wedding invitations to speak for itself, give a subtle overview of the wedding theme, and indirectly urge guests to make it to the wedding. It has to be exciting, intriguing, and something that definitely doesn’t land up in the pile of old newspapers 🙁


So, here are a few invites that will definitely raise some eyebrows in amazement:


Umm…wait, before the list begins, here is an ‘Honest’ 😛 wedding invite by Akshar Pathak





And now, the list:


1. An invite which resembles a cookbook- a great idea for a couple who loves cooking together! Awwww…


Image source: Pink Whistle Man


2. Remember your clipboards from school? This one resembles just that! Cute, right?


Image source: Akanksha Negi Invitations


3. If you want your wedding invitation to be royal and stately,

how about sending out a scroll in the form of an invite in a brass case!

Image source: Be Jalebi


4. This boarding pass invite is surely a major hit when it comes to destination weddings!


Image source: Mostly Handmade


5. For couples who start their mornings by solving the crossword.


Image source: Mostly Handmade


6. Want something more vintage? This faux leather photo album is a great choice, which you can definitely preserve.



Images source:  Pink Whistle Man


7. For the foodie-couple who cannot see beyond khaana-shaana!

Image source: Rohan & Aparna Invitations


What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite theme already!

This Gorgeous Sikh Couple gave us #MajorRoyalFeels

The last time I gushed about a wedding it was #DeepVeer’s ethereal affair at Lake Como, Italy. As soon as the first set of pictures came in, I remember screaming and going to random people in office to show them how gorgeous the duo looked.


Cut to now, this Sikh couple has got my attention, loads of it! I am completely floored by the bride’s royal-looking lehenga, her statement jewellery, and her minimal makeup. The groom did not fail to wow me with his unconventional outfit choice in terms of the colour combination. It was offbeat, yet striking.


What makes this couple’s shoot most exciting is the poses they struck, the chemistry they shared, and how they seemed at ease with one another. It was mesmerising, close to a living dream!


I am not going to make you guys wait any longer. Here is your dose of a box or a room full of prettiness and panache:




The bride wore a dark cyan ornately embroidered lehenga, paired with a blouse with three-quarter sleeves and a sheer light blue dupatta, which looked stunning because of its gorgeous zari border.


The groom was seen flaunting a black velvet heavily embroidered bandhgala sherwani, paired with a contrasting pair of powder blue churidar and he also carried a matching stole.





The bride’s jewellery was striking and gave us #MajorRoyalFeels. Her statement kundan choker, large jhumkas, maangtikka, classic nose ring, and drop-dead-gorgeous passa made her look nothing short of a maharani.


The groom’s jewellery was also on point. He wore a three-layered necklace which perfectly matched his chudidaar and stole and the kalgi on his pagri added a royal-look to his ensemble.


That’s not all. Yes, I am not so mean 😛

Here are some more pretty pictures to make your day:





Yes, you can thank me folks! 😉


Images source: Amrit Photography