5 Tips to Keep in Mind for a Perfect Floral Hairdo

Hair accessories were always a thing when it came to decking up bridal buns or judaas. Brides these days are experimenting with exotic flowers and baby breaths. Whether you decide to have a perky bridal bun or a half-tie, fresh flowers add that extra gorgeousness to the overall ensemble.


However, flaunting the flowers does not only involve last-minute tucking in of flowers in the bun, but there are also a few thumb rules you could follow to WOW everyone with your look.


Here are a few tips you could keep handy if you want to accessorise your hair:


1. Know what you want


Zero in on a hairstyle well in advance- whether you want a light bun with a gajra wrapped around it or a flamboyant bun decked up with flowers. Be very clear about it with your stylist as well. Any last-minute changes to the hairstyle might cause panic.


2. Choose the flowers


After you have decided what your hairstyle should be, pick suitable flowers to flaunt on your tresses. Although you have a variety

of flowers to choose from, it is necessary to pick them wisely as not all flowers may suit your ensemble.

Orchids, lavenders and baby breaths are a great pick, but they don’t last very long. Most brides go in for jasmines, roses and carnations.


3. Refrigerate the flowers


Refrigerate your flowers before you use them. By doing this, the flowers appear more vibrant, colourful and last longer. It is best to place them in a bowl full of water and refrigerate them.


4. Don’t go OTT


Don’t overdo the flowers, or else you will end up ruining your ensemble. Play safe and keep it subtle, classy and minimal. Make sure it doesn’t end up looking like a big mess! Pick the dainty and tiny flowers, as opposed to the bulky ones. This way the bun won’t weigh you down too.


5. Add flowers after the setting spray


Applying the spray to set your hair leads to the flowers wilting faster. This makes the flowers appear to be half-dead and crushed. Make sure you add the flowers at the end.


Ladies, are y’all ready to rock the phools?

5 Tips for a Successful Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding shoots have become a massive rage amongst couples. Millennial couples are doing their best to make their pre-wedding shoot one notch above that of the others. Whether it is choosing unconventional locations, experimenting with themes, incorporating props, making it quirky and candid; couples are doing it all!


Couples are ditching the quintessential photoshoot ideas and embracing ideas that are high on creativity, uniqueness and are not run-of-the-mill. However, getting a  BANG-ON pre-wedding shoot is not only your photographer’s responsibility, but you and your partner have to contribute equally to make this a success.


Here are some tips to ace your pre-wedding photoshoot:


1.Adding the quirk


Being a bit crazy and adding that extra quirk is something that will never go out of fashion. Make sure you and your partner let your hair down

and add some fun elements into the pre-wedding shoot.


2. Prop it up


Wherever required use props to make your pre-wedding more interesting! However, make sure it goes with the theme and goes well with everything. The props should not look out of place or forced.


3. Get candid


When it comes to pre-wedding pictures, candids will always score over the poses. Candids are real, more expressive, and fun! Make sure you ask your photographer to click a whole lot of candids.


4. Keep it simple


Travelling to a far off destination or wearing opulent outfits doesn’t make a pre-wedding successful. Some of the best pre-wedding photoshoots may take place at your home, on the road at your favourite cafe. So, don’t stress!


5. Show the chemistry


It is imperative that you and your partner express love in the pre-wedding shoot. Chemistry is key. Be as comfortable as possible, and keep those camera jitters aside.


Read. Steady. Get clicked!

Picking A Theme For Your Wedding: Here Are 9 Funky Ideas You Can Play With

When planning your wedding party why go the stereotypical way? There is a wide range of ideas that you could use to make your special day both unique and exciting, not just for you but also for your guests. We looked at a ton of ideas and found nine of the best funky wedding ideas. You could play with these or make your own. Your wedding party is your canvas and you hold the brush towards a masterpiece.  


1) The Cat Lovers’ Wedding Party


Image Source: Bridal Musings


If your partner and you share a love for these furry and sometimes friendly animals, then this is the perfect wedding idea for the two of you. Play with the concepts of a litter box or a ball of yarn for decoration. It will be a meow-jestic affair and will be remembered for a long time.


Image Source: Bridal Musings


Image Source: Bridal Musings


2) A School Theme Wedding Party

Image Source: Smartvaforu


Image Source: Beautifuljewellerystyles


This theme is dedicated to that one couple who has been together since school. Celebrate your journey of love from the first time you laid eyes on her till the time she said yes to the ring. Using simple decorations like notepads, books and engraved pencils for that personal touch will make this classroom wedding a great time for all the students invited. 


3) An Old Mill Wedding Party

Image Source: Bytulip


With all the old mills in the world either being torn down or renovated, find a place that you and your partner can share your love in and also enjoy the years gone by. These beautifully decorated weddings are so magical. 


4) A Glittery Wedding Party

Image Source: luxurious glitter


This carnival-themed wedding is colourful and the glitter eye makeup adds much magic to the bride. The gold foil dress is a unique way of adding sparkle to the wedding gown.


5) Old School Love Story 


Image Source: ive_events

Image Source: weddingconcept


 Sporting all their favourite styles from their college days, these two cute couples took their guests back to the days where they first discovered the meaning of love. From sporting some cool shoes to the matching denim jackets, this is a wedding for the storybooks.


6) The Fairytale Wedding Party

Image Source: brispopupweddings


This fairytale wedding could not be excused from this list of wedding themes. This couple has pulled the fairytale love story along with the gorgeous pumpkin carriage. 


7) The Alice In Wonderland Wedding Party

Image Source: conventoannuciata


Image Source: musicintahoe


Nothing screams funky more than the characters from Alice In Wonderland. From the mad hatter to the crazy tea parties, this is a wedding theme for the couple that loves having fun together. Play with lights, have your reception in a forest, wear mismatched shoes… the list can go on and on.


8) The Colour Wedding Party

Image Source: memorycakephotography


By using these simple colour filled poppers, you won’t only get some gorgeous but also play with a multitude of shades and tones for your wedding party, decor and bouquet. 


9) The Neon Wedding Party

Image Source: gooddayclub_au


Celebrate your big day with gorgeous eye-catching neon lights. Go with white, bright neon pinks and greens for colour palettes. Adding a photo booth like a cute bathtub filled with soft toys will make for some great pictures for your wedding album. 


So get your thinking cap on and think of the craziest ideas!

8 Destinations That Compete With Las Vegas For Your Bachelorette

Have you already dreamed of spending those last few days as a single person in Las Vegas? While that might be a great idea, we believe there are a ton of gorgeous destinations around the world to bring in your last night celebrating singlehood. We’ve listed down the top eight that we love. But you can do your own digging to find a place that fits your budget.


Come, Join Us On A Little Bachelorette Tour Ride!


1) Vail, Colorado

Image Source: CoutureColorado

  Our first stop on our bachelor party bus is Vail in Colorado, USA. A weekend in this party city is a great option for the perfect bachelor or bachelorette. Aside from the party, this mountain city is filled with adventure with river rafting,   zip-lining and even horse riding. This outdoor bachelor party is a great way to let loose before the big day.

2) Cartagena, Colombia

Image Source: Time

This port city of Columbia is the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast. Cartagena is less expensive, full of culture and history and oh so beautiful. A great place to enjoy the sea, a few parties and single life. You might not want to forget your swim gear to this gorgeous destination.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana

3) New Orleans, Louisiana

Image Source: bachWeekend

New Orleans is built on tons of culture, love and a whole lot of chilli. The parties here go on till early morning. Take a stroll down bourbon street or enjoy a wholesome burger. This city where jazz and the blues have their roots in is all the more fun if you’re there just in time for Mardi Gras.

4) Barcelona, Spain

4) Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: Pinterest

 If you’re looking for a wild party, this is one destination to include in your list. From April to November, Barcelona in Spain has some of the best nightlife and daytime events. A football fan of FC Barca? You can even book tickets to watch football matches. Besides that, the city is oozing of culture and some great food. 

5) Coron, Philippines

4) Barcelona, Spain


Image Source: SaltinourHair

 This island in the Philippines is great for a quick getaway. With blue waters,  great nightlife and some fresh seafood a bachelor party in Coron is great for those beach babies. Island hopping, snorkelling and scuba diving are just a few of the activities that this small town offers.

 6) Ziro Valley, India

4) Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: mohit.concertphotography

This valley is concealed in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Ziro Valley, an incredible bachelor party destination is an offbeat location that connects the heart to nature revives your soul and makes you feel alive. The city also hosts a number of indie music festivals.

7) Pondicherry, India

4) Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: through_my_lens.blog

Pondicherry renamed as Puducherry is a culturally rich blend of South Indian civilization and French architecture. The beautiful and small city offers a mix of stunning beaches along with appetizing fresh seafood for and serenity. If you and your pals are the beer-drinking, lay on the beach types, then Pondicherry is the place for you.

8) Brussels, Belgium

4) Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: visitbrussels

If visiting breweries has always been on your list of things to do, this city is the place where all your dreams will come true. A place where comic books, food, culture and alcohol have a great balance, this is a great city to have your bachelor party.

Get those passports and your suitcase ready. It’s time for the trip of a lifetime.

Small Wedding Venues in Kochi to Plan your D-day in Grand Style

If you are planning for an offbeat wedding celebration anywhere near Kochi, we’ve got something interesting for you. Kochi is well-known for its beaches and the amount of scenic beauty that they offer. Here is a list of small wedding venues in Kochi that will help you to finalize your wedding venues accordingly.


IMA House, Kaloor, Kochi

IMA House in Kaloor, Kochi is one of the most well-known venues to host your special events. Be it your cocktail parties, wedding receptions, pre-wedding as well as post-wedding ceremonies, they have everything covered for you. The venue has various halls that can accommodate large as well as small gatherings. IMA House also allows you to get in your own team of decorators to celebrate your day as per your liking. The culinary team here is well-known for serving delicious food preparations both veg and non-veg. So the next time you’re in search of small banquet halls in Kochi, you surely know where you should be heading.

IMA House, Kaloor, Kochi

Address: IMA House, Behind Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kathrikadavu, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala 682025.

Key Features:

Outside decorators are allowed at the venue

Parking space available for upto 150 vehicles

Alcohol is allowed at the venue


Hotel Imperial Regency, M G Road, Kochi

IMA House, Kaloor, Kochi

When it comes to budget banquet halls in Kochi, Hotel Imperial Regency is the ‘go-to’ spot. It is ideal for the wedding ceremony, reception, corporate meeting and pre-wedding function. It is affordable when it comes to the price and it is a perfect venue which will definitely match your budget So if you’re looking for a banquet hall and don’t want to spend much, go ahead and get your bookings done at the Hotel Imperial Regency.

Hotel Imperial Regency, M G Road, Kochi

Address: Hotel Imperial Regency, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Padma Junction, Kacheripady, Ernakulam, Kerala 682035

Key Features:

Complimentary changing rooms available at the venue

Multiple party areas available at the venue

Parking space available for upot 70 vehicles


Park Central, Kaloor, Kochi

Hotel Imperial Regency, M G Road, Kochi

Another venue on the list which one of the best banquet halls in Kochi is Park Central at Kaloor. It is an ideal place to plan all your small events including your wedding celebrations. The venue has two different halls that can accommodate your guests depending upon their number. The venue serves flavoursome dishes which have a touch of local flavours. What we promise you is that your experience at Park Central will be something to cherish for years to come. 

Park Central, Kaloor, Kochi

Address: Park Central, Near Bismi Hypermarket, Kaloor – Kadavanthara Rd, Kathrikadavu, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala 682017

Key Features:

Parking space available for upto 150 vehicles

Outside decorators are allowed at the venue

Alcohol allowed at the venue


Edassery Mansion, Kaloor, Kochi

Park Central, Kaloor, Kochi

Weddings in Kochi surely are celebrated in a delightful manner and at Edassery Mansion, we guarantee you that it will be nothing short of a dream wedding. You can host a number of events like the pre-wedding shoot, reception parties and get-togethers here at the venue. To add to this, they serve both veg and non-veg food that is a true delight for every food lover. So go ahead and get your bookings done at Edassery Mansion if you’re looking out for cheap banquet halls in Kochi.

Edassery Mansion, Kaloor, Kochi

Address: Edassery Mansion, Pipeline Road, Kathrikadavu, Kaloor, Ernakulam, Kerala 682017

Key Features:

Complimentary changing rooms available at the venue

Parking space available for upto 20 vehicles

Outside decorators are allowed at the venue


Hotel Prayana, Kaloor, Kochi

Edassery Mansion, Kaloor, Kochi

Another gem of a venue is Hotel Prayana at Kaloor that lets you host all your functions under one roof. With top-notch amenities, it is good for parties, birthday celebrations and anniversaries. The venue also serves a rich variety of veg and non-veg dishes that will really please all your guests. Hotel Prayana has one of the best wedding banquet halls in Kochi and it definitely should be on your list while planning your wedding function in Kochi.

Hotel Prayana, Kaloor, Kochi

Address: Hotel Prayana, ESI Hospital Road, Near Ernakulum North Railway Station, Kacheripady, Ernakulam, Kerala 682018

Key Features:

Complimentary changing rooms available at the venue

Parking space available for upto 45 vehicles

Outside decorators allowed at the venue


Go ahead and get your bookings done at these small wedding venues in Kochi.

14 Photobooth Ideas For A Destination Wedding

You know you’ve had the perfect wedding when you look at your pictures. You’ve got to make that wedding album the most sought-after artifact passed down generations. One thing we can ensure is having an incredible photographer and also a photo  booth. This is a great way to get everyone together in a perfectly thought out picture. If you’re planning a destination wedding, make use of your ambience for those fancy shots. Here are a few ideas for some great pictures taken from celebrity weddings. Take your pick and get snapping.


1) The Instagramholic Photo booth

Image Source: Zankyoubrasik



If Instagram is your favourite cup of tea, this frame is the perfect photo booth idea. It is simple to make and also uses the destination for a great shot of your friends, family and most definitely of you and your partner.



2) The ‘Call Me Maybe’ Photo booth

Image Source: samanthastokes


Though phone booths are now a part of history, it would make for a great photo booth. This beautiful piece with a bunch of flowers and matching paint will make some great unique pictures for your album. 


3) The ‘Vibrant Romantic’ Photo booth

Image Source: electricConfetti

Embrace that 90s vibe with this cute backlight with red decorations. These Instagram-worthy pictures will be remembered forever and rake in the ‘Likes’ for all your guests.


4) The ‘You’ve Been Framed’ Photo booth

Image Source: peppermintpictures


These gorgeous frames are a fun way of making sure you have pictures of all your guests at your wedding. You can either go with a number of coloured frames or just full white portraits of your guests.



5) The ‘Hopeless Romantic’ Photo booth

Image Source: haflazawaj


This photo booth has everything that a hopeless romantic has ever dreamed of, right from the flowers to the candles complete with strings of glitter and sprays of olive leaves will make this photo booth one for the pictures. 


6) The ‘Tipi Love Story’ Photo Booth

Image Source: therusticweddingcompany


If you’ve planned an outdoor destination wedding in the hills, this is a simple and adventurous photo booth idea that will keep the thrill alive. This tipi inspired photo booth will make your pictures look classy and full of warmth. 


7) The ‘Shades Of Blood’ Photo booth

Image Source: everaftervintageweddings


Balloons are a great way of making your photo booth stand out. Adding some bouquets of flowers to this frame will give your pictures a touch of grace. 


8) The ‘Retro Bollywood’ Photo Booth

Image Source: plushaffairs


Let this Bollywood inspired photo booth complete with a Vespa, colourful paper flowers and marigold flowers make you have the most dramatic time of your life!



9) The ‘Typical Prom Night’ Photo Booth

Image Source: mibelDecorations


Prom night pictures remain for years. This photo inspired by    those awkward poses will make some great memories for your wedding day.


10) The ‘Classic Outdoor’ Photo booth

Image Source: ryda_decor


This is perfect for those outdoor loving couples. Complete with crates, jute baskets for the flowers and wooden panelling this photo booth will add panache to your album.

11) The ‘Circle Of Life’ Photo booth

Image Source: budgetbridal


This amazing masterpiece will give you a forest vibe. If you and your guests have travelled miles for the perfect wedding, this photo booth will give you those perfect memories.  

12) The ‘I Purple You’ Photo booth

Image Source: Littlebigcompany


Purple flowers, purple balloons and sprays of purples leaves for that couple that loves the colour purple. This photo booth adds a whole lot of love to your pictures. 


13) The ‘Door To Wonderland’ Photo Booth

Image Source: Zankyoubrasil


If you are an Alice in Wonderland fanatic, this simple-to-make frame with a ton of small white flowers is a great way to immortalize portraits of you and your guests.



14) The ‘Start Of A New Journey’ Photo booth

Image Source: Electric_confetti


You can never go wrong with this photo booth. You have a red car, a backlight and floral arrangements. All you need to do now is wait for those amazing pictures.


So take your pick or look up more styles. You can never go wrong with a photo booth.

Luxury wedding venues in Daman and Diu for a Lavish Celebration

If you’re looking forward to tying the knot with your loved one in the near future, we’ve got something interesting for you. If you’re residing anywhere near Daman and Diu and are curious about the wedding venues to choose from, here is a list of luxury wedding venues in Daman and Diu that will suffice all your needs. For more details, go through the venues to make your day a special one


Mirasol Lake Resort, Nani Daman, Daman And Diu

First up on the list is Mirasol Lake Resort in Daman And Diu which allows you to host all your lavish events under one roof. A venue which is well-known for its to class services surely deserves your attention. The ambience is something that will surely give you the royal vibes once you decide to host your function here. When it comes to the food served here, you’ll definitely enjoy the local flavors in both veg and non-veg. So if you’re looking for wedding hotels in Daman and Diu, Mirasol Lake Resort is a perfect place to be.

Mirasol Lake Resort, Nani Daman, Daman And Diu

Address: Mirasol Lake Resort, Devka Beach Road, Near Bhimpore, Nani Daman, Kadaiya Village, Marwad, Daman and Diu 396210

Key Features:

Complimentary changing rooms available at the venue

Parking space available for upto 60 vehicles

Alcohol is allowed at the venue


Hotel Miramar, Devka Beach Road, Daman And Diu

Mirasol Lake Resort, Nani Daman, Daman And Diu

Next up on the list is Hotel Miramar which is a preferred venue for hosting wedding functions. The venue has a lawn and a hall to host various events depending on the number of guests. You’ll also be treated with various dishes in both veg and non-veg. Hotel Miramar is one of the lavish marriage venues in Daman and Diu that helps you to plan a wedding to remember.

Hotel Miramar, Devka Beach Road, Daman And Diu

Address: Hotel Miramar, Devka Beach Rd, Devka, Bhimpore, Daman, Daman and Diu 396210

Key Features:

Complimentary changing rooms available at the venue

Parking space available for upto 60 vehicles

Outside alcohol allowed at the venue


Veera Da Dhaba, Nani Daman, Daman And Diu

Hotel Miramar, Devka Beach Road, Daman And Diu

When you think of marriage venues in Daman and Diu, you surely know that it is going to be a special one. Veera Da Dhaba is a place for all your grand events. The venue serves exotic dishes in both veg and non-veg that will delight your guest. It has luxurious rooms for the guests which gives them a comfortable stay. Veera Da Dhaba Wedding also has various banquet halls that can accommodate a large gathering for your function. Book Veera Da Dhaba in Daman And Diu to host your event in a special manner.

Veera Da Dhaba, Nani Daman, Daman And Diu

Address: Veera Da Dhaba, Near FM Radio Station, Vapi-Daman Road, Varkund, Nani Daman, Daman and Diu 396210

Key Features:

Parking space available for upto 60 vehicles

Outside alcohol is allowed at the venue

Decor provided by the venue


Kostamar Beach Resort, Diu, Daman And Diu

Veera Da Dhaba, Nani Daman, Daman And Diu

Are you looking for a venue to host your wedding in Daman and Diu? If yes, then your search ends right here. Worry not! because all your wedding events will be taken care of in grand style at Kostamar Beach Resort. The appealing ambiance of the place will surely give you an idea of how beautiful the venue is. Talking about the food, you’ll be served with both veg and non-veg dishes here at Kostamar Beach Resort They have one of the best banquet halls in Daman and Diu which will definitely be appropriate for your special events. For an eventful evening, go ahead and book Kostamar Beach Resort.

Kostamar Beach Resort, Diu, Daman And Diu

Address: Kostamar Beach Resort, Nagoa Beach Rd, Nagoa, Daman and Diu 362520

Key Features:

Parking space available for upto 50 vehicles

Overnight wedding allowed at the venue

Outside alcohol is allowed at the venue


Azzaro Resorts And Spa, Diu, Daman And Diu

Kostamar Beach Resort, Diu, Daman And Diu

Weddings in Daman and Diu do have a special vibe about them. Azzaro Resorts And Spa in Daman And Diu is a place to host your perfect wedding functions. They have everything covered for you, right from hosting your pre-wedding ceremonies to your receptions. Out of all the wedding venues in Daman and Diu, Azzaro Resorts And Spa is a well-known place among the locals. The food served here which is both veg and non-veg will surely delight all you food lovers out there. Plan your wedding reception with Azzaro Resorts And Spa for an eventful evening.

Azzaro Resorts And Spa, Diu, Daman And Diu

Address: Azzaro Resorts And Spa, Nagoa Beach Rd, Opp. Kohinoor Hotel, Fofrara, Fudam, Diu, Daman and Diu 362520

Key Features:

Complimentary changing rooms available at the venue

Parking space available for upto 60 vehicles

Outside alcohol is allowed at the venue


Go ahead and check out these luxury wedding venues in Daman and Diu to plan a lavish celebration.