10 Refreshing Decor Ideas for Your Summer Wedding


The very mention of summer weddings brings to mind chilled mocktails, comfy baggy outfits, canopies, teepees, floral arrangements and a host of vibrant elements, and peppy colours!


And believe me, like weddings all year, summer weddings must get the decor right too. This is because the decor, a crucial facet, can make or break your soiree. Treat your guests to delightful pastels, tropical drapes, brighter elements and floral arrangements.


Here’s me listing some fun and eye-catching wedding decor ideas I came across this season:


1. Pastel drapes


Image source: Wedding Estates


If you are planning to have an outdoor lunch on a summer afternoon party, I suggest you pick large drapes to act as a shamiana as the highlight of the decor. The cherry on the cake will be if these drapes are in eye-soothing pastel hues, like this peach shade! Moreover, the elegant white chairs and flower arrangements add a warm vibe to the overall affair.


2. A ‘flowery’ mandap


Image source: Top Best


Flowers have always been sacrosanct to Indian weddings. How about having your summer wedding mandap wrapped made with oodles of bright flowers? You definitely cannot miss out on the comfortable seating arrangement as well!


3. Elegant table decor


Decor by: Altair Decor

Image source: The Wedding Salad


I am majorly crushing over this chic and understated table decor idea! Tables clad in gorgeous baby pink Banarasi fabric with gold Maheshwari border; set with dainty tea candles, rose petals and a mughal-inspired element sitting atop. Isn’t it inviting?


4. Lively and colourful cabana


Decor by: Altair Decor

Image source: The Wedding Salad


You can’t possibly gauge the extent of my happiness as I stumbled upon this image while scrolling through decor inspiration ideas! A hexagonal cabana in ruby pink and royal blue drapes, and pom-pom buntings is an irresistible seating option at a new-age summer shaadi! Not to miss the details like the rustic flower tokris for a phoolon ki holi!


5. Floral props


Image source: Altair Decor


I am drooling over this magnanimous floral peacock sitting in the middle of the courtyard, under pastel drapes! A unique idea to impress your guest-list.


6. Unique table centerpieces


Image source: Altair Decor


Sitting under intertwined drapes, the tables below are decorated with unique elements, serving as table centerpieces! Roses and marigolds in shakoras and traditional pickle barnis give a ‘desi’ twist to the wedding decor.


7. Potted plants’ wall


Image source: Atisuto Events


This idea of having a wall of potted plants as a backdrop for one of the smaller ceremonies, has become quite a trend these days. It is a great alternative to the otherwise monotonous mehendi/haldi backdrops. A casual wooden bench for the couple with understated upholstery, and a wall filled with pop-up coloured terracotta pots is an idea worth bookmarking!


8. Boho-chic seating arrangement


Decor by: Atisuto Events

Image source: The Wedding Salad


These days, couples are going in for more relaxed settings when it comes to wedding ceremonies like mehendi and haldi, in particular. This boho-chic arrangement with diwan-like seatings, morocoon-inspired carved tables and gorgeous dream catchers, is a pure delight!!


9. Bar with a twist


Image source: With Love, Nilma


How about having a small corner serving juices to your guests on a sunny afternoon? Not to miss the fact that these juices are named after the bride and groom, to make things a bit more fun!


10. Mediterranean vases


Image source: White Emotion Wedding Planner


I am totally floored by these Mediterranean pots with vivid colours, exuding warm vibes, and oozing a rustic feel! The bougainvilleas, cactus pads and amphoras add to the overall beauty of the look.


Are y’all geared up to impress your guests with these summery decor ideas?

A Simple Guide to Decode Maharashtrian Weddings

The mere use of two words ‘Maharashtrian Wedding’ are enough to transport you into a world full of sheer simplicity!

Yes, you read that right. The USP or highlight of Maharashtrian shaadi lies in the simplicity of their wedding rituals and how even their minimalistic, private affairs are also a delight to the eyes!! Another thing Maharashtrian weddings are quite popular for is the innumerable rituals, exuding oodles of rich culture and traditions.


Not to be mistaken for a formal or drab affair, these weddings are filled with fun, colour and some delectable food- you shouldn’t miss!! While a lot of rituals are similar to the ones found in other Hindu wedding ceremonies, Maharashtrian weddings have a host of rituals, you may or may not have even heard of.


For all the Maharashtrian brides-to-be, don’t you shudder at the thought of tying the knot. Here’s an A-Z guide guide on rituals for making your life a tad bit easier:


1. Lagnaach Bedior


This is the very first phase before the wedding, when the horoscopes or patrikas of the bride and groom are matched. A ritual which is prevalent mostly in case of an arranged marriage, wherein the parents choose a spouse for their son or daughter.


2. Sakhar Puda


Image source: MGM Graphics and Entertainment


Sakhar’ actually means sweet or in this context sweets, in Marathi. This is the official engagement ceremony in Maharashtrians. The ritual commences with the groom’s mother applying haldi-kumkum on the bride’s forehead, signifying blessings and there is an exchange of gifts and sweets. The ceremony ends when the bride and groom exchange rings, just like a quintessential engagement ceremony.


3. Muhurt Karane


Subsequently after the wedding date is fixed, the bride’s mother invites Suhasanies or married women. These women then start making a paste with turmeric powder and Sandege (powdered spices and pulses). Right after this, starts the most exciting part of the pre-wedding prepping- SHOPPING!!!


4. Kelvan


Image source: WhatKnot Wedding Photography


Few days prior to the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom’s families perform a special pooja, offering prayers to their family deity. The aim of this is to invoke blessings for the to-be-married couple.


5. Halad Chadavne


Image source: Ajit Malusare


Don’t get alarmed, this is nothing but your regular haldi ceremony!!

Married women apply turmeric or haldi paste with mango leaves on the forehead, shoulders , hands and feet of the groom. The same paste is then taken to the bride and a similar ritual is performed at her place.


6. Ganpati Puja and Gurihar Puja


The wedding ceremonies commence by praying to Lord Ganesh or Ganpati, evoking his blessings to ensure a happy married life for the bride and groom!

As part of the Gurihar Puja, the bride all dressed in white, performs a puja dedicated to Goddess Parvati, for happiness and prosperity.


7. Punyavachan and Seemapujan


Image source: Movieing Moments


The bride’s family takes her to the wedding venue, where all the close family members bless the bride, right before the wedding ceremonies begin. This is the Punyavachan ceremony! As part of Seemapuja, the bride’s mother welcomes the groom to the wedding venue, by feeding him sweets and applying tikka on his forehead.


8. Antarpat


Image source: WhatKnot Wedding Photography


Once the bride and groom are at the wedding venue, they are not even allowed to catch a glimpse of one another before the ceremonies commence. An antarpat or curtain is kept in between, while the priest starts chanting the mantras.


9. Sankalp


Image source: Anuraag Rathi


Sankalp is the ceremony in which the bride and groom exchange garlands or varmalas, while everyone showers them with flowers and rice!


10. Kanyadaan


Image source: Into Candid Photography


One of the most heart-touching moments for a bride, during her wedding ceremony! The bride’s father places her hand in the hand of the groom, seeking a promise that his daughter will be taken care of, respected and loved.


11. Lajahoma


Image source: Anuraag Rathi


A sacred fire is ignited, immediately after which the bride starts reciting holy mantras, while offering rice into the fire after every mantra. The groom also repeats the mantra after her. However, the fourth mantra is recited by the bride alone, almost silently. The couple then tie a turmeric thread on each other’s hands, followed by the groom tying a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck.


12. Saptapadhi


A ceremony seen as part of all Hindu marriages, the Saptapadhi or Saath Phere signifies the successful completion of the wedding ceremony, as a result of the seven vows taken by the bride and groom.


13. Grihapravesh


Image source: Pinterest


The newlyweds head towards the groom’s house, where the groom’ mother welcomes them by washing the couple’s feet with milk. Subsequently, the bride is asked to push down a kalash or a brass vessel filled with rice, using her right foot. This signifies that the bride is bringing with her- prosperity, wealth and happiness.


14. Reception


Image source: Movieing Moments


This is the last function as part of the wedding ceremony. It is sometimes organized on the night of the wedding or on the day after the wedding. The bride wears a saree or any other outfit , gifted to her by the groom’s family, while the bridegroom adorns an outfit gifted to him by the bride’s family.


Marathi mulgis out there, I am sure y’all are now geared up to tie the knot!

Handy Checklist for the New-age Bridesmaid!


Remember the time when Monica asked Rachel (and Phoebe) to be her bridesmaid? Yeah, soon-after all hell broke loose! But if you are the ‘chosen one’ for your besties, then congratulations on being a bridesmaid and signing up for a full-time (unpaid) job! If you thought being an intern was difficult, thing again!


I know when your bestie popped the question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”, you must’ve have been in seventh heaven; feeling special and all geared up to make the other gals envious! But, hey, as Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” there is a lot that’s depending on you.


Undoubtedly, being the bride’s wingman is super-duper exciting, it could also get a wee bit challenging. It is your responsibility now to ensure your BFF has the dreamy wedding she has always wanted. Right from her outfit to her makeup, and from her emotional outbursts to her midnight cravings, you need to handle it all!


Here’s an A-Z checklist of all your duties you should keep handy, so as to steer clear of the bride-to-be’s wrath 😛


1. Help her get inspired!!



A wedding is not planned overnight, there are loads of small details which require due attention and careful planning. Whether it is the decor, the outfits or food choices, a bride starts seeking inspiration long before the D-day! As a bridesmaid, you have to help her in this process and on bad days, even take it up yourself! From attending wedding exhibitions and fairs to rummaging through Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for ideas, you have to be involved in everything!!


2. Meeting a gazillion vendors



Once your BFF is 100% inspired, you have to help her start selecting and meeting vendors- photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, caterers, decorators, wedding planners, stylists, designers et al.

P.S- Yes, it will get super-duper exhausting, stay high on caffeine as you may need to calm down your BFF too 🙂


3. Get. Set. Spend (shop)!



Once your BFF is done zero-ing in on what she needs for her wedding, the next step is going on a SHOPPING SPREE!

If you are a shopaholic, I am sure you will end up having a gala time, and if it’s otherwise, all I can say is, good luck!


4. Getting ready to groove!



You don’t want your BFF’s sangeet to be a dowdy one- sans the latke- jhatke, tumke and masti, do you?

Get choreographing dance performances or hire a professional choreographer. Not only this but also ensure that you make every friend and family member shake a leg, even the ones who have two left feet!


5. Mission-Joota Chupai


Image source: Pinterest


Joota chupai is the birthright of every sister and every BFF of the bride. Make sure you strategise a successful and entertaining one!


6. Keep everything organized!



Yes, this is your duty too! Hang in there, gal (facepalm)!

You need to get the bride’s outfits, salon appointments, diet, and every tiny detail organized and in order. You cannot afford to have last moment glitches.


7. Be available



Your BFF will need your assistance at several occasions during the wedding. For example, during the mehendi ceremony you have to ensure you do all her chores so as to save her mehendi from smudging. Don’t forget helping her to pee while she has adorned a 78.15kg lehenga on her wedding ceremony!


8. Juggling emotional outbursts!



Prior to the wedding, there is a 99.999999999999% chance that the bride will be experiencing an emotional roller coaster. From getting anxious about her weight to sudden binging, and from feeling extremely excited about her wedding to being nervous, you have to tackle it ALL!

P.S- My tip is keep a tissue box and a cartload of chocolates handy!!


9. Survival Kit



You are going to be a ‘cushion’ between the bride and any probable problems that come your bride’s way at the wedding ceremony. Stay ready with a ‘Survival kit’ at all times. This should preferably have some tissues, her lipstick, concealer, 1000 safety pins and chocolates for tackling her wedding hunger pangs and keeping her calm!


10. Make sure she’s happy



What’s most important?

Well, ensure your BFF is suuuuuuuper happy at all times during her shaadi!

P.S- Afterall, you do want to award yourself ‘Best Bridesmaid of the Year’, don’t you??


Gals, now that y’all have a checklist handy, I am sure y’all are readyyyyy to roll!

This Eid, Try these 10 Gorgeous Arabic Mehendi Designs!


We are only a few days away from Eid al-Fitr, and with the festivities right around the corner, I thought it’s best to get the ball rolling, and bring you all some inspirational ideas! Mehendi has always been an integral part of Eid celebrations. Amongst a wide array of design options to pick and choose from, the one which is a consistent rage, especially during festivals like Eid, are the eloquent Arabic designs.


With Indian and Pakistani women swearing by Arabic mehndi designs, their popularity seems to have doubled over the years. These designs are not only eye-catching, but they also add a mysterious enigma and charm with their simple patterns. Arabic mehendi can usually be distinguished by bolder designs, leaf motifs, paisleys, the exquisite florals, checkered patterns, and an uncramped structure; giving it an ultra-mod and classy look!


Here’s me listing a host of some breathtaking yet straightforward, and majorly easy Arabic designs which you could bookmark, and use this festive season:


1. A beauteous combination of symmetric checks, and intricate designs upto the wrists- contemporary and edgy!


Image source: Minal Beauty


2. This Arabic mehendi design is made out of swirls on the fingertips, followed by small drop-like designs and simple checks and paisleys.

Image source: Amrita Henna


3. Bold, edgy, and futuristic- this unique Arabic mehendi design is perfect for those looking out for something less traditional.



4. Teeny-weeny swirls on the fingers, followed by box-like designs filled with tiny symmetrical checks, and small dots leading up to the circular floral patterns.



5. Intricate designs on the fingers, and a simple, large mandala design at the centre- for the ultra-mod gals!



6. Slightly more intricate, this design has a whole lot of swirls, paisleys, and lines.


Image source: Amrita Henna


7. This relatively bolder and thicker mehendi design has an attractive mandala, an oversized swirl and intricate details on the fingers.



8. I am totally floored by the uniqueness of this Arabic design- delightful floral patterns, delicate swirls and leaf motifs and checkered patterns around the fingertips.


Image source: Henna By Divya


9. How attractive is this Arabic design revolving mainly around rosettes! Not to forget the large intentional spaces left blank within the design.


Image source: Zareena’s Henna


10. Various intricate designs on each finger coupled with beautiful 3D-looking flower petals, paisleys, and a unique design made of circles, and symmetrical lines towards the wrist.


Image source: Henna By Divya


Hopefully, you have got a fair idea of the beautiful designs you can this Eid season!


Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)

8 Brides who wore Different but Stunning Chudas on their D-day!


The red or maroon and white or ivory bangles have always been synonymous with Bridal chudas, and our bride-to-be still love them!

However, over the past few years, the traditional chuda has witnessed a change in colors like blue, pink, peach, and many more, to match the brides’ needs.


But, that’s not all – some brides are setting new trends by ditching the concept of chuda altogether and going in for more stylish, ultra-mod and unique choices. As I sat rummaging through the internet, searching for the best alternatives to chudas, I came across heaps of inspiration. From subtle glass bangles to chunky lac kadas, brides are nailing it with their hatke bangle combinations.


Here’s me listing the most alluring alternatives that caught my attention:


1. Silk thread bangles and kadas


Image source: Simmy Makwana


A drool-worthy combination of silk thread bangles merged with humongous temple kadas. Not to miss the guttapusalu work on these exquisite ones. This is a graceful, elegant alternative to the quintessential chuda.


2. Gold OTT bangle combination


Image source: Deo Studios


For all those who think a heavy embellished outfit won’t go well with OTT jewellery, think again!

Edgy ethnic kangans, bangles studded with pearls and magnanimous kadas with intricate designs- a combination you should definitely bookmark if you want to go all out with your bridal ensemble!


3. Green and gold bangles


Image source: MP Singh Photography


If you are a bride who likes to keep it simple, sleek and minimalistic, these green bangles combined with blingy gold ones are a perfect choice!


4. Keen on green


Image source: Aanal Savaliya


Keeping it elegant and ethnic, this bride paired her green lehenga with lac kadas and studded 3D bangles!


5. Traditional treat


Image source: Aanal Savaliya


Gold lac kadas with multi-coloured studs, paired with red gota bangles; sandwiched between 3D studded bangles.


6. Alluring metallic bangles


Image source: Black Tie Project


Who wouldn’t want to flaunt some edgy and unique jewelry pieces on their D-Day? This bride pairs her blingy lehenga with metallic bangles, and  I can’t keep calm!


7. Keeping its super-simple


Image source: Morviimages


Brides-to-be, if y’all are interested in keeping your look ultra-simple, while also being comfortable, opt out for just a pair of kadas.

P.S- When you’re bangles don’t end up getting caught up with your outfit, you can thank me! 😛


8. Bold and Burgundy


Image source: Hitched & Clicked


How about these bold, burgundy glass bangles sandwiched between traditional studded kadas with intricate designs on them! A great alternative to the red and ivory combo!!


Gals, are y’all ready to go ‘Bole chudiyaan, bole kangana?’


10 Brides who Stole our Hearts by Including their Doggos in their Wedding!

If you are someone who is often tagged mostly in dog videos and posts, and your photo gallery is filled with your pooch’s pictures, and every activity lined up during your day is scheduled around your dog, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a certified (by me and the world) dog lover! I am sure this blog’s cuteness quotient is HIGH enough to grab your attention and make you fall in love with these fuzzy and ‘aww’dorable pets.


While brides are the centre of attention, some like to share the spotlight with their furry babies. Yes, why leave the pup or cat behind when the entire family is out celebrating? We found 10 brides who included their pups at their mehendi, haldi, and even at their wedding ceremonies; some even got their doggos all dressed up for the occasion!


Here’s me giving you a gazillion reasons to smile today:


1. I am majorly crushing over this couple who decided to include their pet pug to announce their wedding date!

2. Ace photographer, Saurabh Rungta, made sure his furry friends were present at all his functions- from the mehendi to the wedding.


Image source: Saurabh Rungta Photography


3. Why should the bride have all the fun? Uh-uh…this dog is enjoying an equal share of the masti at the phoolon ki holi, during the haldi ceremony!


Image source: Imprint Studio


4. I am sure this bride couldn’t resist kissing her sweet lil pug, who is all dressed up for the wedding!


Image source: Cinewire


5. This gorgeous bride clutches onto her jet-black puggy. Not to miss his tux and contrasting bow with his name on it.


Image source: Prune India


6. This bride is having fun with her Lhasa Apsos like a BOSS! Not to miss the little bibs with colourful pom poms the dogs were made to wear.


Image source: Divine Mantra


7. A special kiss for the gorgeous golden retriever!


Image source: Roma Ganesh Photography


8. Isn’t it difficult to bid your favourite one adieu! This bride sits down to spend a few alone moments with her doggo before the wedding ceremonies commence.


Image source: Venue Monk


9. Ditching kiddos holding up ‘Here comes the bride’ placards, this bride wants the spotlight on her Lhasa Apsos instead.


Image source: Pinterest


10. Cuteness overload!

This teeny weeny doggo has won our hearts!


Image source: Prune India


Gals, are y’all ready to get snapped with your little companions?


Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)


Destination Wedding Venues in Udaipur that will Light Your Most Awaited Day

When we talk about destination weddings there is a list of things that will definitely pop up in your mind. The concept of Destination weddings has got a lot to do with the location that you decide to host your wedding. To make it a bit interesting, we at Weddingz.in conducted a poll to know which destination wedding venue would you prefer when it comes to locations like Udaipur and Goa. We got a stupendous response from your end and a majority of you guys have ditched the beach weddings of Goa for the Maharaja style weddings in the royal city of Udaipur. We, therefore, decided to come up with a few handpicked destination wedding venues in Udaipur that will surely give you the royal vibes on your big day. 


The city of Udaipur, which is famously known as the city of lakes, definitely does justice to the word ‘grand’– be it in its historical past, the monuments, palaces, and even in the hospitality, they offer. A destination wedding definitely requires a fair bit of planning so that all the boxes are ticked on the D-day without any hassle. For the smooth functioning of the process, these venues in Udaipur will give you an outline before going ahead with your bookings.


City Palace Udaipur – Shiv Niwas Palace, City Palace Complex, Udaipur




With City Palace Udaipur – 4 times winner of Best Heritage Hotel – in your kitty, your destination wedding is surely going to be a big hit! Now, chart out your guest list for the biggest wedding of the year. Sigh… imagine romance bubbling in the heart of the lake. No, we are not kidding! This iconic palace is situated at the center of Lake Pichola, and that makes it one of the most prominent places for celebrations of any kind. And how can we miss out on the efforts of in-house decor artists, caterers, and other staff who leave no stone unturned to provide such a royal treatment to each and every guest. Book yourself grand open-air lawns or a mighty hall to accommodate all your guests comfortably. Adding to its glamor, the venue has adopted all the modern amenities to ensure the utmost comfort of your guests. So what are you waiting for? Plan your wedding at this marvelous royal wedding venue in Udaipur.



City Palace Udaipur – Shiv Niwas Palace, City Palace Complex, Udaipur

Lake Pichola, The City Palace Complex, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


The Lalit Laxmi Villas Palace, Fatehpura, Udaipur

City Palace Udaipur - Shiv Niwas Palace, City Palace Complex, Udaipur


City Palace Udaipur - Shiv Niwas Palace, City Palace Complex, Udaipur


City Palace Udaipur - Shiv Niwas Palace, City Palace Complex, Udaipur


Ever thought of taking a Helicopter ride to your wedding destination on your big day, landing at the helipad in style , and walking down the aisle with a beautiful bride by your side? Well, this isn’t a dream anymore! You can actually do that with the help of Lalit Aviation. To make your dreams turn into reality, we suggest you plan your destination wedding at one of the magnificent banquets offered at The Lalit Laxmi Villas Palace. A mesmerizing venue at Fatehpura, this hotel chain has won multiple awards for its delicious cuisines. Being one of the best 5-star marriage venues in Udaipur, it is located on a hilltop amidst the breath-taking Aravalli hills, overlooking the Fateh Sagar lake – making it an ideal location for your destination wedding. This palace can easily accommodate around 4000 guests on your list and turn any ordinary affair into a royal celebration.



The Lalit Laxmi Villas Palace, Fatehpura, Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Rd, Near Zinc, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313004


The Oberoi Udaivilas Palace, Mallatalai, Udaipur

The Lalit Laxmi Villas Palace, Fatehpura, Udaipur


The Lalit Laxmi Villas Palace, Fatehpura, Udaipur


The Lalit Laxmi Villas Palace, Fatehpura, Udaipur


Can you imagine a visit to Venice without a boat ride? No, right? Just like that, you can’t explore the real Udaipur – known as the Venice of the East – without a private boat ride! Indulge your guests into this once-in-a-lifetime experience with exclusive boat rides offered by The Oberoi Udaivilas Palace. This venue is the perfect wedding location at Mallatalai for you to start a new chapter of your life. With romance and heritage in the air, this palace is the very definition of the destination wedding venue. The stunning ambiance and amazing experience will make you fall head-over-heels for this venue. So, host small to grand weddings at one of the best luxurious wedding venues in Udaipur, and wow your guests with the amazing hospitality offered here.



The Oberoi Udaivilas Palace, Mallatalai, Udaipur

Badi-Gorela-Mulla Talai Rd, Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


Fateh Garh, Sisarma, Udaipur

The Oberoi Udaivilas Palace, Mallatalai, Udaipur


The Oberoi Udaivilas Palace, Mallatalai, Udaipur


The Oberoi Udaivilas Palace, Mallatalai, Udaipur


If you are fond of cars, and especially, a vintage car, this destination wedding venue is perfect for you. Fateh Garh Palace is not only one of the best wedding venues in Udaipur but also possesses a heritage of vintage cars that your guests will surely love to explore. If you are looking for a palatial wedding with a touch of Rajput legacy to it, your quest for the venue comes to an end with this palace. With the best-in-class decor and a dash of heritage, this palace becomes an ideal choice for your pre-wedding shoots followed by wedding ceremonies. Whether you are looking for an open-air wedding or indoor function, you can never go wrong with this venue!



Fateh Garh, Sisarma, Udaipur

Sisarma – Bujra Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


The Leela Palace, Chandpole, Udaipur

Fateh Garh, Sisarma, Udaipur


Fateh Garh, Sisarma, Udaipur


Fateh Garh, Sisarma, Udaipur


Do you want to celebrate your union in the most romantic city in India, and that too without compromising on your comfort? Your hunt for the perfect venue comes to end with The Leela Palace coming to your rescue. Being one of the best 5-star venues for hosting destination weddings in Udaipur, The Leela Palace ensures your guests and you all the comfort with astonishing views around the premises. This venue has mastered the art of delighting their guests with the utmost comfort and lip smacking cuisines that your invitees will remember for many years. The palace, with its dedicated staff, ensures that your wedding celebration is the best experience of your life. So, take a ride through its rich heritage and indulge in aristocratic nostalgia, as this is the best venue to make your wedding an incredible affair.



The Leela Palace, Chandpole, Udaipur

Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


We are sure that, by now, you have already fallen in love with these destination wedding venues in Udaipur and started planning your palatial wedding. If you want to keep looking for more, don’t forget to check out our website for more venues in Udaipur.

Large Party Halls in Udaipur to Throw a Royal Bash

Is throwing royal parties your archetype? Is hosting the most happening party in town and inviting everyone you enjoy the most? If yes, then check out the best party halls in the City of Lakes, Udaipur, that are tucked amidst serene mountains and astonishingly beautiful lakes. These large party halls in Udaipur exuberates royalty and class.  

Radisson Blu Udaipur Resort And Spa, Rani Road, Udaipur

Imagine hosting a party at a grand venue with a backdrop of a beautiful lake. That’s not a mere imagination, Radisson Blu Udaipur Resort and Spa is one such splendid venue that offers sprawling lush green lawns, intricately decorated halls and the beautiful view of Fatah Sagar Lake. This venue has expert in-house caterers and decorators to make your party a grand one. Radisson Blu Udaipur Resort and Spa strives to make everything perfect by their impeccable hospitality, which makes this venue one of the best party halls in Udaipur. If this is your preferred location, you can check out more venues on Rani Road.

Key Features:

In-house catering provided

Valet parking services

Alcohol allowed

Radisson Blu Udaipur Resort and Spa

Address: B-1, Ambamata Scheme – A Rd, Opp. Aravali Hospital, Malla Talai, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Landmark: Rani Road


Royal Retreat Resort and Spa, Badi Road, Udaipur

Radisson Blu Udaipur Resort and Spa

Royal Retreat Resort and Spa as the name defines is the perfect getaway to the cultural personification of Rajasthan. This venue not only offers expansive lawns and banquet hall but also has a pool garden. Royal Retreat Resort and Spa can approximately accommodate around 1000 guests that make this venue perfectly apt for large gatherings. An inviting ethnic ambiance of this venue helps it to stand out and be one of the best banquet halls in Udaipur. You can also check out more venues in Udaipur.

Key Features:

Open catering services

Valet parking services

Overnight functions allowed

Royal Retreat Resort and Spa

Address: Village-Hawala, Badi Hawala Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313025

Landmark: Lake Badi Road


Shouryagarh Resort and Spa, Shilpgram, Udaipur

Royal Retreat Resort and Spa

How about hosting a celebration in a place that speaks about itself through its magnificent architecture and colorful past. Shouryagarh Resorts and Spa is one of its kinds of place that makes you feel the vibe of royalness. This venue offers multiple party areas such as prolific lawns that can host about 9000 guests and halls that can accommodate medium-sized gatherings. It also has a parking space for over 500 vehicles. Shouryagarh Resorts and Spa has expert in-house decorators and caterers but you are also free to hire one. All in all, it is one of the large party venues in Udaipur.

Key Features:

Alcohol allowed

Valet parking services

Centrally located venue

Shouryagarh Resort and Spa

Address: Rani Road Off Fateh Sagar Lake Near Shilpgram Hawala Khurd, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Landmark: Shilpgram


The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace, Fatehpura, Udaipur

Shouryagarh Resort and Spa

Located on the hilltop, The Lalit Laxmi Vilas in one the best party venues in Udaipur. It has a peaceful ambiance with a mesmerizing view of the lake, Fateh Sagar. This venue has multiple open-air spaces that can accommodate roundabout 3500 guests. It also has banquet halls with varying accommodation capacities. This venue also offers various services for recreational and entertainment purposes such as camel and horse ride, the Rajasthani special-puppet show and live band performance as well.

Key Features:

Multiple party areas

Alcohol allowed

Catering services

The Lalit Laxmi Vilas

Address: Fateh Sagar Rd, Near Zinc, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313004

Landmark: Fateh Sagar Lake


Cambay Resort And Spa, Kaladwas, Udaipur

The Lalit Laxmi Vilas

Cambay Resorts stands out to be one of the best party banquets in Udaipur. Parties and celebrations of all sizes can be hosted here as the venue has multiple party spaces of varying accommodation capacities. This venue offers two lawns that can host around 1000  guests and halls that can hold medium-sized gatherings. It also has a lavish poolside open-air space. The event planners here strives to make all events flawlessly perfect by their management and hospitality.

Key Features:

Multiple party areas

Overnight functions allowed

Catering services

The Lalit Laxmi Vilas

Address: Plot No:- 439-442, RIICO, Bhamashah Industrial Area, Kaladwas, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313002

Landmark: Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences

These were few handpicked large party halls in Udaipur. So go ahead and party!

The Best Farmhouses to Get Married in Delhi

When Bollywood wanted to get married in an unrushed, spoilt and luxurious style, it chose Delhi Farmhouses. Remember how “Band Baaja Baaraat” quite glaringly captured the ‘posh’ side of Delhi? Anushka Sharma introduces the upscale farmhouses in Delhi with the words, “Yahaan dulha helicopter mein utarta hai. Paanch crore tak ka budget toh koi baat hi nahi.” Doesn’t this pretty much set the picture in our minds when it comes to farmhouse weddings that are a part of Delhi’s culture?

This warm city with a rich history and cross-cultural influences is all about having fun. These days, the farmhouse parties are scandalously lavish and full of life.

We’ve compiled a list in no particular order for the best farmhouses to get married in Delhi.


Radiance Motel, Chattarpur, Delhi



This farmhouse in Delhi for marriage subtly manages to make your dream wedding come to life. This world-class venue is professionally managed by qualified and experienced professionals from the industry. No matter what the gathering strength is, this property is spacious enough to host any wedding ceremony. With an in-house catering facility, it serves mouth-watering delicacies to guests. Radiance Motel rightly manages to give a dose of exclusivity and personalization.


Venue: Lawns + Banquets


Meadows Lawn

seating: 500 / Floating: 2000

Crystal Room

seating: 250 / Floating: 500

Royal Ballroom

seating: 200 / Floating: 400

Key features:

Corporate and personal events can also be hosted

Nearly 900 reviews and 4.0 rating on Google

Multiple banquets in one premise

Overnight wedding is permitted

Address: 37/2-4 Old, NH 48, Kapas Hera, New Delhi, Delhi 110037


Mallu Farms, Chattarpur, Delhi



Popular for its ambiance and lush surroundings, Mallu Farms is sure to make your wedding more than special. Situated at the heart of South Delhi, it is perfect to host any function with large guest size. Whether you are looking at simple pre-wedding functions or an extravagant reception party, it is equipped to give you a smooth service with top-notch facilities. This farm wedding venues in Delhi has power back up. It also offers exclusive décor that makes any event look unique and stunning.


Venue: Lawn + Indoor


Windsor Lawn + Hall

Seating – 2000 / Floating – 3000

Bali Poolside Lawn    

Seating – 500 / Floating – 750

Imperial Hall    

Seating – 500/ Floating – 750

Key features:

Alcohol permitted at the venue

Thematic in-house decor

Power backup available

Combinable banquet

Address: Chattarpur Mandir Road, Sat Bari, New Delhi, Delhi 110074


Shagun Farms By Ferns N Petals, Chattarpur, Delhi



Offering a magnificent garden and enclosed dining area for celebrating all your wedding functions, this venue at Chattarpur main road is a grand one. This well-known farmhouse in Delhi for wedding has luxurious lawns to host lavish weddings. Popular among elites who prefer exclusive weddings in an open area, this farm in Delhi is an ultimate dream venue.


Venue: Lawns


Lawn 1 + Dining Area

Seating – 1000 / Floating – 1500

Lawn 2 + Dining Area    

Seating – 550 / Floating – 900

Key features:

Caterer and decorator provided

Multiple lawns available

Easy to commute

Thematic decor

Address: Band Road, Near Radhye, Mohan drive, Jonapur, Chattarpur, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110047


Golden Tulip, Chattarpur, Delhi

Golden Tulip – Chattarpur


Golden Tulip – Chattarpur


If you are looking for a perfect wedding venue in South Delhi, Golden Tulip will surely leave you impressed. The lush green lawns here are spread over three acres of area. The place also has many rooms and suites overlooking the pool and the garden where you can accommodate all your guests. Conveniently located at 18 km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Golden Tulip is well-connected to tourist attractions like Qutab Minar and Lotus Temple. This venue in Chattarpur is surely among the top few wedding venues in Delhi. So go ahead and book it to leave your guests delighted and impressed.


Venue & Capacity

Ballroom 1: Seating – 180 / Floating – 300

Ballroom 2: Seating – 180 / Floating – 300

Pandal: Seating – 800 / Floating – 1200

Imperial: Seating – 150 / Floating – 350

Terrace 1: Seating – 80 / Floating – 150

Terrace 2: Seating – 80 / Floating – 150

Key features:

A popular 4-star venue

Near to tourist attractions

18 km from International Airport

Accommodation available

Address: Sco 4 – Sector 23 A -Palam Vihar Road, Gurugram


Sanskriti Greens, Mehrauli Delhi, Delhi

Sanskriti Greens – Mehrauli


Sanskriti Greens – Mehrauli


Nestled at the prime South Delhi locality of the city, Sanskriti Greens is a top-of-the-line wedding venue with five acres of lush green surroundings. This popular wedding venue is located on a 200 ft. wide congestion-free road void of public transport, making it easy for your guests to commute. Offering five-star hospitality, it is equipped with valet parking facility. Whether you are looking at lavish theme weddings or plain extravagance, this is the place to be.


Venue & Capacity

Mantra Lawn: Seating – 1000 / Floating – 2000

Shloka Lawn: Seating – 500 / Floating – 1500

Vedas AC Hall: Seating – 500 / Floating – 3500

Key features:

Huge lawns

In house decor

Alcohol permitted

AC banquet available

Address: Bandh Road, Jaunapur, Mehrauli – New Delhi, India


The Venetian Farm, Pushpanjali, Delhi

The Venetian Farm - Bijwasan


The Venetian Farm - Bijwasan


The Venetian Farm is the perfect place to host a wedding as it has a lawn and a hall that can be combined to host events. Situated at Dwarka Link Road, it is spread across acres of lush green, well-maintained land. Perfect for both – a large gathering and an intimate one, it provides a waterproof pandal, especially for dining. Equipped with ample parking space, the Venetian Farm offers comfort and top-notch facilities.


Venue: Lawn + Indoor


Seating – 1000 / Floating – 1500

Key features:

Massive lawn

Decorator provided

DJ allowed at the venue

Parking available

Address: Bharthal, New Delhi, Delhi 110037


Fortune Park Boulevard, Chattarpur, Delhi



Whether it is a large-scale wedding function or a simple affair, Fortune Park Boulevard offers a fresh approach to celebrations. The management ensures professionalism and is committed to delivering nothing but the best. Offering comfortable accommodation for your guests, it provides attention to details and quality services. It is indeed one of the best farmhouses in Delhi.


Venue: Paradiso Lawn / Serenade Poolside Lawn / Celeste Banquet


Paradiso Lawn    

Seating – 500, Floating – 800

Serenade Poolside Lawn    

Seating – 130, Floating – 300

Celeste Banquet    

Seating – 120, Floating – 200

Key features:

Lodging facility available

In-house decorator

Multiple banquets

Airport Transfers

Address: Chattarpur Mandir Rd, Dera More, New Delhi, Delhi 110074


Opulent Motel, Chattarpur, Delhi



Offering the ideal backdrop for intimacy and grandeur, this luxurious venue is nestled close to the famous Jama Masjid. With a string of artistic indoor venues and lush green outdoor venues, it is perfect for weddings and pre-wedding functions. From a simple ceremony to a grand extravaganza, Opulent Motel has something to offer at every level of sophistication and budget. You will be mesmerized with the warm hospitality and personalized services which flawlessly execute your wedding, corporate, birthday celebrations, etc.


Olive / Orchid


Olive + Lawn

Seating : 700    / Floating: 1000

Orchid + Lawn (Hall + Lawn)    

Seating: 120    / floating: 300

Key features:

Elegant ambiance

Decor and food provided

Near to Jama Masjid

Easy to commute location

Address: 98, Gadaipur Bandh Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110034


Anandvan Greens, Surajkund, Delhi

Anandvan Greens – SurajKund


Anandvan Greens – SurajKund


Situated in the lap of nature, yet so close to the city, Anandvan Greens is a blissful venue. It does not have any concrete buildings and structures yet the venue is so surreally designed that it is going to leave you feeling wonderful at first glance itself. Transforming dreams into reality, it has a team that puts together the best of everything for a successful ceremony. You can arrange your mehndi, sangeet, ring ceremony, wedding and reception with complete ease here. The venue is visually enchanting and the staff here makes sure your wedding becomes a memorable one.


Lawn Venues / Capacity

Wild Flower Valley: 250

Green Whisper: 1200

Pakhuri: 300

Melody Park: 450

Symphony Park: 250

Key features:

Multiple lawns to host events

Amphy theater available

Adventure activities available

Perfect to host theme weddings

Address: Building No. 1378, Ground Floor, Badkhal Raod, Suraj Kund, Lakewood city, Surajkund, Faridabad, Haryana 121010

So, now that you know which are the best farmhouses to get married in Delhi, book them with us to get the best deals.