This brave heart bride’s engagement photos have literally melted our hearts!


When my colleague came across Courtney Martzall’s pictures she couldn’t help but share it with everyone in the office. My team was at a loss of words for we haven’t seen such a brave bride who kept her apprehensions aside and chose to overcome her insecurities. The photographer, Chelsea Jones, shared the pictures and mentioned a detailed account of what happened during the photo shoot.


Courtney suffers from Alopecia, a condition in which hair growth is nil. She has struggled to accept herself without a wig. With utter confidence, she bared it all and decided to take a few pictures without her wig. Take my word, she looks beautiful!! Courtney’s fiance Mike has so  much love for her in his eyes that it is making us melt faster than ice cream!










Three cheers for Courtney, who bared it all, for Mike who loves her for who she is and for Chelsea Jones who captured their love and confidence perfectly!

“I could have got carried away with my name and fame. But she has grounded me,” Ranveer Singh opens up about his relationship with Deepika Padukone!

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone sealed the deal after a nation wide speculation of ‘are they dating or are they not’. They recently tied the knot at Lake Como in Italy at a 800 year old villa. The wedding and the post-wedding ceremonies were intimate affairs attended by their closest friends and immediate family members.


After we spent endless hours gushing and aw-ing at their wedding pictures, Ranveer Singh opened up about his wedding and equation with Deepika Padukone for  time and it’s beyond beautiful! Scroll down to know more:


What does baba think of marriage in general?


He said, “Yes, things will be different, there’ll be demands on my time. Marriage takes some work and effort. But I believe it’s going to be a blast. We’re going to be living together officially. I’ve been wanting to shift gear into becoming a family man for a while now.



On his equation with Deepika he said,


She is someone who demands authenticity of character. That’s the biggest influence. She’s a real person and demands that you keep it real too.

She has anchored me. I could have got carried away with my name and fame. But she has grounded me. Before she had her blockbuster year, we’d already started dating, I’ve seen her deal with success and failure.” *awwwwww*



When did he realise that she is the girl?


“Six months into the relationship, I knew she was the one. I nurtured the relationship accordingly. It’s been six years now. She’s too good, too lovely. She’s a force of nature. I understood that almost immediately. “


Is she lucky to have him:


I don’t think about these things. I’m lucky to have her. I knew all too well that this is the woman I’m going to marry. This is the woman who would become the mother of my children. I’ve been thinking about marriage seriously for almost three years now. I was just waiting, I told her the minute you say so, we’ll do it.


Both of you are at the top of your game. Is this the right time to be distracted by marriage?


I believe when the feeling is right, it’s the right time. I’ve been feeling it’s right for a long time. This could have happened three years back as well. Now that she’s also feeling right about it, it’s perhaps the right time now. When two people feel right about it, it’s the right time.


Well well, here’s wishing this much-in-love couple a lifetime of togetherness!

40 blouse back neck designs you have to check out this Indian wedding season!

Blouse back neck designs are everything when it comes to picking a good blouse for your saree or lehenga. With so many different styles of blouse back neck designs floating in the market, it might get a tad overwhelming to pick the perfect one for your Wedding day. And that’s why to help you as a good friend, I have picked the 40 latest blouse back neck designs that will give you a fair idea on what’s the best for you!

Scroll on; see this blouse back neck designs catalogue for yourself and share it with your bride tribe to give them some blouse back design inspiration too!

1. Blouse back neck design in deep scallop shape and dori

Image Source: Morvi Images

This blouse neck pattern with a deep scallop shape and dori is such a stunner. A blouse like this is perfect to wear with a saree as well as a lehenga. Win-win! Tip: Get it made in a neutral colour like gold, silver or black, so that you can use it with a number of outfits.

2. Simple blouse back neck design with latkan

Nothing ever surpasses the beauty of simplicity. This simple blouse back neck design with basic round neck and latkans is a classic example of that. With a blouse back neck design like this, you can be sure that it will never go out of style!

3. Latest blouse neck design in T-shape

If you are looking for simple blouse back neck designs that aren’t too heavy or fussy, then this T-shape blouse neck pattern is something you can surely pick for your saree!

4. Latest blouse neck design with huge tassels and double dori

Image Source: Morvi Images

One of the latest blouse neck designs that are trending is to make use of oversized tassels. Perfect to wear with a net saree or designer lehenga, right ladies?

5. Silk blouse back neck design with double dori and pom poms

There’s always a way to spruce up your blouse back neck design! And wouldn’t you all agree that nothing works better than doris and pom poms in doing that?

6. Pearl embellished blouse neck pattern with latkan

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

Nothing looks better than a simple round blouse back neck design with statement latkan if your saree or lehenga is already heavy and embellished!

7. Blouse back neck design with zardosi border

If you are on the lookout for blouse back neck designs with border that are simple yet eye-catching, then your search ends right here! This simple blouse neck pattern with shallow V cut and zardosi border is a great pick to wear with net sarees!

8. Maggam work blouse back neck design for pattu saree

Maggam work blouse back designs are a rage among brides this year! The sheer beauty of these latest blouse neck designs with intricate maggam work looks festive and eye-catching. Check out more maggam work blouse back neck designs on Weddingz!

9. Blouse back neck design that’s backless with huge mirror latkans

Blouse designer: Abhinav Mishra

If you are up to wearing a backless blouse on your big day, then a latkan embellished blouse back neck design like this one is something you should definitely keep in your list!

10. Blouse neck pattern that’s backless with sheer floral details

Image Source: Papa Don’t Preach

This stunner of a blouse back neck design by Papa Don’t Preach is sure to grab some eyeballs as you flaunt it with a designer lehenga or saree on any of your pre-wedding functions!

11. Lower backless blouse back design with mini latkans

A dori at the bottom of the blouse back neck design with a cute bunch of latkans at the top! What’s not to love?

12. Latest blouse neck design that’s completely backless and oh-so-sexy!

This designer blouse pattern back neck by Ashwini Reddy is such a stunner or your sangeet night lehenga, right? The multicolour pompoms along with the gold-sequined fabric is a great choice to pair with a lehenga.

13. Criss-cross full dori open back neck design

Image Source: Shweta Poddar

Such blouse back neck designs with full criss-cross doris are an ideal pick to wear with simple lehengas on your pre-wedding functions. But if you are an experimental bride, by all means, go ahead and wear it with your saree to kick some ass on your big day!

14. Criss-cross back neck design with multicolour mirror work

Are you planning to wear a simple monotone saree for your big day? If yes, then a criss-cross blouse neck pattern like this one will not only look smart and sexy but also make you saree shine brighter than ever!

15. Totally drool-worthy designer blouse pattern back neck

Image Source: The Memory Writers

Blouse designer: Nyshka Design Studio

This blouse back neck design is some serious #bridalwear goals! The gemstones embellished back with floral cutwork is so beautiful that I am literally short of words to describe it.

16. Sheer embellished blouse back design

If Madhuri Dixit can pull off a designer blouse pattern back neck like this one, then so can you! The illusion sheer back with eye-blinding embellishments is totally drool-worthy to pair with your reception saree!

17. Blouse back neck designs with bows

Bows are love. Period. And when added as an accent on blouse back neck designs, they are just too cute to ignore! They give just the kind of feminine touch that any wedding outfit needs!

18. Lower back double dori blouse back neck design

Image Source: Photowalle

One of the latest blouse neck designs of 2018, the lower back double dori style is popular because of its versatility of wearing with both a saree and a lehenga.

19. Geometric cutout simple blouse back neck design

Image Source: Kosh Productions

Blouse designer: Nyshka Design Studio

Geometric cut-out backs are one of the most simple blouse back neck designs that look chic and classy too. So, if you have a classic taste, then do give this blouse back neck design a try for one of your wedding sarees!

20. Backless double dori designer blouse pattern

Blouse Designer: Anita Dongre

This gorgeous brocade blouse has one of the most sensuous back neck designs. This entirely backless blouse with full sleeves is sexy and chic at the same time. You can trust a blouse back neck design like this to look great with a kanjivaram or Kerela kasavu saree!

21. Deep-V blouse back neck design with bow

This simple blouse back neck design with deep-V cut and bow tie is an elegant style that you can choose to stitch if you love chic and basic designs over trendy and dramatic ones!

22. Tie-up dori blouse back pattern

The full tie-up blouse back design has been around the corner for ages and for all the right reasons! It is sexy, stylish and adds just the right amount of oomph to your saree look!

23. Lattice pattern blouse back neck design

If you wish to wear a closed back neck blouse but also want to make it look a bit fancy, then a lattice cutout blouse back neck design is something you can consider.

24. Keyhole cutout button embellished back neck design

Blouse designer: Soch

This keyhole cutout button embellished blouse back design is a simple yet attractive one to wear with a chiffon, cotton or organza saree!

25. Racerback blouse back neck design

This racerback blouse back design with tribal back is something you can surely try wearing with a plain georgette saree and look totally kickass!

26. Sheer back jewel neck blouse design

Not a fan of wearing necklaces but still want your neck to look fully embellished? Give this blouse neck design and shot and you will surely be able to trick others into believing that you have worn a heavy gold neck piece.

27. Cutout blouse back design with extra long latkans

The trend of extra long latkans on blouse back neck designs in here to stay! If you too are fond of some drama in your outfits, add big oversized and

extra long latkans with a simple cutout blouse back!

28. Lotus cutout blouse neck pattern

Who said only geometric cut out patterns look good on blouse back neck designs? Go ahead and experiment with floral cutouts like lotus or petals on silk fabrics for a hatke look!

29. Sheer back blouse with a lattice pattern

If you are looking out for blouse back neck designs to pair with a pattu saree, then this sheer back lattice pattern design is something you can definitely give a try! Tip: Take the border of the attached blouse piece of the saree and use it to make the lattice pattern!

30. Inverted-V blouse back neck design

A simple blouse back design, this inverted V-shape is a total winner if you want to try out a different blouse back without going all out or overboard!

31. Sheer back blouse with lace

This sheer blouse neck design with lace details and pearl button embellishment is a graceful choice to wear with a lehenga for your pre-wedding functions.

32. Blouse back pattern with pot shape cutout and dori

This pot shape cut out with dori is another classic blouse back neck design that can be paired with both sarees and lehengas!

33. Back neck design with multi-colour tribal embroidery

Image Source: Teja Sarees

This blouse neck pattern with mirror work and multicolour tribal embroidery is a beautiful choice to wear with a bandhani saree. Don’t you love how the yellow colour of this saree is contrasting with the mix of shades on the blouse?

34. Backless blouse design with dori and colourful pom poms

This blouse back neck design with dori and multicolour pom poms is a fun and chic way to make your daytime mehndi or haldi ceremony saree stand out!

35. Criss-cross blouse neck pattern

One of the prettiest designer blouse patterns back neck, this is versatile enough to be paired with a lehenga as well as a saree. And if along with a criss-cross style you are looking for blouse back neck designs with border, then this is just the perfect choice for you!

Did you find any of these blouse back neck designs interesting enough to share with your girls or pin to your blouse inspiration board?

20 golden blouse design images that will complement most sarees in your closet!

A golden saree blouse in one of the basic essentials in every desi woman’s wardrobe. A stylish yet ‘goes with everything’ golden blouse design is the ultimate backup option to wear with most of the sarees in your wardrobe! Got a new saree that you don’t have a blouse on yet? Pair it with a golden color blouse design and you are good to go!


To give you some golden blouse design ideas, I have put together a list of 20 latest golden colour blouse design images that you can show to your masterji to stitch the most versatile golden blouse!



1. Brocade golden blouse design with paisley patchwork



Pick a golden brocade fabric and strict a simple golden blouse design with wide neck and minimal embellishment to ensure that it matches with all your sarees!



2. Simple golden blouse design with keyhole cutout back


Image Source: House of Blouse


Here’s a golden blouse back design that you can definitely save and show to your tailor to stitch the perfect golden blouse design for saree. The keyhole cutout back and button embellished front with Chinese collar make this golden blouse a classic to wear with silk sarees! You can even buy this golden color blouse design here!



3. Golden blouse neck design that’s modern & chic



A golden blouse design in shimmery fabric with choker style neck is a great pick to pair with anything from chiffon to silk sarees! Tip: With this neck design, you can even experiment with sleeves and change the look of the blouse!



4. Golden blouse design for silk saree



If you are specifically looking for a golden blouse design to wear with a kanjivaram or kasavu saree, then a plain golden blouse design like this one is a good option to consider. Add some patchwork on the sleeves for a bit of contrast and the blouse is great to go!



5. Cream and golden blouse design with geometric motifs


Image Source: House of Blouse


This versatile cream and golden blouse is like a best friend; it will never let you down! Want to pair it with a silk saree? Or perhaps a cotton one? It will always have your back! Shop this golden blouse design here!



6. Golden blouse back design with metallic embellishments



If you want to get a golden blouse design that’s contemporary and chic, then this blouse with parallel strips and metallic embellishments is something you can definitely opt.



7. Golden net blouse design with lace details


Image Source: House of Blouse


This golden net blouse design with lace details is the perfect choice to pair with a sheer saree! This glamorous golden blouse has lovely floral embroidery, which can jazz up the look of any saree! You can buy this blouse here!



8. Glamorous golden blouse design with 3D flowers and shimmery embellishments



Get your glam look on point with a golden blouse design that’s sure to turn heads and fetch compliments! This shimmery golden blouse with 3D flower details and loose bells sleeves is just the perfect pick to wear with a golden lehenga or simple net saree!



9. Golden blouse design for saree with gota work and latkan



This golden color blouse design is the best and safest bet to have in your wardrobe to pair with all kinds of sarees! The beautiful gotta work along with latkans make it a great option to team with anything from chiffon and georgette to silk and cotton sarees! Bet you won’t regret having a golden blouse design like this one in your wardrobe!



10. Plain golden blouse design with mesh texture and boat neck


Image Source: House of Blouse


You know how they say nothing beats simplicity? Well, this golden blouse design with mesh texture is a testament to that. It’s amazing how a simple golden blouse this can look so stunning and can be versatile at the same time, right?



11. Sonam Kapoor in off-white and golden blouse design



You can always rely on Sonam Kapoor to give you major outfit inspiration. This off-white and golden blouse design with a wide neck, short sleeves and back dori is something you can wear with both a lehenga and a saree with equal grace.



12. Sequined fabric full sleeves golden blouse design


Image Source: Priva Collective


A truly simple yet stunning golden blouse design like this is the ultimate saree saver of all time. The full gold sequined fabric gives it a festive look and ensures that it complements well with all kinds of sarees!



13. Studs embellished golden blouse design by Papa Don’t Preach


Outfit by: Papa Don’t Preach


This golden blouse design with gold studs and a deep back neck by Papa Don’t Preach is a glamorous option to wear with designer sarees. The versatility of this gold blouse design makes it ideal to pair with a lehenga or even a kanjivaram saree!



14. Crepe silk golden blouse design



A crepe silk golden blouse design in a simple pattern is one of those basic styles that every desi girl needs to have in her wardrobe. You can always experiment with sleeves and necklines, but keeping it minimal makes it ideal to pair with all kinds of sarees!



15. Plain golden blouse design with a back cutout and floral embroidery



This gold chiffon blouse with dainty floral embroidery is literally the most basic pattern of all. Stitch something like this and be sure to always have a blouse to wear any saree.



16. Sheer band and gold sequined fabric blouse design



If you want a golden blouse design that you can wear with both a saree or a lehenga, then do consider making it like this golden sequined blouse with sheer band details! Chic and glamorous!



17. Full beaded golden blouse design for saree



Did someone say a fully beaded golden blouse design?! This is totally the saree blouse you need to make your ethnic wear collection versatile and wearable for all occasions.



18. Sweetheart neckline sheer and golden sequined blouse with black details



Looks like gold sequined fabric is the latest trend for golden blouse designs! This lovely blouse with a sheer sweetheart neckline and black details is perfect to wear with a simple bordered chiffon saree.



19. Mirror work golden blouse design for saree & lehenga



This golden blouse design for saree with heavy mirror work, high neck and half sleeves definitely tops this list when it comes to versatility. Pair it with a sequined lehenga, georgette saree, or even a Banarasi lehenga to complete the look!



20. Pale golden blouse with heavy yoke and sleeves embroidery


Image Source: Priva Collective


Pale gold raw silk blouse with half sleeves and boat neck is as simple as it gets! But to pep up the look and make the blouse look stylish, you can experiment with embroidery at the yoke, or on the sleeves and back as well. Perfect for pairing with silk sarees.


Did any of these golden blouse designs give you major #ethnicweargoals?

25 blouse sleeves designs every bride needs to check out before going to the tailor!

If you are looking out for blouse sleeves designs that you can show your tailor for inspiration, then you have stopped by just at the right place! If there is anything apart from blouse neck designs that catches the most attention, it is the blouse sleeves. And that’s why I have picked the 20 best blouse sleeves design patterns for you to pin to your bridal board.


Or if you haven’t even decided on what kind of wedding blouse design you are going to wear, then check out these latest saree blouse designs for major wedding wear inspiration.



1. Blouse sleeves design with sheer cape and floral embroidery



Here’s an offbeat blouse sleeves design that you can pull off with a silk saree! The sheer cape sleeves with floral embroidery are a total contrast to the silk, making it look ultra chic and modern!



2. Cold shoulder blouse sleeves design with maggam work


Blouse designer: Sruthi Kannath

Photo Credits: Studio 31


If you are planning to wear a maggam work blouse with pattu saree on your big day, then you can surely consider getting this heavy work done on your blouse sleeve. The cold shoulder blouse sleeves design along with latkan and temple motifs and embroidery is just too beautiful to miss!



3. Blouse sleeves design with 3D flower detailing


Blouse designer: Sakina Ahmed


This new blouse sleeves design with sequence and cutdana work is a stunner to wear with a designer saree for your reception. The fairy feathers and 3D flowers detailing on the shoulder just add to the charm of this blouse sleeves design.



4. Voluminous statement blouse sleeves design for a chic & modern look



If statement blouse sleeves designs are something that you wish to wear on your big day, then this voluminous blouse sleeve is just what you need to see. Tip: Such blouses can be easily made with brocade fabric and worn with silk sarees!



5. Quirky blouse sleeves design for the experimental bride



If you are not the one to shy from trying new and quirky blouse sleeves designs, then this voluminous full sleeve frill and embroidery blouse is something you should totally give a try.

Tip: You can use this blouse sleeve pattern for your cocktail or mehendi lehenga as well. Check out more hatke blouse designs here!



6. Blouse sleeves design with modern mirror work and chrome details



This stunner of a blouse sleeves design is nothing less of a ‘modern-meets-traditional.’ The chunky mirror work with chrome detailing on the sleeves makes this blouse a great option to wear with net or chiffon sarees!



7. Thread work gold embroidery blouse sleeve design


Image Source: Teja Sarees


If you want an embroidered blouse sleeves design, but don’t want to go all out with maggam work, then you can choose to design your blouse with intricate thread embroidery on the sleeves with minimalistic bead embelishment near the hem.



8. Peacock motif zardosi blouse sleeves design

Image Source: Iswarya Photos


Zardosi is that one style of embroidery that has made its mark in bridal wear. If you too are a fan of this embroidery style, then this blouse sleeves design with gracious peacock motifs is something you can choose to wear on your big day.



9. Saree blouse sleeves design with gold floral embroidery


Blouse designer: Paroksha


Nothing beats the beauty of gold floral embroidery of a red blouse, does it? This blouse sleeves design with delicate flowers, gold bands and dainty motifs make it look super gorgeous!



10. Bridal blouse sleeves design with heavy gold embroidery on brocade


Blouse designer: Sakina Ahmed


This blouse sleeves design on brocade with heavy gold embroidery is a stunning choice to wear with a plain silk saree!



11. Elegant bird motif blouse sleeve design



This elegant bird motif blouse sleeve design on the white fabric is a stunning choice to wear with a multicolour lehenga or a pastel chiffon saree! Perfect for an engagement or pre-wedding ceremony.



12. Multi-layer frill and bell sleeves blouse design



This multi-layer frill and bell sleeves blouse design is a trendy and adorable option to wear with your sangeet lehenga. You can even make the sleeves shorter if you don’t prefer wearing long sleeves.



13. Heavy maggam work blouse sleeves design with peacock


Image Source: Jeevan Wedding Arts


When it comes to festive motifs, peacocks are the most loved motif. This latest blouse sleeves design with multi-colour peacock motifs is one such piece you can wear with your wedding pattu saree!



14. Full sleeves blouse design with elegant floral motif



This full sleeves blouse design with an elegant floral motif is a great idea to wear with a heavily embellished lehenga or a graceful organza saree! Perfect for a daytime pre-wedding ceremony, I say!



15. New blouse sleeves design with temple style bajhu bandh


Image Source: Ashokarsh


Why wear a separate bajhu bandh when you can stitch it on to you blouse sleeves design?



16. Latest blouse sleeves design with golden gota work and deer motif



Why should gota patti be limited to lehengas only, right? If you too are majorly crushing over this embroidery style, then a blouse sleeves design with stunning gota work will go a long way when it comes to pairing with different kinds of sarees.



17. Raw silk blouse sleeve with statement band embroidery


Blouse designer: Sruthi Kannath


This raw silk blouse sleeve with statement band embroidery is a simple yet stunning example of how you don’t have to go overboard with your blouse sleeves designs to make it stand out!



18.  Blouse sleeves design with heavy gold thread work embroidery


Image Source: Shades with Prithvi


The combo of off-white and gold is heaven made. And this blouse sleeves design pattern with heavy gold thread work embroidery is a complete stunner to wear with a kasavu or kanjivaram saree.



19. Cold shoulder blouse sleeves design with embroidery



The cold shoulder blouse sleeves design is not going out of fashion anytime soon! If you too want a cold shoulder blouse with dainty embroidery, then consider showing this latest blouse sleeves design image to your tailor!



20. Deer and peacock motif blouse sleeves design to wear with pattu saree


Image Source: Studio 31


A pattu saree is wholesome and beautiful in itself. But do you know how you can make it stand out from the crowd of kanjivarams? By stitching a blouse that has the latest sleeve design with deer and peacock motifs in maggam work!



21. Blouse with bell sleeves design and bordered embroidery



This bell sleeves blouse is a great choice to opt for georgette or chiffon sarees as the sleeves design is flowy and will give your blouse a better structure!



22. Off-shoulder sheer blouse sleeves with spaghetti blouse



This off-shoulder sheer blouse with spaghetti is a lovely pick to wear with a pastel lehenega for any of your daytime pre wedding fucntions!



23. Floral embroidered blouse sleeves design



Deepika’s wedding party in Mumbai saw her wearing this stunner of a Sabyasachi lehenga with full floral embroidery, which also has its blouse sleeves design in the same pattern. Check out more pics here!



24. Contrasting blouse sleeves design with embroidered patchwork



Try out this hatke blouse sleeves design that is a total contrast to the colour of the blouse. To make it cooler, you can add a patchwork of embroidery too!



25. Off shoulder blouse with cascading sleeves design


Image Source: Confetti Films


If you are looking for a blouse sleeves design that ultra-chic and modern, then an off-shoulder pattern with cascading sleeves like this one is a fab option.


Did any of these blouse sleeves designs make you want to want to run to your tailor and show him all these for reference?

Hacks to keep yourself warm at your winter wedding!


In India a lot of weddings take place in the months of November-January. Barring Bombay, it is really cold during those months! All the hopes of wearing a backless blouse goes down the drain (unless you want to sneeze and snort the entire duration of your wedding.)

We gathered some tips and tricks so that winter brides don’t die of a frostbite!


  1. Rum rum rum rum rum oh Whiskey!


Ask your BFF to sneak in some whiskey so that you can sip on it between intervals. You can trust on some good ol’ whiskey to keep you warm!


Image source: Glitterati by Karishma Arora


2. Sneakers over Sandals


You may fancy wearing heels but a better option would be to wear sneakers. You can wear warm fuzzy socks underneath! Keep yourself from getting some cold feet (pun intended!)


Image source: Seventy by Two


3. Leg Warmers all the way!


Leg warmers underneath your lehenga is great way to keep yourself warm!


Image source: Jodi Clickers


4. Full Sleeve Blouse


Full sleeves blouse are back in fashion so why not opt one for your winter wedding?


Image source: The Photo Diary


5. Kadha


My friend once suggested a warm concoction for my cold and sore throat. It kept me warm throughout the day! Grate some ginger in boiling water. Strain it, add some haldi and honey to it. Drink up! You can drink it several times during the day.



6. Velvet


Wear a velvet lehenga on your wedding. The material will keep you warm.


Image source: The 90’s Studio


7. Double Dupatta


As you can’t layer yourself in jackets (it isn’t a cardinal rule) you can always wear two dupattas. Adding up the layers!


Image source: The Royal Affair


8. Long Jackets


Wear long sharara jackets and say no to cold!


Image source: Jodi Clickers


9. Drape a Shawl


Drape a shawl over yourself in a classy style not dadi amma style!


Image source: Errikos Andreou


10. Stuff Yourself


Just cause you’re the bride, doesn’t mean you should remain hungry! Stuff yourself with all sorts of food that comes your way. Also carry some marshmallows on a stick to roast on the havan fire!


Image source: Siddharth Sharma


Winter is coming, but so is your wedding!

Amar & Rima Goa : This minimalist bride in a Banarasi saree has won our hearts!

Rima and Amar got hitched in beautiful ceremony at the picturesque Leela, Goa. This wedding had everything- quirky decor, serene location and best of all, a minimalist bride! We love that Rima chose to wear a pink banarasi saree with light jewellery and subtle makeup. Every picture of this wedding resonates with their happiness, their love for one another and the beautiful relationship that they share!


Photography- WhatKnot

Wedding Planning- Purple Tree Events

From the celebrity guestlist to inside scoop – here’s all the exclusive deets on the big-fat #Nickyanka Wedding!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have ARRIVED. The couple just touched down in Jodhpur, where they’re getting married this weekend and looked insanely glamorous and much-in-love.

They are all set to tie the knot in a Christian ceremony on December 2, followed by a Hindu wedding ceremony in the later part of the day.

The Wedding schedule:

According to a report in DNA – their mehendi and sangeet ceremonies will be organised tonite. This will be followed by a haldi ceremony on tomorrow and a cocktail party later in the night.

The Ladkewalle:

Nick’s older brother Joe Jonas with his fiancé and Games of Thrones star Sophie Turner:

Nick’s parents Denise and Paul Jonas:

Nick’s another older brother Kevin Jonas with wife Danielle:

The Ladkiwalle:

Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra, cousin Parineeti Chopra also accompanied her on her way to Jodhpur.

Several other aunts, cousins and relatives also reached Jodhpur ahead of the pre-wedding celebrations. The bride-to-be’s best pals Mubina Rattonsey and Anjula Acharia, are also a part of the event.

No Phones allowed:

According to the reports, security at the hotel has been majorly ramped up ahead of the wedding—with the staff restricted from using their cell phones in order to prevent photos from being leaked.

One outlet even reports that “jammers” are being installed to block cell signals during the ceremonies themselves—just to be extra careful. Dang!

Other B-town guests:

Soon after Priyanka and Nick’s arrival, Shibani Dandekar and Karan Kundra and singer Ganesh Hegde were also spotted at the Jodhpur airport.




Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh popularly known as IISuperwomanII was also spotted arriving in Jodhpur. Quantico star Yasmine Al Massri was also spotted in Mumbai during the puja and will be attending Priyank’s royal wedding.

A source has confirmed that Priyanka’s Baywatch co-star Dwayne Johnson is one of the confirmed guests on the lists. It is to be noted, The Rock had also worked with Nick in Jumanji and therefore, is expected to not give this royal wedding a miss.


Among the Bollywood celebs, Arpita Khan Sharma who also attended Priyanka’s post engagement party is also expected to fly to Jodhpur for her friend’s wedding. Alia Bhatt has also been a regular at Priyanka’s parties and was there at her post engagement party and the recent pre-wedding party she hosted days before flying to Jodhpur. She is also expected to be a part of her big royal wedding.


Well well, let the wedding festivities begin already!

30+ Wedding poses and pre-wedding photography poses to check out before facing the camera on your big day!

I guess one of the most difficult things about getting your wedding pictures clicked is posing for them. And if you are a camera-shy and socially-awkward person like I am, then all you can do is stand in front of the camera looking like a puppy and hope for the best! 😀


But worry not, I have made a huge list of wedding poses and pre wedding photography poses for you to have a look and get a clue on how to pose with your better half. Safe to say, you won’t be standing in front of the photographer totally clueless!


Image Source: Knotting Bells


Here are some tips on what all you can do to make your wedding couple poses and pre wedding photoshoot look as natural and beautiful as possible:


1. Be yourself: Even your photographer will tell you that. You are clicking pictures with your partner. Be with them as you would be even with no camera in front of you. This will give you the best candid couple shots!


2. For a pre-wedding photo shoot, it is always advisable to wear outfits that are comfortable and easy. You don’t want to wear a 10-kg lehenga and look awkwardly smiling in your photoshoot poses!


3. Refer to the wedding couple poses, pre wedding photoshoot poses to get major hints on how to face the camera like pro (pictures below)!


4. Choose a familiar location for a pre wedding photo shoot. If it is a place of your first date or a place where the proposal happened, even better. When you revisit, it will be a trip down the memory lane, giving you much more ‘in-love’ and natural pictures.


5. For wedding couple photography poses, pick a place in your venue which is a bit secluded. This will ensure no disturbing from relatives and kiddos.


Indian wedding photography poses for pre wedding shoots


The picking up in arms pre wedding photo pose. Classic!


Image Source: White Frog Productions


Image Source: Oragraphy


Image Source: The Videowala


Or perhaps, just the lifting the bride in your arms wedding couple pose


Image Source: Oragraphy


The couple photoshoot pose where you guys are just about to kiss! *awww*


Image Source: Oragraphy


Another pre wedding photo pose with the bride on your lap!


Image Source: The Videowala


Bonus points for a spectacular backdrop!


Image Source: Oragraphy


Filmy style pre wedding photo pose behind a huge flower! *bringing back the 60s*


The wedding photo pose with a kiss of love on the forehead! *melts inside*

Tip: You can use this for your wedding couple poses photography as well!


The proposal one perfect for your pre wedding photography pose! If captured at dusk, you can even make it into a silhouette!  


Image Source: Cinelove Productions


These are the kind of wedding couple poses that give everyone major #couplegoals! The pose with the icon of love in the background and the love of your life in your arms! *nope, not crying*


Image Source: Clicks Unlimited


Pre wedding photography poses that include your pets are literally the cutest! Include your doggo in your romantic pictures and be sure to get a lot of awws!


Image Source: Clicks Unlimited


Got a hidden acrobat inside you? Try your skills with pre wedding couple poses like this one! Just be sure that you don’t drop your bride! 😛


Image Source: Janasnuderl


If you are not the ones to shy away from PDA, please please give this pre wedding photography pose a shot!


Image Source: Oragraphy


There is literally no place better than your own home for a pre wedding photoshoot. Get cosy and comfy at your home and click pictures with intimate couple poses, which you can hang in your bedroom later! Also, if you are up to doing a boudoir photo shoot, check out these pictures for inspiration!


Image Source: Weddings by Shooting Stars


The couple photography pose with a peck on the lips! *too cute to handle*


Image Source: Oragraphy


Indian pre wedding photography poses like these where you hold her from the back and go for a kiss! *how romantic is this!*


Image Source: Prabhu677


This is the most natural couple photography pose ever! Bride’s head on the groom’s shoulder, both of them looking completely at peace with each other’s company!


Indian wedding photography poses


Image Source: EM photography


Kisses never go out of style, do they? Such kind of Indian wedding poses are perfect to click just before all your ceremonies and all the madness starts. Believe me, it will calm you down before being in front of so many guests and taking your vows!


Image Source: Knotting Bells


Another super-romantic Indian wedding couple pose clicked just before the reception party!


Image Source: Reels & Frames


Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography


Or a smooch just after exchanging varmalas!



Image Source: Navdeep Soni


Such Indian wedding couple poses are perfect just before the vidai. Pick your bride up and take her away! *dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge feels*




Image Source: Dipak Studios


Wedding photo poses that capture the couple’s embrace are the best!


Indian wedding couple poses to click during the varmala ceremony


Image Source: Dipak Studios

*The crack a joke, make her laugh #fakecandid pose* which is as beautiful as a real candid! <3


Image Source: Dipak Studios


Image Source: Immense Vision


The traditional wedding photography pose that makes for the perfect couple portrait!


Image Source: EM photography


Wedding photo poses that bring out the fun and quirky side of the couple!


Image Source: Immense Vision


Image Source: Shades Photography


The bridal lehenga twirl and groom watching or helping her twirl is a classic wedding photography pose you can definitely give a shot!


Hope all these wedding photography poses gave you a hint on how to stay calm and pose in front of the camera on your big day and pre-wedding shoot!


If your pictures come out great, please send your thank yous with a box of your shadi ka ladoo! 😀

All the exclusive Pics & Deets from Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s Mumbai Reception!

Newlyweds, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been in a celebratory mood since they got hitched in Italy earlier this month. And now that they are back in Mumbai post their Bangalore reception and days after their Epic Mumbai party thrown by Ranveer’s sister Ritika, the couple broke the internet last night too!

Last night saw the Bollywood sweethearts’ second reception and their first photos were nothing short of royal. In fact, the two look like real-life Bajirao and Mastani, don’t you think?

Deepika looked a vision in white wearing an ivory and gold chikankari saree and jewels by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla!

Ranveer on the other hand looked dapper in a Rohit Bal attire complimenting Deepika’s outfit totally!

Here’s some candid moments from the much in love couple:






How cute is the ‘R’ and ‘D’ bouquet they received from the media?


Here’s the power couple posing with the makeup artist:




Ranveer’s mom – Anju Bhavnani:



The madness inside the reception:


We spotted Ranveer on his best behaviour in each of the wedding functions – the Italy wedding to his Bangalore reception! Although, slowly Ranveer is seen turning on his ‘offbeat’ avatar and being in his element.


He was spotted displaying his quirky side at his sister Ritika’s bash, earlier this week and the Mumbai reception he was ALL HIM!


Here’s one when he got too bored entertaining the guests, so he decided to entertain himself:



And here’s when he decided the DJ ain’t playing anything good, so he took upon himself to put some life in the party:




He was spotted near the DJ’s console, checking out songs on the laptop and perhaps selecting his favourites, by artistes like Robbie Williams and Jason Derulo.


And while all that’s good and great, here’s bringing to you what the Groom-of-the moment has to say about his relationship to Deepika. Apparently Ranveer Singh was sure Deepika Padukone was the one he would marry six months into the relationship. He said, “This is the woman who would become the mother of my children. I was ready for a while. I was just waiting for Deepika to be ready. It would happen whenever she had decided. I was fully ready and raring to go.”



And while we have all seen the beautiful pictures of the Lake Como wedding, here’s what Ranveer had to say about it, “the fairytale Lake Como wedding was what Deepika wanted and it was my duty as a ‘husband of the millennium’ to make her dreams come true. Whatever her vision of getting married, I wanted her to realise it. Whatever she wanted, it was done exactly in that manner. She deserves every bit of it,” he said, adding that his happiness comes from her’s.” *where is the damn tissue box when you need it*


Well well, what celebrations are yet to come only time will tell, here’s awaiting their Bollywood reception-bash though!