Best Arabic Bridal Mehndi designs for Indian Weddings!

While intricate bridal mehndi designs remain to be the preferred choice by most brides, Arabic mehndi design seem to be catching up pretty soon too! Arabic bridal mehndi design is a great choice to consider while finalising your wedding mehendi if you love floral motifs that are clean and simple.


Since they are not as intricate as Indian mehndi designs, Arabic mehendi also tends to cover less skin in henna and gives a clean and minimal look. Plus, Arabic mehndi designs are easier to make because of the use of simple lines and uncluttered patterns. So, if you are one of those brides who wish to have minimal bridal mehndi on their big day, scroll down for some inspiring Arabic mehndi designs of 2018.



1. Pakistani mehndi design with peacock motif



This beautiful Pakistani mehndi design with peacock motifs, roses and Arabic mehndi patterns makes for a fantastic bridal mehndi for those who like simple and uncluttered designs.



2. Traditional Arabic mehndi design with big floral motifs



Three and five-petal flowers are the most recognisable motif of a traditional Arabic mehndi design. If you are a flower lover too, this latest henna design is a great pick for your wedding!



3. Minimal Arabic mehndi with delicate net motif


Image Source: Ssaba Khan


If you are looking for minimal Arabic wedding mehndi designs, then this one with floral and delicate net motifs is something you will surely fancy!



4. Minimal feet mehndi design for the modern bride



One of the simplest feet henna designs, this one has minimal motifs that cover the toes and very little part of the feet making it look modern and chic.



5. Back hand Arabic mehndi design


Image Source: Henna by Jas


A simple Arabic mehndi design like this one has very little patterns and fits perfectly with the contemporary bride’s style who does not want to cover her entire arms in henna.



6. Arabic mehndi design for palm and wrist


Image Source: Sarara Mehndi


This mehndi design image perfectly captures the essence of Arabic mehndi. It has the big floral motifs and leaves along with paisley, which are the predominant motifs in an Arabic style mehndi.



7. Back hand latest mehndi design that’s simple & easy


Image Source: Henna Paradise


The thing about Arabic mehndi designs is that they are so simple and easy to draw even for beginners. So, if you are one of those brides who want to skip the big-fat mehndi and do a minimal henna for yourself, then an elegant wedding mehndi design like this one is something you should definitely consider.



8. Arabic henna design for the floral loving bride



If floral patterns are something you would prefer to have in your wedding henna, then do save this mehndi design image as a reference for you mehndi artist. Bridesmaids can also consider getting a simple mehndi design like this, if going all out and bold is not their style.



9. Back hand floral Arabic mehndi design


Image Source: Henna by Sharfaa


Since you will find almost all Arabic henna designs with flowers, leaves and petals, you can make a simple pattern out of all these to cover your fingers of just the wrist and back hand.



10. Stunning peacock pattern Arabic mehndi design



This latest mehndi design for wedding is something that has absolutely taken my breath away! The stunning details of peacock feathers and neat design is total #BridalHennaGoals!



11. Lace glove style Arabic henna design for back hand



The lace glove motif has been trending in wedding henna designs like none other. It is minimal, stylish and looks modern too!



12. Simple wedding Arabic mehndi design for palms



This Arabic henna design is one of the more intricate ones which has flowers, leaves, nets and all sorts of beautiful motifs.



13. Pakistani bridal mehndi design with Arabic patterns


Image Source: Mehndi by Hayat


The thing about wedding mehndi designs is that they need to look beautiful even if they don’t cover your entire hand in hues of maroon. This latest Arabic mehndi design does just that. It has simple patterns, which are drawn symmetrically to make it look beautiful.



14. Easy back hand Arabic mehndi design for wedding or engagement


Image Source: Henna by Divya


If you are looking for a simple henna design for your engagement or wedding, then this easy Arabic mehndi is a great pick for you!



15. Arabic henna with extravagant floral design


Image Source: Henna by Mahira Mohsin


Image Source: Henna by Mahira Mohsin


A beautiful and bold henna design, this one look lovely with big floral motifs that are eye-catching.



16. Full hand Arabic wedding henna design



Image Source: Aarti Lalan


Image Source: Sasha Designs


Who said that only intricate Indian mehndi designs look bridal? Just look at these beautiful Arabic henna designs that cover the entire arm up to the elbow in beautiful flowers, vines and leaves! Gorgeous, isn’t it?


Did any of these Arabic mehndi designs inspire you save them for your wedding or engagement?


Image Source: Pinterest unless specified.

OMG, Lady Gaga is getting married and she just thanked her fiance’ in a speech!

Can this year be any bigger for Lady Gaga than it already is? Well, the answer is YES! On top of being a total boss lady in ‘A Star Is Born’, she recently fessed up –  she’s engaged!



So, now you know what that pink rock means, don’t you? Yes, I know we have all been seeing Lady Gaga has been flashing a pink diamond ring that’s as big as her Joanne hat ever since she secretly got engaged to Christian Carino, her talent agent, in 2017! But it’s only NOW that she has officially confirmed it.




A closer look at the rock:



The ring is apparently a £304,000 6-7 carat pink sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo of 3-4 carat diamonds. *It’s gorgeous!*




While speaking at the Elle Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills, Lady Gaga casually made her relationship status clear: Thank you to all the loved ones in my life. [Manager] Bobby [Campbell], I love you. Everyone at table five. My fiancé, Christian. All the loved ones in my life who take care of me every day. And Ryan Murphy, thanks for giving me my first leading role [in American Horror Story: Hotel]. You know that Golden Globe belongs to you.” *whaaattttttt*





P.S., did you know he has her face tattooed on his arm? *talk about #CoupleGoals*




This obviously is a HUGE news for all the Lady Gaga fans in the house but is anyone else still thinking about how ah-mazing and cute she and Bradley Cooper were in A Star Is Born!? Fine, fine. Just me. I’ll get over it.

Simple mehndi design for brides who like to keep it minimal!

While heavy bridal mehndi designs are undoubtedly pretty, a simple mehndi design has its own grace. If you are a to-be-bride who wants to have a new mehndi design that’s simple and minimal, then scroll down for some major inspiration for simple mehndi designs!



1. Simple bridal mehndi design with aviary and bird motif



Henna designs that are as simple and graceful as this one are rare to find. If you love detailed wedding mehndi designs that are minimal too, then save this mehndi design image as an inspiration for your mehndi artist!



2. Simple mehndi design with peacock motif



If you are on the lookout for the latest mehndi designs for wedding, which are simple too, then this feet henna design is something you will absolutely love!



3. The humble circular mehendi design



Nothing beats the beauty of a simple mehndi design with minimal circular motifs on the palm. Perfect for the bride who’s traditional but wants to keep her mehndi design minimal.



4. Simple mehndi design with lace pattern and floral motifs



If I could show you what graceful looks like in a single picture, this mehndi design image would definitely top the list for wedding mehndi designs! The delicate floral design paired with dainty lace motifs is such a show stealer!


5. Traditional Indian bridal mehndi with a personal touch



Simple Indian mehndi motifs paired with a cute personalisation makes for this new mehndi design a sight to behold.



6. Simple back hand bridal mehndi design



This back hand mehndi design proves that minimal bridal mehndi designs can steal the show as much as heavy and intricate ones!



7. Minimal mehndi design for the fuss-free bride



If you just planning to wear mehndi on your big day as a mark of good luck, then a simple mehndi design like this one should seal the deal for you!



8. Minimal bridal mehndi design with bird and floral motifs



This new mehndi design image has all my heart for its simplistic beauty and grace. The peacock and parrot motifs along with lotus make this new mehndi design a great option for brides who wish to wear a simple mehndi design for their wedding.



9. New mehndi design for the lover of flowers



If you swear by floral motifs and regard them as eternally beautiful, then this simple mehndi design replete with flowers is something that will definitely catch your fancy.



10. Pretty lotus motifs on a simple mehndi design



A simple mehndi design up to the wrist with lotus motifs is a great idea if your style if minimal and graceful.



11. Minimal feet mehndi design


Image Source: The Bridal Box


Indian motifs with beautiful string patterns make this bridal feet mehndi the perfect option for someone who wants to keep it minimal yet beautiful.



12. Glove style lace-detailing latest mehndi design



A glove-style lace detailed new mehndi design like this one is ideal for the bride who wishes to have a hatke mehndi design for her big day!



13. Elegant bridal henna design for the effortless bride


Image Source: Henna by Divya


This elegant mehndi design with a simple floral pattern is perfect for the bride who has an effortless and minimal style!



14. Simple mehndi design for back hand



A simple mehndi design like this one is perfect for brides to take inspiration for their roka or engagement ceremony too! The deep brown-back tint of the mehndi makes it pop out better than the orange-brown colour!



15. Simple bridal mehndi with floral pattern


Image Source: Henna by Divya


This simple bridal mehndi with floral pattern up to the wrist is a great inspiration for minimal brides and bridesmaids alike.



16. Simple feet mehndi design for the modern bride



For brides who don’t want to paint their feet with henna up to the knees, this mehndi design image is definitely something you can take inspiration from.



17. Bead and floral motif bridal feet mehndi design


Image Source: Henna by Divya


A simple circular mehndi surrounded by roses, leaves and beaded strings is one of the latest mehndi designs for feet that are trending this season. If you prefer simple henna designs, then this mehndi design image is something you can consider taking inspiration from!



18. Simple henna design with a single band across the feet



A simple band filled with Indian motifs across the feet is a fabulous mehndi design option for brides who want to keep their mehndi design lowkey but beautiful.



20. Simple mehndi design with tribal figures, kalash and bird motifs



This cute mehndi design with tribal figures, kalash motifs and cute little birds scattered all over make for a dainty and graceful wedding mehndi design for the modern bride!


Did any of these simple mehndi designs inspire you save them for your big day?


Image Source: Pinterest unless specified

From Versace cutlery to exclusive recipes, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding will be an affair to remember!

Right after #DeepVeer announced their wedding date a lot of speculation has been going on. They will be having 2 weddings and we have the latest scoop about them!



A source involved in the wedding preparations has exclusively revealed to that both Deepika and Ranveer wanted the best of the best and have zeroed down to exquisite Versace cutlery for the big day. *Say whaaaaaaattttttttttttt*



And while the duo is pulling every string in their power to make the wedding, a dreamy affair  in Lake Como in Italy, this should come as no-surprise!

The source has also revealed that the bride and groom, who wish to maintain exclusivity to their wedding, have signed a bond with the chefs stating that the special recipes, which will be used in their wedding, won’t be repeated anywhere else. *keeps rolling her eyes multiple times*


And if you are wondering what the ecstatic bride has to say about her wedding, here it goes – I’m excited in the same way as I’m excited about signing my next film. Marriage is something that I’ve always looked forward to in my life, as would any other girl.” She also added that her life would not change after marriage and how her parents successful relationship inspires her. *You Go Girl*

Well well, this definitely feels like the “Wedding Of The Year” already and I can hardly await the wedding pictures!

Boudoir Photoshoot – What is this new trend & why you need to get this done!

What runs through your mind when you hear the words ‘boudoir photoshoot’? I was busy figuring out how to pronounce the first time I came across it. Until I saw the pictures..woah! Gather around children, for I am here to tell you a little something about boudoir. Boudoir shoot is basically an incredibly sexy, intimate and romantic photoshoot within the confines of a bedroom or any private place of your choice. Brides over the world are approaching photographers for such shoots to gift it to their grooms. Hop along the rage train, won’t you? Below is some gyaan for both brides and grooms who wish to conduct a boudoir photoshoot.


Vishesh Tipni #1


Should you be embarrassed? Absolutely not! Whether you decide to go solo or as a couple, there is no space for embarrassment. You are doing this for yourself, for your partner. But make sure you are absolutely comfortable before you step into “dirty waters” Boudoir photoshoot will increase the intimacy between you and your partner and also give you a boost of confidence!



Vishesh Tipni #2


Make sure the photographer you select knows how to conduct a boudoir well in advance. An experienced one is always a better option. Go for someone who makes you comfortable and also respects both you and your  choice. It’s a fairly new concept in India but photographers abroad have already caught up with this trend.



Vishesh Tipni #3


Usually a boudoir photoshoot is done in a bedroom..but why stop yourself there? Explore my child, explore! Kitchen, swimming pool, study, wherever you want! The fact that you’ll look hot won’t change just the backdrop and props would! The kitchen island or the dining table would be more kinky than the bed..don’t you think?



Vishesh Tipni #4


Don’t worry you don’t have to be completely nude. But you can if you wish to! Remember, less is more. The sexiest pair of lingerie with high heels or just a fur throw.. Wear your fiance’s shirt. Drop dead gorgeous.

The idea is to make it hot but to keep it within your parameters.



Vishesh Tipni #5


Whatever you do, don’t forget to be yourself! Ditch the makeup (especially the red lipstick and the fake lashes) and stick to soft or pastel hues. Maintain cute and goofy expression in a few pictures cause let’s face it, nothing is sexier than being yourself!



Are you satisfied with my unsolicited advices? You can send brownies and wine as a thank you!

The First Indian couple’s Fairy Tale Wedding at Disneyland is literally breathtaking!


Mickey Mouse with his friends Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto would often make appearances on our television sets. A few years later the bedtime stories we read about the prince and princes came alive in the form of movies. My oh my, the Disney Princess left everyone spellbound! Whether it was their elaborate wedding, splendid tiaras and gowns or the Prince Charming itself, everyone I knew wanted to be a disney princess.


The happiest place in the world, Disneyland also became the venue for an Indian couple’s happiest day. First ever Indians to get married so royally, Jennie Jethwani and Roshan Nainani have broken the internet! Within three months Mpire Events and Disney’s Fairytale Wedding Planning team conspired the most beautiful wedding Jennie and Roshan could ask for!

Kudos to That First Moment for capturing the essence of Disney’s magic and the couple’s love!

Be ready to sigh after every picture as you scroll down to see the magical journey!


Behold the magical location, the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland!




Jennie and Roshan’s sangeet celebration had Mickey and Minnie covering their eyes!



An ornate mandap with lush floral accents following the pastel pink and Cinderella blue theme



The bride and the groom look so in love as they pose beneath a floral wreath!



Love the couple’s colour coordinated outfits which looks stunning against the  backdrop!



The decor, the venue, the couple each and everything makes you feel the love in the air!




A pumpkin carriage for the Prince and Princess, please!




And they lived happily ever after!



Sigh! I am going to the meadows with a basket of fruits in hopes of crashing with my prince charming and him carrying me in his arms cause I sprained my nazuk ankle. See you at my royal wedding!

Bridal mehndi designs which are absolutely fresh and unique!


Bridal mehndi is an essential part of every Indian bride’s solha shringar. Her bridal look is deemed incomplete without the hands and feet painted with beautiful henna designs. While there are several bridal mehndi artists who create magic with their skills, it is important to know what kind of bridal mehndi design you would like to have for your big day.


To give you some dulhan mehndi design inspiration, I have curated a list of the latest bridal mehndi designs that you can wear for your 2018-2019 Indian wedding! Check out these top 30 latest mehndi designs of 2018 for more inspiration.



1. Intricate bridal mehndi for the traditional bride



If you are not the one to experiment when it comes to bridal mehndi designs, then this traditional Indian bridal mehndi design is just for you!



2. Intricate bridal leg mehndi design



Full of peacocks, dhols, shehnai and paisley motifs, this leg mehendi design is for the bride who would love to have an intricate bridal henna design for her big day! Here are a few more feet bridal mehndi designs which went really popular on instagram!



3. Modern bridal mehndi design with cute couple figures



For all you brides who want to have a hatke henna design on your wedding, this modern bridal mehndi design with super-cute couple figures is just perfect!



4. Simple Indian bridal mehndi design


Image Source: Henna by Divya


One of this simplest wedding mehndi designs, this one has traditional floral motifs around a circle on the palm and roses, leaves and intricate pattern all over.



5. The classic dulha dulhan mehndi mehndi design




Image Source: Henna for All



Nothing beats a classic dulha dulhan figure mehndi design for a bride on her wedding day! It’s cute if you can personalise small details in the bride and groom figures to make it even more special.



6. Latest bridal mehndi design with references from royal paintings


Image Source: Candid Wedding Stories


If you are a lover of royal paintings made in the olden days and want to incorporate them in your wedding henna, then this mehndi design image is all the inspiration you need. Also, did you notice the cute quote of ‘Don’t give up on me’?



7. Mehndi designs latest with Radha-Krishna portrait



If you wish to include god and goddess motifs in your bridal mehndi, then you can definitely take an idea from the beautiful mehndi design featuring Lord Krishna and Radha’s portrait.



8. Vivid and pretty Arabic bridal mehndi design



Bridal Arabic mehndi designs are a great pick for brides who love floral and airy motifs that are not intricate but look beautiful when put together.



9. Peacock feather and lotus motif bridal mehndi design for feet



If intricate feet mehndi designs with Indian motifs is your style, then this Peacock feather and lotus pattern bridal mehndi design is something you can consider to wear for your big day!



10. Modern bridal mehndi design for the Disney princess in you


Image Source: Henna by Divya


One of the cutest and latest mehndi designs for wedding, this one is sure to fancy the Disney princess fan in you! Totally loving how this bride has chosen to write both her and her hubby’s name in the mehndi design.


11. Bridal mehndi design of a moment captured in time


Image Source: Mayuri Mehndi


If you too are a fan of personalised mehndi art, where you wish to tell a story, then a modern bridal mehndi like this is a great source of inspiration. You can choose a special moment in your courtship or something else of your liking and make your bridal mehndi even more special. Here are a few personalised bridal mehndi designs where the bride chose to share her love story via her henna design!



12. Simple bridal mehndi design for full feet


Image Source: Henna by Divya


Simple motifs and an easy and clean pattern make for a simple yet beautiful looking feet mehndi design. If you want to have mehndi up to your knees but don’t want it to be too intricate, then minimal and spacious motifs like this mehndi design image is something you can definitely choose.



13. Beautiful back hand mehndi design


Image Source: Coolbluez Photography


This back hand henna design with intricate Indian motifs is a classic pattern that you can choose if you are planning to opt for a traditional mehndi design for your big day.


14.  Proposal-themed modern mehndi design



You can have your proposal ingrained on your bridal mehndi by choosing to add cute figures like this on the palm and surrounding it by floral or Indian motifs as per your choice!



15. Wedding ceremony figures are the latest bridal mehndi design trend



Adding wedding ceremonies like varmala or sindoor ceremony in your bridal mehendi has been catching up with brides off lately. These kinds of bridal mehndi designs not only make the mehndi look cute, but also bring together all the other motifs in the design.



16. Minimal bridal mehndi for the fuss-free bride


Image Source: Monika Jain


If you are the bride who would rather wear mehndi only for shagun then a minimal bridal mehndi design with floral and Indian motifs like this one is perfect for you!



17. Full backhand floral mehndi design


Source: Vision One Studios


Beautiful vines of flowers and leaf motifs are woven across this hand mehndi design! Such a stunner for a wedding!



18. Detailed paisley motifs henna design



Paisley, hearts and flowers are some mehndi motifs that are never going out of style for bridal henna designs, and for all the right reasons. Don’t you just love this full hand bridal mehndi?



19. Upping the game of intricate bridal mehndi design to another level



One of the best intricate bridal mehndi designs of 2018, this one has elaborate net motifs and delicate floral pattern, which makes it look stunningly eye-catching!



20. Simple round mehndi design


Source: JSK Photography


A simple mehndi design that’s not too fussy is perfect for the bride who wants to add some jazz to her wedding henna design, but doesn’t want to go all crazy!


So did any of these bridal mehndi designs inspire you enough to wear it for your 2018-2019 wedding?

A South Indian bride’s ultimate wedding guide!

If you are planning to have a South Indian bridal look on your big day, then I have some tips and tricks that you can keep up your sleeve to look like the South Indian bride of your dreams.


Here, I have included everything from South Indian bridal hairstyles to South Indian bridal jewellery that you can take inspiration from and put together the perfect South Indian wedding look for your D-day.


South Indian Bridal Saree


Kanjivaram sarees are a typical scene at South Indian weddings, and for all the right reasons. Wedding pattu sarees have bright and eye-catching colours that look stunning on a South Indian bride.


Here’s a tip: Remember to buy your South Indian bridal saree in a colour that complements your skin colour. Off-white and gold looks superb on all complexions. You can offset your off-white pattu saree or kasavu with a bright blouse with heavy embroidery.  Take cues from these stunning South Indian brides! 😉


Image Source: Buzzing Beez


Image Source: Preethi Makeup Artistry


Image Source: Chocolate Box




Pattu Saree Blouse Designs


Let’s admit that a good blouse can make or break a saree’s look. So, while you pick the perfect Kanjivaram for your big day, it is also important to stitch a blouse that complements your saree well.


Here a tip: If you are going to wear a simple saree with little or no motifs, then go all out on the blouse design. However, if your saree is full of design and motifs, then it is best to stick to a simple blouse to avoid overdoing your South Indian bridal look.



If you wish to have a simple back blouse design, then you can choose to have heavy embroidery work on the sleeves by keeping them on the longer side.


Image Source: Kiruba Krishnan Photography



Image Source: The Memory Writers


Maggam work blouse designs like this one are a huge trend among South Indian brides this year. You can check out more maggam work blouse designs here. Here’s a tip: Get something like this to wear with a plain gold saree!



South Indian Bridal Jewellery


Jewellery forms the most important part of any South Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. And why should it not? After all, it is the most expensive of the lot and stays with you for years to come.


Here’s a tip: Always keep your personal style in mind while buying your South Indian wedding jewellery. Think whether you gravitate more towards the classic style, or are you someone with a hatke style? Or perhaps a mix of the two? Whatever it maybe, just remember to buy jewellery that you will wear for the rest of your life and not just on your wedding day!



If you are a diamond lover, then a bridal jewellery set like this one looks cool and unconventional on a kanjivaram saree.


Image Source: Harishankar Photography


Temple jewellery will always be a classic choice to wear with sarees. Pick this style if you want to have a classic South Indian bridal look.



Did you say jadau jewellery on a Kanjivaram saree? Hell, yes! Totally loving this bride’s unconventional choice of jadau jewellery with a silk saree!



South Indian Bridal Makeup


Depending on what kind of South Indian bridal look you wish to achieve, you have to finalise on your bridal makeup too. It is always best to show your makeup artist your wedding saree, so that they can decide what kind of makeup will complement your outfit.


Image Source: Makeup by Vijetha


You can go for bold eyes and pink lips to match your kanjivaram saree!



Or choose to have soft smokey eyes with a bold red pout.


Image Source: ubeautymuah


Also, if you have smaller crease, you can have just one shadow throughout the lid with winged liner and wear a bold and deep lip colour like plum or brown! Definitely a head-turner!


Or better yet, go for smokey copper eyes and a nude lip.



South Indian Bridal Hairstyle


Hairstyle and gajras make up for a huge factor in a bride’s South Indian Wedding Look. And safe to say that I have seen the most elaborate wedding hairstyles on South Indian brides.


Here’s a tip: If you are keeping your South Indian bridal look safe by choosing all traditional options, then your hairstyle is definitely something you can experiment with.


Image Source: HaHa Photography


Be it a simple fishtail braid with naga jadai



Or a voluminous side braid with baby’s breath



Image Source: Studio 31


Or perhaps a full-blown South Indian bun & braid hairstyle with gajras and naga jadai


If neither of these, then how about a simple donut bun with gajra and a single hair accessory?


Well, if you are still looking for some more inspiration, check out our blog on 20 South Indian brides who totally rocked their wedding look!

Savio & Alisha Ohio City : This bride color coordinated her outfit with her bffs and the result is #bridesmaidgoals!

Alisha and Savio met in Cincinnati and fell in love with each other. Their wedding venue had to be in Cincinnati! They had family come from all over the US as well as other countries, and it was amazing to reunite and celebrate with family members they had not seen in years. Because most of their vendors were from different cities including New York City and Pittsburgh, it was fun to see the creativity that came out as our vendors learned and fell in love with the city too!

The Bride says..

There were so many enjoyable aspects from our wedding that it’s hard to highlight a few! Sonal Shah and her team coordinated our wedding so well that we didn’t have to worry or think about what was next. This was especially helpful because all of us were amped with adrenaline and excitement, so we just went with the flow. I fondly remember my mom and I having fun and laughing while getting ready with Karuna and her team. Shortly after, I was walking to our first look location which was picked by Priyanca. I was so excited that I didn’t even think about where I was going! She found a beautiful mural in downtown Cincinnati that had the most striking colors! It was different, unique, and stunning. Our wedding day was planned and executed by creative and extremely professional vendors – it all turned out so well and most importantly, we had a blast the whole day!

About Priyanca Rao and her team-

It was absolutely amazing to work with Priyanca and her team. She worked extremely well with my mom who is definitely hard to impress; so that in itself says a lot! The day she landed in Cincinnati, she came to my room to hang out and get a feeling for how I wanted to remember my wedding in pictures. We all felt very comfortable around her and for that reason, I think our pictures turned out so natural and fun. She researched and explored Cincinnati, and subsequently was able to offer really creative and fun environments for us to take engagement photos and have our first look. Priyanca and her team got to know my husband and me, and inspired us to take pictures that were so creative and fun. We all have a very memorable experience working with her and her team, and I recommend her to any bride looking for a photography team!


Photography- Priyanka Rao

Venue- Hyatt Regency, Cincinnati

Planner- Sonal J Shah Event Consultants

Decor- Weddings InStyle

Hair and Makeup-  KC Makeup by Karuna Chani

20 Bride and Groom Dress Colour Combination that you cannot go wrong with!

Wearing colour coordinated wedding outfits is the norm these days. Not only do coordinated couples stand out from the crowd, but they also get photographed better! So, if you are wondering what your bride and groom dress colour combination should be, then here’s a list of 20 couples who totally nailed their wedding couple dress combination!

1. The matching gown and suit colour combination

Image Source: Dipak Studios

This bride and groom dress colour combination is so stunning that I just can’t take my eyes off them. Love how the groom is wearing an all-white tuxedo to complement the bride’s gown’s embroidery.  

2. The wedding couple dress combination that a stark contrast

Image Source: Dipak Studios

This lehenga and sherwani combination has a stark contrast of red and maroon, which goes amazingly well together. If you are not a couple to wear matching clothes, then this wedding couple dress combination is just for you!

3. Bride and groom matching wedding dress in baby pink

Image Source: Artfoto Studios

This lehenga and suit combination in a beautiful baby pink colour is perfect for a fun and fresh cocktail party or any other pre-wedding function.

4. Lehenga colour coordinated with sherwani dupatta and safa

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Yet another classic wedding couple dress combination, this one has a perfectly matched lehenga colour of the bride to the groom’s dupatta and safa.

5. Print and embroidery coordinated couple

If colour coordinating your wedding outfits is too common for you, then go ahead and get your wedding lehenga and sherwani made with matching prints or embroidery like this couple here. A cool way to get your bride and groom dress colour combination, right?

6. Wedding couple in colour coordinated sharara and Nehru jacket

Image Source: Fabi Studios

This bride and groom matching wedding dress has the same shade of blue in their sharara and Nehru jacket.

7. Matching lehenga and sherwani combination for wedding couple

This lehenga and sherwani combination for wedding is a classic one. The groom is wearing a sherwani in the bride’s lehenga embroidery colour and offsetting it with the maroon shade of the bride’s lehenga.

8. Bride and groom dress colour combination for a daytime wedding

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

For a daytime spring or summer wedding, you both can choose to wear something that’s fresh and floral like this couple here. Totally love how they both have coordinated their lehenga and kurta colour by choosing different shades of green.

9. Wedding couple dress combination in the shades of pink

This lehenga and sherwani combination is so perfect. Love how the bride is carrying off a hot pink lehenga, while the groom is complementing her with a baby pink sherwani and hot pink safa.

10. Bride and groom dress combination of magenta and peach

Image Source: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

This wedding couple dress combination has a stunning contrast, which comes out beautifully in their wedding portrait. The bride in her magenta lehenga complements the groom in his peach sherwani so well, right?

11. Matching gown and suit combination for your reception night

The groom is wearing a classic black three-piece suit, while the bride is wearing a navy blue one-shoulder gown. This combination is perfect for your reception or cocktail night!

12. Bride and groom matching wedding dress in a beautiful pink-peachy shade

Image Source: Ushna Khan Photography

Doesn’t this couple look absolutely adorable wearing the exact same coloured wedding outfits? Well, you too can pick a similar colour and design colour coordinated outfits for your big day just like this couple. Believe me, it looks very cute!

13. Classic lehenga and sherwani combination of maroon and off-white

This wedding couple dress combination is as classic as it gets. We all know that nothing goes better with maroon than off-white. So, here’s a safe and classic option for the traditional couple who wants their wedding outfits to be timeless.

14. Bride and groom dress colour combination in shades of blue

Image Source: Vipin Photography

This lovely couple has coordinated their wedding outfits in beautiful shades of blue, and I, for one just can’t stop looking. Doesn’t their wedding couple dress combination look bright, peppy and fun?

15. The elegant bride groom dress combination in off-white

This bride and groom matching wedding dress has me totally crushing over the subtle off-white wedding look. Also, did you notice how the groom has chosen to break the monochrome shade with a hint of emerald green in his pagdi and sherwani dupatta?

16. Bride’s gown and groom’s pocket square colour combination

Image Source: Dipak Studios

If you want to keep your wedding couple dress combination simple and subtle, then just take the bride’s gown colour and use it as the colour of any of your wedding outfit accessory. In this case, the groom’s pocket square is red. You can also use the same coloured pagdi, necktie or safa!

17. Colour coordinated bride’s wedding gown and groom’s necktie

Yet another classic bride and groom dress colour combination. Matching a bowtie or necktie with the bride’s wedding gown or lehenga is simple yet still in style!

18. Elements of bride’s lehenga embroidery matching with groom’s dupatta

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

This bride and groom dress colour combination is subtle yet beautiful. Totally loving how the groom has picked a tiny colour from the bride’s lehenga embroidery and worn a dupatta of the same colour.

19. The ‘All Shades of Grey’ bride and groom dress colour combination

Doesn’t this couple look totally adorable wearing all shades of grey you can think of?

20. The pastel bride and groom dress colour combination

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

The bride is wearing a peachy-champagne coloured lehenga, while the groom is wearing a traditional off-white sherwani; but did you see how he has incorporated the bride’s lehenga colour in his shiny satin safa? Cute, no?

So, did any of these bride and groom dress colour combination fancy you for your big day?

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified