Alia Bhatt’s Dilbaro promises to be the wedding bidaai song of 2018!

All eyes are set on Alia Bhatt’s latest endeavour this year where she plays a gun-toting, ass-kicking spy/housewife! While the trailer has already been the talk of the town, did you hear the recent track from RaaziDilbaro?


Play it on if you haven’t yet (Also keep the tissues handy):



Tugs your heartstrings right? I am sure all the brides-to-be can relate to this song and it’ll most probably be the bidaai anthem of 2018! And, why not? The song portrays the real emotion every girl goes through when she’s about to leave her paternal house after getting married!


Penned by none other than – Gulzar, the song depicts the feelings of a father who has to bid adieu to his daughter in a heart achingly beautiful way! It beautifully gives words to a countless father-daughter emotions which generally go unexpressed at a wedding. Love it!


Raazi is set around the 1971-India and Alia’s outfits are channelling vintage-inspired bridal style! I feel it’s a very refreshing break from the bridal fashion scene from now!



What do you think about Alia’s bridal looks? I, for one cannot decide which one I am in love with more – the full-blown dulhan avatar or the bare minimal look as she’s slaying in both as usual. Here’s decoding both of ‘em:


The wedding look:



Alia is spotted in an embellished all-red sharara paired with the pastel green dupatta for the wedding look. She completed the look with a traditional mangtika, an ornate pearl and gold necklace set and a large nose ring adding to her elegance.



About her makeup I am totally digging those kohl rimmed eyes with soft smokey look and that pretty pink pout adding to her gorgeous look.


The reception look:


Modern bridal elegance, thy name is Alia Bhatt. With her hair neatly tied in a bun and make-up done in soft pink tones – Sehmat Khan kills it in this look!



What’s really remarkable about this look though is the pale blue dupatta  paired with a soft-pink saree with a blue floral border. Completing the look with minimal jewellry, Alia is looking is looking  her resplendent self!




Also, brownie points for styling the sheer dupatta with embellished border with the saree. #StyleGoals  



How totally stunning are both of her bridal looks?


As to where the song is concerned, “Ungli pakad ke tune, Chalna sikhaya tha na ….. Baba main teri mallika, Tukda hoon tere dil ka…” will not leave your head for a long time!

Things to keep in mind while picking that engagement ring!

Ladies, cover your eyes and ears, ‘cuz this one ain’t for you! So guys, now that I have your attention, I first want to wish you a big congrats for not only taking this step, but also for actually researching on how to pick the perfect engagement ring BEFORE you buy it.

Getting engaged is one of the most important and emotional moments in your life which makes choosing the right engagement ring very important. Also, it’s most probably one of the most important investments you’ll make, so the pressure on picking the right one is really there!



But don’t you fret as here’s me bringing to you, all the tips and tricks to make sure your to-be fiance says YES when she sees this ring:


1. Fix your budget:



First things first, you gotta decide your budget, before you do anything else! It will help you to zero down on your options wisely and also allow the jeweller to show you the ones which are in your price range!


2. Make it a surprise:



“More and more men these days come in with their girlfriends to help them pick out a ring. While letting her pick a ring, is a sure-shot way to find ‘the one’, but at the same time you’re denying yourself of something too big –  A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show how thoughtful and romantic you can be! I mean just imagine the look on your girlfriend’s face when you’ll propose!” – from a guy who proposed and surprised his ladylove with his grandmothers ring!


3. Find out her ring size:




“ A lot of men often screw up in the purchasing process. They have the perfect ring picked out, but they somehow get the size of the finger wrong! Although, all is not lost if that happens! You’ll just have to take the ring back and fork over some extra money to get it resized.

Although, the best way to get it right is by stealing (temporarily) a ring that she isn’t wearing to the jeweller to be measured. Just be real sneaky about it, they can smell it from afar about these things”. – the guy who did manage to get the size right!


4. Research her style:


Yes pinterest is the way to it, but let’s be real she’s most probably pinned anything and everything that looks good!  To pick a ring that she’ll go over the moon with, will score you some brownie points that will last a lifetime, so do your research properly!

Here’s one tried-and-tested trick:

“When you’re with your girlfriend, take note of the type of jewellery she wears. Does she wear a lot of gold? Or maybe silver or platinum? Perhaps there’s a birthstone she’d like more than a diamond.

Think about her persona – Is she an outgoing gal who is gonna show it-off to everyone she meets? Then you can go for something big and sparkly! Is she one of those who detests jewellery at all? Then go for rings that are simple, yet elegant!”

Here’s another piece of advice:

Another way to understand what she really wants is to take her right into a jewelry store. Although, the key to do this, is to go under a pretext. You can tell you wanna go to the mall to look for some new shirts and you’d like her to come along. Go past a Jewelry store and say, “Hey, I want to look something for some watches”. While you’re busy pretending to be interested in the Omegas, your gal definitely might be ‘just’ looking at some rings. Make a mental note of what she’s gazing at and say, “That’s a nice one,”! Now go back to looking at watches. Leave. Mission accomplished!”


5. Pick the right band:



There are a variety of metals to choose from for the engagement ring’s band – yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver. You can also do a mix of different types of metals. All of them, come with their own pros and cons though:

Platinum – extremely durable, but dulls quickly than gold, and it’s hard to bring back the initial luster!

Gold – Shinier than platinum, easier to buff and polish to get back the original luster but, as it’s a soft metal, it wears down faster! It needs to be reshanked in 10-15 years.

“Although, where you might be interested in the durability, your future wife might be more interested in the look! So, make sure you get it right! If she’s the one who stays on top of the latest trends, go for platinum or white gold and if she’s more of a classic gal, go for the traditional yellow gold band!”

6. Get the 4 C’s right:



So now that you’ve selected a band, let’s focus on the focal point the engagement rings – the diamond! the “4 C’s:” –

Cut – A well cut diamond reflects light perfectly! If they are cut too deep or shallow, it leaks light through the bottom or the side of the stone, resulting in a lackluster appearance.  



So, even if you managed to get the perfect color, clarity, and carat, and the cut ain’t right, the diamond won’t have that fiery brilliance that your fiancé will show off to her friends.

Color – Diamond color is graded on a scale that ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Truly colorless diamonds are the most rare and most expensive. White color diamonds are the most popular though. Also, when it gets down to selection, the color is all about preference.

Clarity – The fewer the imperfections, the more clear & the more expensive the diamond is! When the jeweller starts talking about clarity, they’ll probably mention “inclusions.” They are other minerals or tiny fractures in a diamond. So, the fewer the inclusions the better.

Like color, clarity is also measured on a scale. SI1 and SI2 are slightly included but you it’s not visible through a naked eye. So, just find a diamond in this range.

Also, avoid stones with inclusions on the top and middle, as this can impact the dispersion of light, making it less brilliant.

Carat Weight – Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. The heavier the stone, the more it falls on the expensive side! However, there’s no need to get to caught up on that. Because through proper mounting and shaping, a master jeweler can make a diamond appear much larger than its carat weight!


7. Select the shape:


This is the most important thing and mostly everything your girlfriend cares about! So, read carefully:


round cut diamond choosing engagement ring

A round diamond is the classic and timeless diamond shape.


princess square cut diamond choosing engagement ring

A square diamond and also, the most popular shape for engagement rings right now.



8. Insure your ring:



An engagement ring is both a financial and sentimental investment. So, it’s a good idea to insure your girlfriend’s engagement ring in case it’s ever lost, stolen, or damaged. Even if you and your wife decide not to replace the ring, you can at least take the cash and go on a romantic getaway.


9. Go for lab-made diamonds:



Most women want a traditional diamond ring, but not all! Some wanna do away with the gilt of a blood diamonds!

I know planning the surprise and finding the right one can be very exhausting, but just think about what you’ll achieve through it! You’ll be the subject of envious conversations among her BFF’s, your future mom-in-law will think “you’re the one” for her daughter and all the men will silently acknowledge your achievement. So, what are you waiting for? Just get the right one already!



Also, if you are fishing for ideas on how to pop the big question, then this will help you out!

All the tips you need to know to NOT overspend at your wedding!

Most of you would have dreamt about your grand-wedding day right since your childhood! Although, I’m pretty sure you didn’t really think-through how much will it cost!


Wedding planning ,as we all know, is no easy task. One has to figure out the venue, photography, outfits, food, décor, music, gifts and the list goes on, while sticking to a strict budget! Also, being prepared for any last minute fiscos which can completely shake your budget after all.


So, to make sure you are not too harsh on your wallet, I’ve some recommendations on how to save on this big-fat-wedding budget of yours while having the shaadi of your dreams!


1. Select the right time:



Your wedding date plays a very important role in order to save money. If you decide to tie the knot during the peak wedding months of November to February, you’ll end up paying a little extra to all the vendors. To save these costs, either don’t go in for the peak wedding months or try making all your bookings right on time.



– Photographers can charge upto 40% lesser in off season

– Hotel rates halve in off season

– Caterers give heavy discounts !


2. Consider lab grown diamonds:



Firstly because they are cheaper, and secondly because you’ll be guilt free as they are not Blood Diamonds.



3. Opt for a bachelorette staycation:



Road trips and cross-country weekends are fun and awesome, but just think of how much you’ll save if you were to choose a hot-and-groovy spot in your own city instead!


Not only will you save on gas and airfare, but you’ll also know a lot about your city and also, the most fun and inexpensive places to go for your partayyy.


4. Only invite people who are in your life currently:



A good rule of thumb: you should invite the people – who have spent time with you as a couple, who play a crucial part in your present lifestyle.


Divide your guests into groups: immediate family, closest relatives, extended relatives, family friends, friends, acquaintances, kids, coworkers, etc. Once you and your fiance’ have classified your lists, see if you can trim the list by removing people who don’t matter to you much. Keep going and then evaluate each possible guest individually.


5. Go the E-invite way:



While printed invitations are ah-mazing lovely, the purchase price adds up, and even more if they are hand-delivered or mailed overseas! So, if a simple E-invite isn’t your style for anything fancier, then get a little creative and consider making a personal video to share the wedding details online.


If you’re a Photoshop wiz (or have a friend who is), then think about designing and printing your own invites! It can sound like a lot of work, but you’ll have the flexibility to choose any printing method that works with your budget, and you’ll have the satisfaction of creating works of art for your big day!

6. Look for favours in bulk:



Look for bulk or wholesale deals, which will trim your per-favor cost. Candy, soaps, and some nibbles are excellent candidates to find at low prices in large quantities.


You can also go to NGOs for wedding favours for things like homemade peanut butter or honey which are priced lower than the market cost and you’ll even give back to the society.


7. Create some fun signature cocktails:


Give your guests a taste of your personality as a couple, by serving signature drinks named after you. That, or keep it open for just a couple of hours to save money on imported liquor. Unless, you’re a Punjabi ofcourse, where the alcohol instead might take offense! 😉


When you keep a limited bar with signature cocktails, people tend to stick to those drinks and run up a smaller bill than with an open bar with unlimited choices!


8. Opt for lunch instead of dinner :




A lot of venues offer a cheaper package for lunch and brunch as opposed to a full-blown dinner. You could choose to do a fabulous sit down lunch/brunch after your morning pheras with some light cocktails flowing on the side and save a ton of per plate dinner cost!


9. Opt for venues that offer decor as a package :


There are a lot of venues that come with their own decor. These turn out to be a lot more cheaper than hiring someone else to do it for you!

Also, the reason a venue has 2-3  repetitive themes is because the decorator uses and reuses each time. As there is no-need to make new elements always, the pricing is low!


10. Choose individual elements instead of a full-blown theme:



This can sound a little extreme, but believe me, you can cut back so much, if you just choose to have some elements of your theme at the wedding!


For example, a boho-mehendi will have everything boho and you’ll end up spending a lot extra over-explaining the boho-theme. But a few simple boho elements – that’s good, classy and will explain your point without trying too hard.


11. Pick your shoes wisely:



Don’t splurge on those Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choos. Explore brands that are good for the wallet and yet stylish. Check out outlet malls and discount department stores, but definitely keep your comfort a priority.


12. Make your honeymoon a road-trip:



Plan a route through places you’ve never traveled, to indulge in spontaneous stops in unusual towns. Just plan a couple of days in the bigger metropolitan areas to give yourselves time to have the city-fun too! Play road-trip games and have heart-to-heart talks about your goals and dreams for the future. 😉


13. Consider eloping:



Well well if you really do run out of all the options, it’s not risqué or taboo to elope. That’s because eloping has its own benefits — a more intimate affair with your other half, no sticky family situations to deal with, a low-cost wedding, zero planning . . . the list goes on. 😛


I hope these points help you to save some bucks and still have the dream wedding. Because hey, going into debt because of a wedding isn’t exactly the most romantic way to start a marriage.

Kundan or polki, what to opt for your wedding jewellery – right from the experts!

If you’ve always wanted your jewellery to give you an elite, regal and traditional look, then you should definitely go for kundan or polki jewellery. A lot of us get confused when questioned about what goes with what and why. Although kundan and polki jewellry look quite similar, they are very different from each other!


Image Source – Hitched and Clicked


So, for all the brides who get puzzled when it comes to the difference between these two, we asked Shivani (an expert on jewellery) from Velvet Case for some insights. So, scroll down below to have your facts straight :


How did the two originate?


The process of making Kundan and Polki jewellery is extremely intricate and time-consuming and requires great skill and craftsmanship.




Both of them are thousands of years old art. While Kundan jewellery dates back to the grandeur of the Mughal era, Polki is a famous Rajasthani jewellery style!




Both of these are very popular amongst the millennial brides who aspire to look traditional and regal on their D-day!


What is the difference between them?




Polki is made of uncut diamonds, while Kundan is made of glass stones. Hence, polki shines brighter and is more expensive.


How is Polki Jewellery made?



Polki is uncut diamonds in their raw, pure form. It is is made by placing uncut diamonds in gold jewellery using gold foils and lac. Polki does not undergo chemical treatments, unlike other diamonds. It doesn’t have a very clear colour giving it a very rustic look.



Although, the diamonds placed on a foil of pure gold lends it a brilliant shine when they reflect light. They are then fused with the gold jewellery and further adorned with pearls and other precious stones like rubies and tourmalines to enhance its beauty. Since it’s the purest form of diamonds available, it’s extremely expensive.


There are a lot of families that have passed on polki as heirlooms. The process of Polki is the same as Kundan. With Polki, Kundan can also be used, making it even more expensive.


How is kundan jewellery made?



Gold is beaten up into strips and shaped into the desired form to form the base. The glass stones – emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc. are carefully set into the base to make what is called Kundan.


It doesn’t have a very high content of Gold it can even be a faux metal base, as it is mostly about the stones.


The elaborate process begins with the skeletal framework called Ghaat. Finally, the gems are polished using the Chilai process. This type of art is native to only India which makes it extremely sought after.


Does Kundan / Polki jewellery look good with gemstones?



Totally! While Kundan and Polki both have elaborate meenakari and enamel work on them in varying colours, either of them also looks great with uncut rubies, sapphires and even emeralds.


What jewellery pieces look great with Kundan/Polki?

For all you brides-to-be looking to opt for either of them, you can opt for a heavy choker or an elaborate neck piece. If you don’t want something very traditional and heavy, you can go for large chandelier shaped Kundan earrings or a beautiful dainty maang-tika or even a gorgeous stand alone statement piece like a bracelet.  Chandbalis in Kundan/Polki is the most trending jewellery trend of 2017-18!


Image Source – Pinterest unless Specified!

The ‘Shaadi by Marriot’ brunch is all that you need to have on 2018 wedding menu!

Courtyard By Marriott, Mumbai hosted a Shaadi brunch which I recently attended and I am still getting over on how spectacular it was! Right from the theme, the decor, the variety in food to the table setting – it was just ‘perfect’!


The idea the Shaadi brunch was to create a wedding setting which is inclusive of the right ambience, fingerlicious shaadi-worthy food and wonderful hospitality. I was awestruck to see that the skilled, talented and professional team at Courtyard by Marriott nailed it, right to the minutest detail.


As the theme was Indian Shaadis, the decor totally justified it. I walked into their lobby which had this very vibrant but totally classy decor giving me some major #ShaadiVibes and elegant lighting with crystal details giving the modern touch to it at the same time. All of it was done to perfection, with the right combination of colours, crystals and quirky elements.


Now, let’s talk about my favourite part – food! The menu was done primarily according to Indian taste buds, but they also had a number of continental dishes which were just amazing and that’s where I started from.


On my plate:




Sea salt baked kingfish, barbecue roast chicken, mushroom ragout creamy polenta roma and lemme tell you it was as yummyyy as it sounds!


In addition to such mainstream continental dishes there was also a variety of Italian cuisine that was available. Near to that, there was Khow Suey too, and it was mind blowingly delicious! When I say delicious I mean it was the perfect blend of coconut and the spices.


There was a DIY pasta and salad station as well, which is perfect for a wedding because you get to put in the things you like and do away with the things you don’t.







The buffet also hosted a wide range of Indian starters, curries, breads and more.




There was also a chat counter, and if you ask me it’s something that a desi wedding cannot do away with!



The Indian menu consisted of Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, Punjabi and South Indian cuisines and were to die for! Let’s talk favourites now:


From the Rajasthani counter:



Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki sabzi, aam and papad ki sabzi were my absolute favourites amongst all.


From the maharashtrian counter:



It takes something to be a bombay-walla and like misal-pav everywhere, but this one was made so good. The bun was crisp and fresh while the missal was not-too spicy to throw you off and not too bland either. There were other delicacies like Kombdi vade too, but this just stole my heart.


From the South Indian counter:


There were 8 varieties of dosas with a huge live-counter catering to all the guests. I happened to have this paneer-masala one and it was the right amount of crisp, buttery, spicy and totally mouth watering.



From the barbeque counter:



I happened to have these prawns delicies and I am running out of words here to describe how amazing they just were. Also, I finished it in 10 minutes, given the fact I had all of the above too!


Brownie points for these appetizers:






And now my personal favourites:


Olive Asparagus stuffed chicken roulade:



Chicken roulade:



Parsley crusted chicken:



Now, let’s talk dessert!!


Yes, I was saving all the space in my tummy for this only.  The dessert counter was well-stocked with a vast variety. It included Indian sweets like laddoos, halwas and jalebis, handmade chocolates, pastries, toffees, cookies and of course, multiple wedding cakes.











Favourites from my plate:



That strawberry coated doughnut (I had 4 of it more), mud-pot-cake (the container was edible too) and that red-velvet cupcake were absolute amaze! Be rest assured that you will go in total food coma from these!  


Must-try desserts:






Opera pastry:



Passion fruit delight:



Apricot gello:




Let’s talk decor. I already said it was done very tastefully, but hanging desserts? That really caught my attention!





Also, a macaron tree? I really found it hard to make my way out of this dessert wonderland!



I ended the brunch wishing I could magically fit more food into my body, because each bite was simply fingerlicious!

This Udaipur Pre-wedding will give you some major fairytale feels!

In Udaipur, a city of breathtaking palaces and colorful streets, Rahul and Suman decided to do their pre-wedding shoot and let me tell you beforehand, the pictures are breathtaking!


For the first look, Suman chose to wear an all-white lehenga choli with a very prominent pink and white border on it! I am in love with how she draped the dupatta the traditional rajasthani way.





Also, totally stunned by how Movie’ing moments has captured this shot, giving it a very old-world vibe to it!




For the second look Suman is spotted wearing a light dusty pink lehenga-choli with silver embellishments on it.




Rahul on the other hand opted to wear a perfectly tailored blue suit looking dapper AF! #CoupleDressingGoals







Loving how Movie’ing Moments photography has captured these shots so brilliantly!


Suman’s third look is again something that I totally adore! She’s opted to wear a blue lehenga-choli consisting of a high-waist lehenga skirt and choli with dramatic tassels on it towards the end!









What’s caught my attention though is the sheer dupatta with dainty motifs on it, giving me major Chand chupa badal me feels! Don’t you think?  



Also, totally digging Rahul’s dhoti pants!



Aren’t you in love with this couple’s unique pre-wedding shoot too? Because I totally am bowled with it!




Location – Hotel Chunda palace, Udaipur.


Photographer – Movie’ing Moments .

7 types of Latkan designs that can totally transform your bridal lehenga!

Latkans have the power to transform a plain skirt or blouse into something fancy. The fashion world hasn’t left any stone unturned to pimp up latkans either! We shortlisted a few latkan designs that you can incorporate in your attire to make it more fancy than it already is.

1.Of birds and flowers

1.Of birds and flowers

1.Of birds and flowers

2. The Kaleere Latkans

2. The Kaleere Latkans

Image source- Karan Sindhu Photography

2. The Kaleere Latkans

2. The Kaleere Latkans

Image source- Artfoto Studio

3. The one with fabric tassels

3. The one with fabric tassels

Image source- Morvi Images

3. The one with fabric tassels

Image source- Photoz Aaapki

4. Metal or wooden cut latkans

4. Metal or wooden cut latkans

4. Metal or wooden cut latkans

5. Personalised latkans

5. Personalised latkans

5. Personalised latkans

5. Personalised latkans

Image source- Archana Rautella

6. Good old pom pom latkan

6. Good old pom pom latkan

6. Good old pom pom latkan

Image source- Shutter Down by Lakshaya Chawala

6. Good old pom pom latkan

Image source- Art Capture Productions

7. Gota Latkan

6. Good old pom pom latkan

Image source- Shutter Down

So ladies, keep these latkans in your mind when you step out for wedding shopping next time!

20+ super fun and memorable sibling wedding pictures we’ve ever come across!

Your sibling is your first companion, first best friend and first partner in crime. They will also be the one to be the happiest when you get married (cause they’ll finally get the room to themselves) and also the saddest to watch you go (cause now they don’t have anyone to make fun of!) Cute picture with your sibling(s) at your wedding toh banta hai boss! We shortlisted some of the cutest siblings pictures we’ve ever seen- check them out!

1.Such a fun filled picture!

1.Such a fun filled picture!

Image source- Israni Photography

2. This sister’s pride for her sibling is easily reflected on her face!

2. This sister’s pride for her sibling is easily reflected on her face!

Image source- Jodi Clickers

3.Sisters always make sure that everything is okay, even your wedding attire!

3.Sisters always make sure that everything is okay, even your wedding attire!

Image source-YOU By Poonam Kotecha

4. Hoping that he’ll be next in line!

4. Hoping that he’ll be next in line!

Image source- Hari Photo

5. Abhay Deol being the perfect brother to his sister Esha Deol!

5. Abhay Deol being the perfect brother to his sister Esha Deol!

Image source- Badal Raja Company

6. Shopping with the little one for the wedding is the best decision this bride took!

6. Shopping with the little one for the wedding is the best decision this bride took!

Image source- Anoop Padalkar

7. Drama toh humara middlename hai!

7. Drama toh humara middlename hai!

Image source- Gautam Khullar Photography

8. The groom and his brothers look so cool in synchronised jackets and sunglasses!

7. Drama toh humara middlename hai!

Image source- Naman Verma Photography

9. The sisters can’t stop staring at this beautiful bride!

9. The sisters can’t stop staring at this beautiful bride!

Image source- Imprint Studio

10.  These siblings have a royal flair in them!

9. The sisters can’t stop staring at this beautiful bride!

Image- DotDusk Studio

11.Treating her like the princess she is!

11.Treating her like the princess she is!

Image source- Coffee Stains

12. Ash Studios’s owner with the owner of her heart!

11.Treating her like the princess she is!

Image source- The Photo Diary

13. Smear her with the haldi!

13. Smear her with the haldi!

Image source- Art Capture Productions

14. All ready to drop the haldi bowl on her hair!

14. All ready to drop the haldi bowl on her hair!

Image source- Shutter Down by Lakshya Chawla

15.Giving in to her tantrums one last time

15.Giving in to her tantrums one last time

Image source- Devasyah Studios

16. This sister is making sure that the bride sits comfortably while she helps her with the payal

16. This sister is making sure that the bride sits comfortably while she helps her with the payal

Image source- 361 Degree Productions

17. Laughing it off with the best partner ever!

17. Laughing it off with the best partner ever!

Image source- The Camerawalaa by Paridhi Jain

18. Coming in between lovebirds and not giving them any space. Exactly what a younger sibling does!

17. Laughing it off with the best partner ever!

Image source- Snap Soul

19. The family that pops a beer together, stays together!

19. The family that pops a beer together, stays together!

Image source- Hitched & Clicked

20. Sunglasses swag!

20. Sunglasses swag!

Image source- Slice of Life Pictures

21.A sister helping the bride to wear heer shoes

(which she’ll probably steal later!)

(which she’ll probably steal later!)

Image source- Camera Crew

22.Bride found an innovative to rub some haldi off on her sister!

22.Bride found an innovative to rub some haldi off on her sister!

Image source- Time Shutterz Photography

23. Making up for all the times they fought..aww!

23. Making up for all the times they fought..aww!

Image source- SincerelySuOfficial

24. These sisters are careful not to leave lipstick stains on the bride!

24. These sisters are careful not to leave lipstick stains on the bride!

Image source- Preach Art

25.The bride and her sister got same heels in order to avoid conflicts later!

25.The bride and her sister got same heels in order to avoid conflicts later!

Image source- The Wed Cafe by Rajesh Luthra

All these pictures have melt us completely (or maybe it’s just the Bombay heat) We are going to give our sibling a hug and then steal the remote from them. Hope we emerge as the winner! Go do the same with yours!

Tarush & Jasleen Kolkata : Ramada, Jamshedpur plays host to this gorgeous couple’s whacky wedding!

Tarush and Jasleen just got hitched at the beautiful Ramada hotel in Jamshedpur! From picturesque open air areas to traditional rooms, the hotel has played the perfect host to this gorgeous bride and her entourage. 

Tarus hand Jasleen's wedding is full of inspiration for real brides-to-be, right from their decor ideas to unique and offbeat attires. The one thing that struck us most was the creative decor that Jasleen had at all of her functions. The tall, lavender and blue tbale centerpieces and the kites and dreamcatcherr ceiling stole our hearts! This wedding has showed us how to keep tacky on the minimum and elegance on the max.

Even Jasleen's outfits and jewellery gave us tons of bridal goals! Her choice to wear offbeat colors, to really pretty and uniquely designed floral jewellery and the minimal bridal jewellery she wore on the wedding day, has us sighing. 

Check out this gorg story, getting its happily ever after at Ramada, Jamshedpur below!

Sonam Kapoor is getting married & this is what I think she will wear for it!

Well, that cat is out of the bag finally and I literally can’t keep calm! Bollywood’s fashionista Sonam Kapoor is reportedly set to marry her long-time bae Anand Ahuja on May 8, 2018. Yes, Sonam Kapoor getting married people! This news is totally giving me #Virushka feels!



Recently in an interview when Sonam was asked about what is she looking forward to most in her wedding festivities, she replied-

“I think the whole idea of a marriage is more appealing to me than a wedding. I think there is too much money spent; it’s all very crass, and I would rather give that money away. I’d rather have a wedding at home than anywhere else. I think it’s important to do all the rituals but I don’t believe in spending all that money. I find it disgusting and very wasteful and I’m not okay with that at all.”

Well Sonam, kudos to you for saying & doing so in spite of having all the money in the world to spend!




According to reports, the sangeet rehearsals have already begun in Kapoor residence and Farah Khan has been entrusted with the responsibility of choreographing songs. The wedding is supposed to take place at Sonam’s aunt’s house in Bandstand on May 8, 2018. The lavish mansion is close to superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat and is beautifully designed. Reportedly, the reception will be hosted the same night at Leela.



There’s also news that her sangeet and mehendi ceremonies will take place at Sonam’s BKC, Mumbai building and the festivities will start from May 7.


Well well, with all these speculations going rife, I just can’t help but wonder what will be Sonam’s outfit choices for the same. I mean the B-town’s reigning fashionsta’s wedding is bound to give us some serious #OOTDgoals right?


Here’s what I think her wedding outfits will look like:





This yellow Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla anarkali is giving me total haldi vibes. What do you think?


Or this yellow Anamika Khanna outfit is also just apt!




But hey, she’s Sonam – the fashionista! So I think she might take the yellow up-a-notch and bring some more cool elements in the outfit like this:







Green for mehndi too mainstream for Sonam? Well I thought so, read on to what I think she might opt for!





This is how me think-eth her mehendi look will be. A bit of maroons, some deep blues, some mirror-work and completely making a statement!





With Farah Khan herself choreographing for the whole Kapoor clan, one can only imagine what the whole sangeet will be like.


I am guessing it’ll be a vibrant outfit making a statement though.



Or may be something pastel owing to the summers!



Or something boho?





There are a lot of designers that are being guessed Ms. Kapoor might pick for her taking her pheras. Will she be a Sabyasachi bride like her other counterparts? Or will she pick her go-to designers Abu Jani and  Sandeep Khosla?



Will she be a subtle Sabyasachi bride in ivory lehenga with floral motifs on it?




Or will she be a Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla bride in a classic red lehenga?




Well, there are a lot of names coming up for this one too, my money is on Ralph and Russo without any doubt!





Here’s hoping Sonam Kapoor will break down all the expected #ShaadiWear traditions giving us a complete makeover on what a millennial, independent and super successful gal should wear for her wedding!



Also, if anyone knows that Sonam Kapoor is having troubles getting her wedding-wardrobe in line, be a doll and totally refer this blog to her!