The Ultimate Bridal bucket list – 15 things you must do before tying the knot!

Wedding planning can be tiring, frustrating, time consuming, overwhelming and stressful. After all, you are prepping for the most important day of your life!

So, we suggest take a break and fill your last days as a ‘single gal’ with some really fun things! After all these are some memories you will cherish a lot, specially after getting married! 😉

Check out this bridal bucket list of things you definitely need to do before you tie the knot!

Throw the most epic bachelorette:

Spend some time with your #GirlSquad and indulge in some much-deserved gossip and drinks. Go wild in Vegas or Ibiza, treat yourself to a spa day or get dressed up and have a drunken week-out!

Face your fears:

Now is the perfect time to do something, which you would never usually do. Face your fears and book yourself an adventure sport – skydiving, river rafting or paragliding! Go on a solo trip and be with yourself & your thoughts for some time 🙂

Whatever gets your adrenaline going,  just do it! Marriage will seem way less scary afterwards :p

First date (again):

Repeat your very first date with your hubby-to-be. We’re talking about the exact same location, the same outfits, the same everything! It will be fun to relive the experience again and you’ll get to have those first date butterflies all over again! Just make sure to avoid the first date fails though :p

Take a break:

Amongst all the chaos around, it’s very important to find time just for yourself. So, put down the to-do sheet, forget about the decor details and just relax. Just switch off from all the wedding planning and sleep the night off!  You can thank us later.

Love letters:

Go, old school, forget whatsapp, IMs and emails and write an actual letter. One of those cheesy romantic ones about why you can’t wait to marry him, and give it to him the morning before the wedding day. He’ll melt right away and be reminded why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Go on a wild shopping spree:

Buy those shoes you’ve always wanted, the expensive jacket you know you’ll probably never wear, the contour kit which is ridiculously expensive but so damn good! No we don’t mean spending on a Lamborghini, but treat yourself to something you would never usually buy. Go on, you’ve got our permission!

Pre wedding photoshoot:

In between all the hustle bustle of the wedding planning madness, don’t forget to schedule a pre-wedding photoshoot! Plan the shoot in any of your favourite places or where you got engaged and you can cherish those happy moments forever. It’ll help you get to know and relax in front of your photographer too!

Brunch with his famjam:

If you haven’t hung out a lot with each other’s extended families, this is a must do. Getting to know relatives, at least on the first-name basis is important for both you and your fiance’! Also, if you tend to forget a lot, have your partner draw you a family tree! What are you waiting for, go plan that fun brunch now!

Break in your wedding shoes:

Practice walking and dancing in your wedding shoes way before the D-day arrives! You don’t want blisters on your wedding day now!

Clear Your Work To-Do List:

Getting married does not mean you ignore your work! So keep in mind to take care of all the big-projects and work assignments way early so that the to-do work list isn’t floating around in your head. Work is the last thing you want to think about as you head into your wedding weekend.

Have the baby talk :

It’s important to have this talk before-hand – to know your baby future. You may want no kids, your fiance’ may want kids, or you both might wanna wait some time to be ready to be parents –  it’s always good to have that talk. So just plan it up to get you both on the same page!

Make your own tradition:


Something like brewing your own beer every 6 months, doing a trek every 3 months, having a date-night every saturday, taking a trip to your favourite destination every year, going to a yoga class every morning. In short, anything that’s very “YOU” as a couple. It really does get the fuzzies out.

 Marry the love of your life:

Everything you were stressing about in the lead-up to your big day will fall aside as soon as the special day arrives. Trust us on that! This is the most important day of you life so enjoy each and every second of it!

The Best Tarun Tahiliani & Manish Malhotra lehengas we spotted on real brides in 2017-18!

Who doesn’t want to wear a designer lehenga on her D day?! We bet, no one! Scroll down to check out the most gorgeous real brides who wore the best of the best designers – Tarun Tahiliani & Manish Malhotra in 2017-18!


Tarun Tahiliani:


As one of the luminaries of Indian fashion, Tarun Tahiliani has always revolutionised the way we consume couture with his inimitable take on his designs. His recent designs always make it easier for the brides to dance and enjoy their wedding days. Here are our favourite real brides who wore a Tarun Tahiliani lehenga:


1. A gorgeous grey lehenga with a scalloped border:




Image Source – Recall Pictures


2. An off-shoulder blouse with a sweetheart neckline, paired with a jazzy lehenga skirt:


Image Source – Aniket Mazumdar Photography


3. The lavender and lilac dream:



Image Source – Pinterest


4. The princess style, peach off shoulder lehenga:


Image Source – Hitched & Clicked

5. The sea-green and golden lehenga:


Image Source – Lightsmiths Photography


6. The classic red lehenga with dramatic flare in the lehenga skirt:


Image Source – Hitched & Clicked


7. The ice-blue and sea-green blend:


Image Source – The Wedding Conteurs


8. The ivory lehenga with dramatic flare and intricate embroidery:



Image Source – Pinterest


9. The dusty pink saga:



Image Source – Art Capture Productions


10. The pastel pink lehenga, with a sheer dupatta and a floral belt:



Image Source – Royal Frames


11. …..and this one is not a lehenga, but we couldn’t help ourselves from including this Tarun Tahiliani design. This golden anarkali with a pop of green makes it a really stunning bridal wear option.




Image Source – Aviraj Saluja


Manish Malhotra:

Do not doubt a Manish Malhotra lehenga to do justice to your wedding! His designs are everything that the bollywood and bridal dreams are made up of. So, just sit back and embrace the beading, fringing and the general extravagance of his bridal lehenga designs –


1. The extravagant maroon lehenga:


Image Source – Cupcake Productions


2. The pastel pink love with intricate zari and zardosi embroidery:


Image Source – Natasha Moor Photography


3. With a dramatic drape:



Image Source – Pinterest


4. Rose gold obsession:


Image Source – Dipak Studios

5. Red ball-gown creation:


Image Source – Morvi Images

6. The bottle green stunner:



Image Source – Shades



7. The flouncy red lehenga:


Image Source – Hitched and Clicked


Which one did you like the best?

Popular Banquet Halls in Alipur, Delhi

With hundreds of weddings happening in Delhi every month, on those keymarriage dates it’s hard to find a venue close to home or around the vicinity. If its Dilli ki shaadi hai, so the most obvious question is the venue  Right? The venue sets the tone for what your wedding will be like. The most expensive line of item in your wedding planning spreadsheet and possibly the most impactful, choosing the right venue becomes paramount. We’ve picked some of the best wedding venues in Alipur to ease your find.

Wedding venues can make or break your wedding, so take your pick wisely dear brides and grooms. We all know what Delhi weddings are made of and the high standards they hold. So, how about introducing you to the best of the lot on Alipur, from banquet halls to wedding lawns, resorts to farmhouses, you’re sure to find at least one or multiple choices for your big day. Let’s find the best banquet halls in Alipur..

Maple Garden, Alipur

Maple Garden, Alipur, Delhi, is the place you should go to if you are planning a wedding in the city. The hall and the lawn area can be utilised to host a grand wedding ceremony. The venue is situated near the famous Splash water park in Alipur and has hotels around the venue for accommodation purposes. Maple Garden, GT Karnal Road, offers a decor team who designs the venue exactly as you want it to look and a DJ who makes sure the party numbers played by them makes your guests groove. Maple Garden, Alipur, Delhi, also has a team of caterers on board who can treat your guests to a delectable wedding feast.

The Jehan, Alipur

The Jehan, Alipur, Delhi, has multiple banquet halls and lawn areas to host the wedding of your dreams. The Jehan Banquet, also boasts a beautiful terrace area suitable for parties if you wish to host parties under the beautiful blue sky. Located close to Just Chill Water & Fun Park and Guru Teg Bahadur Memorial, the chefs at The Jehan, G.T Karnal Road, Delhi make sure your guests are served with an array of delicious delicacies whereas their decor team decorates this venue to make it look stunning. Jehan, GT Karnal Road, is also suited for people who want a venue close to G.T Karnal Road.

MH One Resort Hotel, Alipur

MH One Resort Hotel, Alipur, Delhi is a go-to destination for hosting the most lavish wedding functions. The venue serves flavoursome delicacies to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to their guests. The decor team at MH One Resort Hotel Delhi takes care of the decoration for your big day. The venue serves alcohol and also allows you to get it from outside to please your guests. MH1 GT Karnal Road offers complimentary changing rooms for the bride and the groom on their special day.

Richmondd Lee Castle, Alipur

Richmondd Lee Castle, Alipur, Delhi is one of the best wedding destinations in the city. It has spacious lawn areas as well as banquet halls that can be utilized for hosting various pre-wedding functions like mehendi, haldi, sangeet and engagement. It is also ideal for hosting your wedding and reception ceremony also their party areas can accommodate a huge crowd for your function. Richmondd Lee Castle Delhi serves a wide range of tasty delicacies to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Zeenat Motel & Resort, Alipur

Zeenat Motel & Resort, Alipur, Delhi is ideal if you wish to host your grand wedding in a lush green lawn and host other pre-wedding functions in a spacious banquet hall amidst much fanfare. Even though the venue has its caterers they allow you to bring your own catering team who understand your taste and choices. Zeenat GT Karnal Road serves delicious pure vegetarian food to their guests. The decor team takes care of the decoration for your big day allowing you to sit back to enjoy your function. Zeenat Resort Alipur serves alcohol and also allows you to get it from outside to entice your guests. The venue offers a complimentary changing room to the bride and offers ample car parking space for guests.

Mantram Hotel and Resorts, Alipur

 If you’re looking for a well-planned wedding affair, Mantram Hotel and Resorts, Alipur, Delhi is the venue you can go for. The venue provides you with the best of cuisines served by their team of caterers, who will even customize the menu as per your taste preferences and will make you crave for more! The decor team at Mantram Hotel And Resort Delhi takes care of the decoration for your big day. It serves alcohol to your guests and also allows you to get it from outside. Mantram Resort Delhi has multiple party areas which makes it ideal for having different functions at the same venue.

Easy skincare tips & tricks to get that natural glow for your D-day!

Your wedding day is going to be the most special day of your life and all the eyes are going to be on you! While you may be preparing for a lot of things in advance to ensure your D-Day goes on great and smooth, one thing you might miss is taking care of your skin!


You need to have glowing skin for your D-day. How to get it? Here’s us helping you out:


1. Sleep:



A good night’s rest has never been more important than in the weeks  leading up to your wedding day. A solid 8 hours of snooze will do more wonders than you can even think of! Need another excuse to hit the pillow at a reasonable time?


2. Wash your face:



Always wash your face before bed! If you’re not washing away all the dirt and sweat from the day, you’re asking for a breakout. Keep cleansing wipes on your nightstand for nights when you’re too tired to move!


3. Detoxing sheet mask:



Not only do they make for a great Instagram selfie, sheet masks also work wonders for your skin. Sheet masks serve up a ton of nourishing hydration to your skin. So, put on the mask, relax and wake up with a glowing face.  


4. Instant acne remedy:



If you’re someone who only suffers from the occasional pimple, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide as an overnight spot treatment. Pop it on your pimple before bed, and wake up to see it almost completely gone.

You can get it here.




Aloe Vera is famous for treating wounds and scars and also acts as a remedy to get rid of acne fast. Apply Aloe Vera juice or gel on spots and let it dry for about one hour before washing it off with warm water.




Apply a non-gel toothpaste before going to bed. For the most significant improvement, wake up a few times during the night and check whether the toothpaste is still covering the spot. If it is not, add more.


5. Ice it out:



Rub an ice cube all over the area for about two minutes before applying an acne cream or a DIY face mask.


6. DIY face mask:



Whip up a spa-worthy mask right at your home using strawberries and yogurt to help smooth bumps and unclog pores. Smooth it on, kick back, and try not to eat it all up :p




Combine cooked oatmeal with lemon juice and egg. The oatmeal’s antioxidants will bring down swelling, while the acid in the lemon kills bacteria in your pores and the vitamin E in the egg will tighten skin so it appears perfectly smooth.


7. Hydrate your skin:



A dry face is much more prone to wrinkles and breakouts. So, simply cleanse, wash your face before you sleep and apply a good night-cream with anti-ageing properties. It’ll make a huge difference in the look and feel of your skin.


8. Don’t pick it:



Whatever you do, resist the urge to squeeze. It is tempting to pick and pop at a pimple, but that can lead to permanent scarring and further breakouts.


9. For your eyes:



While you get the glow on your face, don’t forget the eyes! Constant exposure to computers, sun and the lack of sleep can leave you with dark circles. You can use these simple ways for healthy eyes:

– Use a comforting eye contour gel that works on hydrating the skin around your eyes as you sleep

– Use an eye mask to cover your eyes while you sleep

– Wash your eyes with cold water when you wake up

Your dark circles would not have vanished, but your eyes will look fresh!

10. Avoid salty foods in the evening:



This one is especially applicable for the nights leading up to your big day! We’re talking about the actual night before the wedding. Make it a point to avoid highly salty foods as they can lead to puffiness.


11. Vitamin C:



One of the keys to achieving radiant skin is the good old Vitamin C. This  super ingredient banishes dark spots and improves skin’s tone, revealing beautifully glowy skin. We mean who doesn’t want that?


12. Incorporate hydrating food in your diet:


No matter what skin type or issue you may have, your body craves water.  Drinking water is great, but eating foods that are naturally hydrating is the best! Especially during summers!

So, try to incorporate watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes and kale.  A good rule is to include an additional 2 water-rich fruits or veggies in your diet.  


13. Don’t do anything drastic:



The ultimate beauty goal for most you brides is to look like themselves, but better. A lot of you get carried away with invasive procedures to melt away all those signs of ageing. We can’t stress enough on how this is NOT the way to go. Not only do you risk having a bad reaction to a procedure with serious downtime, you also are in danger of not looking like you.  


Embrace the uniqueness that makes you ‘you’ and walk towards your fiance’ looking like the beautiful person that your partner is expecting you to be!

The Most romantic, unique and breath-taking honeymoon suites in the word!

You’ve exchanged the rings, taken the saat pheras and survived the big fat desi wedding madness! Now it’s about time to hop on a plane and let it all be about romance & luxury!


If you’re looking forward to a super relaxed & chilled honeymoon where you don’t have to worry about anything else in the world, then you at the right place! We have put together some of the most romantic and luxe honeymoon suits in the world for you newlyweds.


So, think beyond a Euro trip or the usual South East Asia and scroll on to find out some really ah-mazing hotel suites:


1. Ocean Panorama Pool Villa, Six Senses Yao Noi – Thailand:







This “do not disturb”- worthy villa, offers views of the rainforest from the bed, the bathroom (complete with an outdoor shower) and the private pool and terrace. Believe us when we tell you, views alone will be enough to get you in the mood for a little amore and not make you wanna come back.


2. Pavilion Room, Amanyara – Turks and Caicos:






Situated on the island’s Northwest Point Marine Park, Amanyara boasts 40 standalone pavilion rooms with king-size beds, freestanding marble tubs and sliding glass doors that open on three sides, unveiling three separate terraces for soaking up the sun. Totally a honeymoon dream!


3. The Resort Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas – Mexico:








Set on a long sweep of beach at the base of towering mountains, this dreamy resort is as romantic as it gets. Each of its rooms features a roomy terrace outfitted with private hot tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean. So, you’ll feel like you’re practically floating in open waters and boast private plunge pools and fire pits. Also, the cliffside restaurant provides a divine sunset view making it an unforgettable date night experience for the newly weds.


4. Royal Mansour – Marrakech:






Commissioned by King Mohammed VI, the Royal Mansour comprises of elegant private residences, quiet courtyards and intimate restaurants!  The riads are as extravagant as they come, strewn with suede and silk carpets, velvet brocade sofas and Baccarat crystal. Riads aside, honeymooners will love the hotel’s sumptuous private spa suites, each decked up with their own hammam, plunge pool and terrace.


 5. Helena Bay Lodge, New Zealand:






With no more than 10 guests on the property at a time, this newly-opened North Island hotel offers couples the utmost privacy. Its five villas set upon nearly two miles of windswept coastline, are cozy and luxurious at the same time, outfitted with real log-burning fireplaces and terraces overlooking Helena Bay. The hotel also includes a fine-dining Italian restaurant with a 1,000-bottle wine cellar and a spa inspired by a traditional Russian banya (bath house).

6. Stone cottage, Pashan Garh Lodge – India:







Most come to north- India’s Panna National Park in search of the elusive Bengal tiger – Pashan Garh or Stone Fortress. Although, the newly-weds can also come for the seclusion that 200 acres of private jungle! Each of the 12 stone cottages boasts a lantern-lit patio area and a private outdoor sala.


7. Private cottage, Klein’s Camp – Tanzania:




How about a lantern-lit dinner for two at Klein’s Camp, a private safari concession covering 24,800 acres in Serengeti National Park? The property has only 10 cottages, each with verandas perfect for viewing the Great Migration, which passes through the grounds every year.


8. Ponta dos Ganchos Santa Catarina, Brazil:








If it’s peace and relaxation you’re after, skip the glitzy resorts and head straight for Ponta dos Ganchos, a romantic hideaway on the picturesque Emerald Coast of Brazil. Its ocean-facing bungalows are hidden blissfully inside a rainforest — think infinity plunge pools, deep-soaking hot tubs and even private saunas. Added bonus: It’s adults-only, making it much more tranquil.

9. Conrad Bora Bora Nui, Bora Bora:








Though you’d be hard-pressed to find a resort that’s not honeymoon-worthy in Bora Bora, this is one of the most impressive destinations it has to offer. For starters, it’s the only resort in Bora Bora that has two-story overwater bungalows, offering extra space and added privacy. There’s also a hilltop spa, a white-sand beach, an infinity pool with a swim-up bar and a sunset lounge with a glass floor that offers a glimpse into the coral reefs below.


10. Secret Bay Dominica :








With just eight bungalows hidden thick in this jungle-like resort on the face of a cliff looking over the ocean –  Secret Bay feels as if it were built specifically for honeymooners. The bungalows are equipped with so many luxurious features – hammocks, plunge pools, sundecks, personal libraries, chef’s kitchens, there’s not a single reason for you to leave this place. But you must, if it’s just to watch the sun set over the Caribbean Ocean from the gorgeous Vetiver Sunset Deck.


So, where are you packing your bags to?

10+ gorgeous, trending and stunning blouse designs!

Once you have selected your dream lehenga, the next crucial step is to decide which blouse design you’ll opt for! Why? A large part of the bridal lehenga’s appeal lies with a unique and beautifully styled blouse adding to the overall look.


Confused about what sort of blouse you wanna wear on your mehndi, sangeet or on the shaadi day? We understand it can be quite overwhelming to get lost in all the stunning designs the internet has to offer. Well, we have made the search easier for you.


We have curated a list of some real brides who turned heads with their stunning blouses! For all you brides-to-be looking for inspiration, here’s us listing the brides who dared to be different, opting for some amazing blouse designs on their D-day! What are you waiting for? Scroll on:


1. Off-shoulder blouse with sweetheart neckline:



Image Source – Aniket Mazumdar Photography


2. The deep neck sweetheart neckline :


Image Source – Pinterest


Image Source – Through the barrel


3. The heavily embellished blouse:


Image Source – Cupcake Productions


4. With the fringe details on the sleeves :


Image Source – Picture Art Company


5. The bustier with pufffy sleeves:


Image Source – Slice of Life

6. The regular sweetheart neckline:



Image Source – Jackson James Photography


Image Source – Siddharth Sharma


7. The jacket blouse:


Image Source – The Kunal Photography


8. The boat neck blouse:


Image Source – Pinterest


9. The embellished blouse with tassel details :


Image Source – Mourvi Images


10. Bringing the sexy back:


Image Source – Foto Walle


Image Source – Shweta Poddar Photography.


Image Source – Little Big Weddings


11. With intricate work on the back:


Image Source – Pinterest


12. The crop top and jacket blouse:


Image Source – The Wedding Salad  


13. With the square neck:


Image Source – The Wedding Salad  

14. The lacy bustier:


Image Source – Pooja Joseph Photography


15. The peplum blouse:


Image Source – Through the barrel


16. With the deep square cut and latkans:


Image Source – Happy Flashbacks Photography


17. The classic round neck blouse:


Image Source – Girish Katkar Photography

18. The personalised blouse:



Image Source – Color Frames Photography

19. With the ‘Cant Keep Calm’ etched on the blouse:




Image Source – 1plus1 Studio

Did you find your favourite pick yet?

In Focus: Omega Banquets, Chembur

Omega Banquets, Chembur

Soon after you’ve decided on the marriage date, the next thing that comes to your mind is booking the venue. Well, even if it does not come to your mind, you should start the hunt for your favorite venue as it can go available to unavailable pretty soon. Gone are the days when you simply selected a hometown banquet hall and its done and dusted. With families looking to make their celebration a grand affair, with all the facilities on point, finalizing the banquet hall is definitely not an easy task. Chembur is one of the most developed suburbs of Mumbai and has seen a growth not only in real estate development, but also population. Its easy connectivity to Central, as well as Western suburbs, makes it is on the hot list of most families who reside on the Central line. Here we are with our top banquet hall in Chembur that you can consider booking for your wedding celebration.

Omega Banquets, Chembur, one of the swankiest banquet halls in Chembur, Omega is a wedding venue offering services that will amaze you. An award-winning banquet facility in the heart of Mumbai, the owners of Omega Banquet Hall have a combined experience of more than 30 years in events, banqueting and catering business.

It enjoys a strategic location and is a premium multicultural banquet hall in Mumbai with a guest capacity of 100 to 2000 guests. When it comes to food and catering services, they have the best in store. The caterers here have been in the industry for more than a decade now. Hence, your guests will be in for some lip-smacking delicacies. Elegantly designed banquet halls are endowed with bright light flooding in through the decorative ceiling. It has Level 1 and Level 2 parking making it hassle-free for your guests.

Enjoy customized services and impeccable hospitality on your big day when you host it at Omega Banquets. No event is a successful one without great food and service, Omega takes pride in the superior quality of food that they serve and the warm hospitality of their staff.

Royal Banquet Hall: Seating -600 / Floating -1000
 Banquet Hall: Seating -220 / Floating -350
 Banquet Hall: Seating -50 / Floating -100
Price per plate: Veg (1,400) / Non-Veg (1,700)
Location: 317, K Star Mall, Diamond Garden,
Chembur East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071
Landmark: K Star Mall, Basant Garden, Mumbai

Get more banquet halls in Chembur at at best deals possible!

The ‘Wedding on Wheels’ – the most inspiring love story of 2018!

Some love stories touch our hearts, keep us thinking about it and give us happy tears! One such story is of this differently-abled couple – Anup Chandran and  Nehal Thakkar. This ‘Wedding On Wheels’ as their photographer – 361 Degree Productions likes to call it, touched our hearts too!



Anup and Nehal come from different states and totally different cultures.  Anup is a South Indian whereas Nehal belongs to an orthodox Gujarati family.


But they were destined to be together! In 2003, Anup met with an accident in which he lost his legs, 2 years down the line, Nehal met with an accident at the exact same place. Coincidence, serendipity or fate?


A common friend introduced them for the first time and they developed an instant connection! From Orkut, to Facebook, to playing Farmville (where Anup used to cheat in order to win :p), they never knew how and when they fell in love! It took them seven years to convince their respective families, and they never gave up on each other however hard the situation got!  




Anup and Nehal had the wedding of their dreams and we can’t stop gushing about their wedding pictures. Scroll on to see the most emotional & inspiring wedding of 2018 captured by 361 Degree Productions


The Mehndi:







Pool Party:














The beautiful bride getting ready –






Her bridal finery –




The bridal entry –



The groom’s entry –




The baraat –




While taking the pheras –




Finally married –




The happily married couple –



The Reception –














Wedding Partners:


Photographer – 361 Degree Productions

Nehal’s wedding outfit – Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Makeup Artist : Ojas Rajani

Venue : Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

10+ Cool & Unique Pictures to click on your Honeymoon for your Insta feed!

You might have hired a professional to take pictures at your wedding, but unless you’re a celeb, it’s quite likely you are on your own when it comes to your honeymoon!

Of course your wedding album takes the top priority for your couple pictures, but that doesn’t mean you overlook your honeymoon pictures. After all, it’ll be the most expensive, romantic and exotic vacation of your life! Without some prior planning, you could wind up with washed-out and totally uninspired snaps.


We say use this guide to create an Instagram worthy feed full of some really cool photographs from your first honeymoon vacay!


1. The passport shot before starting the honeymoon:




Start your honeymoon with a picture of you showing off your passports!


2. The cute just married shot:



We know you can’t contain the excitement, so let it show in the pictures too!


3. ‘The follow me to’ shot:





Image Source – Murad Osmann


Did you really go on a vacation if you don’t have a ‘Follow me to’ picture of it?


4. Showing off the ring shot:




Well it’s your wedding ring & why not show it off as many times you can? Just get a little creative with the pictures though!


5. The postcard perfect shot:




Ask someone to take a snap of you two strolling or posing near a local landmark. You traveled all this way, now don’t be shy!


…. Or just take a selfie!




6. The look ‘where we camped’ shot:


You might or might not wanna share this on your social media, but nonetheless a picture of your hotel room is a must-have! You know, for memory’s sake!


7. Go local:





Take a picture of the local stuff – coins, stamps, maps or at a photo booth nearby! Try getting to know the natives by asking them to pose with you for a quick pic – policemen, snake charmers, the guy who baked the most delicious souffle you’ve ever tasted, they’re all fair game.


8. ‘Check out the view’ shot:


Capture the scenery from up high — whether it’s at a rooftop restaurant, a tall landmark or even a mountaintop. A view that beautiful requires a picture too, with both of you savouring it!


9. ‘The sunset’ shot:



Nah, it doesn’t have to be a cheesy kissing pic with the sun dramatically setting behind you (although we totally wouldn’t judge you for that)! 😛 Just, remember this moment will be something you’ll be glad you have post your honeymoon!


10. The look ‘What we ate (or drank)’ shot:







Take out your camera/phone and snap a picture of your picture-perfect meal or when you say cheers to your most awaited vacay!  


11. The danced till we dropped shot:



Hey, it’s your honeymoon, you’re supposed to let loose! So, take photos of you dancing till you dropped!


12. ‘Seeing you through my eyes’ shot:



Get your creative photographer mode on, and capture your beloved on how you see them through your eyes!


13. The quirky couple shot:



Well, because in midst of all the cuteness and mush a little bit of quirk is welcome too!


14. The shoefies:




When you get bored of selfies, shoefies are definitely to the rescue!


15. The that’s all folks shot:



End your album with a photo of you waving goodbye, shutting the door to your hotel room or stepping onto the plane. It’s back to reality time!


We are sure you’ll cherish these memories for a lifetime!


Image Source – Pinterest unless specified.

Gorgeous Statement Hair Jewellery for the bride-to-be!

If you were under the impression that bridal hair accessories are limited to the age-old maang tikka, matha patti or passa, then we are here to prove your wrong!


From maang tikka with tassels, royal head chains to statement side tikka, the bridal hair accessories today have upped their game! The right hair accessories can completely transform your bridal look with that little oomph factor!


Here’s us listing some gorgeous bridal hair accessories which will not only enhance the hairdo, but also boost your bridal look on your mehendi, haldi and the D-day itself! Traditional or modern? You take your pick:


1. The royal courtesan look:



Designer – Anita Dongre


This bejewelled royal courtesan look where a necklace or a maang tika is used to embellish the bridal plait had to be first on our list. It looks so regal and stunning at the same time. Doesn’t it look divine?


2. New age juda pin:


Image Source –  Pinterest


Image Source – Dhanika Choksi Photography

 Juda pins are no longer the same old boring pins that they used to be! The new age juda pins can make any bridal hairdo, especially buns way prettier! Elaborate and pretty, a lot of them come with chains hanging from them which looks stunning and really graceful.


3. Poola Jada:


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Image Source – Morvi Images


This south-indian wedding tradition in which you have flowers or gold or both put across the length of your hair is just too beautiful! With the changing times more and more brides are opting for a modern take on the traditional designs and it looks equally stunning too!


4. Wreaths:


Image Source  – Ivy Weddings


Wreath or a floral tiara (as you call it) used to be a western wedding affair some time ago! Well, they’ve totally taken over the mehendi and haldi scenes in the Indian weddings by now! We love this bride’s statement wreath and how she has matched the colours of the flowers to her lehenga.


5. Head-chains:


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We are having a really hard time to take our eyes off this chunky head-chain piece the bride is seen wearing! It’ll make for a great statement bridal hair accessory to wear at your mehendi, sangeet or cocktail function. What do you think?


6. Passa:


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Image Source – The Wedding Story  


Once associated only with the Muslim weddings, the jhoomer or paasa is now a hot and trending bridal accessory. You can opt to wear only a paasa on the side or team it up with a Maang-tikka to get the complete bridal look. Worn either ways, we feel it adds a regal old-world charm to the bridal look!


7. Head Piece:


Image Source – FotoWalle


Bejewelled, beaded or plain-simple, these bridal headpieces look totally chic! You can add a maang-tikka in the centre or wear it just the way it is, the choice is all yours!


8. Matha patti:


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Image Source – Morvi Images


You can wear it the traditional way or just on one side of your partition, it looks dreamy either ways! That being said, we feel matha-pattis look way more stunning than the Maang-tikka, for your wedding look!


9. Oversized polki chand tikka:



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Well, if the maang tikka is going to be of this size, you can totally ditch the matha patti. *So Stunning*


10. Dainty flowers:


Image Source – Gaurav Hinge


Image Source – Morvi Images


Don’t these dainty floral pins look too adorable! Get the ones with kundan, little petals or ghungroos which will take your bridal hairdo up a notch for your haldi or mehendi functions!  


11. The one that says ‘Ladkiwale’:


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Now this juda-pin needed a shout-out of its own! So cool!


12. Zardosi headbands:


Designer – Sabyasachi


Looking for something cute yet traditional to wear at your mehendi, cocktail or sangeet? Then this Zardosi headband from Sabyasachi might be just what you’re looking for!


13. Layered hair pins:


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These come with hair combs that you can put on either side of your hair – they are refreshingly different and look gorgeous!


14. The floral extravaganza:

Image Source – The Wedding Salad



Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik


If you are not a fan of all the previous accessories, then you can also opt for flowers all the way. Take our word on it, you’ll never go wrong with flowers!


So, did you decide which accessory is going to make it’s way in your your bridal hairdo? Whichever one you pick, just make sure it allows you to be fuss free & comfortable during the whole event!