Rohan & Aditi Delhi : Model and Army Man tie the knot in a gorgeous hindu wedding held at Delhi Cantonment

Meet Aditi and Rohan! A model, Aditi is every photographer's dream, especially when she's marrying an man in the Indian Army! This absolutely GORG hindu wedding held in Delhi Cantt. is not one to miss! Check out their quirky decor and their family fests which totally and completely remind us of Queen.

Photographer: Plush Affair

Lehenga: Frontier Raas

MUA: Kazi

Banyan Tree Hospitality – These Wedding Caterers In Mumbai Can Promise You The Best

Calling all Mumbaikars with a wedding ‘round the corner! Have you already booked your wedding caterer? If not, Banyan Tree Hospitality is worth checking out.
Banyan Tree Hospitality is noted as one of the best wedding caterers in Mumbai and they do perfect justice to this tag with the lavish menu and delectable food that they serve.

They are a pure-veg catering service, which makes it incredibly convenient for all vegetarians out there looking for a caterer who can comply to their needs and requirements.


They cater not only to weddings, but also private and corporate events in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune area. The menu is based on high standards of product, service and professional dealing. They take pride in the quality of food, innovation and service they extend. What’s more is the promoters of the company bring forth 3 decades of experience in five star hotels and these standards reflect in the product, making sure your big day is in safe hands!

Food is a matter of pride for them and a great deal of time and effort is invested in getting their taste, quality and service right for the customers. Every dish goes through trial and errors in our R&D kitchen before being put on the menu for you. Their attention to professional dealing and personalized service ensures your events are a memory of the best experience you have had

Key Features:

Price Per Plate: 880/-
Pure Vegetarian Menu
Location: Mumbai / Willing to travel
Events Completed: 1750
Quality Ingredients
Innovative Food Choices
Live Buffet Stations


Ph: 077386 21032
Address: 1804 Kritika Annexe, Sion Trombay Road, Chembur East, Mumbai, India

For details and bookings, click here.


Namit & Preeti Goa : Intimate hindu wedding held at goa with quirky decor

WhatKnot Photographer "At what point did you realise that she was the one?"

Namit: (laughs) "Oh that's very easy. The first time I saw her"

*cue heart melting*

Isn't that what every great love story starts with? Unconditonal love and support, which perfectly describes our latest couple, Preeti and Namit!

They met on the first day of orientation and became best friends. The last five years of their relationship being a long distance one, you can imagine their joy at finally getting hitched! Read on to know more about this quirky wedding at Goa

Location: Bay15, Goa

Photographer: WhatKnot

Wedding Planners: Enjay Events




This Pre-Wedding Shoot In Paris Is Setting Goals For Every Romantic Couple Out There!

Rohan and Ankita’s pre-wedding shoot in Paris was a fusion of love, romance, amazing outfits and of course, a brilliant backdrop of the city of love. It truly lived up to all that the city is known for!

Ankita’s outfits – right from the gorgeous red gown to the short skirt and top complimented Rohan’s formal black suit to perfection. Anoop Padalkar’s awesome photography managed to capture the most amazing moments that had us wishing for a shoot like this!

Check it out:


12 Indian Wedding Superstitions That We Need To Get Over Asap!

Dark Mehndi

This one’s pretty popular. The darker your wedding mehndi is, the more your husband will love you. In my opinion, your husband gotta love you 100% whether your mehndi is dark, light or medium. But if you really want to know, here’s how you can get super-dark mehndi.

Dark Mehndi

Lehenga Lending

What? I thought being generous was a good thing. Well, apparently not because if you lend your wedding lehenga to someone, it’s bad luck for you. Oh, but it’s good luck for them.

Lehenga Lending

Rain on the Wedding Day

Apparently, if there’s a downpour on the day of your wedding, irrespective of how it dampens your mood, your decor and your lehenga, the rest of your married life will be blissful.

Rain on the Wedding Day

Self-Designed Wedding Outfits

Designing your own wedding dress is apparently not a good thing and is considered unlucky. Hmmm… I wonder what Sabyasachi would wear.

Self-Designed Wedding Outfits

Spilt Milk

No point crying over spilt milk? Think again. According to this Indian superstition, boiled milk spilling over in the house of the bride or groom will bring misfortune to them.

Spilt Milk

Sputtering Candles

If lit candles start sputtering on your wedding day, there’s an evil spirit nearby.
Nope, not the wind. It’s an evil spirit. Shhhh, trust me.

Sputtering Candles

Kaleerein Showering

Another popular one that takes place in every Punjabi wedding! The bride is supposed to kind of place her hands over the heads of unmarried girls and shake them If the kaleerein falls on someone’s head, she’ll be the one to get married next. Kinda similar to tossing the bouquet in Christian weddings.

Kaleerein Showering

Lentil/Chana Dal Balls

A week before the wedding, the bride-to-be and 7 married women make chana-dal balls and send it over to the groom’s house. This is a sign to ensure that his kitchen remains full all the time. Omgg sexist much?

Lentil/Chana Dal Balls

Carrying a Knife

Especially in Punjabi tradition, from the engagement to wedding, brides-to-be carry a knife / kirpan to be protected from evil spirits.

Carrying a Knife

Silver Dishes

In some traditions, the bride is asked to pick up a set of 7 silver dishes from the floor. The more noise the dishes make, the more the couple will fight.
Then why pick up the dishes in the first place?!

Silver Dishes

Right Foot First

It is supposedly unlucky if the bride crosses the threshold of her new house with her left foot so she has to place her right foot first.
This is an insult to lefties worldwide.

Right Foot First

Same-Lettered Surnames

If your husband’s surname starts with the same letter as yours, it’s considered unlucky. But ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’ sounds so cool. 🙁

Same-Lettered Surnames

Some international ones:

Something old, new, borrowed and blue: the bride carries/wears something old to represent her past, something new to represent her new future, something borrowed from a happily married friend so their good fortune rubs off on her and something blue for fidelity and love.

Tossing the bouquet: The bride tosses a bouquet backwards and the one to catch it supposedly will get married next.

Some international ones:

Writing your name with the groom’s surname before the wedding takes place is unlucky. Damn, no wonder I didn’t get married to Shahid Kapoor.

Wearing a veil: disguise yourself from evil spirits who are jealous of you.

A spider in your wedding dress: Finding a spider in your wedding dress is supposedly a good omen. What, are you marrying Peter Parker?

Some international ones:

Crying is good: crying on your wedding day symbolizes that you’ve already shed your tears and shed any more after that day. Didn’t realise there was a cap on tears per person but okay, just make sure your mascara is waterproof.

So what do you think of all these Indian wedding superstitions? Let us know!


In Focus: Ocean Blue Party Lawn, Indirapuram, Delhi

Weddings can turn amazing with a venue that caters to all your needs and requirements, and Ocean Blue Party Lawn, Indirapurram, Delhi, does exactly that. With a decade of experience in the hospitality sector, this location has a lush green lawn sprawling across acres with exquisite decor preparations appropriate for each of your wedding ceremonies. You can stay rest assured of the quality of service provided from their end and pick this venue for your big day at Ocean Blue, Indirapurram.
A perfect blend of ultimate sophistication and elegance,
Ocean Blue Party Lawn is a great wedding lawn in Indirapuram for beautiful weddings.

Have the perfect stage and mandap setting nestled in the lap of the nature. The lush green lawns make you feel one with the nature. This 
banquet hall in Indirapuram also provides two complementary changing rooms, which are Air-Conditioned as well.

Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food is served at this venue. Packages starts at Rs 1,500 per plate for vegetarian menu and at Rs 1,700 for non-veg menu.

Venue is perfect for both pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies

Seating Capacity: 400 / Floating: 1500

Sprawling lawn for outdoor events

Decor and Food Provided by the Venue

Convenient location

Parking Available

Serves Non-Veg

Serves Alcohol

Click here for bookings

In Focus: Kohinoor Park, Wedding & Banquet Hall in Dadar West, Mumbai

Hotel Kohinoor Park, Prabhadevi, situated near Siddhivinayak Mandir, is in the heart of the city and features a homely ambiance with all the modern amenities. Extravagantly decorated and specially designed for pre-wedding and wedding functions, Hotel Kohinoor Park is an ideal venue for grand and lavish events. Exclusive catering services satisfy all your varied culinary needs. Hotel Kohinoor Park provides Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisines as well as live counters.

Located close to the beach, this wedding venue in Dadar is equipped with all the modern amenities. It has a hospitable staff to cater to all your needs at any given moment.

Banquet Halls

Empress / Hall / Seating: 250 / Floating: 600

Emperor / Hall / Seating: 150 / Floating: 400

Ruby +Terrace / Hall + Terrace / Seating: 100 / Floating: 200


Elegantly built banquet hall requires very little décor

Venue can be easily accessed by public transport

Multiple spaces for different functions

Alcohol Allowed at the Venue

Outside Alcohol Allowed at the Venue

7 Cool Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Indian Wedding

Wedding Invitations

SO much paper is wasted with every wedding invitation which is useless once the wedding is over. Now that it is 2017, let’s go with E-invites over the numerous online handles that we have.
Try using plantable paper if you really want to send tactile invites. (Plantable paper is biodegradable and embedded with seeds, so when you plant it in soil, the seeds grow while the paper decomposes.)

Wedding Invitations

Cloth decor

Avoid the strings and strings of gendha-phool decor that every Indian wedding has. Use cloth decor instead like colourful drapes hung in nice ways!

Cloth decor


Instead of using floral jaimalas, you can go for jaimala made with organic/recycled paper flowers.
Cloth is also another option. This couple used satin jaimalas for their eco-friendly wedding:


Fruit-based Centrepieces

Centrepieces usually are made of large flower installations that are then just thrown away after the wedding. People even use ice-sculptures – what a waste of water!  We’ve seen a few weddings that went with fruit-based centrepieces which could be eaten and not wasted:

Fruit-based Centrepieces

Fruit-based Centrepieces

Edible Cutlery

Instead of using plastic spoons/forks, opt for edible cutlery ( yes, you can eat the spoon too after your meal). They’re usually made from wheat/rice/etc or even chocolate for desserts. You can also get them in flavours.
Find edible cutlery here.

Edible Cutlery

Edible Cutlery

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

This couple printed their thank-you notes on plantable paper. How cool is that?  
You can also give out potted plants as a wedding favour.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

If you realllly want to go the extra mile, you can stick to using only vegan/ non-dairy products like:
> vegan ice-cream or cake
> Dry fruits/nuts instead of milk-based mithais

Check out this couple who had a totally eco-friendly, vegan Indian wedding. Yes, they pulled it off brilliantly!


Ayush & Treta Jodhpur : Indian couple from California hold destination wedding at Fort Khimsar, Jodhpur

When a couple based in California decide to hold their wedding at a fort in India, you know it's going to be a grand, almost fiarytale-like event! That's just how Ayush and Treta celebrated with March wedding! A destination wedding complete with all ceremonies and camels! 

Choosing Jaipur was an easy decision as it is Treta's parental home. The blue city provided the perfect backdrop for their photoshoots and the ceremonies. Royal and elegant, Fort Khimsar stood steady as the pomp and celebration continued. The beauty of the city was captured via drone photography. 

"When I was 10-12, I came to Khimsar Fort. I’ve such fond memories, it was so beautiful and then we started looking for Wedding Venues Khimsar was an Obvious choice" says Treta.

Check out their colorful  and rich wedding below!

Photography and Film: ColorBlast Weddings
Wedding Lehenga – Aza
Sangeet Lehenga –Aza
Mehndi Lehenga –Sushma Creation
MakeUp Artist – Shamita Gogia

Mallu Farms, Chattarpur | Top Wedding Venue in Delhi |

Mallu Farms, located in the heart of Delhi is the first farmhouse in Chattarpur and offers a serene ambience. With lush green lawns and aesthetically decorated banquet hall, Mallu Farms is the place for hosting lavish affairs. Decked with multiple facilities, this venue provides exclusive décor that makes any event delightfully unique. If you are looking to host the most happening functions on your wedding, your search ends here at this awesome wedding venue in Delhi.

The plush surroundings add to the vibrancy of your occasion, making it all the more memorable. It has the best in-house catering team and offers customized services as per your convenience. You are sure to have a personalized experience at this
banquet hall in Chattarpur. The unique farm to table concept allows you to the relish fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and treat your guests to the best of everything.

“Before any farmhouse is passed they are given the layout of Mallu Farms by MCD and advised to replicate it.” says the owner, Mr. Akshay Sharma. Such is the grandeur of this venue, which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and has a dedicated staff that strives to make your event grand and successful. To get exquisite stage and venue decoration facilities, the in-house panel of Mallu Farms will be your go to option.


Venue Type:  Farm House

Lawn attached to banquet for convenience

Food Provided by the Venue

Outside Food/Caterer Allowed at the Venue

Overnight Wedding Allowed

Music Allowed Late

Allows Fireworks Display

DJ & Live Music

Capacity: 2000-3000

Ample Parking Space


Pre-Wedding | Wedding | Birthday | Post-Wedding | Anniversary | Cocktail Party | Conference