5 Bachelor Party Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Well, the date is fixed, planning is almost done and shopping is completed. Now all you have to do is kick off those shoes, gather your best buds and have a fun-tastic time! Nobody makes your last few days, as a bachelor, more fun than your buddies – be it school friends, roommates or even colleagues. When they have made the journey so memorable, why not treat them to a memorable time with a legendary bachelor party? We have some amazing bachelor party ideas for you and your friends that is sure to guarantee a gala time.

Our bachelor party ideas include some off-beat ones and some tried and tested ones. Pick any one and you are sure to have a wonderful time with your best men!

Bachelor Party in the City

Bachelor Party in the City

Image Source: Pinterest

If you can’t go out of the city, why not paint the town red? Go pub crawling with your best buddies, play paint ball, have a laser tag game at home, enjoy sports night, poker night or go bowling – the options are endless when it comes to planning a bachelor party in the city.

Go for Adventure Sports in Your City

Go for Adventure Sports in Your City

Image Source: Mumbai Traveller

If you and your buddies are the adventurous kinds, why not head out and have an entire day lined up with adventure sports? From themed parks to adventure groups – there are many options these days and you can easily choose a few that your friends love. River rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining – so many options!

Do the Cliched Thing – Go Goa

Do the Cliched Thing - Go Goa

Image Source: Tour Bite

Goa never gets old, does it now? Everybody has Goa on their bachelor party ideas’ list. And the reasons are pretty good – cheap booze, good food, fantastic sunsets and the sea – what more could you ask for?

Rent A Villa

Rent A Villa

Image Source: Air BnB

With so many gorgeous villas in and around every city – who wouldn’t love a quick getaway for a bachelor party? Choose a place with a pool and a scenic view and your friends will love you for it!

Go Sailing

Go Sailing

Image Source: Boat Booking India
House parties are a thing of the past. Why host a party in a club or home when you can rent a yacht and have a bachelor party in the middle of the sea? This one is especially for people living in cities with a port, like Mumbai, which offers plenty of these options!

5 Wedding Photo Booth Ideas Under 5K!

What’s a wedding these days without an Instagram worthy photo booth where your guests can take those oh-so-cute pictures? From lavish themed booths to simple, quirky ones – there are a zillion ways to create that perfect photo booth for your big day. What if we told you that you could set up some of the best photo booths with as much as 5K? Sounds like a dream come true? Well, we know how expensive and hectic weddings can get and thus we bring to you *insert drumroll* – budget photo booth ideas under 5K!

These are made with things that you find at thrift stores, stationery shops and other common places. The materials won’t burn a hole in your pocket and are the photo booths can be assemble with ease! Sounds too good to be true? Check these out!

Wooden Pallets Photo Booths

Wooden Pallets Photo Booths

Whether you have a rustic wedding or not, it’s very easy to make wooden pallets fit in. With the right finishing touches like bouquets or fairy lights, they can seamlessly fit into your wedding decor!

Ribbons & Paper Streamers

Ribbons & Paper Streamers

Say what? Who knew something so beautiful could be made with something so simple?

Sheer Nets & Branches

Sheer Nets & Branches

Again, so simple right? You could switch the branches for flowers and other decorative accessories and voila!

Re-purposed Doors

Re-purposed Doors

Doors, windows – name any old furniture furniture piece and it is sure to have a rustic charm to it! Simply add some lights or a decorative piece – and you are good to go!

Polaroid Photo Booth

Polaroid Photo Booth

Well, it IS your wedding what can be better than a wall / backdrop made of all your favourite memories?

*Images: Pinterest

12 Times Deepika Padukone Stunned Us With Her Traditional Fashion Choices!

This gorgeous Sabyasachi anarkali-lehenga


Another Sabyasachi stunner, this white lehenga-gown


This nude Tarun Tahiliani outfit


We love this embroidered jacket-lehenga by Anamika Khanna


Peach and cream lehenga by Varun Bahl


Anamika Khanna’s white half-saree


Another white saree by Anamika Khanna


Rohit Bal’s black and gold anarkali


This stunning fusion outfit by Sabyasachi


Cape saree by Payal Singhal


Anju Modi’s colourful blouse with a white net saree


Varun Bahl’s peach sharara


Image credits: pinterest.com

Prashant & Radhika Goa : Cute Christian Wedding with Magical Reception Held at Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa

Have you always wondered what a rustic Goa wedding would look like? Radhika and Prashant's intimate church wedding in Goa is the perfect example of a rustic chic wedding that must have been trending on social media before they finished taking their vows. While the decor, smiles and colours made up the awe-worthy photographs, what truly stole our hearts were the glances exchanged by the couple. Romesh Dhamija and his team captured all these moments and more perfectly, making the wedding a memorable affair!

Wedding Venue: Chicalim Church, Goa

Reception Venue: Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa

10 Must Have Sarees In Your Wedding Trousseau From Across India – Part II

Well, we are back and we have some more amazing sarees that you should add to your wedding trousseau! From gorgeous silk to traditional wear – these sarees can help you rock an ethnic look on any occasion. You will love draping these on you when you see these stunning sarees from across India.


Baluchari – West Bengal

Baluchari - West Bengal

These beautifuls sarees are primarily made in Bishnupur and often depict scenes from court ceremonies and stories.

Pochampally – Telengana

Pochampally - Telengana

Intricate designs made using the ikat technique adorn these gorgeous sarees that are often worn on wedding days.

Phulkari – Punjab

Phulkari - Punjab

This traditionally embroidered saree is a piece of art and a must-have for every bride.

Bhagalpuri – Bihar

Bhagalpuri - Bihar

Bhagalpuri silk is dyed in a unique manner in Bihar, making it a much sought after sari across India.

Sambalpuri – Odisha

Sambalpuri - Odisha

Hand woven from dyed threads, this saree is a long-lasting one that never loses the colour or lustre.

Konrad – Tamil Nadu

Konrad - Tamil Nadu

Originally made for temple deities, these beautiful sarees have a wide border and are adorned with motifs inspired by Nature.

Assam Silk – Assam

Assam Silk - Assam

Anyone who has shopped in Assam will tell you about the beautiful Assam silk. Available in various kinds, this is one saree you must have in the wedding trousseau.

Maheshwari – Madhya Pradesh

Maheshwari - Madhya Pradesh

These traditional weaves are adorned with stripes, checks and floral borders and are perfect for a gorgeous look.

Dhakai – West Bengal

Dhakai - West Bengal

As the name suggests, this sari has its origin in Bangladesh but it’s unique design makes it a must-have for every bride.

Mysore Silk – Karnataka

Mysore Silk - Karnataka

Traditionally hailed as one of the best silk sarees in India, this gorgeous piece takes your ethnic look to the next level!

*Images: Pinterest, Rosy Brown

Akshay & Shalini Delhi : Delicately Charming Hindu Wedding Held At Shangri La Eros Hotel, Delhi

This love story started in Purdue University in Indiana where Shalini and Akshay met for the first time. It didn't take much for them to realize that they were falling head over heels in love with each other. Skype dates and weekend trips brought the love birds closer and on their trip to Florida, Akshay popped the question. Soon after, the couple tied the knot in a traditional ceremony in New Delhi.

Photography: Hitched & Clicked

Wedding Venue: Shangri-La's – Eros Hotel, Delhi

Sangeet Venue: ITC Welcome, Dwarka, Delhi

Makeup artists: Tantrums makeup studio, Manleen Puri

Decorator: TAB Events

Gorgeous wedding attire and wide smiles make their wedding pictures awe-worthy! Take a look!  

5 Wedding Photography Tips for Camera Shy Brides & Grooms!

“I feel too conscious.”

“I freeze when a camera points at me!”

“I never know what to do with my hands!”

Sounds like you? Well, if you are getting hitched, you will have to be in a lot of photographs, whether you like it or not! And wouldn’t you want to preserve those memories from your special day? Well, we have just the perfect tips for you to help you feel at ease in front of the camera and nail your wedding photography! After all, even the camera shy folks should have a memorable wedding album!

Image: Siddharth Weddings and Events Photography

Choose the Right Photographer

After you decide on a photographer, it’s essential that you break the ice with him/her prior to the photo shoot. For great photographs, you must be comfortable with your wedding photographer. Meeting the team a couple of times may help you get comfortable which will result in great photographs!

Have Fun

After all, it is your wedding photo shoot and when you have fun, it is reflected in the photographs. Whether it’s being goofy, using props or just sharing inside jokes with your partner, having fun is an absolute must when it comes to your wedding photography fun.

Have Fun

Image: Pixel Story

Choose a Comfortable Environment

Choose a place that makes you feel at ease and not anxious! If you are scared of heights, steer clear of skyscrapers or hill tops, no matter how romantic they may be! Your environment is one of the first things that will help feel comfortable and you must get your wedding photography just right!

Focus on Your Partner

Focusing on your partner and the other people that may be present, will put your mind at ease and you will be visibly more comfortable for your wedding photography. Forget that the photographer is there and he/she will be able to capture all those gorgeous candid moments!

Focus on Your Partner

Image: Siddharth Weddings and Events Photography

Trust Your Photographer

We understand you are skeptical about photographs but when it comes to your wedding photography or pre-wedding shoot, you have to trust your photographer. And when you trust your photographer, you go with the flow, which results in great photographs!

Cover Image: Gautam Khullar Photography

A Lehenga With A Love Story To Tell?

This bride wanted something unique and memorable to wear. Well, that’s exactly what she got!

Being a stylist, Astha really wanted to wear something exclusive on her wedding day and fortunately, she had resources. Her mother Anu Hora, the designer behind Anu Aastha Couture took the vision of her dream lehenga and started to work on it. She and Astha’s brother Arpan, who is also an artist, sketched all the tracings and managed to weave Astha and Aziz’s memories into the lehenga. Her inspiration was Kresha Bajaj’s lehenga.


“I am Astha, I have fallen in love with a man who has always embraced the innocence in me. We fell in love in school; and have grown up together supporting each other through thick and thin.

Aziz is a beautiful soul, each day I learn something from him. He has been a scholar, an engineer and I am a crazy, wild, creative person. We are two different people with completely contrasting fields of interest. We had mostly stayed apart throughout our relationship of seven years. Long distance relationships are painful. We also experienced bitterness and fights, everyone does, but what kept us together was our undying affection towards each other. Our marriage was a dream come true affair, because after years of pain we were finally ready to unite our souls together forever.

We never found wise to spend crores of money on our wedding, but we still managed to make it unique in its own way.”
– The Bride


The pictures on the lehenga depict their runaway trip to Goa that means a lot to Astha. The two were supposed to get married in August 2016 and move to Canada, where Aziz worked. But since her Visa to Canada got denied twice, this couldn’t happen. The wedding got postponed and after another year of not being together, they felt like they just needed a getaway to be with each other. And so they went to Goa and spent beautiful moments in the hope that he’d be able to come back soon. And he did! He chose love over everything else.

“I didn’t know he loved me so much that he would leave everything behind for us. It’s very rare to find such love. And once found should be treasured for life.” – Astha

Check out the entire Punjabi wedding captured by Sidweddingfilms here.