Rajesh & Veena Mumbai : A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Held at the Gurudwara

Rajesh and Veena tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony that was organized in the peaceful atmosphere of a Gurudwara.

Rajesh wore a heavily embroidered sherwani that had gold threadwork and impressive patterns all over the outfit. The maroon velvet accents on the sleeves gave a chic feel to his traditional attire. The sherwani also had a maroon pocket square. Veena's mehendi was dark in colour, designed beautifully across her palm with bridal jewellery that matched her entire wedding outfit. She wore a royal choker and a regal rani haar embedded with stone work and looked absolutely ravishing. They tied the knot in the presence of their family members and under the blessings of Wahe Guru.

Soumalya De Photography displayed how great he can get with indoor wedding shots. Not only this, he captured every moment of happiness and anticipation from the faces of this special couple.

Let’s browse through a few of their wedding pictures right here!

Fabio & Sahana Mumbai : A Traditional, Colourful and Elegant Wedding Ceremony

With restless feet and a white cloth held up between them, Sahana and Fabio anxiously waited to exchange garlands in their traditional wedding ceremony. Their wedding was filled with colourful rituals and elegant ceremonies.

The wedding was held inside a huge dome with multiple pillars, where Sahana performed her pre wedding rituals. The bright chandeliers lit up the entire wedding atmosphere. The bride wore a traditional red and silver kanjivaram saree with delicate wedding jewellery that consisted of a gold armlet worn right below the saree’s sleeve and a gold kamarbandh that amazingly complimented her entire wedding attire. For the Antarpat ceremony, Fabio was dressed as a traditional Indian groom, wearing a maroon safa and a cream textured sherwani. Both, the bride and groom had a cheerful smile on their face throughout their wedding celebrations, that the photographer captured perfectly.

Even with the black and white wedding photographs, Studio Grey Photography managed to give a colourful feel to every captured photograph and every cherished memory.

Here are few of them.

Rohit & Shradha Mumbai : A Bengali Wedding Ceremony Held Inside a Banquet Hall

Shraddha and Rohit tied the knot in a joyous Bengali wedding ceremony, held inside a beautifully decorated banquet space.

Dressed in a traditional Bengali groom outfit with rich accents of pink and gold, Rohit arrived at the wedding venue in a luxurious car. With the sound of shankha, the entire family enthusiastically welcomed the groom. Shraddha too had a traditional Bengali bridal outfit on and accessorized the look with a mang tika and the ceremonial mukut. Her impressive bridal make-up complimented her entire appearance. The bride and the groom collectively performed each and every wedding ritual. The highlight of this traditional Bengali wedding was the emotional Bidai Ceremony. In a very touching moment, the bride can be seen exchanging a warm hug with her dad, as she walks into a new phase of life.

The Wedding Knights headed by the famous and very talented wedding photographer, Vivek Tickoo captured the entire wedding ceremony.

Let’s have a look at few moments from their special day!

Anand & Shivani Mumbai : A Royal Marwari Wedding Ceremony with a Classy Decor

Anand and Shivani tied the knot in a Marwari wedding ceremony that was organized in a royal palace.

Their wedding venue is one that instantly captivates your attention. Right in the middle of the huge hall was the beautiful dome-shaped wedding mandap .Yellow and white drapes ran dramatically in various directions giving the entire event a classy feel. Furthermore, a round seating arrangement for the guests provided a perfect view of the creatively decorated mandap. Wearing a pink traditional bandhani saree, Shivani wore less but attractive bridal jewellery. The delicate circular nath, her necklace and the armlet, everything went in sync with her bridal outfit. Anand too, went with a classy yet traditional groom’s attire adorning a white sherwani and a red pyjama. The red dupatta and the matching safa further added an ethnic touch to his entire appearance.

Vivek Tickoo from The Wedding Knights highlighted the creative side of his photography by capturing images that creatively captured each precious moment of this ravishing couple.

Get ready to be impressed by his amazing pictures captured at the wedding, here are some of them.

Jeeva & Gayatri Mumbai : A Simple Wedding Ceremony with a Touch of Traditional

Gayatri and Jeeva got married to each other in a traditional wedding ceremony organized in Hyderabad. Their wedding had traditional rituals and customs that clearly highlights the fact that Indian weddings are absolutely incomplete without them.

From her bridal saree to the jewellery, the bride went all gold with her wedding appearance. She also wore a gold armlet with a traditional mehendi pattern on her hand. The groom’s wedding outfit was a traditional sherwani that was paired with a matching safa. The highlight of this wedding was the ring-search ceremony. To make things a little more interesting a steep pot with a narrow neck was used instead of a dish. This made finding the rings even more challenging and the bride and groom had double the fun.  

Talk about timing in wedding photography, Vivek Tickoo from The Wedding Knights captured fascinating images from this couple’s wedding including the one that stands out in the Varmala Ceremony.

Let’s have a look at few of them right here!

Varun & Priyanjali Mumbai : Witness High Energy, Fun Rituals and Traditional Ceremonies in this Bengali Wedding

Riding on a horse with a sword in his hand, Varun made a Maharaja-like entry to make Priyanjali his bride. The groom and his entourage danced their way in the Baraat ceremony, enjoying every bit of this Bengali wedding.  Making an entry no one would forget!

At the Gaye Holud (Haldi) Ceremony, the groom’s face was painted in yellow, with a generous amount of turmeric paste. As a part of the Tatta, a small amount of paste from the groom’s skin, is mixed in a container, which is then sent to the bride. The families also exchanged fishes adorned with a small nath and decorated with sindoor.

During the Saat Pheras, Priyanjali wore a red and green silk saree and the groom wore a traditional bandhgala sherwani. Instead of a conical Topor, the bride wore a triangular shaped mukut and the groom went with a stylish turban, and they complimented each other perfectly!

All the fun moments from the traditional ceremonies and the wedding was captured by Vivek Tickoo from The Wedding Knights.

Nitesh & Pratha Mumbai : A Fun Pre and Post Wedding Photoshoot of a Fun Couple

A wedding day can be hectic affair, may be for few, but certainly not for Pratha and Nitesh! They brought their fun side on, in their enthusiastic post wedding photoshoot.

While many of us relax, relax and just relax after having a tiring day filled with rituals and ceremonies, this wedding couple had an interesting Bollywood-inspired filmy photo session. In a classic pose, from the popular movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Pratha pulled Nitesh’s wedding safa with a naughty expression on her face. She was dressed in a gorgeous red and pink wedding lehenga with a delicate circular nath and minimal jewellery. Nitesh’s sherwani had rich and prominent patchwork with intricate detailing. The Maharaja-like haar and the red wedding safa complimented the groom’s whole traditional look. The couple also shared a very romantic kiss, with gold and green wedding décor at the back that added a sparkling effect to their effervescent chemistry.

Displaying true flair for wedding photography, Soumalya De Photography clicked some splendid bridal portraits with Pratha dressed in traditional South Indian attire.

Here are a few shots of the couple letting loose post their wedding!

Arnab & Sharmilla Mumbai : An Intimate Bengali Wedding Ceremony

Sharmila and Arnab got married to each other on the 10th of December, 2014 in an intimate and classy Bengali wedding ceremony.

With a heart full of joy and a smile on her face, light-eyed Sharmila enjoyed every bit of her bridal makeover session for the big day.  From her beautiful bridal mehendi to her detailed bridal eyebrow bindi, in every frame Sharmila looked simply gorgeous. She wore a traditional red and gold banarsi silk saree along with a sequins embroidered net dupatta, featuring floral patch work all over.

Arnab wore a traditional outfit with a white Topor on his head for the wedding ceremony, and later, a crisp pin stripe suit with a classic white shirt and tie, complimenting Sharmila in every way.

Be it an indoor shot of the bride, the mehendi close-up or capturing the fine details of the bridal outfit, Soumalya De Photography made sure not to miss or slip any precious moment from this gorgeous wedding.

Let’s have a look at some of the pictures right here!

Kaustubh & Namrata Mumbai : A Resplendent Maharashtrian Wedding Ceremony

Holding each other’s hand Kaustabh and Namrata took their seven vows in a traditional Maharastrian wedding ceremony, surrounded by resplendent décor.

Riding on a decorated ghodi, the groom and his entourage began their journey to the wedding venue. The Baraat Ceremony had everyone dancing on the streets wearing colourful traditional outfits. Dressed in a traditional cream sherwani and a maroon dhoti, the groom too, had a big smile on his face and was ready to vow his love to Namrata forever.

The Antarpat Ceremony took place in a large wedding tent that was adorned with purple and white drapes. The groom was dressed ethnically, wearing a purple dhoti, along with a turquoise and gold shalu and had a pearl mundavalya on.  Namarata looked ravishing in her bright orange and purple nauvaari saree, she accessorized her traditional appearance with a pearl nath, ruby studded mang tika and a gold necklace, along with alluring bridal mehendi designs that complimented her entire bridal appearance.

But what stood out at their wedding the most, was the Varmala Ceremony. Each time Kaustubh leaned forward to put the wedding garland on Namrata, her brother pulled her back, giving the groom a fun challenge!

From the elegant reception ceremony to their traditional wedding, Ninad Murudkar flawlessly captured each and every moment of Namrata and Kaustabh’s union.

Let’s have a look at their wedding album right here.

Selwyn & Romila Mumbai : Exchanging Vows at an Exquisite Church Wedding

All of us desire an exceptional venue for our big day, and, Selwyn and Romila are one of those couples who got exactly what they wanted for their special day!

Dressed in a timeless white gown and a tremendously attractive diamond studded neckpiece, Romila walked down the aisle ready to be one with Selwyn forever, and Selwyn stood there waiting in a crisp black blazer teamed with a stylish pocket square willing to pledge his love to her. They stood together under a glass painted church roof and vowed to love each other always.The couple exchanged rings and kiss and were then pronounced man and wife!

Following that, was their exuberant reception where the couple entered dancing to Psy’s popular Gangnam Style which had everyone cheering with joy!  Their entrance itself set the whole mood for the evening and every wedding guest danced and celebrated this gorgeous couple’s union.

From the nuptials at the church to the vibrant wedding reception, Studio Grey captured amazing pictures of this perfect duo.

Here are a few pictorial representations of the couples exquisite Church wedding and reception.