10+ stunning wedding decor ideas without the use of flowers!

Flowers are an integral part of Indian weddings, from the gende ke phool to the mogras & gajras! But, if you’re thinking of having a ‘flowerless’ wedding decor, major kudos to you!


While your wedding decor will be just as beautiful as the one with flowers, it has a major bonus point to it! Wondering what? Well, this decor can be completed much in advance and will also stay in great shape, weeks before the wedding. Plus, you don’t need to wait for the right season for the right set of flowers to bloom! We say that’s one less thing to worry about before your wedding!


So, scroll on to find some ideas to kickstart your flowerless wedding decor:


1. With thousands of twigs:


Image Source – Photo Diary


So, this one had to be on the top of our list. Aashna from Aash Studio, decided to make a ‘Tree Of Life’, and the same was made from some thousand twigs coming together.


2. Flowerless mandap decor:


Image Source – Nick Rose Photography


Image Source – Dream Diaries


Image Source – Cupcake Productions


3. With floating lanterns:


Image Source – Pinterest


4. Kite love:


Image Source – The Wedding Minions


Decor – YD Studio


5. The origami effect:


Image Source – Hitched and clicked


Image Source – Varun Suresh


6. For the love of pom-poms:

Decor  – The Event Yarn

Image Source – Gautam Khullar Photography


7. With gotta work:


Decor  – Aash Studio


8. For the book lovers in the house:


Image Source – Pinterest


9. Under the mighty fairy lights:

Image Source – Prashant’s Photography

Image Source – Sam and Ekta Photography


Image Source – Flgroe Studios

10. The leafy affair:


Image Source – Dream Diaries


11. With quirky hand painted kettles:

Image Source – Pinterest


12. The cupcake love:


Image Source – Ivy Weddings


13. With mighty umbrellas:


Image Source – Neha Brackstone


14. The quirky decor:


Image Source – Varun Suresh

15. The candle decor:



Image Source – The Wedding Salad

Image Source – Shutter Ink



Image Source – Pinterest


16. With seashells:


Image Source – Knot in Focus


17. A walk down the memory lane with fairy lights:


Image Source – Going Bananas Photography


Image Source – Plush Affairs

18. Flowerless centrepiece –


Image Source – Talking Pictures By Hitesh

19. With the peacock feather:


Image Source – Pinterest


Hope this was enough inspo to have your own spin on these ‘flowerless’ decor ideas!

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