10 Unique Indian Wedding Favor Ideas to give to your Indian wedding guests!

Wedding favors have become a huge trend these days. Be it your mehndi ceremony or sangeet, wedding favor ideas come in handy when you don’t know what wedding return gifts you can give your guests. And in case you are looking out for unique wedding favors or cheap wedding favors for guests, then scroll below to know the top 10 trending Indian wedding favors of this year!

1. Quirky wedding favor – Brocade sunglasses box

Image Source: Pataaree Studio

These vibrant and peppy sunglass boxes are a fun and unique wedding favor idea to give for your mehndi ceremony. Since mehndi is usually held in the day and most guests wear sunglasses, they can easily pop their shades in these cool boxes and start using your gift immediately.

2. Useful wedding favor – Shawl, scarf or stole

Image Source: Wedding Tales

This unique wedding favor is a great idea to have for a winter wedding. If you are getting married in the cooler months where the air is chilly, you would want your guests to be warm, no? Roll up some shawls, stoles or mufflers for them to pick and feel cozy!

3. Organic wedding favors – Terrarium plants

Image Source: The Bloomerie

Who doesn’t love some greenery in their life? Cacti, terrarium and other such bonsai plants makes for cheap wedding favors to give at mehndi or haldi functions. These plants are perfect to keep on a work desk or on empty tables and chests at home!

4. Flowers are forever – Eternity roses as unique wedding favours

Image Source: The Alluring Rose

Do you ever wish that someone gives you a bouquet of flowers that don’t wilt? Well, these eternity roses bouquet makes for an elegant and unique wedding favour that you can give your guests at a reception party.

5. Edible wedding favours – Herb oils, handmade jams & organic honey

Let’s face it, there is nothing more alluring than wedding favours that can be eaten or used as an ingredient in making some yummy food. Herb-infused oils, homemade jams & pickles and organic honey are some amazing Indian wedding gift ideas for guests!

6. Scented wedding favor ideas – candles, handmade soap & face mist

Giving out scented goodies like candles, soaps and body or face mists are great wedding favor ideas. Not only will your guests love them, they can use all these things too.

7. Cheap wedding favors – Tea, coffee and mugs!

If you are looking for wedding gift ideas in India, then tea and coffee are one of the best wedding favor options. If you are a little fancy, you can even gift mugs or cups and saucers along with the tea and coffee to make it a hamper.

8. Snack that wedding favours – gourmet popcorn, chocolates & dried nuts

Another food wedding favor idea? I am not complaining! 😀

If you prefer giving whole foods to munch rather than ingredients as wedding favors, then you can consider something like salted nuts, gourmet popcorn, chocolate or even layered cakes in a jar! The wedding favor ideas for food items are practically endless!

9. Indian wedding favors for the party animals – miniature alcohol bottles


It’s a wedding favor that you are looking for! What can be better than a personal bottle of liquor that your guests can drink and take shots from as they dance and enjoy your wedding day?

10. Wedding favors that you can take home & fill up – Mason Jars

No matter how many jars, dabbas, and boxes you have to keep goodies at home, you will always need more! Get some mason jars with cute lids and notes as wedding favors that your guests can pick and take home to fill up!

Hope these unique wedding favors gave you some cool wedding return gift ideas for your big day or pre-wedding functions!

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified.

Hacks to 5 Nightmares Real Brides have during Wedding Planning

Hacks for Bridal Nightmares

Nightmares just aren’t about ghosts, gremlins, and creepy-crawlies; ask a bride-to-be and all her nightmares revolve around the decorator being confused between lilac and lavender. Wedding day prep not only brings a load of responsibilities but a few undertones of mini panic attacks and nightmares that make you more aware of all the little things you need to prep for your big day. A few brides-to-be wrote in and we decided to list some of the very real nightmares they experienced along with solutions on how to avoid making these nightmares a reality.

The Venue You Set Your Heart On Was Booked Out

The Venue You Set Your Heart On Was Booked Out

Imagine having to give up on the venue of your dreams. We hope that never, ever happens to any of you, brides-to-be. This nightmare should remain a nightmare.

How to avoid this nightmare – It is advised that you book your venue at-least 10-12 months before the wedding. Once your venue is blocked for your date, the décor, food, DJ and other details will follow.

It Rains During Your Bright Summer Mid-May Wedding

It Rains During Your Bright Summer Mid-May Wedding ​

People opt for the months of May/October-December for a rain-free wedding, sun-shiny summer wedding. But sometimes, just sometimes, the weather decides to be fussy. What does one do in a situation like that?

How to avoid this nightmare – Always talk to your decorator and venue and set up an alternate indoor venue in case the rain gods decide to rain it down on your big day.

Your Lehenga Turned Out To Be Awkwardly Short

Your Lehenga Turned Out To Be Awkwardly Short

When your family follows the age-old Indian ritual where the bridal lehenga is given by the groom’s family, there are chances of people not picking up the right size or length. Imagine your lehenga being so awkwardly short that you’d have to wear it really low – now that’s a scenario no bride wants to be in!

How to avoid this nightmare – Fittings. Fittings.Fittings – One magic word to rule them all!

Turned Up In My Pajamas – My Fiancé In A Tux

Turned Up In My Pajamas – My Fiancé In A Tux

A bride-to-be tells us about her real nightmare where everything was perfectly going the way it was supposed to – the lights and drapes were in place, flowers beautifully blooming, candles lit up and her handsome groom-to-be ready in a dapper tux. But the tragic flaw in this dreamy nightmare was the bride-to-be arriving in her teddy-bear print pajamas! Yikes.

How to avoid this nightmare – Make sure all your outfits for each function are kept ready at least a week before the wedding.

A Humungous Fight With Your Fiancé

A Humungous Fight With Your Fiancé

So much to do. So many ceremonies to perform. Arguments over themes, drapes and cocktails are bound to happen.

How to avoid this nightmare – Talk, communicate, text, call A LOT – use every method, social media and more to keep your husband/bride-to-be in the loop. Communicate emotions, feelings and every thought even though irrelevant – it’ll help you stay calm and move on from arguments quickly. But most importantly, laugh a little, swim out of the wedding planning puddle and distance yourself every so often from this process to really tell yourself, you’re doing this to get together for the long haul. So do just that!

25 Blouse Sleeves Designs Every Bride Needs to Check Out Before Going to the Tailor!

Blouse sleeve designs

Image Source: Samaira Sandhu (MUA)

If you are looking out for blouse sleeves designs that you can show your tailor for inspiration, then you have stopped by just at the right place! If there is anything apart from blouse neck designs that catches the most attention, it is the blouse sleeves. And that’s why I have picked the 20 best blouse sleeves design patterns for you to pin to your bridal board.

Or if you haven’t even decided on what kind of wedding blouse design you are going to wear, then check out these latest blouse-back designs for major wedding wear inspiration.

1. Blouse sleeves design with sheer cape and floral embroidery

Here’s an offbeat blouse sleeves design that you can pull off with a silk saree! The sheer cape sleeves with floral embroidery are a total contrast to the silk, making it look ultra chic and modern!

2. Cold shoulder blouse sleeves design with maggam work

Blouse designer: Sruthi Kannath

Photo Credits: Studio 31

If you are planning to wear a maggam work blouse with pattu saree on your big day, then you can surely consider getting this heavy work done on your blouse sleeve. The cold shoulder blouse sleeves design along with latkan and temple motifs and embroidery is just too beautiful to miss!

3. Blouse sleeves design with 3D flower detailing

Blouse designer: Sakina Ahmed

This new blouse sleeves design with sequence and cutdana work is a stunner to wear with a designer saree for your reception. The fairy feathers and 3D flowers detailing on the shoulder just add to the charm of this blouse sleeves design.

4. Voluminous statement blouse sleeves design for a chic & modern look

If statement blouse sleeves designs are something that you wish to wear on your big day, then this voluminous blouse sleeve is just what you need to see. Tip: Such blouses can be easily made with brocade fabric and worn with silk sarees!

5. Quirky blouse sleeves design for the experimental bride

If you are not the one to shy from trying new and quirky blouse sleeves designs, then this voluminous full sleeve frill and embroidery blouse is something you should totally give a try.

Tip: You can use this blouse sleeve pattern for your cocktail or mehendi lehenga as well. Check out more hatke blouse designs here!

6. Blouse sleeves design with modern mirror work and chrome details

This stunner of a blouse sleeves design is nothing less of a ‘modern-meets-traditional.’ The chunky mirror work with chrome detailing on the sleeves makes this blouse a great option to wear with net or chiffon sarees!

7. Thread work gold embroidery blouse sleeve design

Image Source: Teja Sarees

If you want an embroidered blouse sleeves design, but don’t want to go all out with maggam work, then you can choose to design your blouse with intricate thread embroidery on the sleeves with minimalistic bead embelishment near the hem.

8. Peacock motif zardosi blouse sleeves design

Image Source: Iswarya Photos

Zardosi is that one style of embroidery that has made its mark in bridal wear. If you too are a fan of this embroidery style, then this blouse sleeves design with gracious peacock motifs is something you can choose to wear on your big day.

9. Saree blouse sleeves design with gold floral embroidery

Blouse designer: Paroksha

Nothing beats the beauty of gold floral embroidery of a red blouse, does it? This blouse sleeves design with delicate flowers, gold bands and dainty motifs make it look super gorgeous!

10. Bridal blouse sleeves design with heavy gold embroidery on brocade

Blouse designer: Sakina Ahmed

This blouse sleeves design on brocade with heavy gold embroidery is a stunning choice to wear with a plain silk saree!

11. Elegant bird motif blouse sleeve design

This elegant bird motif blouse sleeve design on the white fabric is a stunning choice to wear with a multicolour lehenga or a pastel chiffon saree! Perfect for an engagement or pre-wedding ceremony.

12. Multi-layer frill and bell sleeves blouse design

This multi-layer frill and bell sleeves blouse design is a trendy and adorable option to wear with your sangeet lehenga. You can even make the sleeves shorter if you don’t prefer wearing long sleeves.

13. Heavy maggam work blouse sleeves design with peacock

Image Source: Jeevan Wedding Arts

When it comes to festive motifs, peacocks are the most loved motif. This latest blouse sleeves design with multi-colour peacock motifs is one such piece you can wear with your wedding pattu saree!

14. Full sleeves blouse design with elegant floral motif

This full sleeves blouse design with an elegant floral motif is a great idea to wear with a heavily embellished lehenga or a graceful organza saree! Perfect for a daytime pre-wedding ceremony, I say!

15. New blouse sleeves design with temple style bajhu bandh

Image Source: Ashokarsh

Why wear a separate bajhu bandh when you can stitch it on to you blouse sleeves design?

16. Latest blouse sleeves design with golden gota work and deer motif

Why should gota patti be limited to lehengas only, right? If you too are majorly crushing over this embroidery style, then a blouse sleeves design with stunning gota work will go a long way when it comes to pairing with different kinds of sarees.

17. Raw silk blouse sleeve with statement band embroidery

Blouse designer: Sruthi Kannath

This raw silk blouse sleeve with statement band embroidery is a simple yet stunning example of how you don’t have to go overboard with your blouse sleeves designs to make it stand out!

18.  Blouse sleeves design with heavy gold thread work embroidery

Image Source: Shades with Prithvi

The combo of off-white and gold is heaven made. And this blouse sleeves design pattern with heavy gold thread work embroidery is a complete stunner to wear with a kasavu or kanjivaram saree.

19. Cold shoulder blouse sleeves design with embroidery

The cold shoulder blouse sleeves design is not going out of fashion anytime soon! If you too want a cold shoulder blouse with dainty embroidery, then consider showing this latest blouse sleeves design image to your tailor!

20. Deer and peacock motif blouse sleeves design to wear with pattu saree

Image Source: Studio 31

A pattu saree is wholesome and beautiful in itself. But do you know how you can make it stand out from the crowd of kanjivarams? By stitching a blouse that has the latest sleeve design with deer and peacock motifs in maggam work!

21. Blouse with bell sleeves design and bordered embroidery

This bell sleeves blouse is a great choice to opt for georgette or chiffon sarees as the sleeves design is flowy and will give your blouse a better structure!

22. Off-shoulder sheer blouse sleeves with spaghetti blouse

This off-shoulder sheer blouse with spaghetti is a lovely pick to wear with a pastel lehenega for any of your daytime pre wedding fucntions!

23. Floral embroidered blouse sleeves design

Deepika’s wedding party in Mumbai saw her wearing this stunner of a Sabyasachi lehenga with full floral embroidery, which also has its blouse sleeves design in the same pattern. Check out more pics here!

24. Contrasting blouse sleeves design with embroidered patchwork

Try out this hatke blouse sleeves design that is a total contrast to the colour of the blouse. To make it cooler, you can add a patchwork of embroidery too!

25. Off shoulder blouse with cascading sleeves design

Image Source: Confetti Films

If you are looking for a blouse sleeves design that ultra-chic and modern, then an off-shoulder pattern with cascading sleeves like this one is a fab option.

Did any of these blouse sleeves designs make you want to want to run to your tailor and show him all these for reference?

Top 10 Party Halls in Andheri Mumbai for a Snazzy New Year Party

Party Halls in Andheri

What if we say we have found a way to put you straight in the race for the Host of the Year Award 2022? Party venues, as we know, can make or break an event, therefore selecting one keeping in mind proximity, convenience and comfort are crucial. So this week we focus on some of the best and most popular party halls in Andheri, Mumbai, that are not only high-class in service but are breathtakingly gorgeous too. 

Given that Andheri is a significant suburb with a concentration of studios, business parks, eateries, shopping, celebrities, and much else that this mega-metropolis has to offer, it is also an interesting choice for those planning to host the most rocking new year bash one has ever been to. Whether you live in South Mumbai or towards Thane, Andheri offers a midpoint for all your guests traveling for your event from all different directions. 

 From AC Banquets to 5-star hotels, sports complexes, and more, Andheri offers you a variety of options in all budget ranges. Have a look at these Top 10 Party Halls in Andheri Mumbai for a Snazzy New Year Party and don’t forget to holler if you need any help! 

The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai 

The Club

This is where every event you celebrate becomes an extraordinary one. The Club is one such gem hidden in the hub of the city of Mumbai, which offers some of the exquisite party halls in Andheri that will surely leave you spellbound. Whether it’s a close and elegant sangeet or mehndi party that you want to host, a wedding reception, or a new year party, The Club has got your back. With banquet halls so tastefully designed, you might want to celebrate your union indoors. Their in-house decorators, culinary experts, and wedding planners make sure each element in your festivity is up to mark. 

The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai 


*Located about a 15-minute drive away from Mumbai International Airport 

*In-house decorators and caterers for enhanced services 

*Multiple banquets with a varying guest capacity 

*Ample parking space with a valet facility 

Address: 197, D.N.Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Shanti Nagar, D.N.Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053. 

Landmark: D.N Nagar Police Station 

Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport, Andheri East, Mumbai 

The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai

Holiday Inn Mumbai is approximately connected to all transport hubs making accessibility hop, skip, and jump away. This is the major reason why finding availability at this venue is a little difficult. The majestic banquet halls of this Andheri hotel are simply breathtaking. Well-carpeted flooring, state-of-the-art lighting, opulent chandeliers, and aesthetically designed interiors, welcome you to this hotel. With interiors so perfect there is very little room for décor, but the fine addition of flowers can do no harm to uplifting the mood. If you want to party outdoors, their terrace venue fulfills your fantasy, where your guests can enjoy an alfresco dining setting. Their top-class event planning team will look after all your needs and make your event a memorable one. 

Holiday Inn, Andheri East, Mumbai 


Located around 2.6km away from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport 

Luxurious stay, complimentary changing rooms, and parking space 

4-Star wedding hotel with multiple banquets for various events 

Provides food and decor services to ease up event planning 

Address: Near Sakinaka Metro Station, Sakinaka Junction, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072 

Landmark: SakiNaka Metro Station 

Courtyard By Marriott Mumbai International Airport, Andheri East, Mumbai 

Holiday Inn, Andheri East, Mumbai

Luxury meets convenience at the Courtyard by Marriott simply because it is located in the central hub of Andheri. This new property has all the latest amenities to make your celebrations an unforgettable memory. Modernistic lighting, stylish chandeliers, and elegant interiors give your event the luxurious feel it deserves. Choose from their multiple banquet halls, each one is better than the rest that you will be spoilt for choice. From your walk down the aisle until your vidaai, their proficient staff ensures that it is one smooth-sailing celebration. 

Courtyard By Marriott, Mumbai   


Located around 3.3km away from Mumbai International Airport 

Multiple banquets and lawns with varying guests capacity 

Luxurious stay and ample parking space with a valet facility 

Aromatic feast and gorgeous decor for events 

Address: CTS 215, Opposite Sangam BIG Cinemas, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, 400059. 

Landmark: Chakala Metro Station 

Kohinoor Continental, Andheri East, Mumbai 

Courtyard By Marriott, Mumbai  

Located amidst the busiest industrial center of Andheri, Kohinoor Continental is indeed a ‘kohinoor’ as the name suggests if you’re looking for extraordinary banquet halls in Andheri. A swirling staircase leads you to the banqueting space, which is more than enough to create a lasting impact for your guests who will be attending your grand celebration. This venue is fully equipped to make arrangements for your festivity requirements. In-house decorators do a fab job in beautifying the space just to your liking with an artistic touch to it that completely transforms the space. Lip-smacking delectables prepared by its expert chef are another plus point of booking this venue. 

Kohinoor Continental, Andheri East, Mumbai 


Located around 2 km away from the Mumbai International Airport 

A couple of banquets and a poolside party area are available too 

Seasoned caterers and decorators to help with event needs 

Address: Andheri-Kurla Road, J B Nagar, Bhim Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400059 

Landmark: Andheri Kurla Road 

Universe Banquet, Andheri East, Mumbai 

Kohinoor Continental, Andheri East, Mumbai

If having a new year party for a large crowd on a budget, Mumbai has the perfect choice of a banquet hall in Andheri for that too, with Universe Banquet being one of them. Offering simplistically designed party venues; Universe Banquet has got you covered for celebrations of any kind. Their in-house decorators, however, transform the entire space beyond imagination with their skillful creativity. Their culinary experts are specialists in arranging a multi-cuisine menu, which you can personalize as per your taste preferences. 

Universe Banquet, Andheri East, Mumbai 


Located around 1km away from IndusInd Bank Chakala (J B Nagar) Metro Station 

Inhouse caterers and decorators fulfill event requirements 

Enormous opulent banquet hall for social and corporate events 

Parking facility with valet service 

Alcohol allowed at the venue 

Address: Universe Banquet, Behind Crisil House, Next to Kanakia Wall Street, Chakala, Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093

Landmark: Kanakia Wall Street

Goldfinch Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai 

Flag's Avant Garde, Andheri West, Mumbai

Offering perfect choices of indoor and outdoor party venues, Goldfinch in Andheri is an ideal location to host your celebrations in the most unique way possible. If you wish to have a traditional celebration their banquet hall is decorated in earthy tones and can very well complement your needs. But, if an outdoor wedding is on your mind, or better yet a poolside party, their terrace venue is simply flawless as it features an upper and lower deck, a sparkling pool, and a lush garden area. Mind-blowing isn’t it? 

Goldfinch Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai 


Located 3.2 km away from Andheri Railway Station 

In-house decor and catering services provided 

Ample parking space with valet service 

Serves both veg and non-veg food 

Address: Plot No. 34/21, Central Road, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093 

Landmark: MIDC Police Station 

Radisson Mumbai Andheri Midc, Andheri East, Mumbai 

This 4-star hotel is one of the most sought-after banquet halls in Andheri merely because of its easy accessibility and excellent staff service. With multiple banquet halls to choose from, this wedding hotel is your dream venue if you need to host an intimate soiree or large-capacity reception. Vintage interiors are the highlight of the venue, which gives you the freedom to play under toning your décor or go all out with contemporary settings. Their culinary experts are well-known for the spread of multi-cuisine they prepare, which can satiate the diverse taste palate of your guests. 

Radisson Mumbai Andheri Midc, Andheri East, Mumbai 


About 20 minutes away from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport 

In-house decor and catering services provided 

Ample parking space with valet service 

4-star luxury hotel from a premium chain 

Address: Radisson Mumbai, X – 22, MIDC Central Road, Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093 

Landmark: Marol Depot 

Vishal Hall, Andheri East, Mumbai 

A Party venue that will make you go from ‘wow’ to ‘OMG’, Vishal Banquet Hall in Andheri is your dream come true kind of venue. The banquet can comfortably accommodate over 700 guests, which makes it a perfect venue to host your grand celebrations. Their in-house decorators deck the venue with jaw-dropping elements. Crystals, flowers, contemporary centerpieces, or classy chandeliers, you name it and they will have it incorporated into your décor. It doesn’t stop just at that, their expert chefs are renowned to customize event menus and prepare delectables that will be the talk of the town for days to come. 

Vishal Hall, Andheri East, Mumbai 


Located 10 minutes away from Andheri Railway Station 

Banquet hall perfect for grand weddings and social events 

In-house catering and decor provided 

Serves both veg and non-veg food 

Address: Vishal Hall, Metro Railway Station, Sir Mathuradas Vasanji Road, Near. Andheri, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069 

Landmark: Western Exp Highway Metro Station 

Renaissance Federation Club Banquet, Andheri West, Mumbai 

Renaissance Federation Club Banquet, Andheri West, Mumbai is an elite club in Mumbai, opulent for hosting grand soirees and weddings that are every bit memorable and enviable In addition to its posh interiors, the star highlight of this venue is its skilled culinary team that can dish up pre-set menus, multi-cuisine dinners, live counters and more. As food is one of the major components of any celebration, Renaissance Federation Club Banquet, Andheri West, Mumbai, knows just how to please your guests, so that your celebration is an instant hit! 

Renaissance Federation Club Banquet, Andheri West, Mumbai 


Located 15 minutes away from Andheri Railway Station 

In-house decor and catering services provided 

Parking space plus valet service offered 

Serves both veg and non-veg food 

Address: Renaissance Federation Club Banquet, Off Juhu Versova Link Road, Gharkul Society, Bharat Nagar, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058 

Landmark: Vrindavan Venu Chowk 

The Leela, Andheri East, Mumbai 

One of the finest 5-star hotels in Mumbai, The Leela opens its Grand Ballroom to host big fat Indian weddings and social events that deserve the exuberance, luxury, and grandeur they’re meant to be celebrated with. From patterned carpeting to Murano chandeliers, the fine details in the ballroom interiors will certainly make you skip a heartbeat. Their décor, F&B team, as well as event planning staff, are by your side right from conceptualizing to execution and thereafter ensuring all your crucial to petty requirements are met with excellence. 

The Leela, Andheri East, Mumbai 


World-renowned chefs whip up a delectable wedding feast 

Located close to Mumbai International Airport 

Multiple banquets for weddings and social events 

5-Star Property 

Address: Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059 

Landmark: Opposite Airport Road Metro Station 

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Find party halls in Andheri that match your preferences and budget. If you need any help finding the venue of your dreams, we are just a click away! 

50+ Most Romantic Wedding Songs of All Time for You Two to Tango

romantic wedding songs

Image Source: Movieing Moments

When you love someone, there are times when you fall short of words to express how you really feel. Sometimes saying those ‘three magical words’ is tougher than we think. 

Thankfully, we have lyricists and amazing songwriters who have penned the feeling of love and affection. Whether it’s sangeet, engagement, cocktail night, reception, or even the wedding, a couple dance is a must. There are soooo many songs to choose from but do you wish to dance to the tunes every couple does? Wouldn’t it be great to dance to a non-cliche song that expresses your feelings perfectly? There is no shortage of romantic songs in a country ruled by Bollywood. I present you with a list of 50+ oh-so-passionate, lovey-dovey, romantic songs for your couple dance: 

SRK Top Romantic Songs for Couple Dance

In India, the moment you say “romance” only one name flashes in your mind – Shahrukh Khan. Fondly known as the King of Romance, from Deewana to Zero, Shahrukh Khan has cast an unbreakable spell on us. The cold-blooded killer in Baazigar, the ideal son in K3G, the alcoholic lover in Devdas, or the determined coach from Chakde India, Sharukh Khan has portrayed every character effortlessly and has given us countless songs to dance and hum along to. Whether it’s the soft romantic tunes of Main Agar Kahoon or the peppy Lungi Dance, you can’t deny that his songs are nothing short of magic! So obviously, sangeet pe 193010 songs of SRK toh banta hai, boss! And is it even a sangeet if a few people have not danced on Maahi Ve or Suraj Hua Maddham? These 20 songs don’t even cover the vast sea of hit songs, but they definitely need to make an appearance at your sangeet ceremony! 

1. Hawayein (Jab Harry Met Sejal) 

Arijit Singh’s melodious voice and Irshad Kamil’s words. No explanation needed! 

2. Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai (Pardes)  

This song has a special place in the hearts of 90’s kids! 

3. Pretty Woman (Kal Ho Na Ho) 

He literally declares his love for the woman from the rooftops. You can too, with the help of this song! 

4. Tauba Tumhare yeh Ishare (Chalte Chalte)  

Controversial movie but beautiful song. 

5. Ae Kash Ke Hum (Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa) 

This super sweet song from the 90’s blockbuster Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa relays the predicament of every lover! 

6. Tumse Milke Dil (Main Hoon Na) 

Haayeee! I would say YES right away! 

7. Gori Gori (Main Hoon Na) 

Coordinated outfits, a band, and choreographed dance. This song was a mini sangeet in itself! 

8. Bole Chudiyan (K3G) 

Give me a valid reason to not include this song and I will reject it. No sangeet without Bole Chudiyan. No sir, no! 

9. Zalima (Raees) 

True SRK style: Arabic words, soulful music, and dramatic landscapes.  

10. Humko Humise Churalo (Mohabbatein) 

The movie may have been a dud but uff this song! 

11. Pyar Kar (Dil Toh Pagal Hai) 

25 years and this song still make my heart race! 

12. Mehendi Lagake Rakhna (DDLJ) 

 I am sorry, were you under the impression that this song won’t make it to the list?!  

13. Tum Paas Aaye (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) 

Well, we can’t skip this romantic SRK song from our list, can we? 

14. Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam (DDLJ) 

A romantic song or a love story itself, you decide! 

15. Tere Naina (My Name Is Khan) 

This soulful song says it all!

16. Main Agar Kahoon (Om Shanti Om) 

This song had my heart at the piano music at the very beginning! 

17. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) 

Can’t decide if it’s the lyrics or the impeccable chemistry of SRK-Anushka in the movie that makes me want to fall in love again? 

18. Main Yahan Hoon (Veer-Zaara) 

Played this song after a while, and it still has got all the magic that every couple can relate to! 

19. Jaadu Teri Nazar (Darr) 

Cliche it may be, but if you are marrying a Kiran, you better not forget this song from your playlist! 

20. Baazigar O Baazigar (Baazigar) 

Don’t we all long for our knight in shining armor since we were 2. Give your boo the fairytale she grew up dreaming of! 

Bollywood Romantic Wedding Songs By Arijit Singh 

When it comes to romantic songs, nobody can beat Arijit Singh. He created waves with his super romantic song Tum Hi Ho. His magical, honeyed voice will make you fall in love with him in an instant! Arijit Singh is to romantic songs what SRK is to romantic movies. I can literally go on and on about him, but for now I shall stop. 

21. Kesariya (Brahmastra) 

22. Muskurane ki Wajah (Citylights) 

23. Dhokha dhadi (R Rajkumar) 

24. Qaafirana (Kedarnath) 

 25. Soch Na Sake (Airlift) 

26. Mast Magan (2 States) 

27. Bolna (Kapoor & Sons) 

28. Raabta (Agent Vinod) 

29. Samjhawan (Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania) 

30. Tum hi ho (Aashiqui 2) 

Shahrukh Khan’s era isn’t over, and romance isn’t dead, then what is stopping you from waltzing with your boo on these beautiful Arijit Singh songs?  

 Romantic Bollywood Wedding Songs by A R Rehman 

Out of all the talented musicians, there’s one that absolutely stands out – the Oscar winner, A. R. Rahman. His music and compositions are a blessing for the ones who cannot express their love in words. 

So, here are 10 romantic songs you could sing to your beloved. 

31. Tu Hi Re (Bombay) 

32. Rehna Tu (Delhi-6) 

33. Tere Bina (Guru) 

34. Agar Tum Saath Ho (Tamasha) 

35. Kaisa Mujhe (Ghajini) 

36. Hosanna (Ek Deewana Tha) 

37. O Humdum (Saathiya) 

38. Enna Sona (OK Jaanu) 

39. Tum Ho (Rockstar) 

40. Tu Hai (Mohenjo Daro) 

More Romantic Wedding Bollywood Hits for Your Sangeet 

41. Sawar Loon (Lootera) 

Can’t find a song that describes a bride’s predicament better. 

42. Bheegi si Bhaagi si (Rajneeti) 

This song is a refreshing break from the other love songs that you’ve heard a million times. 

43. Tum Jab Paas (Prateek Kuhad) 

It perfectly describes the groom’s emotions. 

44. Humsafar (Badri ki Dulhania) 

Beautiful and mellow. Humsafar is a crowd favorite! 

45. Soniyo (Raaz 2) 

Every version of this song will tug at your heartstrings! 

46. Tum Se Hi (Jab We Met) 

Now you can make a grand entrance on one of these songs! 

47. What’s better than Nahi Samne (Taal)? 

Trust Subhash Ghai to give you some heartwarming romantic songs!  

48. Piyu Bole (Parineeta) 

This song will take you to Parineeta’s small world of whirlwind romance! 

49. Kuch Toh Hua Hai (Kal Ho Na Ho) 

This musical number from Kal Ho Na Ho is an absolute crowd favorite! 

50. Agar Main Kahoon (Lakshya) 

An ideal song for a couple’s dance that sways away from the usual. 

51. Ajj Din Chadheya (Love Aaj Kal) 

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice coupled with Irshad Kamil’s lyrics makes Ajj Din Chadheya unbeatable to this date! 

52. Manike Mage Hithe (Thank God) 

This newest track is worth dancing to with your life partner! 

 There, you have it – the most romantic Bollywood songs of all time! Go on, and start practicing already. 

 Don’t forget to include its signature romantic step in every song! Also, if you are looking for the Latest Wedding Songs for Your Instagram Reels & Stories, grab a look at these melodious numbers. You can check out the best options for your bridal entry songs here. If you are planning to create an ultimate wedding playlist with all the Punjabi wedding songs, check out the best options here. 

50+ leg mehndi design images to check out before your wedding!

If you are scouting for the perfect leg mehndi design to wear on your big day then you have landed just at the right place! Brides in the Indian sub-continent commonly apply henna on their hands and feet for the wedding as it is one of the ‘solah shringhar’ and also considered to cool the nerve endings in the body to relieve stress!

Leg mehndi design has changed course over time and turned into everything from super-heavy and intricate patterns to simple designs that can be drawn by amateurs. Depending on your preference, you can choose and save any of these leg mehndi design images to show your mehndi artist as a reference! I have also added a lot of simple leg mehndi design images, which bridesmaids or other members of the bride tribe can wear for the wedding!

Scroll down and let me know how many of these Indian mehndi designs for feet you saved to your phone gallery or screenshot-ed and shared on your wedding group! 😉

The classic mandala pattern leg mehndi design

Mandalas are the most commonly recognized and drawn motifs in mehndi designs. They are beautiful circles considered to symbolise well-being, wholeness and a bond among people and the universe. Such a thoughtful motif to wear on your big day, right? If you too would love to get a foot mehndi design with a mandala, then these leg mehndi design images are a must-save!  

Image Source: Henna by Divya

A simple mehndi design for feet with a basic mandala. Perfect for the bride who prefers minimalism!

Elegant leg mehndi design with mandala and rose motifs on the toes.

Image Source: Henna for All

For brides who want legs full of henna design, this mandala foot mehndi design is a great choice!

You can even give your feet mehndi design a mix of modern and traditional design by incorporating mandala with bead string motifs!

Or perhaps make a leg mehandi design that looks like a foot chain? 😉

Image Source: Henna for All

For the bride who wants to go all out with her leg mehndi, this mandala pattern combined with leaves, vines, flowers and elephant motifs is just the perfect choice.

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Nothing beats the beauty of a feet mehndi design with an ornate mandala that’s drawn to perfection!

Intricate bridal leg mehndi design

Most brides prefer having intricate Indian mehndi designs for feet on their wedding day. If you to are a lover of ornate henna designs, then check out these leg mehndi design images before finalizing your wedding henna design.

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Match your leg mehndi design with the one on your hands!

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Or get a little quirky by adding the city skyline element to your feet mehndi design. Love how this bride chose Toronto and Delhi’s famous monuments to convey a story.

Image Source: Henna by Divya

A full leg mehndi design with basic floral, leaf and spiral motifs looks amazing too!

Image Source: Henna for All

You can even give your leg mehandi design an Indian touch by adding motifs like elephants!

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Image Source: Henna by Divya

These classic Indian mehndi designs for feet is perfect for brides who would like to have a traditional design!

Image Source: Bella Henna

How about getting a foot mehndi design that leaves the toes and has a beautiful design up to the knee?

Image Source: Henna for All

Leg mehandi design with bead string motifs is perfect for brides who are love-struck with the beaded motif.

Image Source: Henna for All

Floral motifs with leafy vines and spirals somehow always work their magic in a foot mehndi design.

You can even add the peacock motifs on the feet mehndi design for a traditional touch!

This mehandi design for foot with mind-boggling intricacy gets a big thumbs up for neatness too!

Modern leg mehndi design

A lot of brides these days have started to opt for minimal and modern leg mehndi designs for their big day. These leg mehndi design images below are a great inspiration for bridesmaids mehndi too. And if you are a fan of simple mehndi designs for feet, then these designs are worth every MB space in your phone!

Image Source: Henna Temple

How cool is this leg mehndi design that looks like an anklet-cum-toe ring?

Perfect feet mehndi design for the leafy vine loving bride!

Image Source: Kiran Sahib

Stunning Arabic mehndi design for feet that modern brides can pull off with much elan!

Nope, peacocks aren’t going out of the mehndi world anytime soon! This Indian mehndi design for feet is perfect for the bride who wants an Indian design but wants to keep it simple and sweet!

This simple mehndi design for feet with spirals, flowers and leafy vines is a great idea to wear for your engagement or roka ceremony.

Lace glove patterns on the hand are common now! Why not give it a try as a feet mehndi design and rock a modern mehndi design like a total boss!

Image Source: Manisha Mistry

A paisley vine with beautiful floral details is also a great leg mehndi idea for gen-z brides!

Image Source: Anjali Henna

Does this leg mehndi design give you dreamcatcher kinda vibes? Well, the feather and bead motifs are doing their magic for sure!

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Nothing beats a simple mandala leg mehndi with lotus details.

Indian mehndi designs for feet

Indian mehndi designs are a classic when it comes to bridal mehndi. Almost all brides want to opt for a leg mehndi design that covers their entire feet and it intricate and beautiful. If you too are traditional like that and want to check out some Indian mehndi designs for feet, then scroll down for some major inspiration!

Image Source: Mansi Siddhpura

Big lotus motifs on a leg mehndi are always a good idea! And did you see those statement toe rings and payal? Well, there is more than one bridal inspiration here! 😉

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Image Source: Henna for All

How about a half-n-half foot mehndi design that’s full of leaves and flowers?

Image Source: Candid Wedding Stories

For the bride who loves to go all out, this Indian mehndi design for feet has all the Indian motifs you can think of. Peacock: Check! Lotus: Check! Intricate Design: Check, check!

Image Source: Henna for All

These feet mehndi designs are for the all-time flower lovers!

Intricate leg mehndi design with another stunning bridal payal!

This beautiful leg mehndi design with beautiful gota work payal is totally #bridalmehndigoals!

Image Source: Henna by Inder

Leafy vines and florals with spirals will always remain eternal when it comes to leg mehndi designs!

This elegant leg mehandi design with beads, spirals and lotus motifs is perfect for brides who want a mix of Indian as well as modern patterns!

These simple leg mehndi designs with peacocks, paisleys and spirals are for brides who are not big floral enthusiasts!

Did you find the perfect leg mehndi design from any of these leg mehndi design images to wear for your big day?

6 Cool Ways To Use Crop Tops As Lehenga Blouses At Your Bestie’s Indian Wedding

Times keep changing and so do trends! While that heavily embroidered, typical lehenga-choli set was the norm at every Indian wedding, it’s really not the case now. Tbh, even brides themselves choose to go minimal! And while it started with easing out on the embroidery or going for lighter / brighter colours, Indian wedding lehengas now have a whole new look, especially if you’re a bridesmaid – crop tops as lehenga blouses! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? What we like about this style is that it meets midway between western fashion and Indian tradition, without having to compromise on either!

Here’s how you can use crop tops as lehenga blouses:

1. Go through your wardrobe for short / crop tops. We know you have em! Find a suitable colour and mix-n-match with a nice lehenga skirt. (If you don’t really don’t have one, you can always just buy one for an inexpensive price – colaba causeway/bandra in Bombay, Sarojini in Delhi, Commercial Street in Bangalore.)


2. The Shirt Lehenga: Pair up a heavier lehenga skirt with a shirt of yours for a laid-back yet trendy look. From Alia to Dia Mirza and more, this one’s got all Bollywood biggies rocking it!


3. No crop-top? No problem! Just take any fitted top and tuck it in your lehenga skirt. Drape the dupatta so it looks more festive. Make sure that the top you’ve chosen actually goes well with the lehenga skirt.


4. Modern All The Way: What’s a lehenga? Literally a short top and a voluminous skirt! For the skirt, try playing with western prints or flowy/lighter fabrics like chiffon. For the blouse – I am in love with this black crop top with a criss-cross tie-up back! Fits in perfectly with those Indian blouse backs, except cooler and edgier.


5. Take a normal tube / off-shoulder top and pair it up with a long jacket (or short, whichever you like). Feel free to go for a kaftan-style shrug or something, like Jacqueline Fernandez here:


6. Personal fav! I like how easy-to-wear and comfortable this T-shirt style blouse is. Knit fabrics/ stretchy, T-shirt fabrics actually work really well and are way too cool! Pair that plain blouse with a statement neckpiece or an embellished dupatta and you’re good to go.


If you’re wearing a saree, check this out:
10 Totally Cool Saree And Blouse Styles For Bridesmaids This Wedding Season. #SexySarees

How To Find The Perfect Blouse Neckline For Your Body Shape

V-Neck Blouse

A V-neckline creates a longer, leaner silhouette. It highlights your face and elongates your body. So it’s ideal for women with wider shoulders, thick torsos or larger busts. Also works brilliantly for those with a shorter neck.
Note that a very high V can make a large bust look saggy. And a wide V balances out pear shapes.

V-Neck Blouse

V-Neck Blouse

Bateau / Boat Neckline

A bateau or boat neckline can be worn sleeveless or with sleeves. This works well if you have a slender shape / long neck. Avoid if you have a short neck or a heavy bust as it won’t be flattering.

Bateau / Boat Neckline

Bateau / Boat Neckline

Bateau / Boat Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline forms two curves like a type of heart shape at the bust line. It provides considerable coverage as well as accentuates cleavage (the right amount, of course). Hence, works well for large busted women. However, it can also be worn by petite women to give the illusion of curves.
It also visually elongates the face / neck area so great for those with a shorter chin or neck.

Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline

Square Neckline

Suitable for all body types, but work great for larger busts or chubby torsos as they provide a structured frame. Also helps to elongate short neck and narrow shoulders. Recommended for round faces as it balances the roundness. Also for pear shapes as it gives the illusion of wider shoulders.

Square Neckline

Square Neckline

Off-Shoulder / Strapless Blouse

Women with petite figures can go for this neckline to give a longer and taller silhouette. A strapless style also helps to elongate the neck. Avoid if you have chubby/flabby arms or wide shoulders.

Off-Shoulder / Strapless Blouse

Off-Shoulder / Strapless Blouse

High Neckline / Turtle-Necks

A high neck or turtleneck blouse is best suited for those with a long face and neck. Large busted women or those with short necks need to avoid this as it won’t flatter your silhouette.

High Neckline / Turtle-Necks

High Neckline / Turtle-Necks

High Neckline / Turtle-Necks

Halter Neck Blouse

Works perfectly for those with a pear-shaped body as it balances out the wide hips. If you’re conscious of your arms, avoid halter necklines as they may make you look wider than you are.

Halter Neck Blouse

Halter Neck Blouse

Some crazy, some cute: Haldi pictures you shouldn’t miss!

Haldi ceremony

Yellow! Yellow! Yellow!

If you are wondering what we are talking about, well this is the only colour you can see in a haldi ceremony. From the turmeric to the clothes to the yellow marigolds, everything is just yellow!

It doesn’t stop here. A haldi ceremony can get quite crazy and entertaining, especially for the bride and groom. So all the to-be-dulhas and dulhans, brace yourselves for this yellow nightmare.

Here are photos that will prove haldi can be the most exciting yet maddening function, preceding your shaadi:

1. No haldi, please!

Image source: Thestoryweavers

We can literally hear the bride scream, “Nooooo!”

Hard luck! No one is listening to you on your haldi ceremony, uh-uh.

2. Chhalka Chhalka re kalse ka paani…!

Image source: Beginnings for You

This is a beautiful shot of a water splash on the bride during the ceremony.

3. Can we get it over with?

Image source: wedon’tsaycheese

Bitter-sweet and of course yellow!

This bride seems to be waiting for this yellow ordeal to end for her.

4. Yellow beauty

Image source: thestoryweavers

This bride has turmeric applied on her entire face and more so in progress.

5. Flower shower

Image source: Made in Heaven Studios

Baharon phool barsao…

Because, after all, it’s haldi time!

6. Naughty and nice

Image source: gautamkhullarphotography

It’s all about some haldi and some nakhraas!

7. Yellow everywhere!

Image source: priyamparikhpictures

So much yellow, fun and excitement-all in one capture!

8. Double trouble!

Image source: shutterdownphotography

The bride and groom a part of the haldi ceremony together, it can’t get any better, can it?

9. Why should yellow have all the fun?

Image source: shutterdownphotography

Smoke bombs=double the fun! Must we say anything else?

10. Not-so-haldi fan

Imagesource: shutterdownphotography

Haldi is not only about the brides, this dulha proves it with his priceless expression.

Get all geared up to have some crazy, yellow pictures on your haldi!

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Getting a Lehenga or Saree Blouse Stitched!

blouse stitching

Image Source: Rachit Photography by Abhishek


It all starts with choosing the right fabric. Usually, the lehenga is stitched a few months before the wedding. So make sure that you choose a fabric that will suit weather conditions then too. (You don’t want to be wearing heavy velvet in the summer or sheer net in the winter.)



When you have your period, your body retains water which in turn causes you to bloat. Avoid getting your blouse/lehenga measurements taken during this time as they most likely will result in wrong measurements.



Ensure that the armhole fit is just right. If it’s too tight, it’ll create discomfort. You don’t want the fabric under your arm to rip during the jaimala!



While tightening a blouse is easy, loosening one is not. Always keep 2 inches allowance in the seams so you can make alterations as and when needed. This way you can get a perfect fit on the wedding day.
Also, never get a blouse that is smaller than your size thinking that you’ll lose weight before the wedding! Just. Never.



With all the bending and moving during your shaadi rituals, buttons may create gaps in the fastening. A concealed side zipper is perfect as it’ll stay put as well as stay hidden and not interfere with your blouse design.



When decided between a padded blouse or lingerie, we suggest you stick with lingerie as it will fit perfectly. However, if your blouse cut/style doesn’t agree with lingerie, make sure that the padding of the blouse is positioned perfectly. Also, ensure that it is neither too thick nor too thin.



Wearing a bra that sits perfectly is crucial to your measurements as it will contribute to the fit of the blouse. Ideally, during measurements, wear the bra that you will wear on the wedding day.


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